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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> daring rescues.
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saving lives in santa barbara county. the region hit by a devastating storm that dumped have half an inch of rain in five minutes setting off mudslides. search and rescue crews are finding people amid the wreckage, like this family. parents, children, including a baby, even dogs lifted safely out of their homes. thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm dan ashley. the area of santa barbara county hit by the storm is only just beginning to recover from the thomas fire. mudslides, flash flooding, and debris flows that were waste-high. >> at least 50 people have been rescued using air support. dozens more were rescued on the ground. 7,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. here's abc news reporter danya backes. >> reporter: it's an all-out search for rescuers. >> we have multiple reports of people trapped. >> reporter: plowing through the walls of mud, standing on top of homes, using search dogs hoping to find those who are reported
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missing. >> our worst fear coming to life right now. our people are out there trying to do the best work they can and perform as many rescues as they can. >> reporter: the rain fell hard. officials say 2 to 4 inches fell in less than 30 minutes in some areas. bearing down on the same parts of southern california blackened by those devastating wildfires. >> the only words that describe what it looked like, a world war i battle field. >> reporter: with nothing to hold the soil in place, debris and mud flows wreaked havoc in the middle of the night. >> i woke up my wife, we did not know what to do, surrounded by mud. >> i ran and jumped on the bed and basically in seconds it was as high as the countertop inside the house. >> reporter: the mud sweeping homes off foundations prompting rescues from the air and on the ground. rescuers pulling a 13-year-old girl from the mud after she was trapped inside a home for hours. cars stuck in mud. >> look at all that debris.
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>> reporter: intersections inundated with floodwaters. in burbank, a debris basin partially collapsing. >> there was a lot of water that rushed down this hillside. >> reporter: officials fear the number of people dead could rise. they say about two dozen people are still unaccounted for. and at least 25 have been injured. >> we are getting a closeup look at the grueling work by first responders following the storm's deluge. the spokesperson for the santa barbara county fire department has been documenting it in dramatic images posted on social media. at times successes. people trapped in the rubble saved, like this girl covered in mud, removed from the debris on a stretcher. a 14-year-old girl among the survivors. seen here on the bottom right between two rescuers. adding in the search, rescue dogs. riley here looks for victims where homes once stood. military vehicles roll in to move those who were rescued.
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other images capture the scope of destruction. this is highway 101 in montecito. a big rig stuck in its tracks. after the rain, the sun setting over highway 101. the calm after the storm as the process of roar begins. the bay area is seeing some storm wreckage as well. chp blames a rock slide for the death of a driver in napa county. the car went off highway 101 after being hit by a rock. it landed on an unstable hillside. investigators will wait to recover the driver's body until geologists determine it is safe for them to do so. it's very unstable. cal trans is working to see if last fall's wildfires perhaps weakened the soil. highway 121 will be closed between vichy avenue and wooden springs road until at least tomorrow morning. a live look at the exploratorium camera at pier 15,
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the skies there appear to be clearing but not drying off just yet. >> it's not going to be a completely dry forecast tomorrow. live doppler 7. while it appears to be a break, we are in a break, it's not going to last. here's a look at the wider picture from our live doppler 7 perspective. there is a system that is going to brush the northern end of our viewing area. it will bring in some scattered showers. it's a level 1 system for tomorrow. breezy at times. look at the rainfall amounts. nothing like what hit us last night. less than .1 inches of rain is expected. timing is key to everything. i'll let you know if this is going to impact your morning or afternoon commute tomorrow tomorrowing up. from southern california to anywhere in the bay area, when severe weather hits, abc news has you covered with the news app. get local hour by hour forecasts and track storms with live doppler 7. enable push alerts to get custom mobile weather updates for where
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you live. developing news, we're learning new details about a police shooting at a power plant in south san jose. katie marzullo is plaintiff on blanchard road tonight. >> reporter: i know it's hard to make out in the distance, but those tail lights are police units. there are still investigators on-scene trying to figure out exactly what happened six hours after the shooting. this location is the metcalf energy center. the energy center is owned by calpine corporation. a spokesperson told us that it was an intruder on the property who was shot by police. it does at this point appear that the man was armed. here's some of the police radio traffic from when officers first arrived on-scene. >> the metcalf energy center, unknown male at the front gate, pulled something out of the walking back and, he's >> there is a large sword on the front seat, i can see that.
