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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 17, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the deadly explosion in midair. the passenger jet shortly after takeoff from new york city, the left engine exploding. parts of it blasting through a window, nearly sucking a passenger out of the plane. one dead tonight, several passengers injured. some passengers posting video, live from inside the cabin. also, the video just out tonight, the deadly police shooting of that unarmed black man in his grandmother's backyard. the question now, why did they wait roughly seven minutes to perform cpr? and why were the body cams put on mute? the legal storm tonight. first, that crush of cameras outside court, and now tonight, what stormy daniels has now declared on national tv. and the sketch tonight. the $100,000 reward she's now offering. the major announcement from starbucks tonight. they will shut down all
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starbucks across the country for one day after the controversial arrests. and now tonight, a new video emerging. hundreds of americans stranded in mexico. their flights canceled. the airline telling them the next flight they can get them out on is in june. and the new surveillance coming in tonight of the grandmother accused of two murders, stealing an eidentity. word coming in tonight of the reward. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with that horrific scene playing out onboard a passenger jet, southwest flight 1380. it had just taken off from new york city. an engine exploding. a piece of that engine smashing through a window. passengers say the woman seated beside that window was nearly sucked out of the plane. she did not survive. several others were injured. oxygen masks dropping down. then an emergency landing in philadelphia. you can see firefighters waiting there, dousing the tarmac with foam. tonight, the ntsb is now on the
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scene investigating the first deadly accident involving a domestic airline in nearly a decade. abc's linzie janis leads us off from philadelphia. >> reporter: the in-flight terror began just minutes after takeoff. >> number one engine failure. >> reporter: southwest flight 1380, carrying 144 passengers and five crew, was headed from new york's laguardia for dallas when it abruptly diverted to philadelphia. the cabin losing pressure. masks dropping from the ceiling. terrified passengers bracing. >> we've got injured passengers. >> injured passengers, okay. and are you, is your airplane physically on fire? >> no, it's not on fire, but part of it's missing. >> reporter: you can see the left engine mangled. a window in the 14th row blown out where a female passenger was sitting. multiple passengers telling us she was nearly sucked out of the plane. >> you hear a loud explosion. the explosion shattered the window. immediately, there was wind
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pouring through the plane. >> we do have information there was one fatality. >> reporter: at least seven more injured. passengers livestreaming the chaos on the plane's wifi. matt tranchin sending his pregnant wife back in dallas a good-bye text. >> my wife is in her third trimester with our first child. so, i spent a lot of my time trying to articulate what my final words to be to my unborn child. >> reporter: shaken passengers evacuated down the stairs to the foam-covered tarmac. right there, you can see the mangled left engine. >> the passengers onboard the aircraft, in addition to the flight crew and the cabin crew, did some pretty amazing things on a very difficult circumstance. >> reporter: southwest experienced a similar incident in 2016 on another packed flight from new orleans to orlando. no one was injured in that incident. that incident is still under investigation. >> we've had two incidents in less than two years, and the
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question is, is it a maintenance problem with southwest? is it a design problem with the manufacturer? or is it some new failure mode that we didn't know about that comes when the airplanes begin to get old? >> and linzie janis with us live tonight from philadelphia. and linzie, we were all trying to remember the last time there was a deadly incident involving a domestic plane. i remember being on the scene in buffalo, new york, that was the last deadly incident in 2009? >> reporter: that's right, david. nearly ten years ago. and tonight, ntsb investigators are going to be taking apart that engine and looking at the plane's maintenance records to try to figure out how this happened. southwest says it is devastated and expressed its deepe esest sympathies to the family of the woman who lost her life. >> linzie, thank you. we're going to move on tonight, and to new drama unfolding with the president and his personal attorney's legal battle. and tonight, stormy daniels responding to what the president said recently on fa lly on air .
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she was asked about the president saying he did not know about any payment to silence her. and daniels and her attorney then released this sketch of the man who she says threatened her and her baby, to keep silent about donald trump. they're now offering a $100,000 reward. abc's kyra phillips on the story again tonight for us. >> reporter: tonight, as michael cohen fights to protect much of what was seized by the fbi, what he can't stop is stormy daniels. who today went on "the view." >> i'm tired of being threatened and intimidating me and trying to say that you'll ruin my life and take my, you know, all my money and my house and whatever, i'm sorry, i'm done. i'm done being bullied. >> reporter: stormy daniels has said she would give all the money back, and that president trump never even signed the agreement to silence her. just two weeks ago, the president said he knew nothing about michael cohen paying off stormy daniels. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels?
