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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  February 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. it's saturday, february 10th. good morning, and thanks so much for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen, she is tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> hi chris. there are changes in store for your week. high clouds. temperatures are mild with low 40s being the cool spot in napa to the mid 50s on the coast. 50 in hayward. 48 in voyage. wind advisor from 10:00 through midnight. north-northeast win will be gusty in upper elevations. sustained winds, 25 to 35 miles an hour is going dry thing out even more so.
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we are going to be in the 40s and 50s to start out. low sixty by noontime. plenty of sun. a few high clouds, numbers on the cooler side. mid 60s, coast, 70s inland. tonight clear and cooler am look at my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. this morning, san francisco police opened an internal investigation after a man says officers wouldn't help him fine his stolen vehicle. on thursday the man spotted his own van and followed it for hours until he finally confronted the people behind the wheel. abc7 news anchor dion lim spoke to him about the vigilante search and seizure. >> we name our vans. >> reporter: when the owner rented the van out, and it didn't come back on its due date. >> we knew something was up. i learned 20 minutes after they left the lot that they used a fake i derek. i can't report it stolen. >> reporter: under california law you can't report it stolen or embezzleled until it's five
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days past due. meaning there was nothing he could do. he vented his frustration on twitter which caught the eye of san francisco supervisor jane kim. >> i think there are some changes primarily to state law that can be done to better distinguish between embezzlelment car left and also identity left. >> reporter: in a stroke of luck as sharky is going home from the dentist that day he see as stolen van along sutter street in front of him. at that point he says he called sfpd and after being told their hand are tied decide odd the take matters into his own hand. >> we tracked them and followed them three hours. >> he chased the van down van necessary, west on hayes treat, turning on fillmore. ended up at 17th and mission and finally reached the van one block over on valencia. >> that's when we hatched this plan we were going to go over there and bluff. >> reporter: after telling the three people inside the stolen van police were on their way sharky got his keys back but not
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his sense of satisfaction. sfpd gave us this statement saying they are investigating the matter internally. >> we know this is factoring into some of these break-in issues and it's facility at a timing this and we want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. new details this morning on an antioch man shot and killed by police earlier this week. our media partners with the east bay times report 40-year-old lloyd joseph harris jr. had a realistic looking beebe gun. he was wanted for several crimes in the area. he was shot during a confrontation at a gas station on golf course road thursday evening. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for a man found guilty of killing two sheriff's deputies. after the jury handed down the verdict the convicted murderer vowed more violence. >> i'll kill more cops soon. >> you heard it there. he said he is going the kill more cops.
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he shot and killed two officers back in 2014. the sheriff of sacramento county praised the jury's decision. >> this certainly is a good, positive first first step. i'm certain that it will be the first step towards a long road towards justice. >> the penalty phase of the trial is set to begin next month. this morning, three people are recovering from injuries in southern california following a crash involving canadian prime minister justin trudeau's motorcade. an suv turned in front of the procession that was leaving the reagan library in simi valley last night. the prime minister was not hurt, and his vehicle was not directly involved in the crash. but a chp officer was taken to the hospital. the driver of the suv and her son were also hurt. the prime minister is in los angeles following his visit to san francisco. he wrapped up his two-day visit to the bay area at the fairmount hotels in san francisco yesterday. there he met with governor jerry
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brown as well as lieutenant governor gavin knewsome. his meeting with the governor focus on climate change. ontario and quebec have an agreement with california to lower greenhouse gas emissions. >> we have so much work to do together as friends and as a planet. >> the president is awol. he's absent without leave on the climate challenge. so just have to make up for that and be as creative as we possibly can. >> huge crowds followed he went. the prime minister has promised to visit san francisco again soon. while at the fairmount hotel, governor brown spoke with abc7 news in an exclusive interview. he talked about his plans for offer leaving office, climate change, and a possible endorsement to replace him. you can watch the full interview on the upgraded abc7 news app. scroll down when you open the app and you will see it labeled as exclusive, governor jerry brown talks with abc7. time is 8:05.
