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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc7 news. actually, i could stay here for the full 40 hours and do this but i know that we have a vote to take. >> it was a day like we have never seen before in the house of representatives and minority leader nancy pelosi is hoping her record breaking speech won't be for nothing. i am dan ashley. >> and i am dion lim dion lim dm daetz. >> nancy pelosi
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to the magic minute rule. >> i am going to go on as my leadership minute allows. >> reporter: eight hours and 40 minutes. >> people would text me and say i would have gone to the bathroom by now and i texted back don't jinx her. >> reporter: president trump ended an obama >> when she was a child. >> reporter: fed up she began reading the stories of dreamers. allowing the leaders of both parties to make remarks as long as they want. she spoke to longer than any other leader before her.
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>> reporter: the eight-hour stunt may have been all for nougt. >> if you are in the minority in the house you don't have any leverage. the house is majority rule up and down the line. >> reporter: but on this day, pelosi made her point and set a record along the way. >> a day after elon musk celebrating sending a tesla roadster into space, a delay for customers waiting for their new model three. many people who put deposits done on new model threes have taken to twitter saying tesla might be delays. musk says quote if we can send a roadster to the asteroid belt we can probably solve model three
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production. searching for an aircraft in distress. two people calling 911 saying they saw a possible plane crash. deputies contacted a pilot who said he had landed and then taken off again in an experimental plane in that same area. dmv staying close for the rest of the week caused by a flood because of copper thieves. the highway patrol believe a thief stole copper piping in roof. and as abc7 news reporter vic lee saying the letter stands to benefit from farrell being mayor. >> reporter: from the day he was
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sworn in as the city's top politician, he has taken a leave of absence from thayer ventures. >> i have taken a leave of absence. >> reporter: further proof he mea means it, farrell signed this agreement. he was officially on leave that he would receive no compensation and not perform any job duties. but now this letter has surfaced. a confidential memo saying in part farrell's four and a half term as mayor will become advantage to the long-term benefit supervisor malia cohen wondered if this was a conflict of interest. >> there should be an
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investigation to the validity of what was outlined. >> i didn't see the final letter. i understand why that was sent. >> reporter: why? >> well as my partner mentioned to assure our investors that after being mayor i would be returning. he discussed it, perhaps a boy choice of words. >> reporter: here at city hall most of those we spoke with who would not go on camera said the letter does not look go but no smoking gun. it is unfair. breach campaign -- is the teelgts that goes before your
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name on the ballot. breach camp issued a statement that if the other candidates choose to spend their time challenging her ballot title as it was approved -- a manda fullen dorf -- american sign language to demonstrate her lack of hearing won't stop her. >> i feel my super power. it is a wonderful thing to use. >> priorities are economic growth and preserving the history of the area. mr. obama joins many high profile celebrities and elite golfers who were in town. former president is taking part in a private leadership
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conference hosted by at&t. mr. obama is not scheduled to make any public appearances. trafter that he will participate in a diversity and equality round table. and thin the afternoon, he will meet with amazon's jeff bassos at the saint >> 76 in san jose. that was a tie. most field that was 74. low 70s, san francisco napa.
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livermore and half moon bay got to 73 degrees. tracking that southerly surge bringing the fog up and down the coast. i will let you know how this is going to play into your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. >> abc7 news was in santa cruz for a spectacular sunrise. hit the waves today. as kate larson explains, the warm weather. >> it is already fully blooming. >> reporter: pointing out a plant that is flowering up two months ahead of schedule. >> opening up with the unprecedented amount of heat
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receiving. >> reporter: the warm weather itself isn't a most problem for most flowering plants but there is still time for a cold snap. >> cold cloth or frost cloth is the best way to protect those. >> reporter: the record breaking temps means more people are enjoying the outdoors in the bay area. in tahoe, a lack of snow. silver lining is sports basement is slashing ski prices by 50%. transforming his life one step at a time. >> he ran to raise money for charity. but tonight this south bay man
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needs medical attention to save his life. also late developments tonight in the custody battle for mack. east coast dealing with breezy conditions, scarey moments. >> we made a show tonight. if you like that sort of thing. >> didn't you say your dad lives
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watch this new video showing what happened inside a hostile when a 6.4 earthquake earthquaku
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officials say 58 others are missing. more than 100 aftershocks have struck and that is adding to the danger of rescuers as they search the rebel for survivors. this is why you shouldn't drive on ice. this is what happened to a fedex truck in connecticut that tried to drive up an icy hill. new at 11:00, he ran to save his life now he needs help or else he could die. he now needs expensive dental work to prevent the spread of infection. >> i just personally operate with a bigger goal. >> reporter: he didn't just lose weight. he lost 180 pounds.
