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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 29, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PST

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good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we are following on "world news now." a critical week ahead for president trump. poised to deliver his first state of the union address. it comes as the russia allegations heat up that he tried to fire robert mueller. actor scott baio is fighting back against claims by his former "charles in charge" co star, eggert. he says she's been making these claims since 2012 but has never taken legal action. >> she's back. the former white house staffer first receiving national attention on "the apprentice." and now returning to reality tv. as a cast member of sellty "big brother." the series starts its run early next month.
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and messages of empowerment mixed with political statements. with it, 24 karat magic with wih major sweep, including album of the year. those are some of our top stories this monday january 29th. >> announcer: from abc news this this is "world news now." ♪ 24 karat magic in the air >> he had a lot of magic, i'd say. and then some. >> a lot of grammy's to take home, too. >> he said it was an unbelievable night. he couldn't believe it. neither could jay-z who went home empty handed. we'll break down all of that later. now we'll begin with president trump. he's preparing to lay out his agenda in his first state of the union address. >> the president will zero in on several key issues including immigration and the white house is promising a speech that will unify and be forward looking. the russia investigation is looming along with recent
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reports to fire a special counsel. we have more. >> reporter: president trump is facing a critical week. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president's first state of the union address slated for tuesday night and expected to focus on five main areas, the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade and national security. no doubt the president will praise his tax cuts like he did with in an interview with british journalist, piers morgan. >> a lot of the global economy is because of how well we are doing. we are doing well. that's helping are had around the globe. that's a good thing. >> reporter: he may also further outline the plan for the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> the 1.8 million dreamers a pathway forward with citizenship is a huge step in the right direction. >> reporter: it comes in the shadow of the ongoing russia investigation, including bombshell report that is trump
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tried to fire special counsel bob mueller. back then he denied it. >> haven't given it any thought. >> reporter: ken starr who investigated president bill clinton for several years talked about that denial for several weeks. >> you're talking about something called lying to the american people and that's something bob mueller should look at. >> reporter: after he referred to african nations as expletive countries. the president now trying to make amends, writing in a letter to the african union that he deeply respects the people of africa, closed quote. republicans are distancing themselves from steve wynn. wynn is denying accusations even as he resigned as finance chairman from the republican national committee. lindsey graham says they should not have a double standard and
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return money from wynn just like they asked the democrats to do following the weinstein scandal. and abc news will have update of the state of the union address tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern here on abc. a deadly attack at an army outpost in afghanistan. five afghan soldiers were killed and 10 injured guarding a military academy in kabul. two suicide bombers detonated their vests and others engaged in a gun battle with troops. over the weekend, more than 100 people were killed when a taliban attacker drove an ambulance filled with explosives in the heart of the city there. gory scenes. a top russian opponent of vladimir putin is free after being arrested at protest in moscow. he called for demonstrations across russia to draw attention to the lack of competition in the upcoming presidential election. dan harris has details.
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>> reporter: you can see opposition leader arrested on the streets of moscow while taking part in an anti-putin rally. hours earlier police raided his group's offices, interrupting a news cast and arresting one of the anchors. alexi navalny has been banned from running in the upcoming presidential election after having spent years leading anti-kremlin rallies, during which he's been publicly beaten and once nearly blinded when someone sprayed green liquid in his face. we saw firsthand in october how the police in putin's russia handle protesters, by even apparently sending in provocateurs. are they trying to start a fight? this kind of thing in america nobody bats an eye. here it is a radical act.
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alexi navalny is calling for a boycott of the march 18th presidential election. but with vladimir putin's popularity rate hovering around 80%, the outcome is all but certain. dan harris, abc news, new york. and authorities say a deadly rampage over the weekend in pennsylvania was motivated by jealousy. 28-year-old timothy smith opened fire killing four at a car wash. a relative says smith had developed an obsession with that sister. smith is hospitalized with a gun shot wound of his own, which may have been self inflicted. turning to video triggering fresh controversy in florida. a 7-year-old boy was arrested and led to the police car in handcuffs. his parents say police and the school went too far. zachary has more.
