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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 12, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PST

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a shark. the whole thing caught on camera. and billy kimmel's big debut. >> hi, i'm jimmy. this is billy. >> jimmy kimmel's precious baby boy making his first tv appearance. how he's doing after that second heart surgery and his father's passionate plea to all kids in need. such a precious moment as jimmy said, billy didn't cry, but he did. daddy sure did. quite emotional. >> just a great moment and we're glad that billy is doing so well. robin, as you like to say, take your mess and make it your message and jimmy has done that with what billy is going for, but he has a message for congress, and that's coming up. >> about that critical health insurance program which congress has not extended. we have a lot more on that but first that alabama senate race.
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election day here and voters choosing between roy moore battling multiple sexual misconduct allegations and the democrat doug jones. the outcome is anyone's guess. >> the stakes are so high for both parties and our team is of course, standing by, so let's first go to our chief national correspondent, tom llamas, for the latest. >> reporter: robin, good morning. in just a couple of hours roy moore is expected to ride up here on horseback like he does when he votes can cast a ballot for himself. the democrat in this race, doug jones, will be voting outside of birmingham this morning, in what many are calling the closest senate race in decades. that might be surprising to some including one of the candidates in this senate race is accused of molesting teenage girls. >> reporter: that mess, the alabama senate election and allegations of sexual misconduct >> reporter: overnight, roy moore emerging back on the campaign trail after five days away admitting what his staff wouldn't, that he left town the weekend before the election. >> i took approximately 2 1/2 days to take my wife out of this
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mess and to let her relax with her son at west point. >> reporter: that mess, the alabama senate election and allegations of sexual misconduct from eight women. two who say roy moore sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. moore has denied the accusations. >> any message to your accusers? >> yeah, tell the truth. >> reporter: moore popping up in a new interview days before alabama's election day, the candidate sitting down with a 12-year-old girl. the video organized and posted online by a pro-trump group. and the former alabama chief justice also appearing in his final rally with the president's one-time chief strategist, steve bannon. >> this is greater than judge moore, right? it's even greater than the people of alabama. >> reporter: bannon savaging republicans for not backing moore including ivanka trump who said she believed the accusers. and that there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. >> there's a special place in
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hell for republicans who should know better. >> reporter: at the rally supporters telling me they simply don't believe the accusations. do you think eight women came together and had a conspiracy and all of them are lying? >> yes. i do. >> why? >> because they wanted to bring down roy moore. >> reporter: all eight stand by their stories. moore's wife also taking the stage and drawing attention with this statement. >> fake news will tell you we don't care for jews, so i just want to set the record straight while they're here. one of our attorneys is a jew. >> reporter: kayla moore went on to say they also have friends who are jewish. meanwhile, just outside of birmingham, democrat doug jones, rallying supporters with the help of nba legend and alabama native, charles barkley. sir charles going after roy moore. >> at some point we got to stop looking like idiots to the
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nation. he's playing to that base, the same people have been holding us back for many years. >> reporter: jones telling voters to put decency and alabama before political parties. >> we say no more to discriminating against those that are the least fortunate among us. it's just time, folks, that we say no more. >> reporter: so all eyes on alabama today and tonight when polls close at 7:00 p.m. central. a democrat has not won a senate seat here in nearly 25 years. the last time, 1992. george. >> senator richard shelby. we'll bring in cecilia vega, also our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce, of course, on capitol hill. cecilia, let me start with you. they will be watching this at the white house tonight. the white house started out at arm's length from roy moore but the president went all in so he's got a lot at stake. >> reporter: we watched in realtime a real evolution here, george, you remember the president initially backed roy moore's primary opponent then when the allegations roy broke, it was days for the president,
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he ignored questions, would not go there. then finally that tacit endorsement. now he is all in and recorded that robocall. we heard the roy moore campaign say, a vote against roy moore is a vote against donald trump. this is going to be a real referendum on this white house. >> it sure is. meanwhile, mary, republicans in the senate much more ambivalent and some said there has to be an ethics investigation for moore if he wins tonight. that could take months or years. >> reporter: george, in many ways, republicans here on the hill are in a bit of a lose/lose situation. if he wins he's probably going to meet a lengthy ethics investigation that is a secretive process that could lead to anything from a reprimand to expulsion. in the meantime, talk about awkward, while republican voters in alabama may back moore, most republicans do not support him. a moore victory could further divide the gop. every republican on the hill and out on the campaign trail will be asked where they stand on this issue, even some
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republicans admit a moore victory would be a gift to democrats, george. >> but, mary, if democrat doug jones wins he's not likely to be in place before the tax bill is done. >> reporter: while that tax fight isn't likely to immediately be impacted here, a jones victory obviously isn't good for republicans either. they have just a slim two-vote majority in the senate if they lose this key seat, it could put their agenda in real peril. george? >> cecilia, let me bring this back to you. this is putting new focus on the president's accusers, a lot of back and forth at the white house briefing, and you have some senators calling on the president to resign or be investigated. >> reporter: yeah, three of those accusers came forward again yesterday. people who came forward during the campaign calling for congress to investigate. the white house is walking an impossible line on this one, george. the president and endorsing an accused child molester. they don't want to answer questions about his own accusers. the default answer, they're all liars. >> thanks very much. michael? now to that attempted terror attack here in new york city. we have new images of the
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suspect who told officials he was inspired by isis to set off that pipe bomb and one of the busiest subway stations in manhattan. abc's gio benitez is at that station now, and gio, as suspected, security is on high alert this morning. >> reporter: that's right, michael. good morning to you. this is -- a quarter of a million people come through here every single day. i want to show you this right now because they just re-opened it. this is that tunnel where that pipe bomb was detonated. you can see all of those commuters coming through here. that's exactly how it would have been monday morning. this morning, surveillance video capturing the moment a homemade pipe bomb exploded in the subway tunnel. watch here. police say this man has the bomb strapped to his body, surrounded by unsuspecting commuters, then suddenly an explosion, a cloud of smoke and leaving the suspect on the ground only partially detonated. it was 7:20 a.m., the middle of rush hour.
