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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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from our emeryville camera tonight, warm evening out there an
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only on abc 7 news, this south bay college student says he was knocked unconscious in an attack that police are calling a hate crime. >> the victim says it's the second assault he's suffered in the same place on campus in two weeks. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. a de anza college student is sharing his story with us tonight after being attacked on the cupertino campus. >> the student is transgender, and police are calling this a hate crime. >> abc 7 news reporter katie utehs has the story you'll see only on 7. >> and the second i hit the top stair he had come down and was just facing me. i had zero chance to protect myself.
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and the second he saw me he screamed [ bleep ] and just punched me straight in the face. and i was knocked out cold. >> reporter: this sketch is what de anza college student d.j. smith says the attacker looks like. smith went straight to police after waking up on the steps of the flint center garage. >> because what was said, we are considering this a hate crime. >> the attack happened late in the evening on january 26th. the week previous to that smith says he was hit from behind in the same garage. >> classes are offered late. so during the week it's not uncommon to have students here between 10:00, 11:00 at night, but what you won't find on campus, exterior security cameras. >> a petition went around a couple quarters ago where thousands of students signed the petition in hopes to get cameras in the parking lots. and nothing came about it. >> reporter: the college says there isn't funding available for cameras. campus police have followed leads from the sketch, but so far no arrests. >> we've increased both foot patrol and vehicle patrol of the areas. >> reporter: the college says they've offered smith on and off
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campus resources and that they're concerned about the student and the incident. >> i'm anxious all the time. i don't eat. i don't sleep. and just coming on campus feels unsafe. >> reporter: smith says he'll be working to create a safer environment for lgbtq students on campus. in cupertino, katie uteas, nbc 7 news. at least nine bay area cities reached a record high for today's date, and we could do it all again tomorrow. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma has the look ahead. hey, drew. >> hey, dion. nine cities set records today. what a warm start to the weekend. well into the 70s. some 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. highs today, san francisco, oakland, san jose, santa, ukiah, half moon bay, all set new records today. other spots, hayward 81 today. 84 was the high in cloverdale. some of that heat we're still holding on to it right now. it's only 63 right now in san francisco, 60 in san jose.
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if we can check our temperatures tomorrow morning it's going toub a warm sought. a lot of spots already in the 50s by 7:00 in the morning and before lunchtime we're heading toward 70 degrees already. and likely records will be broken once again on our sunday. we'll take a look at that and how long this warm weather sticks around. that full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, guys. >> all right, drew, thank you. not people across the bay area took advantage of the record heat. san francisco's chrissy field was packed today. at about 55 degrees the water was too cold for most people to jump in but at richmond point the dogs were happy to go for a swim. >> this is amazing. it feels like the start of spring, summer. it's so exciting. you can see all the dogs are so excited too. >> and in greenbray the marine rowing club is spending 24 hours at shopping center bonair to raise money for the club's youth program. find out just how warm it's going to get where you live with the abc 7 news app. you can get local hour-by-hour forecasts. enable push alerts and you'll get custom mobile weather
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updates. san francisco police arrested a carjacking suspect tonight after a chase through the city. it all started at about 8:30 when police say a vehicle was carjacked from the 5th and mission parking garage downtown. witnesses say the man had a gun. police spotted the vehicle and a chase ensued. police say the chase ended in hunter's point when the suspect stopped the car and ran out. officers ran after him and made the arrest. no one was hurt. new details now on an armed man who caused a serious scare in pleasant hill. tonight police say the man is now receiving mental health treatment. he was spotted last night dressed in military gear and armed with an assault-style rifle near the centur movie theater downtown. he ran from officers. police locked down the area as they search for him for nearly six hours. he was finally detained at about 4:00 a.m. in about ten years berkeley's only emergency room will move to oakland-k and people are worried about the loss. abc 7 news was at the ed roberts campus on adelaide street in
