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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 4, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with live doppler 7. no green, no rain. notice the gray, the clouds not nearly as thick or widespread. we have a little fog across the north bay. i'll take a look at that coming up. first i want to show you this absolutely stunning sunrise developing from mt. tamalpais. i'll put this on social media coming up. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s at 7:00. mid to upper 50s at the coast. we go from 66 to 73 to 50s, 60s and 70s at what about this morning, alex i is? >> westbound highway 4 a rollover crash. the backup not improving over the last 20 minutes or so since the lanes reopened. could be just those volumes filling in and really the original backup not having much time to clear out. certainly expect delays there. westbound 205 to mountain house
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parkway in tracy, reports of a motorcycle down blocking the left lane. we also have a crash in the north bay. we'll head there about 6:10. the owners of the san jose sharks are suing b.a.r.t. >> trying to delay the extension into downtown san jose and santa clara. matt keller tracking the story at the millbrae b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: good morning. the sharks are out of town tonight. they're in las vegas taking on the golden knights for game five of the playoff series there. we also just learned that the sharks have a couple of other opponents, vta and b.a.r.t. that battle is going to be taking place inside a courtroom. the owners of the san jose sharks are suing b.a.r.t. and the santa clara valley transportation authority, alleging they haven't planned for appropriate construction and parking.
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they want more details on construction i'm pangts and parking issues. vta declined to comment saying they hadn't had time yet to review the lawsuit. live in millbrae, matt keller, abc 7 news. 6:02 now. two men face jail time after pleading guilty to cheating on soil samples during the cleanup of the hunters point naval shipyard in san francisco. >> the two were employed by tetra tech to take samples and send off to a laboratory to see if it was radioactive. they substituted clean dirt taken from other areas of the naval base. each man faces eight months in prison. tetra tech says it will pu all legal action. rebuilding your home after the north bay wildfires is hard enough, but having to deal with thieves adds insult to injury. that's the case in santa rosa at willow green place. thieves have broken into several
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trailers stealing tools and material from construction crews. the share ref's department, community members and construction companies are working together. >> we should be out there building homes for these people that lost their homes, and it sucks that they're taking away our ability to do our job. >> i think everybody will chip in and watch out for each other. it's a good community. >> despite the thefts, the timeline for recovery hasn't changed. the first home should be finished by june. the suspects in the bizarre killing of an sfo employee gave jailhouse interviews to abc 7 news. kevin prasad and donovan rivera accused of killing mark mangaccat. rivera opened up saying he had no idea prasad had a gun or a romantic interest in mangaccat's fiancee.
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the family of a homeless man killed by two san francisco police officers is demanding to know why the district attorney hasn't made a decision about charging those officers. he died more than two years ago in the shooting near shotwell and 19th street. yesterday his family delivered a letter to the d.a. asking for an explanation. when they met with him in february he said he would make a decision within six to eight weeks. milpitas police arrested a dance instructor. raymond chen is a creative dance center at the fantasia is r performing arts center. a 16-year-old said he sexually assault ld her when she was just 10. an investigation turned up four additional victims. new details involving michael cohen. >> sources tell abc news federal investigators have been tracking his phone calls before the fbi
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raided cohen's home, office and know tell room in new york last month. they were using a tool called pen register. investigators could see who he was calling and who was calling him. but it's not technically wiretapping. they weren't listening to any conversations. it's all part of a growing criminal investigation looking in part at possible secret deals made during the campaign to protect donald trump. the white house would not say if cohen is still the president's attorney. >> i'm not aware of specific places where he's representing the president. >> sources tell abc news cohen and the president spoke days after the raids, meaning that phone call could be on investigators' radar. a man spent a year in jail because he couldn't afford bail is a about to walk free. new images show just how bad the damage was to the southwest airlines jet after its engine exploded mid flight. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. want to show you that stunning sunrise that's developing once again. stop and take a look at the clouds that have opened in your
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neighborhood. the cloud deck is a lot less this morning. that means more sunshine and temperatures five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday. i'll let you know if it lasts through the weekend. at 6:06. at 6:06. taking a liv because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
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snap pa had visibility down to three miles earlier. so far it's moved out and spread away. temperatures running in the upper 40s to low 50s through most of the north bay. check out novato. cooler in mill valley at 44. american canyon down to 49. 47 in cupertino. most of us around the bay and south bay in the low to mid 70s. for the etch boos today, brighter but cool. it will be the warmest day of the next three. if you're out on the bay, light breezes, pretty tranquil out there. out and about, pretty comfortable. as far as the south bay, you can see the warm stretch from noon starting at 71 to about 7:00 when we're still about 70. before that, 55 this morning to
