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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 31, 2018 3:00pm-3:29pm PST

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it because it's endangered. you can see in slow motion they hit the target with a tranquilizer gun. you've got all these guys trying to herd this one giraffe, but it's still moving. it's still upright and it's still heavy and very strong. they do want to guide it down. they do want to be nearby when it falls. they don't want it to run into the trees or anywhere. once on the ground one guy has to jump on its neck. you can see the giraffe's neck move and they are incredibly strong. so you've got all these guys laying on it because there's something around this poor giraffe's neck. >> how would anyone spot that? >> is it a snare trap? >> unfortunately it is. they are being hunted for their tails. >> what? how stupid. >> poachers want their tails. you see how tightly that wire is around its neck. you have a vet. >> you want to hunt these animals? take a big 400 millimeter lens and nice camera and shoot them all you want. you can still come back with beautiful pictures and mount it
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on your wall just the same. >> they snap it up and -- >> whoa! >> that neck immediately wraps around it, like a snake coiling to strike. the guy has to move quickly. they have to wrestle it to the ground again. you can see how quickly their neck can move and how flexible they are. luckily, they are able to get that thing off. it's starting to wake up and everybody's gotta run. it gets up. uh-oh, but it looks like somebody forgot something. >> the eye covers, it's still snoozing. >> one guy runs with a very long pole. will he get it? >> are you kidding? >> one try. >> who has the pole, that 25-foot pole. >> methinks he may have done that before. you know, when you come this close, this close to the end, your life flashes before your eyes. well the guy in this juken video never got the chance. we're in a snowy rally in michigan. slowing down for this corner. not quite making it. >> whoa!
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>> yeah. now watch it again. >> has he got a camera up in front of his face? >> well spotted. this guy is a photographer, covering this event. you've run a camera before and know what it's like. you're looking through the viewfind and for some reason separates us from reality. this guy doesn't realize it's about to happen until he's been pretty much hit by the car. >> if you're going to stand on the corner, stand on the inside of the corner. don't stand on the outside. you're waiting to get hit. >> it wasn't a high speed impact. he was badly hurt. he took to his facebook to let everybody know. broke both his shoulders and lacerated his liver. but just to be able to say that i didn't die is a bonus. okay, now we're going to head over to see how the big pros do it. this is the rally of monte carlo, world famous. exactly, they have the top flight cars and top flight drivers but they don't have the best conditions, because while the beginning of the video on zero under youtube channel you
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can see it's clear but then the snowy conditions turn up. >> just turned like that? >> rallies are extremely long and have many stages. as you start going higher in elevation you'll enter different weather environments. everyone is essentially now on an ice rink, and it doesn't matter how you try to attack this corner. that's a nice wall, let's go touch it. >> everybody hits the same exact spot? >> it's catching everybody out. they put together this ten-minute compilation of incredible moments but then all of these spins and fails to show that even the greatest drivers in the world still get caught up by the same things that catch the rest of us. so much planning and effort goes in to gender reveal these days. now there are cannons that can help you reveal the gender of your child. in fact, these guys here from nesting perfectly are about to find out what their baby is going to be.
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now those tubes they're holding are cannons. you twist them, once it clicks it blows powder out of the end. their intention is to dye their shirts in the color, and it will be cute, it will be a nice memento they can save forever and ever. the problem is they try to click the cannon and it's not working. >> woo! >> oh, no! >> so while she's still trying to figure hers out, his goes off right in her face. >> oh, you never look down the end of the loaded anything. >> oh, by the way, it's a boy. >> now another somewhat unfortunate way to find out the gender of your child is this one. >> the balloon has popped. it's a boy, guys. >> oops. sorry. >> the balloon they had with the blue confetti inside that was supposed to reveal the gender once they were at their destination with the boyfriend as well. >> oh, it went off prematurely.