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this morning we are hearing from the former legislative staff member who accused a california assemblywoman of sexual misconduct. the lawmaker, christina garcia is also an outspoken advocate of the me too movement. marcy gonzalez tells us garcia is denying the allegations. >> reporter: this morning this california legislator known for her fierce advocacy on weapon's issues, and outspoken support for the me too movement. >> she should not have to be on your shoulders to make this change. >> reporter: but herself facing sexual misconduct allegations. >> i remember thinking, okay, what she is describe as inappropriate is exactly what happened to me. and that really bothered me. >> reporter: daniel, seen here with his wife says after a softball game in sacramento in 2014 state assembly woman christina garcia was seemingly inebriated when she made
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unwanted advances. >> she moved her hand the my lower butt, dropped to the my butt and squeezed. at that point i knew it had gone in a direction i didn't want it to go. and as i walked past she grabbed for my crotch. >> reporter: the former staffer says he reported the incident he to the person he used to work under. anda there were similar claims. >> sexual harassment had happen to men and member. >> reporter: garcia taking an unpaid leave of absence writing in a statement i am certain did not engage in the behavior i am accused of. however all accusations must be saken seriously. >> we need to hold each other accountable. >> reporter: he had murray announcing his resignation following accusation by two women of misconduct decades ago. murray denies one of the incidents and says he doesn't
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recall the other. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. time now is 8:07. the lunar knew year isn't until next friday but celebrations have begun in san francisco. the governor celebrated in chinatown last week. he spoke about working with presidentx xi on climate change. he also says california's stance on immigration is different than washington's. >> temporarily in washington there are a few people that don't like immigrants. i will not mention who those people are [ laughter ] but they don't represent california. >> after the speeches, officials held a toast to the year of the dog. happening today, the annual flower fair in san francisco, which also celebrates the lunar new year. the festival is held in chinatown and features a colorful display including a lion dance. families can pick up plants, flowers, fruits and candies for
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their celebrations. ed to's festivities begin at 10 a.m. the fair runs through sunday. be aware, there are several street closures in chinatown because of the fair. the new transbay transit center in san francisco may not open until august or september. the san francisco business times says construction snags are forcing the delay. it was originally set for completion late last year. once it's opened the transit center will bring 11 bay area transit systems together in one locate. the transit center will feature a five story building with a bus plaza, retail pop up fais spaces and a roof top park. construction began in 2011. san transis moving forward with a plan to purchase 55 new buses. the clean diesel bus also replace older models. they are at least 10% more fuel efficient and will be loaded with technology. they will have wi-fi and usb charging stations. the total price tag is $49 million and is being paid for mainly with money from the
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federal transit administration. there is a new proposal that would ban tackle football in california until high school. lawmakers are citing growing concern overhead injuries, and the potential danger to young athletes. the bill is set to be taken up this spring. if passed, california would become the first state to set a minimum age requirement for tackle football. it could affect thousands of children who play pop warner. the tackle football league is for kids 5 to 15 years old. similar bills have been proposed in new york, illinois and maryland. oracle arena was packed last not but not for the warriors. televangelist joel osteen was in the bay area for his night of hope series. katie utehs was there. >> reporter: pastors joel and victoria osteen take their mega church sermon on the road about wonts a month. this time landing at oakland's oracle arena. >> we lift people's spirits, let them know god in control, there are good things ahead they can
8:11 am
let go to the past and have new beginning. >> reporter: the message resonates with trisha, who nearly died in a motorcycle crash. >> what he says is powerful. motivating. >> she started watching in the hospital on her phone and then also we were bringing her books, like her friend and family to read. so she got involved that way. >> reporter: the houston's preachers took heat last year during hurricane harvey. some questioned whether their mega church was doing enough to house people displaced by flooding. >> we would do better next time because we have people there. but you know, the city didn't know it was going to be that kind of flood either. they had failures too. but you know what, we give them grace. >> the own thought i have on that, that's him and god. he have the deal with that. >> reporter: osteen's net worth is estimated between 40 and $60 million. he says he stopped taking a church salary following the success of his books. >> never done any of this to make money. i never dreamed my books would sell tens of millions of copies. >> tickets cost $15 each, and
