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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 29, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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city ahead." it reads san francisco is a dangerous city and to enter at your own risk. the group calls it a public service announcement. the highway patrol says the banner was up for only a short time. a grenade closed down part of benicia. abc 7 news was at first and g street when the bomb squad responded to clear the scene. police say a boy discovered the grenade in some water at the foot of first street. he then brought it over to his father. his dad called police who cordoned off the area. until the bomb squad removed the device. it was covered in barnicles but the pin was intact. it's 4:30 now. if you're just joining us, let's get a quick update on your weather and traffic with mike nicco. >> thanks. i want to talk about isolated areas where fog is forming. it's thick around santa rosa. about a mile in na
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winds are calm to blowing a little bit offshore. they're blowing from east to west. that's which way it's going to push the fog. we'll keep an eye on it. here's a look at my accuweather, 12-hour planner. temperatures in the 40s to near 50. temperatures pushing the upper 50s to mid-60s with thicker high clouds. by 4:00, we're mainly in the low to mid-60s. by 7:00, a gorgeous evening on tap. mid to upper 50s. we'll talk more about the potential record highs coming up. here's sue. >> we're going back to redwood city with the northbound fatality. two right lanes seem to be getting by. the left lanes closed. matt keller was on the scene telling us the coroner is there. they're doing round robins, they hope to have it open shortly. there's a detour in place. woodside to veterans to whipple to get back on and avoid that. we have an accident possibly with the roof torn off of a vehicle. northbound 680 after el pin tad owe. it was an overturn.
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off the bay, a lane blocked westbound near highway 101. just a little bit of slowing on 101 as a road in hayward ruptured. this happened on highland boulevard between sybill avenue and highland drive. a pipe burst and this happened. a rush of water and mud down the street. it also caused a sinkhole. crews had the pipe repaired last night and water restored to the homes in the area. three homes did get damaged. six cars had to be towed. one of which was teetering over the sinkhole. pg&e was called in to make sure no debris caused damage. classes at the university sked uld to go on despite this water break. it happened last night near residence halls. water damaged part of the student wellness center.
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ironically the broken pipe doesn't supply water to the campus. it just runs beneath the university delivering water to other parts of san jose. now, a live desk update. >> from the live desk, firefighters in the south bay are investigating how a fire sparked near highway 87. it started just after midnight in san jose on santa clara street. you can see the flames creeping up the side of the highway. crews worked to put them out. no word on any injuries or damage. happening today, the man accused of causing a crash that killed two young girls in antioch is expected to be arraigned. 23-year-old noe saucedo was driving a stolen truck when he ran a red light and slammed into a truck. a 4-year-old and 2-year-old died in the crash. during his first court appearance, his family says he's related to the victims. the so-called serial stowaway is back in custody this morning.
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chicago police arrested marilyn hartman at o'hare. >> she has a history of trying to catch flights without having a boarding pass, including at sfo, san jose and oakland. will jones from our sister station in chicago has the latest developments. >> marilyn hartman can't seem to stay away from airports. police have taken her into custody at o'hare. this man is a psychologist at northwestern medicine. >> my sense is that there's a compulsive quality to her actions. it's re repetitive and even when warned not do it, she can't resist the impulse or the desire to engage in it. >> police say an employee spotted the 66-year-old woman from grayslake in an area that caters to privately owned airplanes. when officers arrived, hartman was gone. after a search, she was found in terminal 3. now she's charged with criminal trespassing and violating her bail bond. earlier this month, she slipped pass a security checkpoint at o'hare and flew to london.
