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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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bernhard is there life. you have the latest. >> reporter: yeah, dion, the san francisco fire department tells me the cause of the fire is it still under investigation tonight. but take a look. the build building has been red tagged. the red cross helping about a dozen people displaced by the fire. the charred three-unit apartment building, boarded up. now mourning the life of a woman lost hers one neighbor tried to help her. flames lites up the ski. a three alarm fire at this apartment building. sam meyer tried to help his neighbor escape. >> she was standing by the doorway, yelling for water. and i called 911. and that's the last time i saw her. >> everybody is hurtding in the family round. >> raymond garcia remembers his beloved aunt. he identifies her as jess qua castro. >> the whole neighborhood loved her. she was always going around the neighborhoods just talking to everybody. she was an outgoing person.
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>> the fast moving fire claimed her life and quickly engulfed the building with smoke and flames. firefighters attacked from all sides but that wasn't easy. a steep raven create add challenge. >> we ended up having to go into the exposure buildings to attack the fire because there was no way to get into the building becauses it below grade. >> when he she opened the door of the main building if you have ever seen the eye of soren, it looked like fire erupted you arthrothe door. >> the build something red tagged and two homes neighboring were damaged. and a familiar face is nownessing. >> we all knew her. she is a spry little old lady in her mid-to late 70s. >> one neighbor post-ing in sign thanking the firefighters for saving surrounding homes. in san francisco, coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. firefighters had pg&e shut down the power grid in parts of menlo park in atherton because of a serious crash. a driver went off the road
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inther ton early this morning. the crash broke a power pole and live electrical wires fell on the vehicle. menlo fire says it's very unusual to shut off the grid but pg&e crews couldn't get there in time to safely remove the people inside. the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital. their conditions are not known at this time. pg&e has not commented. abc 7 news was in san mateo today after a big rig tipped over and a freeway connector at a major entertaining. the truck's driver says the tractor trailer was loaded with donations for good will. he escaped with minor cuts on his arm. highway patrol officers closed the ramp linking the highway 92 to southbound 101 while a tow truck crew worked to upright the truck. tonight law enforcement is searching for a gunman who killed four at a waffle house in tennessee. police say the number could have been much higher if a good samaritan had not stepped in. here is reporter kim hutcherson.
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>> this luna a tick in a pickup pulled up. he got out with an assault rifle. >> a quiet sunday at this nashville area waffle house interrupted by gunfire. nashville police say this man, 29-year-old travis riengen showed up heavily armed and semi nude. >> he clearly came armed with a lot of fire power intenting to devastate the south nashville area. >> the shooting rampage began 9:45 parking lot where at least two people were killed. >> he shot a customer who was about to go in the door. and then he shot my friend who was trying to get away on the sidewalk. >> then police say the semi naked man moved inside the wolf house and continuesed to fire. >> the people inside the restaurant were very, very shaken. they were in tears. >> a customer inside identified as 29-year-old james shaw jr. wrestled the rifle away from the gunman. >> it seemed like he was either restocking or gun jammed or
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something like that that's in my mind was my one and only opportunity to go for it. >> he saved lives. that is certain we are thankful for his bravery. >> police say the shooter took off running toward a residential area. federal investigators and local authorities spent hours searching on the ground and from the air. >> there is a chance that riengen at this moment is at large with two other weapons. >> kim hutcherson abc 7. people around the world celebrate earth day this weekend started in part by california pliken almost 50 years ago. kate larson caught up with frrm congressman pete mcklosky and joins news lafayette. kate. >> well, dion, the lafayette rest invoice is showing off on this earth day. it was just a few miles away in ornd oi speak to speedy trial mcklosky who represented the 11th district in contra costa helped organize the first earth day in 1970, 48 years ago.
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as a member of the house he put forth the endangered species act passed in 1973. at age 90 he continues to be a champion for the environment and draws parallels between the political climate in 1970 and today. >> congress convened in january of 71 for four years, clean air, clean water, all of coastal zone endangered species the great environmental laws all passed, bipartisan cooperation because the kids like the kids down in that florida school turned out. and they turned out to turn a vote out to an apathetic public. it ushered in 24 years of bipartisan cooperation in the house and senate. >> now to say mcklosky is unhappy with the trump administration would be an understatement. he switched to the democratic party in 2007. he hopes vote he is show up in the fall and vote for the environment. happy earth day.
