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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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uncontrollably. >> marcy gonzalez joining us live with a closer look at the fight against these growing wildfires. >> reporter: still such an urgent situation. you see the fire trucks going past me. they are focused on trying to contain these fires still out of control. >> explosive flames still tearing through several communities. this new fire in los angeles, burning right up to the normally busy 405 freeway. shutting it down and charring multimillion-dollar homes in bel air. >> this is a horrible area to have a fire like this. >> they are just some of the hundreds of structures damaged or destroyed in multiple out of control fires. >> we can't even describe what i'm thinking. >> creek fire in last county, forcing about 120,000 people to evacuate. at least 27,000 others forced from their homes by the thomas fire in ventura county.
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the flames were so big. we just packed up and everybody is gone. >> flames scorching more than 80,000 acres so far. fueled by strong santa ana winds, gusting up to 60 miles an hour. low humidity, and bone dry brush. >> with this area, it has been years since anything has burned at all. >> several firefighters injured, desperately trying to save houses and lives. this one collapsing in the street, overcome by heat. some residents with hoses in hand, staying behind to help in the firefight. >> we all came together west put out the fires. any hot spots we could. >> reporter: and the strong winds aren't expected to let up for a few days. in fact they're likely to intensify into tomorrow. >> what is the situation at this point? are they really making any progress? you have four fires to contain. winds completely out of control. give us the big picture situation for the next few days.
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>> reporter: right. they're really not making as much progress as they would like to. three of the major fires are still at zero containment. we just got an update on the fire near 405. it is only at 5% containment and we mentioned the santa ana winds are expected to intensify into tomorrow. and the firefighters are bracing for another long night ahead. back to you. >> thank you so much. stay safe. the pictures on the 405 look like the apock limits. the fire burning dangerously close to the j. paul getty museum. they range from pre 20th century european paintings to roman and greek antiquities, man you've scripts. the fire didn't immediately cross to the getty side but officials say they are prepared in case that happens. you can see some homes in the sepulveda pass area have been destroyed. this is video from our sister station, kabc in los angeles.
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at least five homes in that area have burned. >> president trump tweeted that the fires this morning. he wrote, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of the california wildfires. i encourage everyone to lead the advice and orders of local and state officials. thank you to all first respo responders to your incredible work. this is the skirball fire. you can see sky map 7 showing you 405 there. that is completely shut down in that area due to the raging fire. only 5% contained as marcy said, that being the latest. we will continue to have the very latest for out abc7 news these fires burning in southern california. and we'll bring you the latest developmentes on air, online and on the abc7 news app. >> the big question in southern california is whether firefighters will get any help from the weather. the winds are the big problem here. and they got it at purple. it sounds like it won't be
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better any time soon. >> i don't think so. it does not look like firefighters will get much help from wind. the wind remains generally strong and gusty across southern california, although local conditions vary widely from point to point. you can see if gusts, around 34er miles per hour, 26 miles an hour, closer to the creek fire. this is the forecast animation taking us into the evening hours. this is what firefighters will be facing at 10 or 11:00 this evening. gusts between 35 and 40 miles per hour generally across the region from the thomas fire to the rye fire to the creek fire. during early morning hours, we won't see much variation. the wind will taper off just slightly. 30 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts. tomorrow afternoon the wind will be slightly lighter, between 20 and 30 miles an hour. the wind will increase again going into friday. and the red flag warning for high fire danger continues into friday night and it covers an
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expansive area, close to 6 million people. we'll update you as we get more information. >> thank you. the fbi is launching a multiagency task force to stop fraud related to the north bay fires. a spokesman said abc7 news, there's been fraud reported at every step of the recovery process. they will help share the information and use intelligence from other recent disasters to identify trends in fraudulent activity. a critical component is public awareness of potential scams. we do have times on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. abc7 and new staggering numbers illustrate the huge financial impact of the north bay wildfires. insurance claims now total more than $9 billion, making it the most devastating disaster many state history. here's a breakdown. 18,000 for damaged or destroyed homes. nearly 2,300 claims for business
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property damage. almost 5,000 vehicle claims. and 650 for other property including boats. new at 4:00, nine people were hurt after the crash of a muni bus. the sfmta tells us the f line trolley rear ended a bus. two of the injuries were described as moderate. six minor and one person declined to be taken to the hospital. several buses had to be rerouted. minutes ago, sfmta tweeted that regular market street service is resuming. >> we're getting word that oakland city workers will be on strike for a third straight day tomorrow. that word just coming down. hundreds of union members walked picket lines. the city councilmembers emerged from a three-hour closed door meeting just moments ago and announced they had not made any progress on the deal. striking workers told abc7 news,