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>> this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. >> reporter: moments after the blast, these four port authority police officers rushed towards the scene finding an injured male on the ground. wires coming out of his clothes and reaching for a cell phone. >> he intentionally detonated that device. >> reporter: now this morning, police officially arresting and charging 27-year-old akayed ullah with terror-related charges. they said he intentionally set off the device. and this morning, we know more about what was inside that bomb. law enforcement sources telling abc news it was built from a 12-inch pipe with black po powder and a 9-volt battery that came from a christmas light. >> it was affixed to his person with a combination of velcro and zip ties. >> reporter: witnesses describe the sudden bang and smoke. >> police were all behind him saying, everybody out of the building! >> reporter: five people hurt describe injuries from headaches
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to ringing in the ears, but none life-threatening. in fact, all have been treated and released. and back out here live underground at port authority. i want to show you this image right now. last night, one world trade center was lit up red, white and blue after this attack. we can't say this enough. all the injured have been released from the hospital, and no one was killed here, michael. >> what is the feeling in the subway this morning? we're looking behind you. it looks like business as usual. >> reporter: listen, michael. you know new yorkers. it is fast-paced down here. lots of energy, and that really just means as you said, business as usual. >> thank you, gio. everybody getting back on track and going back to work. >> as they for more on the bomber and what may have inspired this attack, let's go to our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, in washington. good morning, pierre.
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>> reporter: robin, good morning. there is real concern about the potential for copycats and more lone wolf radicals as we approach the heart of the holiday season. the attempted attack was a nightmare scenario. a would-be suicide bomber on mass transit. a suspect with no criminal background and not on the government's terrorism radar. this morning, the fbi and the nypd desperate to find out how akayed ullah ended up here sprawled on the ground severely injured after trying to kill himself and everyone around him in a terror attack. authorities trying to answer how a 27-year-old who had been living a quiet life in the u.s. for roughly seven years after immigrating from bangladesh became an isis-inspired potential killer. authorities say the one-time limo driver had been secretly assembling the bomb in his apartment after learning how to put together one online. his neighbors apparently, completely unaware. but several describing his demeanor as cocky. >> ridiculous. you never know who your neighbors are. you just got to be careful. >> reporter: sources tell abc news ullah had no known ties to terror but investigators say he carried out his attack in the
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name of isis and read al qaeda propaganda online. at this point no evidence that those groups supplied direct training or financing for the attempted attack. >> we are now seeing an increased number of attacks, committed by people who are inspired by what they see online, who self-connect with a terrorist ideology, but operate separate or independent. >> reporter: ullah's apparently been talking. sources telling abc news he said he was angry about the plight of muslims making references to gaza, syria and iraq. >> the internet, wolf, is the bridge across the ocean. and i think that's what we're seeing more and more. >> reporter: the fbi currently has roughly 1,000 isis-related terror investigations ongoing in all 50 states. many of the cases involve suspects with no direct ties to isis other than being radicalized online and this young man appears to be the newest poster boy. sources saying the only reason he didn't kill anyone is his crude bomb malfunctioned. >> very thankful for that.
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so how is this affecting security heading into the holidays, pierre? >> reporter: these are tense times. law enforcement and intelligence officials are redoubling efforts and checking out all leads and i think in major cities like new york you'll see additional police at public events, shows of force to signal that authorities are ready for anything. >> that's right, thank you, pierre. thank you, robin, and now to those wildfires out west. the massive thomas fire, raging in california for over a week now, threatening homes but thankfully firefighters are starting to gain some ground and abc's matt gutman is in santa barbara county with more and good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. it's hard to imagine, but what you are seeing behind me is actually a good sign. this is a backfire actually lit by firefighters. what they're trying to do is black out this entire area to prevent the advance of that fire down to carpinteria below and all of this is to save the homes here. this morning, the thomas fire
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continuing its march towards carpinteria and montecito. on the ground, thousands of firefighters making a last stand to protect homes and from the sky, an enormous aerial assault. that is the fourth tanker we've seen in just a few minutes dropping that air retardant flying right over our head. and just a half mile from there, we met the claffey family. their cars packed. >> i've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: they are among tens of thousands ordered from their homes as the fire advances. >> a lot of farmers are being impacted and people don't realize this is all agricultural land. >> so it's not only your home is threatened, it's that your livelihood. >> our livelihood. >> reporter: little macy is the fifth generation of farmers to live here. in tow, her prized possessions. >> i brought all of my seals. >> reporter: the family fleeing the onslaught of the fire and noxious haze here for over a
7:14 am
week now. how much concern is there about the air quality? >> it's terrible. >> reporter: fires like these have been blowing smoke up in the air for several days and it's been settling down in the valley below. that has created a health risk with all the smoke in the air in three counties affecting tens of thousands of people which is why everywhere you go here you see people wearing these masks. they're even giving them out for free here in santa barbara county, michael. >> thank you, matt. >> amazing that is necessary. we move on to that powerful moment on jimmy kimmel last night. you saw him walk out with his little boy, billy, just off his second heart surgery last week and jimmy made a passionate plea to congress to pass health care for all children in need. take a look. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] hi, i'm jimmy. this is billy. i was out last week because this guy had heart surgery. but, look, he's fine, everybody. he may have pooped but he's fine. daddy cries on tv but billy doesn't. it's unbelievable.
7:15 am
and we also want to thank the very bright and talented doctors and nurses at children's hospital for -- who treated billy and not just billy, many kids with so much caring and compassion, children from every income level whose health is especially threatened right now because of the something you have probably never heard of. it's called c.h.i.p. it's the children's health insurance program. it covers around -- it covers around 9 million american kids whose parents make too much money to qualify for medicaid but don't have access to coverage, affordable coverage through their jobs which means it almost certainly covers children you know. so once again i'm asking you, billy is asking you to make two phone calls. you you should make, jam the house and senate phones. tonight, tomorrow, as long as it takes. and tell them to take a break from tax cuts for a minute and fully fund c.h.i.p. immediately. guillermo, want to take billy? >> yes, sir. >> it's starting to get -- and change him too while you're at
7:16 am
it. and remember, no, don't get him under the arms. remember, back to front, okay? >> okay. >> all right. thank you. all right. there you go. like two babies. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, this children's health insurance program has never ever been controversial. bipartisan passed by republicans and democrats year after year after year but it's gotten held up by all these controversies in congress now so it's actually important to have those phone calls made. >> jimmy and molly have faced criticism for being so outspoken but they said if they can save one child's life, it is totally worth it. >> absolutely. >> and this program does it. >> it does. to rob with the snow and cold moving into the northeast. >> good morning, guys. here it comes, the first signs of it, rush out to target and get your supplies. hurry up. out of kalamazoo, michigan. lake enhanced there, but outside of chicago, an inch or two of snow as the leading edge of this cold air begins to drift to the south and freeze watches into florida in anticipation of this cold air and winter storm warnings out ahead of the system with
7:17 am
significant snow expected across northern new york and northern new england. could see six to ten inches, especially in the mountains. wind chills this afternoon. this is as warm as it's going to feel today. 2 degrees in chicago. it will feel like minus 3 at windchills now brought to you by burgton good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from "abc7 mornings." grab the sunglasses, a brighter day but s sll a spapapapapapare alert, no wood burning through midnight. clear tonight, just as chillry as this morning, and one model hinting at rain next weweweweek. 76 in santa cruz, 71 in ukiah.
