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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. good evening i'm eric thomas. >> i'm deon lynn. president of the united states is set to deliver his first state of the union address on tuesday. >> abc 7 news reporter lillian kim tell us they plan on making a statement. >> members of congress are allowed to bring a guest and as a result there will be d.r.e.a.m.ers in the audience as well as sexual assault survivors. >> barbara lee is skipping tuesday's state of the union address, but others will bring there and many are bringing guests aimed at making a point. >> it's incredible i was
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selected. >> she is a d.r.e.a.m.ers who came to the u.s. when she was 7 years old. she works for an advocacy agency. >> i think representation at a platform as large as the state of the union and the mobilizing that's to come can only reinhave reinhave it grate the minority. >> he'll bring a jackie spear has invited a sexual assault survivor. others like congressman john germ germendi will be wearing black. >> i'll be wearing black in recognition of the me too
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movement and the women who have been abused. >> the bay area delegation taking a stand in hopes of sending a message to the president and the country. lillian kim abc 7 news. developing news out of southern california where authorities are credited an experienced pilot of landing a plain on a freeway. authorities say the pilot was flying to orange county when the aircraft developed engine truble. it's not known how many people are were on the plane but nobody was hurt. >> a man is suspected of pointing a laser at the chopper. the chp helicopter then followed the suspect's car and directed oakland officers to his location. oakland police captured a 23-year-old man from pittsburgh
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at 2:15 a.m. this morning. a boy found a grenade and it forced police to close downtown this evening. police tell us the boy found the grenade and brought it to show his father outside the capital building. that's when the boy's father called the police. air force experts safely removed it. hayward has a mess after a water main break opened a sink hole today. it happened on high land boulevard. kate marson was there. >> reporter: cell phone video shows mud and water rushing down highland boulevard after a water main broke. >> i saw a piece of concrete flow and i was like that's a sink hole. >> reporter: she was home with her family when the sidewalk
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buckled and water filled up their front yard. >> i started to panic when the water was raising on the other side of the house. >> reporter: workers turned off the water and replaced the the pipe with this blue pvc pipe restoring utilities to the neighborhood by dinner time. but the work is far from over. city crews are here working late tonight to back fill the sink hole with gravel to cover it with asphalt and get cars back here tomorrow. pg&e also on scene working with the city to make sure one of their gas lines didn't get damaged. >> folks are out here aware of their pipe. it appears to be in excellent condition and we're going to make sure nothing happened. >> nothing reached the inside of her home but they're worried about moisture inside the home. >> mildew is bad to breathe in.
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>> she'll be filing a damage claim with the city. kate larsson abc 7 news. this water main caused damage inside two buildings at san jose state university. the pipe does not supply water to the campus. it runs beneath the campus. six people were injured in sonoma county when a driver mistook his gas pedal for the break. he crashed early this afternoon into this bakery. >> our first thought was an earthquake. then we got pushed forward. and then we noticed it was a car. i personally was pinned in. i couldn't move and it was really painful. >> one person had moderate injury, the other were minor. firefighters had to cut away part of the wall to get the car out. the building will have to undergo an assess tomt see if
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the structure is safe. a man is dead after a fire in santa clara. it was reported at 2:00 this morning at a townhouse. firefighters were able to pull the man out of the building. they tried to resuscitate him but he died later at the hospital. a veteran richmond police officer is out of the hospital after a car struck him when he was trying to break up a sidesh sideshow. cornell bernard has video of the incident. it may be disturbing to some viewers. >> you could hear the noise, it was crazy. >> reporter: this home video captured a sideshow in richmond sunday morning. >> it must have been went 15, 20 minutes. the police station right down the street we're like when the police coming? >> from my windows i could see flashes when they were setting off fireworks.
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>> reporter: neighbors called 911. on the video you can see officers arriving. several got out of their cars to break up the sideshow then a disturbing scene is caught on video. an officer is struck head on by a car trying to get away from the scene. >> he landed on the hood of the car. he was narrowly missed getting ran over by other >> reporter: the officer sur vooi vooifed suffering broken bones and cuts and bruises. police want to find the driver who struck the eight-year veteran of the force. the car described as a dark colored four-door sedan. >> these sideshows are uncalled for, illegal. we just need the public to help us out on this one. >> reporter: call richmond police if you can help with any information about this sideshow.