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back to you. happy pergt day indeed, kate nangs. as we saw in kit's story it was a beautiful day across the bay area. while meantime thousands of people took advantage by enjoying some outdoor food and culture at the 51st annual cherry blossom in japantown. it's still a pleasant night in san francisco and across the bay as we look outside the exploratorium camera. we have wrm weather lingering, meteorologist drew tuma has more on this. drew. hi, dion. wrapping up another warm day across the region. officials high in more than 10 degrees above normal for this time offier. widespread 70s and 80s across the region. a high of 72 in san francisco. 82 in san jose. 77 in oakland. 81 in santa rosa. future tracker temperatures tomorrow morning by 11:00 in the morning already have spots in the 70s so that will create the launching pad for another bodily harm afternoon tomorrow. but this warm weather will not last much longer. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> drew, sounds good. many people stayed inside
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today to watch the warriors trying to advance against the san antonio spurs. abc 7 news was inside rookie sports lodge in downtown san jose with wsh where the dubs fans cheer for the team even though the dubs lost and failed to sweep the opening round. one man still thinks there is a golden lining for the golden state. >> it would be nice to give curry a little bit plor time to get healthiy. at the same time we're not losing so that can happen. >> that fan talked about steph curry expected lack later in the playoffs after hurting his ankle and his knee. sports director larry beil is in the house with his reaction to the game maid in sports. also coming up, a new report highlights the extreme danger the bay area faces if a powerful earthquake hits. and city of san francisco may not even know what's at the greatest risk plus. >> consumers and citizens need to come first. >> the fight your for your
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rights online led by a bay area congressman. his goals for the internet bill of rights. and not one but two incredible recoveries. wait until you see what the poisoned bob cats
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when it comes to earthquakes nearly everyone in the bay area knows a big one is coming. we just don't know when. and now a study finds our region
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is lagging when it comes to retrofitting building. the l.a. times reports san francisco officials don't even have a list of anywhere between two and three thousand concrete buildings needing strengtdening. the the survey found oakland has wood frame apartment buildings at risk of a collapsing. san jose has more than a thousand with a high seismic risk anchts a south bay congressman is pushing an internet bill of rights after let scandal of facebook user information. abc 7 news was in san jose when democrat ro, cona hosted a meeting. he felt compelled to do something after the founder mark zuckerberg testified before congress. >> there was a breech of trust and the public needs to be reassured they can go online and have access to their data, know how their data is being used, limit the use of that data and really trust that their data is being protected. >> cona has not said when the
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internet bill of rights will be written. but he wants to hear from consumers and tech leaders as it's crafted. long shot candidate for the cal student senate is in and the candidate is just nuts. seriously .details on the platform helping the costumed man get elected. >> drew tuma sup next with the accuweather forecast. and? sports we show you the longest at bat in the history of baseball. took place in the giants game. and it's a long flight home for the warriors after a lack will you tell luster
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa.
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a governor for all of california. this week two bobcats sickened with mange last fall were released. wildlife video services show a young people pocket caught in october and check out what she looks like now. you see the beautiful coat, active and ready to run kor cover. a team added wildlife center in silicon valley helped treated the bobcats. this is an adult male captured in november. he rehe eerjed in the sun healthy. wildlife experiments say the cause of the sick inness is
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rodent points. uc berkeley elect add squirrel to the student senate. a sacramento bee says furry boy has been named as a member of the student body. now the campaigning squirrel originally lived on campus and ran on platforms like easier acorn access. but more recently the man behind the campaign sophmore steven boyle posted intentions on facebook. he sometimes wearing wears a squirrel costume and says he is focused on the environment and disabilities along with mental disease. now the accuweather forecast with drew tum eu anchts accuweather wrapping up a weekend filled with warmth, starting off the upcoming week with the warmth but finish with cooler air. live doppler 7 with satellite right now. we are soaked in sunshine across the region. live doppler 7, the active sweep coming up empty handwood moifrtd. the picture outside is beautiful. a live look from the emeryville camera, the sun shimmering off the bay water. the water is calm right now. water temperatures in the upper
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50s. and we have a few high clouds right now on the coastline. but this time of the year you get that warm weather, the sform door begins to close and pollen becomes the main concern. tree pollen right now it's running at high levels. . if you are sniffling and sneezing that's probably which. the main offenders for tree, oak sim more and mulberry, right behind it grass pollen and mold on the rise at moderate levels. with no rain in the forecast to cleanse the atmosphere the next seven days likely the issues will continue. uv index right now running very high. that sun is strong this time of the year. right now it's comfortable evening. 60s ab70s and 80s. 82 the current temperature in cong cord. 78 in froment and san jose. 69 in oakland. 64 in san francisco with a bit of breeze. 78 in santa rosa and sand rafael coming in with a temperature of 77 degrees. here is the call from accuweather, the next 12 hours plenty of stars out there. clear skies, most spots will fall into the 40s the next 12
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hours. those will be the starting temperatures out the door monday morning. hear is the bigger picture. live doppler 7 with satellited really quiet across the west coast. a fau high clouds from time to time in northern california. but high pressure firmly in control that keeps us sunny tomorrow as well. so the 12-hour planner on monday. bright looking day from start to finish. we start out with a lot of spots in the 40s. but the sun is going to be effective at warming us up. by 4:00 once again temperatures abovage average for this time of year. back to the 70s and 80s we go away from the coverts. highs in the microchmt climate starting in south bay san jose warm. up to 87 in gilroy, 82 the high in cupertino. along the peninsula. 79 the high in palo alto. 73 in san mateo. breezy on the coast. 63 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco, mild, 72 degrees cooler right along the coastline pl daly city a high of 63 and breezy. 80 the high in novato.
