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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 21, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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this is elizabeth and she's got a beautiful dress on, but she's got a much bigger surprise, not just for the guests but also for her husband-to-be scott. we hear "a thousand years" from christina perry. ♪ heart beats fast, colors ♪ ♪ how to be brave >> she wanted to sing this song to her husband on their wedding day but doing it in sign language because she is deaf but she wanted the song to translate properly and knew if she were to lip-sync it, it might not translate properly, so she decided to learn sign language, and surprise him with a sign language version of this song. >> did she learn it for the wedding or does she already know sign language? >> she didn't know sign language before this but what she did was spend months leading up to the wedding learning the lyrics to the song in sign language.
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>> this is precious. in this moment even though there's a roomful of people it's the two of them because she's communicating directly to him. ♪ i'll love you for a thousand more ♪ >> he is just in tears. you can see the love on his face. >> she's so graceful about it, too. you would nn't be able to tell e just learned it. >> such a beautiful moment shared in love. if you want to hit the slopes but you are one of the people who are like skiing and snowboard something not for you there is another option demonstrated by the lone ranger. >> oh, whoa. >> i can do this, i can ride a bike. >> that's the thing as easy as riding a bike. >> wait a minute, who laughin'? don't be laughin'. i can't ride a bike, betsy. >> essentially exactly like you are thinking. instead of it having wheels on this mountain bike it's just got
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two small skis, quasi-snowboard on the bottom >> how do you break though? you're going pretty fast. they have a hand brake or do you pedal back? >> none of that. there are no pedals. it's all gravity. you're going to slow down the exact same way you would skiing or snowboard, use edge and use resistance to slow down. once you get the feel for the balance, you can go out and just carve it up. >> that's crazy. whoa. whoa. >> this is cool. it's a different way to experience the slopes, if you absolutely hate skiing and you can't snowboard, try thmaybe th great for you. >> the thing i think is great if you've only got a short break, a weekend instead of wasting two days trying to learn how to do it, hit the slopes immediately and pretty much know what you're doing. >> if you don't, you just crash into a tree. >> put it on "right this minute." holdon to your seats, folks. >> can i let go yet? >> well, you can, but by the time -- >> oh. >> that will have happened.
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>> oh, there's a baby, a child. >> yes, that's a highway in india. family of three came into contact with this jeep. >> oh no. >> it's not the same bike at the beginning trying to pull a u-turn through that gap? >> that's exactly what happened. they made it around the center divider when the truck goes crashing into them. the truck goes on two wheels. >> there was a bunch of people in the back of that truck as well. >> the baby is the first one up on two feet. >> the baby gets up, we believe that's the mother he goes directly over to. >> the man is really injured. he can't even get up. >> notice that the people around are waving for other people to come in and help and they get these people to the hospital. they're probably still recovering. this next video comes to us from dash cam owners australia. we have thick traffic, when this person driving this mini is like excuse me, pardon me, i need to get in here. >> i hope the driver can see that amini. >> as the mini cuts in, this driver is like move aside little
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one. >> the weight of that truck shoves that car out of the way i would say they were unaware the mini was there. >> i'm going to go which think it was intentional. why you should not do that. >> i think the driver didn't see the person. why would they mess up their truck possibly hitting this little car? >> this is a hit. and she just popped it. >> i need two week sick leave. see y'all later. this is rosa. this is at a safari park in denmark, and according to parkkeepers, this is her first experience with ice. >> oh! he is a cat after all. what did you expect? >> she was like oh, this is cold under my little paw. and then she almost sinks it. >> i'm still a tiger. >> it was caught on video, it's now being shared on the internet. >> all the ones that are below them on food chain are sharing
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that on facebook. >> she ain't bad. >> ooh, do you lose some stripes after something like this? >> something tells me if somebody tried she'd gain all the stripes back. meanwhile in india this tiger is going to show you how you just get traffic to stop, just by strolling. how is everybody doing? i'll just keep walking here. thanks, thanks for making a way for me and the tiger just gave them a little bit of a show. >> i love the angry death stare. people cross in front of your car they give you the angry death stare. iffer' this really big, this tiger. >> my mom did that to me. >> the angry death stare. >> crossing the living room. i was like -- >> you know you was in trouble. you know what, i'm going to keep down. mr. beast called several homeless shelters and asked them what they needed and he and his boys jumped into action. >> watch them spread the love. >> i love this because he's
