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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 8, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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covers back over my head and go back to sleep. time to get up tuesday may 8th, thanks for being with us. never more than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> not going to take long for clouds to dissipate but they will move back to the coast and hang out there more than they did yesterday. hi, everybody. i always watch the winds this time in firefield, they are 18. sea breeze pretty stout, about 1,000 feet deep, hard time getting over east bay hills right now. see what it does to accuweather planner, 49 to 53. temperatures couple degrees milder. then transition to high clouds and sunshine. temperatures at noon about the same as yesterday. notice around bay and the coast we're going to be a little bit 73 at 4:00. still 80 inland with sunshine. if you're heading out this evening you'll need a jacket at the coast at 7:00. everywhere else, pleasant upper 60s. not pleasant the commute this morning. let's get over to alexis. >> we have a lot to talk about here, mike. i want to take you back live to
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sky7. check this out 880 in san leandro before davis street. what pa mess. this is wood pallets someone lost early this morning. obviously these were run over by a lot of vehicles. several vehicles with flat tires off on the shoulder. they have got some big trucks. those are caltrans crews out to pick this up. they are calling for a street sweeper, making quite a bit of progress getting pieces of debris loaded into the truck. we've got three out of five lanes blocked on sky7 right now. there you go. just north of marina where we have lanes down and you are jammed solid south. talk about alternates and a few other issues coming up in a few minutes. day two of a massive uc workers strike. hundreds of surgeries, thousands of appointments canceled at uc medical centers this week. >> we saw hundreds walk off the job when the strike started yesterday morning. even more on the picket line
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today. abc 7 news reporter amy holyfield live. good morning, amy. >> good morning. take a look behind me. these workers tell me senator kamala harris's announcement giving them new energy. they feel enthusiasm knowing nurses will join them today. here is what day one looked like. this is front of ucsf. picket lines like this at ten campuses. they are expecting larger clouds because they plan to picket in support of workers asking for more pay and equal pay for women and people of color. senator kamala harris said she will not speak at this saturday's graduation ceremony in berkeley as originally planned, because she wants to support the strike. workers say they appreciate her gesture. it is the talk of the picket line this morning.
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>> they are all excited. it is nice to hear our leaders are siding with us doing here is just to send a message and say we are tired of being treated as second class workers. we want to be treated right. >> reporter: uc spokesperson said the university cannot afford to give the raises they are asking for. uc brought in replacement nurses to staff the hospital these three days. they have canceled elective surgeries and thousands of appointments. they say they will welcome back employees on thursday when the strike is over. reporting live in berkeley, amy holyfield. right now new information about the rattling there, bigger quake 4.5 magnitude in the palm spring area, that's been downgraded from 4.6.
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take closer to cabazon, if you're familiar with that area. f outlet shops. quake was felt as far away as los angeles. rsteafrs.hock n smaller injuries. back to you. >> thank you so much, jessica. the deaths of two peopl fodun i petaluma now considered suspicious. our cameras spotted investigators at the scene near roblar road and orchard collecting evidence f a woman called .sheriff's office and said she hadn't heard from her sister or sister's hussain month. deputies went to the home and found the body. san jose police officer suing the city over harassment and discrimination. according to our media partner mercury news officer nab fill haidar is muslim american. he claims he's been subjected to discriminatory behavior that
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escalated over the years. the tipping point is when a kattan called him an isis veteran in november. community advisory board member said he never witnessed discrimination. officers that worked with haidar said he often makes self-depreciating remarks about himself and terrorism. a new move to remove toxic paint from homes, protect homes. last year state court upheld lower court that found sherman williams, conagra liable for selling led paint. now those companies are trying to overturn court order forcing them to pay $700 million for cleanup. this bill preventing them from going after home owners taking part in the abatement program created by the judgment. 49ers linebacker reuben foster expected to enter a plea. we're learning more details about his arrest. according to sacramento beat police report said foster allegedly threw his then girlfriend's dog across the room during an argument in february.
