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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 13, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a hiker plunged into an icy river, hangs on for dear life. >> and you see if he loses his grip, pretty much certain death. >> the heart pounding moment a friend risks it all for the rescue. she's sharing wedding details with the family because -- >> brittany larson here is getting married. >> the surprise that let dad's wallet dodge a bullet. you can try to give murphy a command. >> that might work. >> but then again it might not. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a valentine's day faux
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pax. >> what did we say? >> see if this is a deal breaker. >> flan tvalentine's. >> no, wrong. >> in a world of extreme sometimes it's nice to slow things down. that's what these fellows are doing in this juken video in british columbia, canada. summer 2017. they're looking for a beautiful lake that gives you stunning views of the stars and the galaxy. first to get there you have to cross the appropriately named hell roaring creek. there is this torrent of water and it is basically just above freezing. some people have kind of sort g jury-rigged this. he starts making his way across >> pretty sturdy. >> even got traction. >> what about his boy? >> it's now cory's turn. >> one step at a time. >> doesn't take a couple of
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steps before everything goes wrong. he's leaning onto the guide rope on the right but there's too much slack. starts losing his footing and he's in the water. >> hold on, hold on. >> he's immediately caught up against that bit of metal and the water rushing just trapping him against it. >> you can't just pull him out. the strength of that water is going to pin him there. >> he's struggling, trying to grab hold of his friend's hand. you see, if he loses his grip where he's headed, pretty much certain death. this dude takes off his backpack and you can hear cory starts yelling for him. >> cory, grab this. >> hands him the guide rope starts trying to pull himself up. remember like i said the water is ice cold. that will zap all of the energy out of you. >> come on, get on there! >> he loops one leg over. he's physically and mentally
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wiped. >> you can't stand up? >> as he's starting to take the backpack off, cory, exhausted like i said, starts slipping again. >> oh, no, no, no. >> come on, cory, just a little while longer. >> you're right there, within feet of salvation. >> manage to get the bag off and able to eventually drag him to the side. it's very clear that cory is in shock. >> i want to go h >> okay. okay. we got to keep going that way. >> you don't want to go there the state you are athey. >> the guy with the camera is you are in no state to attempt this. you have to find a place to recover and calm down. this went from a nice hike in the mountains to almost the end of his life. i hear weddings are super expensive. the bride's family apparently ends one the bill. >> we decided to go with jx.
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>> oh! >> brittany larson here is getting married. those are her parents. dad's looking a little uncomfortable with this conversation about the wedding. brittany is telling him she's picked a venue. >> the body language couldn't be more different. he's like how much. >> they went to a bridal show and she signed up for this giveaway thing, so brittany opens this folder and she pulls out a piece of paper, and mom's reaction is instant to what this piece of paper could be. >> you won? >> instantly somehow psychic powers kicked in and she figured out that her daughter had actually won the grand prize at that bridal show, that gave her basically $10,000 worth of free things for her wedding, including makeup and hair, wedding photography, and the venue. >> while you were impressed about the speed with which mom figured it out z anyone else notice the speed with which dad started smiling? >> he was like, woo!
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>> it's funny you guys think he's laughing because he figured out what just happened. he has no idea. >> he's just going along with it all right now. yes. >> she won. >> what did she win? >> everything. >> oh, wow. >> when he gets the final bill and sees the ten grand clicked off the end of it -- >> oh, now. >> she's going to be able to have her wedding to her fiance joel at the venue that they really, really loved. >> they won. >> what did she win? people go to great lengths to just be evil. we're in england at a jewelry store. reports are that this is a woman who happens to be dressed like a man. we'll call her an accomplice. she stands there in the doorway. >> got the security door.
