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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i roll and fall down. >> great mental image. >> that's it is for the tonight, this just in. the rare interview with president trump. what he says about the economy, guns and his response to this question. >> are you a feminist? >> this, as he prepares for his first state of the union. and why he's now taking on jay-z. also breaking tonight, the flu shutting down even more schools. children in parts of six states told to stay home. health officials battling to stop the virus from spreading. dr. jen ashton standing by. deadly ambush. four people killed, one wounded at a car wash. police say the gunman sat waiting with an ar-15 before opening fire. what the family of the victims is now revealing. unusual punishment. the 7-year-old handcuffed at school, accused of attacking his teacher. parents say the school went too far.
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and, tax warning. new alerts about possible tax scams. how to protect your refund, and why tomorrow may be the best time to file. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with president trump's rare interview. his first international tv interview since taking office. this, at the same time, the president is battling new headlines over the russia investigation. president trump facing a critical week at the white house. his first state of the union address on tuesday, and he's selling his immigration plan to critics in both parties. and tonight, new reports president trump has rod rosenstein in his crosshairs after he considered firing robert mueller last june. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, a reunion between the former winner of "the celebrity apprentice" and his old boss, now the president
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of the united states. >> let's go. come on, piers. >> reporter: british journalist piers morgan presses trump on a range of issues, from his views of women, who have protested trump's presidency in record numbers. >> are you a feminist? >> no, i wouldn't say i'm a feminist. i mean, i think that would be, maybe, going too far. i'm for women, i'm for men, i'm for everyone. >> reporter: to his refusal to endorse stronger gun control measures. even after the mass shooting in las vegas. >> if they had the bullets going in the opposite direction, you would have saved a lot of lives. so, i get what you're saying. but i believe in the second amendment. >> reporter: trump also takes credit for a booming economy. >> a lot of the global economy, piers, is because of what we're doing. we're doing well, that's helping all around the globe. that's a good thing. >> reporter: the interview, downright chummy at times. one topic morgan steers clear of is the ongoing russia investigation.
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today, "the washington post" reports trump recently considered firing his deputy attorney general, the man who appointed the special counsel. this, after reports, confirmed by abc news, that trump considered firing bob mueller, too. some members of the president's party worry trump may be flirting with an obstruction of justice charge. >> it's pretty clear to me that everybody in the white house knows it would be the end of president trump's presidency if he fired mr. mueller. >> reporter: on tuesday night, president trump hits the reset button at his first state of the union address. he's expected to make the case that the trump economy has been good for all americans. but that inclusive message won't erase his inflammatory rhetoric on issues of race and immigration. overnight, rapper jay-z called the president out over reported comments suggesting, in harsh language, that african immigrants are undesirable. >> it's disappointing and it's hurtful. it really is hurtful, more so
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like looking down on a whole population. >> reporter: today, trump fired back on twitter, "somebody please inform jay-z that because of my policies, black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded!" >> and david joins us live. i want to go back to the russia investigation. there's news of a push to release a classified memo written by a republican congressman, and the president wants it released? >> reporter: yes, this is from today's "washington post." it pits a president against his own justice department, and it has to do with a secret memo written by a congressional ally of the president, detailing allegations of bias among fbi investigators. the president wants that memo made public, but the justice department said that would be totally reckless to do that without a proper review. >> david, thank you.
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and a reminder, abc news will have live coverage of president trump's state of the union address. george stephanopoulos, david muir, and myself joining the powerhouse political team. that's tuesday at 9:00 p.m., right here on abc. also, this just in, fallout in the wake of the steve wynn scandal. just moments ago paul ryan announcing he will donate $1,000 given to him in 2016 by wynn resorts. that money going to charity. the las vegas mogul resigning after reports of sexual abuse and harassment from some employees. wynn saying he resigned from the rnc post because his work was too important to be impaired by this distraction. next tonight, new developments in the deadly flu epidemic. schools in several states will be closed tomorrow. 39 states reporting high flu activity. the cdc reporting least 37 children have died due to the flu this season. here's erielle reshef.
