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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 22, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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and good evening. i'm tom llamas, in for david tonight. and we begin with more than 100 million americans moving across the country right now. and the major holiday storm about to collide with some travelers. airline passengers facing huge crowds and long lines at tsa checkpoints. dallas love field, one of the busiest airports in the country, evacuated after smoke from an air conditioner triggered a fire alarm. in new jersey, at least two people killed and several injured in that fiery crash. you see right there on the highway. and tens of millions driving right now. one of the busiest times to be on the road. rob marciano standing by with the forecast. abc's eva pilgrim leads us off. >> reporter: millions of americans battling gridlock and mother nature en route to their holiday destinations. in new jersey, massive backups after this fiery crash shut down a highway. two people were killed, six
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others hurt in this seven-car pileup. the cars engulfed in flames. more than 97 million americans are hitting the roads this holiday season. experts warning it could take three times longer to get where you're heading. in colorado, heavy snow making a mess on the roads causing a massive slow down. cars spun out. waiting for help on the side of the road. and several states in the northeast issuing travel advisories due to dangerous driving conditions. this car sliding off the road in plymouth, new hampshire. >> we were supposed to head out tomorrow. we heard the weather was terrible. they're talking about ice and bad driving conditions. >> drivers need to be careful this weekend. eva pilgrim joins us live, from ft. lee, new jersey, and you've been tracking that major storm and those travel advisories. police lowering speed limits and asking travelers to stay off the roads? >> that's right, tom. 15 states in the path of that major storm. in maine, police there lowering
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the speed limit on the turnpike from 70 to 45. the roads so icy in vermont, that authorities there are asking drivers to stay off a 30-plus-mile stretch of interstate. tom. >> all right, more on that storm? just a moment. eva, thank you. from roads to america's airports tonight, the skies over america are filled at this hour. take a look at the map. airlines crisscrossing the country carrying nearly 3 million passengers today alone. for many of them it was a slow going at the start. abc's david kerley is at reagan washington national airport. >> reporter: passengers heard the order. by the nearest exit. >> please evacuate. >> reporter: instead of heading home, they headed out of dallas love field. firefighters working what turned out to be small air conditioner fire. >> you got to turn around and go back this way. >> reporter: they all had to be rescreened through security again. delays of up to 90 minutes. all across the country, the lines were long. 2.7 million took to the sky, a sky filled with airliners by midday. in washington, we went behind the scenes.
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for united airlines, this is the busiest day for this holiday season. a half million passengers being moved today. with weather a potential threat, they keep an eye on the maps as baggage fills the belts. this jet arrived from boston, turned around and headed to l.a. in 50 minutes. as united tries to get 5 million passengers home between now and new year's. >> how's it going? >> so far so good. our on-time performance is right about where we expect it to be. given the volumes and the weather. >> some good news from the east coast there. senior transportation correspondent david kerley joins us from reagan airport. we saw that crush of some 3 million flyers today. the busiest so far of the season. looking ahead, what will be the busiest travel day for those trying to get back home? >> well, think about it, tom, last night and tonight, two of the busiest days to get out of town. many of these passengers are going to want to come home soon after christmas. tuesday after christmas is expected to be extremely busy if you want to fly. tom. >> and all eyes on the weather.
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all right, david, thanks so much. now to that major storm sweeping across the country at this hour. 15 states in the path of snow and rain, from texas all the way to maine. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano along new york's west side highway. rob, this is a serious storm. >> it is. it's a big one. it really reaches far and wide here. just north of here, it's a wintry mess, especially north of i-90 and i-94. we got de-icing programs at the airports, at boston and buffalo tonight. the warm side of this system -- rain stretches all the way back to dallas, memphis, to south of there, flash flooding today. rain will still be an issue tomorrow in nashville and cincinnati. during the day tomorrow, but by tomorrow night we start to get the cold air to filter in behind that and that sets the stage for potential snow on christmas day. then a coastal low developing on monday with some snow along the i-95 corridor.
