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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 11, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> have a great weekend. making news in america this morning, president trump back on the campaign trail rallying crowds in the midwest and announcing details about his historic summit with kim jong-un. but back at the white house, reports the homeland security secretary was on the brink of resigning after a trump tirade. the new details overnight. senator john mccain's wife speaks out after a white house aide dismissed mccain's influence saying he's, quote, dying anyway. the backlash and new information on mccain's condition as he battles brain cancer. sticker shock at the gas station. the new warnings about prices and the states now paying more than $3 a gallon. those stories, plus wild video from the highway. a truck out of control taking down light poles. a major league star pitcher responds to claims that his love for the video game fortnite has
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kept him off the mound. and the story behind this photo. what's being called the best selfie ever. certainly the cutest selfie ever, i would say, as we do say good morning on this friday. we're going to start with president trump and a bold prediction ahead of his upcoming summit in singapore with kim jong-un. >> the president held a campaign rally in indiana last night celebrating the return of u.s. prisoners from north korea ahead of that summit. but in the meantime, there's more turmoil at the white house including word of a presidential reprimand aimed at the homeland security secretary. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. no secret this president is tough on immigration and apparently his frustration spilled over into that cabinet meeting, but last night president trump was on a high after a big day for his administration.
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president trump on a tear in indiana. >> we are rocking. we are rocking. >> reporter: rallying supporters, praising the work of his administration to bring home those three americans detained in north korea. >> kim jong-un did a great service to himself, to his country by doing this, but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. >> reporter: the president called his relationship with dictator kim jong-un good ahead of their summit tweeting a save the date earlier in the day, singapore, june 12th. >> you remember everybody in the fake news where they were saying he's going to get us into a nuclear war. >> reporter: the campaign rally came hours after a "new york times" report that the president berated homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen wednesday during a cabinet meeting. a source tells abc news the president was angry she hasn't done enough to secure the country's borders. the tongue lashing so bad "the times" reports nielsen drafted a
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resignation letter. nielsen said in a statement on the immigration battle the president is rightly frustrated about existing loopholes and the lack of action. i share his frustration. the white house did not deny the report but said the president is committed to fixing the broken immigration system and porous borders. diane and kendis. >> kenneth moton live from d.c. for us, thank you. well, outrage is growing this morning after sources say an aide at the white house made a joke about john mccain as the senator battles brain cancer saying mccain is dying anyway. it came on the same day that a retired general made a statement questioning mccain's war record. this morning, cindy mccain is hitting back at a white house aide saying, may i remind you my husband has a family, seven children and five grandchildren. the tweet was directed at kelly sadler who sources say mocked senator mccain in front of a dozen white house officials.
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the mockery coming after mccain voiced his opposition to the white house nominee for cia director. sadler reportedly said, it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway. the white house did not confirm or deny sadler made the comment, only responding with this statement, we respect senator mccain's service to our country and he and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time. >> cia has learned some tough lessons from that experience. >> reporter: mccain called on his fellow senators to reject gina haspel's nomination because she reportedly oversaw cia sites where detainees were subjected to waterboarding. mccain was also condemned by a retired three-star general on tv because of his opposition to haspel. >> and if we have to use him to save a million american lives, we will do whatever we have to. >> reporter: during an interview on fox business news, thomas mcinerney claimed that torture worked on john mccain. >> well, she can't use it anymore because we've determined, the congress, that it's not legal. the fact is, it worked on john. that's why they call him song bird john.
