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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 15, 2017 4:00am-4:29am PST

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making news in america this morning, tax plan snag. marco rubio comes out against the tax compromise on capitol hill. this morning, what he wants and who else may be fighting it. odds of an attack. a top north this morning predicting there is a 70% chance that president trump will attack north korea if kim jong-un makes one particular move. omarosa's controversial interview. the former "apprentice" star raising more questions than answers about her white house exit. >> i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me. >> this morning what former press secretary sean spicer is now saying. lost in the mail. the shocking ordeal this couple went through after they said u.p.s. lost their $800,000 inheritance check.
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plus, an end to an era today in the world of online chat. all right, everyone, we made it to friday. good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm eva pilgrim in for diane macedo. we begin with new uncertainty surrounding the sweeping tax bill that president trump is eagerly waiting to sign. >> yes, senator marco rubio says that he is withholding his crucial support unless he gets a key provision that he wants. he's now the second so-called defector, and any more than two senators to vote no from the republican side, that would derail the bill. abc's arlette saenz has new details from washington. good morning, arlette. >> reporter: kendis and eva, good morning. president trump is eager to sign a tax bill by christmas, but as congress barrels towards votes mention week, the republican tax
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plan is in limbo. president trump is sounding optimistic, republicans will deliver on a tax plan by christmas. >> i think we will get there. it will be in a very short period of time. it will be the greatest christmas present that a lot of people have ever received. >> reporter: but on capitol hill, there are signs of trouble. senator marco rubio is a no unless the bill further expands the child tax credit. >> unless they can figure out a way to add to the 1,100 figure, i won't support the bill. >> reporter: senator bob corker is expected to vote no as well. hevotes from republicans in order to pass. >> yeah, and as such, mike pence has delayed a trip overseas. arlette, thank you. well, as republicans race to pass their tax bill, it's not clear if senator john mccain will be on capitol hill for the vote next week. mccain is in the hospital being treated for side effects from his cancer therapy. he's fighting an aggressive
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form of brain cancer, but his office says he is looking forward to returning to work. in the meantime, house speaker paul ryan is denying reports he plans to leave congress after the midterm elections next november. on thursday he told reporters, quote, i ain't going anywhere. senator lindsey graham is warning that a u.s. attack on north korea may be imminent if kim jong-un launches another long-range ballistic missile. graham told "the atlantic" magazine there is a 70% chance that president trump would use military options if north korea tests another nuclear bomb. now, graham says time is running out, and if nothing changes, the president will have to use force. the u.n. says it's investigating claims that iran is arming rebels in yemen. u.s. ambassador nikki haley claims markings on recovered rocket fragments have iranian missile fingerprints. she says the missile parts might as well have stickers that say made in iran. if her claims are true, iran could be violating u.n. security council resolutions related to the nuclear deal. iran calls the accusations fake.
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the fcc has voted along party lines to repeal the so-called internet neutrality rules, but it could be months before we see any changes. new york and washington state are among those vowing to sue to stop the decision from taking effect. those rules force internet providers to treat all web traffic equally creating what supporters say was an equal playing field for all internet users, but republicans say the rules stifle the free market. >> this decision will not break the internet. what we are doing is reverting back to the highly successful bipartisan governmental approach that existed before 2015. >> the public can plainly see that a soon-to-be toothless fcc is handing the keys to the internet over to a handful of multibillion dollar corporations. >> the major internet providers are promising not to stop or slow any legal content, and
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while the companies could charge new fees, many analysts say fears of the consumer backlash will force them to think twice before doing so. the suspect in that deadly car attack in charlottesville, virginia, last summer is now facing a first degree murder charge. james fields, a self-described neo-nazi accused of driving his vehicle into a crowd of counterprotesters during that rally by white supremacists. heather heyer died during that attack and 35 others were injured. a firefighter has died in the line of duty battling that massive fire in southern california. 32-year-old cory iverson was with cal fire san diego for eight years and is survived by a pregnant wife and a 2-year-old daughter. he was fighting the thomas fire which is growing and threatening more towns in ventura and santa barbara counties. evacuation orders have now been issued for fillmore and shifting winds are posing a new threat today. >> just an incredible guy. a loving father.
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a loving husband and, you know, and today at the house, we went through all the ranges of emotion, i think, that you can go through when one of these tragedies occurs and the entire family just spoke about, you know, why cory. >> an accident review team will now investigate iverson's death. time now for a look at your weather on this friday morning. winter storm warnings are in effect right now because of lake-effect snow that is moving across the great lakes and across western new york. where up to a foot of snow is possible. another storm could dump and develop along the coast tomorrow bringing snow from the delmarva peninsula to cape cod and here's a look at your high temperatures today. it will be below freezing in new york, boston and chicago, below 60 as far south as dallas, 40s for the northwest and near 80 in los angeles today.