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65 at 8:00. our last stop will be san francisco where we'll hit the upper 50s from lunch all the way through 6:00. enjoy the extra sunshine. how about the commute this morning. we have quite a few trouble spots to get to including northbound 101 just south of that 580 interchange in marin county as you approach the san rafael area, a four to five-car crash in the two right lanes. sounds like no serious injuries. they're working on moving all those vehicles off the roadway now. not much of a backup approaching that. we're seeing delays westbound 580 across the richmond-san rafael bridge, down to nine miles an hour. they have crews painting on the shoulder. backups through the maze, metering lights on at 5:33 today. a closer look at how serious the damage was to a southwest airlines engine that exploded mid flight. the national transportation safety board released several photos as they continue to investigate. one photo shows the damage
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inflicted to the front edge of the left wing. according to investigators, the pilots struggled to handle the plane after an engine blew apart at 32,000 feet. engine fragments broke a window. investigators say other blades in the engine were nicked but showed no signs of cracking. a woman was killed during the accident. 6:11 now. amazon could have the solution to finding clothes that fit online. a bizarre incident on a massachusetts freeway. one man stopping traffic to ask a bus driver a question. as we head to break, a live look outside at sfo. people everywhere are confusing quilted northern for robes. they're both cushiony, comforting, and add elegance to your home. but quilted northern is n a robe. it's just really nice toilet paper. love is what inspires me. love is being awakened by a kiss.
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welcome back. this story has a lot o people talking because for the first time in more than seven decades, the nobel prize in literature will not be awarded. it's all because the swedish academy is embroiled in sex abuse allegations. i want to show you the tweet sent out overnight while you were sleepingist has tarnished the reputation. the academy says they're going to give out this year's prize next year, the 2018 prize will only be awarded in 2019. they're hoping that's enough time to restore public confidence. get this, it will be the first time since 1943 during world w
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ii the distinguished award is not handed out. a man in san francisco whose criminal case inspired a landmark ruling on cash bail will be released from custody. 64-year-old kenneth humphrey is accused of stealing $5.0 and a bottle of cologne from his neighbor. he spent a year in jail because he can't afford to post a $350,000 bail. the state's first district court of appeal says a judge must consider a defendant's finances when setting bail. imagine getting clothes that fit perfectly without ever actually trying them on. amazon is experimenting with 3d scanners to help you virtually try it before you buy it. >> it can make sure that you actually get the size of clothing that you need, get the exact fit that you want and also you won't have to return so much stuff as you're shopping online. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., "good morning america" will have more, including how echo can be used with that 3d technology.
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>> isn't that scanner pretty much like going through airport security. a bear in north north north broke into a home. police want to remind everyone to make sure you lock up your food inside and outside of your house, even though this bear looks quite cute, we bet it can do some damage. >> you don't want that. >> no. >> how are we doing today weatherwise. looks like -- i see a nice sunrise coming up. >> let's you what's going on. we'll map out the next seven days. your accuweather seven-day forecast starting now, as we're never more than seven minutes away. underneath the cloud deck. it looks gray from emeryville towards san francisco. above it, this one is from sutro
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tower. you can see a gorgeous sunrise developing as we continue to illuminate the underside of the high cirrous clouds. the marine layer is so much lower today. because of that, it's going away so much quicker. that's why we'll have the warming trend. i think it will be the warmest day this week. more clouds, cool tonight. we'll have a dry weekend. the sea breeze and marine layer will become a little more stout. that's going to drop our temperatures. watch how quickly the clouds fade. 7:00, you can see the gray over most of our neighborhoods. retreated really rapidly. hit the coast by noon and stays there through 4:00. even 7:00 this evening it has a hard time making that turn and starting to head towards the east. let's see what it does to our temperatures. down in the south bay mainly mid to upper 70s, morgan hill and gilroy, low to mid 80s. millbrae at 67. we'll flirt with 60 along the coast to mid 60s in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid 70s through most of the
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north bay. ukiah 81. upper 60s in berkeley. oakland low to mid 70s elsewhere. my accuweather forecast, two days of cooling, warm again monday, two days of cooling, warm again thursday. here is alexis. heading back to the richmond-san rafael bridge. the westbound side of 580 pretty heavy starting right here as you approach the toll plaza all the way out to about the midspan. i have a couple of users saying the right lane is blocked. we called caltrans to confirm. they said they have workers doing painter on the shoulder, definitely early delays there. a sig alert in the tri-valley. eastbound r5 80 before schaffer ranch, we have a crash involving a semi, calling for absorbant. the huge backup is the
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countercommute side. crash at 4 at conservativery bay, the crash is long gone. a bizarre incident on a boston area highway. a man stopped in the middle of the highway. he got out of his car and he climbed onto the hood of a school bus. the bus driver's family says the man was shouting why are your windows so dark. he tried to get on the bus, the driver wouldn't open the door. no students were on board. police say they've identified the man but have not pressed charges. the reason for that outburst is still being investigated? an iconic broadway show makes its debut in san francisco this weekend. we have details coming up next. a police officer caught on camera kicking a man in the head. the action now being taken. a live look from our east bay hills camera looking back at the city, what you can see of it. it is so foggy this morning. we'll be right back.