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>> no, no. >> did that surprise you at all? >> let me just say, i'm in the adult business, and i'm a better actress than he is. >> reporter: daniels and her lawyer michael avenatti also now releasing this sketch which they say is based on her memory of the man who allegedly threatened her and her baby in a parking lot in 2011. >> i just remember him saying, "that's a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. forget about this story, leave mr. trump alone." >> this is a very detailed sketch and it was created by a woman by the name of lois gibson. she has the world record for the most identifications. she works with the fbi and law enforcement all around the country. we're offering $100,000 reward for information leading to the identification of this man. >> reporter: and stormy daniels isn't the only one talking after yesterday's courtroom drama. >> some recent news about yours truly that came up today. >> reporter: it was revealed michael cohen had just three clients last year.
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one, president trump. the second, republican fund-raiser elliot broidy. "the wall street journal" reports broidy arranged a $1.6 million payment to a model who became pregnant during her affair with him. and in court, audible gasps when it was revealed the third client was sean hannity. >> my name was mentioned in court proceedings earlier today. >> reporter: hannity, who tweeted this photo with cohen in 2015, says he relied on cohen for advice and it never involved a third party. >> michael cohen never represented me represented me in any legal manner. i never retained his services. i never received an invoice. i never paid michael cohen for legal fees. my questions exclusively almost focused on real estate. >> reporter: but sean hannity never disclosed to his audience that he was a client of michael cohen's. even as he defended cohen on his show. >> liberal mainstream media, they've gone totally off the rails over the fbi's highly questionable raid on michael cohen. >> reporter: hannity defending
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cohen on the same day president trump tweeted, "big show tonight on sean hannity." overnight, well-known defense attorney, alan dershowitz, criticizing hannity on his own show. >> well, first of all, sean, i do want to say that i really think that you should have disclosed your relationship with cohen when you talked about him on this show. >> and abc's kyra phillips joins us again tonight. fox news now responding to what was revealed in court? >> reporter: david, fox news says they were surprised by the hannity reveal. they say they didn't know about hannity's, quote, informal relationship with cohen. they also say hannity continues to have full support from fox news. david? >> kyra phillips with us tonight. kyra, thank you. let's get to dan abrams for more. and dan, we know that michael cohen and the president were trying to protect a lot of what was seized in those fbi raids. so, bottom line tonight, who seems to have the upper hand in this current fight? >> reporter: well, look, the president and michael cohen lost in their effort to be the initial ones to go in and
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determine what's privileged and what's not. the prosecutor goes in, they put it on a database. both sides are going to have access to it. the only remaining question is, who should make the first decisions? federal prosecutors or an independent individual? but regardless, the defense is going to have a continuing say in this battle. >> in what stays and what goes. >> exactly. >> you have pointed all along here that fbi agents can't go in there to get everything they can find on the president. they just simply can't do that. >> and this wasn't about the president. this was about michael cohen. they had evidence that they brought to a judge that michael cohen may have committed a crime and that there was a risk of destroying evidence. that's the only way you get a judge to sign off on something like this. >> to actually raid an attorney's office, which is very rare. >> very, very rare. and there are specific procedures in place you have to follow when that happens. >> all right, dan abraabrams, t you. we turn next tonight to a sweeping decision revealed by starbucks this evening. they're now planning to close more than 8,000 stores for a
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time, all on one day. they say, for training, after accusations of racial bias. it comes after those arrests in philadelphia, two black men led away in handcuffs by police after asking to use the bathroom. and now tonight, another video now emerging. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, we are hearing the 911 call from the starbucks manager who sparked protests and nationwide outrage. >> i have two gentlemen at my cafe who are refusing to make a purchase or leave. >> reporter: police say that call was made after the men were denied access to the bathroom. the two black men were arrested for trespassing and handcuffed but this man says the men were there for a meeting. >> what did they get called for? because there are two black guys sitting here meeting me? >> reporter: on monday, the ceo of starbucks apologized to both men in person. and today, the company announced it will close all locations the afternoon of may 29th to train all 175,000 employees in "racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination