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event organizers say they have sold more than 0,00060s. in oakland, katie utehs, abc 7 news. lisa has been tracking the forecast for us. >> the at the airport, winds are up to 20 miles per hour. it's keeping the temperatures up. it's 50 in concord. 45 in livermore. how about 70 today instead of 80 in concord? well we have winds to talk about as well and a cooler second half of the weekend. all just a few minutes away. >> lisa, thanks. during the winter olympics, north korean leader kim jong-il is reaching out. we'll tell you who he is inviting to a summit in the north. plus a fierce competition at stanford. teams traveled from all over the world to pitch their best ideas an
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that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. a dane rouse new development overnight in the syrian war. israel is now getting involved. jennifer he can elston is in london with news of a fighter jet getting shot down. >> reporter: it is a dangerous escalation in syria's seven-year-old civil war. what could be israel's first direct engagement with iranian forces in that conflict. early this morning an israeli jet taken down by anti-aircraft
8:16 am
fire in sishia. that jet crashing in northern israel. the pilots ejected and are in the hospital. one is seriously injured. israeli officials are confirming that jet along with others carried out raids in syria after a drone was shut down over israel early this morning. they say it was iranian and launched from an iranian link bases supporting the syrian regime. just hours ago morris rally strikes hitting syrian air defenses and iranian targets. 12 in total. an israeli military spokesman says iran is playing with fire. touchdown's air strikes were called a terrorist act. >> jennifer he cannelston reporting. russia's foreign ministry weighed in this morning. it is urging the two sides to avoid escalating the situation. time now,le 16. developing news out of south korea. kim jong-il, leader of north
8:17 am
korea has invited the leader of south korea to summit. the invitation imcame during this meeting in seoul between the south korean president and kim jong-il's sister. here in the bay area there is a competition to make the world a better place. at stanford, international teams vied for $100,000, pitching solutions to a panel of jej judges shark tank-style. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: showmanship can't hurt but at the heart of this competition is heart. people helping to lift others out of poverty. >> "elle." >> reporter: the team from vietnam created a system to text rural farmers about the weather. >> no, no, not today i have to put lighter about it's going the rain tomorrow. and then they save on money. >> reporter: two women from teaching resource labs in india want to give girls more
8:18 am
opportunities in science and math. >> these girls when they grow up they are going to have more economic mobility, they are going to be responsibility for their own body and their own decisions. >> reporter: the competition was created by humanitarian organization care and styled after shark tank. >> i think shark tank maybe is misnomer. i have watched shark tank, and it's going to be collaborative. >> reporter: the winners are the judge's pick from the republic of georgia takes home $75,000. they will use the money to help ad cooperatives get access to investments. >> the team from $25,000. a mountain lion cub now has a new home in sonoma county after he was padly burned in a southern california wildfire. charlie suffered burns to all four of his paws during the thomas fire in december. vets covered his feet with
8:19 am
sterile fish skins to help them heal. charlie is thousand six months old and experts say it's too dangerous to release him back into the wild. >> we didn't feel that was the responsible thing to do in this situation. we knew we could treat him and manage his pain. >> charlie now lives in a pen next to a young female. some day they will share the habitat at sonoma county wildlife rescue. the initial numbers are in for the 2017 wine grape crush. despite lower numbers because of the fires north coast vin wards produced aa smaller harvest smat because of a labor day heat wave and smoke contain from the fires. >> ouk weather with lisa argen. >> tracking high clouds. otherwise we are looking at the stubborn ridge over the eastern pacific.
8:20 am
we are getting a weak weather system to ride over it, bringing us wind, which dries us out even further. this time last year you don't even want to remember how much rain we had. we are well below average. and we don't have any on tap for the foreseeable future. 53 in san francisco. 50 in mountain view and san jose. 54 in half moon bay. milder and the winds are breezy at the coast, gusty in the upper elevations. 45 in santa rosa, fairfield, napa and livermore. and 50 in concord and novato. winds up to 30 miles an hour on top of mount tam. in the east bay you too are looking at breezy upper elevation winds. in the sierra nevada 25 to 30 degrees right now. it is prosecute out there isn't it. tahoe, to the tahoe valley airport ever thes below freezing this afternoon. they are making snow. winds and fire danger increase
8:21 am
today. cooler this afternoon. tomorrow into monday, the dry pattern continues. the coolest day looks like monday. as we look at the wind profile, they start gusting along the coast. by 3:00 this afternoon 20 miles an hour winds in napa and the deltas, each breezier. midnight 40 miles an hour gusts. but they dial back and relax tomorrow, mo. it will be chilly, dry and much cooler as we get into your sunday. only upper 50s from san francisco to sausalito and then on monday, some low 60s. but by tuesday, the numbers coming up into the upper 60s. witnesses again, that's above average. fan fest, certainly cooler than yesterday's 76 degrees. we hit a few 80s. we are done with that. we don't see any records today. today would have been the tenth day of records around the bay. let's talk about the highs in the south bay.
