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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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two officers searching for someone break are breaking car window encounter clark in his backyard. the body cams kafrpted the shooting. he was unarmed. an infent autopsy report released ned showed officers shot eight times six of which were in his back. the news sparked fresh protests. today barnes called for open dialogue between the police and the kpun. he. >> reporter: getting accountability for the stuff going on doing it for the kids right here. so i'm in the process of starting a clark boys college scholarship fund to make sure these boys go to college. >> reporter: back at the golden one center so far it has been calm. there have been reports on social media of a potential rally in support of police but that has not materialized. earlier this week coach kerr
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said players could protest how they wanted to but it's important to remember that during game days nba players are laser focused on the game. live in sacramento, abc 7. an undocumented immigrant and san jose father who is facing zport are deportation will be released from detention monday. fernando was allowed to stay after an immigration judge ruled it wouldn't be safe for him to return to mexico. he was detained by i.c.e. agents as he dropped off his daughter at day care. religious groups and activists campaigning for his release celebrate. today tesla drivers are telling us how they feel about the company's admission that one of the model x cars was on autopilot during a fatal crash on highway 101 more than a week ago. the i-teams dan noyes broke the story earlier this week leading to the tesla response. alyssa harrington has more about
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how drivers react. >> shelleny is blienld. her brother bought this because it the only car that allows her to know what's going on. >> i feel safe because it alerts us as to what we should do. >> the same model crashed last friday. the driver an apple engineer died. tesla revealed the car was on autopilot when it crashed. but these two say they feel safe. >> people need to understand that you can just get in this and this car just does a miracle car. it's not it's a car that you can put it on autopilot but you have to use your common basic common sense. >> i think autopilot is safe. but you can't be put on autopilot and watch tv. and not give any credens to signal they provide. >> the statement released on the company blog said the driver received several visual and one audible hands on warning earlier in the drive and the driver's
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hands weren't detected for six seconds prior to the collision. >> use it the way design it's early technology. >> he says the autopilot is the reason he paut the tesla. he says he is always in control and the car alerts you if you take your hands off the wheel too long. >> drivers the say the car will will show down and shut down if the person ignores the warning. admitting the system isn't perfect. >> it raise as getten on the aeft you have to strike a balance on the paying attention to the road. >> an attorney and consultant from self-safe says tesla bears responsibility for autopilot pap alyssa harrington. abc 7 news. >> dan noyes executive reports on the website. including a test run of the autopilot feature. go to
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well it is another warm day out there. but a cooldown is coming. and that's not all. take look from the exploratorium camera. clear skies and a little bit of something. that may be the lens. i'll let drew tell you more about that. also tomorrow is easter and passover we have a forecast for that. you know, location it's one of the days where it's so key as to what you felt in terps of temperatures. there was a 30-degree spread from coast to inland. picture outside right now a veil of high cloud cover ob securing the sunshine. so sew level fog making a presence known. all changes coming. look at the numbers 52 in half moon bay. over towards antioch still at 83. 31 degree spread over a short period of a distance. 54 in san francisco. 67 in san jose. the bigger issue overnight tonight, fog makes a comeback. future weather showing 11:00 tonight we have the fog not only along the coast but spilling into the bay and also making presence known in some of the
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cities inland. we will et you know how it a affects the forecast in the accuweather forecast if a few months. >> thank you voo. >> yeah. two people die when the home built plane zpoit a clear sunny day. the helicopter video shows the wreckage in a residential area. investigators aren't sure what caused the crash. california and several other cannabis friendly states want to meet with u.s. attorney general jeff sessions to resolve the separation between state and local drug laws. state treasurers sent a letter thursday that businesses and banks need clarity how to handle pot businesses. in january the truch administration lift add policy that kept the feds from busting the pot trade-in legalized states. many businesses are forced to operate mostly with cash and that makes them targets of crime. facebook employees are apparently in an uproar over a leaked mo in the 2016 mo vice president andrew boss weather defends facebook's growth. even if it results from
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terrorist attacks organized on the social network. the times reports impose are calling for greate transparency however many are demanding whistle blowers be exposed process facebook is being investigated over cambridge analytica connections, a right-wing firm that collected user data without them knowing. embezzlement scandal rocks a historic black university. >> the dplrgs building has no relationship with the students on campus. >> the students have taken over to demand answers. plus play time returns to a bay area park torched by an arsonist. and the silicon valley comic-con coming in april. wait until you