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and to ensure everyone inside a starbucks store feels safe and welcome." what happened in philadelphia is now prompting this man to to share what happened to him at a california starbucks. brandon ward says he was denied the code to the bathroom because he hadn't yet made a purchase. but he says this white man had no problem. >> i just asked for the code. >> you just asked for the code and they gave it to you, right? >> yeah. >> before you made a purchase, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: ward then confronts the store manager. >> i just tried to use the bathroom like you did, and they gave it to you. is it my skin color? is it my skin color? is it my skin color? >> and linsey davis with us again tonight. linsey, what is starbucks saying about this latest video? >> reporter: starbucks says they take the video very seriously, and they're working closely with their team to learn from their mistakes. now, as for the manager who was at this philadelphia location who called the police, she's now out of a job. david? >> linsey davis in philadelphia. and from sacramento tonight, troubling new quells about the police shooting of stephon clark in his grandmother's backyard. tonight, there's now newly released audio and video clips. and you'll remember those first
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images, of police chasing clark and then firing 20 times. tonight here, the new questions. why police waited about seven minutes to perform cpr, and why did they mute their body cams? here's abc's whit johnson. >> show me your hands! gun, gun, gun! >> reporter: tonight, new body cam video showing the critical moments after the fatal police shooting of stephon clark. >> did he have a gun? >> we haven't secured it yet. >> reporter: confusion. two sacramento officers, who fired 20 shots, still unclear whether clark is armed. >> police department. can you hear us? >> we need to know if you're okay. >> reporter: clark, motionless in his grandmother's backyard. it was roughly seven minutes before officers performed cpr. >> no pulse. >> is he breathing? >> no. >> reporter: the shooting last month sparking outrage. police had been chasing clark, following reports of someone breaking into cars. officers found only a cell phone. the new footage now raising new questions. >> are you muted or on --
3:43 pm
>> fancy seeing you all here. >> muted. >> reporter: officers seen on tape muting their body cameras multiple times. >> are you muted? >> i'm off all the way off. >> okay. >> that will be part of our investigation, determining why they muted their body cameras. >> reporter: david, sacramento police are now enforcing tougher body cam rules, including when an officer wants to mute a camera, they have to state the reason into the microphone first. david? >> whit johnson with us tonight. thank you, whit. former first lady barbara bush is surrounded by her family tonight, and this evening, a very personal reveal. her son, neil, reporting the entire family is now taking comfort in reading to her. neil reading to his mother from her own memoir. abc's dan harris is in houston for us. >> reporter: even in failing health, former first lady barbara bush retains her signature sense of humor, according to her son, neil, who spoke with houston cbs affiliate khou. >> she's been answering the phone when people call in and
3:44 pm
saying, "hello, yes, this is -- don't believe everything you read or you hear." >> reporter: neil bush says as his mom has become more frail, he and his siblings have been spending, quote, quality time with her, often reading books, including her own memoir, allowed. it was beneath's childhoot dyslexia that part inspired barbara bush's passion to promote literacy. >> her post presidency has been a real blessing and a reminder of what a great woman she is and what a great life they've lived and what a great life we've experienced and how much they've done for so many others. >> reporter: and tonight, mrs. bush is being lauded for what may be one final act of service, by announcing her decision not to seek additional medical treatment, and to instead focus on, quote, comfort care. >> and you know dan, so many are praising her for going public with that decision. a decision so many families and loved ones face. turning to comfort care. but doesn't mean she won't receive any medical care. >> reporter: no, not at all. and this is a really important
3:45 pm
point. while doctors will not be treating her underlying medical conditions, they will likely be aggressively treating any symptoms she has, such as pain or trouble breathing or anxiety. the whole point of this kind of care, david, is to make sure that whatever time remains is at the highest quality possible. >> so many prayers for barbara bush tonight. dan harris, thank you. next tonight, to the unexpected nightmare on this tax day for so many. the irs now reporting tonight widespread problems with its website. as millions of americans rush to file their returns before the midnight deadline. the agency reporting a breakdown involving e-filing. taxpayers having problems using tax software including turbo fox and h&r block. a government official telling abc news those who could not submit returns electronically will get an extension. the irs says there are other filing options available. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. new developments in the nationwide manhunt, and they need your help tonight.
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the new surveillance coming of the grandmother, accused of two mothers. killing one victim to steal her eye dent tichlt now, the reward tonight. and look at this, the neighborhood fire, several houses going up in flames. news tonight about investigators search for the cause there. and hundreds of americans stranded in mexico. their flight canceled. the airline telling them the next flight they can get them out on is in june. how is that even possible? a lot more news ahead.