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they hope the counsel will agree to a quick fix, a one-year deal with 4% salary increases. and set aside the issues they counted on for later negotiations. >> the verdict in the kate steinle murder trial caused a lot of outrage after the undocumented immigrant was acquitted. >> one of the jurors is speaking out in defense of those behind closed doors. and today, the juror gave an inside view of what the jury heard and why it arrived at that verdict. >> the names of the jury have been sealed unless they want to come forward to talk to the media. we'll hear from an alternate who was not afraid of coming forward. granted, he was not responsible for the verdict. >> some of them probably are having a tough time with the fact half the united states seems to be calling them fools, including the president of the united states. >> for that reason, phil decided
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it was time to defend his fellow jurors. as an alternate, he was in court but excused the moment in rest of the panel began deliberating. still, he says his fellow jurors made the right decision to acquit jose ines garcia zarate of murder, based on the evidence the prosecution presented. at the last minute they were asked to consider first-degree murder, which includes premeditation. >> there was no evidence suggesting that in the trial. the second-degree murder charge required something called malice aforethought. that too was rejected because the prosection never really proved that garcia zarate intended to kill or harm kate steinle. no motive was ever given. garcia zarate had no history of violence and he was 90 feet away from steinle. the bullet ricochetted traveling 78 feet before hitting her in the back. >> wasn't just a ricochet. it was a bad ricochet. if he intended to make that
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shot, it was bad and he got really lucky. >> why did the jury not settle for involuntary manslaughter? the reason, the prosecution had to prove that garcia zarate in the act of committing the crime, was brandishing, meaning waving a weapon. >> no evidence of that was presented during the trial. >> in fact, no witness on that pier ever saw garcia zarate hold anything in his hand. ben acknowledges, wasn't easy to see the steinle family in court. >> i felt terrible for him and his wife and their whole family. i knew i had to separate my feelings on that from my role. >> the jury was constantly remind that had they couldn't read the newspaper or discuss the news with anyone. the jury was also told by the judge they couldn't tell anyone they were involved in the steinle trial. they couldn't even tell their wives or husbands or partners. it was that tight lipped. live in the newsroom. abc7 news. >> thank you.
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it's official, san francisco mayor ed lee has signed regulation for cannabis retail, distribution and production. this is a picture of that moment. it will allow 45 existing disdispensaries to move ahead with sales when it becomes legal on january 1st. in the new rules, 600 feet of buffer zones are required around schools and there are no neighborhood caps or bans. "time" magazine names its person of the year. this year it was more than a person, it was a movement. >> i was tired of wondering if it was the vibe i was giving off. >> meet the bay area woman made the cover of time time. >> plus a swing and a miss. plans to build the stadium near he the college. why it is no longer an option. >> a swing and a miss if you're
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trying to get anywhere fast in downtown san francisco. this is a look at oncoming traffic. trying the get tt right hand side. for
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minnesota senator al franken is denying the report that he has decided to resign because of allegations of misconduct. he tweeted, not accurate. no final decision has been made and the senator is still talking with his family. a majority of senate democrats are now calling on franken to resign and they include kifrten
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gillibrand of new york. >> i think when we start talking about the differences between sexual assault and sexual harassment and unwanted groping, you are having the wrong conversation. you need to draw a line in the sand and say none of is it okay. >> california senator kamala harris tweeted, she thinks franken should step down. seven women have now accused franken of sexual harassment. he has apologized for his behavior but denied some of the charges. also some new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal, six women have filed a lawsuit against the former movie mogul and are seeking class action status. also named in the lawsuit is the movie studio, miramax. the current and former board of directors. the people who have spoken out against sexual miscould not district this year's choice for person of the year. the cover features the silence
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breakers, the women and men who have come forward to speak out. there are bay area ties including susan fowler and engineer for uber in san francisco. she accused an uber manager of sexual harassment in a case that launched major changes at the coil. another bay area woman on the time company, adamma from san francisco. a lobbyist, and she started t tt claim. so congratulations on the honor and thank you for joining us today. i have to get this out of the way. people always want to know, how did you find out that you were on the cover? >> the same way everyone else did. all of a sudden my face was on twitter. >> so there was no advance warning. >> no. >> you did sit for the photo shoot with ashley judd, celebriti celebrities. what did they say it was for? >> they said it was for an article talking about the women who had spoken out.
