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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 5, 2018 2:30am-3:59am PST

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good monday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm dianne gibson. here are the top stories we are following on "world news now." >> 116 people were injured when an amtrak train slammed into a military freight train. this signalled a glitch sent the passenger train on to the wrong track. most of the injured have been treated and released. we have more on that coming up. >> the city of philadelphia will announce victory after they defeated a favorite, it's the first championship in a decade and the first football championship in nearly 60 years. the other shining star of the night was pink, stepping up, singing the national anthem, despite having the flu.
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the three-time grammy winner said she got sick just before the show. after seeing her idol whitney houston sing, nothing was going to stop this. justin timberlake getting mixed reviews. and janet jackson was a no show. janet did warn us all ahead of time that she had no plans to show up. still the janet jackson appreciation day was trending and into last night. those are some of our top stories on this monday, february 5th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so there was a football game. >> there was a football game. >> and it lived up to the hype.
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the eagles have never won a super bowl before. the last championship was in 1960, before the super bowl even started.hy they had foe fireworks, broad street was crowded. >> worst of all the eagles were playing the power house new england patriots. quarterback tom brady and head coach, bill belichick have combined for four super bowl victories. and even named it most powerful player of the season. >> nick foles started the season on the bench as the back up. he has -- he was with another
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team last season and had thought about quitting at one point. >> couple years ago there was a time where i was thinking about hanging up the cleats. and i think as people we deal with struggles and that was a moment in my life where i thought about it and i prayed about it and i'm grateful we made this decision to come back and play. >> foles is super bowl mvp. and also the only player to throw and catch touchdowns in the same super bowl game. the trick play gave philadelphia a 10-point lead at half time. and the patriots attempted a very similar play. only brady dropped the ball. >> oh! giselle once complained that tom can't throw and catch the ball after they lost their previous super bowl. so he tried. it didn't necessarily play out. they'll be heading back to philadelphia where it's a little bit warmer than things were in minneapolis. at least there was no snow
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expected today in minneapolis. >> which is still good for those celebrating at this hour. not so good for the southwest. the fast moving storm is passing through. it's likely to cause travel disruptions later today and this evening. we'll move on to the other big story. we'll have more on philadelphia's victory in a moment but they're blaming a freight rail operator. csx was responsible for tracks and signals. investigators say the miami-bound train was probably on the wrong track when it slammed into a parked, unmanned freight train. >> two amtrak workers died in the crash, more than 100 people were injured. the crash woke them up and forced them out into the cold. >> my daughter and i were laying side by side when the actual
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train crashed. together, we were thrown on to the floor. we actually, i mean, i had my arms around her when we hit the ground. but, you know, the key piece about it is we just kind of stood up and the amtrak personnel was outstanding on our car to help us get off. and you can't say enough about the first responders. >> the csx says it's working with federal investigators and has not contacted. they have offered condolences of the families of the two people who died. this is the third deadly crash involving amtrak trains in less than two months. president trump and the first lady are back at the white house after watching the super bowl at their private golf club in florida. >> following the game, the president tweeted, congratulations to the philadelphia eagles on a great super bowl victory. he took a swipe at the earlier nfl protest saying, quote, we proudly stand for the national
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anthem and last night, no player took the knee. but in washington some of the fellow republicans are pushing back against his claim of being cleared by that republican memo. >> reporter: the president insists the newly released gop memo totally vindicates trump in the russia probe. but many republicans on the house intelligence committee don't agree. >> i don't agree with some of my colleagues. >> i don't think it has any impact on the russia probe. i was involved in it. >> it would be a mistake for anyone to suggest the special counsel shouldn't complete his work. >> reporter: republicans now defend the release of that memo by saying it exposed a problem with the fisa warrant process. the safeguards to protect american citizens from government ease dropping. >> there's sweet revenge in it for the family. if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on.
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>> reporter: from the president's son -- >> they weaponized the fbi and the doj to attack the dually elected president of the united states. >> reporter: to the california congressman who wrote the gop memo. >> but i think the american people understand the fbi should not go to secret courts using funds to open up investigations to get warrants on the other political parties. that happens in banana republic governments. >> reporter: but just three weeks ago, these same lawmakers all voted to reauthorize the program. congress passed the bill overwhelmingly and the president signed it. democrats say president trump cannot use this issue as a pretext to fire the deputy attorney general or the special counsel. >> this would be an extreme event and one i say with some caution could come at a price.
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nobody, including the president is above the law. >> reporter: the president now heads back to washington in, in addition to all of this, there's the possibility of another government shutdown. the stop gap funding measure lasts until just february the 8th. if they are unable to come up with a compromise, the government could shut down again. david wright, abc news, west palm beach. the nfl is mourning the death of ed win jackson. he and another man were hit bay suspected drunk driver as they stood outside hair car on an indiana highway. the suspect fled the scene but was later captured. the colts say in a statement that they are heart broken by jackson's death. he was only 26. overseas, we're learning new details about a shooting spree in central italy. a right wing extremist targeted african immigrants.
