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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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preside president. >> crystal ball. >> i knew lisa simpson was. it's a very interest good morning, america. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, the walt disney company acquiring a huge part of 21st century fox. a massive move that could transform the entertainment industry. now owning movies and shows like "avatar" and "the simpsons." will "the x-men" join "the avengers"? bob iger standing by live this morning. one-two punch. snow from the midwest to the northeast creating a messy commute for millions this morning. these cars sliding off the road. and now another blast of arctic air moving in. windchills plunging. single digits across the northeast. overnight, harvey weinstein responding to those accusations from salma hayek.
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the actress calling him a monster in a powerful new essay saying he threatened her life and now the wave continues to grow. two top figures in the entertainment industry facing new sexual misconduct allegations. omarosa has to go. you're fired. >> abc news exclusive. omarosa out at the white house. multiple sources telling abc news the former "apprentice" star was fired, escorted off white house grounds. what really happened? she's here live telling her side of the story only on "gma." and good morning, america. boy, we have a lot of breaking news this thursday morning. and, michael, you've got that exclusive interview. we saw omarosa right there with president trump. there they are together. she is now out of the white house, and you have that coming up. >> yes, i do. can't wait to talk to her, see why she's leaving the white house and she's heard i'm fired
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thee times from president trump. did she hear it a fourth? >> we'll find out. first we'll begin with that breaking news. the blockbuster disney deal, the parent company of abc buying many of the assets of 21st century fox. creating an entertainment giant. abc's chief business and economics correspondent, rebecca jarvis, is here. give us the details. good morning, rebecca. >> this is a major deal. good morning, robin. yes, major deal for disney and 21st century fox as well as consumers. the new combined company will include fox's movie and tv studios and cable networks and together, the two companies will have 46 million subscribers around the world. >> reporter: this morning, a game-changing deal in the entertainment industry. the walt disney company which owns abc news and is home to family-friendly hits like "frozen." ♪ let it go >> reporter: "pirates of the
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caribbean." >> well, it's your lucky day. >> reporter: and "coco." >> i'm turning into a skeleton. >> cue the music. >> reporter: acquiring 21st century fox's movie and tv empire which includes edgier assets like fx, others. for "star wars" lovers it means bringing all the episodes under one roof. superhero fans can look forward to potential reunions like "x-men" and "the fantastic four" with "avengers." with the marvel cinematic universe. it also includes picking upstreaming services like hulu, and it will add shows like "the simpsons." >> oh. >> reporter: and classic films like "the sound of music" to disney's library. ♪ la a note to follow so >> reporter: just as the company lays the groundwork to launch
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its own streaming platform in 2019 and pull content from netflix. the mastermind behind the union disney's ceo bob iger who since taking over in 2005 has expanded the company's theme parks, opening shanghai disney resort and acquired popular creators like pixar, lucasfilm and marvel. while there's been recent speculation of iger running for president, it looks like for now he'll have his hands full with this new entertainment juggernaut. meantime, fox news channels like fox news and fox business as well as fox sports are not part of the deal, and they will be offered to existing fox shareholders in the new company, and like all decisions, this is still subject to regulatory approval, but you can't understand the importance of this. >> absolutely. >> and a lot of questions for the man in charge, disney's ceo bob iger joins us now. thanks for joining us this morning. $52.4 billion according to the press release. that is a huge bet.
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why are you making it? >> well, we're making it because this gives us the ability to marry the great content of fox with the great content of disney. it gives us a much larger international footprint and enables us to use cutting-edge technology to reach consumers in far more compelling ways and we know how important that is in today's world. >> explain that. that cutting-edge technology. what difference is this going to make to everyone at home watching? >> well, i think it's pretty clear today that consumers want access to entertainment, one, that is high quality, but, two, they want access pretty much anywhere, any time, anyhow, and that requires new technology to be able to deliver it in that fashion. hulu certainly provides that so the controlling stake in hulu that we will acquire with this acquisition is one way to provide it. another is the fox international footprint has some extremely high-end technology to deliver all this content to consumers in more modern ways.
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sky in europe is one of those, and star india, another one. so to the consumer not only will they get great content but they'll get it in ways that they demand. innovative ways that today's consumer requires really in terms of increasing or their consumption or enjoying their consumption of entertainment. >> is it fair to think of disney becoming a new netflix? >> well, we've been in the process of launching a direct to consumer service. it's one of the primary priorities of the company right now, to give us the ability to reach consumers directly and we're going to launch an espn direct service in 2018 and a disney brand service in 2019. this clearly will jump-start those efforts, give us more content, more producing capabilities for those services and we're not really looking to necessarily reach the scale of netflix quickly. but we certainly aim to be, you know, an able competitor to theirs but, more importantly, we believe this is the way of the future to be able to reach
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consumers directly. this is clearly a valued proposition associated with that, but also something that consumers want because in doing so, you can tailor it to consumers in more personalized ways. >> a lot of changing coming in the future. you were supposed to leave this position in 2019. you're going to stay now? >> i am going to stay till the end of 2021. i've got one of the greatest jobs in the world. i've enjoyed doing it for 12 years and this combination makes it even more exciting and i'm looking forward to the future at disney. >> you just can't quit disney. i think this is the third time you were supposed to go? >> i lost -- i think -- i think i lost track. >> well, i have to ask -- >> i like "good morning america" so much that i want to stay involved with all of you. >> we appreciate that. i have to ask. as you know, there has been a lot of speculation about a future in politics for you, even a run for president in 2020 so
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that's off the table? >> well, i haven't made any decisions about what my future was going to be but as i said i enjoy this job immensely and i'm looking forward to doing it for a few more years. >> that was a political response. that was not a confirmation or denial. about your political aspirations. >> but it's after "20/20." >> i'm sticking around to the end of 2021 so you do the math. >> let me ask you about the murdochs. this is a big sale for them as well. why do you think they wanted to make the deal with disney? >> well, i have a lot of respect for rupert murdoch and what he's been able to build, that company over the years, and he and i were musing at some point this summer about the industry, and, you know, the need to reach consumers in the ways that i described and the disruptive forces we both witnessed in our time in this business and after some musing it seemed to me there might be an opportunity to
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put our companies together and to create something that's even better than the two that were separate companies. and so i think he viewed this as not only good for the assets he had built but good for the shareholders of his company. they will be getting shares of disney, shareholders of 21st century fox will own roughly th 24%, 25% of disney and when you look at that combination and the value of that currency, the disney/21st century fox currency i think from a shareholder perspective it is compelling. i think he was excited about the possibilities, this combined company could deliver, and excited by the value creating possibilities, as well. >> his sons, they've been playing major roles in the fox corporation. is james murdoch going to be coming to disney? >> they'll be -- they'll be announcing or they are announcing some plans of their own right now. james and i will be talking over the next number of months. he's going to be integral to the
