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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 29, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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temperatures possibly in the 70s this weekend. hi everybody. we had a few records yesterday. but today, while you don't see anything on live doppler 7 in the form of radar, the dimmer sunshine is going to keep us from reaching record highs. we're still going to be warmer than average. it starts this morning from 41 to 51 at 7:00. 59 to 65 at noon. 60 to 62 at 4:00. then we'll have mid-50s as we head around the 7:00. you'll still need the sunglasses from time to time. sue? >> a quick update out there. rather good conditions except for the yuusual slowdowns at th nimitz freeway and altamont pass. this has been cleared. traffic has recovered there. an earlier motorcycle accident south 880 near whipple, that has been cleared. we're seeing slow traffic southbound from highway 92. >> thank you, sue. developing news out of redwood city. all lanes back open northbound highway 101 after a crash that
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killed a motorcyclist. it happened just before 2:00 this morning near whipple avenue. four vehicles were at the scene when they arrived. more may have been involved. the victim reported to be a hayward man in his late 30s. officers say it's not clear who was at fault. happening now, crews cleaning up a big mess in hayward. >> it's affecting traffic in the area this morning. amy hollyfield is live along highland boulevard. amy? >> look behind me at highland boulevard. it's not the same as usual. it's down to one lane. one half of it still shut down. they've got heavy equipment still out here. it looks like they have a lot of work to do. driveways are still blocked. it's going to be quite a different morning out here in hayward. look at what caused this. here's cell phone video showing water and mud gushing down highland avenue. this is all because a water main broke at about 11:00 yesterday morning. this is near mission boulevard in hayward.
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the damage wasn't limited to just out here on the street. some driveways, yards and even homes flooded. >> we go out and then there's a car stuck under the hole. we go out and we just saw a lot of water going down. our garage is flooded. our house is just covered in water. >> there won't be an opportunity -- there will be an opportunity for anybody to file a claim and we'll do everything in our power to make them whole. >> reporter: the broken section of this 40-year-old pipe has been removed and replaced. the utilities were turned back on by dinnertime. but the street still needs a lot of work. they are hoping to have it open by today. sometime today. but right now, the monday morning routine will be interrupted. it is still one lane of it shut down. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank u richmond police trying to find the driver who crashed into an officer trying to stop a sideshow.
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>> home video captured the moment that officer was hit. before we show it, we'll tell you the officer is going to be okay. the 8-year veteran was hit head on trying to get away from the scene of a sideshow. he suffered some broken butts, cuts and bruises. he's now -- broken bones, cuts and bruises. he will make a full recovery. he actually landed on the hood of the car and rolled up on to the windshield. he was narrowly missed getting ran over by other cars. >> from my windows, i could see flashes when they were setting off fireworks. >> the suspect's car is described as a dark colored four-door sedan. richmond police ask anyone with information about the sideshow to please contact them. fraud could threaten one of san francisco's largest housing projects. >> developers want to turn the former hunters point naval shipyard into more than 12,000 housing units. before that can happen, toxic
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dirt has to be removed. that work bypass dina-based contractor tetra tech at the center of this. soil samples were manipulated or falsified. now reevaluation and governmental investigations could postpone development. the environmental watchdogs have long claimed public safety has been sacrificed to speed this project along. sheriff's deputies need your help to find the man who robbed a tanning salon. it happened at 6:30 tuesday night. detectives say he threatened the victim with a box cutter. the man left the store after the employee handed over some cash. he appears to be between the ages of 50 and 60. if you recognize him, the contra costa county sheriff wants to hear from you. a building expected to undergo an architectural assessment after a car slammed into it. an elderly driver mistook his accelerator for the break. sorry about this incorrect
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video. he crashed into a bakery on bohemian highway. >> naturally, the first thought was an earthquake. we got pushed forward and we noticed it was a car. i personally was pinned in. i couldn't move. it was really painful. >> one person suffered moderate injuries and was taken to the hospital. the others have minor injuries and are expected to be okay. firefighters cut away part of the building's wall to get the car out. president trump set to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow. members of the bay area congressional delegation already planning to send a message reflected in their guest list. congressman jared huffman bringing a marine corps veteran. jackie speer is inviting a sexual assault survivor. nancy pelosi and harris are bringing d.r.e.a.m.ers. one is a ucla grad. >> i think representation at a platform as large of the state of the union and the mobilizing that's to come can only help to reinvigorate our community.