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the rest of us 64 to 69. 37 in palo alto. coming up here on "gma," sexual misconduct allegations rock the nfl network. three analysts suspended. plus, there is new fallout for celebrity chef mario batali. four women have come forward with accusations. he's got an apology. and backlash is growing. remember the video that has been passed around. keaton, the bullied young boy seen by millions. new questions about his mother's social media post. she's responding here on "gma." come on back. e's responding here on "gma." come on back.
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hi, there. i'm natasha zouves. san francisco mayor ed lee passed away at just 65 years old this morning. he had a massive heart attack. the flag at city hall has been lowered to half stack. he became mayor in 2011. lee was the city's first asian-american mayor. supervisor london reed is now acting mayor. let's get a check of traffic with sue hall. >> the richmond san rafael bridge where things are definitely improving. earlier accident about an hour ago, two separate ones, in fact. those are cleared out. a backup on west 580 stacked up to the 80 interchange westbound about an hour drive. let's look at 37, your alternate, not too bad, just where those two lanes merge to
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it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning. let's see who's waking up to frost this morning. san ramon, 31. right now 28 in fairfield and santa rosa, 30 in noech, napa 32. ukiah 29. we're close in livermore, 33. san francisco, 48. half moon bay, 57. 39 in san jose. 40 in oakland. no worries. everybody's green, whether you're taking a ferry, mass transit, or on the roads for your commute planner. my accuweather seven-day forecast, get used to these mid to upper 60s and sunshine. there's a slight chance of rain next wednesday, natasha. >> good to know. thank you, mike. we'll have we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and continue to cover that breaking news of the passing of mayor ed lee.
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stay here. i'll go ahead. >> welcome back to "gma." "wonder woman," breaking records at the box office but a shocker this morning. the director of that movie, patty jenkins, was not nominated. in fact, no female directors were nominated for golden globes and that's getting a lot of reaction this morning from everyone, and she is not the only one people felt should have been nominated. >> greta gerwig, dee rees from "mudbound" and "lady bird" -- "wonder woman" had everything. it was huge. >> we're discussing that more, and we have more of that coming up. a lot of issues. >> yes, we do. also this morning voters are heading to the polls to cast their ballots in that heated alabama senate election deciding between republican roy moore who you know is facing multiple sexual misconduct allegations and democrat doug jones. the high-stakes race for both parties to replace attorney general jeff sessions seat.
7:30 am
take a look at this video. it's an uninvited guest to a couple's honeymoon. they were swimming in the caribbean. the shark appeared out of nowhere attacking the new bride, biting her on the arm. the whole thing was caught on a gopro camera. it was a close call, but thankfully she is okay. >> honeymoon, skydiving and shark diving don't work. >> stay away from that. we'll begin with new fallout from the me too movement. superstar chef mario batali, you see him right there, stepping away from his restaurant empire and tv show after allegations of sexual misconduct and now the nfl net suspended three analysts and diane macedo has more. >> the now bombshell lawsuit, jami cantor claims she experienced sexual harassment from seven of her then- colleagues. the list includes several former nfl greats including current
7:31 am
analyst marshall faulk, ike taylor and heath evans, as well as former on-air talent davis, donavovan mcnabb and sapp, and contain texts and unwanted touching. she said she is holding the entire network responsible. the supervisors knew about it. the supervisors observed it. the nfl released a statement saying marshall faulk, ike taylor and heath evans have been suspended from their duties. they are all involved in pending investigation. abc news did reach out to each person named in the lawsuit but we have not received any responses from them yet. >> meanwhile, mario batali facing accusations from four women. >> we have heard from batali. he is stepping away and apologizing this morning saying, while the accusations are anonymous, they do match up with his behavior in the past. >> reporter: he's a world renowned chef and restauranteur appearing on the foot network and daytime co-host of abc's "the chew."
7:32 am
>> the simple dish. >> reporter: but now mario batali, husband and father of two is stepping away from his restaurant empire following sexual misconduct allegations from four unnamed women detailed in this report by eater, new york. >> when the harvey weinstein allegations first came out people starting coming to us with tips about various chefs throughout the restaurant industry and batali was one of those. >> reporter: all four women accusing batali of touching them inappropriately, and details accounts of grabbing and groping and in some instances multiple times and three worked for him in some capacity. just this past october, eater reports an employee filed the first report against batali. batali said while he did not know the identities of the women in the report, quote, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways i have acted. that behavior was wrong and there are no excuses. i take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain, humiliation or discomfort i have caused to my peers, employees,
7:33 am
customers, friends and family. batali and the hospitality group is the company that oversees more than two dozen restaurants and where batali has at least partial ownership had this to say. mr. batali and we have agreed he will step away from the company's operations including the restaurants and has already done so. >> it is so delicious. >> wow. >> reporter: on abc's "the chew" he was absent from monday's previously recorded show and abc released a statement saying they have asked batali to step away from the show while they review the allegations adding, while we are unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with the show we will swiftly address any alleged violations of our standards of conduct. according to eater, within certain circles of the restaurant world, batali was known to have a crude reputation. >> many people spoke with us who didn't have allegations of physical touching but did speak to a general culture of abuse. >> reporter: it's not clear how long batali's leave of absence
7:34 am
will be, but he did say he has work to do to try to regain the trust of those he has hurt and disappointed. >> pretty comprehensive statement from him. meantime, it's stirred up a lot of reaction in the food industry. >> it has. some are trying to reconcile the person they love with these accusations, but two of television's top chefs have commented on twitter. anthony bourdain says, it's batali and bad and tom collicchio says no one should be surprised. pretty damning. >> thanks very much, diane. now to keaton jones, a young boy whose tearful video has been viewed by millions. it sparked a movement. athletes, celebrities, many rushing to his side but this morning there are new questions about online posts reportedly made by keaton's mother. now she's responding. abc's t.j. holmes is here with more on that. hey, t.j. >> good morning to you, robin. we know millions of people were heartbroken at that image, this young boy crying and talking about being bullied. well, yesterday, another image of him started to emerge.
7:35 am
a picture of him posing alongside a confederate flag. his mother admits she posted that picture of him and the family with the flag, but now she is trying to explain herself to a lot of people who aren't feeling so good about what was supposed to be a feel-good story. >> i did not imagine for any of this to happen. >> reporter: he's the brave boy from that heartbreaking video seen by more than 20 million people. >> why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? >> reporter: earning him invitations from a list of celebrities and a slew of famous friends. >> this kid is all time. he is a legend. go check him out. his name is keaton. >> reporter: but this morning, controversy is clouding keaton's message after alleged social media posts some believe are from his mother, kimberly jones, caused a swift backlash from those who quickly jumped online defended him. >> we're not racist. people that know us know that.