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stunlts at howard university in washington, d.c. have taken control of the school's administration building. they're upset after the university determine reports that financial aid employees have been embezzling funds for years. reporter kim hutchison have details. >> what is a true black university eye who does it serve does it serve the administration exploiting the students or does it serve all the black students on this campus. >> spurred by refrmgss of financial misconduct protesters took control of howard university's administration building late last week. the group's leaders issued a list of wide ranging demands and say they won't stand down until the administration addresses
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them. on tuesday, a blog post-that has since been deleted detailed allegations of financial misconduct at the historically black university. a day later, university president dr. wayne frederick confirmed the scandal. in 2017, an audit found that some employees received more money than their education cost. and pocketed the difference. between 2007 and 2016, some employees received grants to attend classes in addition to having their tuition waived. annual tuition at howard runs over $40,000. >> how one was able to embezzle so much money from financial aid, why we don't have sufficient housing for the amount of undergraduate students here, and why the administration building has no relationship with the students on campus. >> six people were fired after the audit. but students say that's not enough. and are asking the university's president to resign. >> i think it's a fair question to ask. and we -- i feel that i directed
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my team to take the appropriate action. >> kim hutcherson, abc 7 news. a cool gown is headed for the bay area and with it rain. the possibility anyway our meteorologist drew tuma has the accuweather forecast. balm are basketball has new themself. kidd. and klay tho
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stan lee returns to the silicon valley comic-con despite health issues. the popular festival is in the third year. kicking off the san jose convention center on the 6pathment shaun gold bloom. the first woman of color in space in the u.s. program dr. may jemzen david ten fret dr. hoop and jessica jones. what does it mean to be human? you'll find panels and exhibits and incredible cost play. san francisco officially celebrated the reopening of a playground that's thrilled generations of kid. abc 7 news was in golden gate park whie while the city's youngest generation played there it's been in business about a we
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can. replacing one burned by vandal last june. another generation of city kids including mark farrell stressed how much people love the urban oassist. >> we've been taking our three kids here to this playground since week one of their birth. to see the kids back on the concrete slide, it's amazing. we all remember the slide and getting air off some of the jumps. >> mayor farrell also alsuited mayor ed lee who led the efforts to rebuild the playground. el certain o couldn't resist the fun when the annual easter egg hunt got under way. they joined in the search and also got to meet a special bunny on hand for the festivity processes. they have hosted the event more than 70 years. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with drew tuma. in accuweather tracking fog returning overnight tonight. that brings about a bit of cooler finish to the weekend
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tomorrow afternoon. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you right now no issues with precipitation. but we have rain returning to the forecast over the next seven days. we'll show you when a in one second. the picture outside a live look from the golden gate bridge camera showing you the ceiling lowering. you can see the fog across the golden gate and pushing in and around the bay. one of the issues a lot of people notices this, the pollen certainly on the rise. especially tree pollen and grass pollen right now at moderate levels. the main offenders of the tree pollen, pine sick more and mull berry. little relief until the rain comes in. we're in the final hours of the month of march. and march has been very beneficial for us in terms of rainfall. look at this. from san francisco, redwood city, oakland, san jose, livermore and santa rosa, the entire region saw above average rainfall the past 31 days. quite a change from a very dry february we had two months ago.
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24-hour temperature change. it's cooler across the board. look at the double digit drops. 16 degreeless cool ner san francisco than this time yesterday. 11 degree cooler in san jose. 17 degrees cooler in santa rosa. but location certainly is key this time of the year. you are cool long the coast in the 50s. inland it's warmer in the 70s and low 80s. once again tomorrow we will have that spread in afternoon temperatures from the bay to the coast inland. oerch tonight is eye tall. the fog developing on the coast spilling in parts of the bay. patchy fog along the shoreline. temperatures into the 40s for the starting temperatures tomorrow. the 12-hour day planner on sand, the east holiday pockets of fog early on. but that sun is really effective at burning that fog off by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning it's a mainly sunny sky. by 4:00 on the coast it will be cool this the 50s but you move away from the coast in temperatures will be in the 70s and a lot of spots.