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others can be seen trying to dodge bullets. five men and one women. investigators say they found a copy of adolph hitler's mine comp in the suspect's home. and disgraced doctor larry nassar is back for his third and final sentencing. meanwhile, a report claims nassar abused at least 40 young girls and women after the fbi opened an investigation. we have the disturbing details. >> reporter: a bombshell report claims even as the fbi pursued a case against nassar, dozens more were being molested. times reports he first came under fbi scrutiny in july of 2015. but it wasn't until 2016 that the habitual molestation became public in an explosive investigation by "the indianapolis star." in that window of time, "the new york times" says nassar
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victimized as many as 40 more gymnasts. the fbi obtained instructional videos of nassar demonstrating some of his unconventional treatment, now deemed criminal. by july of 2017 nassar pled gillty to federal child porn charges. the magnitude of allegations brought against mr. nassar transcended jurisdictions and we work would our law enforcement partners. mr. nassar broke the trust placed in him. the number of young women who accused nassar keeps growing, now nearing 300, including olympic gold medalist, simone biles. >> extreme bawling once i realized i was a victim. >> reporter: and members of the ucla and the oklahoma basketball teams pay tribute to the victims. >> together we rise. >> and the international olympic
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committee are speaking out for the first time saying a fund has been set up to pay for treatment and counseling for the victims. diane and kendis. >> our thanks to adrian for the details on that. the father of otto warmbier will attend the ceremony in south korea. fred warmbier will be the guest of vice president, mike pence. he was sent back to the u.s. last summer in a vegetative state. his father says he had been tortured. in the meantime more than a dozen russian athletes will not be allowed to compete in this year's olympics. despite the lifetime ban over doping. it was lifted. in a ruling last week. and a statement overnight the international olympic committee said the interview panel examined each application on a case by case basis, but there were still potential doping
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violations. if you have ever driven a car through new york city during the winter, you know our pothole problem is pretty epic. >> yes, it is. but at least one guy is filling those potholes filling them with plants, flowers and trees. >> colby pearson who has nearly 4 million viewers on his youtube channel explain this is his way of alerting drivers to avoid pot holes so they don't damage their cars. >> look at that. it's beautifying the city while he's at it. >> coming up it's been a while but eagles fans have reason to celebrate, taking home the lombardi trophy and taking to the streets overnight. parents urpd arrest after telling their young son and others he had cancer, when he didn't. you're watching "world news now."
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we're back with the growing outrage of what appears to be a phony medical case. a florida couple pretending their teenager has brain cancer to get financial donations. >> the parents told their own child he only had months to
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live. here is marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: these parents facing felony charges accused of convincing their 13-year-old son he had terminal cancer to bilk the community out of cash. the boy spent the last eight months believing he was going to die from brain cancer and posting they were told it would be a miracle if he was still with them by christmas. the gofundme page raised nearly $1,000. they made t-shirts for the treatment. investigators say medical records prove he never had cancer. a type of alleged scam that's duped others. in 2015 this former beauty queen was arrested accused of falsely claiming she had leukemia and raising $14,000. >> i would never think somebody would exploit a disease to gain money. >> reporter: campaigns with misuse make up less than one
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tenth of 1% of all campaigns. experts say do your homework when donating on crowd funding websites. make sure they have consumer protections against fraud, reach out to the organizer directly and always use a credit card. those parents are charged with fraud and child abuse. their son and another child are now in foster care as the investigation moves forward. in los angeles, marcy gonzalez, abc news. >> thank you. and coming up the self-proclaimed underdogs have something to celebrate. >> the first taste of a super bowl win. fans are reacting overnight. we'll take you to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. of brotherly love and sisterly afeksz. rics: thing's are gonna t easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier.
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lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
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philadelphia was ready this time. the polls were greased with hydraulic fluid. >> not that crisco stuff. >> apparently, crisco doesn't work so well. they also banned parking. >> but, nothing could keep these fans on the ground after that victory. let's look at how the eagles are flying high this morning.
2:50 am
>> the sack. launching one for the end zone. a jump outside. and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. >> i'm ecstatic. my body is shaking for philadelphia. it's a great time for us. we deserve it. >> it was just unbelievable. >> i'm losing my mind. i can't believe it yet. i'm so happy. i've been waiting for this all my life. this is great, man. >> i'm blown away. we knew it would come down to the wire. in the end, we knew who we were playing againls. we won and that's all that matters and we finally got a freakin' ring. that's all i can tell you. ♪
2:51 am
>> i said first person that climbs the grease pole, i'm buying shots. >> eagles fans thrks is a first. this is what being a philadelphia fan is all about. now, we pulled it off in the d end. go eagles. >> it's unbelievable. they're so happy for the eagles organization and coach pederson and nick foles, you've got to hand it to him. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> i grew up. i live and die by this city. this is everything. it really is. >> here's something else for fans to celebrate. last summer, bud lite made a pretty bold wager say figure the eagles won, bud lite would buy the city a beer. >> the city? >> yes, as in everybody in it. >> all 3 million folks.