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just a couple inches there. heavy snow across northern new york and northern new england. a white christmas for some. >> we'll keep tracking that storm. rob x thanks so much. now to the other big story we're following tonight. the alleged christmas terror plot in san francisco. the fbi arresting a former marine recruit accused of planning to attack fisherman's wharf on christmas day. authorities say he was inspired by isis and the deadly halloween attack here in new york. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with more. >> reporter: the alleged target, san francisco's fisherman's wharf on christmas day, when it could be packed with holiday revelers. the fbi says this tow truck driver was secretly planning a yuletide massacre using bombs and guns. everitt aaron jameson, accused of being an isis sympathizer. a man the fbi says celebrated the devastating vehicle attack in new york on halloween that left eight people dead. jameson allegedly telling an fbi informant, "i'm glad to know we muslims are finally hitting back."
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he is a former marine recruit and sharpshooter discharged for failing to disclose a history of asthma. investigators say he described himself to the informant as a muslim convert, adding, "this is what will make me more useful. i can blend in." and when the fbi searched his home they say they found firearms and a handwritten martyrdom note specifically mentioning president trump. >> pierre thomas joins us now from washington. pierre, does the fbi know how and when he allegedly became radicalized? >> tom, apparently radicalized online. the fbi claims he posted isis propaganda on social media, including calls to kill americans this holiday season. tom. >> all right, pierre, thanks so much. next tonight, president trump in mar-a-lago, hours after celebrating his first major legislative victory. the president signing that tax cut bill into law, surrounded by cameras in the oval office. president trump already looking at the next item on his agenda in the new year. here's abc's david wright.
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>> so this is the bill right here, and we're very proud of it. >> reporter: this may be the most sweeping overhaul of the tax code in a generation. >> that's your bill. >> reporter: but today's signing ceremony was a rush job. >> we did a rush job today. it's not fancy, but it's the oval office, it's the great oval office. >> reporter: the president, like someone who can't wait to open his christmas present. >> i was going to wait for a formal signing some time in early january, but then i watched the news this morning and they were all saying, will he keep his promise, will he sign it by christmas? you were one. but, will he sign it by christmas? and i called downstairs and said get it ready, we have to sign it now. >> reporter: traditionally, the bill's strongest champions on capitol hill would get the pens used to sign it as a keepsake. not today. congressional leaders weren't even there. >> so, here you go, folks, you want the box with it or not? >> reporter: so the president
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handed out the ceremonial pens like stocking stuffers. he calls the tax cuts a christmas present to the middle class. and most americans will see their taxes go down, but only temporarily. the biggest cuts will benefit corporations and those cuts are permanent. >> reporter: president trump's real estate empire certainly stands to gain. but how much? hard to tell. >> mr president, are the american people ever going to see your tax returns? >> reporter: because the president still refuses to disclose what he pays. >> david wright joins us now live. david, you were there at the white house today. this new tax plan by far the president's biggest legislative achievement and one of the biggest days of his presidency. he mentioned today there in the oval office he hopes to carry this momentum in the next year with the plan for infrastructure. >> that's right, tom, he hopes to approach that issue with help of the democrats. but the democrats have
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priorities of their own and both parties are going to be looking ahead to the midterms. tom. >> the president promising to work with democrats in the new year. all right, david, thank you. next tonight, the hunt for a serial killer targeting drivers near fresno, california. at least ten vehicles have been hit by gunfire in the last month. the victims targeted at random. here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: tonight, california authorities are blanketing fresno county looking for the most frightening of shooters. a gunman randomly taking pot shots at passing cars. shots ringing out from nowhere. >> someone just shot my boss. >> reporter: of the ten shootings, so far only one victim hit. a woman with a shrapnel injury to the chest. the man in this 911 call, reporting the injuries. >> my boss here got shot through her window in the car. can you send an ambulance? >> okay, did she get hit? >> yes, she's bleeding. >> reporter: all the victims reporting sudden, loud bangs as
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the bullets hit their cars. the only description is of the vehicle passing by quickly. a large, dark pickup truck with oversize wheels. no glimpse of the driver. >> if this keeps going, it's going to be a matter of time before we have a murder investigation. >> reporter: tonight, police are flooding the area and offering a $7,000 reward. tom. >> ten cars hit so far. all right, jim, thanks so much. now to the firestorm erupting around the miss america pageant. at least 49 former winners demanding the ceo and board members resign after offensive and inappropriate internal e-mails about former contestants were made. dick clark productions cutting ties with the organization. here's abc's linsey davis. ♪ >> reporter: the pageantry of miss america replaced by pandemonium tonight. this, after sam haskell's e-mails from 2014 were leaked to the huffington post. exposing alleged sexist, crude
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and demeaning conversations. >> miss new york! >> reporter: 2013 miss america mallory hagan is the subject of derogatory comments about her weight and love life. >> having someone bully you, belittle you, demean you, degrade you in any way is not okay. stand up for yourself. because it does matter. >> reporter: she's now one of 49 former miss americas demanding haskell and others step down. describing a culture of abuse. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson who won the pageant in 1989 tweeted, "every mao executive & board member who engaged in such crude behavior & signed off on it like it was no big deal should resign immediately." haskell responding that the e-mails were stolen. >> linsey davis joins us now. late word tonight that some of the pressure from the former miss america winners is actually working. >> you're right, tom.