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>> congress bottwoman barbara l skipping the address. it all starts tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. recovering after the north bay wildfires. why sonoma county is considering a new ban on vacation rentals, as many are just starting to rebuild their burned down homes. musicians score a big win when it comes to music streaming. it could end up costing you. natasha had the thoughts for the day when you look at this graphic. she said it's broken. it's broken. yeah, there's no chance of rain today all the way through sunday. we started with record highs yesterday. we have the potential for more record highs. coming up, the seven-day forecast. forecast. a live look at the toll
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sonoma county is considering a ban on vacation rentals in areas burned by the october wildfires. county officials want to prevent the sites of destroyed homes from being purchased by people who don't plan to live there. the measure comes as a greater number of properties and they're going up for sale. it's set to expire on saturday.
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start with temperatures. we'll start in the peninsula. menlo park clearly the cool spot. cold air drainage. 39 degrees for you. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. the coast, it's 20 degrees warmer than menlo park. 59 for sure. 57 in pacifica. 49 in hayward. san jose 46. san ramon 39. 41 in santa rosa. all right. let's take a look at what's going on at santa cruz where it could be 74 degrees today. the warmest spot anywhere around us. beaches, so good. still warm. not as much sunshine as yesterday. exercising, it's a little cool this morning. mild this afternoon. around the bay, it's going to be tranquil. here's a look at san rafael on 101. looking southbound on that. no fog yet. temperatures well above average in the mid to upper 60s through wednesday. but we flip the calendar. even warmer. record highs possible this morning. more on that coming up. sue has another issue on the
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peninsula. >> it seems like when it rains, it pours. we had the earlier overnight fatality, northbound 101 near whipple. we've got a stall, same area blocking the third lane from the left. i'm not seeing a lot of slow traffic. maybe it's pushed out of way. we'll check back on this. northbound 101 near whipple. all right. across the freeway, an earlier problem, southbound 880 at whipple. that's been cleared. we have an issue with a i light pole down. northbound 101 near tully. we'll check back on that as well. thanks, sue. a major recall from panera bread that could impact your breakfast. an instagram workout star kicked off a flight. what she's revealing this morning. at 6:11. at 6:11. we leave you with abc 7 this is food made to sit down for. slow down for. put thphone away, and use a knife and fork for. and with panera catering, it's food worth sharing.
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we are tracking a recall involving cream cheese products at panera bread. it's over fears of listeria contaminati contamination. they have an expiration date on or before april 2nd. panera says the recall is out of an abundance of caution after samples tested positive for the bacter bacteria. no reports of illnesses. if you have eaten the cream
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cheese and developed symptoms of listeria infection, get medical attention immediately. tell your doctor about the possible exposure. we're getting information about the parents who tortured and starved their children. the neighbor who bought their old home in texas said it was filthy. she recalled the extensive cleaning she had to do moving into the home near ft. worth in 2011. she had to use gallons of bleach. >> it had feces on the walls in the living room. and in the kitchen the cabinets were so dirty, we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed on the cabinets. all of it trying to get it clean enough to where -- but the real estate company had already cleaned it up good enough it put it on the market. the turpins have 13 children ranging from 2 to 29. some of the children were found chained to their beds two weeks ago after their sister escaped and called 9-1-1. >> a social media star taking on american airlines after she was kicked off a flight over the weekend.
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24-year-old fitness model shared this video of the incident on twitter. she allegedly got into an altercation with a flight attendant when she left her seat to open the overhead compartment. >> coming up to me and all of a sudden five male officers come at me and was really frightening. i'm not here trying to say don't fly american. i think they need to make changes within themselves and have to treat their passengers differently. >> american airlines tells abc news selter was asked to leave the aircraft after a disagreement. they offered to pay for a hotel room. but she declined. okay. using bitcoin to buy property. it's a growing trend in the real estate industry but a rarity in the bay area. >> nearly 400 properties listed on bitcoin real, 15 are in california and two are in the bay area oakland and half moon bay. they're taking all kinds much currencies, unicorns, clouds, dreams.