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berkeley where the community discussed changes coming to alta bates medical center. center health plans to relocate acute care services to oakland a few miles away to meet earthquake regulatons. state senator nancy skinner said about 450,000 people will be put in danger. >> minutes matter. you have a heart attack, you have a stroke. minutes matter. so if it's that much further that the ambulance has to take you, then we can have an increase in deaths. nobody wants that. >> affected services will include labor and delivery and infant intensive care. sutter says it's conducting a thoughtful review of emergency services to ensure affected people have good access. a senior citizen died today when he was hit by a car while crossing the street. abc 7 news was in union city at the intersection of the crash on mission boulevard and lafayette avenue. police tonight say a large box truck hit the man just before 11:00 a.m. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. thieves snatched four
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laptops from customers at a popular coffee shop in the east bay. abc 7 news was in berkeley tonight where the thefts happened wednesday night at cafe strada on college avenue. berkeley reports it's at least the third time crooks targeted the business in as many weeks. berkeley police say three people were casing the outdoor area of the coffee shop, then grabbed four computers from customers. cafe strada is a popular spot with students from uc berkeley. a man on a mission to raise awareness about climate change and global peace passed through the south bay today. now, in fact, ubishok sharma is becoming a social media sensation because of his message. did we mention he's spreading the word around the world while riding only his bike. abc 7 news reporter lisa aminute gulezian has the story you'll see only here on abc 7. >> the sleeping back, some clothes, backup clothes. >> reporter: to say abishok sharma travels light would be an understatement. >> i don't have money. i don't have anything. i have only love and peace in my
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heart. >> reporter: he also has a bike. and on his bike he began his climate change and world peace awareness tour. he's traveled 32,000 miles, visited 988 cities. >> czech republic, austria, greece. >> reporter: and 40 countries. he left india three years ago to spread the word about global warming, and what he's found in every city are curious strangers with open hearts and minds. >> even i met mafias, drug dealers, smugglers, and trust me, they all supported me. so so far in 38 months zero bad cherns. >> reporter: abishok has captured this amazing journey on camera and posts and blogs daily. his supporters are everywhere. >> mr. vladimir, he's watching this video from moscow, russia. >> reporter: that network of like-minded stranger friends has helped abishek with meals, hotels, flights, really anything. sam devdara was so impressed by
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his humanitarian message he hosted him for two days. >> it's absolutely just motivational. he wants to go out, connect people, connect countries. connect culture. >> reporter: the 29-year-old still has three years and 50 countries left on his connect the world tour, which will eventually end in india. abishek's plan is to leave the area tomorrow and ride roughly 320 miles to los angeles. from there he'll catch a flight to australia. in gilroy lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> he is an inspiration. >> he is indeed. the mystery deepens tonight at a south bay attraction known for its oddity. >> coming up we'll tell you to a spirited celebration at san jose's winchester mystery house. also uma thurman has come forward saying harvey weinstein assaulted her which she says he did, and her response. a little bit later the president's response following the release of a gop memo involving the probe of russian meddling in the presidential election.
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fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. well, uma thurman is the latest star to add her name to the growing list of women who accused harvey weinstein of sexual assault. abc news reporter linda lopez has the latest. >> reporter: uma thurman is finally opening up, now accusing disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein of forcing himself on her sexually. te actress and producer first working together in their 1994 hit "pulp fiction." thurman's story coming in an interview with "new york times" columnist maureen dowd. the actress telling dowd while in paris weinstein held a meeting in his bathrobe and tried to lure her into a steam room.
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shortly after in london dowd reports that thurman claims he pushed me down, "he tried to shove himself on me. he tried to expose himself." and that thurman says she told weinstein the next day "if you do what you did to me to other people you will lose your career, your reputation, and your family." >> she's clearly thought very clearly about what she remembers of these alleged events, and she's come out really fighting very, very strongly. >> reporter: in a statement weinstein, who is now in rehab in arizona, calls the incident an awkward pass that he immediately apologized for but says thurman's claims about being physically assaulted are untrue. >> he has made denials of every allegation that has been coming his way and this is no different. in fact, he's gone to quite extreme lengths with uma thurman because he's worked with her so frequently. >> reporter: thurman continued to work with weinstein on some of her biggest hits including the "kill bill" series. but she tells dowd she only tolerated him in supervised environments. linda lopez, abc news, new york.
