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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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santa cruz camera. >> good morning on this wednesday, may 9th. thanks for waking up with us. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. >> live doppler 7 showing how strong the winds are this morning. all about us in double digits. petaluma a little quieter. they're pointing inland which is the strong sea breeze. look at the gray. that is the cloud cover over top of us. how is that going to affect your day? let's map it out. my accuweather 12-hour planner, milder this morning, staying in the 50s at the coast. mid to upper 60s an coolest day of the week. how about traffic this morning? here is alexis? >> we've got a few issues to talk about including one in a really tough spot, westbound 580 before you get to grant line road. still have a disabled vehicle sitting in lane three. one of the center lanes on the right side.
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tow truck trying to make it to the scene. in the meantime, heavy on 205 out of tracy down to nine miles an hour. what is always a slow commute is slower right now. not too bad once you make it to the tri-valley. southbound 680 before you get to androtti, a two-car crash in the left lane. slow north of there as you leave 580 through pleasanton. no major delays for that one yet. we'll take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. this morning a growing memorial at san ramon valley high school in danville as students deal with the loss of a classmate. >> danville police trying to figure out why the 15-year-old boy was found at the bottom of the school's pool. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there live. grief counselors will be on campus today? >> reporter: yes, they will, no tasha, here to help with the kids deal with their grief. look how they're showing their love and grief. they have covered this fence right outside the pool with
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signs, sweet words for ben curry, the boy who died here, saying they will miss him, talking about how funny he was and how he will forever be their hearts. his body found at the bottom of the pool. as the fifth grade pe class was about to go swimming. students say the 15-year-old was a kind kid. >> he was sweet and he was really shy, really sweet though. >> they wanted to give him flowers and do a memorial for him. he deserved it. not everybody knew what a cool kid he was. >> he was a natural born leader and a kind human being. >> danville police have not said what they think happened. they san jose they will make this case a priority. administrators say they will do what they can today to help ben's classmates as they deal with their grief. live in danville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. on to new developments this morning in the search for the
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next chief of the los angeles police department. san francisco police chief william scott is one of the three finalists for the job. this is according to "the l.a. times." mayor eric garcetti said he would interview the three finalists and likely do a second round of interviews with members o the city council. the other two candidates are both lapd veteran commanders. scott served as a deputy chief before coming to san francisco in 2016. garcetti said he expected to choose a new chief by the end of the month. >> abc 7 news has learned new details about the san francisco police officer ak cueding the department of religious and ethnic discrimination. that afghan officer held a press conference and claims someone sketched an isis flag on his locker with the message go back. the officer asked not to be identified for safety reasons. now abc 7 news has learned that officer was the subject of a napa police all points bulletin in 2013. he met a female on a dating
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website and told her he was a high-level cia agent. he claimed to have been involved in the killing of osama bin laden. the bulletin alerted other agencies he applied in san francisco, west sacramento and santa cruz. the officer was dismissed from the oakland police academy. we reached out for response from the officer's public defender. six candidates for california governor shared the stage in san jose debating issues from housing to immigration to extramarital affairs last night. >> i was honest about it, i was open about it. i apologize for it. i was wrong. >> i also acknowledge that i made a mistake. i lost my marriage. >> on this issue democrat easton says she believes character counts. state treasure john tang said he was able to identify $9.5 billion in funding. sanctuary status sparked a heated exchange between travis
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allen and gavin newsom. >> california needs to lead the national debate on comprehensive immigration reform. that's what's missing currently in this debate. you're filling the void. i think it's shameful. >> let me be clear what's shameful is that kate steinle died because someone was released in your city due to sanctuary city policies that never should have been in place. >> the primary election will be on june 5th. hospital employees at the university of california will hit the picket line. university professional technical employees joined that picket line yesterday. union members want higher wages and an end to job outsourcing. a spokesperson for the uc system says the strike will not change its financial situation adding the salary and benefit demands are excessive. this is expected to be the last day of the strikes. hi everyone, look at this stunning video out of hawaii.