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she was arrested by british customs and flown back to chicago the next day. despite her long history of trying to board flights. a judge reduced her bond, allowing her to be released but not before warning her to stay away from airports three times. he also ordered her to undergo a mental evaluation. this has >> again, that was will jones reporting. this is from southern california. authorities crediting an experienced pilot with landing a plane safely on a freeway. the 55 freeway and costa mesa last night. police say the pilot was flying to john wayne airport in orange county when it developed engine trouble. the plane landed smoothly on the freeway as cars drove right by. two people were on board and the
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faa is investigating. san francisco requires pl e places to provide nursing moms to -- here's what a lactation room looks like. the senator will announce a new bill to create requirements to support lactation in the support lactation in the workplace. the golden gate bridge district approved a plan to lease and purchase a vessel. ferry ridership from the north bay to san francisco has spiked over the last decade. if all goes as planned, the new vessel could be leased as soon as next month at a cost of almost $19,000. marin transit leaders aren't giving up on a plan to speed up bus service by having them drive on the shoulders. the county transportation authority is applying for a $350,000 grant to study that idea.
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the chp raised concerns about narrow shoulder width, disabled vehicles and conflicts at on and off ramps. it works in other cities and are worth considering here they say. if you haven't stepped outside yet, you noticed the heater didn't run as much last night. look at temperatures in san francisco on the low end. you have bay view and ocean beach at 54 degrees right now. you're i little warmer than the rest of us. it goes to show what's happening on the rest of the bay. here's a look at the bay bridge this morning. this is a backdrop. a mainly good commute weatherwise. a little bit of fog north. mass transit, milder this morning. a light breeze if you're going to be out on the bay. let's look at the 12-hour planner. you can see a lot of cloud cover today. starting off at 46. near 60 at noon. back to the mid to upper 50s this evening. as far as the north bay goes,
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starting off at 46 this morning. nod bad for you. 53 at 10:00. low 60s noon to 4:00. now, moving forward, beautiful shot from tam cam this morning. you can see the temperatures are going to stay relatively mild in the mid to upper 60s, which will be close to records, but not quite there. it's when we get deeper into the accuweather forecast, temperatures like yesterday will show up. that's coming up. i'm going to turn it over to sue. she has an update on a couple of incidences this morning already. >> uh-huh. unfortunately, back to redwood city. this is a live shot of this fatal accident. it's northbound 101 near whipple. past the accident, cars are sneaking by in the right hand lanes. they expect lanes to be open by 5:00 a.m. that's about 20 minutes out now. as you can see by the road sensors, very, very slow here to get around there for a few minutes. woodside road to veterans.
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then whipple back on the freeway will get you past the accident. avoid the area if you can. coming up towards alamo, northbound 680. an overturn after el the roof maybe was sheared off. i'm not seeing a lot of slow traffic past the scene here. we will check on another accident off the bay bridge in san francisco in the next report. >> thank you, sue. music and politics ruled the night at the grammys. plus, the surprise appearance that really got the crowd going last night. minneapolis gearing up for the super bowl. but it's a super bug that has a lot of football fans on edge. >> there's a new trend happening in kitchens across the country. tonight on news at 11:00. how the root to stem movement is promising it can help the planet and your wallet.
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the offshore breeze that brought us record high temperatures in so cal. high fire danger in santa barbara. only 2300 or 2400 people. 5 million when you factor in l.a. and san diego. that entire yar in red. high fire danger today. low to mid-80s for them. near 70 in fresno. 61 in sacramento. 74 in monterey. only 49 in tahoe. snow pack went up.
