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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 7, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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no fog. a little sea breeze out there. we're going to have total sunshine today, and we'll build upon yesterday's slight warming trend. starting out this morning 49 to about 54 at 7:00. the coast, a little sea breeze for you. you'll stay in the 50s to near 60. temperatures average at noon bay and inland, 69 to 72. by 4:00, 73 around the bay. may need the air conditioner as you're driving around this afternoon and early evening hours. by the time we get to 7:00, it gets comfortable. 56 at the coast. upper 60s for the bay and inland neighborhoods. we'll take a look at the accuweather forecast. we've got warmer weather coming for the weekend. here is alexis. >> looking forward to it. so far so good for the monday morning commute. looking live at walnut creek, southbound 680 towards highway 24, no blocking issues and light volume this morning. a quick check of drive times, westbound 580 trace si to dublin, that's our slow spot, 35
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minutes. soub 680 dublin to mission at 15 minutes and highway 101 to cupertino in the green at 15 minutes. happening right now, a massive strike is under way that could impact medical care. at ucsf 300 surgeries have been canceled. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the car nas sass campus. >> you can tell something is happening here. they've got barricades in front of the hospital on the par nas suss campus. they're planning to hit the picket line, about 52,000 workers walking off the job across the state of california. here they have canceled more than 300 surgeries and 12,000 appointments and outpatient procedures have all been canceled. they have brought in replacement
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workers and they've been training them. they'd be around to treat emergencies and handle baby deliveries. there will be procedures happening here. we did speak to a union representative about the strike and we also talked to the hospital about preparations. >> these are basically lower -- the lowest wage workers here at the university, as well as middle class workers at the university bearing witness to this rising inequality and increase in outsourcing. >> the number one concern at this moment is our patients. we will do everything possible to make sure they have a seamless transition. we are very, very cognizant of our patients and their needs and are on top of it. >> this is a three-day-long strike. you'll not only see the, woulders fighting for a contractor. you'll also see sympathy workers hitting the picket line including nurses. the nurses union voted to
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support the strike tomorrow. if you have questions about how this will impact you, be sure to call your health care provider. amy hollyfield, abc 7 activity at the kilauea volcano in hawaii's big at least 31 buildings destroyed, most of them are homes. this drone video shows the lava flow spewing from the ground near the volcano. the lava is soaring into the air 300 feet high. in addition to lava, toxic sulfur dioxide is at leather concentrations. 1800 people have been forced to flee their homes. meanwhile hundreds of small quakes continue to jolt the area. scientists are warning this event is far from over. they say more earthquakes and rerupgss are likely. ill be be tracking things for you throughout the morning. san jose went three months
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without a homicide until weekend. police found a man shot near story road and jackson avenue just after midnight. he died at the scene. police haven't said anything about a possible motive or suspect. this is the city's seventh homicide of the year. california republicans are denouncing a self-proclaimed neo-nazi running for senate as a republican. he's essentially been band by the gp and reaction to getting kicked out is creating quite a store. >> i'm your leading republican candidate in the latest poll. >> self-proclaimed anti-semite and neo-nazi patrick little posted this video after being rejected from california's republican convention in san diego on saturday. >> they just had me expelled to the building because i won't serve israeli. >> he's seen standing on an israeli flag. j-e-w.
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those are not three letters that start the judiciary. >> many clips like this one have been removed from youtube. he's running against democratic senator dianne feinstein. a recent poll by survey usa put him in second place with 18% of the vote. despite that, california's rnc told us in a statement we're about to have a board vote on a resolution to condemn this guy. he has no support in the california gop. his website identifies him as a white advocate who favors limiting representation of jews in government. >> someone like this man comes in, only needs a few thousand votes. >> reporter: political professor james taylor isn't surpried by little's strong showing because california's republican party often won't challenge seats in blue districts. >> mr. little cannot win here in california, but what he can do is use the number two position for a platform to raise his anti-semitic profile. >> patrick little did not
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respond to our request for an interview. cornell p bernard, abc 7 news. another plane forced to make an emergency landing. this time a jetblue flight with a broken windshield. you can see the photo, the outer layer of the windshield shattered. a flight attendant told passengers they were not in any grave danger, the plane never actually lost cabin pressure. jetblue issued a statement saying the flight landed safely and travelers were booked on other flights. assemblyman jim frazier's hearing today will focus on public concern over autonomous vehicles. he says the discussion is needed about how to balance those concerns with the benefit of the driverless cars. the event is 2:30 and will be live streamed. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. did you like yesterday's warmth? a little different than saturday, wasn't it? we'll build on that today with
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even more sunshine. because of the lack of clouds, temperatures cooler this morning. you can see in the sunny side neighborhood, 49. everybody else 50 to 52 degrees. crossing the bay bridge right now, you can see as we look from south beach, pretty quiet there. we'll talk to alexis in a second. upper 70s to mid 80s. mass transit stations will be warm this afternoon. east bay valleys, some of the warmest temperatures, look at that wall to wall sunshine from 8:00 to 8:00. we start at 59, jump to 75 by noon. that's already warmer than average. 80s from 1:00 to5:00, still 69 at 8:00. down in the south bay, another area where it will be warmer than average. you can see temperatures there start at 57 at 8:00, by noon at 71, hanging up in the mid to
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upper 70s. a nice day to take your baby out for a walk at the park. put some sunscreen on him, shade on him. >> we usually try to get out. >> what about people getting out right now? >> we're great. no major issues on the road. our one and only issue on the board so far, northbound 880 before you get to marina boulevard. we had a disabled vehicle that was blocking the two right lanes. it did clear from the boards. all lanes are back open. never did see a backup for that situation. no major issue. i do want to mention capitol corridor has a nu schedule. 529 departing five minutes earlier and five minutes later for trains 536 and 724. rudy giuliani in cleanup