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that happens. >> i feel bad because basically it's a symbolic water breaking in the car and they've got to clean that up. >> mom clearly isn't happy about it. >> she's crying [ bleep ]. finally a challenge that we might be able to get in on. okay, no, no. we don't have enough swag for this. it's called the new freezer challenge. >> shoot, speak for yourself. you got swag. >> you got all the swag. >> you gonna break your neck sis, hold on. well this challenge is basically about swag, because it's set to the song "freezer" by rich the kid featuring kendrick lamar and people have gotten super creative. this is employees and customers at the waffle house and they're having a good time swagging out. it was shot by michael richard. he posted it to his instagram
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page and sheila jones came up with the concept. this kid is hot with sticks. ♪ >> genuinely i'm starting to think that, yes, even we can do the challenge. >> easy there, tiger. i don't get it. >> well, you just cheer from the sideline. >> stand like nobody's watching. >> well they're all watching. it's okay. the family wasn't going to do it like anybody else. ♪ >> you ruined it. we can't do this. >> i tried to tell you. i said they got creative. >> in this case not necessarily like a specific dance move. it's more that everyone's putting their own flavor to this song and showing what creativity could be brought to the table. >> and it's done with confidence, which you and i have, so this -- >> you're going to break something. >> i'm waiting for you two to smack your heads together. >> the challenge is whatever you want it to be. just play the song, the challenge is set to the "freezer" play the song, break
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your neck, break your ankle. >> you do you, boo. >> do you, boo, except you. a paragliding ride gets rough when -- >> you see the wing collapse. >> why the way down is definitely a hard one. >> oh no! >> ahh. and all aboard this fascinating train that has been moth balled. >> why? >> take a trip back in time next. >> something about this is kind of breaking my heart. brought to you by turbo tax. relax, there's turbo tax. they . but we, er, take a deep breath and do our taxes with turbotax. now a cpa can review your return with you, am i getting my maximum refund? i checked it, ma'am. you're good to go. see, nothing to be afraid of at all . . .
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into paragliding you'll probably try it out going for a tandem ride because they are safer, so they would have us -- this is from india, the wing collapsed and stalled. it starts spinning around. we have almost no altitude at all to work with. there are two people underneath that wing. >> break, break, break, break! >> oh no! >> yeah, they come down hard but you see how it stalled. the wing failed and they do say in this situation it's either pilot skill that's going to get you out or an older wing and some of the older wings make it tricky to recover but the last 20 feet happens like that. >> how hard was the landing on their bodies? >> hard enough but there are no reports of any major injuries so i'm going to assume bumps and bruises. no other details apart from that. this next video is the exact opposite. jamie lee will take us on a speed riding experience down the side of this mountain, lake wanaka in new zealand.
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he'll try to cut the grass with his rear end. watch just how close he comes. the precision that he has. bear in mind at this moment he's traveling about 75 miles an hour. you might also know in new zealand, sheep are everywhere. they star in this video as well. oh, look out sheep, right there. >> what's remarkable is his elevation above the ground never really changes that much, no matter the terrain. >> this is one of the videos you slip on the music, sit back, relax and enjoy it. it is massively awesome. it was once the jewel of europe, the pinnacle of high speed travel. if you didn't want to fly or it was more convenient to take a train, then you took the euro star. >> i was about to say i've been on that sort of train. >> i bet you have. it popularly ran between london, paris and brussels at a brisk 186 miles per hour carrying up
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to 750 passengers. as you can see now, this euro star train has been mothballed. >> why? >> they've got a new one, faster trains out there, the tgvs and things like that, must have been updated. >> exactly right. progress eliminated this train. they parked it and on this day just a couple of urban explorers tried to check it out. not only vandals checked it out but copper thieves have picked through this train. many of the electrical parts that contained copper have already been plucked and picked clean. >> that's interesting. i remember being 11 years old and doing my geography on the euro tunnel. it's interesting to see how we've gotten to the point where it's obsolete. >> the train was originally built in 1994 and abandoned in 2014. there are about 13 cars here including two cafe cars. >> something about this is kind of breaking my heart. i get progress but you know, i can't help but be melancholy
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about something i was never part of. >> it is kind of strange and what's weird is that it was only abandoned in 2014, but it looks like it's been sitting there for 30 years. >> yes, looks like it's from the cold war. >> it does seem like a total waste. it's kind of sad but there it sits full of graffiti. modern relic. home for the monarch butterfly. see amazing, next "right this minute." and still to come, police pull up behind a truck. and they would like to talk to that driver. what happens when the dude behind the wheel isn't feeling chatty. >> oh! plus, fashion designer alexander wang wants to give someone a shopping spree. >> for $20,000. >> it will be like having me as your personal stylist for a day. >> how helping out can win you a trip to the big apple and a brand new wardrobe. >> i don't like to shop but i'll help you spend your money on me. with my brand-new vlog.