7:36 am
>> reporter: the tennessee mother's facebook account, which originally posted the bullying video is now private. jones told abc news the photo of her family posing with the confederate flag is real but says it's not racist in any way. >> it was meant to be ironic and funny and extreme. i am genuinely truly sorry. if i could take it back, i would. >> reporter: despite jones' photos and alleged writing coming to light, many people online are still choosing to stand with keaton saying they can separate the 11-year-old from his mother's reported actions. one tweeting, we cannot hold kids accountable for the actions of their parents and family. though disheartening we were all moved by the effects of bullying and to end it. let's continue to focus on that. >> they want to hate me, i mean, and whatever, that's fine, but -- but still talk to your kids. talk to your kids, because this is -- this is an epidemic. >> reporter: but at the center of it all, just one sixth grader who wanted to share his message against bullying.
7:37 am
>> don't let it go to the point that it did for me. you have friends. stand up for people that are being bullied. if you see it, don't just watch it happen. all right. the school confirms there was an incident -- a bullying incident at the school. they won't give us the details of it. but they say it's not as rampant as you might think based on the video. so that is the school's response. the mother, again, her defense, she says, hey, we're in the south, there are confederate flags all over the place. that was something that was taken for a friend and it wasn't meant the way people are taking it, but it sets up a moral dilemma, guys. does it disqualify him from our sympathy if you believe the worst about the mother? then you question what he was doing at the school. now this feel-good story has been tainted. >> so eager to feel completely good about it but she stood up and answered those questions. >> she got out in front of it because it sounds like she is
7:38 am
sincere not trying to take away from what was an organic message of bullying that spread and everyone could feel good about it. >> thank you, t.j. everybody at home, coming up, in the wake of that new york terror attack, the new high tech tools that can help target terrorists at bus and train stations. we'll be right back. when kids get really excited that's the best reaction. i know things about great white sharks! what's great about paint 3d, it's exciting to a shark come to
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back now with a look inside the security lab of the future.
7:42 am
and in the wake of that subway terror attack in new york, new high-tech gadgets are being developed to protect bus and train stations. abc's david kerley is at union station in washington, d.c. with more this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. a lot of us wonder why do you have to stand in line to go through a tsa checkpoint at the airport, but there bus and train stations, you can just walk right in? they're in the middle of research looking tore technology to make spots like this safer. homeland security is working on some high-tech gadgets to spot terror before it happens. some may come out of this secure research lab near washington which we got exclusive access to. who would have thought pictures from wi-fi. >> exactly. >> but it works. >> yes. >> reporter: the idea that panels like this could be mounted in stations. you might not even notice them but those radio waves could highlight metal or liquid objects. >> it is taking advantage of
7:43 am
signals that are very low to give us independenticators of w have in your bag, what you may be carrying under your jacket. things like that. >> reporter: this technology may be three to five years away but changes too for transit police across the country use in philly. >> what we have is a link to over 28,000 cameras. >> reporter: those cameras and video could take a sci-fi leap forward. dhs is working on a computer program monitoring all those video feeds to determine if a bag has been left unattended in a station. the computer will figure that out. >> yes, we want to make sure that we give these operators the information surrounding the circumstances of that bag being there. >> reporter: those operators then can rewind the tape to see who left the bag, even highlight the person and then search other cameras to find out where that person went. that video system is being tested at the metro in
7:44 am
washington, d.c. and could spread throughout the country if it is working correctly. another tool to target the terrorist, guys, who still see these train stations and bus stations as potential targets. michael. >> thank you, david and technology is pretty incredible. >> that could be powerful. coming up, the "stranger things" people can't stop watching. what's the most binge-watched show on netflix? we'll tell you next. netflix? we'll tell you next. ings into j. jewelry that tells her she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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7:48 am
here we are with our big here we are with our big board. most binge-watched shows on netflix just revealed. >> the streaming service has released its year-end review and nick watt has all the details about what americans just can't stop watching. hey, nick. >> reporter: good morning, michael. globally we are watching 140 million hours of netflix every single day. nearly a billion hours a week. average person watching 60 movies on there every year. >> whoo. that many? >> i can't believe that. >> what's the most popular, nick? >> reporter: well, two categories, number one most binged is the true crime satire "american vandal." most savored is "the crown." we watch it more lee suisurely, watch it a lot. uh, my least favorite. >> and netflix are not shy, though, about some of the unusual viewing habits of their viewers and they also kind of poke fun at themselves. >> listen, this is all good
7:49 am
publicity for them, and they are actually borderline trolling some viewers on twitter with this. they say, to the 53 people who watched "a christmas prince" every day for the past 18 days, who hurt you? also, someone watched "pirates of the caribbean" every single day over the year. if i had to do that it would be "love actually." i would watch it twice a day. you guys, favorites? >> "love and basketball." >> mine would be "gladiator." that's such a man answer. >> who was in "love and basketball"? >> i don't remember. >> we'll be right back. hanukkah starts tonight. (giggling) hey google, add coffee from walmart to my cart. google voice: your order history has great value french roast coffee pods from walmart. add to cart? both: yes! ♪ anything you want add laundry detergent from walmart to my cart. ♪ anything you need add paper towels. add a baking pan.
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7:53 am
hanukkah starts tonight. christmas less than two weeks away. here's your outlook for late next week into the holiday. warmer than average across parts of the northwest. that continues. cooler than average. maybe snow across the northeast. saw some in rochester yesterday.