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mode after controversial comments made by the president. the spin he's trying to put on them. just pray he gets the help he needs. >> apology not accepted. draymond green responding to a comedian's tweet that he should be sh
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81 in yosemite. flirting with record highs a couple of times the next seven days up at tahoe. here is my seven-day forecast frmgt record high today is 75. we'll be at 72. 73 tomorrow. we'll cool off a little for wednesday, thursday, more so friday and saturday. record highs again by sunday. 74 degrees. new this morning, a southwest airlines plane arriving in baltimore was hit by a pickup truck on the tarmac. take a look at this picture that we got overnight from one of our abc stations in the area. this is at baltimore washington international airport.
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the flight was coming in from ft. lauderdale, florida. a passenger on the flight says there were no injuries and the plane was actually stopped at the runway when the crash happened. 172 passengers were on board this flight. the truck is part of the airport's ground crew. no word yet on exactly what caused this crash. back to you. >> bizarre. draymond green isn't laughing at a comedian who said he should get shot. during the warrior's game against new orleans, louisiana comedian andrew punk tweeted he hoped green gets shot in the face. reporters asked green about the threat after the game. >> at the end of the day, it's a game. making death threats and talking about life, i just pray he gets the help that he needs. >> polk eventually deleted the tweet and said i wish no harm to anyone over a simple game and i apologize sincerely.
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green said he doesn't accept polk's apology. polk's twitter account has disappeared. the warriors beat the pelicans 118-92. rudy giuliani attempted to clarify what he knows about that $130,000 hush payment to adult film star stormy daniels. he says he was not sure when the president knew about the payment and there's a possibility that more payments like that were made. abc news reporter arlette saenz has the story. >> reporter: president trump spent several hours at his golf curse with rudy giuliani yesterday. all this comes as giuliani is in full damage control mode over his own statements about stormy daniels. another round of cleanup duty for president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani. the damage comes after he revealed mr. trump repaid his personal attorney for that $130,000 hush payment to adult film star stormy daniels. despite the president denying he knew of the payment.
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appears on "this week" giuliani says he's not actually aware of when the president learned about the payment to daniels. >> why did the president deny any knowledge of the payments -- >> i don't know when the president learned about it. >> reporter: giuliani raised the possibility that similar payments were made to other women. >> did michael cohen make payments to other women for the president? >> i have no knowledge of that. i would think if it was necessary, yes. >> reporter: giuliani also took aim at the russia investigation days after president trump said he'd like to sit down with robert mueller. if the president is subpoenaed to testify, giuliani says he may not comply. if the president does testify before the special counsel, giuliani did not rule out the possibility that the president may plead the fifth. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. service members deployed overseas will get reminders of home thanks to a group of volunteers in the bay area. abc 7 news was at the san jose
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museum as they packed boxes as part of operation care and comfort. one man remembers when he got a care package when he was deployed. >> opened it up, it had gum and peanuts, letters and pens to write home. it has a san jose sharks t-shirt, san francisco giant's t-shirt. that touch of home meant everything. it was like christmas. >> items were donated by community groups including girl scouts who donated girl scout cookies. >> i could use a samoa right now. >> love the coconut, yes. love it. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. you guys have a good weekend? >> it was beautiful. thanks, mike. >> i really enjoyed yesterday. today, this is one of those days where we're glad we get up really early. we can enjoy the warmer weather. let's take a look at what's going on. coming up on 4:47. you can see from the east bay
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hills camera, not a look anywhere of any cloud cover. let's talk about my accuweather highlights. total sunshine. that means even the coast is going to have sunshine today. you'll see the least of the warming trend because you still have a little sea breeze. we have a cold front coming through that will enhance the marine layer. we'll see more cloud cover, then gone for the weekend. temperatures will be warmer today. here is the low that i'm talking about. this is what's going to ride in tuesday and wednesday and bring us that deepening marine layer and the cooler weather. until then, let's talk temperatures. down in the south bay, 82 at gilroy. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s, even santa cruz at 74. san jose at 78. low to mid 70s just about everywhere. mid and upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to low 80s for the
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north bay. along the east bayshore 70 to about 73 degrees. as you head inland, 78 in pleasanton. that's as mild as it gets. 84 in brentwood. the good news is you won't need the air conditioner in the house because temperatures will fall into the upper 40s and mid 50s. notice the cloud cover starting to come back. let's see what it does to our temperatures tomorrow. it starts to drop in the coast and bay and then inland, that's when we'll feel the cooling especially wednesday. look at the rebound thursday and look at the mid 80s friday, saturday and sunday when mid 70s are on the bay. even a 70 reaching the coast on saturday. that's something to look forward to. here is alexis. so far no major issues on the roads today. i want to take you up to highway 4 where we had an issue on the eastbound side of the roadway before hillcrest. sounds like a smaller vehicle clipped a tanker truck and that vehicle went off the roadway to a ravine. they're sending fire and balance to the scene to check that out. i don't believe we have any
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lanes blocked. again, that is the countercommute side. quite a stack up in the cash lanes on the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like they need more booths open. fast track and car pooling, no issues there. we should have about 30 minutes until the metering lights are flipped on. tonight, how much does it really cost to own a car in the bay area? it might make a big difference. michael finney runs the numbers on abc 7 news tonight. we talked about it before, how much does it cost to own a car here. that's la, spacex aren't enough tore elon musk. >> in today's tech bites, facebook unfazed by the recent data breach. >> three-quarters of people use facebook as often or more frequently since it's discovered that cambridge analytical misused information.