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integration process and discuss whether there is a role for him or not at our company. >> one final question. we have all seen the government pushing back against this time warner/at&t deal. expecting any resistance to this merger? >> well, this is a different kind of merger than theirs. i won't comment necessarily on theirs, but we're hoping that the government takes a look at this from a consumer point of view. what we're aiming to do, as i discussed, is create more high quality content really on a global basis, and to deliver it to consumers in more exciting ways, in ways that they demand and ways that they deserve and so we believe that from a regulatory perspective while it will go through a considerable amount of scrutiny globally this should be viewed as a positive combination from a consumer perspective and because of that we think the regulators -- we hope the regulators will look at it kindly. >> bob iger, thanks very much. congratulations. >> i have to say, bob, whether it's the parks or it's this kind
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of deal, that the consumer, that's at the forefront of all your thoughts, the majority. >> it is, you know, when you think about disney and you think about the things that we made under the disney brand and pixar and marvel and lucasfilms and "star wars," by the way, that movie is coming out today so pretty excited about that as well and add to that those great assets at fox including "avatar" for instance or on the television side, fx and fox studios and the great shows that they have created, and you look at national geographic, you know. very, very powerful, and from a consumer perspective very, very attractive brand and product and you add to that the global footprint, you know, we think that from a global consumer perspective this will be an incredible company and serve consumers really well. >> thanks for joining us this morning, bob. >> thank you, bob. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> great news about the merger and the fact that he's going to be staying on till 2021 to run
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the company. now to that blast of winter weather, a fast-moving system is bringing snow from minnesota to new england overnight. even right here in times square. abc's eva pilgrim is on the road in bridgeport, connecticut, as drivers start a messy morning commute. good morning, eva. >> reporter: robin, it is cold outside. overnight snow turning into an icy mess making for a slick drive for millions. you can see here in bridgeport, the snow is coming down at this hour and the roads are covered and they are wet. this is the same frigid weather system that hit the midwest. snow quickly piling up there. the winds making it tough for plows to keep up. whiteout conditions, blinding drivers, cars and buses slipping and sliding on slick, snow-covered roads. semi trucks piling up. multiple big rigs crashed backing up traffic for miles, eventually shutting down that road, and guys, while the road may look clear, they are still slick. on our drive here to bridgeport
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this morning, we did see an overturned tractor trailer. a good reminder that even if they look clear, you still have to be careful because of these temperatures. robin? >> very good reminder there, eva. thank you, be careful out there, everybody. >> you see eva out there. we got that snow but have that frigid cold and now another alert from the midwest to northeast and rob is outside to give us the latest. good morning, rob. >> you know what, 'tis the season for snow but that wears off quick when you have to scrape it off your windshield and dig out the car and drive in this stuff. we've seen accidents as eva has said. in western new york, over two feet of snow falling just north of erie, pennsylvania. and those bitterly cold temperatures, arctic air in place is not going away. windchills today and tonight in the single numbers and teens from boston to d.c. and similar numbers during the day tomorrow morning. so winter is here. it looks like to stay. we'll have another update on all of that, in about ten minutes.
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>> rob, get back inside. washington now and the latest on that tax deal that will impact every american. republican leaders say they have an agreement pushing hard for a final vote before christmas and our senior congressional correspondent, mary bruce, is tracking the details on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, republicans say they are on the verge of victory on tax reform. they've reached a deal in principle and now with the holiday just around the corner, the president is promising more money is coming to your wallet. >> if congress sends me a bill before christmas, the irs, this is just out this, is breaking news, has just confirmed that americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning in february. >> reporter: republicans this morning are scrambling to push their tax bill over the finish line. here are the changes they've agreed to. for the wealthiest americans the top tax rate drops from 39% to 37%. for big business, the corporate tax rate is slashed from 35% to 21%. and the mortgage interest deduction is capped at $750,000.
7:15 am
>> are you close to a deal? >> so, it feels very close to an agreement. >> reporter: republicans are also overturing a key component of obamacare doing away with the mandate that all americans have insurance, but that could leave 13 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. republicans insist relief is coming for the middle class. the bill will likely expand the child tax credit and double the standard deduction. but critics argue the wealthy will benefit most. >> who would have thought they could have made the bill even less favorable to the middle class and more slanted towards the wealthy? >> reporter: now, as for the president's promise, more money is coming to your pockets soon. the irs tells us americans who are likely to benefit from the changes could see less money withheld from their paychecks starting as soon as february. george. >> if this passes next week. mary bruce, thanks very much. robin? george, now to a new wave of sexual harassment allegations
7:16 am
upending the entertainment world as the harvey weinstein effect spreads from music to radio, and linsey davis has more. >> reporter: pbs says they will no longer be distributing tavis smiley's talk show. sexual misconduct was uncovered by a recent investigation into his behavior. smiley, however, emphatically denied all the allegations on his show last night. >> i have never groped, inappropriately exposed myself or coerced any colleague in the workplace ever in my 30-year career. >> reporter: smiley says pbs never informed him they were launching an investigation. >> and now this continues to go. we hear new allegations against russell simmons. >> that's right. just last night we heard from three people who came against the def jam co-founder saying he raped them. these allegations follow two other women who came forward last month accusing simmons of
7:17 am
sexual harassment. in a statement simmons said, i vehemently deny all these allegations. these horrific accusations have shocked me to my core and all of my relations have been consensual. >> and she really opens up here when we talk about salma hayek in her op-ed and that's what brought it back to hollywood. >> exactly. salma hayek says that in her own experience with harvey weinstein, she wrote, for years he was my monster. hay hayek writes about a laundry list of incidents where she says she had to say no. quote, no to opening the door to him at all hours of the night hotel after hotel, location after location where he would show up unexpectedly. no to me taking a shower with him and says it went from sweet talking me to saying i will kill you. he was in an act of fury. he said, don't think i can't. a spokesperson said for weinstein that they're not all accurate and others who witnessed the event have a
7:18 am
different account of what transpired and weinstein has maintained he denies any allegations of nonconsensual sex. >> every day a new story. >> a lot of strong allegations there. thank you. rob, what you got? more snow? >> here's the positive side of the snow. knee-deep in stowe, vermont. another couple of pulses coming. with that cold air in place, nothing major but enough to put down more snow in michigan. they got a lot already. that said, here are your sunny cities praubrought to you by ta.
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i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. a mild day, mid to upper 60s under sunny skies. these numbers are 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year, also a spare-the-air day in effect. accuweather seven-day forecast, high clouds on friday, wind moves in on saturday. it will give us better air quality sunday, but heightens our fire danger over the weekend. our next chance of rain comes on wednesday. coming up, the former "apprentice" star omarosa out at the white house here live with her side of the story only on "gma" this morning. a holiday alert. alleged thieves caught on camera taking packages, even dressing as postal workers. the creative new waves homeowners and police departments are fighting back. s homeowners and police departments are fighting back. s homeowners and police departments are fighting back. y homeowners and police departments are fighting back.
