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tv   ABC7 News at 430 PM  ABC  January 20, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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defiance. the annual women's march. take a look, sky7 live over justin herman square where the second annual women's march in san francisco ended just a short time ago. ten similar rallies were held around the bay area today. we have live team coverage of the rallies in san francisco and oakland, where women and women's rights supporters sent a message they will not be ignored or overlooked. we begin now with abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson live for us now in san francisco. tiffany? >> reporter: dion, people from all walks of life walked together for the women's march in san francisco. the streets just reopened and here you can see some of the people making their way on to the b.a.r.t. muni station at the baerkt leaving the rally. the march started at the civic center and for near two hours, people streamed down market street. the pink hats popularized by the movement last year. some chanted slogans like we
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want a leader, not a creepy tweeter. many others carried signs voicing their frustration with the policies and presidency of donald trump. last year, organizers say the march was about empowerment. this year, organizers want the march to lead to action, specifically they are pushing people to vote during the midterm elections. >> look at what america is. this is what america is. it's not what's in the white house right now. that is not a representation of america. >> yeah, we can change things. we don't have to stand for this. if we go out and vote, we can take back the house, we can take back the senate. yeah, we're going to do it. >> reporter: organizers had voter registration forms at the rally at the civic center. estimated that the crowd this year was a little smaller than last year. she put it at least 50 to 60,000 people. and she said today was absolutely a success. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> all right, tiffany, much appreciated. now, meantime, the streets
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of oakland also packed today. tens of thousands you see there walked through downtown. their chants even echoing off the buildings. abc7 reporter cornell bernard was in the middle of the impressive crowd tweeting all the way as well. he joins us live now. hey there, cornell. >> reporter: hey, dion. quite a day here in oakland. the marchers have left the plaza, but the opd estimates, get this, 40,000 to 50,000 people took to the streets today. ♪ >> reporter: a massive crowd on the move through downtown, the oakland women's march became a driving force from lake merit to city hall. >> i'm here to stand up for my rights, my rights of my fellow women. everybody faces the world in a different way and i'm here to stand up for all of those people. >> reporter: check out the view from sky7. police estimate 40,000 to 50,000 people flood flooded through the streets. the march stretching for gridlocks. allen hubbard was at the first
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women's march last year protesting the inauguration of president trump. his daughter lily is feeling empowered. >> that it's an amazing thing that people here are trying to stop what's happening in the world. >> now i think people are less shocked and more resolved to take action and make their voices heard. >> reporter: while there was no shortage of not so subtle donald trump bashing. >> tweet others the way you want to be tweeted. >> reporter: this year's march seemed focused on voter registration and electing more democrats to public office. >> and make no mistake about it, we are not up for grabs. grab them by the midterms. [ applause ] >> reporter: this crowd demanding answers and change. >> they refuse to protect our environment and they are even willing to risk nuclear war. >> reporter: a women's march, a new call to action. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc7 news. well, it continues. sky7 overhead as thousands of women marched from san jose city hall to arena green near the
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s.a.p. center. there was a rousing cheer as they set off, many with signs saying things like we shall overcome. the marchers were met by representers from community organizers at arena green. they answered questions about issues like immigration, reproductive rights and protection for survivors of domestic violence. in the north bay, a women's march began in sonoma plaza. organizers say this year's event focused on engaging youth and uplifting women leaders are standing up against voter suppression. more than 830 people indicated they were attending on the event's facebook page. certainly lots of folks are sending us photos and videos from the bay area marches and we'd love to see yours. #abc7now on social media so we can find them and share them with the world. turning to developing news now, the fallout from the federal government shutdown has already started. fell workers were notified today if they were exempt or furloughed as both houses of
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congress continue to work on a short-term fix. abc news reporter karen transfers records now from washington. >> reporter: the white house says its position is firm. no negotiations on daca until the government reopens and it's up to senate democrats to make that happen. >> the senate democrats are basically conducting a 2-year-old temper tantrum in front of the american people. >> reporter: earlier this morning, this sarcastic tweet pretty much. this is the one-year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice perez. >> happy anniversary, mr. president. your wish came true. you wanted a shutdown. the trump shutdown is all yours. >> reporter: uncertainty in washington and across the country after the senate failed to get enough democrat support to end debate on yet another stopgap federal budget bill. even some republican senators voting no. >> they want a deal on immigration, and then they'll think about reopening the government. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers say they won't pass a spending bill unless they get guaranteed protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers, the nearly