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the dog wasn't hurt. foster is facing charges, including domestic violence for the incident, although his accuser recently recanted her story. new details on the cost of the october wildfires. north bay business journal reports u.s. small business pad manages has given more than $139 million in disaster assistance lo loan payouts. they approved them through april 23rd. n created a backlog.ations are small business owners said their loans wereerhe application filing. he survived a fall fromapit. now a bear area man revealing b >> could keep workers working during the next recession. here is a look what's going on outside. can you see that. we've got the cloud deck out
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there. look at the cooling it brings for oakland, san bruno, san francisco. pretty much the bay. not inland. san jose 77. got 90s in the accuweather seven-day forecast. stick around. stick around. we'll see you because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led thfi tghar goto tsan ur invested in classrooms and security. adgr uation antonio for governor.
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daly city, cooler menlo park 46. everyone else low- to mid-50s on the peninsula and coast. palo alto 47. 53 san jose, fremont, hayward all the way up to fairfield and san rafael. antioch 54 look at that sunrise from sutro tower. talk about being outsidep beaches, clouds, breezy, not as warm feeling as yesterday. exercise still warm inland. out on the bay breezy north of the bay bridge. here is a look at san francisco where we start off with cloud cover, 53 at 8:00. by noon mainly sunny away from the coast, low 60s for the better part of the afternoon hours under mostly sunny sky, 56 at 6:00.
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72 at noon, mid-70s, 1:00 through 5:00. still comfortable 8:00, total sunshine and 66. take a look at who may get to 90, accuweather forecast. here is alex. >> take you back to traffic alert in san leandro and sky7 over the scene that is really starting to improve here. caltrans crews made quick work of that cleanup. if you're just joining us, we had a lot of wood pallets scattered across the roadway and they were hit by several vehicles. they broke up into thousands of tiny pieces. a street sweeper there. sky7, north of marina boulevard, three out of five lanes closed. we're watching them pick up these lane closures here just a moment ago. tough to tell whether it's open or the right lane block. we tires on the right shoulder. they may still be protecting them. things are looking a lot be of delays northbound 880, looks like lane closures are just about to be done.
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next traffic update at 6:20. >> thank you. san francisco officials want to be prepared for the next possible economic downturn. today mayor mark ferrell will take the step to get ready. he will direct a group of city officials to monitor the economy for weaknesses and come up with policies to turn it around. some ideas include incentives for businesses to hire local employees, funding to boost nonprofits that help unemedoy o construction projects that could begin within six to mine months of a downturn to put people to work. a plan for affordable housing could hit a road block. while builders want a. >> i needthat's whenvice foi remembered
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6:15. new developments involving cop cord teacher accusedxusef ly student. daniel gonzalez charged with 23 counts including rape in media victim is suing the mount diablo school district claiming school officials heard about improper conduct involving this teacher but didn't act. pleade ad not guilty scheduled be in court next month. heads up if you're looking to rent a home in san jose. prices may increase if developers don't get their way.
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they are delaying increased housing fee next year. it charges $25 per square foot up from $17. that money set aside to help other people with affordable housing. developers say it will force them to raise rent to offset construction. city council expected to discuss that issue today. 6:16, a famed bay area climber may have fallen 20 feet shattering both his legs but said he can't wait to get back up again. he was scaling el capitan onthud he's climbed it 177 times before. this time a piece of his gear snapped. he fell only to beaught by a ledge and his rope. it took days to find him. he'll be stuck in a wheelchair for months. still he's determined to return on>> y sport he loves. ou if you ch toot'se thao do th hard things. it will be fun. >> he previously set the speed
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record for climbing el capitan. that's about 3,000 feet tall. he did it in just two hos d muran happening tonight the warriors have a chance to punch their ticket to finals. not happening kendrick lamar concert. he's movgin at or cal to warriors can play game five. larry beal will be live court side starting at 4:00, kickoff happens at 7:30. >> we can do it. i'm excited. let's make it happen. >> i thinkhey will. th are oroll, playing really well. >> great to see and great to se >> such a beautiful game. let's talk about beautiful weather. less than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. jump to mount tam. show you this for a couple of reasons. first high clouds will in no way dim sunshine. stronger than yesterday.
