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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 4, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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well, 5.6 seconds. we know that the game should be over, but you still have to get the ball inbounds. you get the ball inbounds, and you say, please. get the ball and pass the ball. don't stop the clock. >> mark: with just a few seconds left, what does it mean like this for a team complete a five-game road trip. they would go home 3-2, and sometimes it's easy to get go of the rope in the last game. >> hubie: look at it this way. it would be 10-7 for january and february, and lonzo ball is still not back. this is a player that you are 15-21 with, without this big streak, okay? just think about that. so it's a major upside for them at this time. why? because they are rotating nine guys. some nights, ten. everybody is getting a chance to feel good about this, and they are all making a contribution. >> mark: luke walton doing a nice job as the lakers on the threshold of getting a signature
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win here against one of the better teams. one of the hotter teams in the nba. randle, double-teamed at mid court. no foul. >> hubie: come on. >> mark: and that's going to do it. it's in the books. randle kept pivoting. no whistle came, and the lakers earned this one. >> hubie: i could feel it hits here because we were about 6 feet away from there, okay? he got hit -- i don't know how many times he got hit. oklahoma city is looking for the clock, and there you go. you got to hit him. look at this. i mean, and there was no foul called. i give randle a ton of credit. he never released the ball. he had full control of it. that's three times tonight he has been in this type of situation, and what has happened? he has been able to continue to hold onto the ball without losing it. >> mark: he kept pivoting. and kept it moving. and the los angeles lakers with zero on the clock right now.
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they are reviewing it at the table. >> hubie: yep. the big thing is the clock here right thousand. i have to say, when are you going to give them the foul? you could have called it there with four seconds into the threes. down into the twos, and then finally it's called. >> mark: saying that the foul came after the expiration of the clock. so the lakers get the win here in oklahoma city. just their second in the last 13 games against the thunder. and they worked for every bit of it. as we go courtside to doris with brook lopez. >> doris: brook, probably a little bit more exciting ending than you wanted to that basketball game. but this was a team that beat you by 23 and 24 and handled you physically the first two times. what was different? >> it was the sense of physicality. we knew we had to come here and make a presence, and we couldn't just fold, and our group was fantastic with that, and we had
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the right mentality, to score as much as we could, and it showed. >> doris: this is a season that has tested you, in every number of ways. how do you fight through that and put up the kind of day you had today? >> i'm just trying to be the best player i can be, and help the team whenever i touch the floor, you know, i think we have a lot of great pieces if we continue to fight because we have the right mentality, and we are truing one another. >> doris: thank you. >> uthank you. >> doris: mark? >> mark: whenever you have a stanford man on the roster, things work out well. next week, hubie and i, saturday primetime will be in the bay area. lamarcus aldridge and the spurs taking on the number one team in the nba, the golden state warriors, steph, k.d. at oracle. russell westbrook brought the heat tonight. he had 36, but not quite enough. caldwell-pope and the lakers get a rare win in oklahoma city. folks, your local programming is
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coming up right here on abc. for hubie brown and doris burke, thanks for watching nba sunday showcase on abc home of the nba finals. so long, everybody.
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baseball bat. >> am i supposed to pitch to him? >> you might want to stay away from him. at first it seems harmless. then he turns around and starts taking out his frustration. >> swing, batter, batter watter, where is security. >> as he continues smashing glass he loses his footing a little bit, hops back to his feet and then he is back to it. first at that pillar and then he turns around and starts smashing the glass. two people run up to him and they grab him. security also approaches him and they take him away. he was arrested. >> you don't say. >> that's a lot of damage. >> $11,000 worth of damage but the judge later released him because he said he had mental issues and during the episode he was rant being the phone and ralph lauren. >> okay. >> yeah. well, i guess the judge took some compassion on this guy.