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someone dangerously close to lava eruptions in the lailani estates neighborhood. that's the hardest hit neighborhood. the latest issue they're dealing with are the a dangerous cases of lava pouring into streets and back yards. two new fissures have opened overnight. they have been forcing officials to go door-to-door telling people to get out, and the newest number we have is now 2,000 residents overnight being told to leave their homes. evacuations are under way right now. at least 36 structures including 26 homes have been destroyed. there's no indication when these eruptions will stop. new developments in the battle over possibly tainted soil at hunter's point. homeowners demanding new testing. how you can get a free ride on one of florida's go bikes docked across the bay area. you're never more than seven
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minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's take a look at a place called walnut creek. usually we're able to see exactly what's going on there. these from the eastbound hills vantage point. that's from walnut creek. temperatures will be up to seven degrees cooler today. warming for mother's day. that's in my a
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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we're waking up with cloud cover thicker. even mist hanging around. mile temperatures on the peninsula. redwood city 58, belmont 57. menlo park 52 degrees. 57 in san carlos, hayward, fremont, livermore, concord and san jose at 60. cool spot santa rosa about 51 degrees. here is a look from mt. tam. a gorgeous sunrise developing. frizzy morning if you're out running errand. gusty breezes on the bay. east bay valley, no more 80s, only low to mid 70s. a look at the north bay, we'll have temperatures in the low to mid 70s from noon through about 6:00. if you're heading out this
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evening, grab a coat. 62 degrees. we have been following a problem right around rio vista since we went on the air. we still have the sig alert. a serious crash involving a rollover. the car that flipped caught fire as well. we still have a full closure of state route 160 at slough bridge. that's northbound and southbound. major delays in both directions there. sounds like caltrans is not going to be able to finish that cleanup for at least another hour. avoid that totally here this morning. one new issue in the southbound, northbound 101 before tully road. reports of a new crash blocking the hov lane. tomorrow is bike to work day in the bay area. if you do not have a bike, you can use one for free. ford go bikes will be free tomorrow. riders can download and open the ford go bike app to receive a free access pass. it's normally $10. the pass entitles you to unlimited 30-minute rides on thousands of bikes in the bay
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area for a 24-hour period. the boy scouts are dropping the boy part of their name as they welcome girls. now a major partner is cutting ties. a warning before your next drink. new research shows it could have a significant impact on your quality of sleep. >> i've been
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coming up on 6:15. the mormon church will sever ties with the boy scouts of america at the end of next year. the church will move its remaining boys into its own scouting-type program. it marks the end to a close relationship that lasted more than 100 years. the exit comes a week after the boy scouts announced it's changing the name of its program to scouts bsa. in october they opened the scouts to girls. earthquake, earthquake. >> seismologists say the shake alert system performed very well before yesterday's 4.5 quake in southern california. i warned them 30 seconds before the strong shaking te there have been dozens of aftershocks including more this morning. the chance of a larger quake hitting next week is 1% to 2%. . at 6:15, we have new developments. dozens of homers in hunter's
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point is asking the navy to test soil under their home for toxic residue. a navy official told them during a homeowners association meeting that retesting would not extend to the area because it is not technically navy property. last week two men pleaded guilty to cheating on soil samples during the cleanup. meet george jetson, his boy elroy. these flying ubers look like something out of the jetson's. it can be a reality in as little as two years. uber met with transportation officials yesterday. this video shows what it could look like using your uber app, you can show up at a sky port near you and fly to work in what uber calls vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. they need to work on that name. uber says they'll fly more than 1,000 feet above the ground at
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speeds of 150 to 200 miles an hour. >> we want to show the people of los angeles what it will be like when you can push a button and get a flight and cruise over the traffic as opposed to waiting inside it. >> nasa will help create industry standards, route paths and faa rules and procedures for the new mode of transportation. uber hopes to start flight demonstrations in l.a. and dallas-ft. worth by 2020 and launch commercial flights in 2023. >> hard to believe. goodness, gracious. with the wedding just ten days away, madame tussauds unveiling the wax work of the california actress. part of it of a special exhibition at the london museum ahead of the wedding on may 19. >> whoa. it really looks like them. they're dressed in the outfits they war when they announced their engagement to the world. if you're not going to the wedding, you can still party. madame tussauds says the first
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chance to see the exhibit will be on the night before their wedding. you can take photos and hang out with this version of the royal couple. it's weird to see people kuching them. >> i don't like them putting on things like they're in a photo booth. >> aren't you supposed to stay far away from the statues. >> isn't that disrespectful? >> can you get your oily hands on the wax. >> i think it's just a promotional video and you're not going to be allowed to do that. let's talk about what's going on outside. >> you break, you buy. >> hate to see that price tag, wouldn't you? here is a look at the golden gate bridge. one of the areas still shrouded in fog and a little mist and the possibility of needing windshield wipers. after a humid morning, a cooler afternoon, not as cloudy or as humid tonight. but it will be cooler than this morning, the weekend begins with