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good thursday morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." sue hall has a quick look at traffic conditions. >> good morning, natasha. good morning, everyone. the san mateo bridge, we had earlier debris in lanes. that's why traffic is so slow. i think it was tire tread in the slow lane. people were swerving to avoid it. still bumper-to-bumper traffic in the san mateo side of things. the chp has issued a sigalert for this accident, a box truck that is blocking the ramp from northbound 101 to 116. no estimated time of opening so you may want to use east washington to get to adobe creek and back onto 116. ♪
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good morning. time approaching 7:26 a.m. look at this sunrise going on from our tam cam. absolutely gorgeous. we have clear skies out there, but we have chilly temperatures. 35 that current number in concord, down to 29 in fairfield, 41 in san mateo. the freezing mark in santa rosa and about a 42 right now in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spare-the-air day in effect today, lots of sunshine tomorrow. it turns windy over the weekend. our next chance of rain comes on wednesday. coming up, omarosa speaking out in a live interview with michael strahan. this is her first since leaving the white house and is next on "good morning america." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
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♪ welcome back to "gma." that is the ultimate "star wars" themed christmas light display right on time for the new movie. it's about to come out. this is in san antonio, texas. 15,000 lights. a full year to program this. >> that's someone's house. >> somebody's house. >> but you know what, people are doing that more and hiring professional. they pull off these types of displays. >> that's got to be some serious money. >> serious money. people say you can't put a price on the femaling you get when you see something like that. yeah, you can. >> we'll find out how much it costs and have our big board and talk about it. >> we do popcorn on the tree. but first, that abc news exclusive.
7:31 am
omarosa manigault newman is leaving the white house, pushed out by chief of staff, john kelly. she is here live to speak with michael after this report from senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: you know that omarosa might be one of the most well-known members of the white house teams but the clashes she is famous for apparently not just limited to reality tv. president trump offering his good-bye in the form of a tweet saying, thank you, omarosa, for your service. i wish you continued success. a stark contrast from the last time they bid farewell. >> omarosa has to go. you're fired. >> reporter: in fact, omarosa manigault newman was fired three times from "the apprentice" and this morning, she is now out of her job at the white house. the official line, she resigned to pursue other opportunities, but multiple sources tell abc news manigault newman was fired and escorted off white house grounds.
7:32 am
>> every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to president trump. >> reporter: the reality tv star everyone loved to hate bringing her fire to the campaign. >> excuse me, i'm in the middle of an interview. seriously, you're really loud. thank you. >> reporter: then to the west wing as one of the most high-profile african-american staffers in the administration. >> there are people who stop talking to me. >> reporter: so trusted she could walk into the oval office whenever she wanted. that is, until chief of staff john kelly took over and cracked down. they clashed and sources tell abc manigault newman openly feuded with other aides too. there was that scene at a journalism convention last summer. >> if you don't want to be here, leave. >> reporter: her lavish wedding. she even showed up to the white house wearing her dress, a party van full of guests with her for an unannounced photo shoot, but as for what she did every day as director of communications for the office of public liaison,
7:33 am
many staffers say it is a complete mystery. her job effective till january 20th. unclear if she plans to come back to work at this time. the secret service deactivated her pass. >> let's get the word from omarosa herself. she is over there with michael. >> thank you, george. omarosa is here with me now. thank you for joining me. >> i'm so glad to be here. >> a lot of speculation about you leaving the white house. let's get straight to it. what happened? >> i resigned and i didn't do that in the residence as being reported. john kelly and i sat down in the situation room, which is a very secure, very quiet room in the white house and we had a very candid conversation and i wanted to make the one-year mark that was one of the goals that i set out to and then get back to my life. >> so you resigned. you weren't fired -- >> no. you know, i like to hear all of these interesting tales, but i have to tell you that they are
7:34 am
100% false. one of the things i asked of those people making those assertions since they assert that i did it so publicly is where are the pictures or videos? if i had confronted john kelly who is a very formidable person it would garner enough attention for anyone in the room to at least take a picture or a video or something. the assertion that i would do that in front of 600 guests at a christmas party and no one has reported that except for one individual who has a personal vendetta against me, and so i have to tell you completely false, unverified reporting and john kelly and i had a very straightforward discussion about concerns that i had, issues that i raised and as a result, i resigned and it will be taking place january the 20th when i leave this very interesting administration. >> so you're saying all these reports are coming from one person. >> no, let's be clear. only one person. >> only one person. >> no one else has reported what
7:35 am
she's reporting and this is the one person that has attacked me for the last year, so you know that this is personal. >> you're speaking of john kelly. >> there's 30 of us and we all report to the chief of staff. when he came in it was during a lot of turmoil. and i stand out. i'm the only african-american woman who sits at the table with those 30 assistants to the president and we all had to adjust to his very different militaristic style but i had a very clear, outlined, defined role for what i did, and every captain, every coach gets an opportunity to use a sports analogy to choose their team. donald trump chose me for his team. i'm not certain as john kelly was starting to develop his team that that's someone that he wanted me to be on his team. >> part of one thing you had because of the relationship with the president they say you were able to just walk into the oval office.
7:36 am
>> 14 years. >> but john kelly comes in, and says no more of that. that happened. did he restrict your access? >> no, first of all, he brought order, much needed order to the west wing, absolutely. if the president called us and wanted to talk to us, then we went to talk with him. i went into the oval to talk with the president any same. >> you had to be called in? >> absolutely. the president, as you know, reads a lot of news, he watches a lot of news, if he had a question about something that he saw and he wanted information, he would call us. if i had to ask him something, i was very respectful of the process. certainly i had more access than most and people had problems with that. people had problems with my 14-year relationship with this president. but i've always been loyal to him. straightforward and i've provided him with the support that he's needed throughout this year and the white house. >> so whenever -- when this did happen did you try to enter the residence and did that happen? >> no, the white house is the most secure place in the world.
7:37 am
it is ridiculous to assert that anyone would be able to violate the security parameters that is outlined in the most secure building in the world. not only is it ridiculous but it is also absurd and i would hope that people would recognize that there is a very good security infrastructure around this president. i wouldn't want anyone nonetheless myself to run around or cause a drupgs disruption because it is secure for that reason. he is truly the president of the united states. we should be respectful. >> you say you resign. there were reports you were escorted off the grounds. were you escorted off? >> no, i was not, in fact, secret service put out a statement because i think they were bothered with the assertion that they were involved with any type of escorting or shutting me down sort of thing and i think you should take the word of the u.s. secret service over someone who has a personal vendetta to bring me down and personally gain by continuing to advance these false narratives. >> one thing the secret service did tweet out is that they
7:38 am
deactivated your pass. >> you get two passes. i'm glad you asked that. >> if you work till the 20th, why would they do that? >> i'm glad you asked me that because there are three complexes in the white house, and as you are reinstructed or limited, your access to certain areas is restricted and so obviously, with me leaving, i wouldn't be given an advanced -- the same type of access to classified information, to personal presidential communication, and so that access changed. which means that my pass has to change. what they tweeted was correct. one, i was not escorted. you can believe the secret service and deactivating my pass, reducing it to areas i can only go was correct and should be done in that way as people's roles in the white house change, so should their access. what they tweeted is correct and i believe that cnn should correct their reporting based on the fact that secret service advanced that statement that i was not escorted. i did not cause a disruption and i believe that their word is truly valid.