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>> however, the department store, they would like to be compensated for the damages. so the judge has also cleared him of those as well. while police were able to handle that administration in australia, they are looking for these fellows in england. we have seen it before. they go ramming right into that store with the land rove. >> not the land rover. come on. >> what's their excuse, the dali lamby and eaves saint laurent told them to do it. >> nope. they got the truck stuck. >> they are trying to push it back through the framing and then they drag the atm out. once they get outside, they ditch the land rover. they take it to another car, a volkswagen gulf, and then they all take off. >> oh, my gosh, and this was the day the atm was empty. >> the authorities are looking for them. i'm not sure what the return on investment on this one going to be. a cow chases a truck. when you see what it's carrying --
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>> this is in the streets of india. you can see that cow running alongside that truck. but if you look in the bed of the truck, that explains everything. >> oh. my baby, my baby. >> oh, you are right. that is her baby. that baby is two months old. that calf had a wound. it was infect theed. so a nearby veterinarian sent out their truck because it was 500 yards away. but mama wasn't saying bye-bye. she ran alongside the entire way to the vet's office. they were able to treat the cow and they kept it for several days. and mama stood outside. mama stood outside for two days while this animal got care. now this animal is a stray. but the vet said i had to treat it anyway. he did. two days later the calf was deemed to be and they went off together like mama wanted him to. >> sweet. >> the idea that cows have that kind of bond. you know what i mean. >> the idea is that cows have that kind of bond with the
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indian people is interesting, too. we have street dogs. they have street cows. >> cows are revered by hindus, and that's the most populous religion there. this is no surprise to me that somebody stopped and said i have got the help him out. we have animal rescues here. they do, too. except they have larger number of cows wandering around than we do. >> gigi meyer admits this is probably one of the silliest things she has ever done. but it was fun, so why not. this is urban football. >> woo! >> illegal hit. first down. >> come on, ref. >> she is the ref. she is no stranger to football, her pops is the head football coach at the ohio state university. >> oh! oh! >> flag. >> flag. >> oh, flag. >> penalty. first down.
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>> come on ref, you have been cheap of the showing me all day. >> i haven't seen a thing. >> come on. this is ridiculous. >> first down. >> if you are down with that, pretty sure you will be down with this, too. >> oh. oh, lick odell. >> nice grab. >> this is the ultimate frisbee version of that that's not odell beckham jr. it's joey schneider. >> that will strike fear into your opponents' head. we are going to play the spanks tonight. >> you are right. they go hard. and everybody their league knows it. rich ferguson says anyone can nail this card trick. >> i'm going to challenge nick to watch the video and pull it off on us. >> wait, wait, wait,ow down. >> see if you can ace the magic secret. >> oh! >> hey!
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then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. tweet us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. oh. >> time for imagine i think. magic time. >> okay. >> he is going to shuffle. >> did you even practice. >> come on. i'm sorry i'm not the best shuffler. wouldn't it be wonderful if i could pull a pair out. everyone say abracadabra. >> abracadabra. >> oh. >> you messed it up already. >> how about this. >> wait a minute. >> you are getting good at this. >> rich ferguson has a new video out that teaches you thousand do magic. and he says that anyone, even if they have no magical inclinations whatsoever can pull it off. >> you mean muggels. >> nick is the most muggely here at the table i am going to
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challenge nick to watch the video, watch it once, and then the trick and see if he can pull it off on us. >> we are not going to watch. >> talking about you, gayle. >> let me show you the easiest way in the world to get a four of a kind to come out of the deck. let me give them a nice shelf. >> i'm imagining having a live audience. hold on, everybody. trying to set this up here. >> the setup is simple. place two aces on top and two on the bottom. then you put them into the deck. from there you toss them from hand to hand and they automatically stick. two are on the top and two are on the bottom. when you throw like, this all the cards in the milled go and top and bottom cards stay. it's basic physics. when you toss them back, those
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two cards stick in this hand. now to the shuffle. all you have to do is a shuffle where you don't disturb the top and the bottom. i would let the bottom two card drop, then shuffle, and let the top cards drop where they are. you haven't disturbed the bottom or the top at all. >> all right. let's see. >> watch closely as i pull all four aces out of this deck abracadabra ka zam, ka zam. boom. >> yea! you did it. >> that was so smooth. >> tiffani vandyke she's in her living roomrd roing a preview for a new workout. she is an online health coach. right about here, something snaps. >> oh.