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>> reporter: new questions about this video, did police go too far? that's a 7-year-old boy in handcuffs. police taking him into custody at school. >> i'm devastated. this is completely insane. >> reporter: it happened thursday in miami when this first grader hit one of his schoolteachers. the young man's mother was in the principal office with her son when police took him away and put the cuffs on. this video was shot on her phone. the incident and response are raising lots of questions. police took the boy for a nonvoluntary psychiatric evaluation, legal in florida. >> excuse me, do you have any paperwork or anything you can say to me? >> reporter: recently a similar incident with a autistic 10-year-old was caught on camera. in a statement, local police say the action on a student rarely happens, but was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behavior to prevent further harm to himself. >> i know my kids made a mistake -- >> reporter: describing their
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son as an excellent student who's won awards at school. some say bullying may have been behind the child's out burst. he had no known mental health issues. he's been given a standard 10-day suspension and his parents haven't ruled out a lawsuit. abc news, new york. >> quite the image of a 7-year-old in handcuffs. thanks to zachary. overseas, angelina jolie is bringing her star power to syrian refugee camp in jordan. it put her and her daughter side by side with syrians in the the refugee camp. it was her sixth visit to jordan. the oscar winner is calling for a political solution to end the long-running civil war. a 70-year-old bomb from world war ii caused panic in hong kong. police were called in to diffuse it. roads had to be closed off and
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1500 people were evacuated from the surrounding area. they say the bomb is believed to be american in origin. military records show the u.s. began bombing hong kong in 1942. an ancient writing tool has surfaced in england. >> archaeologists have found an early version of a crayon. it is 10,000 years old. it's believed the reddish stone was used for artwork, a crayon. and a visitor caused a border stir in asia. >> this is awesome. surveillance captured an elephant taking a late night stroll. can i see your papers? this is from china to laos and back again. they watched as it obliterated a barrier out of the country. >> it looked like it was being graceful for a moment. carefully stepping over. they did keep track of the elephant as it made its way to
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china. two hours later, it came back. >> it even had had its pass port on it second go round. >> i thought it was going to do the limbo. coming up it's officially tax time and with that comes a warning about a new scam. >> great. >> yeah. we're going to show you how you can help protect yourself and insure your refunds end up in your hands. and bruno mars is a big winner at last night's grammy's. we'll bring that and the powerful performances that brought down the house. that's right here on "abc news now." (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance
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lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter. so this was a scene at military base in tacoma, washington after a soldier's jeep cherokee became engulfed in flames. he barely managed to escape. staff sergeant lewis said the electronic dashboard quit working and the vehicle stalled and that's when he noticed a flame between the dashboard and hood. he just bought the jeep three weeks ago. the u.s. attorney general
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has reportedly opened an investigation in to a company -- >> devumi stole the information of at least 55,000 real users. >> many were sold to celebrities, even journalists to boost their numbers on social media. tax filing season starts today. there's already a major scam alert. >> thieves are trying to cash in on your return before you have a chance to cash in on it yourself. we have more. >> reporter: a warning from the irs about the high risk of bogus filings to steal your tax refund. one reason, the major equifax data breach. hackers obtaining the personal and financial information for 145 million people. when you have enough information to give anybody all the ammunition you need to file a false return. >> reporter: 1500 data breaches. last year. they say credit freezes or monitoring won't stop tax related identity theft.
2:45 am
>> if they have a name, date of birth and social security number, they're off to the races. they can create a fake w-2 form. >> reporter: she and her attorney telling us they are looking ahead to the tax season after thieves already opened up fraudulent lines of credit in her name. >> i did what i could to protect myself. in the same way, i still feel helpless. >> reporter: new this tax season, the irs has a verification code box on w-2s to help with authentication. the code will appear on your w-2. those at risk urged to fallingo their tax status on the website. the biggest tip they say beat the crooks and file your tax return early. the agency will begin accepting 2017 returns, monday. abc news, washington. >> tax season. remember there are changes to the tax form this year. so you may want to think about getting an early start which i
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say every year and never do. >> october 15th. coming up why hillary clinton popped up at the grammy's. that's next. y. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. . i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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♪ it wasn't me ♪ i even had her in the shower ♪ it wasn't me ♪ she even had me on camera ♪ it wasn't me >> i don't have any cash on me. >> no, we're not begging. we're trying to create a viral moment. >> sorry, son. nobody wants to hear you sing. >> shaggy and james corden, on the train. allegedly. >> allegedly. >> but, clearly the new yorkers weren't feeling it. >> new yorkers. no subway is that clean. they were way nicer. last night's awards left off
2:49 am
by shining a light on social injustice. >> reporter: politics and social change on display at the grammy's. ♪ from kendrick lamar's opening to powerful performances by women. ♪ cannot deny me >> reporter: lady gaga at the piano and kesha performing her song, "prayer." ♪ and after everything you've done ♪ >> reporter: joined by cindy lauper in a stage of white telling the painful story of abuse. ♪ some things only god can forgive ♪ ♪ oh >> reporter: the song leaving some audience members in tears. stars in the crowd wearing me too roses and times up pins. support for a growing movement. jenelle monet singing from the heart. >> we come in peace but we mean business.
2:50 am
and to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words, times up. >> reporter: 6-year-old blue ivy telling beyonce and jay-z to quiet down. and this surprise appearance. >> he had a long-time fear of being poisoned. one reason why he liked to eat at mcdonald's. nobody knew hefsz he was coming and the food was safe. >> reporter: nikki haley didn't like it. u 2 performing on the water in front of lady liberty. ♪ freedom >> reporter: the awards once again showing a bias against rap music. jay-z nominated for eight, went home with none. kendrick lamar limited to rap categories. cardi b, cardi none. bruno mars winning six,
2:51 am
including song, record and album of the year. puppies were passed out to losers as consolation prizes. the concert always more concerts than awards and rihanna had the crowd thinking some wild thoughts. ♪ wild, wild, wild daddy yankee, but no bieber with "despacito." elton john and miley cyrus as he kicks off his three-year farewell tour. >> always goes understated with the outfits, doesn't he? >> that was very subtle compared to what he wore during the robyn roberts. >> i like blue ivy's technique. i'm going to try that on you. >> settle down. >> we now know who wears the pants at the household. >> does that work on the twins? babies are crying, blue ivy. >> why do you think the twins weren't there? blue ivy is like, i still rule
2:52 am
this spot. leave them behind. >> stick around. we'll be right back. right back. be right back. test. test. test.