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pluggable febreze and fabric refresher. two more ways to breathe happy. it's so intense. i like can't eve watch your step in here. ♪ "jumanji" won it again. reclaiming the top spot at the box office adding $11 million over the weekend. >> but "the maze runner" was not far behind. dropping about $10 million. "winchester" opened up in third place, only about $9 million. the super bowl wasn't the only thing in minneapolis. so some military veterans and nfl legends took to the field in a gridiron show down to try to show everyone who the real heroes are.
2:56 am
>> reporter: in st. paul, minnesota, a big game on the gridiron, one where real heroes take the field. >> roadside bomb, took my left leg. on my leg i wore the names of the five guys in my platoon. >> captain off a team of veteran amputees, taking on retired nfl players. >> those guys may be faster and taller. i'm short and sneaky. >> reporter: for the nfl players, some hall of famers, the game is a humbling experience. >> it's are really an incredible honor. we get called heroes. it's embarrassing when you really know what happens in the real world. >> reporter: on the field, both sides go hard. the veteran team, the defending champions. >> we go at it. one time we ran completely out of my leg. my leg fell off. we've had other guys break prost thetices here. we get after it.
2:57 am
we have had nfl guys hurt their hamstrings. >> reporter: they say the annual game is one more opportunity to show what wounded warriors can do. >> i'm thankful i just have a paper cut. it's a below the knee amputation. >> it's a game of honor and a game of inspiration. it's fought about us. it's about what we can be. >> abc news, new york. >> below the knee amputation is a paper cut to these guys. >> short and sneaky can take you a long way in life. >> great to see those guys in action. new york here, empire state building lit up in the new york jets colors. >> i think they were going forthe eagles, perhaps. >> new yorkers are in denial. >> i'm sure many are telling themselves it's for the jets. >> yes. >> j-e-t-s, jets, jets.
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to victory fight fight fight ♪ ♪ fight eagles fight >> oh, yes. >> might be the one time kendis -- >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> shouldn't it be -- you have the fight song and they are fighting. look right there, on the big screen, something philadelphia fans haven't been able to celebrate, ever. >> and what a great game. they kept it entertaining the whole way through. >> their first ever super bowl. they have been partying on broad street throughout the morning and they still are right now. >> the eagles held off the patriots to win 41-33. nick foles was named the super bowl mvp. >> that's why they are called the underdog.
3:01 am
and look at it. broad street right here people peeling out. every single person in philadelphia got out on the streets last night. i see we have motown philly in the background. >> i'm guessing not a lot of work is going to be done in philadelphia. >> this is city hall. some fans chanting the eagles' fight song. some crying. others climbing poles and everything. philadelphia last won the nfl championship before there was a super bowl. >> very cool. well, congratulations to them and the eagles scoring first with an early field goal. the patriots followed up with their own, but philly quickly took back the lead and ten points ahead at halftime. >> it wasn't until early in the fourth quarter that new england finally went ahead but not for long. philadelphia marched 75 yards down the field for the
3:02 am
winning touchdown. tom brady's hail mary pass to gronkowski, didn't make it. not this time. >> nick foles who passed for three touchdowns, he caught one. he's now the only player in super bowl history to throw and catch a touchdown in the same game. it might be worth noting tom brady tried to do the same thing, it didn't go so well. key part is he has to catch the ball. >> yes. let's hear from the players now, after the big game, starting with the losing side. >> obviously i didn't do a good enough job coaching. missed opportunities offensively in the first half. losing sucks. but that's part of -- you show up and you try to win and sometimes you lose and that's the way it goes. we fought to the end and i give the eagles a lot of credit. they played a great game. they've got great team. >> the city of philadelphia deserves this and i'm so
3:03 am
grateful to do this for them. >> special. this is so special to be the first ever to bring a super bowl to philadelphia and be a part of it. it's a dream come true. >> if you would have asked me at the beginning of the year, you know, how this all would have went and unfolded, i couldn't have written it even better. >> my father and mother told me to stay after my dream and i've officially accomplished the best thing in this sport. >> oh, man. just to see that. >> so emotional. >> they're so emotional. they were in tears before the game started. they were in tears after the game started. >> it was hard not to root for them, especially given how many super bowls the patriots have under their belt. >> exactly. >> both teams played a great game. >> and it was an entertaining few hours. >> except perhaps the kickers who missed quite a few through the uprights. an odd game in that respect. >> the kickers had a bad day. >> an off day. somebody else who had a bad
3:04 am
day. having a bad weekend. first the album for justin timberlake getting killed by the critics and the real losers were pretty much everyone watching this performance. >> after string of mind blowing extravaganza's from lady gaga, bruno mars, beyonce, justin timberlake's performance is being called by some as the worst half time show in the tradition of the pop star era. >> okay, let's start with the terrible acoustics to j.t.'s interesting outfit. critics are calling it the biggest fumble of the game. >> and then this duet aspect with prince. some said it was tasteless and grim and some on social media didn't appreciate that part. but we did see justin performing the way justin always does. great dance moves, great singing. his songs are there. favorites for many people, of course. >> some of the critics are
