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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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story. >> reporter: homecomings of the unanticipated kind. saint rose and just up the road cardinal newman high school. >> it was a lot. but i think that there is much more to gain from it than what we lost. >> reporter: students staffed and parents entered the gym, they saw the victories on the wall. their recovery from the aftermath of north bay fires that burned half the buildings on the campus. >> the people mattered most and we were able to stay in our school. it is great to be together. >> reporter: more than 600 students in the same place for the first time in 15 weeks. >> this is our first natural disaster that we experienced and it hit us in a way we never would have expected.
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>> reporter: one-sixth of the students lost their home in the fire. today vanessa formerly of fountain grove blended it. >> it was a lot in one day. it was stressful but i have my family that is what i need. >> reporter: those lessons were never on the curriculum. they are now the lasting ones. in santa rosa, wane freedman, abc7 news. a standoff in the south bay as a man wanted by police has been hold up inside his hotel room. at the wyndham garden inn. when they tried to contact him. he barricaded himself in his room. officers forced to evacuate an
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entire wing of the building. some forced to sleep on sofas in the lobby, but the hotel continuing to operate as it continues. the police say there may be other victims. 24-year-old luis cruz of fremont seen here was arrested last week. he sent several photos of himself to a girl who is a member of the congregation. the evidence of the suspect's phone suggests that he might have sent pictures to other minors. we are learning two families are in fact related. a stolen pickup slammed into a truck. a distant relative is charged with murder.
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saucedo appeared in court today in martinez. >> reporter: 23-year-old noe saucedo made his first appearance. he was at the wheel of a stolen truck slamming into another pickup killing two little girls. the family is distantly related to the car dozas who lost two girls. saucedo's sister did not want her face shown. >> it is a family that has been struck by a tragedy and nothing we say or do can bring them back. >> my condolences to the family. it really hurts.
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>> reporter: now charged with two counts of murder along with auto theft, drug possession. >> driving through an intersection of a red light is likely to result in a death. >> reporter: saucedo's girlfriend. as they left court, the family has nothing to say. cam mila's organs are being donated to help four other children. happening tonight in san jose, a vigil for several people killed in traffic accidents including a chp officer.
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the event is dedicated to chp officer andrew cami lerri and two others. the suspect has been charged with murder. tonight's event features a plaque presentation, prayers and music. the centers for disease control and prevention reports 40 children have died this flu season. the yellow indicates local breakouts. by the end of the month orange indicates flu activity. and we start to see brown which means flu is wide spread. the flu has hit california particularly hard. an increased demand in hospitals for iv fluids. for weeks hospitals weren't getting the bags because of the
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hurricane maria in puerto rico. >> reporter: baxter international has three that produce saline solution and is the largest iv bag supplier in the nation. then came hurricane maria. >> at that time, we were scrambling to find whatever supply we could. >> reporter: at the time the american hospital association called it a significant public health crisis. the fda intervened and allowed baxter to temporarily bring in products from other european countries. >> we had to bring in other products and conserve what we had so we didn't run out. if there had been flu cases at that time, it would have been difficult to manage. >> this year the particular strain of the flu is causing more er visits and higher
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mortality or deaths. >> reporter: the catholic arch diocese of san francisco sent out a memo to their following. doctors still recommend that you get a flu vaccine, wash your hands more frequently, and stay home if you are sick. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> the stalemate that shutdown the government has ended. the house then gave its approval a few hours ago. the president has just signed it moments ago. part of the deal includes a promise to address daca in the senate. 700,000 so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers in the u.s. the white house has been
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standing firm but there are indications the president is working behind the scenes to get a deal done. >> once we start talking about immigration and voting on immigration, we will find 60 votes to make shower these daca recipient lives are not ruined. >> feinstein and harris both voted no. here in the bay >> cornel bernard shows many are anxious to get back to work. >> reporter: planning to welcome dozen of furloughed civilian employees back to work. officials say monday was a tough one without those employees to manage the workload. >> we are already seeing the impact of not having all of our
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civilian force on base today. >> are you back to work? >> no. >> reporter: no word on the national park service. a park employee we spotted inside says everyone is on standby. >> everyone is interested and anxious and most folks would love to come back to work. >> shaun nagle's nonprofit is impacted. >> we need federal employees in there. >> reporter: the road to ft. point is closed. that didn't stop many folks from going around the gates. but today is a much different story. yellow police tape and signs all around keeping people away from ft. point. >> a minor inconvenience.
