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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:29pm PST

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and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. as we come on the air tonight, the new details coming in about the deadly shooting rampage at a northern california facility dedicated to helping veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress. we've learned the identity of the decorated soldier who took workers there hostage. you can see the tactical teams moving in there at the height of the showdown. investigators tonight saying albert wong killed three of those workers he held at gunpoint before apparently turning the weapon on himself. what we're learning about his connection to that program and what investigators say he was just asked to do in the last two weeks. abc's more si gone marci gonzalez on the scene tonight, starting us off. >> reporter: tonight, investigators in california trying to piece together what led a decorated army veteran, who served a year in afghanistan, to return to the facility where he was treated for ptsd and open fire.
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>> i and members of the pathway home family and the yountville family lost three beautiful people yesterday. >> reporter: the victims identified as psychologists dr. jennifer golick and dr. jennifer gonzales, along with the executive director of the nonprofit pathway home, dr. christine loeber, seen here in a group photo with the gunman, 36-year-old albert wong. >> we also lost one of our heroes, who clearly had demons that resulted in the terrible tragedy that we all experienced here. >> reporter: a relative of one of the victims telling abc news, wong was asked to withdraw from the veterans' program two weeks ago because he, quote, wasn't fitting in. wong then returning to this building at the country's largest veterans home around 10:20 friday morning armed with a rifle, exchanging gunfire with a sheriff's deputy. >> there's shots fired. >> reporter: then barging into an employee's going away party.
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>> there was cake, you know, a little bit of a celebration and then this man walked in with a gun. my wife and three other women were able to leave. >> reporter: but these three women, forced to stay in that room. s.w.a.t. teams closing in, the hours ticking by. hostage negotiators trying unsuccessfully to contact wong, until finally, around 6:00 p.m., officers storming in, finding wong and all three hostages dead. >> you can't put it into words. it hurts our community. the families have been just shaken to the core. >> all so sad. marci gonzalez joining us live now from that veterans medical facility where the shooting took place. you spoke with relatives of some of the victims and you're learning more about them tonight? >> reporter: that's right, tom. dr. golick's family tells us she was a devoted wife and mother. there are reports coming in tonight that one of the other
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victims was seven months pregnant. tom? >> such a sad and senseless tragedy in california. all right, marci, thank you. next to president trump taking action on guns. his department of justice formally submitting a new regulation to ban bump stocks, those modifications that can amp up a gun's firing capability. police say gunman stephen paddock used bump stocks in the las vegas shooting last fall that left 58 people dead, injuring more than 800. today's move by the trump administration certain to set off strong responses in the gun control debate. abc's mary bruce at the white house tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the trump administration is going it alone, taking their first step on gun control. the department of justice proposing to ban bump stocks. those devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns, like those used to kill 58 people in the las vegas massacre. president trump has made clear he wants them gone. >> don't worry about bump stocks. we're getting rid of it. i'll do that myself. >> reporter: but the move puts him at odds with the powerful nra. >> the nra doesn't back any ban. the nra has asked the atf to do its job and make sure that these
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classifications are consistent. >> reporter: on friday, the florida governor banned them anyway. breaking with the nra to sign stricter gun limits into law, even though bump stocks weren't used in the parkland school shooting. the governor thanking those students. >> you made your voices heard. you didn't let up, and you fought until it was changed. >> reporter: the florida law also raises the minimum age for all gun purchases from 18 to 21. prompting the nra, just hours later, to file a lawsuit. they say the purchase age restriction is "an affront to the second amendment" that "totally eviscerates the right of law-abiding adults between the ages of 18 and 21 to keep and bear arms." >> and mary joins us live now from the white house. mary, this move by the trump administration faces a number of legal hurdles and democrats are already saying they should have taken a different approach? >> reporter: tom, lawmakers and experts agree that any attempt by this administration to ban bump stocks is almost certain to
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be challenged in court. tonight, the top democrat leading this charge on the hill, senator dianne feinstein, said if republicans truly want to get these devices off the streets, they should back legislation to do so. tom? >> mary bruce for us at the white house tonight. mary, thank you. next, to the russia investigation, and the former trump aide what made headlines, saying he wouldn't talk to special counsel robert mueller's team. now, he's emerging from six hour s of testimony before a washington grand jury. what sam nunberg is revealing tonight about that courtroom encounter. here's abc's tara palmeri with that interview. >> reporter: former trump campaign adviser, sam nunberg, tonight, under the glaring spotlight of the russia investigation. testifying for six hours in front of the grand jury. >> i'm going to be the first one in history to flat-out say i'm not going. >> reporter: this, after making headlines with a media meltdown. on monday, he said on countless cable shows that he would refuse to testify. some questioning his state of mind. >> talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath.