7:54 am
i'm natasha zouves, and that breaking news, san francisco mayor ed lee has died at the age
7:55 am
of 65. former mayor willy brown told abc7 news he had a heart attack. lee became the mayor of san francisco in 2011 when gavin newsom left to become california's lieutenant governor. reelected later that year and again in 2015. let's turn to meteorologist mike nicco with a check of weather. >> some good news here. this is a spare-the-air day, but our air is good to moderate right now. getting the kids redy for school, we're in the 40s and 50s now. more mid to upper 60s in my accuweather seven-day forecast. still a problem with the richmond san rafael bridge. a lot earlier accidents cleared from after the toll plaza but the backup remains to the 580/80 junction and the metering lights on at the bay bridge, highway 4, hercules into the city, an hour and 20 minutes. quite the grind. we'll have we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and continue to track that breaking news on our news app and
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. polls open in alabama. votes cast in that nail-biting race for the senate seat. roy moore and doug jones, their final push overnight. live in alabama. golden globes backlash as hollywood struggles with sexism and inclusion, why were leading women directors shut out of the first major awards race of the season? the "wonder woman" to "lady bird," a landmark year for women behind the camera. retail revolution. how you could save big just by shopping on your instagram feed breaking down how to find the best bargains right there on your phone. medical mystery. little benny was a healthy baby boy for the first six months. how his parents noticed something was wrong and their frantic search for a diagnosis. this morning their race against time to save both their kids. and find a cure. ♪ and get ready for brett eldridge, live in times square
8:00 am
this tuesday morning. and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. >> i see what you did there. >> i went deep because i thought he would give me a background singing role upstairs. >> there's always time for that? always. well, we are glad to have you on this tuesday and tonight, of course, marks the first night of hanukkah. >> yeah. >> happy hanukkah, everybody. we know it is a bad flu season and now there's new research out. is there really such a thing as the man flu. >> the researcher was a man for this, okay. so man flu. you guys are a little baby when -- >> i've been around people when they've gotten sick. maybe i'm the flu. >> there is new research that we'll reveal later. >> a lot of news to get to. polls have just opened in
8:01 am
alabama where roy moore, of course, has been accused of sexual misconduct facing democrat doug jones for the u.s. senate race, a close race and it could be anyone's and tom llamas is at the polling place where moore will cast his vote. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. this race so important, not only for the state of alabama lew also to president trump and republicans in the senate. at some point soon we're expecting roy moore to vote at this polling location and doug jones will vote outside of birmingham. overnight moore hosting his last rally in a barn. the republican is hoping to take the state's rural counties battling accusations he sexually assaulted teenage girls. he denied it but it was enough for many prominent republicans to abandon him including ivanka trump saying she believed the accusers and there is a special place in hell for those who prey on children. steve bannon rallied with more. remember he's the president's former chief strategist and went after republicans like ivanka
8:02 am
trump who spoke out about more. >> there is a special place in hell -- [ applause ] >> -- for republicans who should know better. >> reporter: they hope those come out and turn out in his favor. this morning we are learning more about the bomber so let's go back to gio benitez who is on the scene at the port authority. good morning, again, gio. >> reporter: hey, there, good morning again. you can see how busy it is down here. all of these commuters going back and forth going right through the tunnel where just 24 hours ago that pipe bomb was detonated. i want to show you this image, the suspect, 27-year-old akayed ullah on a stretcher. police say he intentionally set off the homemade device and said he was inspired by isis propaganda and have this video
8:03 am
showing him walking through the tunnel. the explosion bringing smoke and confusion as people make a run for it and thank goodness they did because incredibly just five people were hurt and they were already treated and released from the hospital. robin. >> oh, goodness. hope everybody makes a full, full recovery. thank you, gio. >> now, we are going to switch gears and everyone remembers the ultimate christmas villain, the grinch. we have two real-life grinches who made off with this handmade grinch in riverside, california. they were caught on the owner's surveillance video stealing this grinch. there they are putting them in the car, taking off. the owners are begging them to return the handmade grinch in time for christmas. who wants to steal something for christmas? >> what are you going to do with it? >> everything anti-christmas right there. >> any other time of the year but not at christmas. coming up, backlash growing over the golden globe nominees. no woman director got a nod.
8:04 am
it's a retail revolution. how you can use social media to score big holiday shopping deals. just 13 days till christmas. lara, what is going on upstairs. who is ready for some country? this guy is. brett eldridge in the house, great audience. come on upstair, you guys. good morning, america. just getting started. ready? now reserve a car online and carmax will hold it for you up to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same. and get $10 kohl's cash wefor every $50 spent!
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[storyteller 10] i don't care what anybody says- you put a meal in front of somebody, they're happy. for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa. ♪ ♪ it feels good ♪ it feels good ♪ it feels good >> back here on "gma," it is wonderful to have you here in the studio with us.
8:09 am
thank you. [ applause ] and lara spence weather a little pop news. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, right back at you. good morning, boys and good morning, everybody. we have new details on season two of "big little lies." yes. [ applause ] very excited. you guys excited about it? just thought it was so good. first of all it is happening. reese witherspoon and nicole kidman will executive produce and star but always a question of what the story would be since the show ended the same way as the original book. well, now we know there will be seven new episodes based on a new novella written by her and adapted by david e. kelly. the cast is still in negotiations. most expected to return including laura dern who will be here later this week so we can ask her about that.
8:10 am
[ applause ] and hbo says there will be new characters causing, quote, mayhem. reese witherspoon says the new season will let them delve deeper into intriguing and intricate, her words, families. couldn't agree pore. the new season premieres sometime in 2019. yes. >> they're going to stick with their characters. >> yes. >> but add new characters. >> adding new characters to come into town and make mischief. some characters will maybe not be back and some, they were killed off as we all know. no spoiler alert. also in "pop news" this morning, baby news from two friends of the show. "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson and robert herjavec are having a baby. [ cheers and applause ] check this out. you guys. kym posted this ultrasound announcing it's a thumb's up thanks to a very expressive little guy or gal.
8:11 am
it'll be kym's first child. robert has three kids from a previous marriage. the couple fell in love and watched it happen when they were matched up as celebrity and pro on "dancing with the stars" back in 2015 and they were married last year. we're so happy for you guys. [ applause ] of course, it'll be an athletic little guy or gal. finally as you guys alluded to upstair, robin, you were correct, it was a male researcher. what men might not be completely overreacting when they get sick. a groundbreaking new study said when men get the flu, or a cold, their symptoms, ah. earmuffs, their symptoms are, in fact, worse than when women get it. >> thank you. yeah, whoo! [ applause ] whoo. >> i mean, guys are ridiculous. the man flu is real. a canadian researcher said that
8:12 am
men do, in fact, appear to experience worse and longer symptoms because of testosterone that hurts the immune response. >> hey, as they say in church, preach! >> the study also concludes it could be an evolutionary defense mechanism forcing men to stay indoors while sick. [ laughter ] and out of the way of potential predators. [ laughter ] it's kind of funny because like robin, you and i, when we get the flu we managed to still get it done, people. >> i don't know. i don't know. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, i have two thing, first is i want to say how many say, honey, i'm sick and they say really? that happen to you and the reason we stay indoors and can't do as much is because men are not as strong as women. we realize that. >> ah. >> you can do it all. we can't. >> ah. well done. well done.