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warmer-than-average high temperatures. the cloud cover is reaching all neighborhoods. it's also going to be back to the coast by noon and there it's going to be in blocks. we'll call it partly sunny while the rest of us will be mostly sunny. you can see by 7:00, it's starting to make a return trip to the east. down in the south bay, upper 60s to low 70s in most neighborhoods. san jose 71. middle 70s around morgan hill and gilroy. in the peninsula mid to upper 60s just about everywhere. a brisk day along the coast. san francisco 61 droes. temperatures in the low to mid 70s through most of the north bay. petaluma at 69. along the east bayshore temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. as you move inland, temperatures in the low to mid 70s until you get to brentwood at about 77 degrees. tonight's temperatures, upper 40s in the north bay, clowe to mid 50s elsewhere with the clouds lingering. my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the warm
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weather friday and saturday. we'll temper that a little bit to make it more comfortable for mom. >> we've got severalish issues to get to this morning. the disabled vehicle blocking the left center lane on westbound 580 before grant line road. unfortunately that is a tough spot to have anything blocking. you are just crawling on 205 back into the tracy area. we have ace rail running on time. southbound 680 near andrade road. it took a while for the backup to form. but it did finally merge with the normal heavy traffic south of 580. that's pretty heavy as you head into the sunol area as well. drive times, 1 hour and 7 minutes on westbound 580 trace si to dublin. a lot of that due to the disabled vehicle. not terrible dublin to mission boulevard, in the yellow at 25 minutes. how about northbound 85. northbound 101 to cupertino looking great and 17 minutes.
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"good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> paula ferris live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with you both on this hump day. happy wednesday. coming up on gma, breaking news out of north korea. president trump tweeting the three american hostages are on their weigh home and the time and place for the highly anticipated meeting has been set. we'll be live from the white house with more on this developing story. new allegations made by stormy daniels's lawyer regarding mamts made to michael cohen from a company reportedly tied to a russian billionaire. stormy's lawyer michael avenatti will join us live in our studio this morning. ahead, roseanne taking on prejudice and racism overnight. the reaction online as roseanne encountered her muslim neighbors for the first time and what roseanne bar herself is saying about this particular episode. it is time for a little spring cleaning. that calls for the hot mess express. our lara spencer is going to
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have some tips and tricks so you can give yourself a beautiful kitchen nakover in time for spring. my whole house is a hot mess. i need hot mess express for the entire situation and my life. >> i was going to say i need it for me. we'll see you at 7:00 paula. >> a little context guys, i'm right with you on that one. more new b.a.r.t. cars passed a major test. when you'll see them on the tracks music♪ [freeway traffic] [angrily] it wasn't my fault that guy was texting! chp officer: does it matter? don't be dead wrong or dead right. survive the ride!
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welcome back. you're never more than seven minutes away from m accuweather forecast. check out this gorgeous sunrise from mt. tam this morning. what you don't see are the breezes that are going to make life a little cooler for just about all of us today from one degree in hayward to about four to seven degrees cooler in other bay area neighborhoods away from the coast in san francisco. >> all right, mike. thank you. there is some new research on alcohol and sleep that shows that just two glasses of wine may reduce your quality of sleep by nearly 40%. a study comes out of finland and considers heavy drinking in women to be two drinks a night and three for men. even one drink for women or two for men reduce sleep quality by 25%. additionally the study found younger drinkers suffer the
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effects more than older ones. you can see the study for yourself in jimr mental health. a beloved bay area book store may have to close its doors. abc 7 was in pacific heights neighborhood where browser books was established in 1976. it's long-time owner is ill and hopes to pass the store on to someone who will keep it open. >> quite a local treasure and something that is getting a lot of love and support, the fact that we need to pay off about $75,000 in debt in order to move forward to a sale. >> a gofundme campaign has raised nearly $31,000. go to for a link. next at 6:30, a shortage of the lifesaving epipen. what anyone with a severe allergy needs to know. >> we'll have much more on that major breaking news. as we learned three americans held by north korea are on their way hope. a
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led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. now at 6:30, an emergency room lockdown this the south bay. why officials had to call in the
6:30 am
hazmat team. breaking news in the live desk, three u.s. citizens detained in north korea are getting their freedom. we knew it was too good to be true. the new worries a popular movie subscription service won't even survive the summer. sunny at the top of mt. tam right now. on the ground you can barely see the golden gate bridge. >> she just doesn't want to be seen right now. note ready for the day. hopefully you are on this wednesday, may 9th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> maybe the frizziness has her taking longer than normal. let's take a look at the forecast and see what's going on. here is a look at the grayness, the cloud cover. look how far inland, the marine layer went all the way into the central valley. what it's going to do, the sea breeze is bring the coolness that we talked about yesterday that hit the coast in san francisco all the way to our inland neighborhoods.