8:22 am
70 in san jose. 69 in cupertino and sunny veil with upper thrift throughout the peninsula. menlo park and 67 in milbrae. in the 60s yesterday in half moon bay. low 60s today in daly city. voyage, 67. and spending time in berkeley or oakland? upper 60s. 68 in union city. and today 15 degrees cooler here. so you will certainly notice that difference in walnut creek. concord, 71. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at the winds kicking up, especially in the upper elevations. but breezy around the bay. more temperature drops tomorrow in the 60s with average temperatures for mid february. that's in the low 60s. and then a few clouds on tuesday. we are dry for valentine's day. slildly milder thursday. a little change on friday. you can download our accuweather app. we are certainly not living the life of a february bay area winter. it's just been so weird. >> we need that rain. >> uh-huh. >> lisa, thank you. just ahead a close call for
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a man using apple air pods. what happened after he noticed smoke coming out of the wireless
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welcome back, everyone. time now is 8:25. this isn't what apple users want to hear. a florida man claims his wireless apple air pods blew up moments after he took them out of his ears. jason cologne said he was at the gym when he noticed the smoke coming out of the headphones. he said he took them out of his ears, set them aside to get
8:26 am
help. and by time he got back they had exploded. apple says it is investigating the incident. ll bean's lifetime unlimited return policy is no more. the retailer is dropping the policy which it touted as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. they are limiting returns to one years. ll bean says some returned items were actually purchased at thrift stores or retrieved from trash bins and people abused the privilege. facebook is test inging a d ward button that will hide comments and let them provide feedback. they confirmed a tech crunch that a small number of users in the u.s. are testing it out. still to coman abc 7 mornings, flu season isn't over yet. this has proven to be one of the deadliest weeks of 2018.
8:27 am
spirit airlines is responding to a weird accusation. a woman says she was [ upbelet's go. tic music ] bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. g. thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> hi, everyone. we are on top of mount tam watching out for those northerly
8:30 am
winds which are kicking up in parts of the bay area. 53 in the city. 50 in mountain view and san jose. the coast mild at 54. this perspective shows nothing but sun and temperatures in the 40s from fair fooel, santa rosa, livermore. 50 in concord and novato. so the winds are gusty above half moon bay. mount tam. 20 to 30 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory through midnight. temperatures starting out mainly in the 50s. by 1:00 or 2:00 we are in the upper 60s. so absent will be the records today. in fact, by the evening hours it will still be quite gusty in spots, but mild. and then by 9:00, we are back in the 50s. so we will talk about temperatures coming down to february averages. and a look at our accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thanks. hesslines out of the white house, another staffer is stepping down over allegations of domestic abuse.
8:31 am
and why the president is refusing to release a memo from the democrats. >> reporter: a stunner in washington. the trump administration is not immediately releasing the ten-page memo crafted by democrats on the house intel committee. the memo is a response to the republican memo claiming the fbi and d.o.j. were biased in improperly requesting surveillance of carter page. in the memo they describe why law nforcement wanted to surveil page. democrats also say the republican memo led by devin nunes is misleading and omits key facts. the fbi and doj did raise security concerns to the white house over both the republican and democratic memos. the president, releasing the republican memo despite those concerns, but citing them as the reason why he refuses to declassify the democratic rebuttal. >> stephanie, what are the democrats saying about all of this? >> there have been tweets from democrats over there.
8:32 am
dianne feinstein tweeted one week after he released the misleading and incomplete nunes memo president trump tonight blocked the release of the shift memo that sought to fill in the holes. hill accuracy at its worse. the white house counsel told democrats on the intel committee they could revise the memo to address national security concerns, congress to vote to overrule the president's decision, but the chances of that happening are very low. back over to you. developing news, 14 people are now dead following an earthquake in taiwan. crews found two bodies in a partially collapsed hotel. they have not been identified but are believed to be part of a family of five chinese tourists. the magnitude 6.4 quake struck tuesday off the coast and caused numerous buildings to cave in. 280 people were injured. three others are still missing. san francisco police are asking for your help this morning identifying a suspect caught on surveillance video stealing from a taxi driver.