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closed captioning provided by -- i know pain. but icy hot lets me power past it. [ male announcer ] icy hot no mess roll-on. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. [ shaq ] icy hot. power past pain. as we know, mr. beast uses his resources for good. >> i don't have any cash, sir. i got some gift cards. >> he's been known to bless folks with extra cash here. in one of the previous videos he gave to the homeless giving out gift cards and other resource. this time he decided to switch things up a little bit. >> what exactly would you need and be most helpful for you guys? >> he called several homeless shelters and asked them what they needed and he and his boys jumped right into action. they went to several different stores buying towels and paper towels. he bought soaps, detergent,
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shampoo, toothbrushes. >> mr. beast has taken his millions of followers and trying to leverage it to do good in his community. >> he says that's his mission. he also buys washing machines and other appliances. one of the homeless shelters told him they spend most of their time washing. lastly, computers. they head off to the first shelter. >> here at salvation army. >> that is awesome. >> they're super excited about all of the things he brought. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> brand new towels. >> i like how all the shelves are getting filled up. >> the people who run the shelter are happy for all the things he donate. . they shake hands. off to the next shelter. >> this is the second place we got a list of everything they needed, a washer, a dryer. tons of other stuff. i'm happy to see how they reacted. >> calling ahead he was able to meet specific needs. all of the equipment, computers are very old. >> this looks like it's from
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when i was born. this will be their new computer. >> great thing is, then he does this video, showing it, and millions of people watch it and he makes another 30 grand off this video, goes off and does another one. >> he has a good time doing it and makes him happy to make other people happy. >> hopefully it makes a difference. >> thank you all again. >> i hope it really does help you. >> thank you. time to hang out on mt. rainier again. >> unh-uh. >> climbing out of a crevasse. we've seen this in parts of washington people go up into the mountains to train so they know what to do if a situation like this occurs. i was mostly caught off by how beautiful it was. >> everybody's definition of hanging out is different. >> wouldn't you rather watch it in a beautiful 4k on "right this minute"? >> when you glance over to the left-hand side that thing could go down to the center of the earth for all we really know
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about it. i did post another video had me feeling all "lord of the rings"ian. it looks beautiful. i'm looking up tickets to washington because this is so cool. >> this i could do though. you just are walking. you're not dangling on the side of the mountain with hooks >> true, gayle but that being said we are above the clouds. so they are obviously rather high right now, probably quite hard to get up there in the first place. >> probably frigid temperatures up there. even though they're not climbing they're still freezing. >> speaking of frigid temperatures for my next video i'd like to present a bunch of people in alaska trapped 15 miles from the nearest town, out there on their snow machines. this blizzard came in, the snow is basically going sideways. it's insane. they couldn't find the road, couldn't find markers, reflectors because it's all buried under the snow. this is very much a life or death situation, the fact that the weather can change so quickly and find themselves so
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isolated in alaska. >> how did they make it out? >> they say in the description they praszed whoever invented gps. had it not been for that, they don't know how they would have found their way out. why do some youtubers do some of the stuff they do? because somebody suggested it and that's what peter brown is doing. somebody suggested hey, why don't you do something with bread? peter brown is going to make jewelry out of bread. first, it's been soaked, doused in stabilizing resin, and then he's going to test it out a little bit. he's going to start the machine to see how it actually takes shape, how the tools will affect how it will work and come out. >> i love that an artist can dive in, not even know the direction he's going. once he starts moving, it starts to present itself. >> oh yeah, and it starts to smell up the old shop. >> i smell like i'm in a bakery, it's all yeasty. i think i'm going to make a pendant. >> he starts shaping and
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designing. there is the finished product. oh, and the final step, braze it with lacquer for an additional shine. the question everybody always has, what do you do with the stuff you make? >> i put it in a box and it sits on the shelf forever. >> give it away. those are great christmas gifts. >> these go to a maker's fair in england in may and he says it will be one of the things he go ifz aw gives away. petey is exhausted. >> okay, why don't we put petey in bed. >> why the struggle is real. plus what happens when backwards dude has a friend who has a birthday request? >> oh, he sings happy birthday backwards. >> you betcha. >> hear what that sounds like next. >> every time it just still melts my tiny little brain. hes.