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he ran every street in the city of san jose. taking him 15 minutes. >> i liked that he did something nobody else had done. >> reporter: he weighed 380 pounds and only jogged in the middle of the night. >> i was embarrassed. >> reporter: he competed in a five-mile race then a half marathon, full marathon. he became a running coach. >> know whag ing what he he he h makes me want to do it in my life too. >> reporter: he needs help. >> the last area that i cannot do anything about through better decisions or exercising more is my oral health. in the last couple of months, the infections are getting worse
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and worse. >> the infections could spread to his heart or brain and he could die. the dental work could cost $15,000. there is a gofundme page to to o help. in san jose. mack is back in santa rosa. mack the cat was in a custody battle of sorts. >> mack disappeared during the october wildfires but was found and adopted by a new family who don't want to give him up. everything has been resolved peacefully. the warm weather persists. >> have you seen the blossoms? so early because of the weather. >> that is right.
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that is why many of us have had to deal with allergies. while winter is taking vacation, we are suffering. we need the storms but nothing on live doppler 7 other than fog which worked its way up from monterey. we are also seeing valley fog livermore reduced visibility five miles because of the fog. petaluma same thing. tomorrow morning you know the drill. you are going to have to worry about this. areas of dense morning fog. cooler in the afternoon for the coast and still warm inland. cooler windier conditions this weekend. we are going to keep an eye on it because we may be looking at fire danger. here is a live look from our suitro camera. if you are walking, it is going to be cool out there.
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temperatures first thing in the morning beginning in the 40s right now and to the 60s but first thing in the morning it will be cool in spots. i want to draw your attention to how mild it is in san francisco. 61 degrees. 30 degrees warmer than new york right now. you want the chill, east coast is getting it. central u.s., minus six. that is where winter is. we are falling behind. rainfall% of we need the storms i don't see anything coming into the bay area. but in southern california tuesday we might be seeing showers there. watch out for the fog and for the afternoon it is going to be sunny, warm around the bay and inland. not so much for the coast. 60s, 70s, still above normal for
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this time of year and mild enough along the coastline. moderate uv index make sure you have your sun screen. accuweather 7 day features the fog. above average on friday. notice the temperatures continue to drop on friday around the coast and bay and then inland areas will feel that gusty sea breeze developing and cooler weather. by monday back to average. today 7 day of records. tomorrow culled see records. and valentine's day looking dry. tomorrow on
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mr. rogers will soon live in every neighborhood across america. >> this is the new forever stamp. it will be released march 23. >> airing for 32 years. those themes turned temperamental king friday into a beloved character. >> it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. won't you be my neighbor. >> i saw a lot of mr. rogers when my girls were young. not such a beautiful day for the warriors or the cav
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>> good evening, we are so used to warriors domination that when they lose a few games it is panic in dub nation. look at the regular season like a necessary even. don't seem very concerned. turnovers, they are out of control. steve kerr preaches valuing the ball nobody is listening. it is like me talk to k to k to >> you get into a situation like this and it is not easy to get out of it, but you know how to you have to do it.
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you literally have to scrap and claw and tomorrow night is going to be a grind. not going to be easy. not going to come out there and score 140. it is going to be a grind. >> trade deadline is tomorrow. mccaw might be a tradeable asset but is playing so poorly. mcgee knows he might be part of a deal. he wants to stay here but knows it is out of his control. >> it is business. it is the nba. and it is how my career goes. so i am not worried about that. if i get trades, i do. if i don't, i don't. i am not complaining. >> king james cavs is struggling. three seconds left in the game. this is lebron for the win. no good.
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so they go to the overtime. 30 seconds left. lebron's tie score at 138. and one second left inbound to lebron game over. 15 assists for the king. cavs win. college ball, 9:00 p.m. tip off. these teams looking tired earlier. cal was up seven and then they give it up. plus one. 28 a piece at the half. 13 seconds left. then they can't foul. the result is a buff
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bears, eight and 17. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock. i was joking about sandhya not listening, i know none of you were listening. the trade deadline tomorrow hard for the warriors to make significant changes. they would like to do something to bring in an outsider shooter. >> we were listening. you learned to liv
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that is our report. we appreciate your time.
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i am dan ashley. >> >> announcer: from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight rose byrne, from "the shape of water" oscar nominee richard jenkins and musical guest in real life. and now here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi there. thanks for coming. thanks for showing up. so glad you're here. [ cheers and applause ] we should all be glad we're here. lucky to be in l.a.


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