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music♪ [freeway traffic] [angrily] it wasn't my fault that guy was texting! chp officer: does it matter? don't be dead wrong or dead right. survive the ride!
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rob marciano is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead on "good morning america." >> great to be with you on this friday. coming up on gma, the vol kang
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noe rupgs in hawaii. laf have shooting through the cracks and fissures there. evacuations, over 1,000 under way. dangerous conditions there. we'll tell you what safety measures are being taken. also ahead, inexpensive chargers could be harming your iphone. millions of fake apple cables, we'll worry about that and what they mean for your phone, how you can protect it and who is at risk. may the 4th be with you. celebrating star wars day with director ron howard. he'll be talking about the newest movie in the franchise and the epic fandom that surrounds it. there are star troopers here guys. it is a big, big deal. cinco de mayo tomorrow. we've got run for the roses. ginger is back monday from maternity leave.
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see etta da my i don't, back to full strength in the weather department. >> rob, i have a quick thing to ask you. so our weather guy in the morning, mike, he decided to not do an impression of chewbacca this morning. i'm wondering if you have a chewbacca impression you would like to bestow upon us. >> one of the reasons that he and i both have a job is because we don't do those impressions. >> ah! >> thank you anyway. we appreciate your spirit. >> see you guys. >> mike, what do we have to do? >> i love him. we're in sync. we're not going to be the butt of your jokes today. overachieving, that's our temperatures. except in san francisco where we're average. everyone else one to seven degrees warmer than average.
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i'm finished. all right. i'll keep talking -- there you are. >> you are making plans this weekend, we partnered with hoodline to bring you the best of bay area events. a broad way show in san francisco. natasha got the chance to go backstage at "the color purple". ♪ a song i've never heard ♪ i guess that means that you are just too beautiful for words ♪ >> the iconic show she describes as a love story between two sisters. the actress took us behind the scenes to her dressing room to see the family photos, personal poems and all the secrets you don't see on stage. every night she has to stow her engagement ring in this orange pouch to trance before she
6:26 am
trance forms into nettie. >> if you could go back and give your 15-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be? >> i still think about that question. i still think about that question. you are truly loved and you're truly supported and that you're somebody's, and that's all you need. >> "the color purple" roughens through the 27th. we posted the whole dressing room interview on what it took to get here. we posted it on our website, there's a lot more to do. if you're ooh mac and cheese lover head to napa and learn how to make the perfect mac and cheese, even how to hide veggies picked fresh from the garden. we haven't forgotten about cinco de mayo. the biggest pub crawl.
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how great is she? >> i love her. i love that show. can't wait to see it. next at 6:30, the third lane on the ridge mond bridge has been open for two weeks. we're learning it's helping ease the afternoon commute. the afternoon commute. the crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, the afternoon commute. the passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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good morning. it's friday, may 4th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. it's gray to start but won't stay that way. >> no. it's going to be sunny today and a little warmer. going back to the future a little bit here and trying to get some of that warm temperature before a cooling trend heads in. we'll have all that in the accuweather forecast. you can see the breezes all pointing to the east once again. not as fast as they were, nor is the marine layer as deep. the cloud cover, the gray, it's definitely broken. that shows up in your accuweather 12-hour planner. away from the coast 66 to 72, 73 to 80 at 4:00. significantly warmer and still 50s at the coast at 7:00. looks like a great evening shaping up. how about the morning commute? >> we've got a few trouble spots including a sig alert in the tri-valley. the eastbound side of 580. if it were westbound, we'd have major delays.
