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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 8, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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the night. the heroes have not stopped. our persons of the week. good evening. as we come on the air in the west and we begin with the breaking news in southern california where thousands of firefighters are waging a battle against six major wildfires now. president trump declaring a state of emergency. those fires burning from ventura county to san diego county. more than 140 acres in size and no containment tonight. the thomas fire now destroying more than 400 homes and structures. and those powerful santa ana winlds fueling those firings at this hour. team coverage and matt gutman leads us off. >> reporter: tonight that 747 super tanker joining more than
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8,000 firefighters on the ground. in san diego county the lilac fire driven by winds gusting above 50 miles per hour thursday destroying dozens of structures. >> we have crews surrounding this whole area. we're going to protect all the ones that we can. >> oh. >> reporter: as the flames churned towards this horse stable, their only hope of escaping the flames. you can see the horses stampeding. some 2 dozen did not survive. many are still missing. >> look at the structure going up in flames. the trees starting to light and the embers carried by this wind. the spot fires can flair up. >> reporter: the thomas fire so explosive it looked like a volcano. we were on the ground. >> you could see how massive that plume of smoke is. this thing towers into the sky thousands of feet up. >> reporter: our station kabc in
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the air today above ventura. >> the fire just moved through here with too much in the way of high winds to save most of these homes. >> reporter: tonight parts of the thomas fire burning close to the turn of ojai. >> one of the things about fires like this is it creates its own weather. you see the fire sucking the smoke right into the flames. >> reporter: firefighters helpless to stop it. >> in some ways fighting a fire is like fighting a hurricane. there's not that much that humans can do to stop something this massive? >> right. yeah. yeah, it's real similar in that sense. mother nature is going to do her thing. >> matt gutman with us again tonight. you have been learning they're going to take preemptive strikes in the next several hours to do fire lines several miles out? >> reporter: that's right david. because it's been so relentness firefighters can no longer stop it at its source. they're trying to create lines
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as far as ten miles out and the fire chief told you less than 24 hours ago firefighters like this could be here until christmas. david. >> matt gutman our thanks to you. and you saw rob marciano there on the frontlines of the lilac fire. he's been tracking the santa ana winds for days now. let's get back to rob with the track into the weekend. good evening. >> reporter: still some gusty winds but looking for a break. the long term it's not good. take a look. the pesky high in control across the inner mountain west. no rain in the forecast and red flag warnings with low levels of humidity. a break with the wind tonight into tomorrow morning but sunday morning we'll see the wands crank up again. this is obviously not ab ideal weather situation. >> rob, thank you. in the south and in the east tonight a massive winter storm on the move right now from texas all the way up through the northeast. more than 70 million americans will get hit with this tonight and into the weekend.
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snow falling on georgia highways. a 20-car pileup in san antonio. drivers warned about black ice. a fedex truck overturned in north carolina and crews deviivs planes. hundreds of flights canceled. here's steve osunsami in atlanta tonight. >> reporter: this cold fist of winter weather stretches from texas to maine and nearly 70 million people will have to get through the freeze and ice this evening. in san antonio they're deal with this 20-car pileup. parts of texas are seeing half a foot of snow. some places that haven't seen snow in eight years. this picture looks like it's from the northeast but it's louisiana. snow as far as the eye can see. near asheville north carolina the deliveries might be coming late. >> stay off the road if you don't absolutely have to be because the danger level begins to rise as the temperature drops. >> reporter: this was buffalo
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new york where they're supposed to be used to this. a jackknifed tractor trailer that's not going anywhere tonight. >> it is snowing and it is sticking. >> reporter: authorities are closing slick roads in parts of northeast alabama and across atlanta. they're calling it slushpocolypse, with more than 700 flights cancelled and more than 800 delayed at the international airport, and a line of planes like this one, needing deicing. schools let out early today here. the city is nearly shut down, and traffic came to a crawl. thousands across the south are in the cold without power tonight. nearly 30,000 at one point in alabama alone. >> let's go live to steve tonight in atlanta. you mentioned the cancellations and this is going to march northward? >> reporter: yes, david. our weather team tells me all of this snow, ice and sleet is heading towards the northeast from philly to new york. the midatlantic is going to see this tomorrow and throughout the day tomorrow. here in atlanta they're expecting another inch or two of snow and this of course is