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we just learned that the board voted to suspend ceo sam haskell and another board member stepped down today. and a member of the production staff who the organization made the most egregious comments was fieshd earlier. >> linsey davis with those major developments tonight. linsey, thank you. now to the growing outrage over the iphone slowdown. apple facing at least two lawsuits admitting it intentionally slows down older model iphones. the company insists it's protecting phones from overloading and shutting down. but many customers believe it's just a ploy to make them buy new iphones. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, the backlash growing, apple now facing dual class action suits after the company revealed software updates could slow down performance speeds on older iphones. the company claiming the updates keep customers battery's running longer. but in two separate complaints filed customers say they, "were never given the option to bargain or choose whether they preferred to have their iphone slower than normal." and that apple was "purposefully and knowingly releasing software
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updates that slowed performance speeds." >> if you put a better battery in and the battery health is better, it's not going to down-clock those speeds. the processor will run at normal speeds. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news apple says, "our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices." >> they could have told us what we can do to get a new battery. do people out there really know that they can go to a apple store get a new battery for $80? >> reporter: many customers we talked to are skeptical -- >> i think once you upgrade your phone it works slower so that you are forced to go into the newer one. >> so, you've noticed a difference in the speed? >> speed, yes. >> speed and like random glitches. >> tom, even for new iphones, keep in mind the battery starts to age after 500 complete charges, losing about 20% of its power. tom. >> 500 charges. all right, gio, thank you. and a passing to note tonight. >> oh, my! >> that signature catchphrase,
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hall of fame sportscaster dick enberg has died. his voice associated with some of the biggest moments of any game, whether it was baseball, football, basketball, tennis or even the olympics. the legendary vin scully calling his friend the greatest all-around sportscaster who ever lived. dick enberg who said he wanted to be remembered as a fan in the stands, was 82 years old. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday -- the lockdown at lambeau field. police and emergency crews responding to a car-ramming incident involving two former co-workers. what happened. plus, an emergency water landing, all caught on camera. coming up, the moment the single-engine plane crashes into the bay. and right after the break, the best deals on big-screen tvs and apple watches. plus, the pro tip that can bail out even the worst last-minute shoppers. stay with us. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot.
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back now with the millions of americans scrambling to finish their christmas shopping. why it may have been smart and even better to wait until now. as abc's rebecca jarvis reports, tomorrow could pack the best deals since black friday. >> reporter: tonight, it's a procrastinators' paradise. >> this weekend is one of the best weekends to go shopping, specifically on saturday. the discounts are unprecedented. we haven't seen discounts like this since black friday. >> reporter: at best buy, this samsung 43-inch 4k smart tv now on sale for $350, $250 off. at target, apple products on sale, including this apple watch, now $70 off. and at walmart, this kitchenaid mixer, now $200. 126 million americans preparing to hit the shops for super saturday. walmart letting you order online until 4:00 p.m. december 23rd and pick up for free in stores christmas eve.