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sheriff's deputies need your help tonight to find a man who robbed a tanning salon in walnut creek. there he is. he struck on oak road about 6:30 tuesday night. they say he threatened the victim with a box cutter and left the store after the employee handed over some cash. he appears to be between the ages of 50 and 60. still ahead at 11:00, more problems for the serial stowaway what she did today that got her in trouble. it's been an unusual today and it continues. 44 and fog in santa rosa, 65 half moon bay, as we go to break, check out these record high temperatures today, 70 at the oakland airport. i'll tell you what's on tap for the week ahead when we return. after seizing 12,000 pounds of cocaine, this cost guard crew is back at home in the bay area. >> a brand new mural unveiled in
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san francisco. a new trend happening in kitchens across the country. a movement to help the plant and we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery.
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a woman called a serial stowaway who was arrested earlier this month for sneaking onto a flight for london was taken into custody again after police found her at o'hare international in chicago. >> reporter: marilyn hartman just can't seem to stay away from airports. police taking her into custody at o'hare. dr. mark rinke is a
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psychologist. >> there's a compulsion to her activities. even when she's been warned not to do it, she in some ways can't resist the impulse or desire to engage in it. >> reporter: police say an employee spotted the 66-year-old woman in an area that caters privately owned airplanes after a search they found her around 1:30 this morning at terminal three. she's charged with criminal trespassing and violating her bail bond. earlier in the month she snuck past a checkpoint and flew to london. despite her long history of trying to board flights without a ticket, a judge on thursday reduced her bond in connection with that incident allowing her to be released. not before warning her three times to stay away from airports. he ordered her also to undergo a
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mental health evaluation. >> you have to get to the underlying mechanism. what does it mean she's evading tsa and going to the airports. it's not about be consequences and rewards in the traditional sense. after a 53 day mission, be a coast card crew is back here in the bay area. the crew was on counter narcotics patrol off south and central america, they intercepted five drug smuggling boats and seized $155 million worth of cocaine. >> my crew will be out there doing the boardings is it in 8 to 1 12 foot sees and out there for 8 to 12 hours. so it's demanding physically, mentally for the crew and a long time away from home. >> it was part of an international force that seized
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over $721 million of cocaine in the eastern pacific. >> elon musk says his company will use flame flowers to carve under the streets. he sold 4,000 flame throwers at $5,000 a pop. he tweeted they were perfect for roasting zombies many believe it's a practical joke but he insists they're the real deal. >> a muralist finished what he calls a tapestry in the tender loin. he spent a month drawing on his experience as a painter and architect to finish the mural. >> on a large scale it's amazing and i couldn't pass it up. you want to do something on a
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larger scale and kind of give back to the community and have something people can recognize throughout their day. >> herman hope gs the building's owner allows it to stay in place for at least one year. folks around the country participated in national muffin day. abc 7 news was at the hays valley bake worth. jacob kaufman came up with the idea four years ago after he experienced the satisfaction of giving away his muffins to the homeless. >> by 7:30 we had seen muffins from chicago, d.c., chattanooga, virginia beach and that was just by 7:30 west coast time. so it's people doing it all over the country. >> well done. for each baker who makes their own muffins and posts a picture, jacob then donates $10 to san francisco's project homeless
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connect. >> i don't know what muffins and weather have to do with each other. i know you have to bake muffins and it'll be warm this time of year. i was thinking of elaine when she would just eat the top of the muffin we're looking at above-average temperatures. we have fog in the north bay. but look at what's offshore. plenty of cloud cover in seattle where they'll see 2 to 4 inches of rain tomorrow. a soggy start for them. the high clouds and ridge bumping up those temperatures. 60s at the coast. we have a northeast wind. we're still any low 50s for mountain view. we won't drop too far into the 30s due to the high clouds.