6:31 am
this morning upper 40s to mid 50s. mid to upper 50s throughout the coast. 66 to 68 bay and inland at noon. 68 to 74 at 4:00. grab a coat if you're headed out this evening. i want to head back to our problem in the rio vista area unfortunately. this happened around 4:30 this morning and still has not cleared. sig alert on state route 160. still closed but northbound and southbound at three-mile slough bridge. that vehicle burst into flames. it's been a long cleanup. hoping to have lanes open by about 7:00 this morning. westbound 4 near pillow pass road, we have a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. that is definitely slowing you down out of the pittsburgh area. we started off really active this morning, too. we had a wild scene outside the caldecott tunnel overnight. check out this backup. a car became disabled on highway 24 just outside of the west end of the tunnel. another driver stopped to help. a tow truck driver came along.
6:32 am
that's when things got crazy. one of the drivers got into an altercation with the tow truck driv driver. someone in one of those two vehicles pulled out a gun and fired twice into the air. no one was hit, the chp stopped traffic in the unl the. everything cleared around 4:00 this morning. braack to that breaking new. three americans held by north korea will be back home tonight. these guys on their way home right now. in fact, the president tweeting out just about an hour ago saying i am pleased to inform you that secretary of state mike pompeo is in the air and on his way back from north korea with the three wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. they seem to be in good health. also a good meeting with kim jong-un. date and place set. that refers to the summit planned between kim jong-un and president trump. we expect the three detainees to land on the east coast tonight, 2:00 a.m. eastern. that's 11:00 p.m. for us.
6:33 am
president trump says he'll be at andrews air force base to greet them. >> i'm sure their families are unbelievably relieved. new this morning, the emergency room at valley medical center in san jose had to be put on lockdown after a hazmat situation. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the hospital with the details on what led up to that emergency action. >> good morning. what a morning here in the er. this is where it all went down. right here in this parking lot. that's where the decontamination process took place. take a look at the video from earlier this morning. san jose fire was called to valley medical center about 11:45 to help with a possible hazmat situation. hospital workers needed help with the decontamination procedure. a patient was flown in on a medical helicopter. they isolated the patient and the staff. >> we were able to determine that it was just stuff that needed to be deconned with soap and water, and we were able to do that with the assistance of valley medical center personnel
6:34 am
and get their patients cleaned up, get their personnel cleaned up. >> the helipad was shut down as they worked on getting that decontaminated. everything is open for the emergency room. firefighters say this doesn't happen very often but all the proper procedures were followed. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. embattled santa clara county judge is breaking his silence. he gave a six-month sentence to brock turner, the student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he explained why he hasn't said anything until yesterday. >> i really think judges should typically zip it and take the heat, take the criticism. it's only when you get to a point where there's a very real chance that the recall will be successful it gets serious for me. >> the recall is on the june 5th
6:35 am
ballot. persky says if removed, it may undermine the public confidence that judges will make tough calls. we posted his entire statement on our website, if you're at b.a.r.t., it's exciting when you see the new trains come into the station. you'll see that more often. another ten-car train will be rolling onto the tracks by next week. the state public utilities commission approved the new train yesterday four days after% it passed a systemwide test. the new rail cars will run on the richmond/fremont line and the warm springs/daly city line. officials expect to have 80 new cars in service by the end of the year. big relief for a heartbroken dog owner. stephanie lee had been searching for filo from late last month when someone stole him. a woman who saw the story on the news thought she spotted the dog. she discovered he had been sold
6:36 am