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and they said they were shooting this possibly for a cover. and that's really all we knew. that's all i knew. >> good surprise. in your time interview, you said we can't all be crazy. we can't all be sluts. what do you mean? >> the thing that i did different with the letter in sacramento, i had 147 women who signed it. what we've seen when women have come out to speak, is that one, two, five, even 16 women can be called liars and sluts and that they're not telling the truth and i've had so many women from sole different walks in sacramento from so many different professions that it was impossible to say we were all lying. or that we were all crazy. >> so 140 of you signed this letter that you sent to the legislature saying we've said enough. what happened in your life that prompted you to be part of that group to send that letter? >> so i had an incident that happened in front of colleagues where i was sexually harassed.
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and after it happened, i realize that had my colleagues didn't know what had happen. they said, oh, sorry, should we have said something? and i realized this is our fault. we don't talk about it. we talk about it amongst ourselves before the who to avoid and what to wear and when not to go places but we don't talk about it to men. we end up internalizing that shame. and then men never really get a full picture of what men go through. >> how real is the fear that there would be career consequences if you were to speak out? is that getting any better? >> no. there's still very real fearful a woman who works pretty closely with me on the campaign, she lost her job after speaking out. there is definitely been some retaliatory actions, some things we've seen some of the whisper campaigns that have been started. i think that this is one of those things that tells me, that tells everyone, we're not going
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away. we are not going to settle for half a plate anymore. >> we want the full plate. >> thank you so much for coming in. congratulations and keep up the fight. >> thank you. >> thank you. we showed you earlier about the weather conditions in southern california here. it is really mild. spencer christian with a look at our forecast. >> dry as well. we've got sunny skies across the bay area. here's a live look from mt. tam looking to ocean beach. low to mid 60s in every location. oakland, san jose, gilroy and half moon bay. here's the view looking at the soon to be setting son under mainly blue skies. we have temperature readings. 59 in napa.
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61, novato. the temperatures are beginning to drop sharply in some inland locations. and the view from our camera, looking also at the western sky where the sun is setting. and these are our forecast features. it will be a frosty start to the day. we'll have sunny and mild conditions and this mild dry pattern will continue right into next week. let's talk about overnight lows. santa rosa had a low of 29. it will drop to 33. not much different. 34 in napa. we'll see some mid to upper 30s in the inland valleys. in the south bay, look for a low of 39. right around the bay, we'll see low the mid 40s. it will be cold to chilly. let's use santa rosa. we're expecting a low of 33. and by 7:00, it will be around 35, 36 degrees sbooxt the mid 40s by 9:00. and then going into the overnight hours, look for highs
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in the upper 50s. and then it will drop down after sunset. in the south bay, we'll see highs near 70 degrees in many locations. 70 on the peninsula. upper 60s, down to mountain view. mid 60s. not upper 60s on the coast tomorrow. downtown san francisco, a high of 65. in the north bay, 68. east bay highs, 66 in oakland. and the inland east bay will be in that same range. mid to upper 60s air quality. looking pretty good except a little decline in air quality in the north bay is expected on friday, saturday and sunday. otherwise, in all other regions, look for moderate air quality. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a couple of very chilly mornings. tomorrow morning and friday before the temperatures moderate. not much in the daytime highs. we're talking mid to upper 60s inland and across the bay.