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44 santa rosa, 44 napa, livermoore at 48. we will be looking at the high clouds steadily overnight. so we still have sunshine for monday and well above average. tuesday cooler along the coast but the sunshine stays with us with above after raj temperatures for the entire week and no rain in sight. we'll continue to monitor it for you, things could change. what hasn't changed is the above-average numbers. upper 50s is where we should be, 56 in concord, 9 degrees above average there. and san francisco was nice and mild. a change there tomorrow. we get a few upper 30s overnight. mid 40s peninsula and the south bay. so here's a look at the sky cover hour by hour through the overnight hours here come the
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clouds. they get thicker but still have temperatures in the 60s and 70s it was in the mid 80s in southern california. not that warm here but still a good eight to ten degrees above average. 74 in santa cruz, many 60s on the peninsula. upper 60s on the coast. looking very mild here again with temperatures about 10 degrees above average. east bay numbers will be in the mid 60s again. so not quite as much sun but the temperatures will be mild. as we head inland we'll see 65 by tomorrow afternoon in livermore. we have the eclipse to look forward to on wednesday. it should be good viewing. it's early in the morning starts at 4:51 and maximum eclipse will be at 5:29 and ends at 6:07.
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looking mild to high clouds tomorrow, coastal cooling on tuesday, eclipse on wednesday. and when february begins the temperatures continue to climb. download our app and you can keep track of the temperatures and hopefully a breakdown of the ridge
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taking a live look over frigid minneapolis whereby next week the patriots or eagles will be celebrating a super bowl championship. >> the eagles arrived late this afternoon. the patriots get in tomorrow. they're aiming for their sixth title. the eagles are searching for their first super bowl win in history. earlier this week a mystery
11:25 pm
better in las vegas placed a multimillion dollar wager on the eagles to win. >> my wage would be that it would be cold because it's 10 degrees in minneapolis right now. >> a heat wave. >> they're playing in doors and 36 years ago we flew into frigid detroit playing in the silver dome. >> setting the stage. >> and a nice ring to go along with it. >> the santa cruz warriors in the house. chance to see the future of the acronyms alolfun. laugh out loud, btw by the way, and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.
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the g league santa cruz warriors invaded oracle to face the austin spurs. this is the chance to check out future stars. shawn livingston, kevin durant, steph curry on hand. cook went to duke and he can play. he's been brought up several times. he stops, game fake, game hi puts austin up 6 in theth 4th. this is the throw down, 15 points, 7 and 10 shooting, this dunk impresses the bosses. but the warriors fall 105-97 the final. >> we appreciate the support, the love, it's amazing. i know it's special for me to be out there. i haven't played on that court. and for our players, an opportunity for them to play in
11:30 pm
front of a large crowd like that and people to be supporting them and what they're doing. it was amazing. we definitely appreciate the love and support. the nfl 2019 all-star game will be right here in san jose at the sap center. this year's game was in tampa bay. and they went with the three on three tournament fore mat. brent jones the loan sharks. he had scored a coal and an ape cyst. then the two east divisions took the ice. kucherof whiffs on the shot but still scored. he had a hat trick. first player to do that under this fore mat. so pacific and atlantic play wih the winners taking home 1 aa
11:31 pm
$1 million prize. love the white uniforms burns gets an assist. pacific wins 5-2. burns in sb his nine teammates split the $1 million prize. nfl pro bowl in orlando. delaney walker had quite a day. caught two td passes from alex smith to keep afc in the game. then derrick carr came in late. carr, 1:38 left, perfect pass to delay any. 115 yards and a touchdown. nfc one last chance but a sum pl and afc with a 24-23 victory. each player taking home the winner's check of $64,000. this brought to you by rock casino. we have college hoops, tennis and a look at the new
11:32 pm
warrior's facility. >> impressed w
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> i'm deon lim. richmond police need your help to find a driver who hit an officer during an illegal sideshow this morning. the officer is now out of the hospital. investigators say the driver was trying to leave the area when police arrived. water gushed out of a street
11:36 pm
in hayward after a water main broke today. water service is now restored after it was cut off to hundreds of people for hours. a small plane made a safe emergency landing on a freeway tonight. it appeared they had engine trouble headed to orange county. no one was hurt. president trump will deliver his first state of the union address on tuesday. >> it is an important speech for any chief executive. but this could have special significance for president trump. >> president trump is facing a critical week. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president's first state of the union address slated for tuesday night and expected to focus on five main areas, the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade, and national security. no doubt the president will
11:37 pm