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low clouds you can see they are very tnhi why only select few neighborhoods are going to be a little bitoor tat's mayainly th parts of the bay. cooling will reach all neighborhoods tomorrow as the partner layer thickens, climbs over the hills and reaches those neighborhoods. then we'll follow that by a swing to 90 degrees in some of the inland neighborhoods. going to be a crazy week. let's take a look at the cloud cover. can you see by 7:00 way down the east bayshore. look at this by 10:30, back to the stubbornly than yesterday. even by 7:00, that's when it starts to make its push back to the east. see what it does to temperatures in daly city, 60 today, sunset 62. asafrancisco l as you get a little more sunshine towards the bay. oakland 69. evme thing in berkeley. yall odright. now let's take a look at the peninsula, san mateo 62 half mo
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bay. then we get to millbrae 68. down in the south bay exactly like yesterday, mid to upper 70s. 83 the warm spot. up in the north bay a lot of mid to62. our warm spot inland east bay neighborhoods once again low- to mid-80s most neighborhoods, pleasanton 78. cloud cover will be milder this morning. low to upper 50s. etomorrow.ouds we'll rebound thursday back to today's temperatures. there you go. epi ske friday and saturday but tempers for sunday. all right. taking a look at the roads here this morning, we've got plenty of issues to get to. i want to check out residual delays 880 northbound side. everything is clear now with that wood pallet debris all lanes open in san leandro past marina. we still have a three-mile back-up. on the southbound side, again, two and a half, three-mile back-up due to a crash involving a couple of vehicles blocking
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left lanes at a street. quite a few problems in contra costa, port chicago highway. crash in lane number two. that cleared off to the shoulder. jammed all the way into pittsburgh. southbound 242 before you get to 680 and concord area, long-term blocking crash is cleared. residual delays. metering lights have been on almost an hour. thanks, alex. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7 nf ginger zee live in new york city with what's ahead. good to see you, ginger. >> good to you, reggie, natasha. good to be with all of you. new york attorney general resigning following allegations of physical abuse. this after being known as prominent voice throughout me too movement. ronan farrell and chief analyst will join us to talk about it this morning. still ahead, could flying cars be closer than we think? uber testing flying taxis.
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t.j. holmes will break it down for you. "dancing with the stars" lit up the dance floor last night. this morning we're going to speak live with kareem abdul-jabbar. plus former dancing champ rashad jennings flew all the way overpass joins us live tuesday morning. i have to say i danced to that song, it's fast and hard. i give thumbs-up to kareem. >> do you see the dance moves in your head when you hear the song? >> i do, i know what they are called. you can't watch it normally anymore. >> great to see you, ginger, see you at 7:00 a.m. a serious health warning coming to your morning cup of coffee. rattle nation in california, the warning going out. >> a live look outsi
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. all right. let's take a look what's going on from mount tam. can you see the cloud cover out there. uv index high today. watch out if tree pollen bothers you, especially ash, pollen, sycamore. >> walmart planning to curb opioid abuse, they are planning
6:25 am
to fill prescriptions for no more than seven days, capping minimum grams per day. cancer warning signs will now be posted in coffee shops. los angeles judge ruled yesterday after tentative decision in march. fawn profit sued grocery distributors, retailers, required warnings on chemicals that require cancer. coffee industry argued coffee should be exempt because the chemical results naturally from the cooking process that gives coffee beans their flavor. >> bay area rapper g-eazy apologizing after getting arrested in a nightclub. he was convicted of assault in sweden. he posted on instagram from copenhagen saying he's grateful to be free and day of. he called it the craziest night of his life with bad decisions. he paid a fine and is continuing
6:26 am
on his tour. squirrels are adapting to this new world of technology. you want to watch this. >> for some reason the squirrel grabs the gopro and takes off and turns into a director giving us perspective of life on the ground. he's scampering and on the camera all the way out to a branch. it happened in canada. the gopro owner said the squirrel eventually dropped the camera 60 feet off the ground. good thing they are tough. >> i'm fascinated. >> your privacy taking center stage. we can expect to hear google ceo company's develop per conference today. b.a.r.t., how the agency is responding after abc 7 viewer shared these photos. >> plus could today mark the end of iran nuclear
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. now at 6:30, could the golden state killer have a new
6:30 am
accomplice. >> decision day. is trump ready to announce if he's with drawing from iran nuclear deal. atraktracting reaction from iran officials. ready for liftoff, uber flying taxi service. a look at when they could take to the sky. >> nonstop heading south 880. checking on reports of fires around taylor boulevard. >> never more than serve minutes away from the >> you can see the gray moving across the coast. those areas will be cooler. starting 49 to 53. almost the same as yesterday, just a touch warmer. stay in the upper 50s.