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>> well, i have not had a drink. >> reporter: nunberg eventually testified, right after he sat down with us. do you think it's a witch hunt? >> no, i don't think it's a witch hunt. there's a lot there there and that's the sad truth. i don't believe it leads to the president. i think it leads possibly to people in the campaign. >> reporter: nunberg worked for trump from 2011 to 2015. he was fired from the campaign for posting racist comments on facebook. he was later sued by trump for breaking a nondisclosure agreement and the lawsuit was settled. >> i've never worked with anybody that was unethical there. i just never have. okay? >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller's team questioned nunberg as part of the investigation on whether the trump campaign colluded with the russians to win the 2016 election. did you know of any contacts between the president and the russians and do you think that shaped his foreign policy? >> i think vladimir putin, if you look at it objectively, is really taking advantage of the president. >> reporter: while nunberg doesn't think trump colluded during the campaign, he is worried about trump's firing of former fbi director james comey,
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and if investigators will find out that it was down to obstruct the russia investigation. >> i'm very worried a lot of people that are being investigated. >> reporter: who are you the most worried about? >> i'm the most worried about the president, because he's the president of the united states. >> all right, tara joins us from washington. tara, sources say sam nunberg will have to testify again and he's told you he thinks mueller's team has their sights set on some high-level trump advisers? >> reporter: that's right, we're hearing that sam nunberg may be back as many as five times. based on the prosecutor's questioning, he thinks they're targeting roger stone. he's a long-time political adviser of president trump. it may be a strategy to pressure stone to give up information on president trump. tom? >> tara palmeri for us tonight. tara, thank you so much. and a programming note, tomorrow on "this week," a very big show. abc's jon karl goes one-on-one with white house principal deputy press secretary raj shah. let's turn now to the weather. what's shaping up to possibly be the third nor'easter in under two weeks. this as tens of thousands are still in the dark, like here in massachusetts, where crews continue to repair downed power
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lines and clean up debris following the first two nor'easter jolts. and now bracing for a possible third. sam champion joining us now with the very latest and sam, are we going to get hit again? >> reporter: tom, everything you just said is why there's so much buzz about this storm. let's get to the board and show you what we know. so, on sunday, we first say that we'll start to see our low form in the southeast. it's a very wet and soaking day on sunday. for the northeast, a dry day on sunday. monday at 7:00 a.m., a coastal low forming off the coast of the carolinas, and we're really confident in this time period right here, that's about where the low forms. that means there will be some snow from tennessee all the way into eastern kentucky and in the mountains of virginia. now, when you see monday at 7:00 p.m., this is the area of time we don't know anything about this storm yet. the models are not in agreement. some models pull it too far out into the atlantic. some models are shifting it a little closer to the west. that would mean, as you said, our third nor'easter delivers plowable snow in many locations right along the coastline.