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>> reporter: muir woods could open tuesday. also shutdown in the bay area is the u.s. geological survey in menlo park. one of the main jobs is to monitor earthquakes. workers came in today to shut down the campus. fewer than 70 u.s. gs employees across the company are being retained during the shutdown. what's in a name? plenty. >> now the clash goes before the board of supervisors tomorrow and carolyn tyler joins us. >> reporter: designated columbus day way back in the 1930s.
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lawmakers in san francisco may vote to follow the trend and declare it indigenous peoples day. the first in the nation to make that switch. many others have done the same and a number of tribal organization want san francisco to follow. >> we were here when landed this subjugation, dominance and genocide that followed that doesn't we think deserve a holiday. >> reporter: supervise malia cohen is sponsoring the measure. >> no way an attack.
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>> reporter: the oldest parade in the nation, this talk is insulting. >> major slap in the face. >> reporter: the head of the italian athletic club in north beach. >> this is the only day that is recognized for us and we are being pushed to the side. >> reporter: he has an ally in jacquelyn bruno. they met with supervisor hoping for a compromise. changing it to italian heritage day. >> we are in complete agreement and alliance with the italian communities. >> reporter: if this passes cohen's measure would let -- not prevent the city from giving money or support to any celebration using the name christopher columbus. the vote may take place tomorrow in the news room.
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carolyn tyler, abc7 news. thank you. >> real concern over real id. concerns being made for those flying. what we are learning sewage spills on the coastline. the calm between storms. we are going to take you to
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today is the first day california is issuing federal real id cards. >> on october 1 need this card. >> reporter: issuing federal real id cards. drivers licenses and identification cards will need to be real id compliant. for anyone boarding a domestic flight. >> the first day in the roll out and so far things are going smoothly. >> reporter: u.s. passports will still be accepted. >> the main point of the real id act is to threaten and intimidate states into participating in a national id database. >> reporter: for some privacy concerns about information that
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could be uploaded. >> could use that for immigration enforcement. >> reporter: at the dmv the focus was on making people aware they could apply for real id card and how to go about doing that. you must apply in person. proof of identity, proof of residents. >> mad rush that i have all of the different documents required. >> a lot of documents needed. >> reporter: you will not need a federally compliant real id to drive or apply for or receive federal benefits. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. you may want to postpone that trip. a massive sewage spill into
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monterey bay keeping several beaches closed. kristen sze with information on this one. >> reporter: take a look at this picture tweeted by kevin dayton today. a red stay out sign posted in san carlos beach. 5 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into monterey bay. for now, 25-mile stretch of water is being tested for bacteria levels. we face timed with an expert about the potential impact of sewage exposure. >> i am not a doctor but i am assuming we do not want to be in contact with it. or our pets being in contacted
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with it. >> reporter: the monterey bay aquarium tested the sea water and found no contaminated. the waste water should dissipate quickly. they do warn regardless of the test results people should stay out of the water for three days after it rains because of pollutants. >> thanks so much. tahoe resorts say let it snow. receiving flurries sunday into this morning. this is a look from the lake tahoe camera at heavenly mountain resort. more snow expected wednesday and thursday. for us, we have a storm coming in a few days. >> spencer christian tracking that for us. >> here is a look at live doppler 7.