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>> oh. >> oh, oh, oh, oh. >> that was her achillesers wasn't it? >> yep. that's exactly what that was. >> it's like a giant rubber band. >> i know, but it sounded like a book hit the floor. that's how loud it was. >> hear it again. >> no. i'm going to puke. oh, my god. >> oh, lord. >> some people say it sounds like a gun shot. it hurts. >> she just walked right over to that couch. she sits down. her son comes over to try to help out and figure out what happened with mom. she was taken immediately to the hospital. not only did her achilles rip, it busted her muscle as well. so she ended up having to undergo surgery to fix this. this happened back in 2016. and doctors thought it was going to take her at least six months to recover. well, she decided to really focus on her healing. and in three months, she was running again. >> wow. >> shawn mccall here. he has that ring. he is going to balance that ring
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on that bar. and then balance himself while balancing the ring on the bar. there he goes. he lifts himself up. >> get out of here. get out of here. >> and manages to hold that position. >> okay. >> just long enough. >> oh, there is a mat on the floor. >> oh. >> he didn't get injured but he did say it was really scary. he says if you are going to try this, maybe have spotter and a really thick mat. >> good idea. i'll get a spotter and a mat when i try this at home. >> you will get a spot on the mat and lay down. david got his manager to call jonah and tell him seth rogen and judd apatow were looking to cast jonah in knocked up two. >> that's messed up. >> if you think that's messed up, wait until you see what happens next. >> are you kiddi
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a coffee table with a built in cooler or planner in the middle. >> that is gorgeous. >> pretty neat idea. >> jonah has quite the ego. >> when i get my first major role i am going to go [ bleep ] you guys, by the way. david got his manager to call jonah and tell him that seth rogen and judd apatow were
1:56 pm
looking to cast jonah in knocked up two. >> oh, that's messed up. >> if you think that's messed up, strap in. you clearly haven't watched main of his videos. usually he does something at jonah's expense three times a week. >> he is called, brought into a meeting at seth rogen's agency. >> they do a perfect seth rogen. >> they also create a fake script. >> one more special surprise for him on page four of the script. [ laughter ] >> that's how you prank. >> oh, yes. >> all right. casting time. >> seth wanted to talk to you quickly. >> what's up. >> doing great. >> thank you for doing this. >> thank you for having me. >> i got to run, i want to say congrats i'm looking forward to working with you. >> oh, [ bleep ] thanks. >> like it is a done deal.
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>> he is so nervous and excited. >> i'm nick, and i'm applying for stephan. >> i'll come out and say it i got her knocked up. >> i'm fat and i'm ugly, and i never [ bleep ]. >> oh. >> ready? >> no, no, no. no. no. >> if you want to see a person's dreams crushed, this is it. >> welcome back to you tube, jonah. >> are you kidding me? i'm so sorry. >> i want to hit you. >> suddenly, he is up. he storms out. >> [ bleep ]. >> jonah, jonah, jonah, don't go. joent go. >> [ bleep ]. >> nick has endured all kinds of stuff. i really hope he catch as break one of these days. >> well, that doesn't happen in this video. 15 minutes later. >> i never felt so defeated.
1:58 pm
it was to the point to where i'm like i want my career to end now. >> oh. >> he is a good sport, too. he is smiling and laughing in the end. we would be on a friend break if they were my friends. i would give them five to ten business days. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you on the next brand-new episode of rtm. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing,
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> sounds from a car have cops demanding to no who's got the gun. how a misunderstanding nearly becomes a major incident. >> back, back, back. >> do you want to hear. >> do you want to hear? a baby and a puppy are ready for the ceremony. >> that's so twisted. >> the story behind one bizarre marriage tradition. a tip for photographers at a snowy rally. shoot with your left eye open. why hindsight is 20/20. >> oh, my -- >> and a magician's dramatic trick on the masses. >> what's going on? >> the losing a head prank that has people losing their mind.


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