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happening to a city that has very few snowplows and snow trucks to clear it all away. >> thanks. we have new developments and alarming images in the high school shooting in new mexico. new information about the gunman what killed two students firing shots through the walls of the classroom through the hallway. the school custodian shouting there was an active shooter giving students and teachers time to hide. alex perez from new mexico. >> reporter: tonight, the horrifying moments as a shooter opens fire inside this new mexico high school. >> everyone get down. >> we could hear casing hitting the floor. >> reporter: the gunman 21 year old william atchison, scheduled the attack writing "work at 6:20 a.m. and die at 8:00 a.m. police say he slipped into the school with students, went to the bathroom and pulled out a
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9 millimeter glock. >> we do have a possible suspect in the 800-900 building. >> reporter: that's where he shot and killed francisco fernandez. moments later he gunned down casey marquez. casey's best friend distraught, face timing with her mom. >> i know when i get home that casey's not going to be there. >> reporter: a custodian heard the shots and ran through the halls warning everyone. >> these people are true heroes. >> reporter: police arrived one minute after the first call for help, atchinson had already killed himself. he left behind a note, hinting this could have been worse, writing, he would hold a class hostage. the rest of his message speaks for itself. back in march of 2016 the fbi interviewed atchinson after he appeared to make a threat about a mass shooting online. and david officials say it's unclear when the high school will reopen. investigators now combing through a thumb drive and other electronic evidence the gunman left behind. david? >> alex thank you. we move on to president trump and tonight a breaking new headline involving one of his
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closest advisers hope hicks. abc news confirming white house communications director spent the last two days meeting with special counsel robert mueller's team. "the new york times" reporting that fbi officials warned hicks about russian operatives trying to contact her during the transition. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: hope hicks is one of the president's closest and longest serving aides, among the very first people to work on the trump campaign. part of a small team that traveled with trump wherever he went. >> hope get up here. hope, get up here. she's always on the phone talking to the reporters trying to get the reporters to straighten out the dishonest stories. >> reporter: now "the new york times" is reporting the fbi warned hicks earlier this year that russian operatives had made repeated attempts to contact her during the presidential transition. there is no indication hicks did anything wrong, fbi agents briefed her twice earlier this year in the white house situation room warning that emails she received may have
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been part of a russian intelligence operation. hicks was questioned today and yesterday by special counsel robert mueller's team. she is a potentially key witness at the president's side during so many important moments throughout the campaign, the transition, and now at the white house. >> jon karl with us live from the white house. jon, robert mueller's team interviewing hicks. this is clearly the president's inner circle. >> reporter: and mueller's team has talked to jared kushner. the president's son-in-law. i expect he will interview him before long and likely donald trump jr. as well. david. >> jon karl on a friday night. thank you. now to roy moore and the alabama senate race. for weeks the white house has been asked whether president trump will travel the campaign for roy moore. the president throwing his support behind moore saying i like a fighter, go get them roy. the president making a appearance not far from where he's been campaigning. while he technically didn't travel to alabama he's right
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across the border in florida where many voters will see the president on their local news. here's tom llamas tonight. >> mr. president, can you talk about roy moore? >> reporter: tonight the president is heading to florida but alabama is likely on his mind. earlier the president tweeting "vote roy moore" saying "last thing the make america great again agenda needs is a liberal democrat in the senate." but tonight moore's own comments about that make american great again message facing new scrutiny. at a rally in september, moore described a time when he thought america was great. a time before the civil war. the los angles times now releasing the audio. >> i think it was great at the time when families were united even though we had slavery, they cared for one another. people were strong in the families. our families were strong, our country had a direction. and we corrected many of the problems.