3:05 am
calling it listless, muted, lackluster, cohesive -- lacking cohesion and just a horrible performance. >> well, they might be a little bitter because one of the big things leading up to the performance is everybody wanted to know will janet jackson be there to sort of make up for the grief she got after their last super bowl performance together. and, of course, janet did not make an appearance. and some were disappointed at that and some were disappointed that insync didn't show up. >> that, too. trending yesterday was janet jackson appreciation day paying homage to her, as they should. >> and there was the performance at the beginning of the game. take a listen. ♪ and the home of the brave
3:06 am
>> got to be beautiful there. that was pink there with the flu, a die hard eagles fan, a philadelphia native. showing what it means to step up, even when you are feeling under the weather. >> she posted she was trying to practice the flu away. she'd been waiting to sing the national anthem since 1991 when whitney houston sang it. last night, she struggled on that high note as you could hear it. but the overwhelming response was even with the flu pink sounds better than most of us on our best day. >> she nailed it. before her performance, twitter was picking on that moment where she seemed to spit out something on live tv. >> many were saying she was chewing gum for the national anthem. she was quick to tweet out it was a throat lozenge. the woman is sick. cut her a break. >> as pink belted that out, not one player took a knee or raised a fist. >> every member of the patriots and the eagles stood.
3:07 am
president trump stirred up the issue again, thanking the military in a statement that read in part we proudly stand for the national anthem. >> he posted a super bowl party along with the first lady as well as cheerleaders there were out as well. and back in minneapolis, at least 17 activists protesting police brutality were arrested. >> singer kelly clarkson said minneapolis is, cold for the super bowl. she performed at the pregame party near the super bowl in minneapolis. >> it was just 2 degrees a few hours before the kick off. luckily, u.s. bank stadium has a dome and it was much warmer inside. >> the weekend storm in the midwest cause zed many pile ups include k this one in missouri on 44. that fast moving storm system is now in the east bringing snow to the great lakes and drenching rain closer to the coast. more snow from another storm is on the way to the upper midwest tonight. federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly train
3:08 am
collision. two people died and more than 100 injured sunday morning after an amtrak train slammed into an empty freight train. investigators say the miami-bound train may have been on the wrong track. we have more. >> reporter: at least six people remain in the hospital after this deadly amtrak train crash. this is what we know so far. the two people dead are amtrak employees. one is the conductor, the other is the train's engineer. in all, 116 people were taken to the hospital, majority of them treated and released, including at least three children. the train was traveling from new york, headed to miami, around 2:30 in the morning, the train veered off the main track and slammed into a freight train parked on the side track. >> we remember being thrown on our seats on the floor with a lot of metal coming down around us. we remember the lights going off, the smell of smoke and just
3:09 am
being banged around. >> first thought was i wasn't going to make it. this is the end for me. >> the ntsb says the key is figuring out why a switch on the railroad diverted the train off the main track. federal agencies are in the early stages of this investigation. they will be collecting evidence from the scene. >> this seems almost unbelievable that a switch could be set to the wrong spot on the amtrak train. >> it has happened before. that's why the rail safety improvement calls for policy train control. >>reporter: cell phone records will be reviewed. they will undergo drug and alcohol testing. the survivors were put on buses and taken to their final destination. tim pulliam, abc news, columbia, south carolina chlgt >> our thanks to tim and house democrats are expected to push for a bill today to release their own memo that will challenge a republican memo that claims fbi and justice department officials abused surveillance powers.
3:10 am
president trump is insisting the republican document that he declassified totally vindicates him in the russia investigation. some republicans on the house intelligence committee disagree saying special counsel robert mueller's probe continues without interference. >> i don't. i don't agree with some of my colleagues. >> i don't think it has any impact and i was pretty involved in it. >> it would be a mistake that the special counsel shouldn't complete his work. >> well republicans say it exposes a problem with the fisa warrant process to protect americans from government ease dropping. but democrats argue their document will add context that the actions of federal law enforcement officials. the government could shut down in three days unless they agree to a new funding bill. democratic senator says they're making progress towards an immigration compromise that could affect hundreds of
3:11 am
thousands of so-called dreamers brought to the country as kids. he doesn't expect to reach a deal before government funding expires and believes another shutdown is likely. >> on to uplifting news, shall we? >> yes. >> the puppy bowl. with team fluff looking to repeat their big victory over team ruff. >> so, team ruff was not going to let that happen. playing tough all game, if you actually cared about the score team fluff won the trophy with a final of 52-47. the half time show was better than super bowl. with kit insync, fur forming all their greatest hits. >> kit insync, i get it. but the energy was electric once the sloth came out.