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well, coming up right here, the new allegations against actor dustin hoffman. also ahead, a rider is thrown from a jet ski. the dramatic crash and his rescue caught on camera. and "star wars: th
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sir, please wake up. sir, sir, wake up! >> frightening moments on the subway tracks here in new york. a man who fell unconscious ended up on the tracks as a train was approaching. people on the platform yelled for that train to stop. thankfully it did, and he was rescued and taken to the hospital. his medical condition remains unclear. oscar winner dustin hoffman is facing new claims of sexual misconduct this morning. three women have detailed their
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allegations against him in "variety" magazine. one of the women says hoffman exposed himself to her in 1980 when she was 16 years old. the other women accuse hoffman of assault. hoffman's attorney calls the allegations defamatory falsehoods. in the meantime, the nypd is now investigating sexual misconduct allegations against music mogul russell simmons. nearly a dozen women have come forward. a spokesperson said simmons will fully cooperate. he denies the accusations. nasa has discovered a planet in a solar system far, far away. it's being called kepler-90i, and it's rocky with a temperature of 800 degrees. it's about 2,500 light-years away. here's why it's significant. it orbits the star kepler-90 making it the eighth planet in the kepler system. that ties our solar system for the most planets orbiting a single sun. >> we have planet envy then, i
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guess. okay, so "star wars" fans say the force is strong with the latest installment of the saga. "the last jedi" hit theaters overnight making $45 million in those preview screenings thursday alone. critics have been raving. one review said for the first time in a long time a "star wars" movie feels like it's moving forward. as for super fans to borrow from darth vader, many say "the last jedi" is impressive, very impressive. >> yes! >> we're going saturday. we're going again tuesday. >> just awesome. just so great. >> i got my jedi order tattoo just for this movie. yes, look at that. >> i feel like i could conquer the galaxy. >> i have no idea what you're saying. >> another reviewer said you don't have to be a "star wars" fan to love this film, and it works even if you haven't seen the other movies. i was at the first screening here on the east coast last night, and it actually like from the moment the lucasfilm logo
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came up, everybody was cheering. they cheered throughout the movie. there were some special surprise appearances throughout that got the fans all going. >> but would you pay multiple times to see it again? >> oh, there's some folks that we interviewed that are going to go see it for the next four days. >> that's expensive. >> it is expensive but it's worth it. it's been two years. >> i guess. it's like 20 bucks to go to the movies these days. coming up another college fraternity in big trouble. yeah, but first reaction pouring in after omarosa's second big interview. the new questions about her white house exit and what sean spicer is saying about it. and one couple's battle after they say u.p.s. lost their $800,000 inheritance check. $800,000 inheritance check. months. t wat i want to talk about years. treatments have gotten better, so... i'm hoping for good years ahead. that's thanks to research funded by the american cancer society. the same folks giving me free rides to treatments, insurance advice, and a place to stay during chemo.
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milwaukee. it was all caught on a police officer's dash cam. that officer was only ten feet away. we do turn now our focus to that one name that is sparking debate across the country. omarosa. >> oh, yeah, her interview on "good morning america" was followed by another sit-down where she raised even more questions about her time as a senior white house aide. perhaps the only thing clear this morning is that omarosa isn't going away any time soon. this morning, omarosa is fueling new questions about diversity and conflict within the trump administration. >> i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people, and when i can tell my story, it is a profound story that i know the world will want to hear. >> reporter: the former "apprentice" contestant denies being fired saying she resigned after talking to chief of staff john kelly about concerns within the white house. >> i talked to him about some concerns that i had about issues, about one very urgent issue and pressing issue that
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would affect the president and -- >> urgent and pressing? >> absolutely. >> that would affect the president -- >> absolutely. >> -- in a dangerous way? >> in a big way. >> reporter: omarosa claims a lack of diversity often left her feeling alone. 22 staffers earn the top white house salary of $179,000. omarosa was the only african-american among that group, and secretary ben carson is the only black cabinet member. the administration is pushing back saying it's a diverse team. >> we always want to continue to grow the diversity here. we're going to continue to do that and continue to work hard. >> do you have any -- >> i don't have a number directly in front of me, specifically not african-american. >> reporter: omarosa says the president was sad when he learned of her departure. >> did omarosa share her concerns with you? >> i like omarosa.