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about 30% of average. look at my accuweather seven-day forecast for the rest of the week. bone dry with near record highs coming starting friday. reggie, natasha. thank you so much. celebrities and politics took center stage at the biggest night of the year. it was a huge night for bruno mars for the grammy awards. >> he took home all six awards he was nominated for, including album of the year. the other winner, kendrick lamar. the only woman to win a main award of the grammys, alessia cara. at some points in the show, things turned political. kendis gibson explains. >> powerful messages at the grammys. from kendrick lamar's controversial opening to powerful performances by women. lady gaga at the piano. kesha joined by cyndi lauper and
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a group of women in white telling the story of alleged abuse. ♪ >> people wearing me too roses and time's up pins supporting the movement. his suicide prevention anthem and ranting about a number of social issues. >> black is beautiful. >> sing erica bellow, a cuban american giving this message to d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> this country was built by d.r.e.a.m.ers, for d.r.e.a.m.ers, chasing the american dream. >> then a surprise appearance. during a skit with host james corden, hillary clinton reading from "fire and fury" the controversial book about the trump administration. >> he had a long-time fear of being poisoned. one reason why he liked to eat at mcdonald's. nobody knew he was coming and the food was -- >> donald trump jr. tweeting, getting to read a face news book
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seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidecy. kendis gibson, abc news new york. i'm looking at president trump's twitter account. so far no response to anything that happened at the grammys or this. many speculating he may have beef with jaycee hip hop. >> because of my policies, black unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded. numbers from the u.s. department of labor statistics shows black unemployment was at the lowest level recorded. mr. trump allegedly referring to african nations ata-hole countries. they called the statement disappointing and hurtful. he referred to the president as a super bug. >> shouted out jay z for president. here we are. >> with a deadly flu season, super bowl organizers in minneapolis are doing everything they can to keep people healthy. >> staffers have been told to
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wipe down equipment with sanitizing wipes. they say people in crowded areas should wash their hands often and avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. >> experts say the season may not have reached its peak. health care providers say it is not too late to get a flu shot. this morning, patriots fans getting ready to send off the team before they head to minnesota for the super bowl. quarterback tom brady and coach bill belichick are looking to win their sixth title in the last 16 years. the two are expected to speak at a rally in foxborough, massachusetts. the philadelphia eagles arrived in the twin cities yesterday afternoon and seeking their first super bowl in team history. different situations there. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> i was stunned that 1 out of 4 people wiped down the equipment when they were finished with it during this incredible flu season. something to think about before you get on that equipment. hi everybody. let's talk about your
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accuweather highlights. dimmer sunshine today. that will take our record highs down a notch. that will dim us enough that we're going to keep the chance of record highs away until february rolls around. that's only thursday. this weekend will be gorgeous. all right. along with that, means there's no chance of rain for weeks. looks pretty impressive. when you look at the storm, the area low spinning up in the gulf of alaska. all the high clouds. that's all they are. high clouds. the storm will bring rain. it will be near the oregon/california border. it's the thicker clouds bringing us cooler weather the next couple of days. today, 62 in antioch for one of the cool spots. you can see a lot of mid to upper 60s. 64 to 67. 69 at half moon bay. 74 in santa cruz today. tonight, tule fog again could sneak up in the bay. everybody else inland in the low to mid-40s. upper 40s around the bay until you get to san mateo.
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san francisco and also out to the coast we'll have greater chance much upper 40s. we could be near 70 tomorrow. in the 60s again wednesday. chance of 70 thursday. and then just about everybody flirting with 70s friday, saturday and sunday. all right. let's turn it over to sue. we're going to redwood city again. we had this fatal accident with our live camera. northbound 101 at whipple and you can see the emergency crews on scene. the coroner is there. left lanes are blocked. you can see if you look closely, the right lanes are squeaking by past the scene. we have a considerable backup here. they do estimate they have lanes open by 5:00. we're holding them to that. right now, there is a detour in place atwoodside road to veterans to get on the freeway at whipple. avoid the area if you can for 15, 20 minutes. we'll be following that for you. coming off the bay bridge, we had an accident westbound 80 near 101. there's a fire blocking one of the lanes there. fire crews, apparently the
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accident has been cleared off to the shoulder and traffic looks like it's getting by just fine. adult film star stormy daniels will appear on jimmy kimmel after the state of the union address. she was paid $130,000 to deny that she had an affair with donald trump in 2006. kimmel says he has many questions for her. you can watch the state of the union right here on abc 7 tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. jimmy kimmel live starts at 11:35 right after abc 7 news at 11:00. the equifax data breach exposed the personal information of millions of people. time is running out. scales the wall of an iconic theater into a colorful mural. now in morning's techbytes. in today's techbytes. nationalized 5g mobile network could be in the works. the trump administration is considering creating that network to provide faster
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service. >> it would be for guarding against china and others. still months away. car makers hitting a speed bump to develop self-driving cars. the drivers themselves. >> a new poll says 2/3 of americans are uncomfortable with leaving the driving to a robot. the poll says women are less inclined to let go of the steering wheel. elon musk is selling more than electric cars. you can buy a flame thrower from his boring company. >> only 20,000 will be sold. the company is also selling $30 fire extinguishers to go with fire extinguishers to go with the fla
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i thought we'd do something different this morning. i put the seven-day forecast together for the coast. the reason why, it's going to be 70 there today. it's going to be a little cooler tuesday and wednesday. look at the temperatures from the low 50s to the mid-and even upper 60s thursday through the weekend. if you like to camp or go for a day trip, the weekend is going to be great, natasha. >> this next story is crazy. a truck driver north of ft. lauderdale, florida. barely missing a crash with the train. the truck driver goes around another car, stopped at the crossing. with the train's horn blaring, the truck makes it with seconds to spare. witnesses left shaking their head in disbelief at what happened here.