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takes requests but what happens when backwards dude has a friend who has a birthday request. >> so you wanted me to sing happy birthday to you backwards. >> i can't begin to think about how you do that. >> you don't have to, because that's going to do it for you. ♪ >> it does not mess him up. ♪ wouldn't you think you'd have to really concentrate on how to sing backwards? he's like happy birthday like any one of us would would do. >> you still haven't figured out he's a genius. >> every time it still melts my tiny, little brain. ♪ >> all right, woo. happy birthday. now let's run it back.
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♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday dear ryan, happy birthday to you ♪ >> and for folks that try to discredit backwards dude, you see he smashed the cake. it's legit. >> i like how he does this. he always has something to stop the haters and the doubters. well explain that. >> i love "happy birthday" backwards though. ♪ happy birthday to you only one allowed. >> you can only take one piece out of there. come on. let's see it. only one. it's okay. >> you know how sometimes you're just so exhausted.
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you're trying to play at life but you're too tired for it. >> we're doing it right now. >> you don't look like this pug. because the struggle is real for this dog. >> i can just take a nap in peace, please and thank you. >> this is petey the pug. and -- >> you looking at me? i'm trying to take a nap. >> apparently he spent the day at day care and so you know, there are a lot of dogs, lots of playing and running around. eventually he finally puts his head back, closes his eyes, struggles with it, but eventually exhausted has the best of him. he's he not the only one realizing the struggle is real, though. >> oh, oh, oh. >> that was pretty cool. that was like cirque du soleil. >> no. >> a bit of a hand stand and dismount. >> it's like this sometimes. petey had a date with the sand man and this one had a date at the bar.
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>> or emergency room. >> there's another video with this same dog still struggling with the stairs. >> let's just leave the stairs alone, boo. how about that? >> you keep him on the first floor. >> you can sleep downstairs. >> yeah. papa can't find his phone. >> i think it's in your back pants. >> it's not. >> there are only so many places it can be. i'm checking my pockets. >> where can it possibly be? >>
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chocolate bowls from go to our website or check it out on our mobile app. this cat has found its happy place. [ meowing ] >> come on. can you get out of the sink, please? [ meowing ] all right, just stay in there. okay.
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come on. [ meowing ] sherlock holmes and spock likes to say when you've eliminated the impossible, however remains must be true. occam's razor. this is a perfect example. brad can't find his home. we can hasser it but can't find it. they start eliminating possibilities. >> the whole time it's in his pocket. >> he's checking his pockets. he's checking his shirt, checking the car. it is it inside? to make sure it's not coming from inside someone inside shuts the door, gets somebody else to react. >> shut the door. >> okay, do you hear it ringing? >> there it is. >> we can hear it. they can hear it. everyone can hear it. there's only so many can be. before you know it, people are suggesting -- >> you have to take your pands off.
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>> he's like hold your horses. >> i'm dying to see where this phone is. >> at this point he is now straight up losing his mind. >> give him a pat-down. >> frisk the dude! this doesn't make any sense. so now they're like okay, why don't we go back inside, maybe it will be quieter, we can locate where this ringing is coming from. everyone gathers around, they ring it again. what is going on? they start going right next to him with their ears. >> is it in his sock? >> that would be ridiculous. >> in his left shoe. >> it's in his shoe. >> of all places, the entire time it has been in his left shoe. >> in his defense -- >> there is no defense! >> a lot of phones are really thin and i forget mine in here all the time. >> it probably slipped, fell in the shoe, he put his shoe on and kept going. that's it for today's show.
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we'll see you next time. flights to black panther's homeland. the airport is getting into the panther craze. >> they jot jokes there had. the airport hasn't revealed a name of the airline as yet. 80% of black panther was shot in atlanta. in the atlanta area. >> you don't need to leave the airport to go to wakanda. it's right there. >> it's basically atlanta. >> it's in the airport. coming up, we are going inside the out of the world
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sex scandal a sex scandal has now cost louisville a championship ncaa appeals panel. they all stemmed from allegation that is a former staffer hired strippers to sleep with recruits. the school forfits 123 wins, including the 2013 title and $600,000 in tournament income. a new report claims the governing body in swimmer swimmi up sex awe bus cases. >> they claim the abuse began in the '80s when a coach assaulted a 12-year-old girl and claims a


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