6:31 am
upper 50s, mid-70s around the bay at 4:. enjoy a comfortable evening temperatures upper 60s around a blue sky. alex. >> we have issues, take you back to san leandro area where we have a crash on southbound side of 880 at a street, couple of vehicles involved. two left lanes blocked. just flew over and confirmed that for us. on the northbound side earlier back-up from those wood pallets scattered across the roadway. about 10 miles an hour on either side of 880. westbound 880, 30 minutes, 22 across bay bridge. i'll check that to make sure no new issues. san francisco to sfo, you're looking great at nine minutes. the iran nuclear deal on the brink of collapsing. president trump expected to announce his decision on whether or not to withdraw from the deal
6:32 am
sometime today. things are not looking good. i've been keeping my eye on it. the country could face problems if the u.s. backs out. iran's first vice president saying only the naive would negotiate with the united states. the deal made in 2016, six countries agreed to end economic sanctions on iran in response to the economic program. it does end in a decade. president trump argued it delays but doesn't prevent iran from becoming a nuclear state. that's his quantum with it. president expected to announce his decision at 11:00 pacific time. happening today google is set to get responsible. >> the rule of tech in well-being likely a theme of the morning as it starts developers conference. matt keller live in mountain view. good morning, matt. >> good morning, natasha and
6:33 am
reggie. workers arriving early this morning. you've got caterers, security personnel. you also have google employees going to the back entrance of the shoreline for the developers conference. thousands of aten he's will arrive to pick up badges. first keynote at 10:00. ceo sundar pichai will be speaking of he's not going to emphasize privacy or security concerns but could give parents if you tools for how kids access devices. artificial intelligence expected to be if the spotlight. google assistance could handle tasks like restaurant reservation without human handholding. may enjoy android operating system improve google maps. activists groups ultraviolet and credo planning a protest early this evening also delivering a petition with 100,000 signatures demanding the tech company remove what it calls fake
6:34 am
anti-abortion clinic google search ads. more information on conference and watch live stream going to our website reporting live in mountain view matt keller abc 7 news. matt, thank you. new developments on golden state killer case. the investigator spending decades to crack the case said he may have had an accomplice. he believed a second person may have helped deangelo with earlier crimes. if he had an accomplice only involving incidents with assaults not homicides. the sacramento county sheriff disagrees, though, saying deangelo is the only suspect. new york attorney general will step down following allegations he abused women. eric schneiderman put in resignation hours after new york fer published a report citing four of his ex-girlfriends. they said he slap and hit in bed. he denies saying part of
6:35 am
consensual squall activity. in a statement he wrote, while unrelated to my professional conduct or the office, they will prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical tie. a strange turn of events for a politician who built a reputation advocating for women. schneiderman had previously criticized president trump and harvey weinstein for their interactions with women. this morning we know the name of the 74-year-old woman who died in a rollover crash involving an ambulance and another vehicle. its it's a bizarre and sad story. an emt and firefighter performing cpr on her sunday inside the ambulance yesterday. that's when it was hit by a white sedan on hesperian boulevard and san leandro. the ambulance flipped. four others were hurt. they will take an autopsy to determine if she died from the crash or what she was being rushed to the hospital for. i've been watching the new information coming in from
6:36 am
hawaii and the governor speaking out this morning encouraging tourists to still travel to hawaii. many of us in california like to make that trip. he said, quote, hawaii is open for business he went on to say obviously you won't be able to visit in areas where the lava is flowing. tourism a vital part of the economy. meanwhile the governor trying to reassure hawaii residents whose homes are destroyed saying they should get money for insurance. i've learned when lava approaches a home it typically bursts into flames before its consumed by lava. often that is covered by home owner's insurance. reggie. >> thank you, jessica. as temperatures warm up, a warning for anyone who spends time outdoors. rattlesnakes are coming out of hibernation. we have two snakes one near mount tam, another near mount diablo. a snake consultant said the annual is just as afraid of us as we are of them. they just want to be left alone.