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>> reporter: bay area news group report the intruder was carrying an ax that he refused to drop, and was shot by at least one officer and killed. the power plant spokesperson said no employees were hurt. at this point the san jose police department only confirming that they are investigating an officer-involved shooting. one other note, tomorrow chief garcia is set to unveil and demonstrate a new use of force public portal, a place online where people can go and get information about the police department's use of force policies. the map accused of sexually assaulting a teacher inside her classroom remains in jail. a judge set bail for andrew rookamonte at $195,000. police say surveillance footage captured the man at harker middle school around the time of last tuesday's attack. new at 11:00, an olympic figure skater fell victim to the auto break-in epidemic in san
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francisco. thieves busted out her windows at webster and post yesterday. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson explains what priceless item she lost and why she's pleading with the thief to come forward. u.s. olympic figure skater spent monday in san francisco, then came to japan town for dinner. when she left the restaurant she made a devastating discovery. >> it was just like a sheer moment of panic. >> reporter: the window of marisa casselly's rental suv was smashed. >> my turquoise rolling bag was gone, that's where my costumes and skates were. >> reporter: the skates custom made. her costumes hand crafted. each dress cost about $1,000 to make. they are priceless in emotional value. >> without them i'm just -- i feel incomplete. at first i was just like, oh my god, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. >> reporter: the break-in happened just hours after chief scott announced a new plan to combat property crime. >> we had a little bit over
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30,000 car burglaries last year. >> reporter: this resident has had enough. >> three of four. these break-ins, it's rid diction lulls. this city's getting ugly. >> reporter: he's hoping the thieves will come forward. >> these are figure skating dresses. they mean the world to me and to everyone in my sport. >> reporter: however, they don't have much retail value. this crash involving a school bus sent 12 people to the hospital this morning, including the bus driver who is eight months pregnant. the children on the bus weren't hurt. investigators think the pickup truck hit a car in front of it, then spun into the path of the bus. oprah winfrey made an incredible social statement with her speech at the golden globes. >> boy she did. in a surprising twist, it actually benefited her big-time. why she suddenly has another $38 million in the bank. hope for d.r.e.a.m.ers. the new ruling that could affect
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millions. an expansion at the oakland zoo means a bright future for these newly rescued cubs. here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc 7 news. >> thanks, dan and dion. we were thinking of you when we made this. >> i'm steve carell. >> oh, that is steve carell. who picked up the check? was it a split? >> i have no idea, i left. heritage and innovation have made gillette the #1 shave in america. now get gillette quality at lower prices --
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a federal judge has temporarily blocked the trump administration's decision to end the daca program that protects young immigrants from deportation. daca, or delayed action for childhood arrivals, covers about 800,000 people in the country. the judge ruled the protection must stay in place until a lawsuit against the trump administration plays out. that's under way. the justice department says it looks forward to defending itself in court. california's attorney general, xavier acera placed tonight's decision. california and three other states are on the lawsuit. the caribbean was under tsunami warning earlier tonight following a 7.6 magnitude quake near honduras. the national tsunami warning
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center warned of hume danger in puerto rico, jamaica, and the coast of central america. no reports of damage from the quake. if you're a man and you want to start a family, taking a common over-the-counter pain killer on a regular basis may decrease your fertility. a new european study out today suggests regular usage of ibuprofen can reduce levels of the male hormone testosterone, can trigger bone loss and depression. it's sold in brands like advil and motrin. oprah winfrey's speech trove speculation she might run for president, also made her richer. oprah owns 10% of weight watchers international. she's also a spokesperson for the company. weight watchers stock soared by as much as 13% following oprah's speech on sunday. that gained oprah about $38 million more. new tonight, the orphaned mountain lion club being nursed back to health at oakland zoo after she was found on the brink
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of death. >> two other abandoned cubs were brought to the zoo last month. cornell bernard shows you soon the cubs will have a new habitat of their very own. >> reporter: she doesn't have a name yet but the cub is being nursed back to health at oakland zoo. >> she was on the brink of death when she came in. and we've been doing our best to help her out. >> reporter: conservation director amy gotleff says the cub was found on the side of the road in el dorado county in bad shape. look at her now. thriving and hissing at the zoo's vets. >> she's gaming her confidence. she's turning into a little lioness. >> reporter: two other cubs came to the zoo in early december, both males found in orange county. it's believed their mother was struck by a car. releasing all three cubs back into the wild is impossible. >> it would be a death sentence for them. without the proper mom training that they would need. >> reporter: the cubs will have a brand-new home here at zoot's newest addition, called california trail.