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"maze runner the death cure" ran away with the top spot at the box office with 23.5 million bucks at the box office. >> i hear it's a comedy. >> jumanji slid down with a 16.4 million and hostiles with just over 10 million in third. and your flying experience may soon start to change. hopefully it won't resemble any of those films. but delta is the first to crack down on so-called animals. >> that's my rabbit. yeah. more and more airlines are
2:56 am
looking to tighten the leash when it comes to bringing animals into the main cabin. here is tom yamas. >> reporter: your flying experience may soon start to change. more and more airlines looking to tighten the leash when it comes to bringing animals in the main cabin. delta airlines trying to stop some owners from abusing the system by pretending their ordinary pets are emotional support animals. the airier reports an 84% increase in unsanity or dangerous pet incidents since 2016, including cases of biting. one passenger even malled by 70 pound dog on a flight. american airlines, united and jetblue saying they'll review their policies. three years ago, we exposed this problem on "2020." first offering certificates
2:57 am
without identifying any mental health issue and some airlines don't even ask to see the documents. i boarded flights with my boston carrier, archie, without using a pet carrier. later, getting on another flight with a bunny named leo. one even provided us with documentation for an albino hedgehog named snickers. delta will now require health or vaccination documents 48 hours in advance. a letter prepared and signed by a doctor or licensed mental health professional and a signed document confirming the animal can behave. they feel it will improve the flying experience for all passengers, including those who need service and support animals. >> i want
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this morning on world news now, president trump sits down for a rare interview. >> he talks gun control, women and his views on the economy. this, as he prepares to deliver his first state of the union address. and a deadly ambush at a car wash in pennsylvania. police say the gunman sat waiting before opening fire and now they're revealing what may have sparked his rage. breaking overnight, a small plane manages to make quite an emergency landing on a california freeway. the drivers, right alongside, looking on in awe. >> thank you. thank you guys so much. bruno mars has a lot to be grateful for this morning after owning music's biggest night and getting the garden on its feet at the grammy awards. we'll see who got left out and who made the biggest mark on this monday, january 29th.
3:01 am
>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." you know who has made the biggest mark on my monday is diane macedo being back in the house. >> oh, stop it. stop it. >> no, no. >> i'd just like to thank everybody who made this moment possible. >> where did you go? antarctica or somewhere? >> close. i went to patagonia in south, south, south america in argentina and chile. cool pictures to come on that. very exciting trip but a very exciting night at the grammy awards last night. >> yeah, it was. >> it ranged, really. lots of people paying tribute to time's up. kesha was accompanied by other women in white, wearing white roses, giving one of the most powerful performances of the night. the audience gave them a standing ovation. quite a big moment for the night.
3:02 am
there was also a lot of politics last night. >> a lot of politics, people were saying it was a little preachy at times. and you had plenty of artists reading from michael wolff's controversial, "fire and fury" book. and d then hillary clinton was a surprise reader there, got cheers from the crowd at new york's mad son square garden, throwing some shade at the president. >> hillary clinton throwing shade at president trump? >> who would have thought? it was interesting. >> we'll get to more of the winners later on this half hour. but we're going to start off with president trump. shall we? he sat down for a rare interview ahead of his first state of the union address. before leaving switzerland he took questions from pierce morgan on everything from gun control and he even took aim at rapper, jay-z. in the mean time as the russia investigation moves forward, he's facing criticism over report he considered firing robert mueller and the deputy attorney general as well. david has more.
3:03 am
>> reporter: mr. president? a reunion between the former winner of the celebrity apprentice and his former boss, now the president of the united states. >> let's go. come on. >> reporter: british journalist, pierce morgan presses trump on a range of issues from his views on women, who protested him on record numbers. >> are you offended? >> no, i wouldn't say i'm a feminist. i think that would be going too far. i'm for women, i'm for men, i'm for everyone. >> reporter: to his refusal to endorse stronger gun control measures. even after the mass shooting in las vegas. >> they had the bullets going in the opposite direction, you would have saved a lot of lives. so i get what you're saying but i believe in the second amendment. >> reporter: trump also takes credit for a booming economy. >> a lot of the global economy is because of how we're doing. most people will admit that. we're doing well, that's all around the globe, that's a good thing.