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>> reporter: tonight, schools in at least six states closing in the desperate rush to stop the dangerous spread of the flu. the epidemic so severe in oklahoma, 20 districts have shut their doors in the last week as they try to disinfect. >> we felt like at the end, it was what was best for our kids and our school. >> reporter: in jacksonville, florida, the virus forcing bus drivers like kelly mead to stay home. >> sending your kid with a fever, especially a high fever, you're sending them on a bus with a bunch of kids including a driver and you're putting everybody else at risk. >> reporter: 39 states still reporting high flu activity. and experts say the season may not have reached its peak. the outbreak, the worst in nearly a decade, continuing to claim lives. 12-year-old dylan winnick, laid to rest this weekend. one of at least 37 children y t deadly h3n2 strain. and tonight, it's not just schools concerned. in minnesota, where fans are already packing the streets
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ahead of the super bowl, staff and volunteers armed with disinfectant, sanitizing surfaces multiple times a day to try to keep crowds healthy. experts say the flu season can last until april. doctors say it's not too late for a flu shot. tom? >> erielle, thank you. i want to bring in dr. jen ashton. you're living through this right now. your daughter has the flu. today, you had to take her to the hospital. what were the signs to know it's time to go to the er? >> the two big things i think people should look for, inability to tolerate liquids by mouth, and difficulty breathing. breathing at a rapid rate, and not being able to take a full breath. with an infant, flaring around the nostrils. and parents should ask, do you feel the same, worse, or better, and over the course of three to seven days, they should start to feel better each day, not worse. >> jen, thanks so much.
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and we move on to the deadly ambush in pennsylvania. state police say four people were shot and killed at a car wash in a small town outside of pittsburgh. a fifth victim still in the hospital. police revealing the gunman was heavily armed with an assault weapon, and was waiting to attack. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: state police are investigating the death of four people after an ambush style shooting early sunday morning in western pennsylvania. just outside a self-serve car wash, police made the gruesome discovery. finding four people dead, all in their 20s. >> while shots were being fired, an adult female passenger took cover in the truck. >> reporter: that woman hiding in the back seat of the truck managed to survive and only has minor injuries. >> there's no explanation for any of this. as far as i know, every single person there was kind-hearted. >> reporter: police say the gunman is 28-year-old timothy
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smith. they say he parked on the side of the car wash waiting for the victims to arrive. smith is said to have been armed with several weapons. >> timothy smith was wearing a body armor carrier without the ballistic panels inserted and had several magazines for the ar-15 and 9 millimeter handgun. >> reporter: officers continue to collect evidence from all vehicles found at the scene, trying to figure what happened. one of the victims' sisters spoke with abc affiliate wtae. >> now, i can see he had an obsessive personality. >> reporter: police say the shooter has a gunshot wound to the head and is not expected to survive. they believe it may have been self-inflicted, but are still investigating. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. next tonight, the image making headlines across the country. a 7-year-old boy, arrested at school in florida. taken away in handcuffs. the boy accused of attacking a teacher. his parents say police and the school went way too far. here's zachary kiesch.
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>> reporter: tonight, new questions about this video. did police go too far? that's a 7-year-old boy in handcuffs. police taking him into custody at school. >> i'm devastated. this is completely insane. >> reporter: it happened on thursday in miami, when this first grader hit one of his schoolteachers at the coral way center. the young man's mother was in the principal's office with her son when police took him away and put the cuffs on. this video was shot on her phone. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the incident and response are raising lots of questions. police took the boy for a nonvoluntary psychiatric evaluation, legal in florida. >> excuse me. do you have any paperwork or anything you can say to me? >> reporter: recently, a similar incident involving an autistic 10-year-old was caught on camera. in a statement, local police say the action on a student rarely happens but "was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behavior from bringing further harm to others or himself."