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by tomorrow at this time, we'll have this storm locked in. >> we'll find out. sam, thank you. next, to that deadly standoff, dragging on overnight east of los angeles. an armed suspect locked in a tense showdown with police after a traffic accident. that suspect accused of shooting down two police officers, killing one and then barricading himself inside an apartment building for more than 15 hours. abc's eva pilgrim picks up the story. >> reporter: tonight, a 15-hour standoff over. one police officer killed and another seriously hurt. police leading the suspect, in his underwear, out of an apartment where he had been barricaded inside. officers pulling 30-year-old gregory casillas from the building. frantically performing cpr, trying to revive him. sadly, by daybreak, police lining the streets to pay their respects to the fallen officer. as others sent in heavy machinery. the perimeter of the apartment complex still surrounded. this all started when police
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tried to pull over a truck for reckless driving friday night. the truck didn't stop. instead, took police on a chase before crashing near this apartment complex. police say the man took off, locking himself inside an apartment. the building evacuated. >> as he barricaded himself in a bedroom, officers attempted to contact him and he began firing through the door, striking two officers. >> reporter: about 75 officers from area agencies rushed to the scene, forced to wait to move the wounded officers because of the gunfire. police eventually able to pull the two out. >> the other officer is in serious condition, undergoing surgery at this time. we expect him to be fine. >> reporter: tom, the deceased officer was sworn in this past september. he was just about to complete his field training. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. tom? >> so sad. eva pilgrim with those late-breaking developments. eva, thank you. turning overseas now to the quaint british city now swarming
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with hazmat suits. the new surveillance images coming in tonight of his spy and his daughter apparently poisoned. abc's jennifer eccleston with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, new surveillance video capturing the moments just before a russian spy and his daughter collapsed, poisoned, on the brink of death. watch as this man and woman, believed to be sergei skripal and his daughter yulia walk casually in salisbury, england. minutes later, police discovering the pair comatose on this nearby bench. briti british authorities say the poison, a very rare nerve toxin. tonight, they're still fighting for their lives. as more than 250 counterterrorism police widen the crime scene across this normally quiet city. >> we want explanations. >> reporter: hazmat teams blocking off the graves of skripal's wife and son. tents protecting potential evidence. chemical warfare troops hunting for possible contamination. so far, more than 200 witnesses
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questioned. >> this is a serious, substantial investigation. >> reporter: sergei skripal was a former russian spy, turned double agent for the british, convicted in russia and released to the uk in a spy swap. british government officials calling the attempted assassination outrageous. tom, investigators not naming suspects yet. but some lawmakers here already blaming moscow, noting that russia has a history of using poisons against alleged traitors. tom? >> jennifer, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday, caught on camera. two gunmen armed with an ar-15 start shooting up a convenience store. customers diving for safety. tonight, the mistake these two suspects made that could lead police right to them. plus, disturbing video, this elderly man too weak to protect himself at the place he calls home. but his family is fighting back for him. why they say he was targeted for abuse. and a real-life cliffhanger in california. the race to save a paraglider
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back now tonight with a family looking for justice after allegations of elder abuse. they say their father targeted because of his ethnicity, and the video you're about to see here holds the proof. a warning, the video is disturbing. here's zachary kiesch. >> stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: tonight, a michigan nursing home under fire, after a hidden camera caught these disturbing images. >> shut up. >> reporter: that's a caretaker grabbing 87-year-old hussein yunis, yelling at him, then throwing him onto a bed. his family is saying the abuse of their father, a lebanese immigrant, was racially motivated. >> they come over here and set up shop. >> i raised concerns with autumnwood many times and they were assuring me everything
4:16 pm
would taken care of. >> reporter: this video, said to be taken in 2015 during the six months that yunis stayed at autumnwood. that's when the son put the camera inside his father's room, and now he's suing. >> this is one of the most troubling cases i have ever seen. and it's chilling and i would wish this on no one. >> reporter: scenes like this, all too common. an estimated 5 million elderly americans are abused every year, and they have a 300% higher risk of death. in a statement, the nursing home telling abc news, "the treatment was completely unacceptable" and saying every resident as the right to be treated "with dignity and respect." tom, that nursing home telling abc news that the caretaker seen in that video have been fired and they're providing additional training for their employees. tom? >> zachary, thank you. and still ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday, a president trump's military
4:17 pm
parade is a go. the new details on the veterans day extravaganza, and the big question tonight -- will tanks roll through washington, d.c.? we'll tell you what you will and won't see along the route. and, have you seen this teenager? tonight, police and family frantic to find her because of her alleged relationship with this man, a 45-year-old who is married and who that missing teenager told school officials was her step dad. stay with us.