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here's the half moon bay listing. it's for a double lot about 300 feet from the ocean. the owner says that most of the homes in the area are costing at least a million dollars. it's a world i know not of. >> me neither. i have a hard enough time giving back the right change with our cash system. >> yeah. >> my dad didn't either. we'll talk about warm. let's talk about that. we'll start by looking at the explor exploratorium. there's a veil of clouds that will keep us partly sunny. one of the differences between yesterday. also, i don't think when it gets to setting records today, we'll be close. once again, patchy fog. that veil of high clouds hangs around again tonight. the storms are going to stay away from us. that means possibly record highs in the extended forecast. here's the area of high pressure that brought such a gorgeous
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spring-like day yesterday. it's moving south and east and taking the record warm with it. in fact, low to mid-80s in southern california today. we have a high fire danger also. we don't have that. we've got 74 in santa cruz for the warm spot and 71 in ukiah. half moon bay and morgan hill at 69. the rest of us around 64 to 67 degrees. and a little cooler at 62. the tule fog a little more prevalent tonight. the clouds will be thinner. fog more dominant in the valleys. 38 in santa rosa. upper 30s in the san ramon valley. otherwise, low to mid-40s in neighborhoods. my accuweather seven-day forecast. thinner clouds, we may warm a degree or two tomorrow. not really noticeable. wednesday about the same. the high clouds, we'll have to keep an eye on whether we can see the moon or the eclipse at 5:30 in the morning. the clouds get thinner and the temperatures warmer. sue? >> we're checking on your east shore commute now which is
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filling in. 580 and 80 merged there. >> then you are just a solid stream of headlights into the bay bridge. metering lights were on at 5:22 this morning. checking the richmond-san rafael bridge. you have a bit of a backup those fas track lanes are not moving as fast. we do see a bit of a backup there for about an eight-minute drive once you're past the tolls across to the marin county side of things. here's what's happened in san jose north 101 near tully. a light pole was struck by an accident. multiple vehicles drove over it causing flat tires. they're on the right-hand shoulder. but the reason for extra slow traffic north 101 towards tully and 280. thanks, sue. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> amy robach is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning natasha and reggie. great to be with you this morning. coming up on gma, president
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trump preparing for his first state of the union address as he reveals in a new interview that he wanted a disruptive first year in office. we're live from the white house with more on that. a powerful night of music at the grammys with bruno mars taking top honors. stirring up controversy with only one woman winning a major award. we're live with the details. our abc news exclusive sitdown with david beckham, the soccer superstar's big announcement this morning. we'll tell you all of that. you don't want to miss it. all coming up next on gma. >> thank you, amy. see you soon. southwest airlines has plans to start flying to hawaii. >> when that will happen depends on when the faa approves southwest applications. they expect to start at the end of next year, early next year. the new routes will leave here in california. the coast guard crew in the bay area after hauling 12,000 pounds of cocaine over the past two months. abc 7 news was at coast guard
6:21 am
island when the crew from the cutter stratton disembarked. they were off south and central america. they intercepted five suspected drug smuggling boats and seized $165 illion worth of cocaine. the stratton was part of an international force that seized over $721 million worth of cocaine. this may be one of the most interesting ones. a fitness tracking app being blamed for exposing secret military bases overseas. more on that. volkswagen caught in the middle of another scandal. the company is apologizing for a disturbing incident involving animal testing. as you get your monday into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic. we'll keep live conditions on your screen and a live look at a dry embarcadero this morning. dry embarcadero this morning. we'll be right back.
