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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 29, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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he was a suspect in several car break-ins. officers apparently thought he had a gun when he was cornered in his grandmother's backyard. it was only a cell phone. >> he was a good child. he wasn't a bad person at all. he didn't deserve this. i'm going to say it again. he did not deserve it. >> the sacramento kings warned that there will be a significant amount of police in and around the golden one center tonight to keep protesters from reaching the plaza for a third time. marchers blocked fans from entering the arena for the last two games. it's now 4:30. if you're just joining us, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike? >> thank you very much, reggie. let's look at the visibility. i've overlaid it on live doppler 7. grab the sunglasses, going to be another bright sunny day. half-moon day, 45. danville, 49. everybody else in the 50s until antioch at 62. los gatos at 63 degrees. record high temperatures likely
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today. we had one yesterday at sfo. we'll spread the wealth today. i'll show you where coming up. here's alexis. >> sounds good, mike. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a stack-up on either side. a few minutes of a delay if you're paying cash. if you're using fastrak or a carpooler, you should have no issues. it is wide open past the metering lights into san francisco. ace rail, once again, ace 1, the gps system not working but they are on time. we just talked to them. they assure us 23 a trains in service. we had issues with that with muni. today, that should be fixed and no delays so far today. only on abc 7 news. a startling claim from the family of the man who died when his tesla crashed into a barrier on 101 in mountain view last friday. >> 38-year-old walter wong left behind a wife and two children. walter complained to tesla, his model x veered toward the same
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barrier on seven to ten occasions while on autopilot. the dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. dan noyes spoke with their headquarters. >> the family is telling me they provided an invoice to investigators that the victim took the vehicle in because it kept veering to that same barrier. how important is that information? >> that information has been received by chp and they've been acting on it for some time now. >> tesla says they can only find a complaint about the suv's navigation. the company says that's unrelated to the autopilot system that allows it to drive itself. you can see more of the exclusive investigation on a man who plowed through five pedestrians and drove away from the scene is in police custody. one of the men he struck in the hit and run has died. reporter lilian kim has the story now from san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco police arrested 33-year-old mark
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dennis not long after they say he mowed down five pedestrians with his van, then took off. it happened in the dog patch neighborhood at 24th street and i wi illinois. >> he backed up really fast, the van driver, turned around and went head on through the men like they were bowling pins. >> one of the men died, another is in critical condition. it's unclear what triggered the incident. but witnesses say dennis was acting erratically before he struck the men down. banging on his windows, throwing things, even getting out of the van and chasing them with an ax. >> the guy in the van was crazy and took it to a different level. he got out of the van with an ax and went after the guys and they took off their belts and were kind of lashing at him. >> dennis has been booked on suspicion of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. witnesses will never forget the sheer horror of what they saw. >> i froze because i thought, how did he just do that?
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with no hesitation. >> reporter: it's now up to investigators to try and get answers how it escalated so quickly and why. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. san francisco police are investigating another hit and run on the outskirts of myrtle heights park. sky 7 was there yesterday morning where a car hit a woman walking in the area. paramedics rushed her to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. now a live desk update. >> from our live desk this morning, facebook is changing its advertising policy. it is getting rid of a feature that let marketers use data from people's lives outside of facebook to target them with ads. markete marketers will no longer have access to your home ownership. facebook promises the feature will be shutdown over the next six months. so it will take a little bit of
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time. facebook has been in the hot seat since the cambridge analytica scandal saying they misused information from 50 million facebook users. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. hang today, san francisco police will hold a meeting to answer questions following a deadly shooting involving an officer. an officer was shot in the leg when gunfire erupted inside of a barbershop last week. the cell phone video of him crawling away. officers shot and killed him. four others were wounded in the gunfire. abc 7 news is learning the officer is doing well. tonight's meeting begins at 6:00 at balboa high school. happening today, a man who drove his suv into several people at oakland international airport is expected in court. juan pablo of oakland faces felony reckless driving charges. investigators say he did not have a license and said he didn't really know how to drive. police say pablo's vehicle jumped a curb and crashed into terminal one on tuesday. four people were hurt. investigators say pablo got his
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foot stuck on the accelerator. the crash backed up traffic heading to the airport for several miles. all right. you're never more than 7 minuse minutes away from your accuweather forecast. check out these temperatures inland. 41 in -- that's as cool as it gets. pleasanton, livermore, 50. look at the mid to up autos on highway 4. concord had about 54 degrees. here's a look at what's going on from the east bay hill. breezy in our hills. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. just waiting for the sun to come up. overturn the atmosphere and let that warmth spread across all of us. if you're out driving today, see a lot of people with the windows down, the sunroof open. they turn the ac on today. beautiful outside if you're taking a ferry. it's 53 degrees at 7:00. noon 70. a few high clouds at 4:00 and 7:00. look at that.