8:13 am
[ applause ] >> i did fall for it. >> ooh. >> wait. i can't see you. >> i had an itch. >> no, that is true. we just are not as strong as women. >> i have a message for ali, what michael said. [ laughter ] >> smart man, george. >> all right. >> thank you, lara. good way to end. we move on to our closer look. this morning there is a growing backlash over the golden globe nominations. not one woman even though several directed critical and box office hits. chris connelly covering it all and would not be an awards season without some controversy. >> reporter: that's true. being seen as a tone deaf moment. here is the me too movement chronicling ways in which women have been demeaned and belittled in the entertainment stress for so long and yet in a landmark year for women directors. and "lady bird," "wonder woman,"
8:14 am
zero directing nominations. >> the most challenging thing that i did in this entire movie was tone. a fantasy world to a period piece to a historical war context which was surprising reality with a little bit of pop. >> reporter: patty jenkins for "wonder woman." sofia coppola and kathryn bigelow and dee rees. >> because they're uniquely suited to tell a particular story. >> reporter: angelina jolie for "first they killed my father" and greta gerwig, women who began this week with a big no. after the golden globe nominations were announced, consternation that the 90 or so voters picked an all male quintet. not a single woman nominated for best director tweeted amber
8:15 am
tamblyn. not a good look. where is patty jenkins? where is dee rees? where is greta gerwig asked melissa silverstein of the organization women in hollywood. call for inclusiveness in its behind the camera nominees is a new challenge for the globes which as a tv broadcast is as much a cocktail party featuring hollywood's elite as it is an awards show. in the wake of christopher nolan, steven spielberg, del toro, martin mcdonagh and ridley scott, the absence of jordan peele of "get out" sparked criticism online. now it figures to change while the globes are chosen by foreign journal ifs based in california wednesday s.a.g. award nominee, their choices often carrying added meaning for those selected. but in a post oscars so white
8:16 am
environment those are likely to be scrutinized just as closely. many different movies remain in the mix and after the savanna nominations we'll see how the directors guild and producers guild react to this transformative time in hollywood history. >> wiese's see. not just a transformative time, deserving. "wonder woman" was huge at the box office. can't underestimate that and it had a little bit of everything, something for everyone, chris, in that movie. >> yeah, that's well noted. i mean, obviously sometimes awards -- sometimes big box office is seen as being its own reward but "wonder woman" not just a big box office movie but a zeitgeist movie for its time and you have to shake your head over that. >> thank you, chris. michael. >> all right, thank you, robin. now to that retail revolution. less than two weeks till christmas and becky worley is here with the secret to scoring hollywood deals just by
8:17 am
scrolling through your social media. pretty amazing you could do that, becky, because records are being set, 47% of online shopping has been done through social media over thanksgiving. where is that coming from gentleman. >> on our phones is what is so crazy. our phones are where we are shopping these days. that 47% stat and then 75% of millennials saying they are shopping on their phones. >> a lot of people shopping through apps. >> right. >> why are people going through apps to shop. >> through those social apps because look how cute that hat is. don't you want that jacket for somebody. get that for them and those shoe, i mean rose gold. i love rose gold because the reality is you're going through all these instagram posts and see stuff. discovery is the hard part when you're shopping on your phone. so the nice thing you're already following people so you love their taste. like i love ayesha curry. everything she touches is gold. i want to buy practically everything she is wearing and
8:18 am
sometimes has sponsored posts but in these posts it's hard to know like do i click on that hashtag or those other accounts. >> how do i find it? >> so now instagram is testing a shop right in the app itself. you see that down on these super cute pants with the rose goal and know what i like so i see that shop now tag, i click on that and it pulls it up right here and there's even a sale on there trying to get me to buy in my instagram feed. >> to make it easy for you. >> they are, they are, and they really want those discounts to be a huge part of this. >> but there's so many times i get a pop-up and it's kind of specific to the things i like and look at. am i special or does everyone get that? >> oh. [ applause ] you don't ever have to ask. you are so special. >> i'm special. >> but the point is that they are targeting these ads for you. they want to make you feel special like me hugging on you. you know, it's that they want
8:19 am
you to be a converted instagram buyer, so what they're doing, they know who you follow, what you do. they're also tracking you on different apps and websites and then they're putting those in your feed, instagram and facebook telling us they're doing that, some people think it's creepy. some people call the a feature, but, yes, you are special. >> thank you. [ applause ] i tell you. they got me, i bought some things off these apps. thank you very much. now to rob. >> michael, i don't mind those at all. i like to say embrace the snow, embrace the season, time for your "gma" moment. this is sofia at the loveland ski area ripping. shredding, ripping those rails. hulking her carcass, dude. how about that for 9 years old. 60 inches up at the higher elevations and can use more for people like sofia probably on her way to the
8:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from "abc7 mornings." grab the sunglasses, a brighter day but still a spare-the-air alert, no wood burning through midnight. clear tonight, just as chillry as this morning, and one model hinting at rain next week. 76 in santa cruz, 71 in ukiah. the rest of us 64 to 69. 37 in palo alto. [ applause ] now we have a family's mission to save their children suffering from a rare genetic disorder known as canavan disease trying to raise money for others who are suffering from it like als. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: for the first six months of his life benny was a healthy baby boy but then a
8:21 am
noticeable change. >> he wasn't holding his head up right and wasn't sitting by himself which he should have started to do at that point. >> reporter: parents gary and jenny landsman seeing countless specialists over the next several months desperate for a diagnosis for their son. finally learning he had rare canavan disease. >> canavan's disease is a rare genetic disease that affects the ability of the brain to send and receive messages. >> clap, clap, clap. >> reporter: by the time the landsmans learned what was afflicting their son they had 2-week-old baby boy josh who also tested positive for the rare degenerative disease. how do you cope with that kind of news, that new reality. >> minute by minute. >> right. we are taking life day by day right now because when you think about the big picture it's -- i don't want to go on. i don't. and thinking about things day by day they're beautiful babies.