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let's take a look at what's going on in the afternoon. even with the cooler conditions, if you will, we're going to be close to 7 to 9 degrees warmer than average. we should be 57 to 59. we'll be 65 to 67. even warmer weather coming this weekend. mike, thank you. actor scott baio is fighting back against accusations of sexual assault. >> nicole eggert claims baio assaulted her during their
6:25 am
sitcom charles in charge. she was a minor at the time and baio in his mid-20s. >> on facebook live baio admitted to one sexual encounter with her when she was an adult. >> what was she, 19? i remember her calling me and asking to come over. coming in my house one time and seducing me. >> eggert claims she was assaulted several times when she was as young as 14. this morning, there was concern that a popular fitness tracking app may be actually revealing sensitive information regarding the location of secret u.s. military bases. san francisco-based -- is a social network for athletes. it recently published a map sthoeg what everybody using the app is doing. it may be including too much. including what soldiers are doing on their bases. a spokesman says they're looking into the matter now. the global heat map represents an aggregated view.
6:26 am
it doesn't track what one sicker single person is doing, per se. they can switch the settings to private also. we may have to pay more when we stream our music after streaming royalties were raised for songwriters and publishers. royalties are going up 40% over the next five years. this could leave a dent in spotify and pandora. probably won't affect apple, google and amazon. next at 6:30, the controversial sign that greeted visitors coming into san francisco last weekend. students weren't expecting to see this. part of their campus was flooded. a scary discovery that forced police to block off part of downtown benicia. stay with abc 7 n
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you know what's funny about monday, january 29th. we're still discussing the shape of water. >> look at this. >> is it just me? twitter verse come and support me here. >> luckily, never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> mike nicco is here. >> let's not go into that forum. let's leave that on social media the rest of the morning. one mile visibility in santa
6:30 am
rosa. it's moved to american canyon, benicia. crossing over towards concord and now encroaching from the west, places like discovery bay, brentwood and antioch starting to get some of that fog. you can see it's going to move to the south and off to the west because of that offshore breeze. we've got a veil of high clouds today in your accuweather 12-hour planner. that will keep us milder 41 to 51. by noon, 59 to 65. notice this afternoon, not as warm as it was yesterday. no records today. low 60s there. still nice during the evening hours. mid-50s. here's sue to tell us what she thinks about the commute. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up as usual. we have metering lights on at 5:22 this morning. you're waiting for about 13 minutes to get to the tolls. then it's pretty good. moderate, we'll call it on the upper deck into san francisco. we have a stall. this is in the same area that we had a fatal accident earlier this morning. now, traffic is again very slow
6:31 am
north 101 near whipple. that stall is blocking the third lane from the left. thank you, sue. some students showing up for class at san jose state will be greeted with a watery mess. >> a burst pipeline flooded two campus buildings. reporter matt keller is live at the scene. matt? >> reporter: good morning natasha and reggie, we have work crews finishing up and leaving the scene. a big hole in middle of campus. the water is not pouring out like it was overnight. check out this cell phone video. this is from nick wills. you can see the water gushing out from underground. san jose state officials say a water pipe between campus village broke open sending a heavy stream of water san carlos and passe owes. it does not service the campus. water services to san jose state should not be disrupted. maintenance crews were doing repairs and cleaning up debris in the area. including portion of the student
6:32 am
wellness center and stew dent union. they've got finishing touches to do here. they have to finish repairing that pipe and also filling that hole. as for classes today, though, a message to all students. classes are expected to go on as normal today according to san jose state officials. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. some drivers driving across bay bridge into san francisco over the weekend may have noticed a new sign. the white nationalist organization identity europa tweeted these photos with a banner. it reads danger, sanctuary city ahead. the tweet accompanying the photo reads, sfran is a dangerous sanctuary city where the law does not apply to illegal invaders. enter at your own risk. the group calls it a public service announcement. the highway patrol says the banner was only up for a short time. a grenade closed down benicia. police are trying to track down where it came from.