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>> exactly what she's doing. the robbers bust through the door and the woman secures the doors. >> operating hours, it's strange no one grabbed her and pulled her away from the door so they could close it. >> that's because there's only one other person in the store and that person happens to be an elderly man and he's back behind the counter. >> oh no. at that point he can't do anything. he has to protect himself. >> he most definitely protects himself. once he sees them he reaches for ace machete he pulls it out. they also have machetes. he puts. a good fight. can he only fight for so long before he goes down. one of the guys hopped over the counter as they rummage through the store he lays on the ground. he was not seriously injured and other folks came to tend to him but it was too late, the robbers got away. moving over to taiwan, things are about to get real crazy. >> whoa, what the heck is going on here? >> yes, that car is sandwiched in between two other cars and
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one man jumps out and starts beating on the window. >> is this road rage or cops? >> cops dressed in plain clothing and the people in that car are suspected money mules. reports are that they're couriers for tfl scelephone sca. the officers saw them at the atm and decided to trap them. the dudes inside don't want to get out but they'll get out because they're smashing and bashing on the windows. they have their weapons drawn. >> at some point you got to go, you got me. >> they did finally get out. 61 bank books, 51 bank cards, $2900 u.s. and iphones they claimed were for work. the guys at troll station with v an easy question. >> would a monkey steal a bitcoin? >> i'll say yes. he has a gold coin, we don't know the veracity whether it's a
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true bitcoin. as we know on "right this minute" and life in general, if you put some low-hanging fruit for a monkey to take -- >> gimme that. >> he takes it. >> i'll work it out later. i don't know what it is but i want it. >> maybe it's why bitcoin is not regulated, monkeys stealing your money. >> it's there one minute, it's gone the next, and they're looking for it and oh, look, there's the monkey in the tree. >> the monkey still knows more about bitcoin than i do. >> the monkey climbs the tree and goes away, they look for the bitcoin and try to round up the usual suspects questioning them. >> about where is the bitcoin? where is the bitcoin? >> none of us know. that's the problem! >> the monkey surprisingly aren't talking and these guys don't find the bitcoin. this monkey is just rolling on his own. >> they always pull that stuff off and go straight for the rubber things. >> this video is from hong kong
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in november, but it is going viral because for people who don't have experience with monkeys like this, this is surprising to them. not so mto me because i've seen before. they don't care if you're making payments, rental car or borrowed. >> if it comes off your car, they will. >> it's destruction for the sake of destruction. it looks like a grand finale but really it's a mistake. the story behind the show that's blowing up some big trouble. it's pretty bad. and this mama wants to try a new beauty trend. >> hill little instagram honeys are doing it so i thought what the heck. >> see if this one sticks. >> it's stabbing me. >> you just stab the aging into submission. >> yes. brought to you by pampers, wishing you love, sleep and play. rry.
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hey guys. i'm tiffany jenkins and i'm stay at home mom of three kids. >> also runs juggling the jenkins facebook page and quite the trend follower. >> even though the only time my face sees the light of day is when i'm in lines i like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. tonight i'm going to stick thousands of microscopic beetles underneath my eye sockets. >> what, life isn't pain enough, mom of three? >> all the hip instagram honeys are doing it. i thought let's spruce up this old wagon a little bit. >> these are my to reneedles that sometimes come in rollers. >> i took it out of its little
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package and it looks like, okay, actually i'm not going to say what it looks like. >> they go over your face at yo your yo your aesthetician and supposed to reduce the signs of aging. >> oh my gosh. oh, it is, it's stabbing me. >> you just stab the aging into submission. >> yes. when in doubt, stab it out. >> could you guys see how my lips look like i've been stuck on the desert for ten weeks and dying for a sip of water? >> she also tries a lip plumper. >> you can see my chin hair, [ bleep ] eww. i look like that guy from "silence of the lambs" the one who puts girls in the well. >> they're not cheap. they generally run two swr between 30 and 70 bucks. >> for stickers. >> savvy stickers. >> savvy stickers. >> what he's your name? savvy stickers.
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>> because y'all will spend money on anything. >> i don't know, i don't really see a difference. i still look like i'm 95. looks like the grand finae e is going off here. wait a minute, if you look at the ground and see that glow, you realize it's a mistake. that's a fireworks shop going up in smoke, so to speak. the owner of the shop went to run an earned. he left his son-in-law in charge of the shop. in order to draw business in, he was lighting off small fire crackers, small fireworks to say look, everybody, what we got. well, that somehow got into the shop, started off the whole big -- well, the whole thing just blown up. >> what do you do if you're the son-in-law that ruined the family business. >> it's pretty bad. the owner has already lost his license. both men have been arrested.
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there is an investigation going on, and there could be charges and fines to follow. let's move over to the next guy. he's kicking and throws what looks to be like a brick, smashing out windows and doors. >> is there somebody inside? >> it's the son-in-law from the previous video. >> come back! >> no relation to the previous video but you're not that far off. this man was at his former in-law's house smashing in windows and doors trying to win back his ex. >> that's how you do it. >> apparently he's a 33-year-old martial arts expert who has lost favor with his ex. she has now gone on and found a job which it sounds like maybe he didn't like. he has also threatened to kill her family. surprisingly that didn't work at winning her back. >> so romantic. >> clearly he is a dangerous guy who luckily has been arrested. no word on any charges.