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toys r us also throwing in a $5 gift card. amazon's giving prime members until christmas eve at 9:30 a.m. to order for free same day delivery. >> all right, you heard it right there. christmas eve 9:30 a.m. rebecca joins us now. rebecca, you were just telling me about some last-minute gift card deals. >> it's better to give than to receive, unless you can do both. many retailers and restaurants are now offering buy one, get one free gift card offers. tom. >> giving and receiving, definitely the best options. all right, rebecca, thank you. up next right here, the urgent warning for fans of oprah winfrey tonight. >> it's a fraud, it's a fraud, it's a fraud! >> you heard it right there. more on oprah's fraud warning. we'll be right back. more on oprah's fraud warning. we'll be right back. ave moderate rheumatoid arthritis and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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at the stadium used his car to chase down a co-worker who was running away on foot. he then crashed into another vehicle and damaged four others. the two had an earlier altercation. that fired worker is in custody tonight. and the urgent message from oprah winfrey, alerting the millions who follow her to watch out for scams. the star saying imposters on instagram are asking for money in her name and her network o.w.n. >> it's a fraud, it's a fraud. it's a fraud! don't believe it. don't give up any bank accounts or personal information. >> o.w.n. tv telling fans they're working to deactivate fraudulent accounts. to south florida, a crash landing in biscayne bay. the pilot of the single-engine plane, saying, he suddenly lost power, he landed in the ocean. amazingly no injuries so far. and up next, the family stranded in the bull's eye of hurricane harvey.
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but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. finally tonight, america strong. a growing family that faced down hurricane harvey and nearly lost it all. they were essentially homeless until a major gift came their way following a report right here on "world news." here's our matt gutman. >> reporter: when we first met danielle weeks, she was bracing for the worst. what about your home? >> we actually live in an rv. we're pretty worried that we
5:56 pm
won't have a home to go back to. >> reporter: in the coming days, william and danielle salvaged the soggy remnants of their life there. >> i'm going to head back. i don't want to be there. >> reporter: their home was gone, but something else was arriving. >> let's go have a baby. >> reporter: lauren lynn weeks. 7 pounds, 12 ounces and one sweet yawn. >> oh, baby. >> what was it like? >> they got her out and instantly started crying. it was a great moment. >> reporter: but now the weeks had three kids under 4 and no home. >> when we heard the story on abc, we just kind of -- i blurted it out, i think. i just said, why don't we just give them it? give them the tiny house. >> reporter: the one sitting in their driveway. so the nelsons who own a construction business drove it nearly 1100 miles to corpus christie. >> thank you, thank you, thank you.
5:57 pm
>> it means more to us than we can say in words. >> reporter: the weeks' tiny house is now in corpus christi. and bella's back in school. >> i remember picking bella up one day from school. she came in and put her backpack down and said it's finally starting to feel like home. and that's when i knew we'd be okay. you can watch much more on their story on the abc news documentary, after landfall on or on our app. thank you so much for watching on this friday night. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. for david and all of us here, good night. a terror attack targeted san francisco's pier 39 on christmas day. tonight we have team coverage digging into what was planned and preventing it. they're ready. are you?
5:58 pm
california will legalize cannabis sales on january 12st. we'll explain what to expect. an emotional day in the north bay as hundreds of students get to return to their school following the wildfires. you'll see who provided them with a special escort. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. hey, dad, i was like wow are you serious? you want to bomb people? you don't kill people. you know what i mean? >> a man who once wore the uniform of the marines stands accused of plotting a terror attack in san francisco to show support for the islamic state. >> the suspected attacker is from the central valley but he was just here on sunday at the raid ers game with his dad. >> he's accused in a criminal
5:59 pm
court of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and plotting an attack. >> he denied the allegations in the complaint. a complaint is an accusation, not a formal charge. you can only enter a plea to a formal charge. he'll plead not guilty to those on january 5 when we learn what they actually are. >> attorney general jeff sessions says, quote, our incredible law enforcement officers have once again helped thwart an alleged plot. > >> the fbi served a search warrant at his home and say his plans targeted pier 39 in san francisco.


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