8:22 am
very happy baby, beautiful baby, josh at about 4 months is starting to smile and starting to become happier and they're fun. >> one more. >> reporter: symptoms of canavan disease begin developing in children 3 to 6 months old affecting their ability to sit, stand, walk or talk. most don't live beyond the age of 10. >> the geneticist said they're missing an enzyme. i said, okay, when can we start giving it to them. it seemed so simple. and she said, no, it's fatal and that was it, like the world ended. >> reporter: the landsmans are now in a race against time to find a cure for the disease taking matters into their own hands after typing a promising gene therapy in need of funding starting a go fund me page aimed at raising $1.2 million needed for research into the breakthrough treatment. >> there is reason to be hopeful. and that's why you've decided to raise money. >> accepting this fate was not
8:23 am
something we were comfortable doing. >> reporter: they hope the money they raise will get the treatment out of the lap and to patients in need. >> the treatments that can help canavan disease, those same streeps can help other neu neurodegenerative diseases like parkinson's and als and alzheimer's so it's really -- it can help so many people. >> reporter: the landsmans dealing of life with a cure. >> i hope one day we'll be able to put our schools on a school bus and send them off to school and not be able to wait till the end of the day till they come back home so we can hear about their day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> dr. ashton is here. we do not do enough on rare diseases like this. such a beautiful, beautiful family. what is their best hope? >> you know, when you hear stories like this and their bravery and courage, the next step is hope. in ned we always give patients and their families hope. when you talk about rare diseases like this and in
8:24 am
particular canavan disease, the real hope is gene therapy and been recent studies in the lab involving mice where that defective enzyme is treated and targeted with gene therapy and now the key is moving it to human trials. which is coming. so there's a lot of excitement about gene therapy, not just for this disease but for a lot of diseases. >> yeah. >> so intense area of research. >> one can lead to help with other diseases as linzie said. genetic testing, what do prospective parents need to know. >> history first in. the past we were able to only test for a couple of inherited genetic conditions. now you can test for hundreds of genetic mutations that then go on to cause anything from a common to a more rare condition. but i think you need to understand that a lot of times this is a very intense process with genetic counselors that is picked up sometimes based on
8:25 am
someone's ethnicity where certain genetic conditions run in certain ethnic group organization sometimes it's based on an affected family member. oftentimes we do it before the couple reproduces but in some cases like this it's in the process of reproducing. >> as you said get counseling because if you get a positive result -- >> there's a lot to do, really important. >> please discuss this more online. >> absolutely. >> all right. we'll be right back. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung, the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:27. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." that breaking news sha we've been following since early this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee has died after suffering a heart attack. he was 65 years old. lee became the city's mayor in 2011 and was its first asian-american mayor. now supervisor london breed takes over as acting mayor. we have an accident southbound 17 santa cruz mountains near camden or approaching there, blocking the slow lane back to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights still on. if you have cash, you can breeze through. fastrakers not so much with a one-hour drive if hercules into san francisco. red continues to be
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. our temperatures stretch from about 30 in santa rosa and up in ukiah to about 48 at half moon bay and san francisco. take a quick look at your commute planner, and it's all green today. get out there, no weather worries. my accuweather seven-day forecast, mid to upper 60s and dry through monday. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and you can always find us on our news app and
8:29 am
♪ thunder feel the thunder welcome back to "gma," everybody. we are so happy to have our amazing audience in here with us this morning. [ applause ] they're excited and we are extremely excited about our next guest. the megamovie star who downsized for his new film. please welcome the big man himself, matt damon. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, you bet. how are you? nice to see you. hi, robin. nice to see you. how are you doing? >> hey. >> what's up? how are you? >> man, i'm good. [ applause ] >> woop. woop. >> i'm sorry. i have no voice. i was yelling at my television last night. >> the patriots. >> i was watching thinking about you too. >> i know you were. >> of course. >> you said to me earlier in the
8:30 am
year, you know, we were talking off camera and i told you we were going all the way and you said, no, you're no the. [ laughter ] i still disagree. >> well, i wanted to dash your hopes too. we love it when you're here. it's the holiday season. you're a family man, wife, kids. holiday traditions in your house. >> you know, it's for us it's just about all being together. like that is the -- you know, everyone works hard and it's like just get everybody together at the end of the year is the most important. >> ah. >> i didn't say it for that reason. hold on. i really -- really mean it. that is what i look forward to the most. >> good. >> let's talk about the movie "downsizing" pretty inventive idea, get shrunk in order to help the environment and help people with tough economic times. >> the dumbest idea ever. [ laughter ] yeah, but if you can make that thought leap, right, and accept that one idea then the whole movie makes sense and it's a
8:31 am
satire obviously. not meant to be literal but it's -- you know, the movie -- i'm as proud as anything i've ever been a part of. >> let's show everybody. >> i see you've decided to join us. >> is this -- >> welcome to leisure land. can you tell me your name. >> it's paul. >> i bet you're hungry. >> oh, my god. >> isn't that cute? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> before he downsizes he packs away his prize possessions like his wedding band and wondered what would you pack away if you were going to do something like this? >> you know, i don't have -- there's not a lot of stuff -- i'd pack my kids away. [ laughter ] but material stuff, i mean, i
8:32 am
guess maybe my wedding band. i guess that's about it but, yeah, i'm -- i'm not attached to stuff. >> can we get another ah. >> this is going to be the most nauseating interview ever. [ laughter ] >> cut it out. cut it out. i'm curious would you rather be downsized. would you rather live on mars alone like a martian or would you rather be chased around the world like jason bourne? >> at least if i did the jason bourne thing at least i could travel. i think i'd do that, yeah, yeah. versus being downsized. the mars thing, that always felt kind of bleak like being alone like the existential. i think that would be probably the worst of the above, you know, just to be alone. >> definitely. >> that alone. >> you weren't alone in this one. you had a great cast with you and golden globe, one of your co-stars. >> hung chao. >> she's amazing. >> she was great.
8:33 am
she's great like honestly like one of the most kind of professionally exciting moments for me in the last five years was seeing her screen test and going, oh, my god. >> had you worked with alexander payne before. >> no, i had been chasing him for like 20 years. >> he's amazing. >> he's amazing. he never made a movie i didn't love and he directed "sideways" and "about smartphone -- schmidt." >> "ocean's eight." >> i do appear in the movie but this is the women's movie so, you know, it's a cameo and, in fact, somebody asked me yesterday said there's this text chain going around with all the women, you know. are you on it? and i said, no, i guess the boys aren't on the text message. did you guys used to do that and i said we didn't have texting.
8:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> what! >> we made that movie, you know, we made that movie a hundred years ago. >> pony express back then. >> exactly. we mailed each other letters. [ laughter ] >> but you know what, we love having you here, man. lucky to have you in your regular size, not downsize. >> still not as big as you, man. >> but i got to say -- [ applause ] >> listen, i'm just saying has anyone seen "magic mike xxl"? i'm just saying. >> you know what, i'll get you back for that one. don't you worry bit and good luck to your patriots. >> thank you. >> i didn't mean that. i really didn't. i didn't mean that. but, you know, "downsizing" hits theaters december 22nd. make sure you go out and check it out, matt damon, everybody. and coming up another big movie star, seth rogen is here live.
8:35 am
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. >> announcer: this morning, brett eldridge takes you into the morning red hot with a live performance you just can't miss. only on -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by carmax. ♪ it feels good >> look who is here. seth rogen. congratulations, you got a golden globe nominee. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> it's thrilling.