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>> reporter: moore went on to say slavery was one of those problems. his campaign went on to say of course the judge opposes slavery this as eight women accuse him of a range of inappropriate sexual behavior. two say he sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. beverly young nelson tells me moore attacked her in his car, when he was in his 30's and she was just 16. >> he was trying to pull me toward, in between his legs. it was terrible. >> reporter: moore denies all the accusations and denies even knowing nelson. she says she has proof that moore signed her high school year book. but the campaign says it's a forgery. today nelson acknowledges she wrote the date, name of the restaurant, and letters 'd''a' next to moore's signature. she says she did it to reminder herself of "who roy moore was and where and when moore signed the yearbook." >> reporter: but to be clear, beverly he signed your yearbook. >> he did sign it. >> reporter: and you made some notes underneath. >> yes. >> reporter: she says she stands by her story. 100%. >> tom llamas with us tonight.
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tom, alabama voters headed to the polls on tuesday? >> reporter: that's right, david. and millions of dollars are pouring in for both sides, both in state and out of state. doug jones the democrat campaigned hard across the state. roy moore banking on the support from the president. >> tom llamas, thank you. the growing crisis on capitol hill. over claims of sexual misconduct. three members of congress resigning in just three days. one of them, a republican congressman who was accused of asking two staff members to carry his baby. abc's mary bruce on the hill. >> reporter: as bizarre allegations of misconduct emerge, tonight congressman trent franks is abruptly resigning. the arizona republican is accused of asking two members of his staff to carry his child. one woman reportedly tells the associated press franks offered her $5 million to act as a a surrogate. the congressman doesn't admit that directly but says "i deeply regret" that the topic of
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surrogacy was discussed in the office and that it "caused distress." franks, a staunch social conservative. >> it is a test of our basic humanity and who we are as a human family. >> reporter: is now bowing to pressure from house speaker paul ryan who urged him to quit after learning of "credible claims of misconduct." he is the third member of congress to resign just this week over allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment. this really is a watershed moment for our country. >> and mary, another republican congressman under scrutiny. >> reporter: david, the ethics committee is looking at texas congressman blake farenthold over allegations he harassed a former aide. he denies the allegations but also agreed to pay back taxpayers for the $84,000 settlement that staffer received. david. the new headline about the american economy. and certainly one the president will welcome. u.s. employers adding 228,000 jobs in november, more than expected.
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the unemployment rate holding now at 4.1%. that is a 17-year low. there is still much more ahead on this friday. the verdict and the video tonight. the officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. begging for his life. the jury's decision and video at that moment. authorities asking is there a serial shooter at work? authorities investigating three shootings on the same highway in the north. and the train derailment causing evacuations and halting commuters here in the northeast tonight. a lot more news ahead. we come into this world needing others. ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪
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alka seltzer plus liquid gels. next this friday night to th next this friday night to the verdict in a case involves a police officer charged in a deadly shooting in arizona. an unarmed man begging not to be shot. newly released body cam video showing the moment. here's linsey davis. >> stop! stop! get on the ground. >> reporter: tonight newly released body cam video capturing what daniel shaver's family calls an execution. >> if you make a mistake -- another mistake -- there is a very severe possibility you're both gonna get shot. do you understand that? >> yes. >> reporter: mesa, arizona police responding to reports of a man pointing a gun out a hotel window. >> hands up in the air! you do that again. we're shooting you. do you understand? >> please do not shoot me. >> reporter: officers descending on shaver's hotel room where he'd been drinking with two other guests. >> your hands go back in the small of your back. we are going to shoot you, do you understand me? >> yes, sir. >> crawl towards me!
