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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and saint james. we just got video of what it looked like before firefighters arrived. you can see flames shooting out of the house, brand-new video. i want to show you what the scene looks like right now. this is our live picture of the scene. you can see the flames are knocked down. still firefighters out there. we do know that three people have been displaced and the red cross has been called in. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is there right now. he's gathering new details on the fire. he'll have an update in the next half hour. >> jessica, we appreciate it. thank you. good morning to you, 6:00 on tuesday may 15th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. take a look at what's going on live doppler 7. drizzle, not seeing it but cloud cover. in fact cloud deck so high we can use sutro tower. no fog. low to my 50s accuweather day
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planner at 7:00. mid-60s around the bay and inland, sunshine just a little quicker today. by 4:00 we're still in the mid-60s but brighter, still cool. mid-60s by 4:00. here is alexis. >> no major problems, mike. certainly good news. we're starting to see typical slow spots fill in. westbound 92 across san mateo bridge. a lot of brake lights filling in once you make it past this point, toll plaza, open up midspan the rest of the way to foster city, heavy leaving hayward area. definitely still heavy out of the central valley westbound 580 tracy to dublin, one hour 24 minutes. started with late roadwork. a couple of crashes. hard time bouncing back. westbound 4 antioch to concord yellow 5 minutes. 101 san rafael to st. francis in the green with 16 minutes. thanks, alexis.
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we're getting a look inside a fairfield home where police say they discovered 10 children living in squalosqualor. >> we're hearing from the mother now. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, natasha. the district attorney said she was horrified by statements she heard from some of the children. she is looking to see if she should file more charges against the couple. jonathan allen and ina rogers accused of torturing the kids and having them live in horrible conditions. police released pictures from the home saying it was filled with garbage, spoiled food and feces. the mother says the allegations are just not true. >> i strive and i pride myself on being a good parent to my children. my husband has a lot of tattoos, he looks like a scary individual. that's why people are so quick to judge him.
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>> reporter: the couples' 10 children range in age from four months to 12 years old. they have been taken from the home and placed with relatives. the mother is out on bail but dad is being held on $5.2 million bail. reporting live in fairfield amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now a live desk update with jessica castro. >> new at 6:00 a.m. uber changing the way it handles allegations of sexual misconduct. here is what the san francisco company announced just a short time ago. today's new policy will allow riders and drivers to file allegations of rain and other sexual misconduct in court rather than be locked into arbitration hearing. also new uber is getting rid of a policy requiring sexual misconduct kept confidential. uber trying to change its reputation about a wave of allegations about rampant sexual harassment and other bad behavior within the company. again, just making that announcement moments ago.
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natasha. >> new developments in the wake of racism allegations at the san jose police department. muslim civil rights organization sent a letter to police chief demanding the department investigate complaints of prasracial bias a take corrective action, also wants police officers to go through cultural sensitivity training. last week we told you about officer nabil haidar who filed claims of harassment. he said he's been regularly called taliban, isis since the 9/11 attack. he filed an internal complaint in november but was not addressed. the department would not comment but say diversity is the biggest stremgt. parents in novato not happy they were never told about an arrest at the high school. adam frid
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adam fry. when they searched the car they found world war ii ammo. >> several parents frightened. >> if you don't give kids or parents information, don't shame them for rumors. they don't know anything. they are terrified. there's always a balance at the school district between protecting students' privacy and letting the public in our community know what's happening. the student was suspended and now facing expulsion. investigators do not believe he has access to guns. cameras not allowed during yesterday's hearing of golden state killer. sketches show he was standing for the first time in court. >> you can see he was also held in a cage. joseph deangelo showed up in a wheelchair until now. a sacramento judge delayed a decision whether search and arrest warrants should be made public. he's charged with 12 counts of murder for crimes dating back to the 1970s. the goddaughter of two murder victims was in court. >> after 40 years, i never
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thought this would be solved. it's always been something we've dealt with. the funny thing is, the pictures on the news they keep putting out there have been the ones in my house since i was a little girl. it's all been unreal. outlets want search warrants unsealed arguing they will provide important details about how prosecutors identified deangelo and what evidence they have gathered from him. >> the defense claims the information could taint jurors and witnesses. a decision on that expected may 29th. 6:06, a 19th crack opened up miles away from the kilauea volcano on the big island of hawaii. each of them spewing hot lava and toxic gases. the county issuing alert that sulfur dioxide gases released could become a public health. usgs warning residents that the volcano could still explode. tinder trying out a new
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feature that tells fell users where you've been. you may or may not like that. plus major deadline for president trump if he wants to avoid potential legal trouble with his battle with an adult film star. you are never more than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. chances of rain 10%,
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the clock just flippedt fli on this tuesday, 51 in daley city, 52 pacifica. everyone else in the mid-50s until you get to san bruno, 57 degrees right now. we pretty much have mid-50s everywhere, los gatos 55, oakland 55, san ramon 54. look at the cloud deck. same color as the water. gray this morning, at least that's the reflection. chilly on the beaches. sunshine is strong once it breaks through the clouds and not as volatile on the bay today. no small craft advisory. san francisco look at cloudiness through 10:00. a little sunshine this afternoon. upper 50s. down in the shout bay pi noon, mid to upper 60s through 6:00.