6:33 am
the bomb squad responded to clear the scene. a boy discovered the grenade in some water at the foot of first street. he then brought it over to his father and that father called police. they cordoned off the area until the bomb squad removed the device. police say the grenade was covered in barnicles but still had the pin incompetent tact. a live desk update. firefighters in the south bay are investigating how a fire sparked right near highway 87. it started after midnight in san jose and santa clara street. you see the flames creeping up the side of the highway. the fire created a lot of smoke in the area. no word on injuries or damage. happening today, the man accused of causing a crash is expected to be arraigned today. noe saucedo was driving a stolen truck earlier this month when he ran a red light and slammed into another truck. a 4-year-old and 2-year-old died
6:34 am
in the crash. during his first court appearance, saucedo's family said he's actually related to the victims. this is still happening. the serial stowaway is back in custody this morning. chicago police arrested marilyn hartman at o'hare international airport yesterday. she has a history of trying to catch flights without a boarding pass, including at sfo. san jose in oakland. the 66-year-old is charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and violating her bail bond. >> i think you have to get an underlying mechanism. what does it mean to her that she's evading tsa and going to the airports. it's not about consequences and rewards in the traditional sense. it's about the meaning this has in her life. >> earlier this month, she slipped past a surt checkpoint and flew to london. she was flown back to chicago the next day. a judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation. in southern california, authorities are crediting an experienced pilot with landing a plane safely on a freeway. this happened on the 55 freeway
6:35 am
in costa mesa shall around 7:30 last night. the pilot was trying to fly to john wayne airport in orange county when he developed engine trouble. the plane landed smoothly on the freeway as cars drove right on by. the faa is investigating. l.a. being l.a., huh? >> yeah. good morning everybody. hi, how are you doing on this monday? let's take a look at your temperatures. we'll step outside in the south bay first. we've got about 41 degrees, the cool spot. that's in two neighborhoods. santa clara and campbell. you can see it. milpitas at 50. up in the hills, los gatos, 57 degrees. 46 in san jose. we've got 50s around alameda, san francisco and bodega bay. 52 there. half moon bay at 59. contrast that with novato and danville. 38 degrees. grgeous sunrise developing, #abc 7 now if you put it on social media. we would love to see it. look at the reds and oranges. commute planner, it's good.
6:36 am
it's dry this morning. mass transit, a little milder this morning and mild this afternoon. a light breeze in you're going to be out on the bay taking a ferry. as far as the kids, dress them for 41 inland, 47 around the bay. 51 at the coast. by 11:00, it will be in the mid to upper 50s. except for the coast, 61. look at the temperature by 3:00. low to mid-60s around the bay. inland, upper 60s at the coast. so far 15 of 29 days have been wet. i'm going to go dry the rest of the month. we're still going to have a surplus from 111% santa rosa to san francisco to 144%. this number is going to continue to shrink as i don't have a chance of rain in the forecast for the next two days. we'll talk about record highs when we come back. here's sue. we'll take a look at san rafael's commute. southbound 101. the taillights past the north gate mall and the civic center. beautiful sunrise starting to happen. traffic is flowing very nicely here. everybody is cooperating. it's a straight shot to the golden gate bridge for a 20-minute drive. golden gate remains fog-free
6:37 am
this morning. b.a.r.t. is experiencing a ten-minute delay at the 16th street mission station due to equipment problem on the train. the rest of the system is running on time with 56 trains total. larkspur ferry and buses running nicely. the ace trains 3 and 5 on time this morning. we'll check back with an earlier accident. it's a light pole down in lanes in san jose causing multiple flat tires in our next report. sue, thank you. marin transit leaders not giving up on a plan to feed a bus service by having them drive on the shoulders of highway 1101. the county transportation authority is applying for a $50,000 grant to study the idea. chp has raised concerns about narrow shoulder width, disabled vehicles and conflicts at on and off ramps. marin officials say the bypass shoulders work in other cities and are worth considering here. golden gate ferry is adding a new commuter ferry. the examiner reports that the golden gate bridge district has agreed to buy a vessel.