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marvel's "black panther" is poised to be a blockbuster with positive reviews and early ticket sales. however, someone is accused of tricking people into not seeing it. "black panther" features a nearly all african-american cast and strong political themes. a self-proclaimed alt-right man announced a campaign to bring down rotten tomatoes scores for the movie by flooding the website with bad ratings. his campaign's facebook page has since been taken down. if you want to see only honest reviews on rotten tomatoes, there is an easy solution. go to the movie and click on top critics only. the new thriller based on the story of sarah winchester and the famously haunted mansion she built in san jose is on pace for a $9 million opening weekend. abc 7 news was in san jose for one of the premiere parties hosted at the winchester mystery house. guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers and could see some of the costumes from the film starring oscar winner helen mirren. some really got into the spirit. others weren't so sure. >> i am sort of terrified since
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i saw a trailer and it's freaky. >> we thought we'd dress in the victorian era and -- >> just have fun. >> after checking out the house guests were taken across winchester boulevard to santana row where they could watch the movie. a music legend will reportedly make a surprise appearance at the super bowl halftime show, nearly two years after his death. tmz reports prince will make -- take the stage as a hologram. the super bowl is in his hometown of minneapolis. east bay musician sheila e., who was close friends with prince, tweeted this. "he told me don't let anyone do a hologram of me. not cool if this happens!" justin timberlake will perform. moving on now -- >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in accuweather we are wrapping up a very warm spot to the weekend. spots topped out in the 80s in our warmest locales. tomorrow once again this warmth
11:17 pm
is going to hold on to finish off the weekend as well. live doppler 7 along with satellites showing you no sign of moisture unfortunately on this picture. we had tons of sunshine today, and tonight we have equally clear skies. picture outside tonight, we'll take you to the rooftop camera at kgo studios. it's a gorgeous-looking picture. we have quiet conditions. it is still rather warm out there, and that's part of the accuweather highlights coming up tonight. a mild night for many of us. some spots the next 12 hours will in fact stay in the 50s. well above average for this time of the year. records once again are very likely. again on sunday we're back into the 70s in a lot of spots and that's many records that have been kept for many decades. some records go back to 1963. that's how warm it's going to get tomorrow. dry pattern unfortunately right now does look to continue at least the next 10 to 15 days. it's a very stubborn pattern we're underneath right now and keeping us on the warm side even tonight. look at temperatures right now, 63 that current number in san francisco at 60. and san jose after a record high in the upper 70s. 56 that current number in
11:18 pm
oakland. and the cooler spots relatively speaking right now in napa and san rafael in the upper 40s right now. here's a call from accuweather. overnight tonight our warmest spots hold in the 50s at oakland, san francisco, san jose. our coolest spots tonight will only drop into the mid and upper 40s. typically this time of year our coolest spots will drop into the 30s but that's nowhere near where we'll be the next 12 hours. here's the reason why. the accuweather outlook, this is our problem if you want the rain. this high pressure is just situated right off our coast. and what that is doing, sending our storm track well to the north. in fact, that storm track all the way up in canada. so for us that means a continuation of the warm and dry pattern over the next 10 to perhaps 15 days. here's your 12-hour planner on your sunday. that sun's going to get up here about 7:12 in the morning. 40s and 50s name of the game early on. and it's going to be one of those days that we quickly warm up. by midday we're already into the 60s and then by 4:00 records are likely once again as we head into the 70s once again. so highs on your sunday.
11:19 pm
if you like today you're going to like tomorrow as well. a lot of sunshine, really warm temperatures for this time of the year. 79 the high in santa rosa. about 71 oakland and san francisco. 78 the high in san jose. about 76 the afternoon high in concord. so here are the records we're watching as we head into sunday. san jose the record is 76 degrees. likely we'll beat that with a forecasted high of 78. oaklanded the record is 69. 71 tomorrow. san rafael likely making a new record tomorrow. livermore and santa rosa you look like you may tie your records of 73 and 75 respectively. the accuweather seven-day forecast we'll plan our next seven days for you. records likely tomorrow. sunshine and dryness continues. mid-week around here. not much change on thursday even into friday. that winter warmth holds on and perhaps some slight cooling one week from today. really right now the sign of rain not until maybe the latter part of our month. >> as a meteorologist does this forecast bore you? >> it kind of bores you sometimes. it's one of our wettest months.
11:20 pm
you don't want to see a prolonged pattern of dry weather. >> that was a good answer. a woman reported missing has been found. on "the bachelor." >> yeah, the we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts.