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800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it's next to impossible. >> reporter: the shutdown furloughs 800,000 federal workers and defers pay for many military personnel, but this weekend it's already impacting some americans, including tulsa, who planned to visit the statue of liberty national park. >> well, my mom actually reserved ahead of time tickets, so when we got here today we were super stoked to go. no, it's shut down due to the government. we were like, no, thank you. that's rude. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> some government agencies that will be affected by the shutdown include the irs, which is expected to furlough 56% of its workers. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosives will see furloughs as well. meaning if you wanted a gun permit, you have to wait to the shutdown is over. it will affect the centers for
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disease control and prevention during the severe flu season. the cdc will not test flu samples which is necessary to test new strains. about 850,000 employees were furloughed per day in the last government shutdown. according to the office of management and bug. for a complete look the impact of the government shutdown in the bay area, we do have a list at our website all right. getting to some breaking news coming into the abc7 newsroom right now. take a look. this is the view from sky7. over castro street as we speak. we're told a van apparently went up on a sidewalk at market street. afternoon. we did speak to someone at rossy's deli who says the vehicle hit the building, doing significant damage. it is cordoned off there on the sidewalk. the video, damage to knobs, a nearby clothing store. we're told the driver is a 70-year-old man. he was injured, not seriously,
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though. the man has been detained. the driver and at this time police say this does not appear to be intentional. meantime, one person is dead and several others lost their homes following an apartment building fire in martinez this morning. contra costa firefighters were called to the six-unit building on farm lane. investigators are looking into the cause right now. there is extensive damage to the top floor. firefighters are mopping up a fire on the peninsula as well. sky7 over the home an garden avenue in san bruno this afternoon. take a look at the flames and the thick smoke. that fire started about 1:00 p.m. firefighters quickly, though, went on the defensive. no word on whether anyone was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. we are expecting several days of rain. drew joins us tracking the wet weather. >> yeah, dion. a live look outside. starting off the weekend with lots of sunshine, but we'll finish it with some rain moving in. the latest timing in the accuweather forecast ahead. also, strength in numbers.
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a look at some of the biggest women's marches today across the country. and more posh porta potty
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all right. thanks for staying with us. oh, boy, happening right now, taking a look at sky map 7 over this traffic situation of the embarcadero as they zoom out, you can see the traffic all the way backed up almost to at&t park. definitely in both directions. it looks to be a standstill. something to keep in mind if you want to head down towards this area. but once again, the embarcadero in san francisco definitely backed up because of the women's march. speaking of last year's
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women's march brought out an unprecedented number of people. this year, we saw much of the same. take a look at all the different marches around the country. chicago estimates 300,000 people. new york's mayor estimated 120,000. though a lot of people who were there thought it was much bigger. there were 100,000 people in denver in seattle and more than 50,000 in philadelphia. in los angeles, actress viola davis rallied the crowd there, saying images of the impressive turnout gives women confidence to speak up about sexual assault. >> it gives them a sense of self-worth, enough to break their silence, that is rooted in the shame of assault. >> more than 250 marches were planned in the u.s. and overseas. san francisco's latest public restrooms are surprisingly selfie worthy. take a look. they are known as the painted potties. they are cleverly designed after the city's famous victorians. washington square park today. the potties are to help people
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from using the sidewalks and doorways instead of the restrooms. well, in just about an hour here on abc7, the warriors take on the rockets in houston. abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann is there. >> reporter: warriors about to wrap up a ten-day, five-game road trip here in houston, taking on the rockets at 5:30 right here on abc7. we'll have our preview coming up. starting off the weekend with dry skies. beautiful sunshine this evening, but tomorrow our next storm is going to roll in. where it stands on
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abc7 news was at merced public library as a trooup of lyon dares came to celebrate the new year. scaring away evil spirits and wishing the kids and their families prosperity. the traveling festival has been performing in the city for more than 30 years now.
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it will visit seven more libraries next saturday. now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. getting a brief break from our storms today starting out with clear sky, a lot of sunshine right now. this time tomorrow, our next storm is going to approach the region. a break in the activity, showing you we have mainly clear skies. in fact, the picture outside is a gorgeous one. live look from emeryville camera showing you the sunsetting in about 20 minutes or so, ahead of that sunset, we have mainly clear skies and pretty comfortable temperatures for this time of the year. widespread 50s on the board. 5 in san francisco, 5 in oakland, 58 in san jose. cool spot is clear lake, 47 degrees. overnight tonight, it will be a cool night away from the coast, just not as cold as you were last night. we'll have clear skies early on and after midnight a couple of cloutds starting to bubble up. 44 the overnight low in san francisco. dropped to about 39 in san jose, 40 in oakland. chilly in the north bay.