3:04 am
>> reporter: the interview, down right chummy at times. one topic morgan steers clear of is the ongoing russia investigation. "the washington post" reports trump recently considered firing his deputy attorney general, the man who appointed the special counsel. this, after reports, confirmed by abc news, that trump considered firing bob mueller, too. some members of the president's party worry trump may be flirting with an obstruction of justice charge. >> it's pretty clear to me that everyone knows this would be the end of president trump's presidency, if he fired mueller. >> reporter: tuesday night, president trump hits the reset button at his first state of the union address. he's expected to make the case that the trump economy has been good for all americans. but that inclusive message won't erase his inflammatory rhetoric on issues of race and immigration. rapper jay-z called the president out over reported comments suggesting, in harsh
3:05 am
language, that african immigrants are undesirable. >> it's disappointing and it's hurtful. it really is. just looking down on a whole population. >> reporter: trump fired back on twitter, someone please inform jay-z that because of my policies black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded. david wright, abc news, the white house. >> we thought jay-z would have an opportunity to respond, yet again, during the grammy's, but he didn't win anything. so he didn't get to do a acceptance speech. in the meantime, we move on. more fall out from the sexual scandal steve wynn. house speaker, paul ryan says he will not keep the $1,000 contribution he received from wynn but will donate it as well. wynn resigned as finance chairman of the rnc as he denies the reports. and florida senator, marco
3:06 am
rubio has fired his chief of staff for similar allegations. rubio released a statement saying reed violated office policies regarding proper relations between a supervisor and their subordinates. police in western pennsylvania say the gunman there was motivated by jealousy when he allegedly killed four in a deadly ambush over the weekend. now the victim's loved ones are shedding more light on their relationship with the suspect. abc's stephanie ra momos has th details. >> reporter: state police are investigating the death of four people after what they described as an ambush' style shooting early sunday morning in western pennsylvania. just outside a car wash, police made the gruesome discovery, finding four people dead, all in their 20s. >> while shots were being fired an adult, female passenger, in the rear seat of the pick-up truck, took cover in the truck. >> reporter: that woman hiding in the backseat of the truck
3:07 am
managed to survive and only as minor injuries. >> there's no explanation for any of this. as far as i know every single person there was kind hearted. >> reporter: police say the gunman is 28-year-old timothy smith. they say he parked on the side of the car wash, waiting for the victims to arrive. smith is said to have been armed with several weapons. >> timothy smith was wearing a body armor carrier without the ballistic panels inserted and had several magazines for the ar-15 and .9 millimeters handgun. >> reporter: at the scene, trying to figure out what happened. one of the victims' sisters spoke with abc affiliate, wtae. >> i can see it. he has an obsessive personality. >> reporter: police say the shooter has a gun shot wound to the head and is not expected to survive. they believe it to be self-inflicted, but they're still investigating. stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. >> thanks.
3:08 am
some of the victim's loved ones say he may have been obsessed with a female victim and that the two may have previously dated. the serial stow away is in custody this morning after being spotted at chicago o'hare's airport. the 66-year-old has a long history of trying to sneak on to airplanes. she was arrested early sunday in violation off a previous order banning her from chicago's two airports. hartman will remain in custody at least until her court appearance on wednesday. the southeast is facing a flood threat. after a couple days of heavy rain, the area is facing the most danger from the florida panhandle to the coast of the carolinas. that system moves through the eastern seaboard overnight. some spots could see up to two inches. winter returns to the eastern half of the u.s. over the next few days. the mild weekend temperatures will give way to more seasonable highs, the 40s and 30s. meanwhile, dry and unseasonably warm weather is bringing fire warnings in southern california. no rain expected in that area until the next week at the earliest.
3:09 am
say you're a little bit hungry in the philadelphia area. don't try to find a boston market in parts of philly, at least for the next week or so. >> i love this. so, the super bowl has sparked a name change. the eagles drew up to pay the patriots and the brotherly love are ditching the word boston. if you want to find them, you have to search for philly market. >> i love that they went all high tech with the signage there, covering up the word boston. it's a rivalry. >> creativity. good thing they didn't call it new england market. later this half hour we're breaking it down with bruno mars at the grammy's. >> how he came away with the night's top awards and how he finally killed the song of the summer, "despacito." and, remember to weigh in with your own grammy picks on
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drivers along the 55 in orange county, california, were doing double takes over this. understandably. a small plane made an emergency landing right on the highway. the faa says the pilot reported engine trouble. there were no injuries reported. >> good landing on the highway. and new questions being raised about video of a 7-year-old being led out of his school in handcuffs. >> it happened in miami, after the boy allegedly attacked a teacher, kicking and punching and knocking her to the ground and grabbing her hair. the teacher was finally able to restrain the child before police were called. despite one previous outburst, the boy's parents say the police were out of mind. >> i'm afraid for my kids. i don't believe in the system anymore. and it was painful. he don't talk to me. >> reporter: the boy's parents describe him as an excellent student who won awards at the school. miami-dade school police say the
3:14 am
action was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behavior from bringing further harm to others or himself. overseas, the first look at the terrifying moment two killer whales stalked a pair of young kids. >> it happened off the coast of new zealand. see the fins of the whales? watch as they come in as the children swam out to sea. >> what's frightening for the swimmers? experts say orcas typically don't attack humans in the wild. the key word, typically. >> doesn't inspire a lot of confidence when you see them in the water next to you. >> there's always bob. >> bob who decides to be atypical? >> atypical orca. >> luckily, that didn't end in tragedy. coming up in our next half hour, we're going to get to actor scott baio who's defending himself after a costar said he had sex with her when he was a
3:15 am
minor. first, we are breaking down the grammy awards. who won big? who got shut out? who stole the show? that's next on "world news now." out? who stole the show? that's next on "world news now."
