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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 21, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, dangerous holiday driving right now. we're tracking the storm, moving across the country. just as tens of millions get on the road. from utah straight across to massachusetts. blizzard-like conditions in some places. several major airports in the bullseye. rain, ice and snow. the new security warning just out for this christmas. what authorities are saying about any potential threats from new york city to washington, d.c. to las vegas. the global headline tonight. the suv attack, plowing into shoppers. the discovery here at home after a 6-week-old is stolen. the baby's mother killed, and what authorities have now revealed. the olympic scandal back in the news tonight. the new movie. tonya harding helping. and tonight, she sits down with us. last minute shopping. the major deals we found today. and the gift card worth far more than what you pay for it.
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and our made in america christmas. we asked for more of your ideas, and they came pouring in. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and tonight, millions of americans are on the move for this holiday, and right along with them, unfortunately, a major storm moving across the country, too. snow already from the cascades to the rockies tonight. whiteout conditions in north dakota. several inches of snow today from colorado to michigan. dangerous conditions on the roads in denver tonight. authorities say more americans will be traveling this year than last year. a record number, in fact. as you can see, more than 97 million expected on the roads this holiday week. 51 million expected to fly in the coming days. but this storm is moving through some major travel hubs, and will effect travel on so many highways and interstates. so, we begin tonight with meteorologist rob marciano, he's live here in new york with the latest track. good evening, rob. >> reporter: good evening, david. this storm coming out of the rockies is going to expand across the eastern half of the
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country. really impacting just about everybody there. let's go with what's happening right now. the leading edge of this snow, kind of the lead blockers, from minneapolis to green bay to buffalo. just a couple of inches tonight. that low cranks up across the mid south. heavy rain from dallas up through i-40, in through tennessee, memphis, nashville could see some delays there. a wintry mix north of i-90. so, syracuse, albany will see delays, not only tomorrow, but i think again on saturday. looks like mostly rain for i-95. the coastal areas. but that's still going to be a difficult drive. and certainly some delays in new york and d.c. and atlanta. by sunday, the cold air replaces all of that. but a potential for a little storm developing on christmas day. just how much snow potentially falls, we don't know. but the cold air, david, certainly will be in place by then. >> all right, watching for that, as well, on christmas day. rob marciano leading us off tonight. rob, thank you. and just as millions travel, the new security warning just out for christmas. what authorities are now saying about potential threats, from new york city to washington, d.c. to las vegas.
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security stepped up in new york's times square, and in las vegas, they are installing barriers to now keep cars off sidewalks. abc's linsey davis with the warning from homeland security tonight. they want everyone to hear it. >> reporter: tonight, with tens of millions of americans on the move, the department of homeland security with that new call for vigilance. "as you travel, shop and gather together to celebrate the holiday season, we ask you to stay alert." heightened security here in new york city after those two terror attacks in the past eight weeks. the halloween truck attack that killed eight and the port authority isis-inspired subway bombing last week. the city is deploying special explosive detection k-9 teams, radiation detection devices and hundreds of additional officers. >> around the world, you're seeing increased tensions. so, we think this is a prudent action. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., extra precautions after, just days ago, an isis-inspired group sent out posters showing
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the famed washington national cathedral on fire. backpacks and oversized bags will no longer be permitted inside the national cathedral. and in las vegas, the city is installing 800 safety posts along the strip to stop potential vehicle attacks. and sending in a record number of national guard soldiers. >> everyone on heightened alert. linsey davis joins us live in times square. and we heard that message from the department of homeland security there, urging travelers to be alert. and linsey, you were telling us, law enforcement tonight continues to be concerned about isis propaganda? >> reporter: yeah, law enforcement officials are saying that they are increasingly concerned. they say, based on the call to arms by isis, they say that it has created a credible concern. but at the same time, they say there are no specific threats, but david, you see this increased police presence right behind me. >> linsey davis with us live tonight. linsey, thank you. there is also extra vigilance, extra security measures at america's airports tonight.