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even some low to mid 60s on the coast. >> so pleasant but wishing for a little rain and snow. >> we can use it. the a's strike out on the first location for a ballpark in oakland. so what changed? >> and a christmas surprise in the south bay. material shopping trip
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a big swing and a miss for the oakland a's as far as their first choice for a baseball stadium. the team was counting on a chunk of land near laney college but the college is saying no thanks. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: if the a's wrthing fastball, today they got a curve from the parent district that runs laney college. >> it was never that this is a done deal. and i think i've been very clear that we had no commitment, no deal, no contract. >> and no new stimd this land in
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west oakland for the team. the community college district decided not to open communications with the a's. >> there was enough money offered but i think the conditions surrounding it has allowed us to really step back and say what do we want to do? >> and there was opposition. neighbors predicted traffic jams and gentryification. the a's issued a statement saying we are shocked by peralta's decision to not move forward. all we wanted to do was to move forward. we are disappointed that we will not have the opportunity. >> this appears to put the ashs back at square one but it also opens the door just a crack to the city's plans to build a new baseball stadium on the existing coliseum site. >> we have a coliseum site where they can continue to play baseball now. and don't miss a game.
4:25 pm
don't miss a beat. and continue to build a brand new stadium. right on site. >> and may or determined to keep the stadium opened. we are committed more than ever to work the a's and the community to find right spot in oakland for a privately financed ballpark. when the team gets over the shock, it is back to the drawing board. abc7 news. >> the district is drawing up a new process. here's where it gets interesting. once that is done, they could consider talking with the agencies in the future. so perhaps trying to drive up the price. >> christmas came early for some san jose school kids. 70 students from santee elementary school took part in the tenth annual shop with a cop event. most of the kids are part of readers are leaders reading
4:26 pm
campaign. others received an invitation because they experienced a traumatic event like the loss of a parent. each student got a $150 gift card for their families and themselves. >> we do have a list. it is very, very structured. >> it is like the biggest part for me, the giving back. >> oh, slime. this is so awesome. i can't believe it. >> i guarantee you, you ask any officer here, they would not want to be somewhere else right now. >> in addition to helping the kids, the department said these events help create a relationship between themselves and the kids. i've judged this course of action to be in the best interests of the united states of america. >> the protests and the controversy over today's move in israel.
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weaving your own shoes... by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. tens of thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders in southern california as several wildfires continue to burn. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. and cal fire warns that santa ana winds could hit 80 miles per
4:30 pm
hour, making it impossible to fight these flames. now world news tonight tweeted the shocking video, showing the skirball fire, burning near the getty center. the images were captured by a driver on interstate 405 this morning. imagine going through that. that fire has destroyed at least four homes. an error by a school district employee led tow paychecks being deducted from some bank accounts. they originally said it was a bank error. there will be more on that story at 5:00. and abc7 news has learned the carjacking suspect shot and killed by police in san francisco last week did not have a gun. abc7 news reporter vick lee has the details you'll see only on 7. >> he did not have a gun. and he was running. >> reporter: she is a community vitt in the neighborhood. on friday she and her friends were at the scene of the
4:31 pm
shooting here at the alice griffith housing development. about 10:30 in the morning, police say a person carjacked the state lottery van at 23rd and arkansas. they drove to the housing development. the shooting occurred on the 1,000 block of fitzgerald avenue. from sky 7, we can see a patrol car with its side window shattered and blood and clothing near the vehicle. police at the scene said an officer fired at least one round, killing o'neill. chandler said her good friend saw it go down. >> he was running, trying to get out of this gate. the officer in his police car blew the window off with the gun. blew the window off. first shot. and shattered the window and hit him in the head. >> a source with knowledge of the regs gave abc7 news the same scenario and also that the suspect was not armed. we're also learning that the officer graduated from the
4:32 pm
police academy three days before the shooting. the police detained four others who were seen in a gold suv, traveling with a stolen van. abc7 news has learned, all four have since been released from custody. police officials have retrieved body worn cameras which officers here were wearing at the time. they're being reviewed for further evidence. abc7 news. and san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow at the southeast campus on oakdale avenue. president trump formally announced jerusalem as the capital of israel and committed to ultimately moving the he willcy there. this was a controversial decision, people saying it should have been negotiated through peace talks. >> a signature that took near seconds, reversing decades of u.s. policy. president trump declared