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81 in insomnia an. 85 in cloverdale. the east bay it's mild, brit, 77 for oakland. 78 for fremont, 73 in berkeley and inland warm into the mid-80s. 83fare livermore. 84 for san ramon. we have the nats in townment 64 for first pitch pap wrapping up in the upper 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast warm on monday. fog returns on tuesday. all eyes on thursday as is cooler air arrives. by friday a slight chance of shower in the north bay. now abc 7 sports with larry beil. warrior coach steve kerr talks about needing the appropriate fear of your opponent. . the warriors showed none today as they went for a sweep of the spurs in san antonio. our stage manager john bennett he was sweeping and throw it down in disgust. a cameo by jb is always a good.
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javale mcgee with a gift are for ruddy. murray all alone for the three balm. spurs by 14 at the half. third quarter request. javale. look at he is 7 feet tall and euro stepping. 7 points and 7 opponents fwoords por the big man manu ginobili. still dangerous. nice take there. spurs up by as many as 17. the charge kevin durant in the fourth quarter finishwood 34 down to a two-point game. the back breaker is here. lamarcus aldridge, the bank is open. the prayer is answered. are you kidding me? the spurs force a game 5 on tuesday back added oracle 103-90 is the final. >> tough to get off to a start like that think our you're bouncing back against a team like that. nonetheless there was several plays and moments throughout the game we lost that game. it wasn't just the first five.
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>> you guys seen a box score. >> we rebounded and got crushed. lost by 13 points weird game. >> we needed it. we didn't want to go down four zero. got to win. happy. now we have to feel good about the win and tomorrow we start thinking about game five. >> they made the playoffs in the western conference. spurs are great, graetd coached team, organization. they're going to complete. play with a lot of pride. you give them easy looks and they just -- they are get to going. >> game five tuesday added oracle. pace of play, big issue in baseball niece days. brandon belt today recorded the longest at bat in history. yes. in the giants game in anaheim first inning, belt against himey barria. a mlb record 21 pitch at bat that lasted almost 13 minutes. we i had at this timed down to 19 swings.
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only three balls were thrown in the at about a bat. 16 two strike foul balls wednesday a fly ball to the right. barria pulled in the third his replacement ramirez gives up a two--run gory evan longery. in the fifth belt this is a more modest nine pitch at bat. and this ends up in the bleachers. he has four home erps in the last four games. that made it 4-0. johnny cueto dealing had a no hitter until the sixth. bases loaded and one out gets luis on the dpf squat o giants win 4-2. 3 hours and 44 minutes heerp is belt on the long at bat. >> i couldn't see that well because it's so fight and i wanted to fight and say stay in the at bat. i worked up a sweat out there. but, you know it was worth it i guess. and not exactly the record i guess i'd love to be a part of but not the worst either.
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>> and giants game through. a's and red socks sean manaea pitched a no hater could daniel manageden repeat in no. >> sfruk out five. david price working on a gem two outs bottom half of the eighth. crush davis his sixth of the year makes it 4-1 oakland. blake gets the wp a pop. lookout. matt olson snares it. a's win 4-1. take two out of three as the sox lose the first series fundamental season. boston came into oekds oakland with a 16-2 record best team in baseball. and the a of an playing good ball right now. >> yesterday was pretty epic. >> sean manaea. history. >> larry, thanks. just ahead, the speaker rattling movie rampage rocked theaters as the box offic
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ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. >> announcer: superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minnesota by minute forecasts plus real time radar and alert. keeping you safe. search accuweather in the app store and download now. tonight on abc 7 news at
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9:00 over on coffey tv 20. >> it's taking away our choice as parents and kids. >> they're not fans of a proposed ban on tackle football in california. the effort to keep kids in the game. and at 11:00 on abc 7, the man detained more than a day at sfo says he wasn't treated fairly by customs and border patrol what he dlims he did to him. right now the box office is down two% compared to last year but that could change after next weekend when the avengers return to theaters. this weekend a former number one returns back to the top. a quiet place has now earned $132 million. despite just a $17 million budget. now in the third weekend a quiet place earned $22 million. rampage came in second with shh 21 mm amy schumer come difficulty feel pretdy debuted in third appear supertrooper two the prekwek to the cult classic debuted in fourth and truth or dare came in fichgt.
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this week marvel and jimmy kimmel plan add superhero cross over with lots of scar. infinity wheres pg appearing on his show. you can watcher him live at 11 could 35 amp abc 7 news at 11:00. >> i can't wait to see that movie. >> it's on my list. along with. >> wonder woman. >> no, no, no, shoot the movie that everybody on the plan edit has seen. "black panther." "black panther," right. >> awesome you have to see that. >> a lot of
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're learning how one health initiative is making an impact to the bay area. >> healthier together is an opportunity to develop a more educated public. >> then, one city has it all -- entertainment, education, innovation, and great weather. >> we really worked together to collaborate to bring different things into the city. plus, five healthy snacks that will take only minutes to prepare. >> just relying on real whole ingredients, you're halfway there. >> and simple ways to add color and style to your living room. >> so, right now, we're gonna move these tables out of the way, and we're gonna watch this room go from blah to voilĂ . >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers.


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