7:39 am
>> i want to ask you something about one of your friends say armstrong williams, armstrong williams told "the washington post" you were unhappy with trump's handling of charlottesville and the endorsement of roy moore. is that true? >> you know, because i am serving until the 20th, i have to be very careful about how i answer this but there were a lot of things that i observed during the last year that i was very unhappy with, that i was very uncomfortable with, things that i observed. >> such as? >> that i heard, that i listened to. i can't expand upon it because i have to go back and work with these individuals. but when i have my story to tell as the only african-american woman in this white house, as a senior staff and assistant to the president i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people, and when i can tell my story, it is a profound story that i know the world will want to hear.
7:40 am
>> you were in the white house to bring together, you know, everyone. unify the country. that's the what president ran under, bringing blacks and whites together. do you think he's done that effectively? do you think the job you were put there to do was effective as well? >> let me give you perspective. this is not my first time in the white house. i served in the clinton administration. this is my second tour of duty serving my country, and i take it very seriously. every administration, they seek to unify the country. president clinton had the commission on race, because he was concerned about how divided the country was. at the end of that report they said they hadn't achieved their goal of unifying the country. that's after eight years. we're in our first -- >> i'm not talking about president clinton but with our country now with president trump though. >> people forget i'm not new to this. i've been in politics for a very long time and i know what i'm doing. and what was trying to be done 20 years ago and what you're trying to say that we didn't accomplish in 11 months is a little ridiculous. we've been there 11 months. to unify a nation truly divided by one of the most complicated
7:41 am
elections in history, to do that in 11 months is almost impossible but did president trump try, i think that he tried in his own way. there are thing that's could have done and things that this administration needs to continue to do to try to bring this country together and hopefully they'll succeed for the good of the nation. >> you talk about your tour of duty in the white house. one quick thing. you said, i fight on the front lines every day. if you're not at the table you're on the menu. well, you're not longer at the table. where does that leave you? >> no longer at the table, but still engaged and involved in advancing this country. still making sure that i'm fighting for my community and fighting for issues that are a passion to me and remarkably trying to do that and be certain that i am remembered as somebody who is committed to advancing this country. >> omarosa, thank you for joining me and telling your story. we'll be right back. story. we'll be right back.
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we are back now with a warning for holiday shoppers about porch thieves. more than 2 billion packages expected to be delivered this season. abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning new video of real-life grinches trying to ruin the holidays. police in scottsdale, arizona, investigating the woman caught in this home surveillance video impersonating a postal worker. the woman allegedly using the uniform to steal packages just this monday and in norwood, massachusetts, an alert neighbor spotted a porch pirate taking packages from the neighborhood. calling police who searched the
7:46 am
thief's home, what they found surprised even them. >> as soon as we turned on the lights we were able to see a christmas tree in the far corner. there were boxes underneath the christmas tree but they were all boxes from amazon. >> reporter: the officer arresting the man and delivering the packages to their rightful owners, but just as thieves get creative, so are homeowners. a man in tacoma, washington booby trapped a package to scare potential thieves away. and here's another. and police in three ohio towns have had enough. they're actually accepting packages for the neighborhood this month. but what can you do? experts suggest shipping packages to your work or having your neighbor sign for them. and of course, having a security camera on the porch never hurts, right? but here's one more tip. some of these delivery companies now actually let you go online and select a time frame for that delivery, so perhaps you can be home to get that package. robin.
7:47 am
>> that would be wise. all right. gio, thank you. we'll be right back. ht back. we' we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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much more ahead on "gma." that powerful moment between meghan mccain and former vice president joe biden, and we'll have the latest on senator mccain's condition. laura dern is here live talking "star wars" and "big little lies". >> didn't she bring someone with her? >> i guess. > i guess.
7:51 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking this morning, the walt disney company acquiring a huge part of 21st century fox. the blockbuster move that will transform the entertainment industry. what it means for you and the shows and movies you love. disney's ceo bob iger revealing what is behind the move on "gma." omarosa out at the white house. was she fired or did she resign? what happened? >> i resigned. >> what she says really happened when she was escorted off the white house grounds. here on "gma" with her side of the story. an abc news exclusive. three months after the tragic death of lsu freshman max gruver following a night of drinking and alleged frat hazing, his parents speak out for the first time.
8:01 am
what really happened that night, their final moments with him and their message to other parents this morning. a new study out just moments ago, research revealing just how important eating together as a family is for your children's long-term health. ♪ and the force is with laura dern. just nominated for a golden globe for "big little lies." those royal moments at the "star wars" premiere and what happened at her first royal premiere years ago when she met princess diana. she's rolling into times square with bb8 and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. say hi, bb8. good morning, america. whatever bb8 said, i double up on it. happy friday eve. >> all right. and the latest on senator john
8:02 am
mccain's condition as so many -- did you see this moment yesterday on "the view"? former vice president joe biden consoling meghan mccain. his son beau, same condition that her father is now going through and just to see that moment like that and we're going to talk to dr. jen ashton about the advances that we're seeing with cancer research and treatment. >> yeah, the senator is back in the hospital this morning. we are thinking of him and his family. we have a lot of breaking news including that blockbuster deal between the walt disney company, our parent company and 21st century fox brings together two entertainment giants, $52.4 billion deal and rebecca jarvis has the details and talked to bob iger and he said this will make a big difference over time to the consumer. >> absolutely, george. a big difference for consumers because it means bringing more premium content under one roof. disney will continue to offer family-friendly content like "frozen" and "coco" but now it can deliver fox's edgier channels like fx, natgeo and shows like "the simpsons."
8:03 am
incidentally, "the simpsons" foreshadowed this deal on the show 20 years ago and got a lot of stuff right on the future about that. the other major thing this deal does is give disney leverage as it builds out its own streaming service which launches in 2019. as we heard from your interview with bob iger, this new service will compete with netflix. >> we're not really looking to necessarily reach the scale of netflix quickly. but we certainly aim to be, you know, an able competitor to theirs, but more importantly, we believe that this is the way of the future to be able to reach consumers directly. >> this is the way of the future. disney is pulling its movies off netflix in 2019 but perhaps this morning the most excited group responding to this are the superhero lovers. fox's "x-men" and "the fantastic four" return to marvel and all the "star wars" films come back to disney, all under one roof. >> back home. >> massive deal. >> $52.4 billion.