3:16 am
3:17 am
♪ bruno mars definitely had it going on last night, performing "finesse" with cardib. there. >> a huge night for bruno mars winning six including 24 magic in the air. >> and back with us our own bruno. big night for brunos. he was there, in the house, at mad son square garden. this is obviously the year for you guys. >> the year of the brunos. bruno winning 6 for 6. huge night. unexpected. >> three big ones, album, record and song of the year. that was completely unexpected. as we talked about the other day jay-z was the favorite to win album of the year and bruno shut him out.
3:18 am
>> what was the reaction like, there in the garden. >> huge. bruno's such a great entertainer. >> right. >> he tore it up. >> and he mentioned when he got on stage and the sense was that it was fairly slow show and bruno's like it's just nice to have exciting music. did it seem as if it was kind of -- >> it was very sedate until "despacito" and bruno. those two songs really picked it up. >> they always do. every party. >> one category he couldn't win was best new artist, that went to alexia carrau. she's not so new, either. >> and she was the only female presented with an award tonight. that was the crazy thing. a night of times up and me too, movement. she was the only female big winner. >> that's surprising. >> a little odd. >> moving on to talk about the -- who got shut out. >> the big one. jay-z.
3:19 am
all eyes were on him because of what happened yesterday with the interview and the tweets. everybody said if he wins album of the year, what is he going to say on stage because it's his turn. >> yes. >> in a city, song about new york, it was all about jay-z. he had eight nominations, walked away with zero. >> what about "despacito"? >> that was supposed to be song of the year. they were robbed. everybody is talking about immigrants and immigrant rights. here's a song written and recorded and produced by immigrants completely shut out as well in spanish. logic talked about immigrants u-2 talked about immigrants and "despacito," the ultimate song about immigrants, nothing. weird. so the key was to not be a woman and not be in hip hop and not talk about anything politically charging. you would have been game. >> you'd have to be bruno mars. >> that's the real key, just be
3:20 am
bruno mars. >> so you were there in the arena. it biggest applause -- who got the biggest applause? >> kesha musically. hillary clinton was overall the biggest applause of just loud and roaring. but kesha's performance was just incredible. >> so the ladies didn't bring home the award but they knocked it out of the park. >> pink who was very subdued. >> love her. >> her performance was very subdued. she proved she doesn't need to compel. but it was subtle and just beautiful and magical. >> and she proves that she does have a beautiful voice but again whoever was doing the producing for the entire show didn't pace it out to say let's get a dance number in there. let's get something exciting at all and did you feel at some point while you're there that it kind of needed that? >> yes, it definitely did. like i said, apart from "despacito" and bruno mars, it was one of those where you felt give us a push here and there. sza did have that in the end.
3:21 am
>> she was having audio problems as well. were you able to see the queen, beyonce, from where you were perched? >> it always comes back to -- >> beyonce. >> you see queen bee, absolutely. >> she was there and blue ivy was there. >> u-2 on a barge. >> they opened with kendrick lamar and handed bruno the album of the year award. they were the only act on three times. >> and they had a political statement that was actually cut out by cbs sensors. >> yes. it was about the comment of the s-countries. >> and sir elton john. >> sir elton john was actually great. very incredible performance of "tiny dancer" with miley cyrus. kicking off his tour.
3:22 am
>> beautiful in a moment, beautiful night. thank you to our music insider for stopping by. >> let's do it.
3:23 am
3:24 am
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3:25 am
okay time for your monday mix and we're going to start with a little monday exercise. so shante has said the definitive workout to do is a plank but not everybody does a plank correctly. >> oh. >> so, this fitness blogger came out with his version of how to do the plank. apparently that's how you're supposed to do it properly. not where you are flat like that. >> you have to do a bridge? >> exactry. dig the elbow in. >> we once made you plank for the entire mix. >> i'm just going to do it for the silhouetted version. >> you have to move forward. higher. you have to move forward. higher. not legs, hips higher.
3:26 am
feet on the ground. we'll come back to that. you keep working on your form, all right. we are going to move on to a new study. >> while you read? >> hey, hey, hey. butt in the air, buddy, butt in the air. science says conservatives are hotter than liberals. >> i miss maggie rulli. >> fine then. how you doing over there kendis? hey, keep the form. >> i have the form. >> the study says conservatives are hotter than liberals. >> you can speed up. >> how you doing? >> you can speed up. >> doing all right there on the floor? no, no, no. we're not done yet. moving on to the champagne sale. check out tis video. >> how long is this segment again? i forget. >> trying to open a bottle of champaign. oh, crash and burn. guess how much that bottle cost? $42,000. >> whoa. >> yes.