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if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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i'm bekah. >> nice to meet you. >> have you seen this woman? if you watch "the bachelor" here on abc 7 you have. but she was listed in a newspaper article this week as being missing from humboldt county. 22-year-old rebekah martinez her mother reported her missing in november after her daughter told her she was going to work on a marijuana farm. now, she since has been in contact with her mother but her name was never taken off the missing persons list. >> i think she's got some explaining to do. >> just a little bit. all right. shu is here. steve kerr says the team is mentally exhausted. and i think we might have seen
11:24 pm
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warriors are running on empty. after three straight years in the nba finals, a trip to china in the preseason, they are dead tired. it shows up in the turnover stat, and just sloppy play. 25 turnovers against the kings last night, and tonight they gave it away in denver. beautiful night, though, in the mile-high city. first quarter kevin durant passes up to klay thompson.
11:28 pm
you don't see this very often. klay throws it down. he has 16. second quarter zaza pachulia, two-handed dunk of his own. 56-55 dubs at the half. fourth quarter, 5:18 left. tied at 97, k.d. it was jam night with the warriors. he led the dubs with 31. a minute later now tied at 99. will barton left alone drains a three. he had 25. 102-99. dubs now down two. draymond green, with anger ties it at 104. next possession gary harris going up as doug blocked by durant. but nicola jokic gets the rebound, hits the three. now 30 seconds left, dubs down four. nick young for the three. he misses. he wanted the foul. warriors fall 115-108. they've now lost two of their last three. >> got to give them credit, they came out with a lot of energy, hit some shots tonight. and we fought all night. we made plays, but down the stretch we couldn't get it done. >> actual possessions, nothing
11:29 pm
went our way in the fourth quarter. and we didn't keep that separation in the back to back in that last 12 minutes is going to be tough to get through. and we didn't do enough to win. >> even the kids have beards in houston. rockets and cavs, the real beard was cooking. james harden, reverse layup. look at this crazy control. he had 16 points on the night. rockets 83-50 in the third. this was a one-sided game. chris paul the handles and the floater. he had a team-high 22. he's good. scary moment in the third, harden comes down on isaiah thomas's foot, rolls his ankle, but he'd return. rockets go on to win 120-88. pro football hall of fame announced eight new members in minnesota, as they always do the night before the super bowl. interesting class highlighted by wide receivers and linebackers including former niner terrell owens. owens played 15 years, eight with the niners, caught 1,078 for 15,934 yards. that ranks second all time.
11:30 pm
153 touchdowns, third all time. he was hot and cold on the field which landed him on five different teams. he was a six-time pro bowler. niners drafted him in the third round out of tennessee chattanooga in 1996. also inducted wide receiver randy moss, safety brian dawkins of the eagles and linebackers brian urlacher of the bears and ray lewis of the ravens. veteran committee inducted packer guard jerry kramer redskins and chargers gm bobby beathard and houston linebacker bobby brazile. congratulations to all. also tonight patriots quarterback tom brady named league mvp. third time he's won this award. this season he threw for over 4,500 yards, 32 touchdowns, only eight interceptions, and it was well deserved. tom of course not at tonight's events. his injured wide receiver julian edelman accepted the award for him. brady joins barry bonds as the oldest player to win their league mvp at 40, and both are from the same high school, serra high in san mateo. what are the chances? this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino.