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the fact is those methods can work and they're effective. >> reporter: but there's no evidence mccain actually helped the enemy while being tortured and held captive in vietnam for more than five years. the show's host has since apologized to mccain and his family. >> if i had heard what he said the right way, i would have pushed back. i didn't. i blew it. those reprehensible comments do not reflect how i feel or how this network feels about senator mccain. >> reporter: and there's some encouraging news this morning from senator lindsey graham. graham tells cnn he was pleasantly surprised at mccain's condition during a recent visit. >> i am hopeful that he's getting stronger, and don't believe what you read about john mccain. we're not talking about funerals. i'm going back. >> and many say the general's comments about mccain's war record are reminiscent of president trump's comments during the campaign and there are some published reports that say the white house aide kelly sadler has now called mccain's daughter meghan to apologize. hawaii's governor is asking for his state to be declared a
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federal disaster. scientists say a violent steam explosion in the kilauea volcano could send ash and massive boulders into the sky into the next week impacting air traffic on the big island as well. the volcano's lava is escaping through 15 cracks, some of them 25 miles from the volcano. the governor says the cost of responding to the crisis could climb to nearly $3 million over the next month. we're learning more about the man arrested for the road rage killing of an air national guardsman. nicholas webb is accused of stabbing 22-year-old cody harter over the weekend on a highway near kansas city after they allegedly fought over who was going to merge first. we've now learned that webb was convicted of murder back in 1981. he was sentenced to 35 years in prison but released after serving 15 years. the new figures out this morning show gas prices have gone up 20 cents in the last month. the national average is now 2.84 a gallon, but drivers in these 10 states are already paying $3
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or more. one analysis from morgan stanley warns the higher prices could wipe out a third of the benefits of the trump tax cuts threatening economic growth and the president's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and the crisis in venezuela could send oil prices higher in the coming weeks. >> hey, just in time for memorial day weekend. and it is time right now for us to take a look at your friday weather. well, more than 30 million americans are bracing for severe weather from the plains to the mid-atlantic. this hail came falling down in lynchburg, virginia. in the pacific northwest some dramatic video from washington. wow. look at that home there crashing off a cliff and into the skagit river finally falling victim to years of erosion there. and looking at today's temperatures, things are heating up across much of the nation today approaching 90 in the south and midwest but temperatures are still chilly across the northern tier. coming up, the popular drink
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making a comeback after airline passengers complained. and also ahead, the suv craze hitting a whole new level. the unusual feature inside this $325,000 model. and a new policy on spotify is sparking debate as the service starts pulling songs it deems hateful. hear singer r. kelly's response next. nse next.
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a sheriff's deputy in ocala, florida, is being called a hero after helping to save a 3-month-old baby. the boy had stopped breathing when his mother flagged down that off-duty deputy, jeremie nix. after trying cpr, nix rushed the baby to the hospital in his squad car and was later seen holding him. it's unclear why the boy stopped
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breathing, but kingston has been released from the hospital and is doing just fine. the suspected golden state killer is facing four new counts of murder. prosecutors in california have now added those charges against 72-year-old joseph deangelo. he's now facing a dozen murder charges in that state alone. the new counts are related to murders in 1979 and 1981. the former police officer is being held without bail. a nurse has been charged in the death of former national security adviser h.r. mcmaster's father. prosecutors say christann gainey failed to check on herbert mcmaster sr. after he fell last month at a senior community center in philadelphia. gainey is charged with involuntary manslaughter and she's accused of falsifying records. she intends to plead not guilty. and spotify has pulled r. kelly's music from its playlist after the company announced a new policy on hateful conduct. the r&b singer is facing allegations of sexually abusing women for decades and he is the target of recent campaigns #muterkelly. well, his music will still be
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available to stream but spotify will not promote it. the company says what they choose to program should reflect their values. kelly's management says spotify is acting on false and unproven allegations. a bit of caution ahead of the summer vacation season. the tsa is predicting record crowds at the airports this summer. about 4% more than last year. okay, so here's a tip to save time in that line that you see there. agents say they're less likely to stop you for closer inspection if you take all of the larger objects out of your bag first, even your snacks. that apparently helps reduce clutter during the x-ray screening process. >> a lot of snacks. >> it makes sense. must be some really big snacks. people who fly united airlines are kind of celebrating the return of tomato juice. the airline is bringing back the beverage following an outcry from passengers who were furious when it cut that from their drink service. bloody mary mix is also being offered as well. >> ooh, the bloody mary mix on planes is so good. >> yeah, yeah. it was just really awkward when
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all they'd offer was just the vodka and not the bloody mary mix. what do you do? coming up, one of the worst first pitches we've ever seen. but first, the wild video of a truck taking down light poles along this highway. what happened to the driver. and up next, a rare look inside a mexican drug cartel where the heroin is prepared for shipment to the united states. the heroin is prepared for shipment to the united states. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard
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feclaritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day, after day, after day. because life should have more wishes, and less worries. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. rolls-royce has unveiled its first ever suv. it's called the cullinan. it is named after the world's largest diamond. it's a v-12 and can hit 155 miles an hour. there's an optional cocktail table, refrigerator and storage for your champagne glasses, of course, dom perignon. the price tag, $325,000. >> you probably don't want to enjoy the cocktails while you're driving. be warned. this morning we're getting a rare look inside one of the world's most dangerous drug cartels. >> with opioid abuse skyrocketing here in the u.s.,