6:38 am
the ridership from the north bay to san francisco has spiked over the last deck ald. if all goes as planned, the new vessel could be leased as soon as next month at a cost of almost $19,000. san francisco requires workplaces to require nursing moms a space to pump milk. that law could expand statewide. here's what a lactation room looks like. there's going to be a new bill introduced to create requirements to support lactation in the workplace for working women. the bill currently requires a clean area with a chair, a surface area for a breast pump and electricity. a high school teacher faces criticism. you won't believe this when you hear it, for making anti-military comments to a students. >> people that you know, stupid uncle who -- [ bleep ]. >> they're not like high level thinkers, not academic people or intellectual people. they're the lowest of our low. if you join the military, it
6:39 am
gives you no other option. if you didn't pay attention academically and your parents didn't love you enough to push you. >> the student who recorded the comments wants to keep his identity concealed. the teacher began ranting after seeing the boy's marine corps shirt. >> it hurt me because i have an uncle who was in desert storm and my dad went to afghanistan. >> the teacher serves on the city council in pick owe rivera, a los angeles suburb. i have a feeling, not for long. after the video surfaced, he posted on facebook, i don't think it's wise for me to make any specific comments. a warning from the secret service after at ms shot out thousands of dollars in cash to criminals. plus, the big winners and the bipg moments from last night's grammy awards. here's what's coming up on "live." good morning, hi there. >> coming up on "live," joel kin >> coming up on "live," joel kin man from a
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all right. let's head down south real quick. it was so warm here yesterday. all that's flown down to the south. it's caused a high fire danger around santa barbara. l.a. and san diego, about 5.8 million people under the influence of high fire danger. look at that, low to mid-will80r them. 64 in yosemite. let's talk about tahoe and the sierra. 30% of average.
6:43 am
only 17% of the yearly average going to april 1st. gorgeous morning. let me show you the seven-day forecast for tahoe. temperatures already today at 49 above average. we hit the 50s. once we hit the upper 50s and 60 this weekend, like here at home, those are near record highs. reggie, natasha. >> happening now, crews are working to repair damage caused by a broken water pipe. >> they're trying to fill in a huge sinkhole. >> reporter, amy hollyfield is live on highland boulevard. >> reporter: the monday morning routine will be interrupted in this neighborhood in hayward. look at this street behind me. this is highland boulevard. half of it still blocked. heavy equipment is still here. it looks like they have work to do. but still blocking a few driveways. look at what caused this. this is cell phone video showing the water and mud gushing down highland boulevard after a 12-inch water main broke.
6:44 am
this was around 11:00 yesterday morning. that triggered a sinkhole to open up. this is right off mission boulevard in hayward. some sidewalks buckled and front yards and driveways flooded. >> looked out my window. i started panicking once the water was raising up on the other side of the house. >> reporter: we do know of at least one home that did suffer from some water damage. crews removed the broken section of the 40-year-old concrete and asbestos pipe and replaced it with a blue pvc pipe. the utilities then were turned on by dinnertime and hoping to have the street reopened. it's not ready for normal traffic just yet. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. german automaker volkswagen apologizing after a test exposed monkeys to engine fumes to study the effects of the exhaust. "the new york times" reported the study.
6:45 am
it said that researchers showed cartoons during the tests to keep the monkeys calm. the chairman of volkswagen says the tests were incomprehensible and must be investigated fully. auto emission tests on monkeys are not justified. taking you to a live look at foxborough, massachusetts, this morning. those are patriots fans sending off their team before they head to minnesota for the super bowl. tom brady and bill belichck looking to win a sixth title. both expected to speak to the crowd before they take off. the philadelphia eagles arrived yesterday afternoon in the twin cities. they are seeking their first super bowl in team history. with this deadly flu season, super bowl organizers in minneapolis are trying to do everything they can to keep people healthy. >> they're doing what we do at work. wiping down everything as many times as they can every day. they have all that equipment people are playing on, right? they say people in crowded areas
6:46 am
should wash their hands often, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth. 39 states are reporting high flu activity and the season may not have yet reached its peak. health care providers say it's not too late to get a flu shot. >> now with the morning money report, today is the first day that you can file your tax return. there is a warning from the irs. >> there is a high risk someone could steal your refund this year because of that equifax data breach. hackers obtained personal information from 145 million people last year. tax expert adam levine said credit freezes or monitoring won't stop tax-related identity theft. >> if they have a name, date of birth, stephanie sy number, they' -- social security number, they can create a fake w-2 form. there's a verification box on all forms. the code is generated by your employer. you're urged to track your tax stut us on the irs website.