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we're going to make our super bowl picks. i am going with the underdog, the eagles. so eric, you? >> whoever is playing the patriots. >> that would be the eagles. eagles are from philly. and of course you spent a lot of time in new england. >> i need to preface this by saying yes, i grew up in new england, i went to school in boston. however, i like to root for the underdog. i mean, it's been what, 60 years? >> oh, come on now. >> so i think that maybe it's time to spread the wealth. >> you know, when she goes home tonight she's going to have some talking to do to her husband. >> i know, he's even at the super bowl right now too. >> eagles. unbelievable. >> thanks a lot. mixed reaction tonight following the release of a gop memo about the russia investigation. what leaders on both sides of the aisle had to say about it. plus an exclusive i-team investigation looks into
11:32 pm
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good evening. thanks for sticking around for the second half. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines a transgender de anza college student says he was attacked on campus. d.j. smith says a man used a gay slur and punched him in the face at the flint center garage last friday night. you're looking at a sketch of his suspected attacker. police are calling it a hate crime. at least nine bay area cities reached a record high temperature for today's date. that included san francisco, where it was 74 degrees. could be the same story tomorrow. highs will get close to 20 degrees above average for this time of year. and a community meeting was
11:36 pm
held to discuss changes at alta bates medical center. sutter health plans to move acute care services from berkeley to oakland in ten years to meet state earthquake regulations. many people are concerned about the move. sutter says it's reviewing emergency services to make sure affected people still have access. now to an i-team exclusive. tenant complaints are mounting against the largest landlord in san francisco. veritas is quite open about its target audience. it's high-tech workers from out of state. and that leaves some long-time tenants worried about their future. i-team reporter dan noyes sat down with the company's vice president to get some answers. >> reporter: 49-year-old yat-pang au founded veritas investments in 2007. you see signs for the rent sf now all over san francisco. he explained in a pension association profile that millennials are his target demographic. >> about 70% to 80% of them are those young techies, and more often than not they're not from the san francisco bay area and they're moving into san
11:37 pm
francisco. >> reporter: veritas now owns about 240 buildings across san francisco, more than 5,000 apartments, and just bought its first building in oakland. >> a lot of the stories are really heart-wrenching stories. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor aaron peskin tells me he's been hearing complaints about the company. >> they're buying these buildings at extremely high prices and under san francisco rent control law are passing on the debt on those buildings to their tenants. >> with rent control landlords are allowed annual increases tied to the rate of inflation. this year the approved rent increase is 1.6%. but peskin explains san francisco allows landlords to pass on their loan debt to tenants along with operation and maintenance costs. he has co-sponsored a measure to stop these so-called pass-throughs. retired hospice worker pat mcgee has lived in the same rent-controlled powell street studio for 37 years. veritas bought her building and in december with pass-throughs her rent climbed from $383 a
11:38 pm
month to $818, a 114% increase. >> i couldn't believe it at first. i just kind of like, yeah, okay. sure. >> reporter: her rent will settle in with a 34% increase for this coming year. how hard was it paying that extra amount of money for you? >> it was hard. the money had to come out of my little savings. i've been trying to save up for my teeth. >> reporter: yat-pang au declined my request for an interview but provided his vice president of asset management. >> it was a huge shock to her. what do you say to pat mcgee? >> so i can't talk about specific renters. >> reporter: joan crest cited privacy concerns, even though i explained pat mcgee agreed to have her story told. crest emphasized the pass-throughs are currently allowed under san francisco law and the tenants can apply to the rent board for an exemption. >> what i can tell you is we make every effort to work with every single resident in the buildings that we own. >> they don't see the relationships, the community, the contributions these tenants have made. they see dollar signs. >> reporter: housing advocate
11:39 pm
brad hearn tells me while veritas concentrates on renovating vacant apartments to attract new clients, some long-time tenants paying below market rents feel neglected. >> we see tenants fed up, tired, exhausted and angry. >> reporter: take three examples. doris johnson is disabled, uses a walker. she says her old landlord kept the elevator running but after veritas bought the building the elevator was out 65 days in a row. >> i could not schedule any of those appointments due to the fact that i couldn't get out of the building. >> you missed doctor's appointments. >> mm-hmm. >> she was trapped in her apartment for two months straight. how does that happen? >> it's a very unusual situation and it's a very unfortunate situation, dan. >> reporter: joan crest explains the company had to have custom parts made and that perhaps in the future veritas should have replacement parts standing by for these old elevators. >> but we're not perfect. you know, so we take instances like this to heart. >> reporter: example number two. greg lawler says his old landlord used to fix the trash chutes when they got clogged. but the same week they took over
11:40 pm