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actress and humanitarian angelina jolie is making a call for ending the civil war. syria's civil war began eight years ago and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. another 5 million have escaped to nearby countries like turkey, iraq and jordan. jolie wants them to be able to return to their homeland. >> a viable political settlement is the only way to create the conditions for syrians to be able to return to their homes, to end human suffering and the strain on host countries. >> both u.s. and russian forces are involved with trying to end syria's civil war. wednesday is the last day that you can sign up for free credit monitoring from equifax. they're making the offer because of the massive data breach reported last september. the breach exposed hundreds of millions of americans' personal
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information, including social security numbers. anyone can sign up for the one year of free credit monitoring whether or not you were affected by the preacbreach. we have a link on drone view 7 checked out the creation of mitchell brothers theater in the tenderloin. he spent a month drawing on his experience as a painter and architect to create that mural. >> it's amazing and have the opportunity, couldn't pass it up. you work small scale things and up want to do something on a larger scale. you want to get back to the community and have something that people can recognize throughout their day. >> herman hopes the owner allows the mural to remain in place for at least a year. let's talk about the rain year. we'll start with the positive. that is, even though january is winding down on a very dry note,
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most of us will end up with a surplus. this keeps falling. now, most of us in the 60% of average since october 1st. by the time we get early february, it looks like sfo and oakland will drop into the 60%. we desperately need rain. i just don't have any in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up. sue is following that fatal. she has an update. hopefully in five minutes it will get wrapped up. left lanes remain blocked. north 101 near whipple avenue. you can see the right lanes are getting by again. we're hoping to a have it wrapped up in a few minutes and we'll be back to check on that. skiers and boarders in tahoe are not the only ones enjoying the snow. >> take a look at chin chin. yeah. >> that's a panda. having fun. the 4-year-old panda indulged
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herself in forward and side rolls. she could teach us a lesson about having fun. >> i know you started out no? it's monday. it's going to get better. i prom. >> you can start filing your tax returns today. next at 5:00, while officials say filing early this year is more important than ever. a troubled redevelopment at hunters point is facing more questions this morning. there's concern that some of the toxic cleanup didn't
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. 4:59. almost 5:00 in the morning. welcome to monday, january 29th. it's going to be a good week. we're going to get through it together. >> you've told reggie that and now sue and i that. >> i am making it true. manifesting it. >> talk it till it happens, right? >> we had great weather over the weekend and more to come. >> yesterdy was so nice. we set a couple of records. it's going to stay that way. unfortunately, without the sunshine, if you want that. look at the clouds on live doppler 7. they're high clouds. they may drop. you can see a few radar returns. that's never going to make it to the ground today. tas as it evaporates, it will definitely be a little cooler today but not record territory. it's going to be warm and average. the 12-hour planner, 41 to 50. the fog around santa rosa and the central valley. 60 to 65 by noon. low 60s by 4:00. mid-50s at 7:00. here's sue. all right. we are goi


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