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back now with our "index," back now with our index, and president trump's military parade a go for veterans day with one catch and a very hefty price tag. you won't see any tanks. the defense department saying they don't want to damage any roads. you'll see lots of jeeps and military personnel. big aircraft flyover, all on november 11th. the house budget committee says the final cost could be as much as $30 million. to eastern pennsylvania now, tonight the desperate search for a 16-year-old girl believed to be on the run with a married man. 45-year-old kevin esterly was warned to stay away from amwu after their secret relationship was uncovered.
4:21 pm
she altered school records listing him as her step-father so she could leave with him as many as ten times over the last few months. they were last seen on monday. she took off from her bus stop. his wife said he took off in his car with thousands of cash. to fairfield county, connecticut, tonight, to the gunman caught on camera shooting up a bridgeport shop. outside, you see one gunman armed with ar-15 shoot his accomplice in the hand before both make off in waiting car. the injured gunman dropped off at a local hospital. treated, but get this, he was released. police say they know who the suspects are and the search is on. and just north of san diego, a paraglider stranded on a cliff in torrey pines. the daring rescue caught on camera, though. watch as a paramedic and a lifeguard rappel down more than 200 feet to free him. his parachute stuck in a ravine on the face of that cliff. another rescuer lowered from the
4:22 pm
helicopter hoists him to safety in a sling. amazingly he only hurt his leg. he'll be okay. and when we come back, a nurse and a savior. a little girl in a desperate situation, and the woman what changed her life. healing the toddler's wounds was just the beginning. this is an incredible story you don't want to miss. to miss. us. stay with us. do more to lower m. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle. and it works 24/7. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it should not be the first medicine to treat diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take trulicity if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer,
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4:26 pm
>> reporter: pediatric nurse jess hamm first laid eyes on delilah when she was wheeled into a jacksonville intensive care unit -- abused and severely malnourished. at 14 months she weighed just 11 pounds. >> i just look into her eyes and it was like -- she needed me. >> reporter: from the first squeeze from those tiny fingers, jess knew delila had captured her heart. >> the only way that i can describe it is love. >> reporter: but jess, who had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, decided she would do more than just nurse delila back to health. >> i have always wanted a family. i have always wanted to be a mother. >> reporter: she decided to adopt her. but what jess didn't know -- >> they were like, oh, she has a sister. >> reporter: delila had a twin, caroline, who was also in the hospital. >> there's nothing i want to do that be these girls' mother. >> reporter: the 30-year-old taking a true leap of love,
4:27 pm
taking in two toddlers. >> i'm trying not to cry. >> reporter: now building a life together. >> can you say delila? >> delila. >> reporter: this happy home a far cry from the heartache of the past. the blessing of a bright future. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> we love those little hamms. we'll tell you about a lot of amazing people on this broadcast, but that nurse is simply incredible. we thank her for sharing her wonderful story, and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" in the morning. have a great evening. good night. sorrow and strength. a pledge of support for veterans
4:28 pm
and workers traumatized after a shooting at a veterans home in yountville claims four lives. >> you know, she was just a really generous and kind person. >> just moments ago, a memorial was announced to the three victims, one a mother to be. all trying to help heal the wounds of war. >> and some considered him a military hero, but at some point something went very wrong. we're learning about the man who opened fire inside the veterans home. live where you live, this is abc7 news. we lost three beautiful, wonderful women. >> grieving that loss of three beloved counselors dedicated to helping veterans like the one who took their lives. hello, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. we begin with a developing news of the tragic shooting at the veterans home in yountville. now, today, we learned one of the three victims, jennifer gonzales was nearly 7 months pregnant. jennifer golick leaves behind a
4:29 pm
husband and 7-year-old daughter and christine loeber dedicated her live to helping veterans heal. >> they all died yesterday after albert wong turned the-- at the veterans home. the victims' bodies were found nearly nine hours after wong entered the treatment center with a gun. we're told wong was kicked out of their program two weeks earlier. >> we do have live team coverage right now from napa county. we begin with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard live in napa for us with new information about the victims. cornell? >> reporter: dion and eric, we are on the street where christine loeber lived. she lost her life at the veterans home yesterday, of course. friends and relatives say all three victims dedicated their lives to helping vets.


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