veritas just closed them off for good. >> immediately we noticed a change in this building as far as amenities being taken away from us. >> why block over trash chutes? >> why block over trash chutes? that is not a question that i was anticipating, dan. >> reporter: joan crest says tenants sometimes stuff too much into the trash chutes blocking them and causing a fire hazard but that veritas may consider reopening the trash chutes because of feedback from tenants. example three. water damage in amina rubio's apartment. >> it came down through here. that was the first thing. >> it's coming down. >> yeah, it was like being in a storm. >> reporter: she was concerned about mold setting in and asked veritas for repairs. >> i asked for it to be looked at and they didn't start looking at it for approximately six months. >> reporter: the apartment is now repaired. joan crest wouldn't comment on amina's case specifically but said they sometimes have to prioritize repair calls. >> if it's something that might not be life safety related our goal would be to respond to that
11:41 pm
within 48 hours. >> reporter: one other note, veritas chose this furnished apartment across from the ritz carlton hotel as the setting for our interview. >> someone could tum in and rent this for a month, two months, three months. >> so it's a corporate rental. >> it is a corporate rental, yeah. >> reporter: for the i-team dan noyes, abc 7 news. president trump says the controversial republican memo released yesterday vindicates him. he tweeted today, "but the russian witch hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. the four-page memo focuses on a narrow aspect of the investigation, a warrant to monitor the communications of a former trump campaign foreign policy adviser." according to that memo the application for the warrant relied in part on information from a former spy whose opposition was funded by democrats. experts say it is unlikely that was the only evidence. >> you have to have layers and layers of corroboration to get both the fbi, the department of justice, and the judge to sign a
11:42 pm
wiretap order. >> democrats say the memo is an effort to undermine the special counsel's ongoing investigation related to russia's alleged election interference. republican senator lindsey graham says nothing in the memo undercuts the investigation. some dungeness crab fishermen had to be rescued by the coast guard after their boat began taking on water in humboldt bay. this video shows a motor lifeboat crew escorting the vessel to safety. a good samaritan issued a mayday call, reporting the boat was taking on water and had no electrical power or communications. a coast guard helicopter on a training flight nearby went to the scene and lowered a radio down to the fishermen. there were demonstrations up and down the california coast against president trump's proposal to open the coastline to offshore drilling. one was held at cowl beach in santa cruz. the group there save our shores say more than 1,000 people formed the words "no drilling" in the sand. a similar protest was held in laguna beach. people there held hands as they formed a line in the sand. well, it seems like nasa's
11:43 pm
mars rover is acting like a bit of a tourist. >> yeah, the rover recently captured a stunning panorama on the red planet. what we can see in these new images. mvp! mvp! >> and just in time, a big sigh of relief tonight for the owners of a patriot fans bar in san francisco that was missing its lucky gnome.
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nasa's "curiosity" rover was supposed to be on mars for two years but it's still snapping some breathtaking pictures nearly six years after landing. the latest video you see here is a panoramic view under clear skies showing a former river channel, dunes and ridges up to 50 miles away. >> well, it didn't remind me a lot of our weather here but our weather was good here. >> real good. >> yeah, it was fantastic.
11:47 pm
i mean, you would not know it was february out there earlier this afternoon. 70s and 80s were the name of the game today. tomorrow more 70s on the way. even tonight look at these numbers. it's still 63 right now in fremont and san francisco. that's well above our average afternoon highs this time of the year. 60s in san jose, even 68 right now in clearlake. so tonight it will be a mild night. upper 40s to lower 50s. clear skies, plenty of stars and that will be the launching pad to get us warming very quickly. so the 12-hour planner on our sunday, sun's up at 7:12 in the morning. we quickly warm midday already well into the 60s yet again. and then those record highs are likely with temperatures going into the mid and upper 70s later on tomorrow afternoon. to 72 in vallejo. about 78 the high in san jose. p 6 half moon bay. 76 lakeport. 75 in santa rosa. and even san francisco up to a mild 71 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you records are likely again tomorrow afternoon. sunshine continues on monday with that dry weather into
11:48 pm
tuesday. mid-week we're still above average with little change even to thursday. a lot of sunshine even friday into saturday. slight cooling but even 60s this time of the year, about ten degrees above average. we should really be in the 50s with the weather pattern. but hopefully later in the month we'll see some changes our way. >> drew, thanks. well, new details now to a story you first saw here on abc 7 news. a lucky mascot stolen from a san francisco patriots bar is back with its rightful owners. >> the connecticut yankee bar, excuse me, noticed after the afc championship game their beloved gnome statue named rob gnomekowski was missing from their garden. bar patrons as well as staff were crushed. well, tonight the bar's owners discovered an instagram account featuring gnomekowski with photos of the gnome traveling all over the bay area. >> person behind the account returned the statue just about two hours ago. >> this does mean a lot to us. this is going to mean a lot to us tomorrow. go patriots! >> just a little bit excited. the bar's owners say they were worried the patriots would lose
11:49 pm
if their beloved gnome was not returned. >> they told the mystery instagram account owner shots are on them tomorrow. everybody up here picked the patriots. psych. everybody up here picked the eagles. >> i took the gnome. i'll admit it. i'm going to take it back. i'll go get that later tonight after the show. if you missed it earlier this week, i sat down with tom brady sr. looking ahead to sunday's super bowl. and a team that's playing super in college hoops, st. mary's,
11:50 pm
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we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly app developers to mexico city. novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter.