6:37 am
the worst thing you can do is startle them. doctors are working on a better treatment for snakebites. one you can take as soon as you're bitten. >> the snake's venom isdesigned to immobilize its prey and begin digesting it. a dose even this small could potentially get you to the hospital alive. >> in the u.s. snakebites are rarely fatal if you get to the hospital quickly. the new drug could work for 35 different snake venoms. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. start with temperatures. we'll go down to south bay where we've got a lot of upper 40s to low 50s. san jose, the warm spot at 53 degrees. sharing that in lafayette, livermore, half moon bay at 50. san francisco 52. look at that novato 47. head back to the south bay. look at that sunshine 101 and 880. there is a few low clouds out there along the coast pushing along the golden gate and
6:38 am
purposing east bayshore line an hour or two. small craft advisory north of the bay bridge, talk more about that in a second. areas shaded in yellow, winds could get up to 35 miles per hour today, so you need to be careful there. let's take care of our kids real quick. you can see they need a light jacket this morning low- to mid-50s. they will lose it by noon, at least away from the coast. short leaves inland pat 3:00 with 70. big story today a little cooler. some 90s coming up in accuweather forecast. big story weather wise is make sure you tie-down your load in the back of your car or truck so it doesn't fall off and create the chaos we've had this morning. >> somebody lost a whole lot of wood pallets and unfortunately that created a big mess on 880. that is looking better. we have sky7 up. checking out reports of a fire around 87 and taylor. not seeing too much from them. head back to san leandro area where we're dealing with residual delays on either side
6:39 am
of the roadway. northbound side that's where we had the big mess with wood pallets. that's before you get to davis. that is all clear. things looking better. southbound side up until a couple minutes ago, we had a multiissuing car crash, injuries in the two left lanes. that did clear. definitely starting to improve there on the nimitz. new crash hercules westbound 80 before willow avenue, five-car crash blocking two lanes, a fender-bender off the shoulder on web 92 right around san mateo bridge toll plaza. we've got a heads up for muni riders as well. tween peaks tunnel set to close for 60 days starting next month. it is part of a $40 million project to renovate the two-mile stretch between the castro street and westportal stations. this was released by sfta. they said trains will run by the closure. heads up. uber, a company on the verge
6:40 am
of testing flying taxis. >> youtube, the popular channel millions are watching that seems harmless. is it. >> see hu the big board is new york stock exchange down 38 points. keep an eye on the numbers. an historic milestone apple could reach any day
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
a look at our forecast, couple of items that may catch your eye. first the asterisk. 75, 1 degree shy of record high, 2 degrees shy, 106 in palm springs. very hot. record high today 10. it's going to be 92 in fresno, 86 in sacramento. here is a look at the ever changing landscape across ta my seven-day forecast. back in the 50s wednesday and thursday, 62 friday before a chance of thunderstorms creeps into the forecast monday. >> thanks, mike. right now massive uc strike that put hundreds of surgeries on hold. >> causing kamala harris to change her plans. amy hollyfield. >> reporter: a break in the
6:44 am
action. don't let this moment of low energy fool you. the workers tell me they feel like they are picking up momentum. the support they are getting is giving them energy. here is what the day look like yesterday day one in front of ucsf. the medical center canceled hundreds of surgeries and thousands in preparation for the strike. they brought in replacement nurses for urgent care and labor and delivery. senator kamala harris says she won't cross the picket line. she canceled her speech at the graduation ceremony at uc berkeley. today the nurses union voted for nurses to join and support the strike. these workers say they appreciate it. >> we're blessed to have everybody supporting us in this and having the nurses coming out and coming to support us and striking in solidarity. that says a lot to worke to together in solidarity. leaders we elected to be up there representing us.
