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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the scene is reckless. high speeds sks skroesk tires. >> and what you're about to see i disturbing. a richmond officern while trying to stop a slide show. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> a veteran richmond police officer survived that hit-and-run crash earlier this morning. >> at marina bay parkway and that's where we find abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. this rid is pretty horrifying to
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see. >> it really is. te officer has been released from the the hospital good news is he'll be okay and search is on for the driver who struck him. it all happened at this very intersection around is being a.m. a neighbor shot video of the entire inderngts and we do want to warn you that video is graphic. this home video obtained by abc 7 news captured a sideshow early sunday morning in richmond, cars spinning doughnuts with a cheering crowd watching close by. bruce brown says the noise was unreal. >> it must have went about 15, 20 minutes. we were -- the police station right down the street saying okay, when are the police coming? >> neighbors called 911. on the video you can see officers arriving. several got out of their cars to break up the sideshow and then a disturbing scene is captured on video. an officer is struck head on by a car trying to get away from the scene. >> he actually land on the hood
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of the car. he was narrow hi missed getting run over by other cars. >> unbelievably the officer survived, suffering broken bones, cuts and bruises. >> we are confident that he'll be able to make a full recovery. >> police want to find the driver who struck the eight--year veteran of the force. the suspect's car described only as a dark-colored four-door sedan. >> things like these side shows are completely uncalled for, illegal, and we just need the public to help us out on this one. >> call richmond police if you can help with any information about this sideshow. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> developing news now of heyward where a huge water main break buck will streets and flooded homes. abc 7 news reporter kate larson is live at the scene with the latest. kate? >> reporter: the city of heyward is trying to make quick work of this mess. we're on hoyland boulevard right
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off the main drag and we'll pan right up the street so you can see the water main break and sinkhole. crews trying to fix the problem so we can get back to normal. hopefully by tomorrow and let's take a look at cell phone video from earlier this morning, mud and water pouring down the street and you know at least three homes do have damage and there's about six cars near the sink hole, one of them partially in the sinkhole that did have to be towed here and it's an isolated incident and it's a 12-inch water main burst around sock, is is being this morning and they are trying to block off that section of broke broke broe back out other live at the bottom of the street, i want to show you this is one of the homes that has quite a bit of water and mud damage from this morning. you can see the front yard is just caked in mud. it is actually up or two feet high and a lot of people inside
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the family were actually trapped and couldn't get out because there was so much water. spoke to a young man who lives here with his family and here's what he said. >> i woke up. saw the floor going up and i'm like oh, my [ bleep ], my house is going to get flooded so i tried to get moy mom inside and tried to block off the water, but it seemed like more water started coming up. >> reporter: fortunately as you saw in our live shot a few moments ago, a lot of the water and mud has subsided. they do have vacuum trucks out here and excavators trying to clean up this mess. they are trying to pinch off the pipe and restore water to the neighborhood, and they are also trying to, of course, back fill that hole hopefully by tomorrow morning coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about why so many pg&e crews are out here and why they are worried about a gas main underneath all that broken cop create up on the hill. i'm kate lars op, abc 7.