and was in oakland. she took him to the vet last night and says he seems to be doing just fine. the plan to build massive tunnels to divert water from the sacramento river to southern california is getting a big boos. the water district is committing up to $650 million to build those tunnels. supporters say the $17 billion project will provide water to areas that need it badly. environmental groups say the tunnels will harm wildlife and water quality in san francisco bay. state regulators expected to give solar power a big boost. the commission is set to vote on rules that will require solar panels on most new homes in california starting in two years. it will apply to single family homes and apartment buildings that are three stories or less. remodeled homes will be exempt. the solar rules are expected to add about $9,000 to the cost of a new home. for the fourth straight season the warriors have advanced to the western conference finals. >> last night golden state closed out the pelicans 113-104
6:37 am
in game five. the warriors will have several days to prepare for the west's top seed, the houston rockets. tickets for games three, four and six g on sale to the general public tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. games one and two in houston with the series opener monday at 6:00 p.m. we want to thanks all the dubs fans who shared your warriors pride with us. you can join them by adding #dubson7. you may see them on air or on you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's start with temperatures down in the south bay. mid to upper 50s. we range from about 53 in los gatos to san jose, campbell at 59 degrees. let's take a look at other areas. we have 53 in los altos hills. 51 in napa. check out brentwood, 59. danville 55 along with san
6:38 am
carlos alameda 56. you can see the broken deck of clouds right now as we hover over the bay bridge. driving today is damp in spots. watch out for that. we've had to use the windshield wipers. mass transit cool this morning to mild this afternoon. the entire bay going into the delta, small craft advisory, winds gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour from 1:00 until 9:00 this aternoon into the evening. it's also going to be breezy at the coast today. we're starting cloudy at 45 this morning, jumping up at 10:00 with increasing sunshine to 60. hang out in the mid to upper 60s through 5:00. on the other side of the bay, pretty much the same thing, cloudy at 8:00 to mostly sunny at noon. mid 60s through 6:00. how do you get stuck in traffic at 2:30 in the morning? it happened. hopefully your commute will be a
6:39 am
little better. >> you still haven't figured out how to get that done. thankfully you made it to work eventually, before we went on the air, so that was good. we have a new sig alert. folks likely going to be late if you normally take southbound 880 through the oakland area. we've got a big problem. this is a flipped suv. it's on its roof right now. chp issued a sig alert. this is just past 23rd avenue. tough spots have anything blocking and i believe we also have quite a bit of onlooker delay on the northbound side. tilting our maps up, you can see it's pretty heavy on the northbound side and the side that's actually blocked, the three left lanes are blocked on the southbound side. everyone who was in that vehicle made it out. so hopefully no serious injuries there. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on at 5:21. typical delays back into the maze. next traffic update coming up in less than ten.
6:40 am
let me show you what i'm watching here. the woman president trump nominated to replace mike pompeo as cia director faces a tough senate confirmation hearing today. you can see two live images coming in from capitol hill. that's where the confirmation hearing just got under way seconds ago. you see gina haspel. she's the nominee. you can't see it, but right behind her, protesters against has spell are also in the room. we've seen them at teams holding signs, wearing shirts that have some things written on them. senators want details right now about a secret cia center that she was in charge of after 9/11. terror suspects were brutally interrogated there. she's going to face tough questioning. she says she will fight any attempt to resurrect the program under her watch. so we'll see if she sticks to that this morning. back to you. meanwhile, new this morning members of iran's parliament are
6:41 am
reacting to president trump's decision to back out of the international nuclear pact on iran. as the parliament session began, some lawmakers burned a paper u.s. flag as well as a symbolic copy of the iran deal. some chanted death to america. iran's parliament speaker later trump doesn't have the mental capacity to deal with these issues. he said, quote, it is obvious that trump only understands the language of force. nord stram is accused of racial profiling. how the company is responding after employees called the police on three african-american teens. day two of google's development conference is today. everyone still talking about a major announcement from day one. you have to see this new ai. it sounds just like a human. you probably won't even be able to tell the difference. looking live at the big board. up slightly
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
pretty big spread across the state today, about 47 degrees from 60 up in eureka to palm springs nearing record highs again, 107. afternoon sunshine, near 70 in san diego, 76 in l.a. plowed, 62, monterey. 80s through the central valley.