8:33 am
it happened near 11th avenue and geary plfd on january 17th at around 1:15 a.m. that's when they suspect exited a bar, hailed a cab, stole the driver's bag and offer a brief struggle took off. you are asked to contact police if you have information about this crime. the flu not letting up. health officials say 36 californians under the age of 65 have died from the flu in the first week of february. that's more than any other week this season. this compares to 23 deaths the week of january 14th through the 20th. and 30 deaths during the last week of january. that's seven more deaths from the week before. u.s. possible health officials say this year's flu season is as bad as the 2009 swine flu epidemic. the cdc reports one in ten deaths in the u.s. last week mr. cause by flu or pneumonia. the number of flu-linked pediatric deaths is now at 63. overall, one out of every 13 visits to the doctor last week was for flu symptom.
8:34 am
officials say the flu season's peak could still be several weeks away. a bizarre story that ends with a woman saying she flushed her pet hamster down a toilet at the airport. officials with spirit airlines are denying they are claim that the airline told the woman to do it after they wouldn't allow the roadent to through with her. the florida woman says the pet was an emotional support animal. she says she called the airline guys to make sure it was okay to bring her pet names pebbles but in baltimore the animal wasn't allowed on board. out of options the woman claims she was forced to flush the hmmster down the toilet. 8:34 is our time. an old san francisco favorite got a face lift and it's back open this weekend. we teamed up with hoodline to he show you the new and improvement randle museum. >> it always had a a great pench atop the city in corona heights park. now the views inside are just as
8:35 am
nice as the ones looking inside. $9 million brought a lot of improvements to this free museum. in the basement you will fine a model train exhibit that has been behind closed doors since 1961. you had to have especially permission to see it. on sunday it will be open to everyone. it is a science and education center. and it's home to hundreds of animals who can't survive in the wild and their habitats were upgraded. >> we have the desert exhibit. they are accessible, and kids can see them. in the urban exhibit kids and families can actually touch the animals. >> you can hear them, too, they sound happy. >> their house just got renovated. they are thrilled. >> the gran reopening happens sunday from 10:00 to 2:00. on saturday you can learn to light saber. if the you are a first timer, it's free. lewdo sport in the tender loin offers an intro class with the promise to get into combat by the end of the class. a biomechanically inclined light
8:36 am
saber is provided. go to i'll link you with hoodline. still ahead on abc7 mornings. more trouble for equifax. turns out the security breach last year was bigger than the company had reported. first, a live look outside from our emeryville camera. lisa argen will have
8:37 am
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time right now is 8:38. here's a live look outside from a sunny golden gate bridge camera. hello to our friend in marin county. lisa argen will get you up to speed tn the forecast coming up. new documents show last year's massive data breach of credit reporting company equifax was worse than what the company originally reported. in september, the company said the personal information of 145 million consumers had been breached. it included social security numbers, birth dates, and some driver's license numbers. newly submitted documents now show that criminals also acce accessed tax id numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and more. the oakland coliseum dmv office damaged by flooding will remain closed another week. thieves stole about 40 feet of copper tubing from the roof, causing water to cascade through the ceiling overnight wednesday. the damage flooded the office and it has been closed ever since. the dmv expects the office the
8:40 am
reopen on monday, february 19th. the highway patrol is looking for the thief who caused the damage. meteorologist lisa argen is here now. if you are hoping for more record temperatures, not so much this weekend. right. >> no. we are finally going to break that trend. where today would have been the tenth day of records. let's take to you the sierra nevada. it's 25 in truckee. 30 at the tahoe valley airplane. 46 today for the high, with sunshine. the average snowpack for the state, 20% of average for this date. so could see a few flakes sunday and monday. we'll talk about our own local winnie forecast this afternoon. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. thanks lisa. also ahead, over 100 new emoji are coming to a smart phone near you. but only one of them has a special bay area connection.