praise his tax cuts like he did in an interview with a british journalist released on sunday. >> a lot of the global economy is because of how well we're doing. we're doing well, that's helping around the gloe globe. >> reporter: mr. trump may further outline his plan on d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> the president's proposal of allowing 1.8 million d.r.e.a.m.ers a pathway with citizenship is a huge step in the right direction. >> reporter: the speech comes in the shadow of the russia investigation, including reports that trump tried to fire counsel bob mueller last summer. ken starr who investigated bill clinton for several years spoke about the president's denial. >> you're talking about lying to the american people and i think that's something bob mueller should look at. >> reporter: the president enraging an entire continent
11:38 pm
after he referred to african nations as expletive nations. the president trying to make amends writing he deeply respects africa. the state of the union can be viewed here at 7:00. angelina jolie made a call for peace and to end the civil war in syria today. she serves as a special envoy as high commissioner for refugees. the war began 8 years ago and hundreds of thousands have been killed. another 5 million have e escaped to nearby countries and she wishes they could return to their home land. >> a viable political settlement is the only way to create the conditions for syrians to return to their home, to tend suffering
11:39 pm
and the strain on host countries. >> both u.s. and russian forces are involved in trying to end the civil war. police arrested vladimir putin's top political rival in russia today. he was barred from running for president before being taken into custody. his party has called for a for a protest in the elections. impatience can be a dangerous thing. look closely here. dash cam video captured a truck driver north of fort lauderdale, florida avoiding a crash with a high speed train. the truck went around another car, with the train horn blaring, the truck makes it with seconds to spare. more information emerging about the southern california
11:40 pm
parents accused of torturing and starving their children. the neighbor who bought their old home is speaking out. she recalls the extensive cleaning she had to do after moving into their former home. some days she said she used gallons of bleach. >> it had feces on the walls in the living room, and in the kitchen the cabinets were so dirty. we scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed. but the real estate company had cleaned it good enough to put it on the market. >> they have 13 children ranging in age from 2 to 2009. they said some of the children were found chained from beds two weks ago after their sister escaped and called 911. the extra hazards facing millions of taxpayers in the wake of the equifax breach. >> reporter: a warning tonight from the irs about the high risk
11:41 pm
of bogus filings to steal your tax refund. hackers in 2017 obtaining the personal and financial information for 145 million people. >> you have a bunch of information that's enough to give anybody the ammunition they need to file a false tax return. >> reporter: 1,500 data breaches last year. they say credit freezes or monitoring won't stop tax related identity theft. >> if they have a name, date of birth and social security number they're off to the races. katy is a victim of the breach. they're looking ahead to the tax season after thieves opened lines of credit in her name. >> i still feel helpless. >> reporter: new this season.
11:42 pm
they added a verification code. the code generated by the employer and will appear on their w-2. those at risk urged to follow their status on the irs website. the biggest thing is beat the crooks and file returns early. the agency begins accepting 2017 returns monday. still ahead. >> their cat went missing and was presumed gone. but a north bay couple devastated by the fire got a pleasant surprise. here's a clear look at san francisco, 56 degrees right now. the average high this time of year, 58. we're returning warmer than
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at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. in the north bay tonight hope springs eternal for owners of pets lost in october's fire storm. >> look no further than santa
11:46 pm
rosa, while one cat owner describes it as a miracle, another man says it's the right thing to do. >> he's not coming out. >> reporter: if you've ever tried to catch the family house cat, than you know the frustration of susan and jim decker. here's his mug shot, the back story, even better. >> he's not moving at all. >> reporter: if he seems skittish, who can blame him. this was his home out in the burn zone. one of the pets lost and missing presumed gone forever, given up on by most people anyway. >> i love cats. >> reporter: don't let the hunting gear fool you. this was a man on a mission. >> we were investigated in the fire and we weren't able to catch all of my cats. >> reporter: as a week led to a month then two and three, susan
11:47 pm
and dave kept posting pictures on line, never giving up. >> there was a possibility. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, dave got a hit and the deckers a text with photos. what did it take to get tiger? >> a lot of patience. >> reporter: last week the re reward. hello tiger. >> there's some angels out there. there is. how else would you describe this guy. >> reporter: a lot of people would call you a hero. >> i'm not a hero. >> what are you? >> a cat lover. >> reporter: bringing them home one at a time. >> has he gone outside since? >> no. >> wayne freedman, abc 7. >> you can be both, a hero and cat lover. skiers and borders are not the only one loving the snow. >> look at the panda in china enjoying the snow.