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the mountaintop addition now under construction would almost double the size of the zoo to 100 acres. with separate habitats for wolves, jaguars, grizzly bears, black bears, and mountain lions. preservation and conservation the message to visitors. >> oakland zoo's going to show you what you can do to help them. you're going to leave feeling like a california hero. >> reporter: california trail opens to the public in june. we've had a really rainy couple of days. how much more can we expect? >> things drying out at least for the most part? >> yeah, this is our break. enjoy it while it lasts. it's not going to last long for some of you. live doppler 7 showing you the lingering clouds and even some fog. visibility is down to seven miles. overcast skies in half moon bay. tomorrow you're going to have to deal with foggy spots. i do want to show you quickly a look back at that strong storm that just slammed southern california. they had up to half a foot of
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rain. high-elevation snow. and all the mudslides and debris flows that you saw videos of throughout the day and throughout the night. tonight, we are getting a break, scattered light showers. that is the same storm that brought us record daily rainfall. take a look, san francisco 3.15. old record was 2.36 set back in 1872. this was the 15th wettest for the city of san francisco. san jose had a daily record, 1.40. half moon bay, a new daily record 2 inches of rain. the last one in 1959. so this storm gave us a drenching. yesterday it just poured. almost half a foot of rain there, ben lomond 2 to 3 inches across many parts of the bay area. san jose, normally in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, over 2 inches of rain. did it help us? absolutely it did. it pushed our percent of normal up. as san francisco, 71% of normal. oakland, 78%. san jose, 69%.
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santa rosa, 72% on average. we need more rain but the reason why that storm did not cause any major damage here, december was so dry, the ground was able to absorb it. temperatures now in the 40s, 50s. it is going to be a cooler start tomorrow morning. a live look from our future towercam. visibility from this vantage point is good. foggy areas in the morning. there will be showers drying out late in the week. milder for the weekend. our level 1 system for tomorrow on our storm impact scale is a light one. scattered light showers. breezy at times. less than .1 inches of rain expected. this system is really going to be a hit or miss showers. 5:00 a.m., it is dry. you do have the fog around. 7:30 in the morning, mendocino county starts to see showers. we fast forward to 9:30. parts of the north bay will be getting wet. showers around 10:30. san francisco into the east bay. north bay will be seeing showers. and at noontime it's tag with the showers along the coastline. can't rule out a few showers well into the afternoon and
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between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. they'll be more isolated in nature. then the system winds down. this is really just going to brush the bay area. we could see a shower or two and that's why i would just carry umbrellas. give yourself a little more time tomorrow morning for the commute. fog will delay you. low 40s to low 50s. make sure you have a jacket or sweater because it will be chillier. tomorrow afternoon, a mix of clouds and a few showers. mid-50s to low 60s. you can download the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7 any time you want. tomorrow might be one of those days. level 1 system, light showers for your wednesday. you get a chance to dry out midweek. by the weekend, it is warming up. look at sunday. almost 70 inland. low 60s coast side. slight chance of showers on martin luther king day. drying out on tuesday. slight chance could change, i'll keep you posted. see you later, alligator. but how they're keeping cool and
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chances are you haven't seen this before. look closely. that's an alligator encased in ice at an animal park during unusually cold weather last week in north carolina. now the frigid temperatures, alligators slow down their body functions. they go into this hibernation-like process. they peek out their nostrils from the water when they need to breathe. we're told don't worry, they have now thawed out. >> and they're fine. we're told they're fine. who's afraid of an alligator in that condition? >> i dare you. >> don't do that. >> you feed it with the open claw. everybody knows that. >> don't try it at home. >> sports, jon gruden will be setting his alarm precisely for 3:17 a.m.