8:04 am
one of the biggest in our industry. >> thank you, rebecca. >> here we go. now to that dramatic white house exit. omarosa manigault newman of the apprentice fame suddenly leaving her job with president trump and spoke to her just moments ago and she said she resigned and she wasn't fired. cecilia vega is at the white house with more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: yeah, hey, michael, good morning to you but multiple sources here at the white house say that's not the case, that she was fired. we were told that she was escorted off the white house grounds. just a few minutes ago you talked to her. take a listen to her version of the story. >> i resigned and i didn't do that in the residence as being reported. john kelly and i sat down in the situation room, which is a very secure, very quiet room in the white house and we had a very candid conversation. but when i have a chance to tell my story, michael, quite a story to tell as the only african-american woman in this white house, as a senior staff and assistant to the president,
8:05 am
i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally that has affected my community and my people and when i can tell my story, it is a profound story that i know the world will want to hear. >> reporter: indeed, a lot of people will want to hear that. she was fired three times from "apprentice," michael. this time president trump said good-bye via twitter. >> all right, thank you, cecilia. and good-bye and i don't know if she's ever going to have a relationship with him again. fourth time could be the charm. >> she said she has a story to tell and i'm sure she'll be selling that story. >> we'll see. now to a new study about how family dinners can improve your child's health and confidence for kids as young as six years old. canadian researchers studied 1500 children and found a link between their health and conversations at the dinner table. those talks even making them
8:06 am
more physically fit. time to put down the phones. put down your phone, george. you got it out now. quality time with your family at the desk. you don't need research for this. >> makes a big difference. >> rule at our house, absolutely. >> busted. coming up, an exclusive with the parents of that lsu fraternity pledge who police say died after a hazing incident. their important message for other parents this morning. the emotional moment so many are sharing. former vice president joe biden and meghan mccain putting aside politics as her father faces that health battle we know about. the new treatments that could offer hope. and we have lara upstairs. what's going on, lara? >> hello, michael. we're days away from "the last jedi" and look who is here. bb8 is with us. [ applause ] very excited. and also laura dern is here from "star wars" and the greatest audience on the planet. come on back. "good morning america" will be right back. (matthew) my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house". (mom) and it just immediately brought something positive in our life. "oh, i gotta get up
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. [ applause ] welcome back, everyone. >> the biggest fan club right there in front. >> they were here bright and early. i saw them on the way down this morning about, what, 6:00 a.m., 6:30. >> 6:30. >> oh, wow. >> glad to have you here this thursday morning. yeah, we love lara spencer. "pop news." [ cheers and applause ] good morning, guys. you guys, this audience is fantastic. there's some real characters here. get ready, everybody. we're going to start with "pop news" and serious girl power. the upcoming s.a.g. awards, yes, normally presented by a man and woman normally.
8:12 am
they mix it up sometimes but this year all 13 categories at the s.a.g.s will be presented by just women, plus the two stunt categories and the actors' stories that always open the show, also exclusively will just feature female actors. the show is getting a host for the first time and that will be kristen bell. the show's executive producer explains the decision saying it's been the year of the woman. this is a unifying salute to women who have been very brave and are speaking up. the 2018 s.a.g. awards take place on january 21st. [ applause ] absolutely, robin. the rock has arrived on the hollywood walk of fame. dwayne johnson made it a family affair yesterday as he was honored with his own star accompanied by a girlfriend lauren and 2-year-old daughter. he is already as we know one of the highest paid actors in hollywood but this is a big deal
8:13 am
for johnson who tweeted an unforgettable day. i'm a lucky man and so grateful to have my ohana, loved ones, friends and fans by my side. only teared up once, 18 years later life comes full circle. he told the crowd advice that he's gotten at 15 and has never forgotten, he said it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice. good news keeps on coming for this nice guy, dwyane announced he and lauren are having another child. "jumanji" hitting theaters thursday. >> very deserving. >> on all fronts. >> who here would consider themselves stubborn? >> stubborn? >> are you stubborn? just a little bit. i have good news, a new study suggests being stubborn might drive your friends and loved ones a little crazy. >> really? >> it could help you live longer.
8:14 am
>> researchers from u.c. san diego and a university in rome studied residents from nine villages in southern italy that are all alive and kicking at 90 years old and older, and they discovered the common theme is they were all stubborn, domineering, and liked to be in control. check, check and check. the team assessed that staying true to their belief, not caring what other people thought made them experience less stress in life than their more malleable counterparts and the other contributing factors that were common traits, a strong work ethic, check, and overall positivity. check. >> that all adds in. >> yeah. feeling good over here. [ applause ] >> if you're feeling positive you're always right. >> a long life. thank you. >> a little pop science. >> we're going to switch gears now and i want to go over to amy. such a powerful interview you are bringing. >> that's right. we sat down exclusively with the parents of maxwell gruver, the
8:15 am
lsu student who died three months ago today after what prosecutors call an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual. ten fraternity members arrested and the grand jury begins this morning. now max's parents are speaking out for the first time about their son's death and their hope that something like this never happens again. >> i mean this shouldn't have happened -- shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: the tragic news of the death of the gruvers'18-year-old son. >> they said they worked on him for 45 minutes but there was nothing they could do. >> it's the worst call anyone could ever get. >> reporter: it was september 14th. police say hours earlier gruver was at lsu phi delta theta's house participating in a hazen ritual where older brothers make pledges who don't answer questions correctly drink highly concentrated alcohol. max had a blood alcohol level of
8:16 am
.496. >> six times the legal limit. >> yeah, that night i'm sure it was enough to kill you. >> reporter: a few weeks later ten current and former members of that fraternity arrested, potentially faces charges from misdemeanor hazing to felony negligent homicide. >> was he murdered? >> yes, i think so. nobody can physically drink that much. it's senseless. >> it's terrible. >> how is making your brother do all these things and humiliating someone a brotherhood. >> you were parents who investigated and didn't just say, sure, join a fraternity. tell me what you did. you did a lot of due diligence. >> we went on the computer, we looked up on their national chapter. there was -- >> no hazing. >> and it was an alcohol-free house. we were hook, line and sinker like our son made a great decision with this fraternity. >> reporter: what they weren't aware of, multiple complaints to the school made by concerned
8:17 am
students and alumni nearly a year before max's death, reports that some members of that drinking, using drugs and hazing younger members. following an investigation by the university, they were only given a one-month suspension. did you know of any past complaints about that fraternity? >> no. if we had found out just a year ago a fraternity had had a hazing incident we might be like with max, like, i don't know this is the one for you. >> reporter: but they did believe lsu was the right school for their son. this photo shows them dropping him off at school. together for the last time. >> little did i know -- i actually have a picture of the last hug. >> reporter: gruver's death, one of four fraternity-related deaths this year alone. >> they can create policy till they're blue in the face. it's not being policed. we can't expect children, young adults to have that responsibility. >> reporter: his family hoping his death wasn't in vain. >> what's your message to students?
8:18 am
>> they need to step up if they see something is wrong, don't be scared. you could possibly be saving somebody's life. >> reporter: max's parents gave me these wristbands. stop the hazing. trying to raise awareness about this problem. now as for the fraternity it has been formally suspended, its charter removed and lsu tells us it's created a greek life task force to prevent it from happening in the future. a final report due out in january and until then greek organizations have registered on campus for events but without alcohol. i want to point out with these bracelets say they have heard from students saying these have saved lives because students who are wearing them look down and remember to stop the hazing or to stop someone from getting someone too drunk. >> that makes so much sense. dan abrams is here as well. let me start with you, amy. we just saw the parents talk about they want the students to step up. but they did all the right things before. what do they want the fraternities to do?