6:45 am
>> the strike is a fight for more money and pay equality. money uc says it doesn't have. it is scheduled to last three days. uc officials say they will welcome workers back to work when it's over. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. you and your kiyour kidyouyo children watch content. juju chang spoke to several families. kids under the age of 13 are often hooked on youtube. one popular video called jeffy the puppet from the super mario logan youtube channel. >> super mario logan, i watch him. he's one of my favorite channels. >> 3.5 million views, n word. >> racial stereotypes, cursing, misogyny, violence, it's got it all. this is not something parents would want their kids watching. >> the creator of super mario
6:46 am
logan said he lost revenue since youtube started age restricting and demonetizing videos. he says newer viewers are cleaner and for a wider audience but it is ultimately the responsibility of supervising adults. >> 6:46, now to your morning money report, growing problem with iphone x so many bought. >> a serious problem with face id feature. it simply isn't working. face id a feature, allows to unlock without pass code or fingerprint reader. iphone has said how many iphone 10 impacts they have the possible fix. if that doesn't work they will replace your phone. wrveg wants to earn back your trust and they are using this commercial to do it. san francisco bank lost its biggest marketing campaign ever. it comes nearly two years after a scandal from 3 million unauthorized customer accounts. the campaign show cases the
6:47 am
company's history and promise for the future. the bank says earning back customer trust is its greatest priority. live from the new york stock exchange, down about 55 points, 24,303. keep an eye on apple. the cupertino stock hit an all-time high yesterday. very close to breaking a milestone and becoming first company to have a $1 trillion market value. god please our teachers. it is teacher appreciation week. saying thank you with freebies and discounts. one example chipotle offering buy one, get one free from 3:00 in the afternoon to closing. you just have to show faculty id. we put together a list on our site at this year's met gala fundraiser, the theme heavenly bodies, fashion and the catholic
6:48 am
imagination. >> let's start with ariana grande p she wore a fabric with sistine dhchapel. sarah jessica parker, met gala queen wearing neopolitan nativity inspired dress. frances mcdormand may have stolen her thunder with headdress. the event raised $12 million for the met. my friend who posted beyonce who wasn't there was actually showing up as the holy ghost. i thought that was pretty funny. >> very funny. uber will discuss making flying taxis a reality by 2020. >> federal transportation officials in los angeles will outline plans for aerial tests in several cities including los angeles, dallas and dubai. so flying taxis would use helicopter-style rotors for takeoff and landing but use fixed wings for longer
6:49 am
distances." uber says faster and cheaper than taxi services and help traffic congestion. we know something about traffic congestion for the area. i wonder how many people are doing early adoption. >> not me. i'm glad they are doing in l.a. keep it there and work out the bugs. i don't want to look up and work out the bugs. >> seriously. there's more questions than answers in my head right now. >> could be a death sentence. >> very must have. >> reminds me of the two hour twenty minute commute home. >> the commute getting longer and longer. >> that's why there's a market for this. take a look and show you what's going on weather wise. never more than sevenments away from my accuweather forecast. sky7 over fremont looking above the clouds at mount diablo out to the west. the cloud cover, a little bit of a change today. here is another look at the clouds as they cascade over east bay hills this morning.
6:50 am
i do have a time lapse going, check in at mike nicco abc 7 in a few hours and i'll post that. cooling trend today, clouds for all neighborhoods, extend cooling trend. summer heat for a couple of us as we head into the weekend. area of low pressure, cooling trend, marine layer deepens on the back side. winds off the mountains, down sloping winds and hotter conditions today. 73 to 79 through most of the south bay. 83 at gilroy. take a look up the peninsula, low- to mid-70s, millbrae 68. 65 in downtown san francisco. mid up toer 70s through most of the north bay. north of santa rosa we start to hit the 80s. 69 in berkeley and oakland. everybody else low- to mid-70s. as we move inland 78 pleasanton to 85 in brentwood. go to the game tonight pretty comfortable, drop down to cool 58. increasing clouds everywhere, low- to mid-50s tonight. my accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow, about
6:51 am
the same thursday. hot almost friday and saturday but will cool off for mother's day. that's fitting. here is a mother. first one this year. >> yes. my first mother's day i am celebrating, mike. taking a look at our traffic maps. unfortunately we've had a lot of issues on the roads here today including a five-car crash westbound 80 before willow avenue right off the bridge. heavier volumes. out of the central valley westbound too tracy to dublin one hour eight minutes. 53 minutes due to an earlier crash antioch to concord. no problems if you're coming from the north bay. >> thank you. check out what one b.a.r.t. passenger found when boarding in sfo. he sent us pictures and said this was the scene in every car,