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in fact, passengers can expect longer lines, because the tsa is now doing a stricter check of electronics. abc's senior transportation correspondent david kerley is at reagan airport in washington for us. david? >> reporter: good evening, david. it is crunch time for christmas travel. these folks just arriving here. today and tomorrow, the busiest travel days. while the weather is still a threat, the sheer volume is the problem. tsa expecting to screen 20% more passengers over these busy days. and don't forget those new rules at tsa. electronic items bigger than your phone may have to come out of your bag. pack some patience, david. >> all right, we will. david kerley tonight, our thanks to you, as well. we do move on tonight, and to swift reaction to president trump's first major legislative victory since taking office. his historic tax cut bill passing. corporate america getting the biggest tax cuts, and tonight, several businesses announcing bonuses now for workers. the president and the republicans saying this is proof the bill is already working. but the real test, will the billions saved really be reinvested into the american worker? with new pay raises and new jobs.
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abc's mary bruce is at the white house. >> reporter: president trump today heading out to spread holiday cheer to wounded troops. >> we're just going to wish them a merry christmas, a happy new year. >> reporter: just one day after he delivered what he calls a present to the american people. tax reform. >> it will be an incredible christmas gift for hard-working americans. >> reporter: but it's actually corporations who stand to benefit most. they get a permanent tax cut from 35% down to 21%. >> ultimately, what does it mean? it means jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: republicans insist corporations will use their savings to boost wages and grow the economy. and some major companies have been quick to respond. at&t says more than 200,000 employees will receive a $1,000 bonus. comcast, wells fargo and boeing have also announced new investments or wage hikes. >> we're heartened that hours after this bill passed, we're seeing companies across the
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country giving bonuses to their employees. >> reporter: but are these more than just one-time gestures? boeing has big contracts with the government. at&t is hoping the administration will green light a big merger with time warner. and even when it pays out $200 million in bonuses, one top tax expert tells us at&t could save $2 billion a year from the trump cuts. >> tax breaks don't lead to job creation. they lead to big ceo salaries and money for the very, very wealthy. >> reporter: even before the trump tax cuts kick in, corporate america has already been sitting on massive amounts of cash that they haven't been passing on to workers. the question tonight, will that change? >> so, let's get to mary bruce, live at the white house tonight. and mary, on capitol hill tonight, we know congress voted to prevent a government shutdown and to temporarily extend the children's health insurance program, which, as we know, covers about 9 million american children. many were set to lose their insurance in the coming days? >> reporter: david, congress is voting on a short-term funding
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fix for children's health insurance and to keep the government up and running, but just through january 19th. punting, essentially, on many tricky political debates until after the new year. david? >> until january 19th. all right, we'll be watching. mary bruce, our thanks to you again tonight. next this evening, from houston, a baby stolen, just 6 weeks old, found safe and unharmed tonight. an amber alert had been issued after her mother was found stabbed to death. tonight, a suspect is in custody, and police have now revealed a stunning tale. abc's marcus moore from houston. >> reporter: tonight, the stunning twist in the case of a missing 6-week-old baby in texas. houston police now say this woman murdered her friend, then kidnapped the baby who she claimed as her own. >> pretty horrific homicide. >> reporter: investigators saying 28-year-old erika miranda-alvarez recently miscarried, faked a pregnancy to hide the miscarriage from her boyfriend and kidnapped little shamali flores. the baby, the focus of an urgent amber alert since tuesday, found just after midnight this morning
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at an apartment with miranda-alvarez and her boyfriend. >> based off pictures, detectives quickly determined the infant child was that of shamali. she did not put up a fight. she was cooperative. >> reporter: police say alvarez and 33-year-old carolina flores met each other five years ago, through flores' brother. investigators finding no signs of forced entry into her apartment, where a family member discovered her dead from multiple stab wounds. tonight, miranda-alvarez is charged with capital murder in her friend's death. >> and marcus moore with us live tonight from houston. it is a relief that that baby is okay tonight, marcus. but what more are you learning from investigators at this hour? >> reporter: david, right now, police believe the suspect in this case acted alone, without her boyfriend's knowledge. david? >> marcus moore with us tonight. marcus, thank you. we turn next overseas to the terrifying attack on holiday shoppers. an suv used as a weapon on the streets of melbourne, australia. the scene of chaos afterward. the driver pinned on the ground, a trail of injured people left behind. tonight, police are calling it a, quote, deliberate act, but so far, not terrorism. abc's james longman tonight on
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the investigation. >> reporter: frenzied chaos on a busy australian street. this mangled wreck, the weapon in what authorities are calling a deliberate act. witnesses say the white suv ran red lights before slamming into pedestrians. >> there were people screaming, running separate directions thinking it was a bomb. >> reporter: injuring 18, one still in critical condition tonight. this man dragged from the suv, officers seen holding him down and slapping him. authorities saying there is so far no link to terrorism, but the suspect was known to police. >> he's a 32-year-old australian citizen of afghan descent and has a history of drug use, as well as mental health issues. >> reporter: a similar incident in january killed six people right around the corner. >> shocking and surprising that it's happened again. >> reporter: concrete blocks were installed to prevent more vehicle attacks, but tonight, melbourne is shaken, again. tonight, the suspect is still in
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the hospital, where police are yet to formally interview him. they're still looking for a motive for this latest vehicle attack. david? >> james longman tonight. james, thank you. this evening, the u.s. has been denounced by most nations in the world for the decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move the u.s. embassy there. the u.n. general assembly voting on a resolution after threatening words from u.s. ambassador nikki haley ahead of that vote. >> this vote will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n. and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.n. and this vote will be remembered. >> despite those words, the vote to condemn, overwhelmingly approved, including by nearly every major u.s. ally, and russia, as well. the resolution is nonbinding and haley said it will make no difference in u.s. policy. next tonight, the search for answers in the police shooting of a bride to be in minneapolis.