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back to you. >> so much work still be done. meantime, a man is dead after a house fire in santa clara that was first report about 2:00 this afternoon at a townhouse on clyde avenue. firefighters were able to pull the man out of that building. paramedics tried to resuscitate him, but he died later at hospitalch the cause of the fire is under investigation. it took san francisco firefighters 45 minutes to knock down a fire in the mission district this morning. lock at all that smoke. you're looking at video from our sutro camera. crews stoppeded to a call just after 9:30. firefighters had to make a forced entry to get into the building. at a quarter after sock that fire was contained with no injuries. still no word on a cause. trump now has a beef with hip hop legend sean jay-z carter. the president tweeted somebody please inform jay-z that because of my policies block
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unemployment has been at the lowest rate ever recorded. black unemployment in december ws at their lowest level ever recorded. the president's tweet follows jay-z's comments about mr. trump alledgedly referring to african nations at s-blank hole countries calling the statement disappointing and hurtful. president trump is expected to highlight his achievements during the annual state of the union address on tuesday. here's a look ahead. >> mr. speaker, the.of the united states! >> reporter: it's that time of the year again, the president's state of the union address, the first one for donald trump happening this tuesday. the white house says this year's speech will focus on five main areas, the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security. the president is expected to praise his tax cuts and efforts to deregulate business saying they are responsible for a roaring economy that benefits
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everybody. mr. trump may also outline his thoughts on the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> the president's proposal of allowing 1.8 billion d.r.e.a.m.iers a pathway forward is a huge step in the right direction. >> reporter: this speech comes in the wake of the russia investigation including bombshell reports that trump tried to fire special counsel robert mueller. back then trump denied it. >> i haven't given it any thought. >> reporter: ken starr who investigated president clinton for several years spoke about that denial. >> you're talking about something called lying to the american people and that's something that bob mule are should look at. >> reporter: and congress is trying to pass a law that shields bob mueller from being fired. >> 63 days at sea and a successful mission. the coast guard cutter stratton returned to port after making a substantial contribution to stopping international cocaine
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smuggling. stratton and other ships seized a staggering amount of drugs. >> offloaded 21 metric tons or 47,000 pounds of cocaine with an uncut street value of $721 million. that came from a combined 23 different cases from multiple coast guard vessels, including a royal canadian navy vessel, and this crow contributed to about a quarter of that success. >> reporter: the stratton patrolled the waters off the central and south america stopping five suspected drug smuggling boats in less than two months. a matter of seconds made all the difference for a truck driver in florida. we'll show you the heart pounding momentum next. >> hand a woman considered a serial stowaway pack in front of a judge. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> plus special deliveries. how a sweet gesture started by a man here in san francisco has turned into a muffin movement. >> hi. check this how the from our east bay hills camera.
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stowaway faces several charges. marilyn hartman was taken into custody. she has a history of catching flights without a boarding pass papd recently boarded a flight from chicago to london. a judge released her to stay away from o'hare and underif a mental health evaluation. >> i think the evaluation will give us insight into what's going on with miss hartman, if anything. >> she's accused of trying to board flights at several airports including san jose, san francisco and oakland. if you didn't know. today is national muffin day and the san francisco man who started it did what he did best. made muffins and distributed them to the homeless. abc 7 news was at hayes valley where muffins were being talked. jacob kaufman game up with the idea four years ago, a lawyer at the time and said the act of giving can make a big difference in someone's life. >> someone has actually baked
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something for you and is going up to you and talking to you and looking you eye to eye and giving you something they bake from the heart it really is meaningful and means a lot. >> jacob encourages others to make their own muffins, take a picture and post it on social media give muffins. >> i think small gestures make a big difference. >> you smart and the next week i'll do it. >> i'll work on it. >> maybe. >> welcome news for north bay commuters who take thethat stor. >> also a hot topic. this is or is this the latest product elon musk is pushing or just a clever marketing tool? whatever it is people are buying it. >> and are you buying this weather? wow, were well above average and we're looking at another day tomorrow to start the week o
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for the first time in almost a decade golden gate ferry is adding a new commuter ferry. the golden gate bridge highway an transportation district approved a memo to lease and then purchase a vessel. district data shows ferry ridership from the north bay to san francisco has spiked over the last decade. if all goes as planned the new vessel could be leased out as soon as next month. >> the man behind paypal, tesla and spacex is selling flame throwers or is he. elon musk is touting a $500 flame thrower which he says he'll cut a tunnel underlos angeles to alleviate congestion and even has a boring company. is this role or not? musk claims over 2,000 people