8:41 am
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from the abc7 exploratorium camera pointed at the bay bridge. it's shaping up to be a beautiful weekend across the bay area. but when will we finally see some rain? lisa is tracking it. we are moments away from her accuweather forecast. in sports, it could be a preview of the western conference finals. tonight the warriors battle the spurs at oracle arena. tip-off is at 5:30m approximate. if you are not going you can watch the game only on abc7. and stay tuned for toyota after the game with larry beil, mike shumann live at oracle and warriors analyst kerry kieting
8:44 am
in studio aroundcal p.m. jimmy g. is opening up about his deal with the 49ers. plus everything you need the know about the giants fan fest that's happening today. larry beil has all the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. all smiles for the 49ers as jimmy garoppolo discussed his new contract. value could be up to $137.5 million the true guarantee closer to $49 million. still obviously pretty good money if you can get it especially if you consider garoppolo has only started seven games in his entire nfl career but he is undefeat and the niners leave he is the reali deal. >> this is where i want to be honestly. i wanted to get this deal done as fast as possible it's going to help our team going forward into free agency. and it's 75 degrees out here. it's not a snowstorm like chicago. we just came from that. i can speak on that. et cetera a lot better here.
8:45 am
i don't know. there is lot of other factors that go into it, too. that's a big part. >> like unless and millions of dllars. nba friday night, clippers and pace on thes, blake griffin facing his own quad, traded for avery bradley. a shouting match there. money tress harold. no. denied by blake at the cup. given couldn't stop everybody. jordan to bradley. reverse, high off the glass. clips win 108-95. ending detroit's five game winning streak. cal women hosting colorado. asia thomas had 15 of her 18 points in the second half. nice, scoop to the hoop. late fourth quarter, mckayla cowling. four baskets in a row, lays it in. plus the foul. she had 17. and kpaul is up two. two seconds left. colora colorado's leonard for the tie. the runner won't go. cal snaps their three game skid, and stan forward defeated utah.
8:46 am
>> spring training is almost here. pitchers and catchers report next week. the giants will hold their annual fan fest at at&t today 10 to 3:00 p.m. giants feel like they are much better than their 64-98 record from a year ago and they are excited to show it. >> fortunate to play for an organization that didn't decide to tear the team apart. obviously, we had a bad year last year. and they could have gone in the opposite direction. instead they brought in, you know, a former mvp and a guy that's been the face of the franchise for tampa bay for ten years or so. extremely excited to get on the field with those guys. >> round two, pebble beach. i said it before. have you ever seen an up happy otter? look at that guy there. phil mickelson may go at monterey. birthday putt. leftthy in if i have of the at 9 under. three back of the leaders. dus gin john ton 12 under at the halfway mark. do not forget.
8:47 am
warriors and spurs right here, 5:30 p.m. and the post game right around 8:00 after the imat that. hope to see you then. have a from weekend, everybody i'm larry beil. now our accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi there, everyone. happy saturday to you. last time it rained it was january 25th. not only are we dry, but with our warm stretch ending we are still going to be above average today. today would have been the tenth day of records you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. we want to talk been the winds today. we have a wind advisory in effect for the next hour until midnight. by the afternoon we are going to see winds gusting to 15 miles an hour in napa. not bad. in the evening the gusts going up to 30 miles an hour but then they dial back later on. then we will be looking at overnight winds slackening. that's going to allow for cooler temperatures especially in the
8:48 am
north bay. right now, mount tam breezy. 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gusts. we will watch it for you. it's going to dry out the atmosphere even more with the direction and the id speed of those wind. once again, the clouds going up and over the arc of high pressure that's carving out the permanent niche off the eastern pacific. a weak weather system diving over the too much it today allowing for the winds to rul. 51 in gilroy. on the coast it is a mild 54 degrees. nice visibility with mid 40s in santa rosa. 45 by the delta. it's going to get breezy here in fairfield. windy later on. concord checking in at 50. and we are 54 in novato. typically cool spot. but those winds helping you out this morning. yesterday it was in the 70s. gorgeous day in santa cruz. 44 right now. winds and fire danger increase today. cooler afternoons today, tomorrow, and monday. and looking at the dry pattern,
8:49 am
which continues into next week and perhaps beyond. so wind gusts the next hour kicking up from point pay yes, sir to half moon bay. then we are looking at the afternoon where the winds really come into play with the yellows here and the oranges through the evening hours. up to 40 miles an hour. that direction straight out of the north. breezy around hayward. early tomorrow morning, no wind at all. let's look at san jose. today, 70. yesterday it was 80 at the airport. so a big cooldown. average high is 61. 66 tomorrow. 62 onnan mo. and temperatures back into the 70s by the middle of next week. folks in line already for fan fest at at&t park. numbers are very comfortable. mid 60s by 3:00 this afternoon. we will look for another day of temperatures above average. but you will notice the difference. breezy at the coast. 64 half moon bay. 65 downtown. 68 in oakland and richmond. fremont checking in just below 7 0. about 70 in livermore.