3:27 am
and they posted a video on their facebook page. didn't quite work out the way he planned. speaking of looking cool, how is kendis looking? >> i was looking at the video. i just got distracted by the video. >> that is not a plank. >> that is just a sacrilege. so, a video of a rat in the shower is all popular here. got posted -- show me the rat. >> is that for real? >> yeah. pizza rat. >> he's washing his arm pit. >> the rat is covered in soap and seems to imitate human behavior. what do you mean? 30 seconds, for real? how does it seem they go by so much faster when -- when -- >> i wonder how that rat looks when he's doing a plank? >> pretty much like this. do you want to show him how it's done? kendis? the bridge. up. high
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the deadly flu outbreak. 39 states reporting high flu activity. more schools are shutting down. what parents should look for before sending their kids to school. president trump sits down for a rare interview before his first state of the union address. he talks about gun control, the economy and his tweeting habits. new this half hour, a fitness model, jen celtzer booted off a flight. >> it happened after she and her sister got into a heated argument with a flight attendance and pilot. hear what she says brought it on. and bruno mars dominated at the grammy's. pushing out hip-hop and "despacito" for the top prizes. we're going to have the biggest performances and surprises as well as some of the littlest stars of the night. it is monday, january 29th. announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." ♪ >> yeah. it was like 1985 grammy's all over again. >> u2 was everywhere last night. >> three times on stage. elton john was on stage. >> that's right. >> it was throwback. >> it was throwback sunday, in many ways. it was also a night to take on serious issues. >> kendrick lamar opened the show with u2. with strong imagery with the background dancers serving as troops and appearing as victims of gun violence. >> the night's final performance was by logic performing their song about suicide prevention and capping it with a pro immigrant message aimed at president trump. they quoted the poem at the statue of liberty and there were strong messages of female empowerment. >> we come in peace but we mean business.
3:32 am
and to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words, time's up. >> that was janelle monet offering a few words before introducing kesha and some other stars who all sang in white. >> and they have white roses to indicate they are supporting the time's up effort as well. but, from an awards standpoint, it was not a night for women at all. >> no, the performances gleamed a huge response and yet the ladies did not pick up many awards. >> yeah. interesting. we are going break more down on the grammy's a little bit later on in the skin any. but this year's deadly flu outbreak. government health officials say one of every 15 doctor visits last week were for flu symptoms. >> they say this is the worst it's been since 2009. 39 states reported high flu
3:33 am
activity last week up from 32 states the week before. precautions are being taken are across the country. aerial russia has the details. >> reporter: schools in at least six states closing in a desperate rush to stop the dangerous spreading of the flu. the epidemic so severe in oklahoma, 20 districts have shut their doors in the last week as they try to disinfect. >> we felt it was best for our kids and school. >> reporter: in jacksonville, florida, the virus forcing bus drivers to stay home. >> sending your kid with a fever, especially a high fever, you're sending them on a bus with a bunch of kids, including a driver and you're putting everybody else at risk. >> reporter: 39 states reporting high flu activity. experts say the season may not have reached its peak. the outbreak the worst in nearly a decade. continuing to claim lives. 12-year-old dillen winnic laid
3:34 am
to rest, 1 of 37 children whose life was cut short by the deadly strain. it's not just schools concerned. in minnesota, where fans are already packing the streets, ahead of the super bowl, staff and volunteers armed with disinfectant, sanitizing surfaces multiple times a day to try to keep crowds healthy. experts say the flu season can last all the way up until april. doctors say they can't stress enough, the flu shot is still the best way to protect yourself and it's not too late. aerial russia, abc news, new york. >> thank you. how's your situation going on? when i left you were -- >> -- contagious. >> i'm sitting over here for a bit. >> i was not contagious. you didn't get it at all. so that's the good thing about it. >> stay in your corner. >> that's fine. let's move on. >> let's move on. so president trump is just a day away from delivering his first state of the union address and the white house is promising he will strike a unifying tone.
3:35 am
>> it will promote bipartisanship, focus on immigration, the economy and national security in the wake of his first international interview with piers morgan. he discussed a wide range of issues touching on nearly everything, from gun control to his twitter habits. >> do you actually tweet yourself? >> i do. i do. >> and are you lying in bed with your phone working out how to wind everybody up? >> perhaps sometimes in bed. perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch or whatever. but generally speaking during the early morning or evening i can do that. >> president also pushed back on reports about unhealthy eating. he says he occasionally indulges in fast food because of the convenience. >> it's easy. the president is still facing intense criticism following reports he once considered firing special counsel robert mueller. he dismissed the allegations as fake news. republican senator, lindsey graham said it will be up to mueller to decide.