6:52 am
trash thrown away, seats removed. we sent these photos to b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. blamed riders with the trash. cleaners at the yard. train platers can call for cleaners if the mess is really bad. >> i want to jump in here p bodyguards could be in hot water. a fan was hospitalized trying to get cardi b's autographous her hotel. as can you see in the video she did attend the met ball last night. the victim 33 years old. he reportedly wanted the singer to sign something. she said no and he kept getting closer. two members of the entourage intervened and three men left the scene. the victim is hospitalized right now and police investigating. >> thank you so much. james shaw jr. had a whirlwind d
6:53 am
month. he stopped the waffle house shooter. >> four people died but shaw credited with preventing more deaths. he was honored at his alma mater. he said he appreciates every accolade but says he's going to take a little break. >> i'm going to turn off every device i have, phone, tablet. i'm planning on getting out of town and taking my daughter to disney world or something like that and having fun. i'm trying to get it out of my mind and move on from the situation. >> he's been honored by state lawmakers, sports teams, local churches and he's raised $227,000 for the victims. state assembly democrats are going to set aside a billion dollars in their budget proposal to help provide health care for undocumented young adults and the poor. >> sponsors include san francisco assemblyman.
6:54 am
it will provide help for residents living in poverty. track payments for health care, something proponents say would make it more accessible. >> to strengthen our safety net. it will help to reach the affordability but also increase access. it will allow more californians to be able to have health care and to be able to afford it. one of the biggest hurdles will be governor jerry brown. he's warning a recession on the horizon. he's planning to set aside $3.5 billion into the state's rainy day fund. some restaurants in the bay area have something to brag about. they now have brand-new james beard awards. outstanding baker went for belinda luong and michel suas in san francisco. the trendy bakery is known for >> delicious pastry, butter and sugar and deliciousness.
6:55 am
>> mom would have called it a croissant croissant, a fancy croissant. sun i-cafe and dominique crenn best chef in san francisco. james beard awards are sort of like oscars of culinary world. >> they are a big deal. well done. coming up seven things you need to know before we go. instagram, follow us abc 7 bay area. bay area. can you see more ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today. if you're joining us heading out the door seven things you need to know. thousands more uc workers are striking today. this is a live look. uc workers fighting for better wages and higher benefits. nurses will join today. >> the world is watching the u.s. president trump will announce whether he will withdraw from iran nuclear deal. >> number three, two earthquakes shook southern california this morning. first one magnitude 4.5 hit outside palm springs around 4:49 this morning, to be exact. the second hit minutes later at 4:51. no reports of damage. >> number four, doigoogle's ann
6:59 am
development conference kicks off, first up google keynote. sundar pichai will address thousands of attendees. our accuweather planner starting off with cloud cover around the coast, low- to mid-50s at 7:00. sunshine quickly today but temperatures will be cooler around the bay and coast. >> number six, it has been a busy morning on the roads. we're looking live at sky7. they are over san mateo bridge at the toll plaza. we do have a minor crash there. they did make it to the shoulder, no injuries. westbound 292, goes for 880 as you head to the corridor. >> number seven warriors will have a chance to punch their ticket to the western conference finals tonight in front of home crowd. tip-off 7:30 against pelicans. >> mike, you said it earlier, it's going to be an easy game. i think so, too. they are going to clinch it tonight. i wore my warriors blue. >> we are sending them all the vibes for sure. i'm excited for this. it's going to be great. a live look at sky7.
7:00 am
you can alread see it's starting to clear like mike promised good morning, america. shocking resignation. new york's attorney general, one of president trump's fiercest opponents and a champion of the me too movement, forced to quit after an explosive report. four women coming forward with allegations of abuse and assault. now, one of the reporters who broke the story is live only on "gma." also breaking this morning, president trump just hours away from announcing that high-stakes decision. will the u.s. pull out of the iran nuclear deal? volcano disaster. that massive eruption in hawaii growing, sending rivers of lava through neighborhoods, swallowing cars and homes. the popular ride-sharing service uber on the verge of testing flying taxis. their big meeting today and when these rides could hit the sky.


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