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justine damond had called 911 to report a possible crime. that was back in july. we reported on it then. one of the responding officers then shooting and killing her when he arrived on the scene. that officer has never answered investigators' questions. the prosecutor caught on video, questioning the investigation. and tonight, so is justine's family. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, the secret holiday party recording stirring outrage for the family of justine damond, killed by a minneapolis police officer in her own driveway. >> investigators, they don't work for me. they haven't done their job. >> reporter: that's hennepin county attorney mike freeman unknowingly being recorded by activists while he criticizes the investigation and admitting the officer who shot damond five months ago still hasn't spoken to him. >> he won't answer my questions. and he doesn't have to. >> reporter: july 15th. three weeks before her wedding, damond called police to report a possible assault after hearing screaming in her alley. >> female screaming behind the building. >> reporter: responding to that call, squad car, lights off, officers matthew harrity and mohammed noor.
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harrity later telling investigators they were startled by a noise when damond suddenly appeared on the driver's side. noor, sitting on the passenger side, fired his gun through the open driver's side window. her heartbroken father, after learning of the recording, is demanding justice. >> we are deeply concerned about the possibility that the initial investigation was not done properly. >> reporter: freeman now apologizing in a new video. >> i was wrong to discuss both the agency's work and what discussions we were having internally. >> reporter: and david, the prosecutor expects to release new details on a possible charging decision next week. david? >> alex perez. alex, thank you. overseas tonight, to south korea, and a deadly fire, altering the route of the olympic torch relay. a dramatic scene outside this eight-story building. people dangling from the side. some jumping to air mattresses below. the olympic torch relay was to pass through that city tomorrow. of course, now, it will take a different path. and with the winter olympics just a few weeks away now, there
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is also new attention tonight being paid to one of the biggest olympic scandals of our time. there is a new movie out about tonya harding and nancy kerrigan, and that brutal attack. harding cooperating with filmmakers behind the new movie, "i, tonya," about the 1994 attack, just weeks before the winter olympics. harding's ex-husband pleading guilty back then of helping to plan the attack against kerrigan. kerrigan recovered from her injuries, going on to win the silver. harding told police at the time she did not know beforehand about the attack. abc's amy robach sitting down with her. >> reporter: do you still care what people think about you? >> no. yes. i mean, i care, but i don't care. >> reporter: you've said this, that 23 years later, there are still people who believe that you actually carried out that whack. >> yes. >> reporter: why do you think that is? >> because they don't listen.
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the media had me convicted of doing something wrong before i had even done anything at all. i'm always the bad person. is it a challenge from the lord to see how far i can be pushed until i break and become nothing? you can't push me that far anymore, because i've been nothing and i've been nothing several times. but it's my faith in myself and in my father that comes back to me and makes me get back up off my butt and be something worth being proud of. i always wanted my daddy to be proud. and now i want my son to be proud. >> and amy is here now. i know all this is part of a primetime special that airs right after the new year, january 11th. and amy, tonya harding is married, she has a son. and you've learned that she's actually back together with her old coach? >> reporter: that's right.