8:19 am
>> they want the fraternities to have transparency and looked up this fraternity and saw the gpa and all of the activities that they did that were good for the community but nowhere was it in that booklet saying what had happened to them, what the infractions were. they want complete transparency so parents and students can make the right decision. >> lots of legal implications here as well. these ten students facing various charges, some quite serious. >> the most serious at this point is negligent homicide. there are ten arrested on suspicion of hazing. this case going to the grand jury so we'll see what the prosecutors ultimately decide to do. hazing in the state of louisiana really minor misdemeanor up to 30 days, but one person they believe was primarily responsible for feeding him most of the alcohol, force feeding him in effect. and as a result, that person has been charged or was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide. it's going to be up to the grand jury to determine exactly what charges. >> enforcement like that is one potential remedy. what more can be done proactively? >> i think it has to be on a
8:20 am
school-by-school basis. you talk about these national fraternities and they all have the name and all sort of give them the charters and this is that. the bottom line is if there's going to be a solution, it's going to be that, for example, the inner fraternity council at every school warns people, by the way, you better make sure every person joining knows this isn't just about hazing, this is potentially criminal. and i think if you remind young people that it's a possible crime, suddenly that may register. that may say, in joining a fraternity you have to know that you cross that line, and you're not going to be dealing with the school but the local authorities. >> and speaking of crimes, the other thing that the gruvers wanted was to be there some sort of amnesty for those who want to call 911. they see someone in trouble who are afraid that they're going to get in trouble because they were drinking underage or there were drugs involved. they want there to be some sort of amnesty policy to get someone medical attention and you won't be questioned.
8:21 am
>> a lot have it with their kids and want it to be more widespread. >> that's amazing that there is more cases. there actually are more young people -- >> it's happening. >> -- dying and that's amazing considering how much attention is now being focused on this. apparently we need to focus more attention on it. >> starts right here. dan, thanks very much. let's go over to rob. >> hey, george, all right. we know we have some snow lovers in here, i hope. anybody like snow? dog lovers, any dog lovers? we'll marry the two together. time for your "gma" moment. this is maggie out of michigan. come on. just east of st. joseph, got a ton of snow. if you have a dog, i just got one and she hates the rain but for some reason they just love the snow. get out there and throw a snowball. they get confused when they crunch down and it disappears. i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. a mild day, mid to upper 60s under sunny skies. these numbers are 5 to 10
8:22 am
degrees above normal for this time of the year, also a spare-the-air day in effect. accuweather seven-day forecast, high clouds on friday, wind moves in on saturday. it will give us better air quality sunday, but heightens our fire danger over the weekend. our next chance of rain comes on wednesday. now we ha now we have the latest on senator john mccain's condition. he was hospitalized wednesday to treat what his team says are normal side effects of his cancer therapy. and this morning, many are responding to that powerful moment on "the view" between his daughter meghan mccain and former vice president joe biden. >> your son, beau, had the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with six months ago. and -- i'm sorry. >> reporter: this is the moment, the emotional moment that touched so many. >> it is not about me. it's about everyone -- >> no. >> reporter: "the view" co-host meghan mccain consoled by former vice president joe biden live on air.
8:23 am
biden moving seats to be next to mccain. taking her hand in his as mccain's eyes well up with tears. >> your dad took care of my beau. your dad when he was a mil aide worked with me and became friends with beau and beau talked about your dad's courage, not about illness, but about his courage. >> reporter: joe biden and senator john mccain share a personal friendship outside washington where they have worked together for many years from across the aisle. >> if i picked up the phone tonight and called john mccain and said, john, i need your help, come, he'd get on a plane and come. and i would for him too. >> reporter: but the unfortunate common bond for their families these days is cancer. earlier this year, mccain's father was diagnosed with the same form of cancer that took the life of beau biden, the former vice president's son, back in 2015. >> any of you have somebody who
8:24 am
is diagnosed with glioblastoma which is about as bad as it gets, there's breakthroughs that are occurring now. the thing that i've found is you've got to maintain hope. >> reporter: the vice president who created the biden cancer initiative to help fight the battle against cancer is adamant that a cure will be found. >> we are going to beat this damn disease. we really are. [ applause ] >> that is the hope. dr. jen ashton is here and so many things struck us from what happened yesterday but the fact when he got up and sat next to her. >> that to me was one of the most important things in the segment. that is the action of a father or of a mother, of a healer, that type of compassion when someone is suffering is all you need to do. you need to sit next to them and hold their hand and you need to say, i feel you. i'm here with you, and it's going to be okay. i was really, really struck by that. >> chills just thinking about it. tell us about this particular type. >> you talk about glioblastoma. it is one of the most aggressive
8:25 am
types of cancer and one of the most aggressive types of brain cancer, represents about 15% of all types of brain tumors and it's very difficult to treat and in general when you talk about a tumor in the brain they are difficult to treat because it's hard to single out the tumor and not do damage to the surrounding tissue of the brain which is very sensitive to that and a lot of drugs that we use to try to kill the tumor or cancer can't penetrate the blood/brain barrier. this is a real challenge in the world of oncology. >> he alluded to new treatments. >> there's a lot of excitement in the world of glioblastoma research. one of them in particular is a type of gene therapy, immune therapy known as car-t and basically it involving removing part of the patient's blood, the t cell. the big blue blob is the cancer cell, the attachments on the side are the t cells that then go -- get put back into the patient and go on a seek and
8:26 am
destroy mission using your body's immune system to kill the cancer. but there's a lot of exciting research in particular in glioblastoma and that's giving researchers, clinicians and patients a reason for hope. >> i had that t cell with my bone marrow transplant. we went in that direction. are we close? are we close to finding a cure? >> listen, when you talk about cancer we have to be careful. it's not like talking about weather. it's very individualized. all the future is about individualized targeted therapy. there's a lot of clinical trials. patients can go to to see if they're eligible for a trial but always reason for hope. >> thank you very much. we'll have much more. come on back. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen. beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." sue hall has a look at the photographic. >> good morning, everyone. we are going back into the north bay, petaluma, where this emergency road closure is still in effect, northbound 101, the ramp to lakeville highway eastbound 116. we had a box truck that was on its side earlier blocking both lanes of traffic. so no estimated time of opening. they think maybe 1:30 so you'll want to use east washington. better news in san francisco, an earlier sigalert that's been cleared out of lanes north 280 out of san jose avenue and relief is in sight.
8:28 am
sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
8:29 am
first i call you the wrong name, drew, then the microphone isn't working. sorry about that. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and a live look at the golden gate bridge. we're having a lot of the same weather we've been having all week you can see at the bottom of your screen.