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the imac is 20 years old. >> apple c efrmtso tim cook tweeted video of steve jobs unveiling the first imac in 1998, it cost $1300. with four gigs, a fraction of the storage space of a current iphone. billionaire elon musk's next possible venture is a stweet won. >> he tweeted he wants to start a candy company. but it may be an attempt to troll warren buffett. the two have been criticizing each other over business models. elon just does whatever he wants. >> when you have that kind of money. facing a housing problem, it is not for the
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. the temperatures are rebounding quite aggressively today, from eight to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday as we go from san francisco, 67, to livermore at 80. >> we all know there's a housing shortage in the bay area. turns out we're dealing with a burial plot shortage. cemeteries in coma are rapidly running out of burial plots.
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1.5 people are buried there. cemeteries can run out of space within 40 years. >> the area continues to grow. we talk about housing. where are these people going to be buried. this is not only a san mateo county area issue. what do we do to work with the community, work with the secretaries, make sure we solve a problem. >> some supervisors say the policymakers need to get ahead of the issue by making decisions about land use. firefighters found the burned body of a 38-year-old man inside a home in st. petersburg. investigators say he had multiple injuries to his face. they found a vape pen near him to have exploded. nearly 200 people injured from electronic cigarette explosions. this may be the first death. >> a small -- little larnler than a firecracker in your hand and it can explode.
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at that point it can project either the pieces of the lighter itself, the vape pen, they become pieces of flying debris and silicon valley nell. the shape of the device can cause them to act like flaming rockets. gas prices continue to go up. the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline has gone up seven cents over the last two weeks. it's now at $2.90. analysts say higher crude oil costs or summer gas are to blame. here in the bay area, gas is much higher than the national average. according to aaa, a gallon of regular in san francisco now costs $3.75. san jose and oakland you're at $3.65. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. going to spend some time outside today, the uv index jumps up to a nine which is very high. some of the highest readings we
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see are around nine, even all through the summer. burn time 15 to 25 minutes, especially from 10:00 to 4:00. that's when you need to use the sunscreen. after sweeping the orioles, houston is in town. 7:05 first pitch over at the coliseum, 62 degrees, dropping down to 57. temperature will be cool. let's hope the a's stay red hot. it's nice to see both of our baseball teams playing really well right now. let's talk about that monday morning commute. let me shift it over to alexis. >> we have had a hdf of issues. no major backups yet. a new issue on northbound 101 at the third street off-ramp. it's not impacting the main lanes, just both those lanes to the off ramp for that exit. two-car crash. one vehicle lost its front left tire. definitely need a tow truck to get that cleared. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking fine. heading to golden gate bridge, southbound 101, no issues coming in from the north bay. after years of speculation,
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a somewhat disappointing discovery in king tut's tomb. radar scan found no hidden rooms in the boy king's burial chambers. egypt's antiquities ministry says scans were inconclusive, but a new scan from an italian n team found no man made blocking wails. lobster lovers have probably noticed the high price of seafood. good news on the way. this is not what you want to see on the first day of the carnival cruise. how this turned into something positive for the company. honoring ed leon what would have been his 65th
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only at jack in the box. good morning. thanks for joining us. following the latest developments out of hawaii where a volcano eruption is destroying dozens of homes. we're hearing from a bay area native living there right now and her concerns about when all this will end. good morning. it is monday, may 7th. >> we're tracking that story, plus an update on weekend's officer-involved shooting in san jose. >> first, you're seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> the winds are fairly calm. not much of a marine layer. a 12-mile-per-hour wind in fairfield. high pressure winning out today. as you can see, not a spec of a cloud out


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