5:46 pm
tonya is skating again, just for fun, with long-time coach dodj teachman. and i saw for myself, david, that tonya is still a powerhouse on the ice, but her focus and her proudest accomplishment remains her 7-year-old son. >> so many opinions on this. amy robach, our thanks to you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the deadly house explosion and fire. the home leveled. at least one person killed. flames jumping to a neighbor's house. and tonight, the possible cause. also, the hospital shooting. the security guard shot right at the entrance there of the hospital. we'll have more in a moment. and, of course, the countdown is on. last minute shopping tonight. the major deals we found today, with just a few days left. and the gift card worth far more than what you pay for it. we'll be right back. i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist. he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing.
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>> it's almost christmas, dad! >> reporter: with christmas just four days away, the window for delivery is closing. but there's still time for deals. shop on amazon until 9:30 a.m. on christmas eve for same-day delivery in some cities. we spotted this xbox for $80 off. this coffee maker, 50% off. and this echo dot, a 40% discount. >> you can always go to your big box retailer and -- put the order in, to into the store and pick those up by christmas. >> reporter: for best buy, you have until 4:00 p.m. christmas eve to place your order for pickup. target accepting orders until 6:00 p.m. and if you're looking to skip the holiday hassle completely, gift cards can come with free cash. buy a $100 gift card at dsw, get a $20 bonus. for the pickiest on your list, consider gift-now. a customizable e-gift that lets friends or family accept what you bought them or change it up before the gift ships.
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experts say nearly a billion dollars in gift cards are wasted each year, so, if you give one or get one, be sure to check the expiration date. david? >> erielle, thank you. when we come back here tonight, more on that deadly house explosion. at least one person killed. images from the scene. and made in america christmas. we asked for more of your ideas, your one thing this christmas, and they are pouring in tonight. you got to see this. you got to see this. could this ? was my warfarin treatment right for me? my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots... eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop.
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>> made in america. >> hey, david. >> reporter: and callie simpson and the memory foam night pillows. >> handcrafted in the heartland of america by good old american ingenuity. >> reporter: 20 workers in this factory in detroit. 18,000 pillows sold in the last three years. >> happy holidays. >> hi, david! >> reporter: peterboro baskets in peterboro, new hampshire. >> made in america since 1854. >> reporter: that's right. still family owned. the appalachian white ash wood from all over new england. 28 workers cutting, hand weaving and adding the finishing touches. 135,000 baskets this christmas. and then, what so many of you at home have bought already. >> hi, david. >> reporter: the green glove dryer. what to do with those wet gloves. you saw and you ordered. >> since we've aired, this is just one round of today. >> reporter: sales up 60%. >> we can hardly keep up, but we're doing it. thank you, david, thank you, "abc world news tonight." >> reporter: and laura from cincinnati, ohio.
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>> these made in america candy canes from doscher's candy. >> reporter: doscher's candy, newtown, ohio. hundreds of new orders after you saw them right here. >> made in america. >> reporter: and the john stein tree company in mckinleyville, california. the kit, so you can grow the christmas tree yourself. >> since being featured on made in america, we have shipped thousands of christmas tree grow kits all across america. >> reporter: four times the usual orders. and new hires tonight. >> thank you very much, "abc world news tonight." >> you're welcome. americans helping americans. thanks for watching here on a thursday. i'm david muir. have a good evening. good night. tonight only abc7 news has
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details on the arrest of a suspect accused of mailing bombs to people in the bay area, including a police officer. i'm spencer christian, temperatures well below freezing over much of the bay area tonight. chilling details coming up. and we're live with the controversy coming out of what was missing from the public memorial for mayor ed lee. caricature of a certain group and race is very devastating. i'm just sad to say that was being done in that kind of an event. >> amid the condolences on unexpected death of mayor ed lee, criticism that a key element was missing from public memorial. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. today in chinatown people gathered to remember the mayor who got political start in that community. held their own event because felt not represented at public
6:00 pm
memorial. >> more than 1,000 people attended but only asian-american speakers were ed lee's two daughters. alyssa is live. >> some offended by how a prominent speaker described late mayor. >> reporter: talking about his smile and squinty eyes, and lot of people took great offense with. some people in asian-american community say that was insensitive, especially at his memorial service and tonight they're honoring him in chinatown with a candlelight vigil. chief of protocol charlotte schutz recalled his laugh. >> wonderful laugh with swingely -- wetwingel twingely -- just like the picture, squinty


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