6:45 am
tahoe 67. remember yesterday i talked about seeing hints of thunderstorms in the forecast? those hints became a little more clearer for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. counselors will be at an east bay high school to help students mourning the death of -- >> a 15-year-old boy was discovered at the bottom of the pool at san ramon valley high. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there live. good morning. amy. >> good morning natasha. this student is going to be missed. you can tell by looking at this fence outside the pool where they covered it with notes. his name is ben curry. they left notes for him talking about how funny he was, how loved he was, how he will be missed. here is the pool where students say ben was found. it was right after fourth period pe class. it was the fifth period pe class, students about to get into the pool when they saw the body.
6:46 am
students are remembering him as a cool, kind kid. >> i changed next to the kid in my locker, and i saw him. he was laughing. he was happy. nothing seemed wrong with him. >> some guy you've known all your life is not going to be there the next day. it's hard to process. >> danville police have not said yet happened. they did say they're making this case priority. school administrators will be doing what they can today to help the kids process what happened, what some of them saw and help them all deal with their grief. live in danville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. if you're coping with grief or the loss of a loved one. there are people who can help. go to our website, we have links to resources for everything from mental health to bullying and school safety. it is 6:46 now. nord strom rack is apologizing this morning for falsely accusing three feyerick
6:47 am
teenagers of stealing. this ens dents happened at a missouri store. the teenagers were shopping when employees called them and accused them of shoplifting. the police showed up and determined there had been no crime. one teen says he's not bringing this issue to light for money. he wants a better world. >> i don't want them to fire anyone. i want them to teach them and make that a teaching moment and everybody move forward and get better. >> the president at nordstrom rack met with the teens yesterday and said the company is carrying out a thorough internal investigation. pharmaceutical giant novartis, at&t and korea aerospace. daniels' attorney, michael avenatti also says wire transfers were going in and out of an account that cohen used to
6:48 am
pay daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about her affair with president trump. avenatti threw down the gauntlet on gma this morning. >> george, look. something doesn't smell right. if it's aboveboard and there's no proper conduct, michael cohen should release the bank statements and records for the american people to see. if we're wrong, we're wrong. george, we're not wrong. >> daniels' attorney claims the firm linked to the account in question has ties to a russian billionaire. the firm says its ownership is entirely american. ahead on gma you'll hear what avenatti calls his substantial proof of the claims. that starts at 7:00 on abc 7. concern about a shortage of epipens has prompted kaiser to limit its supply. it's providing only one syringe at a time. a patient advocacy group says 45 states have reported a shortage. the drugmaker says it's experiencing manufacturing delays after complaints about defective epipens. no indication on when production
6:49 am
will pick back up. on to your morning money report. if you have a movie pass membership, perhaps you should enjoy it while it lasts. >> i thought i told you this business model made no sense. movie pass has about two months before it guess into the red. according to bloomberg, the model goes like this, members pay $9.95 a month to watch up to one movie a day. every time they swipe, movie pass has to pay the theater the full cost of the ticket. this means it losing money on pretty much anybody who sees just two movies a month. a live look at the new york city as trading gets under way. you can see we're hovering around the same as we wore, up about 66 points. overnight global markets were mixed as international investors responded to president trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. this next story is blowing my mind. google's assistant will soon make calls for you and it sounds just like a human.