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raiders owner mark davis has
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had one goal the past six years, get jon gruden back. mission accomplished. all it took was a 10-year, $100 million deal. with a no-trade clause. a lot of raider legends showed up for the announcement today. tim brown, jim rice, howie long, lincoln kennedy, charles woodson to name a few. gruden needs the current raiders to play to the level of gates here during his first stint. >> it means the world to me that you're here. and you're welcome, as long as i'm the head coach, all of you are welcome here. i want you guys to be a big part of this raider organization. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attendance here today. some of you guys were on time. unlike when i was coaching here. i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i'd be back. but here i am, and i'm ready to get to work. >> exciting. warriors host clippers tomorrow night. they had special guests today at
1:36 am
practice. music legend dr. dre and jimmy iving dropped in featured in the hbo documentary "the defiant ones." they produced everybody from eminem and snoop dogg to bruce springsteen and bono. >> we still rock through the day. but his ability to make others great, that's what's special. >> they've seen a lot, met a lot of people. so when jaws drop with our group, you know it's a special day. >> we try to keep this lavar ball-free. but the kids play in lithuania, combining for 29 points against a lower-level european team. the ball brothers squad won by 10. about 1,500 in the game and the gym. 100,000 watching on facebook. the harlem globetrotters are in town for shows in oakland and san jose. dion went with both.
1:37 am
they played in the abc 7 sports department. ♪ ♪ >> take a look. >> hey! >> i like this live. >> yes. ♪ >> oh! >> we had fun. see the whole contest on our facebook page, abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. deuce is trying to take my job. >> you don't work, you just do that all day in the sports department. all right, abc 7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook, and all of your mobile devices with our abc 7
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superior accuracy, the new ac cue wed weather app. go to your app store and download now. >> right now on "jimmy kimmel live," gary oldman. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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a mustang maserati smashup is witnessed by a group of bikers. these guys jump into action. how tracking a suspect leads to handshakes all around. you're looking at the a bunch of -- >> adults behaving like children at a playground. >> what set off the chair-throwing chain of event. >> oh! a dog survives more than a year -- >> trapped in that piece of plastic. >> how a hero who traveled 500 miles finally solved the problem. >> wait, that really works? and pranksters on a sneaky mission. >> putting hotdogs in people's pockets. >> why expanding to hoodies have people scratching their heads. >> what? where does this come from? the sun is going down. it's time to head back to the hotel after a fun track day with your buddies. they pull up to this light, impatiently wait, when others don't. few cars scoot right around and continue on their journey. the mustang -- oh!
1:42 am
instantly goes head-on into a maserati. before anybody else is able to react, the guys on the bikes ride right over and begin to administer aid. you see the driver in that maserati hop out. he goes to help his female passenger out of the vehicle, while these guys tend to the mustang driver. >> sir? look at me. >> man, he looks like he's in shock. >> the driver of the mustang seems shaken up. they sit him down and the guy with the helmet cam goes over to the driver and passenger of that maserati. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> what's hurt? >> my hand. high mannehand. >> does your neck hurt? >> no. >> what about your back? >> he's like an emt or something. >> he's not an emt. he's just from the netherlands. nine out of ten of them know basic first aid. that's why he sounds like he knows exact will i whatywillly doing. you see the


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