3:12 am
it was supposed to be the referee but the sloth got into the action scoring slowly. >> very, very. >> slow. >> all right. coming up we know philly won the battle on the gridiron but who won the battle of the apps? some brands bringing major star power. plus the dramatic video showing the moment the police officer was run over while trying to prevent a car jacking. we'll have more on that coming up, you're watching "world news now." l have more on that coming up, you're watching "world news now."
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an nfl player is among two people killed in a highway tragedy in indianapolis. police say indianapolis colts linebacker, edwin jackson and another man were hit by a suspected drunk driver as they stood outside their car. they say the suspect fled scene but was later captured. the colts are heart broken by his death. turning to an alarming new trend in san francisco. a spike in car break ins. undercover police moved in, during this smash and grab, tackling one suspect to the ground. the driver backed up, as you can see, and runs over the officer and his alleged accomplice. with police surrounding the car,
3:16 am
guns drawn, the driver runs over the two men a second time but no shots were fired. >> and then the vehicle started to run over them and he then went to his firearm and he still delayed a little in deciding whether he should use deadly force in shooting at the vehicle. >> the injured officer was treated for non-life threatening injuries. all three suspects were later apprehended. coming up the battle between philly and new england was pretty epic. we have to talk about the battle of the ads. >> these are some of our favorites. we'll talk about that next on "world news now." of our favorites. we'll talk about that next on "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ but i won't but i stop and i got to get away ♪ it was a fire and ice rap battle spiting busta rhymes and morgan freeman rapping missy elliott for the super bowl ad for doritos and mountain dew. >> it got us hungry. we have leftovers here. >> we've got the leftovers from
3:19 am
the old homestead steakhouse. >> so we were there watching the game and digging in and more importantly watching the ads. those were some of the many ads that did not disappoint on a night that might be as important to advertisers as it is for football, i would say. just when you think things couldn't get weirder than that. here is etrade. ♪ i wanna go home ♪ just got a job as a lifeguard in savannah ♪ ♪ i wanna go home >> oh, man, so the company known for using babies in their commercials has grown up quite a little bit there, saying you need start planning, showing a bunch of 85 year olds, flying airplanes, etc. and on and on and on and of course the bay watch one, absolutely.
3:20 am
that was definitely one of our favorites and getting a lot of traction online. >> the lesson was to save. and finally, the nfl showed us that the season may be over but the touchdown dances live on forever. eli manning as patrick swayze, nobody puts o'dell in the corner. ♪ this could be love because i had the time of my life ♪ >> oh, my god that cracked me up. >> it's getting great reception. >> i was in tears at home. >> by the way, i'm flattered they were inspired by us. >> they were, weren't they? a blatant rip off. of our lift. look at that. >> we're the original people to have done the lift. that's how it works. >> obj. he did do it better though. he did do it better though.
3:21 am
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all right. it is time now for the mix and we're going to start things off with a little bit of a battle. we're still celebrating. for the super bowl, it was philly versus new england. there was another rivalry. this one was between new orleans and mobile, alabama. specifically the mayors. and it started with mayor landrieu from new orleans. excuse me, it started with the mayor from mobile tweeting, hey mayor landrieu, the city of mobile would love to show you how it's done. in response, mayor landrieu tweeted back, mayor simpson, alabama should stick to college football, let the professionals in nola handle the real mardi gras. >> oh, burn. >> and a fairly full nola mardi gras. that was his comparison using inauguration photos. >> exactly. ahh.
3:25 am
calm down. we can party both for mardi gras. that's fine. there's another battle in the south. this one is in florida where a couple decided to paint their house with the starry night. >> that's a look. >> vincent van gogh's famous painting. well, the town is not happy about it. >> no? why? >> and actually fined them saying they were in violation of town laws. they're fining them now $100 a day. so far, the couple owes $8,000 in fines. they're not backing down. they are sticking with it. >> you wonder how long it must have taken to put that up.? geez. >> the couple had an outside wall that was painted to resemble starry night. they determined that to be graffiti. over to michigan where there's a mix up, we think, at the unemployment office. he started receiving checks for michael rider. unemployment checks, that is.