8:38 am
>> you weren't awake when the news came in, were you? >> i was awake. i wake up very early. i'm a productive member of society. [ laughter ] despite what it may appear. yeah, i have an alarm clock and everything. no one should have to sit in the same seat matt damon just sat in. it's horrible. he's older than me is what's shocking. i look 40 years older than matt damon. [ laughter ] absolutely horrifying. i was in high school when he was in movies and now i look like his uncle. [ laughter ] >> you were fantastic on "snl," though -- >> thank you. >> guest appearance to heckle your pal, james franco. he kept ribbing you he has hosted more. >> he has. >> four times. you only two. >> yeah, i've actually hosted three times but i reduced it once for comedic purposes. >> oh, you did. >> yeah, but, yeah, it's fun to go see your friends do -- it was fun. jonah was there and dave, james'
8:39 am
brother, yeah, it's surreal experience when you can be on live tv with your good friends, it's very bizarre. >> how do you think he did? >> he did great. it was kind of -- he kept laughing. he couldn't do it. he couldn't get through any of the sketches without ruining them but i think -- i think people like that. people seem to enjoy that. so he did a great job. he's amazing. >> how did you get through the movie without laughing because he stayed in character the entire time. >> yeah, it was weird. >> you had to warn people when they came on the set. >> i would. i did some very preliminary research. he is the only director in the history of film to direct a movie while in character as the lead actor of the movie as well. and there's probably like a really good reason that no one has ever done that. [ laughter ] because it's really confusing. it was really weird because in the movie he's directing a movie so there are scenes where he's playing a guy directing a as he's directing a movie staying in character as the guy
8:40 am
directing the movie. which is the most james franco thing you could ever do. >> he never broke? >> not one single time. >> i mean he would talk -- not really, no. he would use the voice but you could talk to him about james franco stuff like i heard -- it wasn't like i heard on that abraham lincoln movie you had to call daniel day-lewis mr. president and had to hide your cells because he'd be like what is this thing? you could use modern technology around him and we didn't have to pretend it was 1998 throughout the filming of the movie but it was bizarre. it was really strange. it made me laugh for the first three days straight. i could not have a conversation with him of the i was just like, man, what are you? >> your grandparents came to visit the set. they didn't get it. >> they didn't get it. there was a moment where -- my grandmother came and was talking to james for a few minutes then he left and she said where's
8:41 am
james? and i was going to tie to explain like he's in character but he's in prosthetic makeup directing the movie and i was like, he's not here today. so much easier to explain that, yes. [ applause ] >> but then i hear your wife who knows james pretty well, she came to the set. he was still in his whole tommy face. she didn't like it. >> she wouldn't go near him when he looked like tommy. he worked -- it's disturbing. it was weird and had a prosthetic and, yeah, it was -- it's very -- like if michael showed up in crazy makeup one day and like pretended nothing was wrong. like that was the weird earth part of it was like -- >> what makes you think he doesn't do that? >> it was really -- it was fun, though and created a very fun environment on set. there's a documentary on netflix will jim carrey acting psychotic while he was making the man on the moon movie. it wasn't like that but a
8:42 am
pleasant experience and additive to the experience rather that disruptive in any way. >> a great movie came out of it so let's show everybody. >> take 17. action. >> i hit her. >> no. >> do you want to change the line? >> rip the script. >> you're doing great, man. we'll get there. >> action. action. action. action. >> say it loud. i can't hear in here. say action so i can hear. >> okay. [ applause ] >> yeah, it's crazy. i mean it's about the making of what is known as the worst movie of all time which is a movie called "the room" not "room" with bring larson which is a great movie but "the room" known for being the worst movie ever made and if you watch it it is the worst movie ever made almost to the degree it becomes amazing
8:43 am
again which is fascinating about it. it's crazy. >> we understand that you're going to take a little bit of a turn and play one of the icons in our business, walter cronkite. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> love it. >> again, in one week i will just look like that. with no makeup required in any way, shape or form. yeah, david, who weirdly directed "pineapple express" with me, he also did "stronger" with jake gyllenhaal about the boston marathon, he does both things but he and i talked about making this movie which is a weird choice for both of us but exciting. >> you guys can see "disaster artist" in theaters now. seth, thanks for coming in today. >> why, thank you. [ applause ] >> all right, guys, check it out time for a holiday food drive update. we got a great group. our sponsor. audience contributing all morning long including the
8:44 am
amazing family from florida and also across the country, thanks, guys. people have been donating across mobile food banks in like de moi, iowa. check that out. we love you for for doing that. how much has been collected across the country? drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> 13,366. 13,367, 13,368. we want it to good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. your accuweather 12-hour day planner, any frost lingering at 9:00 should thaw quickly. look at the temperatures, low to mid-60s noon to 4:00. a coming up live on "gma," brett eldridge, a performance after this. stay tuned.
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you know my man will bring some fire. we had to bring these little ones in outside in the cold and came inside. we got country -- ah country star brett eldridge. self-titled album debuted at nudge one on billboard. now here to perform "the long way." great to have you here. take it away.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ don't think i've ever seen your kind of pretty ♪ ♪ wandering around this midnight mad house city ♪ ♪ you got a look that says you got it all together ♪ ♪ so if you don't mind i'd like to know you better ♪ ♪ take me the long way around your town ♪ ♪ were you the queen with the silver crown ♪ ♪ i want the secrets you keep, the shine underneath ♪ ♪ of the diamond i think i just found take me the long way around ♪ ♪ i'd love to see just where
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your daddy met your momma ♪ ♪ your hand-me-down '99 impala ♪ show me the field you danced in clover the harvest in october ♪ ♪ when the leaves fall from the sky just like a sunday drive ♪ ♪ take me the long way around your town were you the queen with the silver crown ♪ ♪ i want the secrets you keep the shine underneath of the diamond i think i just found ♪ ♪ take me the long way around ♪ didn't think tonight when i walked in i'd be falling for somewhere i've never been ♪
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♪ take me the long way around your town ♪ ♪ were you the queen with the silver crown ♪ ♪ i want your red blushing stories your faults and your glories ♪ ♪ that made you who you are right now ♪ ♪ take me the long way around yeah ♪ ♪ take me the long way around [ applause ]
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>> thank you. thank you. ♪ take me the long way around "gma's" concert series is presented by carmax. drive what's possible.
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look at that he's taking over times square. >> i love it. >> hey, thank you, brett. thank you, guys. everybody, have a wonderful, wonderful tuesday, everybody. appreciate it.
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good morning to you.
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it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." quick check of weather and traffic. >> hi, everybody. wanted to show you our zones and the current air quality because we are under a spare-the-air and right now we're moderate to good, better than being unhealthy, which we could be later today. temperatures mid to upper 60s, 76 in santa cruz, ukiah 71, mid to upper 60s and dry through monday in my accuweather seven-day forecast. several areas of red on the traffic map which means still some slow traffic. a couple of hotspots. we go to the peninsula, northbound 101, a left lane blocked with an accident there. a couple issue, b.a.r.t. a ten-minute delay. no other delays. time now for li"live with kelly and ryan." we will be back at 10:00 a.m. for special coverage about the passing of may
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