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napa dropping below that freezing mark with an overnight low of 31 degrees. here is live dopplar 7 along with satellite. the setup we have. high pressure and control right now brought us the clear skies, the dry conditions, billion you look off to the west right now and this is our next storm system. you can already see showers impacting seattle and portland, and this system is going to be a quick-moving one. it's not going to linger all too long. the 12-hour planner on your sunday. we get you up at 7:00 in the morning. dry skies. cold inland with temperatures in the 30s. through the daylight hours, a dry day, increasing cloud cover. once the sun goes down, introduced chance of a scattered shower into the forecast. a mainly dry day. leave the umbrella at home. 55 the high in san francisco, 56 in oakland, 58 in san jose. temperatures very similar tomorrow to where we were sitting earlier this afternoon. we'll bring back the storm impact scale, track the system. it's a 1. a light system working in sunday
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night and lingering into monday morning. the highest rainfall likely with this one in the north bay, about 1/4 to an inch of rain. outside of the north bay, much less than that. less than 1/2 an inch of rain. a south wind, not all that breezy between 10 and say 25 miles per hour. let's time the system out for you. future weather will start you out sunday morning, 9:00 in the morning. completely dry. just a mix of sun and clouds out there. as we go throughout the evening hours, we'll introduce that chance of a late shower, probably north of santa rosa, but it's likely closer to midnight on sunday. that's the best chance of some light showers throughout the entire region. the accuweather seven-day forecast, an evening shower after that sun goes down. could linger into monday morning. skpleelt try tuesday, look what lingers on wednesday. a stronger system. 2 on the storm impact scale. bring rain and also some wind midweek around here on wednesday. >> i'm supposed to toss to sports but i'm kind of blinded by larry's suit. >> i love that suit. it's so good.
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>> i got this when i was with the warriors in china. >> custom. >> it's custom. unless you're a size 0, it's a little snug. >> he's not breathing. >> you know, at one point i asurprised to be 00. warriors and houston trying to break another franchise record. coming up right after this newscast on abc7. shu is t
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now abc7 sports with larry beale. >> good evening. warriors going into a fran chaz record, 15 straights wins on the
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road. that came coming up after this newscast on abc7. live in houston with a preview right now. shu? >> reporter: all right, larry, we're live at the toyota center. ten-day, five-game road trip for the warriors. one of the longest this year. boy, you could tell they were tired today in the shoot-around earlier today. warriors won seven straight here against houston at the toyota center, and the two teams are split this year, winning on each other's home court. it will be an interesting match-up. you talked about the 15-game franchise record-setting road win streak going on here tonight, and it should be andrew saying it today in the shoot-around. i talked with steve kerr and steph curry about why is this team so good on the road? >> i don't think anything rattles us, that's the biggest thing, i mean. every arena is a hostile environment, but at the end of the day we know we control on the floor and the way that we go about winning and meticulous, if
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you will. we have a set way and we try to do that, you know, to the best of our ability every night. >> at home this year, we've relaxed quite a bit. lost to some teams we shouldn't have. that hasn't been a problem on the road because we feel that threat and that competitiveness kicks in and we've been playing really well. >> reporter: all right. these are the top two teams in the western conference. a lot of people think this is going to be the nba finals between these two teams. so it should be a great match-up. james harden is back in the lineup for only the second day. green will not play today. serving their suspensions. andre is out as is jordan bell. mike shumann, abc7 sports. larry? >> see you after the game. the postgame show. stanford men's basketball, a surprise so far in the pac-12. winning five straight. hosting number 14 arizona today. to farm they've taken their band and their cow bells very
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seriously. dorian pickens, all of his 15 came in the final 11 minutes. a three ball. and puts stanford up with 4:30 to play. a minute and a half left, pickens loses the paul. parker jackson cartwright, scoops to the hoop. wildcats up one. alkins banks it in. three seconds left. stanford down two. it is pickens for the win, fade agway. arizona survives 73-71. stanford's five-game win streak over, they drop to 5-2 in the pac-12, 11-9 overall. more news on tom brady's injured hand. suffered a cut with a running back. no damage other than the cut. despite being lifted as questionable, it's suspected that tommy will play tomorrow in the afc championship game against jacksonville but apparently needed a few stitches.
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who knew it's penguin awareness day and one zoo added a little pup to its celebration. penguins got to enjoy a fleury of bubbles at the edboro zoo. penguin awareness day is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate these flightless birds. people who celebrate sometimes wear black and white as well. a tuxedo in the birds' honor. that is optional. i could watch that all day. flgt about the newscast. with that, thanks so much for joining
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