3:26 am
there's no one at the house named michael rider. however, his dog's name, the german shepherd whose name is rider. apparently they somehow threw in michael's name with the dog's name. now they are issuing checks to michael rider. >> the dog? >> correct. however, it looks like now the unemployment office got word of what's going on. >> it is a racket. it is a racket. this was my favorite video from the weekend. some kids in atlanta at the ron clark academy found out they're going to see the new black panther's movie. >> they are so excited. >> this is how you celebrate. >> they're so excited. >> no, no, sorry. this is actually eagles fans after the game. no, no, sorry. kidding.
3:27 am
3:28 am
this morning on "world news now," philadelphia is the city
3:29 am
of champions, once again, with the eagles winning their first ever super bowl in dramatic fashion. the city of brotherly love is erupting overnight. we have the latest. and the overnight train crash that's left two dead and hundreds injured. passengers stuck in the dark woods until they were pulled from the wreckage. so who's to blame for this? and new this half hour, stealing the halftime show. >> while justin timberlake sang and danced his way around the super bowl without janet or insync, another star was born by taking one of the best selfies the internet has ever seen. how did he do it? and the celebrity super fans celebrating eagles big win. the fresh prince showing his pride and rocky showing his victory. kevin hart hoping to celebrate
3:30 am
on stage after the game, but wasn't so lucky in that, right? what was he doing there? we're going to get to the bottom of that on this monday, february 5th. announcer: from abc news thrks is "world news now." >> motown's rocking out right now. or philly is rocking out. >> absolutely. >> motown is not. but the party has been going on throughout the overnight hours. we're going to start with the cinderella story for the super bowl. >> the eagles beat the favored new england patriots, 41-33, led by head coach doug pederson, in his second year in charge. the team was only 7-9 last season and was not expected to win any of its playoff games this year. >> underdogs from the start. and as soon as the game was over, eagles fans jammed center city around city hall there.
3:31 am
this was philadelphia's first nfl championship since 1960. their first super bowl, really, seven years before the first super bowl ever took place and fans still managed to climb up utility poles even though they've been greased with hydraulic fluid this time. not crisco. >> the crisco didn't work the first time. >> they also chanted, cheered, and cried. >> lots of emotions. lots of emotions in philly. they even managed to flip a car. >> things got out of hand. there were fires that took place. but i think they're all taking it in stride and really peeling out there on the streets of philadelphia. >> but let's get back to minneapolis where we have more on that exciting and epic game. >> reporter: after two weeks of hype and fanfare, the patriots and eagles finally doing battle
3:32 am
in super bowl lii. ♪ >> reporter: fans braving bitter cold temperatures under a massive security presence. there were demonstrations which temporarily shut down the light rail lines, inside of u.s. bank stadium, a crowd of nearly 70,000 to cheer for the eagles over the patriots. ♪ oh say can you see >> reporter: pink performing the national anthem despite battling the flu and the flag unfurled, no players taking a knee in demonstration. justin timberlake using his halftime show to pay tribute to minnesota native, prince. the eagles jumped out to an early lead. >> swings to the outside. inside the 10, blocked to the end zone. behind a block. >> reporter: and did what many thought couldn't be done, stunning the favored new england patriots.
3:33 am
>> and time runs out. >> this is the end of the game. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. finally. >> ryan burrow, abc news, minneapolis. >> finally, indeed. >> what a game. >> what a game and what a celebration. and philly deserved it, i have to say. >> they played hard and certainly put together a great team and play against a team that was favored to win. they showed they earned it. >> and nick foles becomes the first back-up quarterback to win to end the same season as a super bowl winning quarterback and there he is on stage with his 7-month-old child. >> oh, my goodness. that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. look at little lily james with her ear muffs on. >> and that was a wonderful moment for him and a wonderful moment was seeing pink. there was a question of whether
3:34 am
or not she would have been able to perform because she was battling the flu over the weekend. >> she's a huge philly fan. she said since '91 she's been wanting to sing the halftime show. she came down with the flu before. she had her kids and said my two little petri dishes but pulled out an amazing performance. thousands of fans are heading home. >> so the minneapolis st. paul airport expects busy lines. they are expecting 60,000 people to be boarding flights there. tomorrow is likely to be the second busiest day in the airport's history, with today, of course, being the first. there will be extra staff on duty. so far, the weather looks good for travel. no delays or cancellations at the airport. >> and to the morning's other major story. a miami-bound amtrak train was likely on the wrong track when it slammed into the freight train in south carolina. two amtrak workers, the conductor and the engineer died in the crash.