6:31 am
a mile backup approaching the incident. eastbound 580 before schaeffer ranch road. a vehicle and semi got tangled. it is the far left lane. they're working to clear that, but probably going to take a while to get all those lanes back open. westbound 205 off-ramp to mountain house parkway, reports of a motorcycle down blocking the left lane of the ramp. we'll take a look at drive times coming up at 6:20. we are following breaking national news this morning. an atf agent in chicago has been shot and is critically hurt. right now there is still a search for a suspect under way. it's a huge manhunt going on. our abc sister station in chicago is reporting the agent was shot in the head during an undercover federal investigation. atf was working with a chicago police task force as well. you can see the major crime scene overnight and it's still
6:32 am
the same scene right now as the sun comes up. no other agents or officers were critically hurt. we hope to get a little better information as the day goes on. federal government is actually taking the lead role in this investigation. back to you. 6:32 now. this morning people in mill valley trying to figure out a motive for a shooting that killed one person and left the accused 80-year-old gunman dead. >> the shooting caused chaos at an apartment building as people were running from the gunfire. abc 7's amy hollyfield live in mill valley. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. the sheriff's office says the detectives worked all night. they cleared the scene this morning. the apartment complex is quiet. take a look at what was happening yesterday, just terrifying the residents here. the call came in just before 3:30 in the afternoon of an active shooter, just west of highway 101. officers helped some residents escape. they also issued a shelter in
6:33 am
place order for the surrounding neighborhood. one woman said the old man who lived in the unit under her shot the landlord and his daughter. residents say it is very quiet here and safe. >> this is mill valley. i wouldn't expect anything crazy to happen here. one minute later, i see a chp officer running down the street with an unconscious woman draped over his shoulder. >> reporter: look at this dramatic moment captured by sky 7 of the s.w.a.t. team barging into the unit where the suspect was hiding. they found him dead from a gunshot wound. residents say he was in his 80s. the woman he shot also died. the man that he shot is in intensive care at the hospital. police have not released their names or a possible motive, but tell us a press release will be issued sometime this morning. live in mill valley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
6:34 am
>> thank you, amy. a sunken sailboat in pacifica is now a hazard to surfers. the owners say they don't have the money to remove it. the boat ran aground last weekend at linda mar beach. it sank during a recovery effort on wednesday. the four-person crew is stuck in a hotel room living on donations. they say sea conditions overwhelmed them. >> it wasn't really a matter of running aground so much as we were pushed aground. once the rip tides cause us in the bay, they just pushed us faster and faster. >> the boat is barely visible in the water and moving with the tides. it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to remove that wreckage. in the north bay 42 pigs are safe after flames came dangerously close to them inside a high school barn at santa rosa high school. the press democrat reports flames were spotted in the eves. crews put out the flames in about 11 minutes. officials say only hay, sawdust
6:35 am
and shelving ended up being burned. they don't know the exact cause but they say there were heat lamps to keep the animals warm. joseph james deangelo accused of being the golden state killer. yesterday a judge ruled prosecutors may collect additional dna that may further connect him to the laundry list of murders and rapes he is accused of. 2020 interviewed a cold case detective who became obsessed with the golden state killer. >> you knew he was a former police officer? >> yes. >> how alarming was that? >> me being a law enforcement officer, it was sickening, thinking that somebody would hide behind the badge and commit these types of attacks. that is about as duplicitous that you could possibly imagine. >> 2020's special report on the golden state killer airs tonight at 10:00 on abc 7. a miami police officer is
6:36 am
suspended after a video emerged appeared to show him kicking a car thief suspect in the head during an arrest. a witness says the suspect was already handcuffed. >> he put his hands up like this and got on his knees. then the police told him lay down, lay down, lay down. he laid down. seconds after that here comes the other police running, and hit him in the face like he was a football. >> the state attorney's office is launching its own investigation. 6:36. happening today, president trump will address a gathering of the national rifle association. >> more than 70,000 nra members are meeting in dallas. this will be mr. trump's fourth visit to the convention. the event is drawing protests including by people who lost loved ones to gun violence. i've been watching this situation for you throughout the morning. things happening in hawaii. 1,800 people have been evacuated on the big island. it's because of this, the kilauea volcano erupting