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74 and 68. look at this. 78 degrees in san francisco today for a high. then you got 72 in mission. engel side and -- the north bay some of the warmest temperatures here. 75 at noon. high clouds at 7:00. look at the low to mid-80s. calistoga at 85. cloverdale 86. bodega bay mild at 70 degrees. all right. going to be another i'd say cool to mild night tonight with temperatures in the upper 40s. about 49 to about 53 degrees down in redwood city and san jose. don't you wish every day could be like the last couple of days on the roads. >> oh, man. they have been perfect, right? except later in the morning, we've had issues there. this early morning commute has been great. especially with spring break and the ideal traveling conditions. we are actually breathing a sigh of relief for the central valley drivers. we were potentially going to have a big problem this morning. westbound 580 past flynn road,
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they had emergency pothole repair. it was wrapped up on time. they wrapped it up a few minutes ahead of schedule at 4:00 amount. 26 miles an hour on 205. 24 miles an hour once you get closer to altamont pass. quick check of the drive times here too. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the yellow at 34 minutes. no delays southbound 680 out of dublin or northbound 85 out of the south bay. video from sky 7. this is crews working on that pothole repair yesterday. you can see how big it is. that is taking up most of lane number 4. this was westbound 580 the busy side. around north flynn road. wow. look at that. that is huge. they were able to pour that concrete late last night. it is all set to go for this morning's commute. everything is looking okay right now. we're keeping a close eye on that. next traffic update at 4:50. thanks, alexis. apple thought it was doing the right thing by slowing down older iphones. but users see a devious motive.
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now they're taking company to court. these bikes are supposed to solve a commuter problem. instead they're creating a bigger one.
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let's take a look at what's going around the state as we
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come up on 4:42 on this thursday. all right. low 80s through the central valley. look at that. 73 in monterey. near 80 in l.a. 93 today in palm springs. 65 in yur eek. 69 in yosemite and tahoe about 56 degrees. a few high clouds in tahoe later on in the afternoon and evening hours. for the most part, sunshine and warmer than average temperatures rule. temperatures hitting 60 for friday, saturday and sunday. not quite skiing and bikinis, but shorts maybe. >> thanks, mike. dozens of iphone owners are taking apple to court over slow iphones. last december, you remember apple admitted it slowed down iphones to preserve thir bat lty life. the lawsuits claim the practice amounts to fraud. designed to encourage people to buy the latest and most expensive iphone model. the "wall street journal" says lawyers will meet to try to combine the cases into a single
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class action lawsuit. b.a.r.t. is wrestling with a new problem. shared bikes heft on platforms or sidewalks creating hazards and eyesores, take a look at this. rental bikes scattered on the ground at the south san francisco b.a.r.t. station. been a problem since the dockless bike sharing program came out last year. because they can self-lock, you can basically leave them anywhere. >> we want them to create designated zones where the bikes are left. encourage and require users to leave them there. we also need them to respond when the bikes aren't left there or if we find damaged bikes on our property. >> you're saying i can't park it on this path? >> lime bike released this video based on the matrix movies to instruct users on parking etiquet etiquette. it's working on a formal agreement with b.a.r.t. to clean up the stations. firefighters in menlo park