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take a look at accuweather seven-day forecast. a little warming trend. alexis with an update on a few incidents. >> take you to the east bay here. we had a disabled truck westbound 80 just past cartenas bridge. residual delays cleared up quickly as well. if you're leaving vallejo and westbound 80 things looking better. past highway 80, 4, we had an earlier minor crash, on ramp blocked. that is gone, "too. typical delays. metering lights on. 5:30, no major problems on your way to san francisco. >> alexis, thank you. today is the deadline for president trump to file his personal financial disclosure report. that could reveal his debt to personal attorney michael cohen over stormy daniels incident. >> if the president does not disclose that payment, he may land in legal trouble. >> willful omission can subject
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the filer to criminal and civil penalties. he would quite literally be committing a crime. >> the president's new personal lawyer rudy giuliani is questioning applicability of ethics law calling payments to daniels an expense. the president can ask for an extension. new at 6:00, no more goats. unusual animals no longer welcome on american i feel a great deal of urgency... i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
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we're back at 6:15. first lady melania trump undergoing surgery for benign kidney condition. she will likely remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. president trump not at the hospital as doctors performed a procedure to plug up a blood vessel to stop bleeding. a senior administration official tells abc 7 news the president spoke with her before the surgery and with her doctors speedily after. fries, chips, cookies, all delicious but unhealthy because of trans fat. the world health organization has a new plan to remove fats by 2023, remove dietary sources, assess changes, raise awareness and then enforce those changes. a former cdc director says artificial trans fats are easily replaced without changing the taste of the food. only your heart will know the
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difference. meanwhile tinder looking to match people with real life missed connections with an upcoming feature. what do you think of this. tinder places, tracks your location through the app and let's potential matches know the places you frequent. according to this, some locations omitted like doctor's offices, banks, where you live and work but may show your favorite coffee shop or gym or bar you go to. the feature will be opt in and expected to launch later this year. >> stalker. >> exactly. warriors 1, rockets 0. golden state took care of houston in texas last night. that's good for several reasons. >> fans in old oakland took over 9th street between washington and broadway for watch party. business owners laid down astroturf for family friendly c organizers say watch party held for warrior's away game until
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they win nba championship. by the way game two it is in houston. >> we are just three wins away from making morning team at ktra in houston wear golden state warriors gear. that should be very embarrassing for them, and we cannot wait because we are petty. >> i tweeted them this morning. i said, they are awfully quiet. >> silent. >> not hearing from them. >> they did write back to me. >> what did they say? >> they said, it's only one game. just one. >> you still have hope, that's so cute. i like that. >> are they not entertained? were they not impressed? >> yes. >> i don't know. i like you're replay, that's good. just one game but you lost at home. >> boom. >> take a look what's going on outside. never more than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. sfo where we have delays this morning. fcc -- excuse me faa says about 52 minutes so call ahead. slightly brighter, still a chill, drizzle to showers tonight and tomorrow and warming