3:36 am
graham said he has complete confidence in mueller and added the russia investigation needs to go forth without political interference. >> it's pretty clear to me that everybody in the white house knows it would be the end of president trump's presidency if he fired mr. mueller. >> sources say the president also considered firing deputy attorney general, rod rosen stooernstein, who appointed mueller. and pushing to release a secret memo. it suggests bias in the fbi. but the justice department itself says it would be reckless to release it without a review. military personnel may have revealed important details about their bases, just by working out. they all use the online fitness tracker, strava. the map shows u.s. bases in iraq, afghanistan and syria. the pentagon is reviewing the map and looking into keeping things private. the company says it never publishes private data.
3:37 am
a severe weather system is slowly moving off shore after drenching the southeast. it's dropping heavy rain across florida, georgia and the carolinas right now. the system dropped four inches of rain in and around new orleans. amy freeze is tracking the rain as well as cooling temperatures for the eastern u.s. >> reporter: timing of this rain doesn't really end until the middle of the morning. it's not just 20 degrees cooler. a dose of snow coming. we'll get about an inch there. and then you can see that out west is a completely different story. bone dry, record warmth, the santa ana winds out of malibu. that puts a red flag warning and critical fire danger advisory levels. >> amy, thank you. and starting off with roger federer. he won his second straight australian open. it gave him 20 grand slam victories during his career. federer became the second oldest man to win a grand slam single's
3:38 am
title. he was 36 years old, 170 -- sorry, 36 years, 173 days old yesterday. there you go, got to keep it exact. >> specific. >> afterward, he called the achievement unbelievable. >> and it's so great to see the tears flowing after winning 20 of these things to see it still as an impact. >> it still does. very emotional. and by this time next week, the new super bowl champions will be partying like they just won the super bowl. that will be the case. the philadelphia eagles will continue their preparations for sunday's showdown with the patriots. >> expect some tears in their eyes should they pull away with the victory. the question is what if new england wins? the team will fly to minneapolis today, after a send off rally. they're getting to the twin cities area just in time for media day. both teams will meet with reporters and others.
3:39 am
media day is always a fun time too. they don't talk all that much about the game. >> not at all. it's become an event. the nfl charges, in many places nowadays and now it's become a prime time event apparently. >> looking forward to seeing what comes out of that. >> some stars who won't be in minneapolis next weekend suited up one more time. >> probowl, sunday in orlando. they said everyone was trying harder this year. they even played defense. >> oh, wow. how about that? >> for those keeping score, the afc won, 24-23. >> the hardest hit of the day goes to drew brees. rather, his 9-year-old son. he decked his 5-year-old brother. he apparently had it with his little brother's clowning around. dad says his kids are that way all the time. he did give them a nice scolding. >> yeah, he did. he's like cut it out, afterwards. >> maybe they were trying to show the players how it's done. >> i remember seeing drew brees with him after he won his super
3:40 am
bowl. >> he also, apparently, ran on to the field during the game. he did not have a great day. >> oh, he had a great time. coming up in the skinny grammy's may have belonged to bruno last night, but the littlest stars may have stolen the show. >> they always do. and scott baio is defending himself from misconduct claims from a former co-star. here is a look at today's forecast. claims from a former co-star. here is a look at today's forecast.
3:41 am
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(colonial penn jingle) american airlines calls the shots. they don't want you to fly on their plane. that's video of internet fitness model forced off an american airlines flight after getting into a heated argument with a flight attendant and a pilot. >> the 24-year-old instagram star and her sister were waiting on a flight from miami to new york. >> tensions were already high since the flight was delayed 90 minutes over mechanical issues and tmz reports an argument
3:44 am
broke out after she got up to reach for something in the overhead compartment. >> by the time police arrived, it had escalated to the point where seltzer, her sister were taken off the plane. >> she rose to fame with butt selfie. in case you are wondering who she is. intense moments on american airlines. >> yes, it is. >> i love it. >> i didn't know what the butt selfie was but now i know. educated. we can move on. because there is a war of accusations and denials that's been heated up between actor scott baio and his former "charles in charge" co-star. >> she tweeted to ask baio what happened in his garage when she was a minor. she said it started when i was 14, wasn't a one-time deal. both baio and his wife fired back with renee pointing out she has been served with more than two cease and desist letters.
3:45 am
baio added a 15-minute rebuttal on facebook live. >> she's making all these claims about me, nicole eggert, that are false. i'm going to knock down all these falsz claims. so what was she 19? and i remember her calling me and asking to come over and coming in my house one time and seducing me. >> baio pointed out that eggert has been making molestation claims against him for six years now but has never taken her claims to the police. coming up, we have full grammy's coverage with the biggest moments of the night. >> "the skinny" is coming up next. biggest moments of the night. >> "the skinny" is coming up next. perfect, but, ugh. oh well, all hope is lost! oh thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. they work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better
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♪ wild wild wild wild wild thoughts wild wild when i'm with you all i get is wild thoughts ♪ rihanna back on stage performing at the grammy's last night in one of the very few fun performances. dj khaled walking around while
3:48 am
she sang. >> he just walked around. >> yeah. that's right. >> this is one of the many talked about performances of the night, of course. but let's get to the biggest moment of the night which actually has little to do with music. >> james corden got a number of artists to read about -- from the explosive book about trump's first year in the white house. it felt like jimmy kimmel's mean tweets, until a surprise guest popped up. >> he had a long-time fear of being poisoned. one reason he liked to eat at mcdonald's. no one knew he was coming and the food was safely premade. >> that's the one. >> you think so? the grammy's in the bag? >> in the bag. >> the grammy for best spoken word next year. the crowd at the garden really liked it earning clinton more praise. more publicity for wolff's book.