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the demand is high, and mexico's notorious sinaloa cartel is answering that growing demand as the largest exporter of heroin to america. >> abc's dan harris takes us to the dangerous front lines. >> reporter: up this dusty road in northwest mexico, these sun dappled purple flowers are at the source of an american catastrophe, poppy, the raw material for heroin. >> we extract all the gum. >> you're getting the gum out of the poppy. >> yeah. yeah, uh-huh. >> reporter: among the armed workers we find a grandmother recently deported from los angeles. obviously you know this because you lived in the united states but the heroin epidemic is a huge problem. do you have any concerns about being part of it? >> doing this one i feel very bad. i feel like dirty, you know, but i need money. what can i do? >> reporter: next step after you harvest the poppies, you need to cook the gum into heroin and that's what we're going to see
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now. the main cook says he's 25 years old and has been doing this work since he was 15. and this is the final product, white heroin. at night the next step in the chain, smuggling the product up into america. this is clearly not the first time he's done this. there are millions of dollars worth of merchandise hidden in this vehicle. who takes the car across the border? do you? is it mexicans, or do you find american citizens to do the work? >> american citizens. >> american citizens. how do you find americans to do this? >> i don't know. my boss does that. >> your boss does that? >> yes. >> your boss does it. >> yes. >> interesting. >> reporter: no one we met inside the cartel thinks a border or anything else will shut down the drug trade as long as so many americans are willing to pay for their product. >> it's incredible what dan was able to see there.
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>> yeah, missing access there. >> big thank you to dan harris and everybody else who worked so hard on that report. now to a miami man who is facing a record penalty for allegedly making 100 million robocalls. the fcc has fined adrian abramovich $120 million and say his operation tried to trick consumers into answering the phony calls and listening to his advertising messages. he's accused of falsifying caller i.d. information to make it look like the calls were coming from the same area code as the recipient making the recipient more likely to answer that call. and in milwaukee a wild scene played out on this highway. watch this truck take down two light poles on interstate 43. you see the poles fall on both sides of the highway but luckily missed oncoming cars. the driver was arrested after a sobriety test. an officer caught on camera choking a former nfl player has now been fired. video of the december incident outside atlanta surfaced last month. officers were responding to a road rage allegation. now, the video shows one officer putting his hands on desmond
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marrow's throat. he could be heard telling officers that he couldn't actually breathe. investigators have already dropped the charges, by the way, against marrow. boston red sox pitcher david price says playing the video game fortnite is not the cause of his carpal tunnel syndrome. price is a longtime video game enthusiast. he admits his gaming habit may have contributed to his condition which has kept him off the field for over a week but price now says he will no longer play fortnite in the team's clubhouse because he says it's become a distraction. >> oh, you think? that's a start. >> there you go. here's the newest worst ceremonial first pitch ever. the host of "american ninja warrior" spiking the ball in philadelphia. the phillie phanatic was left helpless. one critic said this earns a spot on the mt. rushmore of worst first pitches. >> was he throwing with the wrong hand maybe? >> maybe. i don't know.
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>> maybe he's not a lefty. >> could be. of course, it reminds us of 50 cent's terrible first pitch. >> oh, yeah, that was a good one too. >> before a mets game. which was worse? >> i think 50's was worse actually. >> pretty awful. up next in "the pulse," the debate over where the long island iced tea came from. long island, obviously. that's where it came from. also ahead, the woman accused of sending 65,000 text messages to a guy after just one date. plus, the story behind the epic dog selfie. selfie. selfie. what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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4:23 am
and only dated once. >> okay, so she was arrested at his home after traveling cross-country from florida to see him. police found a butcher knife in her car, but rest assured she claimed she would never hurt him because he's her soul mate. >> he apparently found her in his bathtub. >> yeah, and some people think love is dead. all right, now to the battle over bragging rights for the long island iced tea. >> okay, so apparently there's a town in kingsport, tennessee, that is staking claim to the cocktail. the town's tourism bureau even posted a video saying the drink was created on an island off kingsport in the 1920s. >> but bartenders in long island, new york, say not so fast. they say the drink was first mixed in a bar in the hamptons in the '70s. take that. that's where the drink comes from. >> you think there is a bar in the hamptons that would serve a long island iced tea. >> yeah, lots of them. next some dogs from ohio making their attempt at internet immortality. here they are seemingly posing
4:24 am
for a selfie. >> it was taken at a doggie day-care center. the owner says it was not staged. the dogs were gathered at a gate and it came out just right. might bring to mind this epic oscar selfie, though. remember ellen and bradley cooper showing off their selfie skills. >> which one was cuter? i think the dogs are pretty cute. >> the dogs are pretty cute. today is the yummiest day of the year, everybody. >> it is national eat what you want day. >> nutritionists say it's healthy to give your body a break and allow a cheat day and also a good day to try out some food you've never eaten before. >> we've done it every day of the year. >> yeah. >> we've done it every day of the year. >> yeah. welers, he designs them for the star in your life. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. it's based on an art deco design. neil lane bridal. get her ring today with zero down special financing on in-store bridal purchases with the kay jewelers credit card. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for... yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay.