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have pre-ordered the flame throwers. >> hi there, everyone. i'm sure you enjoyed the day today. live doppler 7, the clouds around making for a pretty sunset. we'll continue to watch the high clouds streaming through the overnight hours. a live like from emoryville. 64 innies from so and 6 of a in observing land. look how mild on the peninsula. 63 degrees, golden gate bridge. you can see the high clouds here. everyone warmed up. at least three to eight degrees. 60 santa rosa and numbers slipping through the upper 50s from napa, novato and liver-sur-mer signature at 58 so we're anywhere from six to ten degrees warmer in some spots throughout afternoon, and we're look at another cool night ahead. this is san jose so 1 with the setting sun. high clouds and even warmer for
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your monday so we're talking 70s around parts of the bay. i think the coast will see 70 degrees. we'll see sunny and above average temperatures. unfortunately, no rain in sight. we need wye from from 50% to 70% on average and halfway through the rainy season and we're looking dry. overnight temperatures in the 40s to mid-40s and we'll see a little bit of that valley fog and in the overnight we'll see more in the way of high clouds. high pressure has been established and it will continue to warm underneath it despite the cloud cover tomorrow and the slight dip as we go through tuesday and then we'll go into wednesday and then numbers continue to climb to above average readings. we should see 57 in livermore and temperatures all week long well above average so highs tomorrow in the south bay underneath a veil of high
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clouds. mid-60s in santa clara. on the peninsula look for more mid-60s. this is where you are today. a little less bright and 56 for you in san francisco and coast and half moon bay and pacifica should be even milder. 67 santa rosa and 65 in sonoma. east bay, mid-60s so temperatures coming up and even another two or four degrees tomorrow and head inland and low 60s for you for pittsburgh. 64 in pleasanton and by wednesday we've got some pretty good viewing for the total lunar eclipse. maximum eclipse happens at 5:29 in the morning and the eclipse ends at 6:07 so we're expecting clear skies and the moon may take on a reddish hue. the the accuweather forecast, lots
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of sun thursday, friday and saturday. r. >> i saw people in shorts today walking around. >> it felt good. >> lisa, thanks. >> thank you very much. >> the greatest tennis player arguably won another one. >> i was up until 4:00 a.m. roger federer added to his major title count in australia. and brent burns made his presence felt in this year's all-star game. wo
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roger federer won his toth major title at this year's australia open. they split the first two celek cilik refused to quit. roger federer wins in five sets. six aussie titles and eight wimbledon, five u.s. open and one fedex and got very emotional with the trophy. what a one. >> santa cruz warriors praying the austin spurs, a great opportunity for local fans to see some future stars for the ws. these players have a chance to work on their game and hope one
5:24 pm
day to be brought up to the big club. the point guard quint cook who has been up and down this season appreciates any chance he gets. >> just to go around the shoot-around and guys who never played on the nba court. it does a lot for people. the first time playing on an nba court. >> k.d., steph, lebron, and to be able to be on the same floor with those guys and see those guys up close is like you said i get to keep my dream alive. >> yesterday the nhl announced the 2019 all-star game will be right here in san jose, burr it's 2018 and the nhl's best are in tampa bay and for the third straight year they went with tournament three-on-three format. brent burns the lone sharks representative taking on the central. burns would score an empty net goal and add an assist. like of while uniforms. pacific advances to the final, 5-2 that final and the two
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eastern conference teams and kucherov of the lightning playing in front of the hometown fans on the shot but still scored, whiffed on it and for the hat trick, first player to do so. the atlantic division advance to the finals, 7-4 that final. so pacific and atlantic play with the winner taking home a $1 million check. johnny gaudreau despite having a string wrapped around his legs scores on breakaway and burns gets a goal. pacific wins 5-2 and burns and his teammates will split the $1 million prize. nfl probably, afc down 20-3 and former 49er tight end had quite a day. delainer walker caught two dt players and 1:38 left in the
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game. carr a perfect pass and carr 11 of 15 and 115 yards, touchdown and a pick, 24-23 afc, and nfc one last chance but staley beaten by his man who fumbles and the afc wins taking home a winner's the winner at torrey pines will not be tiger woods. >> he made all four rounds. >> thank you. just a head, a panda who is
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on abc 7 news at 6:00, a new look at the deplorable conditions inside the former home of a california couple accused of torturing their 13 children. >> and -- >> intellectual people, the lowest of our low. >> a teacher's rant shocks his high school. that's tonight at 6:00. >> well, skiers and borders this weekend in tahoe aren't the only ones enjoying the snow. >> take a look at this. this panda in china is delighting in some of the fresh snow. the 4-year-old indulged herself in a series of excellent forward and side rolls. >> she can teach us all a lesson about the importance of having fun. >> by the way, that what happens to me when i ski. >> you do the wiggle also? >> i roll and fall down.
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>> great mental image. >> that's it is for the tonight, this just in. the rare interview with president trump. what he says about the economy, guns and his response to this question. >> are you a feminist? >> this, as he prepares for his first state of the union. and why he's now taking on jay-z. also breaking tonight, the flu shutting down even more schools. children in parts of six states told to stay home. health officials battling to stop the virus from spreading. dr. jen ashton standing by. deadly ambush. four people killed, one wounded at a car wash. police say the gunman sat waiting with an ar-15 before opening fire. what the family of the victims is now revealing. unusual punishment. the 7-year-old handcuffed at school, accused of attacking his teacher. parents say the school went too far.


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