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we are going to see these clouds give away to fog during the overnight hours and that will reduce visibility for morning commuters. right now, things are looking clear from our abc7 rooftop. current temperature readings 53 at san francisco. half moon bay 48 degrees. this is a view from our emeryville camera. it is currently 54 in santa rosa, napa 51, novato 52. and the view looking along the bay bridge from our south bay cameras. partly cloudy andicalliy overnight. this is what it will look like in our early morning hours. low lying clouds and fog. overnight lows mainly in the
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30s. 12-hour planner for tomorrow. areas of dense fog. mainly sunny skies by midday and the afternoon. up to 60 degrees and we will have partly cloudy skies with light winds tomorrow night. the high temperatures tomorrow generally in the mid-upper 50s. now, let's take a look at the approaching storm. it is ranking two on our storm impact scale. it will produce mainly light to moderate rain. rainfall totals range from .50 to 1 inch. here is a forecast animation. rain moves in wednesday morning. the evening commute wednesday is going to be a slow, wet and slippery one. the snow will follow over into
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the sierra and we will get partial clearing late wednesday night into early thursday. rainfall totals range from under a half inch to .6 of an inch. over an inch at ukiah. on we go to our winter storm watch. we will see a foot of snow near the passes and 2-3 feet. accuweather seven-day forecast. dry and partly cloudy. couple days of rain coming our way. overnight wednesday. and then on friday, mainly sunny skies. just a slight, slight chance of isolated shower or
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over-the-weekend. >> we are starting about the weekend already? >> i started monday. >> it is go time. >> a store run by
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. amazon has launched its highly anticipated amazon go
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store. >> shoppers can walk in and grab whatever they want from the shelves. hundreds of cameras and sensors to figure out what people are charged. >> the store is in seattle and at this time, amazon does not plan to open any more of them. they will see how it goes there. twitter plans to tell nearly 700,000 user they were duped by the russians. accounts that interacted with potential pieces of propaganda efforts. the golden globes and screen actors guild award are in the books and next up. the film already won
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two previous shows. you can watch the nominations tomorrow. and you will be able to watch the oscars on march jimmy kimmel once again hosts. it might look like the real thing, but look again, the stories behind fake road signs and why they are being referred to as a guerrilla i am jonat
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open for business. yosemite is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and even with no rangers around because of the government shut down, people still found their way in. park officials are still waiting to open their facilities. >> minimally
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reporter natalie tells you how visitors were affected. >> reporter: many say they didn't notice much of a difference because the park was still allowing them to come inside. >> i note it was free. >> reporter: park rangers weren't on hand to help visitors around the park. entrance booths were closed and bathrooms were locked and popular tourist spots were seeing less visitors than usual. >> more people. very crowded. today is too empty. >> reporter: the gates stayed open. bathrooms near the open facility were still accessible. >> they are not paying anybody to man the entrances. >> people were being advised on the shutdown and what facilities
6:32 pm
were still open. >> once we found out it was open, just you know, that bathroom and amenities will be available. > reporter: visitors weren't too worried. >> back in 2013, it was barricaded. this time round people know that it is still open and they can still get in and still continuing with the vacation. so hasn't put people off. >> reporter: the park's buses ran on minimal schedule. the housing trails and road where is also open to visitors. as the shutdown comes to an end park officials are waiting for the okay to fully open. in yosemite, natalie granda news. flags over the state capital
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were flown at half staff. commuters were able to use 101 for the first time. the road the were covered in 12 feet of mud and debris. the death toll stands at 21 with two people still missing. a two-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy. authorities say residents may be allowed home by the end of the month as long as most utilities are restored. opposing groups gathered at the state capitol marking the roe v. wade. anti abortion activists also gathered at the capitol saying they are protecting the
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of life. decrease of bridge patrol teams that looks for people trying to jump. the number of interventions went up. the bridge team helping 245 people. still plans to install a net to prevent suicide. it is supposed to be finished by 2021. a street artist put u u u fake sign on the freeway. >> reporter: within an icon like this, you would think l.a. would know something about signs. this traffic sign went months before anyone realized it was
6:35 pm
bogus. then it hit him. i realized there wasn't any sign. i am a sign guy. i can do this. >> reporter: so he made his own sign and installed it and it sat there for nine months. >> saw how motorists kept missing the turn. >> i had my 15 minutes of fame. >> reporter: the sign lasted eight years. in the 15 years since the fake sign went up, the city of glendale commissioned an artist to install this zen like signs. >> you can make the world a better place. >> reporter: in fact you may
6:36 pm
have seen some of his work and may not have known it. look up at this thing. when the u.s. invaded iraq he spent three years installing these slightly different stars. >> one extra star at the end of the row. >> reporter: he says he keeps each piece of art secret for seven years before coming public. >> i have to wait until the statue of limitations so i don't go to jail. growing frenzy around investing in cryptocurrency. >> plus, it is a big hit to renewable energy. the tariff president trump is
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team,
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they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first there was bitcoin and now there is a growing frenzy in investing in all kinds of cryptocurrency. jonathan bloom went to a