4:33 pm
jerusalem the capital of israel, in asserting the process of moving it from tell sri. he said this was a recognition of reality. >> today we finally acknowledge the obvious. that jerusalem is israel's capital. >> in 1995, a resolution was passed to do just that bust it has been waived by all previous american presidents due to fears it would spark violence in the region, making any peace talks impossible. already various palestinian factions have called for three days of rage. jerusalem is sacred ground for the world's three major religions which is why israel's capital so controversial. east jerusalem is seen as the possible future capital of a palestinian state. no other country in the world has its embassy in jerusalem. everyone from arab and european leaders to the pope and china's ministry warned against the change. >> i have consistently spoken out against any unilateral measures that would jeopardize the prospect of peace for
4:34 pm
israelis and palestinians. >> israel had a different message. >> there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. >> a belief president trump agrees with. >> we are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between israel and the palestinians. it would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result. >> the president says the u.s. is committed to finding lasting peace in the middle east and he is deploying the vice president to the region in the coming days. abc news, the white house. >> the state department says the u.s. is convinced the incidents harming the health of u.s. embassy workers in cuba were targeted attacks. the admission comes as secretary of state rex tilgs pushes back on cuba's complaints that they have not given enough information to investigate. the u.s. has shared some information but tillerson said
4:35 pm
he won't share anything that violates the privacy of those here were injured. president trump issued a warning of a possible government shutdown this weekend and is blaming democrats. he says the shutdown the possible because democrats are demanding to have, quote, illegal immigrants pouring into our country. the president's comments come a day before a meeting aimed at averting the shutdown, funding to keep agencies operating ends on friday. the last time it shut down in 2013, thousands of national parks workers were furloughed. keep your fingers crossed if you plan to visit alcatraz. the island would shut down. the last time the cruise hs to refund money to a lot of unhappy customers. >> people who come from all over the world. alcatraz is a driving force for them visiting the city and it would be unfortunate for all of
4:36 pm
our visitors not to be able to experience it. >> national parks and monuments like the rosie the riveter museum would also close. so would irs help centers. programs that help program like everify would be suspended. the good news, the post offices will stay open. social security and food assistance checks will still go out. a bay area woman struggling to adopt a child. >> since we were asked to adopt her, it was some simple paperwork but it's not. >> her effort to keep a special needs child out of the foster care system. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. just post the hashtag ask finney and i'll answer your questions coming up. the sunny days keep coming and so do the beautiful sunsets.
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time to answer questions. jill asked on facebook, i have a 1990 toyota carolla and thought after 25 years my car didn't have to be smogged. >> you have the right concept but your car isn't old enough to
4:40 pm
dodge the smog test. it has to be pre 1975 for that. there are exceptions for electric cars, diesels, nonpassenger vehicles. a toyota hybrid doesn't fit any of those categories. so the answer is like i said, the dmv is right. time to hit your local smog station. i'll put a link up so you can check it out for yourself. a lot of people think that. you got 25 years because that's how it was originally set up. >> eve asked, are the delivery company employees required to knock or tring door bell when they're dropping off packages? >> that's such a great question. there are no laws about this and rules vary between delivery services. both ups and the united postal service train their employees to ring the bell or not but they're not required to hang around for someone to answer the door unless a package requires a signature. generally, policy states customers are allowed to request
4:41 pm
specific delivery instructions like leaving the package at the back door or with the neighbor, that kind of thing. i've reported on that before. that includes requests for deliv delivery to flock or ring your door bell. check to see if they have secure locations where you can pick it up yourself or have it delivered at your workplace. if your workplace is cool with it, that's what you ought to do. >> safer. david asked via e-mail, who do we ask for our free annual credit report? >> you need to do it at least once a year. to go annual credit you get three each year. that's one each from the three major reporting agencies. you can get them all at once. i would prefer one that you get one every four months so you keep track of what's going on. now, if you have a question, all you need to do is record a 10 to 15-second long video. share it on social media.