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omarosa is a good person. thank you all very much. >> omarosa is promising to tell her story after her official last day on the job next month. meanwhile, former white house press secretary sean spicer told fox news he's not even sure why omarosa was hired at the white house. a fraternity at the university of houston has been indicted for abusing a pledge during a hazing ritual. the local chapter of pi kappa alpha was indicted. prosecutors say a pledge was forced to go without food, water and even sleep for three days. he suffered a lacerated spleen. prosecutors say he had a mental breakdown. >> i get it as a frat and there's a process of joining, but there's also a line you got to draw, and you can't be crossing that line. >> we want this to serve notice to all the universities, fraternities, students, their parents that hazing is a crime and hazing will be prosecuted. >> it's very unusual to have a fraternity prosecuted, but if convicted, the frat could be fined up to $10,000. a dramatic rescue in st. petersburg, florida. a man riding a jet ski was thrown into the water, knocked
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unconscious after a crash. you see it there ahead of you. thankfully an off-duty sheriff's deputy was nearby and raced in to save him. he was face down in the water but the deputy reaching him right there. the deputy, alex floyd, got him there in time, and the man will be okay. >> good news. today is free shopping day for online shoppers. about 1,000 major retailers including macy's, jcpenney, target and best buy are beefing shipping fees. no preliminary purchase needed and delivery is guaranteed by christmas eve. well, here's something you don't want to lose in the mail. a canadian woman says u.p.s. lost her $846,000 inheritance check from her family. lorette taylor and her husband say u.p.s. only offered them a $32 refund. the check, which was actually a bank draft, was lost in february. but here is the good news. the bank finally sent them a new one, granted it was ten months later, and the bank is saying they could have done more to
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resolve the issue sooner. >> you think? >> a lot sooner, right. in sports a lot of horsepower was promised on thursday night football. >> yeah, we say horsepower because you have the broncos and the colts who were going at it. denver went into full stride here in the third quarter scoring two touchdowns. look at it there, and they never looked back actually and won the game 25-13 from there. there was a frightening injury. the colts' brandon williams suffering a concussion on this play right there. >> that's kind of scary to watch. coming up, the end of an era online. also ahead, bake news. the white house press secretary sets the record straight about her pie-making skills. >> that was very clever. and the surprising gift queen elizabeth gives her staff for christmas.
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♪ all right, your friday "pulse," and we say a fond farewell to aol instant messenger signing off for good after a 20-year run. as of today it's a thing of the past. >> it ruled the world of online communication long before facebook and snapchat but failed to evolve as the world shifted to smartphones. >> all right. and in washington, piegate has officially come to a close. >> this all started if you remember on thanksgiving when press secretary sarah sanders tweeted a picture of a pecan pie she says that she made. that started a running joke with reporter april ryan who questioned whether sanders really made the pie. >> so here it is. sanders baking four pecan pies and this time she documented every step of the process and shared the pie with the press corps as well. well, queen elizabeth is going a bit budget on christmas this year. she always buys a traditional christmas pudding for everyone on her staff. >> yeah, this year she bought the pudding at the discount
4:23 am
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friday feelings at 4:27. thanks for being with us. >> all weekend vibes. >> right past friday and into the week vibes. >> winds will crank up. we have dry conditions and the winds will be very gusty. today, though, this morning, winds are calm. it's mainly clear sky out there. a live look here at kgo. you won't feel the winds much. we have hazy skies. by 7:00 it'll start to turn breezy. let's save that. there is a stall in the middle lane and that's the high-rise area.
4:27 am
you're seeing some slow traffic. here is also a stall we're seeing on the side of the road. >> looks like -- >> that is cleared out. >> reporter: let me show you the steps to city hall. people are bringing candles and flowers and notes. today they can pay their respects inside city hall. the mayor's coffin will be open to the public from 8:00 to 7:00 tonight. they do expect a large crowd.
4:28 am
making sure that the line keeps moving. there will be a condolence book that people can sign. that people can sign. city leaders expect this to be a sendoff. >> it is appropriate and fitting for a man who respect. >> this is someone that we saw on monday and on sunday and on saturday, excited for the holidays. >> reporter: mayor ed lee died suddenly on tuesday, a public memorial service is scheduled for 3:00 on sunday. doors will open here in city hall at 2:00. they do recommend you get here early. look at the marquee.
4:29 am
the city is ready to pay tribute to the mayor and to say good-bye. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, that memorial celebration will be held sunday at 3:00 p.m. inside city hall. it is open to the public and if you can't make it we will have live coverage here on abc 7 news. it's 4:30 and we're talking fire danger in the bay area this weekend. a red flag warning goes into effect tonight and fire departments are keeping a nervous eye on the forecast especially in the oakland hills where a fire broke out on monday night. two homes destroyed there. another damaged. gusty winds fanned the flames. >> crews have been advised to patrol more in their areas. as of right now we don't see any real threat coming up. we're just on heightened


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