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>> i know that my kid made a mistake. >> reporter: but his parents say police were out of line. despite one previous outburst, describing their son as an excellent student who's won awards at school. some reports say bullying may have been behind the child's outburst. he has been given a standard ten-day suspension and the parents have not ruled out a lawsuit. tom? >> zachary, thank you. overseas tonight, we turn to russia, and outrage over the arrest of putin's biggest political rival. alexei navalni taken into custody during a protest. barred from running for president, calling for a boycott of the election. our cameras showing how putin's forces crack down on protesters. here's dan harris. >> reporter: in dramatic video tonight, you can see opposition leader alexei navalny arrested on the streets of moscow while taking part in an anti-putin rally. hours earlier, police raided his group's offices, interrupting a
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newscast and arresting one of the anchors. alexei navalny has been called "the man vladimir putin fears most." he's been banned from running in the upcoming presidential election, after having spent years leading anti-kremlin rallies during which he has been publicly beaten and even once nearly blinded when someone sprayed green liquid in his face. we saw firsthand in october how police in russia handle protesters. wading into the crowd, and apparently even sending in provocateurs. is he trying to start a fight? >> yes. >> reporter: this kind of thing in america, nobody bats an eye. people protest the government all the time. here, it's a radical act. tonight, navalny, just released, is calling for a boycott of the march 18th presidential election. but with vladimir putin's popularity rate hovering around 80%, the outcome is all but certain.
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dan harris, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to dan for that report. an update out of afghanistan. the death toll rising in the ambulance bomb attack. authorities say at least 105 people were killed, 235 wounded in the blast in kabul. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. in what was considered to be one of the most secure parts of the city. the attack coming one week after terrorists killed 22 people at the intercontinental hotel. back here for weather concerns in the south. and heavy rains from florida to the carolinas tonight. streets in new orleans flooded. let's get right to amy freeze. there's a real soaker down south. >> the rain just continues right now. folks in tampa, along i-75, dodging showers all the way up the coastline. they're going to be dealing with the showers in the early morning commute. this rain doesn't end until the
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middle of the morning tomorrow. turns colder, arctic air invading the northeast. boston, d.c., chicago, a little dose of snow coming. about an inch monday night to tuesday. out west, a completely different story. bone dry. record warmth for burbank, and the santa ana winds have kicked up to 60 miles an hour. a red flag warning. big, critical fire danger advisory levels. but this is in the middle of the wet season. just no relief coming. >> amy, thanks so much. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, smoke so heavy it could be seen on weather radar. why fire officials say this fire could take days to put out. and, why you should file your taxes as early as tomorrow. how it may help prevent thieves from cashing in on your return. and in the '80s, they were co-stars. scott baio, and nicole eggert, what she says he did when she was underage.
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shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. back now with a major alert as tax season gets under way. a new scam looking to cash in on your return. tonight, how you can best protect your refund. here's kenneth moton with "your money." >> reporter: a warning tonight from the irs about the high risk of bogus filings to steal your tax refund. one potential reason -- that massive equifax credit bureau data breach. hackers in 2017 obtaining the personal and financial information for 145 million people. >> you have a cornucopia of information which is enough to give anyone all the ammunition they need to file a false tax return. >> reporter: 1,500 data breaches last year compromising people's sensitive information. tax experts say credit freezes or monitoring won't stop tax related identity theft. >> if they have the name and date of birth and a social security number, they're off to the races because they can create a fake w-2 form.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: seattle resident katie van fleet, a victim of the equifax breach. she and her attorney telling us they are looking ahead to tax season after thieves already opened up fraudulent lines of credit in her name. >> i did what i could to protect myself, but in the same way i still feel helpless. >> reporter: new this tax season, the irs has placed a verification code box on all official w-2 forms to help with authentication. the code, generated by the employer, and will appear on your w-2. and those at risk, urged to follow their tax status on the irs' website. but tom, the biggest tax tip tonight for people, the irs says beat the crooks and file your tax return early. the agency will begin to accept 2017 returns tomorrow. tom? >> kenneth, thank you. up next, when we come back, crossing the line? why marco rubio says he was forced to fire his chief of staff. and the frightening moment for two children out for a swim, surrounded by killer whales.