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he usually pranks her but now -- >> she's taken his car hostage. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> what you doin', louie? >> louie is coming off anesthesia. >> all the feelings are there. >> do we have any chocolate in the house. >> why the feelings are definitely good. plus making a skydive even more extreme, cause -- >> they're essentially holding these wind socks. >> see how the adventure gets more impressive when the wing suits show up. >> my mind is blown. this is crazy. we're ready for you. ♪ introducing new elvive protein recharge leave-in conditioner. in just one use, leave your hair with 97% less breakage. because you're worth it.
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promotional considerations provided by -- promotional considerations [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. the aftereffect of anesthesia on humans goes viral when it's crazy. it's now in the cat world. >> what you doing, louie? >> louie had anesthesia because louie with his teeth clean. . >> have you ever just looked at your paw? >> all the feelings are there. >> is there chocolate? do we have chocolate? i want some chocolate. >> louie is 5 years old but check out this 9-year-old dog,
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murphy. he's got a little bit, and i mean just a little bit of an attitude when she's hotold whato do. they say when murphy goes outside and they call her or give her a command she hides behind the trees. when they tell her to go to bed this is the reaction. >> that's sweet and loving. i'd love that dog in my bed. >> they posted it as evil dog. >> throw some holy water on it. >> that might work but a pet will soften the tune a little bit but as soon as he takes his hand away and says bed -- >> give her some of the drugs from the first video. >> louie's like girl, i got the thing for you. >> for most of us jumping out of a plane is the peak of extreme. sebastian alvarez said it took a
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couple of months to find people crazy enough to do it with him. they're holding these wind socks. >> the things out in front of the car washes. >> flaming tube man and not easy to hold on and entering we have keith forsyth in his wing suit and about to use these as a slalom. this is hard to do, head down, straight towards the earth and the little movements and the control they have as they zip in and out. >> he's doing a figure eight. >> also caught by craig o'brien, this is the culmination of had an idea, spent two months, found the right people and the right day, a lot of people believing in the project so we can jump out of the plane at the same time and have a bit of fun. >> my mind is blown. >> this is very dangerous. people like this zipping about in the air, at these speeds.
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one small correction the wrong way and if these people make any kind of impact you never know what can happen. fortunately for us, they're pros and know what they're doing and we get to enjoy it. you might need to call the grammar place for this tune. ♪ she's a little crying, there's no such thing as a valentine ♪ >> no, no, wrong. the hilarious valentine's spoof sure to have you singing along and saying it right. ♪
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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tricks, check out or use our mobile app. love is a beautiful thing. if you're lucky enough, maybe you'll meet someone smart, funny, beautiful, well traveled. it will be the biggest! everyone has a life. >> what are we doing for valentine's? >> what did you say? >> valentine's. >> no, no, wrong. >> valentine's. >> in this case, there's only one thing to do. ♪ baby, you're so fine, but this is where i draw the line ♪ ♪ don't you know there is no time to be your valentine ♪ >> the thing is it's not just the valen time problem. there have been other infract n infractio infractions. ♪ when you said you study in the
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liberry ♪ ♪ of course i wanna get you out your clothes you see ♪ ♪ let's just say supposedly you didn't say supposeably ♪ ♪ you want to take a picture when we go on a date, do you mean a baseball player or a thing of lemonade ♪ >> my daddy says pitcher. >> that's because he went to the li berry. >> this r&b ballad i'm sure is great. ♪ you could be my valen time >> you're an [ bleep ], did i say that right? >> actually yes, yes you did. ♪ valen time >> peace out, peeps. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm."
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tonight, several breaking stories. the fbi this evening now disputing the story from the white house. the head of the fbi now saying they told the white house four times about rob porter's past. porter resigning after allegations of domestic violence. also breaking tonight, the dramatic rescues unfolding right now. more than a dozen climbers stranded. one climber falling hundreds of feet. cpr now being performed on the mountain. the horror. an 8-year-old kidnapped at walmart, later killed. tonight, the moment the child's mother facing down the suspect in court. this evening, the women at applebee's told to pay the bill and leave immediately. what they were accused of doing the day before, but they weren't there. tonight, applebee's firing three workers. was it a runaway suv? the driver who called 911, saying he


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