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so highs on the sunday early morning fog in san francisco. afternoon sunshine, 62 degrees. a little bit breezy closer to the coast 74 for sand rafael. 75 in san jose. up to 78 for concord. 67 in oakland morgan hill up to afternoon high of 78 degrees. if you are traveling across the state tomorrow, ideal condition we'll have a lot of sunshine on the coast from l.a. to san diego mid-to upper 60s. but moving inland and places like fres owe sacramento and palm springs will be warm in the 80s. the accuweather seven-day forecast we'll show you tomorrow process morning fog. it's warm inland. then a gradual cooling trend through the weak. by wednesday still dry. we introduce a chance of showers thursday night in the north bay. but a better bet for most of us both friday and saturday, scattered light showers. both a one on the storm impact scale. >> announcer: now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. 13 new anyplace to the nay smith hall of fame.
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including jason kidd and steech narn. also wick wells got a call. he moved into pr for the sonics and the only championship season back in 78 and 1979 he moved to the league office from 1982 to 1999 would working his way to the top at david stern's right-hand man and responsible for marketing the flab all-star weekend. the dream team in 1992 at the olympics and launching the wnba. he came out as the first openly guy executive in professional sports. and today he said he was a bit stunned. >> i guess i could say it's a dream come true but it would be lying because as a 16-year-old ball boy for the supersonics i would have never dreamed. so to be here in the company of this class, many of whom my life is intertwined with in really significant ways makes it even more special for me. so thanks very much. >> already the dubs facing the kings in sacramento tonight.
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after missing eight games with a fractured right thumb clay thompson is set it to return. missing only 12 games his career never this many in a row. it's been a bit frustrating. >> you can never plan for injuries. so it's obviously a kang of pace for me never being out this long. but i still worked hard while i was out. and i expect to be you know back to where i was at before i got hurt. i have no you know worries especially at full strength. obviously far from it right now. but we will get guys back and get back to what we do best bay playing beautiful game of basketball. to the diamond a's and angels sees sess ar chavez day. both teed teamed notched a viktpy. angels had matt shoe shumger. versus shumger the berd. two batters in angels take the lead. might row trout off the right field wall. zach scores trout two ri o bi on
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the day. angels 7-0 before on the board. a two run single in the sixth matt olson the tying run at the plate. and he goes down looking. a's lose 8-3 the final. trying to even the series in game 4. two wins over the dodgers the joe panik became the first ever to hit two home runs in back-to-back wins. the giants became the second team to start the season with consecutive 1-0 wins. the 1943 reds did it against the cardinals. not only that panik against two of the best in the game. kershaw and hanson that's the most kbref part. >> for me as a hitter two in two games off those guys that's a good feeling. it's not something you're trying to do but just trying to put together the good at-bats but doing damage off them it's good
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feeling. >>s ian poulter shot ha 73 thursday in the masters. ready to pack his bags. still kohling today second shot on 17 nearly in for eagle leaves this putt for bid a 14 under after a 17 under 45 fore the 42-year-old. the hosmer was the ke leader at pebble for a bad weekend. his approach on 18 is right here. and he will sink the byrd to get to 14 under. tie with poulter for the lead both need to win tomorrow to make the masters should be a great easter sunday. and loyala of chicago, cinderella is over. meier notifies to the mienls with the win appear kansas anvil novembera playing for the final pot all the hiemts congratulations at rick welsch he does such a great job. responsible really for chase arena down here getting built. well deserved. he was shocked appear surprised like all of us when his name was announced congratulations he has
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done an unbelievable job with the warriors. >> really proud of that arena. >> you were out with him a couple weeks ago great guy. >> thanks a lot. coming up this is no skinny dipper. this is a hefty intru ♪
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>> announcer: superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minnesota by minute froerkts plus realtime alert. search accuweather in the app store and download now. tonight on abc news at 9:00 over on coffey tv 20 a chinese space station could crash to earth this weekend. and why scientists say we shouldn't be worried. here at 11:00 on abc 7, define the odds the earthquakes honor a soccer team that's been through a lot. let's show you the florida oem orp owner who found a surprised visitor uninvitedis swimming pool. an 11-foot long alligator fleet floating in the water. the gator swimming away struggle to avoid krp it's a swimming pool. the deputy managed to drag it out of the pool with a trapper off the property through a door. it's unclear where the alligator came from and how it ened up in the pool.
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the owner wasn't anxious to ask him 11 feet long. >> nope. >> you're from florida. >> i know. >> have you ever seen that. >> you see them in pools, golf courses. i researched over in the lake to get a ball one snaps out. >> no. >> with that we say good night. >> abc 7
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