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use the #ask finney. >> thank you. >> now the accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> the sunny days keep coming. we have clear skies across the bay area as the sun is about to set. overnight, it will be cold in our inland valleys in the north bay. look for a low at santa rosa. 35 at livermore. down south, morgan hill will have a low of 36. we'll see low to mid 40s. chilly near bay at the coast. it will be mild in the afternoon. under sunny skies. look for highs in the mid 60s. around the bay we'll see mid to upper 60s, with 68 in free monday. a high of 78 and up north, a high of 68. so sunny and mild in the afternoon bust a little chilly overnight. we have two more frosty mornings coming our way. tomorrow and friday. then the overnight temperatures
4:43 pm
will moderate. our pattern will continue into early next week very little change and no rain in sight. turning shopping into an adventure. the new effort to get people off the computers and back into the stores. plus, do you have a video game lover in your life? (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (avo) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history
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as more people go online for their holiday shopping, brick and mortar stores are fighting for your business. becky shows us what they're doing to get you and your money back. the in store versus online shopping war has a new battle front. retailers desperately want you off your computer and in their stores. stores across the country are creating experiences for shoppers in store. that you can't get at your computer. it is called experience retail. it is about engaging thor? . >> shopping as entertainment. what does that look like? >> it is really cold! this is not your typical fitting
4:47 pm
rule. >> anaheim an eddie bauer store in ohio. they've dropped the heat to put the heat on their come pet toward. >> if write buying this jacket online i wouldn't know how warm it would keep me. >> they've put in an ice box to 16 degrees so customers can try out their cold weather gear in cold weather. something they can't do online. >> you are trying to turn shopping into almost entertainment. >> absolutely. w want it to be fun and engaging. we want people to engage with our guys in the store and let us help you outfit for your adventures. >> and at sephora, people can take classes, experiment with beauty products and even digitally try on lipstick and eyelashes. for golf fans, the pga tour super store has gone virtual. letting people try out their clubs and scores with sill
4:48 pm
lators. >> what people are looking for is to delight the customer. definitely a battle with big bucks. >> $80 billion. a staggering number. if there is a game order your holiday list, here to show us what people want west love guests who bring their own props. if you play games in the 1990s, this the device to get. the super nine tendo classic. >> it is a tiny little replica of the classic nine tend over console that you had back in the day. plenty of them built into it. pretty hard to get ahold of. >> then we have this.
4:49 pm
a new x box. so the 1 x. now, this is gamer who wants the very best. if you have a new 4 k television, it is a 4 k design with high resolution graphics. and then finally here, we've got the nine tend over switch. this is probably the must have item. did this is a portable console that you can take in the car or the plane. you take it home. slide it into a dock next to your television and it back's home console like an x-box or a playstation. >> how much? >> $200. >> whoa! this is getting expensive. i guess the flew games out this year. three new games had a big blockbuster series. assassin's creed, it came out a while ago. and call of duty. >> some of the biggest games. this is the time of year when the summer blockbusters of the
4:50 pm
games come out. we're a few days away from a new star wars movie and we have a star wars game. battle front two. on the x-sgoks the playstation. you can compete in the huge online space battles, fly all the classic ships from the movie. step into the shoes of the characters that you remember. sassin's creed, you mentioned that. the movie came out last year. the game this year, you get to transport back to ancient egypt. climb pyramids, hang out with cleopatra. it is an amazing looking game. and then finally, call of duty. this comes out every year. i'm sure most people know the name. this year it is a world war ii game. you get on fight on the beaches of normandy. a huge epic story that takes you through world war ii. so yeah. a big time of year. >> i want to get to this. you have some throwback games. i'm a mario cart guy. if we could drive right now, we would race all day.