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cnference about it. >> the blockchain is the mathematical magic that makes bitcoin work. >> everything from health care to food, to solar, to environmental. >> reporter: the crypto eeconomy world tour. imagine your health insurance gave you a virtual coin >> the doctor having to guarantee the coin will be redeemable. >> reporter: coin for free wi-fi and launching every day. >> it is the new way of raising capital. >> reporter: in the crypto economy, a brand new market. >> 80% of the investors today
6:41 pm
are speculator. >> reporter: people need to trust crypto currency before they buy it. >> you see a lot of scams come into play when people are getting tricked into doing things. >> reporter: looking for influences and trusted voices to endorse cryptocurrency. for people attending it is a steep learning curve. >> a lot of terminology. >> reporter: there is a start up for that too. >> i can stay a real estate guy and not have to become a computer guy. >> or lawyers or >> >> reporter: jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> if you end up with a couple dollars left on your gift
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president trump has approved imposing a 30% tariff on imported solar panels as well as
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washing machines. the solar industry gets 80% panels through imports a majority coming from china. millions of us received gift cards for the holidays. $1 billion worth of them goes unused every year. >> some of the money stuck on the card that is partially used. michael finney joining us on a tip getting more out of these cards. >> let me tell you how long i have been working on this. so how often does this happen to you? has a couple of bucks left on it. we can only guess most consumers throw it in a drawer, forget about it and lose it. i don't want you to do that. by law, you can redeem those cards for cash. showing us pictures for the
6:46 pm
christmas village his girlfriend made by hand. they bought everything they needed at michaels arts and crafts in san rafael. >> reporter: marina is at work. she says she learned a lot about glitter, glue, and consumer rights. the couple used a $30 michaels gift card to buy the material. after they paid the card had $1.53 left on it. >> i asked the lady can we get that $1.53 back as cash. and she said we don't do that. t >> reporter: spencer told the clerk -- couldn't she check with her manager. >> she looked at me and said i
6:47 pm
have asked my manager before and she always said no. >> it is the principal. >> reporter: he contacted "7 on your side" and we asked michaels why it didn't refund that money. right away a manager spencer to apologize. telling us we ar wear of the law. and this incident was contrary to our company's policy and inconsistent with our statewide training. we are conducting an internal investigation to determine why mr. sideler was told he could not redeem the balance. >> know that you can ask for your cash back. >> reporter: now again, if you cash it, you can cash in a card if the balance is under $10. california is only one of 11 states to let you redeem a card.
6:48 pm
the $ten is the threshold highest in the state. he said he ended up using it to buy more paint. . i want to hear from you. (415) 954-8151 or reach me on my facebook. do not let that money go to waste. >> absolutely not. one last check with spencer. >> right now we have partly cloudy skies. during the late night hours we see the fog getting dense. low temperatures will be in the upper 30s inland. so chilly there. the next storm coming in wednesday ranks two on the storm impact scale. a storm of moderate intensity. rainy and windy wednesday. thursday some scattered showers
6:49 pm
linger starting to clear out and the weekend is looking gorgeous. sunny, mild. gorgeous by my standards. >> me too. thanks. on to sports. super bowl set. welcome back to you. >> i am from houston. it sounds like warrior's head coach looking for new material to keep the jokes flying. the classic but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature,
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the warriors returned yesterday from one of their most grueling road trips of the season. let down saturday in and oatur t a ten-day, 5 game road trip. 15 straight wins on the road against the rockets. plus the record on the road is better this season. even expected the doves to set that franchise record. the rockets were without two key players both serving the second
6:53 pm
of two game suspensions. steve kerr addressed the let down using a classic movie line. >> you would thinks guys would be able to get up every single game, but you know, it is like leslie kneelson said, you tell your old man to grab -- for 48 minutes right now. the younger crowd is saying what the hell is he talking about. how many people saw airplane? one of the great lines of all time. you tell your old man, you tell your fans to drag him up and down the floor all night. it is hard. former grad jason kid. bucks have lost four of five. a surprise with everyone. been with the bucks for three
6:54 pm
plus season. 139 and 152 record. assistant will take over as the interim coach. the first starting quarterback, hoyer, and their last garoppolo. he is already guaranteed grand bonus money. so the raiders derek carr gets the call. this is derek's third pro bowl. he joins stabler and rich gain n eras the only ones to be named. other side of the bay, 49er joe stanley also get the call.
6:55 pm
this is joe's sixth trip to the pro bowl. he is one of the best at what he does. he would argues that jimmy g should be there. jack del rio could soon be back in the nfl as defensive coordinator for the new york giants. espn reports del rio is at the top of the defensive coordinate wish list. still guaranteed 6 million by the raiders. arizona cardinals defensive coordinator wills as their coa coach. elbow trouble throughout his match. let's not take anything against chung. chung is the first korean ever
6:56 pm
to make the steve kerr, the airplane reference was classic. not only of nba but all sports. >> he is a delightful guy. class act. >> join us on then on abc7 news at a store clerk attacked and put in a choke hold. hear from one of the good samaritans to save her. >> here is the lineup. at 11:35, jimmy kimmel live. and music by the tune yards. >> that is a good lineup.
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ashamed we have to work. >> does put a damper on things. >> that is this edition. we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim. lim have a wonderful evening. >> see you tonight at 11:00.
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