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promotional considerations provided by -- pplying. we listened. new gold bond radiance renewal exliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. queensland police were driving down the road when it
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looks like they may have just missed doc and marty. >> did the car go back in time? >> they were trying to jump back to 1984 pause there's a trail of flaming debris left behind on the road. the police officer whips around and follows that trail of fire. however at the end he did not find a delorean. he found a 49-year-old driver, towing a trailer with no wheels. he drove 12 miles like this. this is under investigation and they say the driver is cooperating. you do know that it is summer down in australia, and this did set off some spot fires alongside the road. thankfully that didn't turn into anything traumatic. over to china where this truck driver stopped in the middle of a small, narrow road, and the police now have pulled up behind
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this truck driver and they would like to talk to that driver. but he does not want to talk to them. instead of answering any of their questions he decides to stonewall them. >> oh, that's assault on an officer doing that. >> the driver pulls the pin on the dump body, drops his entire load on the road in front of the police officers. gets back into the cab of his truck, as officers are like, stop. the video ends, but he does drive off. the police are not able to follow him. >> officers got stoned, that's the headline. >> not that far down the road, other police officers did catch up with our funny driver here, pulled him over, and it looks like he will be facing pretty serious charges, and will likely even lose his license. who doesn't love a good shopping spree, especially when it's $20,000 of someone else's
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money. >> everybody like that. >> i don't like the shot but i'll help you spend your money, on me. >> i want to fly you to new york and set you up with a brand new wardrobe. >> um-hum, that's alexander wang. he is a world renowned designer, and he's got a flagship store in soho in new york. he's going to fly you there, put you up in a four-star hotel, let you shop for $20,000 worth of alexander wang, which is probably like a purse. >> that's what i was going to say. that's the problem. i'll take this jacket. great, you still owe me 15 grand. >> it will be like having me as your personal stylist for a day. >> does he have anything other than black? >> what's wrong with black? >> nothing, i tend to like a little color in my life. >> me, too. >> it doesn't end there. once you've done your shopping, you can go with alexander around town and have lunch with him. >> i promise you'll love it. flights and hotel are covered for you and a guest. >> ooh, can i go with you?
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>> no, i see you enough. >> the best part of this, is this it is a campaign to fight hiv. in fact they say 400 babies are born with hiv every day, and this campaign can help with pills that women can take to prevent the disease from spreading to their children. >> wow. >> it turns out a huge percentage of their winners are people that donated less than $100. but don't waste any time, because today is the last day for this campaign. so hurry over and make your donation. it's all for a good cause. this little boy is big time impressive. >> he's 14 months old, you guys. >> how he's schooling the web with his reading schools. >> good job,
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josh. juggler extrordinaire. >> congratulations. really well done. i see you. ♪ sometimes when you've got to rodeo, you've got to rodeo. this little guy found a clever way to rodeo right in his living
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room. >> he's on a hover board. >> yes, right under the legs of that toy horse, and then if you notice stuffed little cow ahead. so he lassos that cow. >> he tie his legs up and everything? >> oh, this is a cowboy if there ever was a cowboy. >> i love this. this is so creative and imaginative child play. >> over to this video, little justin matteo will impress the heck out of you. he's 14 months old. >> of. >> good job, buddy. >> people this age are sponges. >> you. >> you, good job! >> yes! >> come on, that kid is so smart. >> he. >> he! >> this is super dope. i love it. >> good for him. >> now this one is impressive for a completely different reason. >> why are you crying? >> because -- >> 6-year-old kaitlin hernandez
3:26 pm
is crying -- >> why did my daddy kill this. >> what did dad kill? >> killed a roach. >> sorry little mama, daddy did the right thing. >> this roach spoke to her. >> i heard it crying. >> you heard the baby roach crying? kaitlin. >> it was doing this. >> oh. you've been watching pixar movies again. >> i heared it talk to me. >> what did it say? >> it said, hello, kaitlin. >> schhe has a love for insects and that is amazing. >> and she can speak roach which is also amazing. that's all for now but the fun never ends at check it out and catch us on the next all new episode
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tonight, the deadly train crash. more than 100 members of
3:29 pm
congress onboard. just hours after the president's state of the union, republicans on the train, including the speaker of the house, slamming into a truck. one killed, several injured. images from the scene. also breaking tonight, the fbi urging the white house tonight not to release a secret memo reportedly critical of the agency. the fbi citing grave concerns. and this moment, audio of the president late last night, what he said about releasing that memo. the deadly flu, and tonight, the new concern here over the supply of that rapid test used to diagnose patients. and tonight, word of a young mother of four from new hampshire, one of the newest victims. the arrest, a student at virginia tech. authorities said he had an assault rifle and was trying to get thousands of rounds of am


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