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are testing a high tech tool to help them get out of the building more quickly. hand-held cameras were a breakthrough. but firefighters rarely have a freehand. quake technologies set out to combine a thermal camera with augmented reality glasses. now they're working on a prototype resistant to heat and impact if it faces a real emergency. in a test using cold smoke, they pulled out ten victims more than twice as quickly. >> it makes it a lot faster to find anybody. any time you can get in and out of that environment as quickly as you can, either to clear it or actually rescue a victim, that's what saves lives. >> quake is calling these devices heat through. it would still need regulatory authority. >> wow. >> cool. coming up on 4:44. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we're looking for another nice day today, mike. >> lot of sunshine to be had and
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a lot of warmth. sutro tower and how clean the air is still. sunshine and more record warmth. we jump into tonight where it's going to be cool to mild. partly cloudy. a chance of rain. but it's not until friday of next week. look where it's raining too much. this looks like the radar from yesterday at this time. look at all the flooding potential that is still out there. pretty much from houston up to cincinnati. the system has stalled and there's been a lot of flooding on the rivers. it's going to continue today. for us at home, wall to wall sunshine. 80 in milpitas to 85 in gilroy. we'll hit 84 in morgan hill and los gatos. 79 on the boardwalk. near 80 up and down the peninsula. low 70s along the coast. upper 70s for downtown san francisco, sausalito and then low to mid-80s everywhere through the north bay valleys with 70s at your beaches. along the east bay shore, 75 in
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richmond. oakland about 77 degrees. look at the low to mid-80s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. almost as warm tomorrow with 70s at the beaches. once again, a little cooler starting saturday. temperatures closer to average. aleks is. >> so far so good on roads. >> nice light volumes here in the south bay, northbound 101 at 880. just starting to fill in. but we don't have any major incidents for the south bay. quick check of drive times here. they will approve it for me. santa rosa to petaluma, you're looking great at 14 minutes. castro valley to the maze. in the green at 14. northbound 1501280, 680 to highway 85. that's the stretch on camera. you are in the green at 12 minutes. boeing trying to ease concerns about a ransom ware attack. >> president trump may be
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targeting amazon. here's your techbytes. in techbytes, boeing insists a ransom ware attack didn't cause major damage. >> the airline maker was hit with a juana cry -- it didn't affect any jet programs. amazon stocks took a $31 bill n billion -- the news site action yoes, the president wants to target the tax payments and miss model through regulations. but the white house says there are no plans to take action. turned in a social media handle. carnival cruise line, darian lipscomb's hopes of giving hup his snapchat name. he claimed the handle when he was nine years old. he and the familiar are head today spain. those are your techbytes. have a great day. music from the '80s rock band the go go's will light up
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broadway. >> it's called head over heels. uses 19 go go's songs. the musical gives the plot a modern twist. transgender woman, peppermint, you may knew from rupaul's drag race. that's the first time it happens on broadway. the musical appears in san francisco next month. two of the original go go's in town. i talked to them yesterday. >> got so many things going on that resonates so much with our time and even though i'm not allowed to use the expression girl power, it's definitely got female empowerment going on. >> by the way, jane lives in the bay area. really cool to talk to her about that. the go go's know about girl power, of course. the all-female band wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. it airs april 10th at the kern theater. my favorite part of the whole day, because i'm a big fan of peppermint, she was runner-up on season 9 of rupaul drag race.