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." that was quite a welcome from our audience as well. you guys got to get ready to do it again because we have an incredible guest. you know her from "big little lies" and will see her in the new "star wars." please welcome laura dern. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> so cute. >> so good to see you. >> oh, my gosh. >> good to see you. >> mwah. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> so you don't travel alone anymore. >> i never do. and i expect beautiful smoke
8:31 am
every time i come. >> congratulations. golden globe nomination, "big little lies." >> thank you. [ applause ] thank you for my birthday buddy? we share a birthday. i'm much older but we share february 10th. >> so proud. >> you know, you also with the golden globe but nominated for six nominations and a s.a.g. award for "big little lies." incredible series and as a matter of fact -- >> i miss those characters so much. >> it's coming back, limited series. can you give us any hints about what's coming up? people are dying to know how they'll make it happen? >> we're all in the hands of david kelly so we'll see what he orchestrates for us. but we're excited. in love with the characters and we are deep best friends now, this group of girls, constantly group texting. >> i was just going to talk about that. there is a rumor you all in this text. >> it's true.
8:32 am
>> it's alive and well. >> it's the beautiful thing of women getting to work together after years of being the only girl on a film, suddenly -- >> oh, right. >> we get to share parenting and struggles of the day. >> who is the most voracious texter in the group. >> oh, reese. oh, yes. teaching us other girls to be better communicators. >> we're so happy to hear about the series continuing. now, the little film called "star wars." >> yes. >> what was it like being -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm so happy to be here to make sure everyone knows it's coming out tomorrow. in case you didn't know. >> what was it like being on the set of this franchise? >> it was incredible. i mean, it was odd because rian johnson makes such a protective environment. on set and i'm in my costume there to do another day on a movie and the camera starts rolling and i open my eyes and i saw c3po and i started crying so
8:33 am
i blew my first take. i was so emotional. >> understandably so. >> yeah. >> there's a theme here because your character in the tv series, a little mysterious and your character in "star wars" a little mysterious. >> yes. >> yes. >> both powerful and complicated and you're not sure what you're going to get. >> exactly. >> so you will have to see to find out. [ applause ] >> well done. >> so you had the royal premiere in london the other night. had a lot of fun but not your first royal premiere. you have to tell us the story. >> no, in fact, it was very beautiful to be with the royal highnesses and william and harry and actually speak to them about having had the privilege of knowing and first meeting their mom at a royal premiere as well which was amazing and also, oh. and also knowing her and she was such an extraordinary woman as we all know. >> they must have really appreciated hearing --
8:34 am
>> there it is right there. >> yes, with my mother because we were on a film together so we got to watch the film and sit with her watching the film and she was so brilliant about film and music and, yeah, a true pioneer. >> i know everybody remembers you from another blockbuster "jurassic park." [ applause ] thrilled to hear the producers told me you loved your character, dr. ellie satler. >> i love her. >> you want her back. >> she's a feminist. she was awesome. she's incredible. [ applause ] i've been doing press the lat two days in london and oscar isaac was sitting beside me and said you come from the independent film world. she wasn't in "jurassic park." >> one and two. >> i love that character and working on it was amazing. >> could you see dr. satler
8:35 am
coming back? can we break some news? >> it might be time for some ellie satler but let's see. i don't know. >> i was just going to say. you're in a moment. i hope you're just loving it because we certainly love seeing you. you have great energy. i love talking with you at the emmys. the whole crew, just fun to be around. >> oh, you guys are all bright lights so happy to be here. [ applause ] >> time for you to make a decision. >> uh-oh. >> if you had one theme song for the rest of your life, would it be this theme song, "star wars." ♪ or how about this one from "jurassic park"? ♪ >> now, did you notice they kind of blend. john williams, do a mash-up. [ applause ] and on "good morning america" we'll have that mash-up next. >> the rest of the morning right
8:36 am
there. >> well, i'll tell you what as lara said we love talking to you. >> you too? and please send our best to your family and your dad. i love your dad. >> my dad being a great admirer of michael. >> he was saying your dad knows more about sports than michael does. >> i mean, i don't know -- >> combined. >> seriously it's incredible. it is incredible. >> i love talking to him as well. laura, thank you very much. everybody, "star wars: the last jedi" flies into theaters tomorrow. make sure you go check it out. yes, if you didn't know it's out tomorrow and coming up, tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals." big savings on jewelry, half off and, of course, with free shipping. we'll be right back. for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin.
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back now with the race to have the biggest and best christmas display out there. some homeowners are turning to professionals and forking over big bucks and marcus moore is outside an incredible display in san antonio, texas. we were supposed to do it when it's still dark out. what's behind you? >> reporter: well, it's an incredible display even though the sun is coming up because this is a house built in 1904 and this morning it is surrounded by 15,000 l.e.d. lights that have been put to the tune of your favorite "star wars" theme music and it's an incredible show. take a look at this video from nighttime. you can see how fascinating it
8:40 am
is as those l.e.d. lights and move to the music. it has really become a spectacle for people in this san antonio neighborhood and really anyone from this area who will come and really going to get a taste of the holiday spirit with that "star wars" spin. and the homeowner. it wasn't even his idea. the husband and wife team with living light shows in san antonio saw this house and said it would be perfect for our show this year so this is their model home and i think it's on the dark side, rob, because i haven't seen luke, i haven't seen obi one. darth vader. >> himself. i am feeling the force all the way from new york here. tell me, they're hiring professionals. that wasn't clark griswold that put that together. how much does this cost? >> reporter: no clark griswold here. he would be envious. take a look at this house in florida. the owner there of randy's holiday display holiday lights says a display like that will
8:41 am
cost $20,000. customers pay between $50,000 and $30,000 and for a display like this with the l.e.d. lights you're looking at $50,000, but, rob, the owners say you can't put a price on the feeling you get when people come to enjoy your holiday display. >> you're right about that. marcus moore spreading the christmas joy, thanks, buddy. what did you think about those christmas lights? pretty spectacular. those l.e.d.s will save you on the electric bill. see the season finale of "the great christmas i'm abc7 news meteorologist tomb too many with your accuweather forecast. mid to upper 60s later on this afternoon. the mild trend continues. on the accuweather seven-day forecast, high clouds on friday, windy on saturday. our oh, yeah, put your coat on your dog. if you have a coat to spare we need it. we are celebrating our 11th annual warm coat, warm hearts drive.