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trend begins thursday. take a look at chance of wet weather. you can see during the day not much but get to about 8:00 tonight. you can see our first signs of green along the coast, drizzle there. overnight hours drizzle to light showers. just about anywhere but especially up in the north bay through the morning commute tomorrow. then the concentration as we head through the day tomorrow will be mainly in the north bay and along the coast. we could have a sprinkle just about anywhere from noon all the way up until 4:00, then it's the north bay through the evening hours. by the time we get to tomorrow -- i should say by thursday it's gone. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in san francisco today, only the mission at 60. along east bayshore mid to upper 60s. i should say peninsula in most neighborhoods, millbrae 62 degrees, up to north bay, low- to mid-60s once again where it feels kind of like fall. east bayshore mid up toer 60s are hard to find. mainly in the low- to mid-50s. move inland for one more stop, mid to upper 60s here and same
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thing down in the south bay. accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow and thursday our coolest days, rebound nicely. comfortable friday, saturday, sunday and monday. nothing too hot in this forecast. here is alexis. >> sounds good, mike. traffic has not been terrible in most areas. one issue in the east bay, danville area southbound 680 right around sycamore and valley. keep an eye on that. not seeing much of a back-up yet. we do know we've got at least two vehicles in the far right lane that's blocked. san mateo bridge okay, although pretty heavy past toll plaza westbound 92 leaving the hayward stretch. have not had blocking issues along that route all morning. quick check of drive times. it's an improvement but very slow out of tracy, westbound 580, into dublin, one hour 14 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord, still looking good for north bay commute, san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes. still in the green.
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>> thanks, alexis. "good morning america" coming up. amy robach with a look at what's ahead. niced to you, amy. >> nice to have you, too. coming up, first lady melania trump still in the hospital after undergoing a surgical procedure for kid any. new drama around royal wedding, meghan's father dealing with health trouble allegedly stalged photos with paparazzi. the question this morning a lot of people are asking, will he walk her down the aisle. our audience warming up for first summer concert of the season. you won't want to miss the performance, get you started tuesday morning. back to you natasha and reggie. >> thanks, amy. lookingford to it. see you then. >> america's fittest cities ranked. where the bay area stands. >> major new developments that came out of last night's meeting
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check out walnut creek, look
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at that cloud cover, gray again. one of the areas like san rafael going to see biggest discrepancy between average temperatures and where we'll end up, 8 to 9 degrees cooler than average. even san francisco, 4 to 5 cooler than average. reggie with more news. >> new at 6:00, american airlines updated its pet policy. passengers who want to bring service animals on board now have to file paperwork 48 hours before their flight. american banned some animals because they pose a safety or health risk. that ban includes insects, goats, hedgehogs, ferrets, spiders and certain birds like chickens and hawks. the airline says it wants to support passengers who need support animals but they also want to keep all passengers safe. >> interesting that mini horses still allowed. >> what? >> yup. airport commission will hear a proposal national make uber or lyft rides costlier.