6:37 am
overnight. look at this closely. that's lava bubbling up from a crack on a street. there are streets closed on the big island. magma spreading across the island two residential areas. you can see it coming up here through the crack on the side of a mountain. the national guard has been activated this morning. fema also mobilizing its resources to help out that state. so far no injuries have been reported. the eruption actually happened a few hours after a magnitude 5 earthquake shook the big island. back to you. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we've got one lone city, one neighborhood in the south bay in the 40s. los altos hills at 47. los gatos at 59. gives you an idea how much warmer the air mass is now compared to this time yesterday. it will take time for the sun to get our warming going which will start much faster than it did yesterday. it took forever for the clouds to dissipate. not today. temperatures in the upper 40s in
6:38 am
a lot of inland neighborhoods. low to mid 50s around the bay and out towards the coast. here is a look at the western span of the bay bridge. it looks pretty dry. not too foggy. that's the way it's going to be. ferry ta r getting the kids reag will be one of the days where they'll shed the layers. from 49 to 53 this morning, 57 at the coast to nearly 80 inland by 3:00. in fact, check out the temperatures in the east bay. 72 by noon to 82 by 4:00 and a great evening on the way. 8:00, still you don't need a jacket and 69 degrees. i'll bring alexis in here to talk about unfortunately not friday light. you've been seeing a lot of incidents this morning. >> we have had quite a few. we'll head to the bay bridge toll plaza where we had a minor crash. before you get to the metering lights, they were able to make
6:39 am
it off to the right shoulder. i say lighter than monday through friday, there are definitely less folks on the roads today. a quick check of our sig alert in the tri-valley. this is the eastbound side of 580 before you get to schaffer ranch. a two-car kran ch involving a semi. they are calling for more absorbing agents. that far left lane is blocked. the backup closer to two miles. even though it's on the countercommute side, we're seeing delays. southbound 101 across golden gate bridge, in the green about six minutes. 23 across the bay bridge. that's stop-and-go. westbound san mateo bridge, in the green at 14 minutes. two weeks ago a third lane was opened up on the richmond-san rafael bridge to ease traffic. apparently it's a rousing success. data collected by the metropolitan transportation commission calculates roughly 2500 hours in savings every day for drivers between 2:00 and
6:40 am
7:00 p.m. attention is directed to the closed westbound third lane to see if opening it up to cars will be feasible. the foods that could improve your chances to get pregnant. >> a warning about the iphone charging cable so many of us pick up at gas stations, the convenience store, amazon, they could damage your phone. we
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we are coming up on 6:43 on this friday. check out the warm spreading across the state. nearly 100 in palm springs, sunshine 77 in san diego, 84 in l.a. mid 80s to 90. sunshine and 64 in monterey. 78 in yosemite. look at all the melting that is taking place, and more is on the way. mid 60s to 70s dominate accuweather forecast for tahoe. a new lawsuit threatening to delay b.a.r.t.'s extension into downtown share. >> the challenge is coming from the owners of the san jose sharks. abc 7's matt keller tracking the story from the millbrae b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is hoping to take sharks fans from across the bay area into downtown san jose directly to the
6:44 am
they want more details on the big plan before they move forward, and that's why they're filing a lawsuit. b.a.r.t. recently announced approval of the extension into downtown san jose. now the owners of the san jose sharks alleging b.a.r.t. and vta haven't planned properly for construction and parking. the mercury news say the owners support b.a.r.t. coming to san jose but want more details on construction impacts and parking issues. vta declined meant to the mercury news saying they hadn't had time yet to review the lawsuit. live in millbrae, matt keller, abc 7 news. 6:44. new details on uc berkeley's plan to renovate people's park. people's park the site of anti-war protests in the 60s, currently a haven for people who are homeless and drug users. earlier this week we reported the university plans to build student housing at the site. now we know there's also plans for permanent supportive housing for the homeless. there will be a marker honoring the park's legacy and recreational space. pg&e is making less money.