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. next tonight, hundreds of americans stranded in mexico, their airline canceling their flight. the next one available? in june? abc's eva pilgrim getting answers tonight. >> reporter: after a spring break in mexico, hundreds of vacationers scrambling for days to get home. >> so, we were panicked, trying to find a place to stay. >> reporter: a weekend blizzard forcing sun country airlines to cancel 40 flights in and out of their minneapolis hub. passengers stunned to be told by e-mail, "you will need to make arrangements on another airline
3:49 pm
for your return flight." >> we paid our money to them. we expected a ride home. >> reporter: the issue, sun country only operates limited seasonal flights to mexico. those canceled flights, the last of the season. the next scheduled flight? in june. sun country saying, "our fleet was already allocated to fly other operations, and unfortunately, we were unable to send additional aircraft without canceling more flights." >> there was a lot of extra expenses on top of the vacation we had already booked. >> reporter: experts say airlines are not required to book you another flight or even a hotel room in this situation. >> flying on a small airline like sun country is very much like renting an airbnb. sometimes it's great and other times you're going to take your chances. >> reporter: sun country refunding fares and now promising to cover other travel costs. the airline saying tonight, in hindsight, they should have sent a rescue flight. david? >> you think? all right,' have eva, thank you coming up next, remembering
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& when her patient's blood pressure drops, she can share the information with... to the index of other news tonight. the neighborhood fire in castle rock, colorado. several houses going up in flames today. strong winds blowing the fire from house to house. no injuries reported. that cause still under investigation tonight. the nationwide manhunt at this hour for that grandmother on the run. police say new surveillance shows her in a hotel in ocala, florida. she's accused of murdering her husband in minnesota and then killing a woman in florida to steal her identity. there is now a reward. and a passing to note tonight. actor harry anderson has died. he was best known for his role as judge harry stone on "night court." he was also a magician and a comedian. he was 65. when we come back tonight, the image of a first-time mom and her newborn son that had a lot of people talking today.
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to save lives. finally tonight here, america strong. the first-time mom and the baby boy. it was love at first sight. the mother holding her newborn at the smithsonian national zoo in washington. moke, right there in mom, calaya's, arms. visitors for the first time today seeing a mother's love for her baby gorilla. moke means "junior" or "little one." he is a western lowland gorilla, the first one born here in nine years. they are critically endangered, fewer than 200,000 left in the world. before moke was born, zookeepers were with mom every step of the way. they would hand-feed her while
3:58 pm
they performed the ultrasound. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: they would see their first glimpse of moke. >> good job, momma. >> reporter: and they never sure if that maternal nature, that instinct, will kick in. so, they prepare mom with photos of bay guy gorillas and the stuffed gorilla. but when it was time, she lifted her baby right into her arms. and a kiss. >> good girl, miss calaya. >> reporter: tonight, the zoo tells us both mother and baby are doing well. moke, right there fast asleep. >> we know how he feels. thanks for watching here on a cau tuesday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> announcer: now from abc 7 live breaking news. and that breaking news is out of san francisco.
3:59 pm
where a san francisco police officer has been injured in a hit-and-run. this is a live look from sky seven over the scene where the suspect car was found. near california street and 26th avenue. >> the original incident happened miles away near eddiy a larkin street. police tracked the suspects across town to the richmond district. >> thank you are for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley in for already larry beil. let's give to vic lee near where the suspect as car was found, vic. >> reporter: well on that the richmond district, 29th avenue and california street to be exact. and behind me you can see the scene here where police have actually caught the car and arrested the suspect. but first let's go to the scene of the hit-and-run accident and the tenderloin. that happened at larkin and eddy streets. enkwen in the tenderloin district around 3:00 this afternoon. an officer we are told was hit by the black mercedes -- by a
4:00 pm
black mercedes i should say. we are told by sources with knowledge of the investigation that the officer was not in uniform. he was not in uniform. but we believe he was a plain clothes officer. so he was crossing the veet and suddenly he was hit by the car. now, let's go to san francisco general, because that's exactly where the officer was taken to be treated for wounds. a lot of officers, a lot of motorcycle cops have arrived at the officer in support of the officer, of course. we are told by another source with information about his condition that he suffered injuries, perhaps to his leg and to his elbow and possibly to his back. but that his condition is not life-threatening. let me repeat that. the officers's condition is not life-threatening. he is in serious but stable condition. now, let's come back to the scene here at


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