6:25 am
airport considering charging premium fee for rides where customers are dropped off or picked up curbside at terminals. sfo considering converting taxicab area in the central garage into ride share area. rides to and from that pickup point would not be subjected to an extra fee. immigration officials recalling thousands of green cards because of a production error. officials say the cards approved and sent to some 8500 spouses of u.s. citizens were printed with an incorrect resident since date on them. cards mailed between february and april. those who received incorrect green cards will be notified by mail and also instructed on how to return them. democratic state lawmakers pushing new bills to increase resources for undocumented immigrants. some of them spoke at 22nd annual immigrant day at state capital yesterday. the bills would expand medical access and remove exclusions to the earned
6:26 am
republicans say it undermines value of citizenship and legal immigration process. might want to make it a better day with some exercise. >> exercise. >> exercise and a healthy meal. new this morning american college of sports medicine released its list of 100 fittest u.s. cities. >> looked at a variety of factors, fitness, nutrition, smoking, mental health. arlington, virginia, topped the list this year followed by minneapolis, washington, madison, portland rounding out the top five. where are you at, bay area? san jose number nine, oakland 11, san francisco 14, which isn't as high, fremont 19. >> it's so cold. >> what gives? >> exercise. councilman embroiled in controversy. now calls for him to resign. big flames at a home in san jose overnight. now that the sun is up we will take you back to the scene to look at the damage and find out
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how those folks are doing. >> plus memorial day almost here. the times and days y
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now at 6:30 we continue following breaking news out of san jose. a big fire there at a home. in fact, multiple homes were threatened by the flames at one point. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live there gathering new details. did you feel it? what we know about last night's earthquake in the east bay. >> pg-15 could soon be a thing, parents want a new movie rating. good morning tuesday may 15th. hope you're doing well at 6:30. never more than seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. it's starting off gray again. >> gray, even though warriors won. it's gray here. hi, everybody. never more than seven minutes away as we talked about. let's jump right in and talk about winds. notice how they are pointing to the east. nice stout sea breeze once again. look at the cloud cover into the central valley. i still think thinner today and may break up sooner. it will have barely an influence on temperatures. low- to mid-50s at 7:00.
6:31 am
look at noon accuweather day planner, 50s at the coast, mid-60s elsewhere, 50s at the coast at 6:00, still mid-50s around the bay and inland. then barely near 60 at 7:00. enjoy that cool evening. here is alexis. >> mike, taking a look at things. if you travel the pass, a big stlodown on westbound side state route 52. five vehicles involved in a crash at el toro blocking far right lane. it's probably four to five-mile back-up right now. no relief in sight, emergency crews on the scene. taking you to morgan hill area, 16 miles an hour northbound 101, nothing blocking there, stop and go traffic. san jose quiet all morning, inbound side light. next traffic update coming up at 6:40. breaking news, abc 7 live desk. back to breaking news from san jose. look at this, firefighters battling some huge flames
6:32 am
overnight. a house fire on north 9th street near east saint james. an abc 7 news reporter matt keller is there live with an updatehappening. matt. >> reporter: you can see the damage done to the back of the home with those flames. what a scary moment. one of them noticed their deck was on fire and all three people able to escape. check what san jose firefighters found on the scene at 4:45 this morning. can you see flames shooting up into the air back of the home east saint james street. firefighters concerned about the flames spreading to nearby homes but able to quickly knock them down. the deck in the back of the home were damaged but this could have been much worse. >> construction of these victorian homes. once the fire gets inside the homes travel to the basement, first floor, second floor, attic and spread to the entire home. no one was injured in the fire. the red cross was called in to help the family out.
6:33 am
firefighters says it appears they will have to be out for at least a couple of days so the home can be secured. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. 6:33 now. a lot of you felt last night's 3.5 magnitude earthquake that hit in the east bay last night. >> you see light blue scares in the middle of the screen, that's where people were reporting they felt it from santa rosa cruz. here is what we know epicenter highway 13 and joaquin road, northern section of hayward fault which is overdue for devastating earthquake. they say it's too soon for any other specifics. one thing we do know, it was widely felt. >> the house just shook. it went back and forth, you know. i have a cockatiel named lucky. he was flying around in his cage warning us before. you can see the camera
6:34 am