6:47 am
file early to beat the criminals to your return. a popular way to rob at ms. it allows hackers to force a machine to spit out all of the money inside, up to 40 bills every 23 seconds. it's been happening overseas for years. at ms at pharmacies, big box stores are most at risk. we're keeping a close eye on wall street this morning. this is a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. a little over 15 minutes into trading and you can see we're down a little bit. still over 26,000. the dow closed at another record high on friday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also broke records. happening today, teen actress and former "dancing with the stars" contestant zendaya is going to visit fruitvale elementary school. it's a nonprofit organization encouraging students to explore computer science, engineering and biomedical science.
6:48 am
more than 10,000 students across the u.s. are involved in the program. zendaya has a personal connection to the school. her mother was a teacher there. i would lose my mind there. i'm a big fan of hers. >> she's 21. but was a teenager at one time. >> she's a young woman. >> she's a young bottom and was amazing in great he is showman. >> she can do whatever she wants. controversy, speaking of the grammys this morning. zendaya wasn't there but should have been. women need to step up after men took home most of the main prizes last night. >> listen to this. kne neil port now says it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls. the only female artist to win was alessia cara. people labeled the show grammys so male now. bruno mars won all six awards he was nominated for, including album of the year. meanwhile, at some points during the show, things turned political as well.
6:49 am
a cuban american singer gave this message to d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> this country was built by prime minist d.r.e.a.m.ers for dreamers. calm down, be cool. act like huff been here before. back to the president of the grammys. you can be the head of a music organization and be tone deaf. how does that work? >> was i just sitting here to witness that? quote of the morning. absolutely. amen. president trump has a beef with jay z. >> the president tweeted somebody please inform that jay z that because of my policies, black unemployment has been reported to be at the lowest rate ever reported. numbers from the u.s. department of labor statistics show black unemployment in december was at the lowest level ever recorded. the president's tweet follows jay z's comments about mr. trump
6:50 am
referring to african napgss at s-hole countries. he referred to the president as a super bug also. you're never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. a lot to talk about with the grammys last. >> let that all just settle. >> i am. i'm soaking that in. we have plenty topics on social media. that and the shape of water have been some of the bigger topics. let me talk about the color that's now shaping our skyline. look at that. san jose 280, 17. absolutely gorgeous there. that's not walnut creek. that's the roof camera. that's gorgeous also. a gorgeous sunrise and sunset today. the records that we had yesterday will be less likely, still warmer than average. the clouds will bring us absolutely no chance of rain. we go a couple of weeks without a chance of rain. when february rolls in, especially the first weekend, which is this coming weekend,
6:51 am
some record highs are possible. the warm front brought us that warm weather. now this cold front, you can it kicking up high clouds. that's the reason why we're going to be cooler. let me show you the temperatures still mild. our coolest high, 62 in antioch. santa cruz at 74. we'll top 70 in ukiah. 71. close in half moon bay. morgan hill at 69. the rest of us 63 to 67 degrees. i think fog will be a little more prevalent tonight, especially in the central valleys. clouds will be thinner. they also have some of the coolest temperatures, 38 in santa rosa. we will be in the upper 30s also in the san ramon valley. otherwise, low to mid-40s in most neighborhoods until you get closer to san francisco and the coast in the upper 40s. let me show you the progression of the next seven days. maybe a degree or two warmer. the coast, the sea breeze kicks in. that keeps you in the low 60s through wednesday much the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s.