5:47 pm
crawl towards me! >> yes, sir. >> reporter: but then appears to reach towards his waistband and in that instance officer phillip brailsford fires five times killing the father of two. nearly two years later a jury acquitting the officer of second degree murder. he told investigators he thought shaver was reaching for a weapon. >> i perceived this as a threat. it was a scary situation. >> reporter: shaver had no gun on him. two pellet guns used in his pest control business were later found in his hotel room. investigators said when he was shot, he appeared to be trying to pull his shorts up from falling off. >> he was executed. he was begging for his life saying please don't shoot me. it tore me apart how mean they were to him. >> reporter: daniel shaver's widow has filed a wrongful death suit and the officer says he was concerned for the safety of the officers and a woman in the hallway. david. when we come back several
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one of three drivers targeted and shot in a leg limping into this gas station looking for help. a freight train derailment causing major headaches in new jersey. more than 20 cars toppling off the tracks in union township. surrounding homes were evacuated. one suspending service in both directions because of that crash. authorities in texas arresting travis lee wilson charging him with one drug store robbery in which he impersonated a police officer. they have been seeking a suspect posing as a cop in several robberies. they recovered a fake badge and gun in his vehicle and several patches of fentanyl in his apartment. >> news on the hidden airline fees that outrage so many flyers in this country. federal officials dropping a pair of proposals, one that would require airlines to tell you about checked bag fees at the start of a ticket purchase rather than by the end of the sale. the other being dropped would have forced airlines to disclose how much money they make through fees for extra services including leg room.
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...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla... ...reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper... ...respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take... ...and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. finally tonight here, our persons of the week. the heroes still hard at work tonight. >> they are the brave men and women on the frontlines. christmas nearing and they're trying to save it for so many. first responders working for days around the clock. >> we're in the evening hours and this is what teams
5:56 pm
throughout ventura county have to do really every night for multiple nights in a row as they come to the properties they sense there are flare-ups or embers burning and they check this out and discovered they had an issue. with the santa ana winds overnight that's the concern, the wind gusts will carry these embers into a property a mile or two from here. kren -- ventura county fire captain and his team. is this what you have had to do for several nights? >> yeah. our number one concern is taking care of the citizens. making sure we don't have any flare-ups from the santa ana winds. >> all you need is one flare-up and have those embers travel with the winds right? >> especially with the wind. yep. >> reporter: the community turning to its firefighters. hailey and hanna thompson, their home is okay. and they had that delivered for the firefighters. >> thank you very much. >> we brought ham and cheese, turkey and cheese. >> ham and cheese, turkey and cheese. >> and we have peanut butter and jelly. but they're gone. >> so peanut butter and jelly was really popular? >> yeah. >> these guys appreciate it.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the girls putting a smile on their faces. the firefighters helping every member of the family rescuing the family pet. one of thousands of first responders across southern california tonight risking their lives to save so many others. and so we choose the firefighters and first responders working tirelessly to save lives and homes. thank you for watching here on a friday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you on monday. good night. friday looks like tuesday in oakland. a citywide strike has gone on for four days and endsing is going to take help from a higher level. >> the fire was coming right at us. you could feel the heat from the fire. >> it is a fierce fire fight in southern california. and in some places there is
5:58 pm
significant progress to report tonight. when shopping this holiday season, i have a warning. i'm michael finney. that perfect deal may come with some hid an costs. details coming up on 7 on your side. i'm a product of oakland. i should be able to live in oakland and i work in oakland, live in oakland. >> we cannot compromise or fiscal stability. >> we're on day four and there is no end in sight to the citywide strike in oakland that could require intervention by the state to reach a resolution. i'm kristen zse. >> and i'm dan ashley. good evening. the strike shut down libraries, senior centers and it also means no parking limits or meters. >> oakland noticed strikers walked into the street at broadway and 14th blocking traffic. >> leslie brinkley is live at
5:59 pm
seiu headquarters near jack london square with where negotiations go from here. >> reporter: union leaders and the bargaining team just stepped outside 30 minutes ago and they said they took a vote and the union is going to continue their strike and continue it indefinitely they said. it was just last night that both sides were still trading offers. today the mayor stepped in and formally declared an impasse which triggers the involvement of the state of california and the union was very unhappy about that. >> she only wants to hear blind acceptance. and i'm concerned that the mayor has mistaken bullying for leadership and stubbornness for resolve. >> so the strike will go into


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