6:45 am
it's blaming the north bay wildfires. in an earnings report yesterday, the company said its earnings were down because of costs related to the fires. the company still made $442 million in the last quarter. pg&e is also facing several lawsuits which blame the company's equipment for causing the fires. the caution has not yet been determined. now to your morning money report, we spend so much time on our iphones, one of the biggest concerns is keeping them fully charged. >> how do you know if the charging cable is legit. apple has a certification program called made for iphone, mfi for short. even if the box the cable comes in says mfi certified, oftentimes it's not. >> you could be lucky your entire life. but that one time that a noisy voltage goes up the cable and damages the inside of your phone, the phone may be totally
6:46 am
dead. >> experts say the best bet is get your table at an apple store despite the cost. gma has a full investigation on cable chargers coming up 579:00 a.m. anheuser-busch is going green. budweis budweiser's parent company ordered 800 of these zero emission trucks. they're switching all their trucks to hydrogen electric power by 2025. a quick check of stocks from my live desk this morning. you see things evening out. the dow jones industrial average down 15 points, better than when we showed you last time. this comes amid the new jobs report that was released this morning showing an unemployment rate of 3.9%. that's the lowest since december 2000. things evening out like i said. we'll see if it gets back in the green later today. i do also want to show you this that i've been tracking at our live desk. chinese commerce giant al
6:47 am
alibaba putting out a stronger than predicted earnings report. if you're a woman trying to get pregnant, it may be a good idea to eat more frut. that's the advice of researchers who followed nearly 5,600 women who wanted to conceive. those who ate fruit less than three times a month took a month longer than those who fraet fruit three or more times a day. interestingly eating greenleaf fi veggies made no difference in this study. luck cass film and disney, the parent company of abc 7 want you to break out your best chewbacca impression for charity. >> roar for change is tied to the release of "solo, a star wars story." here is director ron howard.
6:48 am
>> just record and upload your very best chewy roar. vote, like or share using #roarforchange. >> $1.00 donated to unicef for each post, like or share. it's out may 25th. so you have until then. >> it doesn't have to be a good an impression, just your best attempt. this is a little depressing. 1078 schools are ditching traditional clocks for digital ones because students are struggling to tell the time. >> apparently a real problem in the uk. according to british media, schools are removing analog clobs from examination hauls because teens are complaining they can't read them. traditional clocks are causing unnecessary stress so students are having trouble concentrating during their exams. the bottom line, educators san jose kids have simply become accustomed to using their phones, their computers and digital devices to tell the time. >> if i tell you look to 3:00, they're not going to know, not
6:49 am
going to know those expressions. >> how are you going to do calculus but not be able to tell the time on your watch? >> i thought what you always like to say, we're not doing well as a species. this is another example we're going downhill fast. >> it is. so enjoy the day while you have it, right, mike? >> nobody has time to figure out what that clock is telling them. it's got three hands on it, for heaven's sake. >> the struggle is real. am i the only one? >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is a look from mt. tamalpais. you can see a bright day waiting for us. a few high clouds. the marine layer is not as thick as it was yesterday. walnut creek already seeing the sunshine. warmer temperatures because of the extra sunshine. cool, mostly cloudy tonight. seasonal to above averages through my accuweather forecast. the low clouds are in the dark. see the whiter, whiter clouds,
6:50 am
those are the high clouds that will replace it. we'll have a little high cloudiness, but not enough to stop the temperature surge. 64 in downtown san francisco. that's spot on for this time of year. warmer in the mission at 66. coomer in balboa park about 60. in the east bay we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid 70s except for oakland and berkley. low to mid 70s here. millbrae behind at 67. the coast around 60 degrees. you will see more same thing in the south bay until you get to gilroy and morgan hill. san jose you'll top out at 78. that's above average. in our inland east bay neighborhoods, we'll flirt with 80 just about everywhere. antioch warmer at 83. tonight, you can see the clouds returning to most neighborhoods, upper 40s to mid 50s once again. here is my accuweather forecast. what you'll see is a warming trend, two days of cooling, warming trend monday, two days
6:51 am
of cooling, warming trend thursday. definitely dry all seven days. >> i want to take you back to the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge where we had heavy traffic approaching the toll plaza and out onto the midspan about 30 minutes ago. we had workers doing some painting work there on the right shoulder. caltrans said no lanes were blocked. we had a significant backup. looks like they're either gone or things have improved and things -- westbound 4 at broadway, someone changing a tire. that's partially blocking the right lane. we have our sig alert on the eastbound side of 580 before schaffer ranch road. smaller vehicle and a semi got tangled up. no estimate on when those lanes will reopen. next traffic update coming up just before 7:00. at&t and time warner want a judge to allow their $85 billion merger to go through without any conditions whatsoever. the companies made the request in a brooef filed at the end of