6:50 am
>> hi, i'd like to book a haircut for a client. i'm looking for something on may 3rd. >> sure. give me one second. >> google announced the technology at yesterday's developers conference. it's called google duplex. it will use artificial intelligence to call businesses for appointments and other tasks. the human sounding automated voice even uses those conversation fillers that a lot of us use like uh-huh and um. it's all to make it sound human. >> it's the uh-huh that got me. >> oh, okay. pizza hut is making it easier to enjoy pizza and beer. >> the chain is expanding beer delivery to six cities here in california according to l.a., bakersfield, riverside, sacramento, santa barbara and santa clara. anaheim, huntington beach and redding will be added later in the month. it's expanding its beer
6:51 am
partnership with anheuser bush and miller coors. this is in attempt to fight off its rival domino's. >> beer and pizza go hand in hand. >> get your ai to call for it. >> i don't know if my ai would understand my sarcasm. >> probably not. probably needs more for the nuance of mike nicco. here we go, everybody. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. unfortunately the cloud cover, you can see some drops on the lens there at sfo. delays up to 54 minutes. that's the average arrival delays according to the fcc. and cooler this afternoon. not as cloudy or humid tonight. cooler this morning. the warming trend begins that
6:52 am
will take us up to temperatures above average over the mom's weekend. morgan hill mid 70s. mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. a brisk day at the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s. low to miss 60s from downtown to south san francisco to sausalito. low to mid 70s through the mid bay valleys. as you head inland we'll have temperatures in our inland neighborhoods in the mid 70s to lower 70s. a's game wrapping up this three-game series. how about a win? 12:35 to 62, about 65 at 3:35. good luck guys. trursz not bad. that sunshine will be strong today. clearing across the north bay, that's why you're in the upper 40s. accuweather seven-day forecast, today and next tuesday our coolest days. 80s inland for mom's weekend.
6:53 am
>> we've got a big headache in oakland right now, a sig alert for a rollover crash on southbound 880 south of 23rd. not sure about the condition of those folks inside the vehicle that flipped. they made it out of the vehicle okay, but they've dispatched at least one ambulance to the scene. this is really starting to stack up. on 880 you're down to 11 miles an hour approaching a long backup northbound with onlooker delay. check out 580, wide open eastbound and westbound. that is cruising along higher than the posted speed limit. that's the alternate for you right now. i have not gotten permission yeyet for big rigs to use 580. on the golden gate bridge we are socked in. southbound 101 volume looking okay but dealing with fog this morning. >> can't see the bridge at all. this morning we're hearing from passengers at a delta air lines flight forced to evacuate using emergency slides at denver
6:54 am
international. >> never how you want to get off a plane. >> this is after a chemical smell and smoke started to fill the cabin. the 146 passengers on board had to use those emergency slides to get out. >> great flight up until when we landed here on the runway and we were taxiing and the cabin started feeling with smoke. >> she started barking before anybody else smelled it. knew something was wrong. >> no flames were found, only minor injuries were reported. a drug designed to treat osteoporosis may help treat hair loss, considered a possible break through for balled people. currently rogaine and pro peesh yeah are available for treating male pattern baldness. the university of manchester says it has conducted successful experiments use hair follicles. up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go.
6:55 am
>> let's take a look at our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. it's humphrey's slow cone. can i call it slow cone? i think it's located down the
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
it's 6:58. here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, that breaking news, three americans being held by north korea will be back home in the u.s. tonight. they were released overnight and are on their way home right now with secretary of state mike pompeo. number two, the er at valley medical center in san jose is back open after a hazmat scare overnight. a patient flown in by helicopter and the crew who came into contact with him had to be decontaminated. that scene is now clear. number three, grief counselors will be available at san ramon valley high school in san ville after a 15-year-old was found in the pool yesterday. classmates identify the freshman as ben curry. number four, happening right now, the confirmation hearing is under way for gina haspel,
6:59 am
president trump's nominee for cia director. this is a live look from capitol hill. you see lawmakers there grilling her. she's expected to face pretty tough questions about her role in a brutal interrogation program. number five, we have misty areas this morning, then sunshine, breezy conditions and cooler-than-average temperatures at least around the bay and the coast. inlantd will cool back to average temperatures. number six, we've got a big issue on the nimitz right now. 880, three left lanes blocked on the southbound side south of 23rd. this is due to a flipped suv. so we've got big police presence on the scene. you are jammed for miles in either direction. use 580 for an alternate. number seven, the warriors will face the rockets in the western conference finals. last night the dubs beat new orleans 113-104. >> all is well in the world. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another abc 7 news update. >> we appreciate you waking up with us.
7:00 am
we hope you saw the game last night and it's going to make a great day. good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. three american detainees trapped in north korea now freed. secretary of state mike pompeo leaving north korea with them onboard. breaking news, bombshell new allegations about president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. the company he used to pay off stormy daniels allegedly received $500,000 in payments from the company tied to a russian billionaire. the porn star's lawyer making explosive claims. he's here live this morning. terrifying evacuation. smoke filling the cabin of this delta plane overnight. >> evacuate, evacuate. >> passengers taking cover, scrambling out the exit. even huddling on the wing.


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