3:49 am
there were a lot of people hating on it, including nikki haley who said please, no politics in my music. >> yeah, i don't think that usually works at the awards show. but, let's go back to the music shall we and the night belonged to bruno mars. the 32-year-old tackled giants of hip-hop including childish gambino winning best album. >> mars album, 24k magic dominated with six wins, including song of the year with "that's what i like." some reported gasps in the room after mars kept winning. and he performed finess as well with cardi b. >> such a good performance. >> it really was. cardi was awesome. we thought it would be a big night performance wise for her, at least award-wise for her and it wasn't. she was still having the best night ever. >> there were a lot of slow performances. so that one got the party going a little bit.
3:50 am
got the party going a little bit. we also have to talk about beyonce and jay-z of course. this moment happened on the way to the show. beyonce and jay-z were on their way and check out this star struck woman who photo bombed them. surprised to say she was surprised. >> that woman is pretty much every one of us once we see them. it all in in the front row with mom, quiet down, quiet down. >> she got a night alone. mom and dad left the twins at home. pesky twins. >> yes, america's twins were not there. >> by the way jay-z was shut out from the awards last night. we should point out they have 43 grammys at home so they're okay. >> and dj kahled brought his child along with his mini-me 15-month-old along in matching
3:51 am
velvet tuxedos. the kid as 1.8 million instagram subscribers we might add. >> wow. we got to see fashion. he looks great. let's focus on fashion. usually the grammy's has best red carpet of the award season i'd say. >> they do go all out. check this out, lady gaga, aka mama monster wearing a monster gown from armani. she had a full lace body suit and wore a white rose in support of time's up. like the hair too. >> it hair looks very "game of thronesesque." cardi b looked liking a butterfly matching her outfit to white rose. >> is the whole outfit supposed to be a white rose? >> i think so. >> okay. >> she looked great. >> some were rocking bold colors. camilla, human scarlett. she a little disco ball accessory. >> and eve was there. >> ana kendricks, they stole each other's look. who wore it better?
3:52 am
oh, boy. we'll be right back. who wore it better? oh, boy. we'll be right back. t better?
3:53 am
3:54 am
my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
3:55 am
so this weekend two veterans return to their respective stages and showed us how it's done. >> and questions over the russia probe loomed over the white house. it's time for the weekend rewind. we begin with president trump reportedly ordering the special counsel, robert mueller be fired. the white house counsel refusing to do this last june. >> did you speak to robert mueller? >> fake news, folks. fake news. >> what is your message today? >> typical new york times fake stories. tonight las vegas casino mogul, steve wynn, resigning as finance chairman from the republican national committee, after facing allegations that he pressured women into sex acts. >> locked herself in the
3:56 am
bathroom. >> no more silence! >> students took the streets after the sentencing of disgraced dr. larry nassar who sexually abused star athletes as well as olympians. the rally comes as the school is choosing new leadership and usa gymnastics is overhauling its board. >> any accusations of my handling of any complaints of sexual assault individually would be false. >> authorities in italy have released footage just moments before it derailed. it killed three and injured 50 others. ahead of the railway system in italy saying the crane suffered some kind of damage to a wheel before it crashed. tiger woods making it at the farmer's insurance at torrey pines in san diego, california. >> pepsi co released a teaser for mountain dew ice showing
3:57 am
team morgan freeman and missy elliott in a tongue twister showdown. listen. >> if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many peppers did peter piper pick? >> how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? >> it is i, george w. bush, and you might remember, the "w" stands for, what's up? i don't know if you've read the news lately, i certainly have not. i've been too busy doing oil painting. i call this one doggy goes to space. >> peter piper picked a pick of pickled peppers, if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did peter piper pick. >> whoa! what about the other one? >> how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? >> impressed. uld chuck wood? >> impressed.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
and get those tax returns in. making news in america this morning -- music's biggest night. the grammys take a political turn. from the immigration debate to president trump to hillary clinton. >> he had a longtime fear of being poisoned. one reason why he liked to eat at mcdonald's. >> this morning, the reaction from the trump family and the latest from washington as the president prepares for his first state of the union address. more children dying of the flu. this morning, schools in at least six states forced to close. the message to parents. how to know when you should take your child to the hospital. tax season begins today. hear the number one tip to prevent identity thieves from filing a bogus tax return in your name. a new headline overnight about fred savage and sexual harassment. a star quarterback's dueling


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