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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 5, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, firefight. hundreds of homes evacuated overnight. a fast-moving fire on the march north of los angeles. heavy winds and dry conditions fueling the worst fire threat of the season. even residents with holiday light displays being warned this morning about the danger. also developing right now, new information about the fbi agent fired from special counsel robert mueller's russia probe for sending potentially critical messages about president trump. this morning the key role that agent played in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. plus, the new bombshell about former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. sign language fraud. >> of first degree murder. >> police updating the public on a suspected serial killer revealed the interpreter for the hearing impaired was a phony. so how did she get there?
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plus, oprah strikes a new tv deal. we have the details on the agreement and how many millions she stands to make. this is not your father's lamborghini. the new suv being called the world's fastest and what it will cost you. we do say good morning to you, everybody, on this tuesday. we start with the breaking news out of southern california. that deadly, fast-moving brush fire exploding overnight threatening homes, forcing thousands to evacuate. >> that fire has grown so quickly it's now covering more than 10,000 acres as it races toward the city of ventura. about 8,000 homes have evacuated along with nearby thomas aquinas college. power outages have been reported across an area spanning 40 miles. kabc reporter leanne suter is on the front lines. >> reporter: this fire continues
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to rage out of control. powerful winds helping fan the flames. you can see over my shoulder here just how much of a fire line we're talking about. this is just one side of this massive brush fire. you can see the huge flames illuminating the hillsides here above santa paula, california. fire trucks now lining the highway here as firefighters check on each and every one of these homes. we now know that this fire has turned deadl at least one person has died in a traffic accident apparently trying to flee the flames as the blaze continues to rage out of control. this blaze has charred thousands of acres, 10,000 acres so far and counting. we now know again that at least one person has died in an accident trying to escape the fire, and there are thousands of people now left without power as numerous power lines have come down. this blaze far from being under control. in santa paula, california, leanne suter, abc news. >> that's the scary part there, leanne, thank you. we're going to continue to watch that. but we're going to turn to washington and several developments in the russia
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investigation. >> president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort may have jeopardized his bail agreement. he's now accused of working with a russian associate as recently as last week. >> this as the president is now questioning the integrity of the special counsel's office after word that robert mueller fired one of his top investigators for sending anti-trump messages. abc news has learned the mueller investigator peter strzok was also a key player in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. he helped draft former fbi director james comey's public statement clearing clinton of criminal charges. comey's original draft said grossly negligent, which could be a crime, but sources say strzok urged comey to soften that language to extremely careless. this all comes as the president offers words of sympathy for his former national security adviser michael flynn who is charged with lying to the fbi in connection with the russia investigation. >> well, i feel badly for general flynn. i feel very badly. he's led a very strong life. >> reporter: the president said he fired general flynn because he lied to the vice president
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but this weekend a tweet sent from the president's account said i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. the president's personal lawyer john dowd now saying he drafted that tweet. critics have said that could build a case for obstruction of justice, but dowd is testing out a new theory that a president cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer and, therefore, has a right to express his view of any case. >> i think what the trump team is trying to do here is conflate the question of can he be charged with obstruction of justice ever with could he be charged with obstruction of justice for firing james comey? >> meanwhile, overnight another revelation in the case against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. he's now accused of working with an individual connected to russian intelligence as recently as last week. in a court filing mueller's team saying manafort and his russian counterpart were ghost writing an editorial despite a judge's gag order.