3:35 am
116 people were injured in the early morning crash on sunday. >> investigators say track switch was set in a position to force the train on to the siding. passengers are speaking out this morning about the whole ordeal. >> it was very dark. you couldn't see anything. we don't even know where we were. we were just in the woods. >> so many of the passengers were asleep when the crash woke them up. most of the injured have been treated and released. and this was the third crash involving amtrak in less than two months. the freight train was empty at the time of the crash. a vote could take place on whether to release a memo from democrats on the house intelligence committee to counter the documents recently made public by republicans. new the gop memo alleged officials abuse surveillance powers to spy on former trump campaign adviser. democrats say it's a political hit job aimed at discrediting
3:36 am
the fbi and the russian investigation and accuse the committee chairman, devin nunes of doing president trump's bidding. >> i think it's possible it coordinated the whole effort with the white house because it looks so much like this earlier effort, which was coordinated by the white house by the same chairman, who said he would recuse himself, but hasn't. >> the president tweeted the republican memo vindicates him in the russia probe, but some republicans on the committee do not agree with the president on that. they say it's a separate issue that should not impede the work of the special counsel robert mueller. the flu epidemic is continuing to intensify with 42 states now showing high levels of activity. 7-year-old from indiana. her dad put her to bed after bringing her home from the hospital and she never woke up. she's among 16 children who died from the flu in the last week. the outbreak is so bad in some
3:37 am
areas that pharmacies are offering quick flu testing. they say it's not too late to have the shot. and wall street is opening as stock futures tumbled. adding to last week's losses, the dow suffered its worst one-day sell off since 2016 falling 665 points or 2.5%. still the dow is still up more than 22% from last year. >> okay. so the munchies and girl scout cookies go together like peanut butter and jelly. >> or peanut butter tag alongs. >> yes. or peaches and herb. >> okay. >> captain and taniel. >> the legalization of marijuana in california and the start of girl scout cookie season put at least one girl scout in the winning position. photo posted on instagram shows this girl scout with an arm full of treats. >> so, the girl's father tells
3:38 am
local media that his daughter sold more than 300 boxes in only about six hours. >> she found where the demand is and provided the supply. learning the basics of economics. >> smart. >> thank you to the girl scouts. >> but are they smoking up inside or they're just assuming -- they're planning ahead. >> smart. >> i got my marijuana, what else do i need? girl scout cookies. perfect. coming up, uma thurman coming forward with her me too story. the actress collaborating with harvey weinstein throughout her career is ready to tell what happened between them. and j.t.'s half time show. what people are saying about that performance including that very well executed selfie. you are watching "world news now." you are watching "world news now." xecuted selfie. that very well executed selfie. hello, aloe. kelp is on the way! with herbal essences we said no, no, no to this stuff...
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3:41 am
(colonial penn jingle) actress uma thurman has come forward with new allegations accusing harvey weinstein. >> and alleging quinton tarantino put her in harm's way to perform a stunt. marcy gonzalez with the story. >> reporter: uma thurman
3:42 am
performing on broadway, but keeping quiet about the newly reported allegations against movie mogul, harvie weinstein, after months of hints. >> when i'm ready i'll say what i have to say. >> reporter: new york times columnist writing that thurman told her during a meeting in paris, weinstein wearing only a bath robe tried to lure her into a steam room and claims he pushed me down, tried to shove himself on me, he tried to expose himself. thurman saying she told him the next day if you do what you did to me to other people you will lose your career, your reputation and family. weinstein's attorney telling abc news he is stunned and saddened by what he claims are false accusations. >> there may be no one actor or actress who is intertwined in the career of harvey weinstein than uma thurman. so this particular set of allegations is all the more disturbing because they're practically synonymous with each other's careers.
3:43 am
weinstein produced "pulp fiction" and "kill bill." thurman famously drove that blue convertible. all three films directed by quentin tarantino. thurman also called him out in the times interview. the actress now saying he forced her to drive the car against her wishes, release thg behind the scenes crash footage he says gave her a concussion and serious bruises. >> she called that experience dehumanization to the point of death. we reached out to tarantino but have not heard back. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> and weinstein is threatening to sue thurman over these accusations. when we come back, the 13-year-old star of the super bowl. and kevin hart denied his big football dream. the skinny is next. his big football dream. the skinny is next. a breakthrough moisturizer
3:44 am
delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless
3:45 am
♪ skinny so skinny it is skinny time and we're going to start things off from the half time show.
3:46 am
we've seen many of them throughout the years, cold play. those are some of the recent ones that have gotten lots of accolades. >> we've become quite spoiled. justin timberlake is getting mixed reviews for his greatest hits half time show and his tribute to prince. ♪ i will die for you ♪ only if you want me to you ♪ i would die for you >> there was some backlash when people heard j.t. was going through the hologram of prince at the halftime show, so, that was scrapped. they instead pay tribute to prince's half time show when he was silhouetted behind a fabric like that and they kind of created a duet between justin and the digitally created prince. >> it was something they had to really work on within the 24 hours because the hologram news got out there on saturday, twitter was not having it.