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we did a little bit of a hair toss. >> wig for sure. >> how was peppermint? >> she was great. obviously, didn't have as much kind of like power in my wig toss. >> of course. >> she assumed that mine was at home in a drawer. peppermint, thank you. a pleasure meeting you. santa clara libraries want overdue books back and help feed the hungry. an unveiling in silicon valley. the new electric vehicles touted as the tesla killer. >> join michael finney live on march 30th. he's going to be answering your tax questions. tax questions. the 7 on your side team will
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. welcome back. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. thought i'd show you the stars over san francisco this morning. that should actually be thursday. sorry about that. what you need to know is temperatures will be 13 to 16 degrees warmer than average. we'll take a look at record highs that are possible today, next. thanks. residents with overdue library books can eliminate the fees. they're going to waive $100 in exchange for the fee. the food for fines program will benefit second harvest food b of santa clara and san mateo counties during april. officials hope it provides a
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unique opportunity for people to come back to the libraries with a fresh start sdwliefrnl. alaska airlines planning to cut roots from sfo. nonstop daily flights to ft. lauderdale, mexico city and minneapolis will end after may 19th. the last nonstop route to denver is july 5th. alaska airlines is merging with virgin america and alaska spokeswoman tells usa today the airline is keeping 30 new routes to california since december of 2016. the newest player in the electric car business is showing off its vision for the future in santa clara. sf motors unveiled the two concept vehicles yesterday. the automaker is touting them as tesla killers. the sf 5 will go from zero to 60 in tlehree seconds and 300 mile per charge. sf motors plans to take pre-orders this year and deliver next year. the sticker price could be below $50,000. what a mess.
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this is not the kind of carpool you want to be a part of. a woman in florida forgot to put her car in park when she ran inside to get money in her apartment. the car rolled into the swimming pool. her husband and daughter were in the car still. they're fine. deputies got them out safely. the woman suffered a severe case of embarrassment. governor brown has a new dog. meet kelly. she's a bored-doodle. she's now the deputy first dog and joins the first dog. callie was picked from among a litter of 13. let's talk about what's going on with the accuweather forecast. you're never more than 7 minutes away. here's a look at san jose. one area i'm forecasting. a record high today. 83. the old record, what will be the old record. 81. santa rosa 84. records 82. oakland 77. record 76.
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sfo 80. record 76. going to be the second day in a row. not getting towards a record. close to that. this is the drought monitor from last eek week. it comes out any minute now. when it does, i'll update it and hopefully this is gone from last week's rain. alexis? >> mike we have a perfect forecast for opening day for the a's. unfortunately, not a good traffic forecast. of course, we're expecting big crowds today at the coliseum. first pitch at 105. we also have a warriors home game next door in oracle. as the a's fans are leaving the parking lots, just keep that in mind. organizers from both of those establishments are asking you to please use -- we're expecting a lot of delays in the area. a quick check outside. not many delays. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza stack up in the cash lanes. the metering lights should not be flipped on.
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hewlett-packard enterprises on the move and leaving palo alto. not going too far. sky 7 was over north san jose where hp enterprise will move the main office into the america center. the mayor's office says the new headquarters is expected to open late this year. hp enterprise will relocate about 1,000 employees from the bay area workforce. the mayor says the city offered no financial incentives for that move. >> behind a goodman, you will find a great mom. warriors players paid tribute to their moms. draymond green and -- 50 woman took part in a discussion about parenting. by the way, while the grownups were talking, bell and green kept the kids entertained with a basketball clinic. very nice. bumble versus match. new accusations over trade secrets between two of the top dating connection companies. the ceo got a massive pay
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raise despite the major role in the north bay wildfires. >> i am getting breaking news into the live desk. we're hearing about a hotel fire in hayward. i'm gathering details. i'll have that coming up. there's a new call for a san francisco supervisor who resign after his controversial comments during this fire earlier this month. taking a live look outside with abc 7 news now. thanks for warking up with us. the bay area glitter
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4:59. coming up on 5:00 a.m. thursday, march 29th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has
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another nice spring day for you. >> yeah. keep the compliments coming. i appreciated them yesterday. it was nice to hear everybody so excited about the weather. today, warmer. may be a little uncomfortable in some areas. live doppler 7 dry. let's jump into my accuweather 12-hour planner. looking at the roof camera. near 70 already at noon and those temperatures are above average. records away from the coast. coast 67 at 4:00. rest of us 78 to 80. 60 at the coast at 7:00. low 70s. keep the blankets and coats away for your outdoor activities. here's alexis. >> sounds perfect, mike. so far looking great for the thursday morning commute. light volumes as usual for the early half of the commute. southbound 101 folks crossing golden gate bridge. drive times looking good. tracy to dublin, this is an area we're concerned about when we came in this morning. emergency pothole repair. they did wrap that up just before 4:00 this morning. all lanes


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