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they were allegedly looking to publish the op-ed in someone else's name to influence public opinion on manafort. and in the new filing mueller's investigators are asking the court to revisit manafort's bail agreement. manafort remains under house arrest. breaking news out of michigan now, congressman john conyers is expected to announce this morning that he will not be seeking re-election. this comes as he faces a string of sexual misconduct allegations but a family member says conyers is going to retire, not resign. another former staffer came forward overnight accusing conyers of putting his hand up her skirt in church. and overnight we learned candidate roy moore is getting some new support one week from alabama's special election. the republican national committee is now sending resources to help moore. meanwhile, one of the women claiming moore dated her when she was just a teenager has come forward claiming to have new evidence of their relationship. abc's kenneth moton is here with the latest. kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, diane. roy moore is getting a lot of help in this final week. former white house chief strategist steve bannon will rally with him tonight, a day
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after president trump's endorsement. one week to go until election day in alabama. ♪ and gop senate candidate roy moore now has a powerful ally, president trump. the president making the call from air force one to officially endorse moore who is accused of molesting teenage girls. >> roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it. and, by the way, he totally denies it. >> reporter: moore tweeted trump told him, go get 'em, roy. eight women have accused moore of sexual misconduct. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. >> reporter: this morning "the washington post" reports it interviewed an accuser who says she has new evidence against moore. debbie wesson says she was 17 when she dated the assistant district attorney. wesson says she recently discovered handwritten notes from moore congratulating her on graduating from high school. >> i was in the attic taking bins of christmas decorations down, and i noticed one remaining bin in the attic.
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i came across a card, and it was a high school graduation greeting card from roy moore. happy graduation, debbie. i wanted to give you this card myself. i know that you'll be a success in anything you do, roy. >> moore has denied all allegations from all of his accusers. many washington republicans jumped ship. >> he's obviously not fit to be in the united states senate. >> reporter: the senate majority leader now softening his position. >> i'm going to let the people of alabama make the call. >> reporter: 2012 gop presidential nominee mitt romney tweeted, moore in the senate would be a stain on the gop and on the nation. the moore campaign called romney's comments irresponsible and the rnc is also back in this race providing resources to moore in this final week. friday president trump will rally in the florida panhandle just across the alabama border. diane and kendis. >> all right, kenneth moton for us in d.c., thank you. the administration's travel ban will now go into effect after being upheld by the supreme court. the justices allowed the ban on
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travelers from six mostly muslim countries to be enforced while challenges moved through the lower federal courts. now, earlier decisions had exempted people from those countries who claim a bona fide relationship with someone in the united states. that exemption will no longer apply. time now for a look at your weather on this tuesday morning. a prewinter storm is slamming parts of the upper midwest. wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour have created blizzard and even whiteout conditions across parts of minnesota and the dakotas dumping up to a foot of snow in some areas. the latest radar shows a line of severe thunderstorms stretching nearly 1,400 miles from north texas into northern michigan pushing warmer temperatures east and replacing them with a blast of arctic air. take a look at some of the temps. much more news just ahead including word of a mass
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shooting plot foiled by police. also ahead, the reason why u.p.s. drivers are protesting just as the busy holiday season gets under way. and oprah winfrey strikes a new tv deal worth millions. pick
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the second time was a charm as crews finally were able to demolish the pontiac silverdome in michigan. they used some new explosives to bring down the stadium monday hours after a failed implosion on sunday which they blamed on a wiring problem. we turn now to a developing story from jacksonville, florida, where a 69-year-old man is in custody accused of planning a mass shooting at an islamic center. police say bernandino bolatete is a gun enthusiast who expressed anti-muslim opinions and was arrested after law enforcement raided his home in a sting operation.