4:51 pm
super march yoes brothers are in there. >> and zelda came out ni nintendo switch. we think it is one of the best video games ever made. incredible game. and then a new super mario game as well. super mario odyssey. it is a beautiful open world. that classic mario game play that you can remember. you're collecting coins, jumping on little mushroom dudes. >> it's what i if you've got one of these, perfect for kids. i have a 7-year-old boy and he lost it as much as did when i was that age. and you can never go wrong madden anything. >> madden this year. you can even make the 49ers a super bowl winning team. >> well, yeah. let's not put too much pressure on madden for that. thank you for joining us. >> happy shopping. >> anything is possible in
4:52 pm
gaming. the best place to boring in the entire nation is apparently right here where we live. career website glass door says me get to work very smart people had are energized and believe in the work they are doing. sikes bay area companies made the top 30 list. they include google at number 5. sales force number 15. followed by linked in, docusign, nvidia and into it. one woman discovered this on a morning walk. check this out. she is holding a five-pound avocado. she discovered it lying on the ground as she took her morning walk, no joke. she homes it will be a record breaker. she submitted it to the guinness people and hopes to hear back soon. right now the record for the heaviest avocado is 4.8 pounds.
4:53 pm
it was found in venezuela in 2009. she can make a lot of gawk mole with that. a new study says a little cheese is good for you. people in the nether neth found that people who wear cheese daily were less like i to have strokes than people who abstained. they say those a got most benefit were eating an ounce and a half of cheese a day. about the size of a matchbook. time is running out for a little girl. >> people have the misconception that they are a burden. >> the agreement between two mothers in san jose who just want to help the baby in need. next, a major money mix-up by thousands in oakland are seeing their paychecks
4:54 pm
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the goldbergs, followed by speechless, modern family and american housewife. at 10:00, a brand new designated
4:57 pm
survivor and then abc7 news. a special needs baby who was born from a mother on drugs is getting help. they've run into an obstacle and time is running out. >> little delilah may look like a happy, healthy baby but she was born with a brain deformity related to dwarfism and doctors are saying she shows signs of cerebral palsy. her mother was pregnant at 19 and couch surfing. after aging out of foster care. >> went through many different foster homes. 20 something foster homes. group homes. i was in trouble. i was doing drugs, drinking. >> shelly nicole heard about rose when someone contacted her through her nonprofit. she took in rose, helped her get sober, and get a job shelf wants nicole to privately document delilah. >> people have a misconception
4:58 pm
that a disabled child will not bring joy or they're somehow a burden. and these children bring you so much joy and they teach you things about yourself you don't know. >> with legal and state fees, the adoption costs more than $10,000. nicole says state social services said she must pay by the end of the month or her case will close and she will lose what she's spent by the end of the month. >> nervous and upset. i'm afraid she'll get taken away. and that's just something i get scared. because this is her home. my daughter's home and she belongs here. she doesn't belong with anybody else. >> a go fund me page was started to help. she is hoping she's been saved and her baby hoping to have a forever home this christmas. abc7 news. >> the baby is so adorable. if you would like to help nicole raise funds for the adoption and medical bills, you can to go our website and you can find a link
4:59 pm
to the go fund me page. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. day one of the criminal hearing. one survivor recalls how he thought his life was over right before he jumped out a window. money mistake in oakland. pay roll deposits are reversre smoke billows across the sky while driving on the ground is not for the faint of heart. >> in vallejo, we hear from the woman who saved a home when her home was burning. ed. >> good evening. one year after the anniversary of the ghost ship firing, the preliminary hearing got underway in oakland. >> they're accused of causing the deaths of 36 people. abc7 news report he leslie brinkley is at the courthouse
5:00 pm
live. >> reporter: this hearing was supposed to take place monday. it was postponed until today because the judge was sick. they only had two witnesses take the stand today. the second one just stepped up one of the ghost ship residents. came to the stand after 3:00 so slow moving. but deeply disturbing testimony. the first witness for the prosecution was aaron marin who lived at the ghost ship for three weeks leading up to the fire. he described the maze-like warehouse as a disneyland filled with art and art facts. he brought in project tent-like structure he called the size of a jumpy play house. prosecutors read from his interview soon after the fire, describing the equipment as blocking


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