3:47 am
sheila e. was not having it and then they had to scrap those plans and come up with this. they did okay. >> the problem is prince was asked about digitally re-creating people and he called it demonic. a lot of people were saying prince would not have approved. >> which is why they scrapped it in the end. good call there. i tell you the luckiest person of the night. that kid who got a selfie with the pop star during his performance and here it is, a photo. 13-year-old ryan mckennau. he thought to himself, i'll never get this opportunity again in my whole life. i just went for it. >> almost as soon as the picture was taken, the comments about ryan being on his phone went viral. one tweet says, googling, who is timberlake? why is everything purple? >> and text mom, can you pick me up? are you sure this is the right concert?
3:48 am
the kid, by the way, ryan, is a patriots fan is from massachusetts and he is going to be on "good morning america" later on today. >> he didn't get to watch his team win, but i think it will be a very memorable experience. >> his snap chat is lit right now. so, justin timberlake's wardrobe choice had some -- some say it looks like he went shopping at a bass pro sales table. >> this who wore it better is between justin timberlake or mac os sierra? >> one person swapped out prince's image for dave chappell's prince's character on the image there. interesting. the show gave us a lot of fodder. >> it always does, right? >> a lot of talk of whether janet would join him. janet cleared the record over the weekend saying she would not. >> and he, earlier said, insync would not be joining him either.
3:49 am
justin and pink weren't the only big names there. comedian kevin hart was spotted. who says there was no defense last night. check out this play. on the field there as the lombardi trophy made its way to the stage, he tried to get up there on stage, but he got shut down by the security. a really big security guy. >> you are not on the team, you do not get to come on the stage. bradley cooper was spotted in the stands, displaying a wide range of emotions throughout the night. >> he was spotted seated next to the team owner, laurie all night. and check out will smith showing his eagle pride. >> he's pretty excited. >> oh, yeah. >> the rocky theme. speaking of rocky, sylvester stallone posted a picture of himself in a jersey saying, yo, eagles, you did it. adrienne! >> we'll get details of the super bowl parade. we'll find out later today when the parade will be and it will
3:50 am
be quite a scene. before the big game, there were big parties. single digit temperatures cannot keep the nights from getting hot. triple threat jaime fox hosted one of the biggest bashes at the pregame party. say that three times fast. >> shaquille o'neale was also there. not just as a guest, he also spun tunes as d.j. diesel. fox joined him on the mike. >> multitalented. snoop dogg with playboy's hot big game bash. the bunnies were left out in the cold around 1:30, the whole group headed out. >> that's it? >> that's it. 1:30. bedtime. and john stamos got married over the weekend. >> with actress, katelyn mccue over the weekend. congratulations to the happy couple.
3:51 am
ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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3:54 am
between the release of the republican memo and a little football game that happened, it's been a busy couple of days. >> time now for the weekend rewind. >> we begin with the fire storm over that classified memo written by congressional republicans. president trump declassifying it. and now tonight, it's been made public. despite quote grave concerns from the fbi and the president's own pick for fbi director, christopher wray. >> i've not seen a shred of evidence that would suggest there's been abuse in the russia investigation but what i do see is attempt after attempt to go after bob mueller and his team. >> a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. >> a new arrest tied to the las vegas massacre. douglas hague, the man on the left, facing charges he allegedly manufactured and sold to stephen paddock. >> i'm so sorry that it happened. i wish i could have seen
3:55 am
something in paddock that showed me he was going to go do something horrible. >> the dramatic and raw moment in court, a father lunging toward former gymnastic's team doctor, larry nassar. that father whose three daughters were abused by nassar said he was unable to contain himself. >> would a distraught father have a chance to say something? you son of a [ bleep] >> reporter: back here at home to the economy and the market's worst week in two years. friday's dow nose diving reflecting jitters even as it remains near historic highs. a drone and a passenger plane landing near an airport in las vegas. they ea peer to show the plane's flight path directly below the drone. >> not going to jump, are you? >> no. >> so much fun. how you think i did? >> good. you did really good. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> you think you're ready for the olympics? >> no, no, no.
3:56 am
launching one for the end zone is a jump ball and it's incomplete. the philadelphia eagles are the super bowl champions. >> and we're such a great group of guys, a great coaching staff. we feel confident coming in and we just went out there and played football. >> went out there and played football and played it well. >> yes, they did. they beat tom brady. there was one point where tom brady was coming back and somebody tweeted, will you ever die? he just keeps coming back. but he's greatest still. that's it for this half hour. he's greatest still. that's it for this half hour.
3:57 am
3:58 am
making news in america this
3:59 am
morning. the underdogs do it. >> and for the philadelphia eagles, the long drought is over. >> philly stuns new england and tom brady. and the birds' biggest fans let loose overnight. we're live. breaking overnight, are american troops leaving iraq? eyewitnesses say a drawdown began just hours ago. plus, new details from the scene of the deadly train collision. passengers on board an amtrak train jolted awake. lawmakers weigh in on the latest tragedy. the 13-year-old star of the halftime show. philly-born celebs show their hometown pride. and the cutest moment of the night.


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