11:48 pm
the 4-year-old endull knowledges erherself in forward and side roles. speaking of snow here in the bay area, don't expect any. >> for us we're thinking more shorts weather, right? >> yeah more like that. here's lisa argen with our forecast. we were above average today and tonight we have the overshore winds keeping the temperatures up. we have fog and temperatures in the 40s from santa rosa to napa as you get to san francisco, mid 50s, 61 in half moon bay. if you're spending time on the peninsula tomorrow, partly cloudy in the mid 60s for the afternoon. morgan hill, tomorrow at 2:00 you'll be in the low 70s the rest of the bay area hi clouds around. about 10 degrees above average in some spots. in the seven day forecast.
11:49 pm
coastal cooling on tuesday, but notice, nothing but 60s, 70s and sn. just the messenger here. >> this is the time everybody loves your forecast. >> i don't know. but thanks. >> we like you regardless. this ever happen to you on the links before, take a one-night break? >> no, it has not. we have an unusual situation on the pga tour. and the warriors are going to like their
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
a year ago last week was the official ground breaking at the warriors new facility, the chase center. i had a chance to take a look at the site and it is one amazing piece of architecture. check it out.
11:53 pm
it's taking shape, construction is in full swing with over 500 workers on site daily and they're ontime to open for the 2019 season. >> 40% through with the construction. the next big landmark that a lot of people would think of is topping out. that's when we're done with the structure of chase center. that's going to be this august. >> reporter: what a project, 18,000 seat arena with 44 seats, 32 court side lounges and 60 theatre boxes. there are also two office buildings on site, a parking grage with 950 spaces, 3 acres of open space and a three quarter acre main plaza. it's not just for ba for >> there'll be concert, family events, shows. it's to keep this a vibrant and active spot within the bay area.
11:54 pm
>> 15 players on your roster close to 7 feet tall you don't want a small locker room. at the chase center they have a team campus along with two practice facilities. you have 90 foot windows with a view of the game. >> hopefully you never get bored with the game here at chase center. >> after today i can guarantee that will not happen. college hoops. the men of cal taking on usc. just inhad 14. marcus lee head cal, he was 10 of 14 shooting. but they would not come away with a w. aaron with a layup, they lose. 17-15 overall, 77-59 the final. cal women hosting asu, sun devils dominated from start to
11:55 pm
finish. ryan made it 14-0 to open the game. cal just six points in the first quarter. nice dish from thomas. cal down 11 at the half. but 6 more points in the third, asu runs away, they win 57-42. cal drops to 6-4 in conference play. cardinal hosting arizona. cardinals hit 14 threes. mcphee was three for five. smith three for four hp williams passes it up to carington, lays it in before the buzzer stanford goes on win 79-42 they're 8-2 in conference play. roger federer won the the title in the australian open. chris hemsworth
11:56 pm
cilic refused to los he came back for the fourth set. but it was all federer in the fifth. he becomes the oldest to win at 36 in five sets.s.s. he got very emotional with the trophy. what a run for the best to ever play the game. final round of the farmers jason day huge par put on 17. in the clubhouse with the lead. ryan palmer the approach on the par 5. plays it perfectly, leaves it a foot away. makes it for booerd to get to 10 under, tied for the lead with jason day, so it's a playoff. alex noren has the booerd putt for the win. he didn't. three way sudden death playoff.
11:57 pm
jason went 12 foot for the win. so alex noren playing his first pga event as a member. and they have to finish tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. due to darkness. i'm not sure there's another sport you get to spend the night and come back and play for $1 million. >> i like it. that's the sport i want to do. >> i'm eric thomas. >>
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♪ noah! olivia! it's been a while. too long. [ chuckles ] i saw that sit-down you did on dominique strauss khan. nicely done. thank you. what's going on? [ inhales deeply ] we're gonna have to push the interview. olivia. we just need an extra hour or so. it's live. i'm not at liberty to discuss it, but the president is in an important meeting,


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