11:52 pm
earlier this week i sat down with what seems like an annual chat with tom brady's dad, tom, sr. we've done this eight times before every super bowl, and i asked senior if he ever in his
11:53 pm
wildest dreams thought his 40-year-old son would be starting in his eighth super bowl. >> later this week he'll be playing in just one, and lo and behold it's a bunch of years later now and this is the eighth one. it's almost like groundhog's day. >> as a father tom sr. has concerns with his son still playing this violent game at 40 years old. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, any one hit could be devastating. but he takes care of himself as well as anybody can possibly take care of himself. if he said after this game that i'm done, we would be all on board. >> with a win tom would have the most super bowl rings of any player in nfl history, with six. tom jr.'s mother gail is from minnesota the site of super bowl lii. the family spent their summers there and senior is glad they're not playing the vikings, although mom probably would have preferred that. >> it's going to be fun just for us to go a lot of family and be in the cities and get a chance to
11:54 pm
celebrate together. >> reporter: tom and bill belichick have been to eight super bowls together. so they know how to prepare and close out big games. that's a big advantage. but how about this stat? >> i don't think in the prior seven super bowls we've ever scored a touchdown in the first quarter. >> reporter: tom is a first ballot hall of famer but he has a lot of haters out there. >> i understand people, you know, that this is getting to be a tired book for a lot of people, that they'd like to see some other people. and i can appreciate how they're feeling. on the other hand, tough luck. >> tough luck. all right. switch gears. college hoops. st. mary's is on quite a roll. with tonight's win over san diego the gaels have won 18 straight, one win behind purdue, who's won 19 straight, longest streak in the country. jock landale a big reason for this streak. st. mary's led by 12 at the break. their largest lead was 16. san diego got within two. a minute remaining. landale two of his 34 carried the team.
11:55 pm
15 seconds left, toreros down four. san diego down one. after two free throws gaels up three. wright for the tie. off the rim. gaels win their 18th straight. 12-0 in conference play. 65-62 the final. battle of local teams. usf taking on santa clara. one of the best days in sports. frankie ferrari, he has speed. coast to coast he had 19 for the dons. usf up 12 at the half. santa clara trying come back. k.j. fagan three of his 15. nate renfro, the dagger. three from the corner. usf goes on to win 70-59 that final. stanford hosting oregon. former duck and current warrior jordan bell on hand. he has an injured ankle. pickens 1,000th career point as a cardinal. plus one. reed travis 17 points, misses here but michael humphries there for the put-back. stanford up 16 at halftime. second half, inbounds play.
11:56 pm
okopala. the freshman had -- 5- 5- 5- 5 beyond the arc. stanford routs oregon 96-61 the final. >> a lot of good teams in this league. they're a great team as well. we come to compete. we're playing together and tough. you know, i think we were out there with some of the best teams in the conference. i don't think we're surprised when we win games. pga tour third round of the phoenix open. the famous 16th hole designed like a stadium. a record 216,000 at this event today alone. 15 holes before the famous 16th bryson dechambeau birdie on 14, makes it the second of three in a row. and he is 13 under par. his playing partner rickie fowler had three in a row to finish his round, starting here on 14. the crowd goes nuts. then he drains the birdie on 18 for a 4-under 67. he's the leader at 14 under par. 13 players within three shots of the lead. should be a great sunday in phoenix.
11:57 pm
this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. sean mcvay, todd gurley and aaron donnell all offensive, defensive and coach of the year from the rams. and saints running back alvin kamara and cornerback of the saints marshawn latimore rookies of the year on offense and defense. and we're all picking the eagles. we'll be here tomorrow. if you're not doing anything from 5:00 to 6:00, tune in on abc 7. >> eagles, eagles. >> we should put some money on that. >> she always wants to put money on things. good night, everybody.
11:58 pm
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