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the suspect allegedly telling an undercover officer that he would, quote, keep shooting muslims while driving past the center. an off-duty texas police officer was shot and killed while serving a warrant. the suspect was wounded and taken into custody after a standoff with police. 58-year-old kenneth copeland is the first police officer in the city of san marcos killed in the line of duty. >> ken's a hero. in terms of days off, he worked just about every day off to provide for his kids and because he knows that we're shorthanded and we need the help. his picture is hanging in different parts of this police department because everybody here loved him. >> officer copeland leaves behind a wife and four children. police describe the shooting as an ambush-style attack. dozens of u.p.s. drivers made a special delivery in boston. they showed up to protest their 70-hour workweek. their union says the schedule is just not safe. u.p.s. says it complies with federal rules and the drivers
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are paid time and a half. delivery volume this year -- this time of year is nearly double the normal level. oprah winfrey is no longer the majority owner of the cable network she started, own. she gave up the majority stake to discovery communications which already held a 50% share but oprah will remain ceo and retain a significant minority interest. discovery paid $70 million for that deal. >> not a bad day if you're oprah. >> no, definitely not. all right. coming up, a former contestant on "apprentice" is back in the news this morning. why she's suing president trump. also ahead, the sign language fraud at this important police news conference. we have new details this morning about the phony interpreter and her criminal past. and the violent and controversial hits during the monday night football game that came down to the wire. ial hits in the monday night football game that came down to the wire. just press clean and roomba gets to work. roomba uses a patented dirt detect™ system
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the order is the biggest rollback of public land protection in u.s. history. supporters say the monuments were a federal land grab. the first lawsuit challenging the order has been filed by environmental groups who claim the action exceeds the president's authority. the navajo nation and other native american tribes also plan to sue. many are concerned about potential oil and gas drilling on the land. the outdoor clothing company patagonia used their website to protest the move saying the president stole your land. arguments will be heard today in a defamation lawsuit brought by a former contestant on "the apprentice" against president trump. summer zervos claims trump kissed and grabbed her in 2007 when she visited him about a possible job in the trump organization. zervos filed the suit in jaunary after trump called her claim a lie. a judge in new york will decide if the suit can proceed. several questions are being raised in tampa, florida, after police say an interpreter for the hearing impaired during a news police conference was a fraud. the police chief was announcing
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the arrest of a suspected serial killer but the sign language interpreter's gestures made no sense. experts say it was all gibberish. >> a lot of them were invented signs, and i wasn't able to understand what she was saying. most of the time it just looked like she was singing but not using actual signs. >> tampa police say they did not check the interpreter's credentials. it turns out the woman has several fraud arrests on her record including one conviction that landed her in state prison. we're hearing for the first time from the basketball player from south carolina state university who went into cardiac arrest during a game over the weekend. ty solomon says he was talking to a teammate on the bench when he suddenly collapsed. a team trainer immediately started cpr as you can see and first responders used a defibrillator to try to revive him. solomon has now met those who saved his life simply saying, i love those guys. >> it was perfect timing. i just was glad it happened when it happened because i
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could have been with one of my teammates in the car and would have been a whole different situation. >> solomon says he had no previous cardiac issues before saturday's collapse. and nba star steph curry is using crutches this morning after spraining his right ankle. he says x-rays on the ankle show no serious damage. it's unclear if he'll play in the warriors next game. the nfl has suspended patriots star rob gronkowski for one game after a late hit on a buffalo bills player sunday. pending his appeal gronkowski will miss monday night's game against miami. meanwhile, last night steelers kicker chris boswell kicked a game-willing field goal against the bengals just as time expired. final score, steelers, 23 and bengals, 20. pittsburgh's ryan shazier suffered a back injury. he's spending the night in the hospital in cincinnati. vontaze burfict was also carted off after being hit hard by one of the steelers. it was just a tough game all
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around for many of those players. well, up next in "the pulse," the new suv being called the fastest in the world. also ahead, the scientific breakthrough that could make matt damon's movie "the martian" a reality -- sort of. plus, the new internet sensation, the box stunt, the cheerleader who started the sensation explaining how to do it. sensation explaining how to do it.
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frosted just right. crunch in every bite. kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. wheyou know your holidayt of tshopping is complete., feel free to celebrate. ♪ okay, time now to check your tuesday "pulse" starting with science fiction turning into reality. >> yes, so remember that matt damon film "the martian" from two years ago. he plays a stranded astronaut who manages to improvise a farm using martian soil fertilized with human waste. >> well, now scientists in the netherlands have managed to simulate martian soil to give birth to two worms. those worms in the soil made from volcanic rock are giving new hope that farming on the red
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planet may be possible one day. >> whoo-hoo. >> two worms. yeah, it's a start, people. and "time" magazine has unveiled its top ten finalists for the person of the year ahead of tomorrow's big reveal. >> so after claiming that he turned down the honor, president trump made the short list along with some of the people at the receiving end of his twitter attacks. he's up against special counsel robert mueller whose investigation he calls a witch-hunt and former nfl star colin kaepernick who he's repeatedly criticized for protesting during the national anthem. >> also on the list, north korean leader kim jong-un, amazon founder jeff bezos and the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. >> okay, so there's trump and then there's the anti-trump list, i guess. lamborghini is out with an ultra fast suv. >> that one is a little bit different. the 2019 urus will be the world's fastest suv capable of up to 190 miles per hour and can go 0 to 60 in less than 3.6 seconds.