6:52 am
the sea breeze, it goes away starting thursday. look at the temperatures. in the upper 60s to near 70 at the coast. low 70s around the bay an inland for friday, saturday and sunday. can't beat that. i wish i could say the same for the traffic, sue. right now we have a b.a.r.t. delay. it's not looking too good. it's about a 20-minute, hefty delay in san francisco stations due to the -- in the east bay directions due to police activity and equipment problems. give yourself plenty of time this morning as those delays are in the recovery phase. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. checking on your san mateo bridge commute, about 20 minutes across the span from the toll plaza over towards highway 101. you can see the brake lights about halfway across the flat section there. north 101 at tully, we have a several cars hit it causing flat tires and so traffic is now stacked up with speeds less than 20 miles an hour. north 101, you may want to try
6:53 am
280 or highway 85 to get around that. sue, thank you. new this morning, there is a brand new pole showing there's a clear front-runner in the race to replace the late ed lee as san francisco's mayor. according to the chronicle, london breed leads the pack with 33%. former state senator mark leno in second. 16%. supervisor jane kim, close behind at 15%. other candidate are in the single digits. this poll was commissioned by the chamber of commerce. it was conducted january 13th through 16th before breed was replaced as interim mayor with supervisor mark farrell. the election will be held in june. it's 6:53. a muralist completed what he calls a tapestry on a wall in san francisco. drone view 7 checked out the creation that covers the back of the mitchell theater in the tenderloin. he drew on his experience as a painter and architect to create it. it has geometric forms and ab tract funk. >> to have the opportunity,
6:54 am
couldn't pass it up. you work small scale, do something on a larger scale, kind of give back to the community and have something that people can recognize throughout their day. >> herman hopes that the building's owner allows mural to remain in place for at least a year. skiers and boarders in tahoe aren't the only ones enjoying the snow. >> this is a good start to your week. c this is chin chin in china having fun in pow pow. excellent forward and side rolls, olympic-worthy for sure. she can teach us a lesson about having some fun. look at her wriggle down the hillside. she's living her best life. love her. >> she looks like she wants to get out. she probably does. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram photo of the day. follow us at abc bay news. share your best photos and video
6:55 am
with us. what's the panda's name again? chin chin. >> we love this. right? this is a live look at tahoe this morning. we're keeping you up to date on we're keeping you up to date on weather and traffic by
6:56 am
sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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it's 6:57. whether you're just joining us or going out the door, here are the seven things to know before you go. number one, all lanes of highway 101 in redwood city are back open after a crash left a motorcyclist dead. the victim is reported to be a hayward man in his late 030s. a water main break in hayward. the cell phone video shows the water and mud gushing down the boulevard. number 3, crews are making final repairs to a broken water pipe on the san jose university campus. water should not be disrupted and classes are expected to go on as normal. number 4, a richmond police officer will be okay after being hit by a car during eye sideshow over the weekend. that driver got away. number 5, high clouds a mainstay in the forecast today through the weekend. look at the gorgeous sunrise through the exploratorium camera. we'll not reach record highs but
6:59 am
enjoy the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. number 5, sue hall following your monday morning commute with a b.a.r.t. delay. due to police activity and equipment problem on a train from the san francisco stations in the east bay direction, 20-minute delays at this hour. number 7, bruno mars and kendrick lamar cleaned up at the grammys. mars won six, including album of the year. lamar won five, including best album and jay z led the nominations with eight. but jay z walked away empty handed. >> yeah. as did almost every woman. >> only one female winner. >> so some people are saying, grammys, so male. they're using that hash tag. >> last year we had taylor swift and adele. maybe next year. >> be better next year. >> beautiful weather on the way, right? >> absolutely. you'll need the sunglasses from time to time even though the clouds will dim our sunshine a little bit. it's that two-week run that we have where we're warmer than
7:00 am
average and set some records. we started that yesterday. "good morning am good morning, america. a powerful and political night at the grammys. as music's top artists say time's up. women dominate the stage. ♪ i'm proud of who i am >> but not the awards. men take home many of the grammys' biggest prizes. the backlash to hillary clinton's "fire and fury" moment. also this morning, president trump preparing for his first state of the union address. and admitting he wants his presidency to be disruptive. why he says he's not a feminist. and what he's revealing about where and when he tweets. new flu fears at the super bowl. more than 1 million people heading to minnesota for the big game. now, staffers working overtime trying to make those popular attractions safe. the alar


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