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i said it a little differently to alexis when we were alone and not on tv, but oh, i'm so happy it's friday! >> he did. >> it had a little more edge to it. but here, i'll say, so happy. >> we're keeping it clean, mike. and we have some great weekend weather coming our way? >> i don't think so. it will change over the weekend. mother's day day not quite as nice as today and tomorrow, and breezy. we're starting off with dry conditions, partly cloudy out there as the marine layer is gone. temperatures running from 49 in danville to about 57 in concord and vallejo. we'll look at your accuweather 12-hour planner coming up next. here's alexis. all right, mike, we're starting off with activity here, the end of a police chase on westbound highway 24 off ramp to southbound 13. that is closed right now for an investigation. this police chase started in pittsburg on highway 4
4:28 am
overnight, and that ended in a crash on that very sharp ramp there from 24 to 13, just a little bit after 3:00 a.m. two people inside the vehicle were transported with possible injuries. so, chp is saying 24 is open, just that ramp to southbound 13 is closed, if it's not currently a sig alert. but definitely keeping an eye on that. something happened to my camera here. i was going to show you walnut creek southbound 680. that's clearly not it. we'll check that out in just a few. >> thanks, alexis. happening today, a judge considers if the ghost ship defendants should be let out of jail. >> both are being held before trial and their attorney will argue the law is on their side to let them go home. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in oakland. good morning. >> reporter: hi, natasha. it's a new law that will be tested today in court. it says that judges should consider jail alternatives for defendants who can't afford their bail. well, the attorneys for these two defendants say that they believe this applies to their
4:29 am
clients, derek al mena and max harris. attorneys say they have a better chance of fighting their case if they are out of jail, rather than when they are in, inside. they argue the two are not a threat to society, that the crime they are accused of was situational. they are charged with involuntary manslaughter for the deaths in the ghost ship warehouse fire that happened in oakland. their trial is set for july 16th, but there will be a hearing this morning to determine whether they should be released from jail before the trial. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you. court fines and fees can add up, trapping low-income people in debt. that's why san francisco supervisors are considering a proposal to end fees associated with probation and electronic monitoring. according to "the examiner," the ordinance would cost the city about $1.2 million in lost revenue a year. supporters, though, say the benefits far outweigh the costs. they say it will help people who have already served time for a
4:30 am
crime move forward in their lives. the proposal passed in committee yesterday and the full bloord vote on it at a later date. >> just like that, it is 4:30 a.m. if you're just waking up, here's an update on your weather and traffic. we start with mike. >> all right, never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look from the exploratorium. you can see no sign of the marine layer out there. so, let's talk about what's going to happen today. we have a few high clouds. that's why it's partly cloudy this morning. temperatures pretty close to where we were yesterday, so if you like to wear the same coat two days in a row, no excuse not to. low to mid-50s there at 7:00. by noon, 60 at the coast. that's already a little bit warmer than yesterday. low to mid-70s. that's definitely warmer. and if you're heading out, take the sunglasses, you'll need it. look at temperatures jump around the bay and inland. 76 to 82 at 4:00 and mid-to-upper 70s away from the coast at 7:00, but that's when the breezes begin. i'll give you an update on that wind advisory coming up next. here's alexis. >> all right, good morning, mike. and taking a live look now at walnut creek.


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