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>> wow, and it can empty your wallet as well, even faster because prices start at $200,000. who's with me? >> all you, buddy. finally a cheerleader from texas is the newest internet sensation thanks to her jump over an invisible box. check out the video that launched ariel olivar to internet fame. >> so did you see that? >> let's watch it again. >> pat the box. >> and over. >> okay, so she says that it was only her third time to try this move. she then posted it online. and, of course, it went viral understandably. she's letting everyone in on her secret. >> ooh. >> it's all just kind of one motion. just keep this leg in the air the whole time in the same exact spot, so i will show you how the whole thing works. like so.
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let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning on this tuesday, december 5th. it is 4:27 a.m. >> it is early. >> it is. every day, it's a supplies. >> every day it is a new surprise, but sue hall in for traffic. we are talking about some weather this morning, mike. >> it's not quite as breezy yesterday, the temperatures are cooling a little bit, the gusts are in the teens and 20s as far as wind speeds, not in the 30s and 40s and even 50s we had yesterday. our lower elevation vegass, you can see oakland 15, 12 mountain view and fairfield. here is a quick look at our 12 hour planner for today. what you're seeing is 37 to 47 at 7:00, near 60 at noon, low 60s at 4:00 and then temperat temperatures will cool quicker
4:28 am
this evening because of the lack of winds, miss 40s to 50 at 7:00. we do have road work out there. we will first go to the golden gate bridge, three lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. very quiet. road work in the north direction just after the robin williams tunnel in the right lane, heads up if you're traveling out this early morning, we do have other road work that we will update you on in just a sec. overall green is good. a blip of slow traffic in the central valley, ace train getting off on time out of stockton. breaking news out of southern california where a massive fast moving wildfire exploded overnight. it's already killed at least one person and forced thousands from their homes. >> the fire started yesterday in ventura county along highway 150 north of santa paula. it is now heading west. tiffany wilson is monitoring the fire from our newsroom, she has the breaking details. good morning, tiffany.
4:29 am
>> strong winds and dry fuel have turned the brush fire into an inferno. it is point the thomas fire has spread to 31,000 acres with zero percent containment. this is a live look right now, as you can see there are already structures on fire right there that you can look at, we have seen video of an apartment complex that is currently on fire right now. authorities say at least one person has died, one firefighter was injured and at least 150 structures have burned, i expect that number to go up. our sister station in l.a. reports that a mobile home park, an apartment complex and a behavioral hospital were all destroyed overnight. deputies have been going door to door waking up people in the evacuation zone. right now 27,000 people are under mandatory evacuation. several school districts are closed today and many roads including parts of highway 150 are shut down. >> we encourage you, you must
4:30 am
abide by these evacuation notices. we saw the disasters and the losses that happened up north in sonoma and this is a fast, very dangerous moving fire. >> reporter: about 500 firefighters are on the scene, they hope to start attacking the fire from the air at day break. the thomas fire started around 6:30 yesterday evening. it was initially reported at just 50 acres but, again, now it is 31,000 acres, threatening about 8,000 homes and it's spreading. live until the newsroom, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tiffany, thanks for watching that. take a look at these before and after photos of one neighborhood leveled by the thomas fire. you will see on the right that that's a previous image of a mobile home park in wheeler cap i don't know. on the left using sky map technology you see that same exact neighborhood blanketed by flames. you can download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts to get the latest breaking news on this fire. in


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