8:50 am
tonight it will be cold in the north way. 30s and mid 40s from palo alto and "gma." the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at sixty to low 70s today with the breezy and windy conditions especially in the upper elevations. no wind tomorrow. but we will be cooler. and cooler still on monday. a few clouds. we get to valentine's day. it's dry. and it's still dry into the end of the upcoming work week. so, yeah, unfortunately, it could be dry another week as well. >> lisa thank you. most of france is getting pummelled with heavy snow, lisa. the eiffel tower is closed today. the company that manages the landmark says that's to ensure the security of visitors. earlier this week heavy snowfall trapped hundreds of drivers and caused the worst ever traffic jams in the region. get your texting thumbs ready. more than 100 new emoji were announced this week, and they will be making their way to your smart phone in the coming months. abc7 news reporter jonathan blum
8:51 am
blume has a look at the highlights and the bay area resident behind one of the new emoji. >> do you use emoji. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we all have our favorites. >> i use the smiley face and the monkey. now more than 100 new emoji are coming to an phone near you. >> we are developing this new language at an incredibly rapid pace. who i compare to it the evolution of natural languages. >> reporter: the union code consortium takes proposals from anyone. >> the process is democratic. it's open. >> reporter: each character has a story. >> i don't know when i would use the mosquito. >> reporter: who would propose that? >> it was viral olists who were saying this is going to help us communicate world side the daners associated with moits. >> reporter: but emoji can take on new meanings. what are people going to use the mosquito for? >> whatever sucks, guess. >> reporter: next to the baseball there is a softball. >> they are different sports. >> reporter: next to the crab, a lobster. >> a way to call your significant other. >> really. >> yeah, like you are my lobster. >>. >> reporter: a red head emoji. the founders of how to be a red
8:52 am say red heads can be bullied. >> you look on the phone to look for something that looks like you and it's not there. you are like does the rest of the world love me, too. >> curly hair and bald hads heads mob on the growing emoji keyboard. >> thousands of keys. the auto suggestion is helping. >> reporter: that's what unspird one of the new emoji. one that's not about-faces but about feet. >> i typed the word shoe and i was caught off guard by the fact it was a red stiletto. >> reporter: so she proposed women's shoes without heels. we broke the news that her flats made the cut. >> really? that's awesome. >> reporter: the vp says emoji become more inclusive each year. >> so the images you use can reflect what you are. >> reporter: hitchinson proud to be part of history. >> the largest form of mass communication happening at the moment. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan blume, coming up, talk about being light on your feet a look at the
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's million dollar mega millions drawing. 28, 34, 41, 46, 47, and the mega number is 14. nobody picked all six, so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $153 million. hamming today, burlingame is hosting the muddy mile obstacle
8:56 am
race. the race is open to kids from 5 to 14 years old. it is one mile long and lives up the its name fee fewering a lot of mud. there are 15 obstacles to test balance, strength and courage. it opens at 9:00 a.m. at bayside field. and end at murray boulevard. it cost $30 per child and is limited to just 300 participants. you are looking at the world's first zero gravity dance party. organizers with big city beats used a customized parabolic plane as the venue. ravers enjoyed 30,000 people applied to win a spot on the flight. only 14 were selected. big name djs participated including steve aoki. what about the weathers.
8:57 am
>> a wind advisory through midnight with sustain winds at 25 to 35 miles an hour, gusts at 55 miles an hour. it's cooler. 70 in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the temperatures continue their down ward slide tomorrow into monday. tuesday, the middle of next week, the numbers coming up just a little bit. doesn't look like we will be back into that record territory. thank goodness. we had enough of that. >> normalcy in the bay area. >> sort of. >> kind of. lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on abc7 news morning. thanks again for spending your saturday morning with us of it a
8:58 am
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