8:42 am
partnering, of course, with burlington and delivering good and "star wars" star mark hamill, he stopped by to donate a coat already. have a look. >> seasons greetings. it's time for family and friends but i hope you'll think about those less fortunate than yourselves and donate a nice coat to keep a person warm. [ applause ] happy holidays. >> there it is. feel the force, donate a jacket and remember donate one of your gently used coats to a local burlington store and see how many we've donated so far. there's the drum roll. let's hear it. 64,812 coats. go to our website and learn more about how you can get involved. always a great program. our 11th year, roblen and lara, back up to you. >> thank you. >> all right. time -- i can't not believe this, our final "deals & steals"
8:43 am
of 2017 with this wonderful woman right here. [ applause ] what a year. what a year. >> it's here, baby. >> there is a gift for everyone on your list that you can still get in time for christmas. the bargains start at just $10 today? >> yes. >> let's do it. >> that's key. everything is today only. today only. yes, okay, starting with alex and ani. you though this company well. you have profiled this company. everything is made in america so we know that david muir will like this company. i pick these for you. everything happens for a reason. you have got this. let's toast. i chose that for you. and this one for you. good vibes. >> ah. >> thank you. >> what i love most is everything has a message and there is a huge assortment. normally from 28 to $98 slashed in half 14 to 49 and free shipping from alex and ani. >> wow. [ applause ] >> okay. >> fellow survivor, thriver, so
8:44 am
you got this. >> awesome. >> i love that. >> poopouri. >> lara's favorite. >> this is -- everybody knows when we were on facebook, this is the brand that everybody was talking the most about. celebrating their ten-year anniversary. it's the bathroom sprachlt i'll do it alone. that's okay. spray some before you go and no one will know and the shoe spray so eliminate shoe odor. this is honestly best stocking stuffer going to someone's house. do everybody a treat. bundles are $50 slashed by 52%. $24, the best investment. poopouri. flat to do it. blankie tails. a little shark blankie. okay. so christina, penn state junior. >> there you go, girl. >> mermaid blankets for teens or adults. >> i love those. >> the shark for kids.
8:45 am
huge assortment. a variety of colors. you guys were admitting plush, comfy. normally 30 to $35, these are slashed by 50%, 15 to 17 and free shipping on blankie tails. >> mission active wear. this is so good. really great. all of this is for working out or just -- sorry, it's taped down there. or just going out in cold weather. we've got a big assortment for both men and women on your list. everybody has vapor active technology. absorbs sweat faster to keep you dry longer. these range from 25 to 150 depending on what you choose and everything slashed by 60%, $10 to $60 from mission. >> can i tell you something about this? >> yes. >> i went online and bought some of the gear. these tights, they kind of lift a little. i highly recommend. [ laughter ] >> okay, omaha steaks. we have three different
8:46 am
assortments from omaha steaks. sausage, sliders, all beef meatballs, dessert, 30-ounce t-bone steak. that's one of the biggest we've ever had. she's ready. they range from 110 to $237. >> they can be pricey. >> but today $40 for two of the packages. the big t-bone package is $99. free shipping on all of the packages. >> omaha. >> wow, these are good. >> last but not least. >> lara's wheelhouse. >> the poop spray and cocktails. >> this is zero calorie cocktail mixers. you use this to replace -- we've got mock tails. these will replace any kind of high calorie high sugar mixes or juices, you get either the large sizes or the little singles. there's a variety of recipes, so much fun.
8:47 am
a perfect thing to have for new year's eve. the bundles are normally $33 slashed in half. 16.50. say cheers to that. cheers. >> cheers, everybody. >> the audience has them. >> everybody has. >> let's go. >> youf you've got a spicy one and a a sweet one. >> can we say cheers to tory for another fabulous year. >> the last "deals & steals" of 2017 so you are deserving of this. i didn't even know that was in the prompter. that just came from the heart. i wasn't even reading the prompter. >> i have something in the prompter that everyone is going to like. everyone here is going home with products from alex and ani, mission and, yes, wait for it. >> robin, tell them. >> poo-pourri. >> also getting the poo-pourri. [ applause ] >> it does work. [ applause ] >> great deals, all the details on our website. >> go get 'em.
8:48 am
one day only. thank you, tory. cheers, everybody. come on back. come on back. "gma's" "deals & steals" brought to you by target. save big with weekend deals only at target. 20% off "star wars" toys, apparel and home decor this weekend. apparel
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 am
back now with the very talented actress diane kruger, getting a lot of award buzz for her latest role in the movie "in the fade" and i got to say, diane, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> give it up for diane. >> thank you. >> there's so much to congratulate you on. the movie nominated for a golden globe. >> yes. >> and you, you just won best actress at cannes film festival. >> i did. >> amazing. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> but saying that i want to go back and say you never thought the movie would get into the film festival. >> yeah, well, you know, when you make a movie you don't anticipate stuff like that.
8:51 am
and my director who likes to have a drink after filming was really happy one day and said we're -- this is such a great day and he said i think we'll go to cannes with this movie and i said, yeah, right. so we made a bet about if we get in i have to get a tattoo, which i lost. >> you got it. went through. it's an anchor, right? >> it had to be an anchor because it's the symbol of hamburg where we shot and wanted it right here because my character has it in the movie and he has it so it took me a lot to just get it on -- my mother was super excited. she was like, really, you waited until 40 to get a tattoo? that's awesome. >> it was worth the wait and worth it for this movie. because this movie has been very -- has been incredible. getting great reviews and we have a clip of this movie and what it is, you are a mother who you're upset because a bomb has killed your husband and son and you are fighting for the justice in all of this.
8:52 am
we're going to take a look. here's "in the fade" with diane kruger. [ speaking german ] [ cheers and applause ] >> now, obviously very emotional and people said you were like liam neeson in "taken" but female. but also, this role, this movie is in german. >> yeah. >> you're german but this is your first movie in german. why is that? >> i don't know. i mean i left 25 years ago and so i wasn't an actor when i left, i guess, you know, i don't
8:53 am
know. >> so now are you -- how was it for you to go back and incorporate into movies into the language you grew up with? >> yeah, it was amazing. i felt like i was in my place, you know, i reconnected with my roots. you know, the story is based on true events about a neo-nazi attack. in germany we have lots of turkish immigrants and a lot of stigma with white german girls marrying turkish men. and so what happened was, yeah, there was a neo-nazi bomb attack and they died and they were immediately found guilty and thought that of course, they're turkish, they must be in on it, the must be the turkish mafia, stuff like that. >> i tell you what, the movie, all these accolades for a good reason, a little oscars coming up soon. we'll see how that goes for you as well. wishing you the best and the movie is "in the fade" and hits theaters on december 27th. diane kruger, everybody. we'll be right back.
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good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist drew tuma has a look at your day. >> hi, reggie. jouft si outside we go. there's a little haze in the atmosphere. we have a spare-the-air day in effect, meaning no wood burning in the next 24 hours. we're in the 30s and 40s on our way to mid-60s, upper 60s later on today under total sunshine. taking a look at your commute, it's starting to wind down a bit. red means we're pretty busy in some spots. a full disclosure this ramp north 101 to 116 in petaluma due to an overturned rig. they say about 1:30, so still a sigalert in effect there. >> we'll see you at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
for the abc7 midday news. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "star wars: the last jedi," laura dern. and star of the new film "in the fade," diane kruger. and the hottest toys of the season as we continue our "live's holiday gift guide." plus, we will reveal the winner of "live's home for the holidays photo contest" ." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: hi. >> ryan: hi, guys.


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