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time now for our "index." and the potentially toxic fire in eastern connecticut at a waste and recycling facility. emergency crews urging residents to stay indoors. environmental teams on scene as well. no word yet on injuries, or what started that fire. city officials warning it could burn for days. to politics, and the sudden firing of a key member of senator marco rubio's team. the florida senator announcing he has fired chief of staff clint reed, after accusations of improper conduct with subordinate staffers came to light. senator rubio saying he had sufficient evidence that reed violated office policies. and that he learned of the allegations for the first time on friday and fired that chief of staff the next day. reed has yet to comment. actor scott baio denying sexual misconduct allegations by a former co-star. >> she's making all these claims about me, nicole eggert is, that are false. >> baio posting a 16-minute
5:53 pm
facebook video refuting accusations by his "charles in charge" co-star nicole eggert, that he molested her when she was an underaged teen. the two starred together in the hit tv show back in the '80s. baio said the two had a consensual relationship once eggert turned 18. and the scary swim for a couple of children off the coast of new zealand. take a look. you can see the fins. two kids stalked by two killer whales. those whales closing in on the kids, but then swimming out to sea. while frightening for swimmers, experts say orcas typically don't attack humans in the wild. the kids are okay. up next, the stunning surprise for a graduating first responder. this is an amazing story. you see him with his parents on stage. what the man approaching that family did for them more than two decades ago. the story, coming up. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy,
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finally tonight, the surprise reunion. a young man dedicating his life to helping others, coming face to face with a hero he met years ago. >> emt joseph bitetto. >> reporter: that's 22-year-old joseph bitetto. set to graduate and become of the fdny's newest emts. what he doesn't know, he's about to get the surprise of his life. in 1996, his family had to call 911. his mother, pregnant with joseph, went into labor early. forced to deliver inside of her home. joseph, only 28 weeks. both of their lives in danger. >> and thanks to the heroic actions of the ems personnel who responded that day, the lives were saved of both mother and son. >> reporter: but then, a moment
5:58 pm
the bitetto family couldn't believe. the emt who saved joseph, there to meet him again. >> he's now a detective. howard blanck of nypd, and i'd like to bring him forward. this is the man that saved his life. >> reporter: joseph at one point overcome with emotion. his father later describing what it meant for the family. >> my son was in an incubator for over a month. and while i was at the hospital, i was able to thank the doctors. i went to the 69th precinct and i thanked the police officer who came that day. but i never had a chance to thank the emts. >> reporter: that thank you coming 22 years later. joseph, now wearing the same uniform as the man who saved him. >> crazy, crazy. i feel like i'm in a dream right now. >> what an reunion. thanks for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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tonight on abc7 "news at 6:00," an officer struck in an out of control side show. how police are hunting for the suspect. a busted water line leaves neighbors with a big mess. and a car crash into a bay area cafe all because of a confused driver. homes flooded in hayward by a water main break. >> tonight crews are working round the clock to deal with the mess and the pets. > >> work will continue into the night first to patch up the main
6:00 pm
and then the streets. kate larsen joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: actually just spoke to a worker with the city of hayward who tells me that they have cut out the broken piece of pipe, a 12-inch water main break here around 10:00, 11:00 there morning, they're actually waiting for the connector parts to arrive on the scene before they can patch the pipe and pipd in the hole. you can see the ground is caked in mud. earlier in the day, there was a foot or two of water in here. we have a video that shows a rush of water and mud coming down the hill, this is highland boulevard right off mission boulevard. it really hurt about three homes here and of course took out the water service to many hom


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