6:52 am
a trial brought by the department of justice. the doj argues the proposed merger would harm competition and drive up prices. the companies say they need the merger in order to better compete with the likes of netflix and facebook and google and apple. california voters will head to the ballot boxes this november for key contests. >> one of them could be about paint. three national paint companies including sherwin williams are trying to overturn a court order forcing them to pay $700 million to clean up and remove lead paint from homes. they say the ruling would red tag millions of homes and make homeowners potentially liable for cleanup. child advocates are saying the paint companies are spreading false information. >> this is a court of appeal finding that three major companies knowingly put poison in the homes of californians and knew that they were risking permanent damage to untold
6:53 am
numbers of children. >> "the l.a. times" reports the paint companies have started submitting signatures for an initiative on the november ballot to get rid of the court order. instead of the $2 billio taxpayer funded bond would pay for the cleanup. chevron will pay richmond $5 million for this massive refinery fire in 2012. city officials say chevron is not admitting fault for the fire and chevron is not forced to make any changes to the refinery. richmond plans to use the money for a number of infrastructure projects. the fire causes thousands to seek treatment. here is what chevron tells abc 7 news, it believes the settlement is a fair resolution and looks forward to continuing a cooperative relationship. this is interesting, the world's best pro surfers will be in the central valley, 100 miles from the nearest beach for a competition broadcast on national tv. the two day founder's cup will take place on a man made lagoon
6:54 am
created by world champion surfer kelly slater. his 140-acre surf ranch is a one-of-a-kind high-tech wave pool. >> nothing like it in the world. when we come out and create the perfect wave and push every single time a special wave for our surfers is get on, it creates a consistent environment for them to compete against. >> the surf ranch uses 15 million gallons of water, 2,000 feet in length. it allows surfers to ride for 45 seconds each and every time. that's double the length of anything they would find in the ocean. >> and no sharks. >> added benefit. the stakes are high in the wackiest pet names of 2018. >> you're not ready for this name. isabella miss worldwide boo-boo from san jose. the pit bull pup was the top dog in this year's nationwide insurance naming contest. they looked to twilight for the first part of the name,
6:55 am
isabella. then she thought of the rapper pit bull who goes by the name mr. worldwide. isabella was born on halloween. her name was completed with a scary theme to get boo-boo. she was chosen from more than 700,000 insured pets in nationwide's database by public vote. so congrats.
6:56 am
♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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6:58. here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. we got word the atf agent shot in chicago is expected to make a full recovery. a manhunt is under way to find a suspect. number two, the motive behind a deadly shooting in mill valley is still a mystery. investigators say an 80-year-old man shot two people at an apartment complex yesterday. a woman died. b.a.r.t. and the vta facing a lawsuit filed by the sharks over its planned extension into downtown san jose. the mercury news reports the shark's ownership allege b.a.r.t. and vta have not planned properly for construction and parking along sap center. sources say federal
6:59 am
investigators were tracking michael cohen's phone calls in the days before his home and office were raided. number five, my accuweather 12-hour planner, not as much cloud cover to deal with this morning. that means more sunshine and we're shedding the jackets this afternoon away from the coast as we hit the 70s and 80s. >> our biggest issue right now, sig alert in dublin, eastbound 580, the backup continues to grow from a crash before schaffer ranch. that's blocking the left lane. yeah, you're down to about 15 miles an hour. it is star wars day, gma is celebrating with storm troopers and director ron howard may the 4th be with you. >> what's your favorite star wars movie? >> the empire strikes back. >> is it? >> probably. >> return of the jedi for me. i think it's the first movie i
7:00 am
ever saw in the theater. >> that's a good one. >> you good morning, america. breaking news, massive eruption. hawaii's kilauea volcano bursting, shooting lava into the sky and flowing through the streets. roads cracking. nearly 2,000 people told to evacuate. the emergency right now. also this morning, the new revelation that phone calls of president trump's personal attorney michael cohen were tracked. federal investigators monitored who he was talking to ahead of that raid and now the white house under fire. what did they know about paying off stormy daniels and when? the investigation right now, a miami police officer caught on camera running and kicking a suspect in the head while he was already handcuffed on the ground. school bus confrontation. the terrifying moment this driver stops in the middle of the street climbing right onto


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