shaking at the giants game at at&t park after 7:15. b.a.r.t. put trains on hold for tracks inspection. muni went to manual mode. for the same reason. no reports of major damage. that quake is a good reminder of the importance of having disaster survival kit at the ready. you'll find guidelines at look for prepare norcal. happening today mayor plans to ask embattled councilman dominic caserta to resign. nine complaints filed accusing him of inappropriate sexual belavar or assault. he's a civic teacher and running for a seat on the county board of supervisors. he's expected to address the allegations at tonight's council meeting. the mayor says it may be too late. >> i think eventually he will find the community is asking for the resignation and it will be difficult for him to conduct his work as councilmember with community outrage. >> he has denied the allegations. now breaking news from the
6:35 am
abc 7 live desk. >> san jose police now confirming a double shooting investigation under way blossomville road and snell avenue. i'll show you the scene from overnight. you see there's some areas cordoned off there. if you're familiar with the area it's a strip mall where walgreen's and lucky are located. officers say they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds after 1:00 this morning. one of the victims died, the other is said to have nonlife threatening injuries. no word if there has been any arrest at this point. if you have any information, police are asking for the public's help. please contact san jose police. reggie. thank you. the company in charge of cleanup at hunters naval shipyard offered to fay for and hire independent contractor to proof its work was valid. st. francis board of supervisors held a hearing to call for the retesting of the shipyard. two tetra tech employees
6:36 am
admitted to falsifies records. trying to identify racket waste being properly handled. >> tetra tech stands behind the work it was done. it has performed the services it was contracted to do to the standards set by the navy under the contract with the navy. >> we've been saying the data collected is fraudulent we've been saying the navy has been lying to us, that their contractors are lying to us. we're hearing from the mother of a woman where where we stranger tried to kidnap her. thank goodness neighbors stepped in to help and got the stranger to let go of the baby. the child's mother said she helton firmly to her infant. >> diamond harris is charged
6:37 am
with felony kidnapping and child endangerment. neighbors say homeless individuals are creating more and more problems on the normally quiet street. happening today the trump administration will try to persuade federal appeals court it was justified ending daca program. in january the judge blocked the pad manages from canceling the program. the government wants an appeals court to overturn that ruling. a three-judge panel will hear the arguments in pasadena. at a later date the panel will issue a written decision at san francisco headquarters. daca has protected 700,000 undocumented immigrants from being deported. this morning police have a suspect in custody for a deadly shooting in santa cruz. 18-year-old javier calvo accused of shooting a man on sun. police say the man from vacaville were with friends inside a car across the street from santa cruz boardwalk. it's not clear whether the shooting was an accident or not. it's not related to the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy at the boardwalk just one day before. the boardwalk says it has a staff of 5 security officers
6:38 am
and hundreds of monitors to keep visitors safe. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's talk temperatures down in the south bay. a lot of mid-50s here until you head up into the la lass gatsp danville 52 on the cool side, 55 in alameda, san carlos and redwood city, 56 in newark, 56 half moon bay at 54. a look at gray conditions out there around through the morning commute. still anticipating drizzle the next hour or two. haven't heard of anything. if you find some let me know, @mikenico. going to be cool at your stops, mild at your stops this afternoon. ferry ride not as breezy as yesterday. no small craft advisory. getting the kids ready? mid-50s and cloudy conditions. gray and cool this morning. a little sunshine, recess at 11:00, 57 to 62.
6:39 am
not a bad afternoon to be outside for the kids. nothing too taxes with temperatures in the mid-60s most neighborhoods upper 50s at the coast. a look at the peninsula. can you see sunshine by noon, into the afternoon hours. low- to mid-60s for you. our last stop will be north bay where temperatures are 10 degrees cooler than average. low- to mid-60s this afternoon after starting in the mid-50s and ending in the mid-50s by 8:00 this evening. worried about the morning commute? guess who i have joining me now to tell you all about it. how are you this morning? >> okay. commute know too bad either. one issue traveling southbound 680 across the bridge. looks like we've got debris scattered around midspan. some calls into chp saying metal vents or something that looks like that. they are on the way to the scene to get it cleared. meantime things backing up 780 and southbound 680 a approach the benicia bridge. should have it cleared, sounds
6:40 am
like a little debris. danville southbound 680 near sycamore valley, a crash. they were quickly able to pull the vehicles apart and they are on the shoulder. bay bridge metering lights on at 5:30 this morning. as can you see we're stacked back into the maze once you make it through the metering lights you are just fine the rest of the way into san francisco. >> thanks, alexis. memorial day will be more crowded this year. aaa says 5% more of us will be hitting the road. that's about 2 million more travelers than last year. the busiest travel days, i don't think you'll be surprised. thursday and friday may 24th and 25th the worst time to drive in san francisco will be friday between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. >> new reports says tesla may have rejected some safety features for autopilot program because it cost too much. elon musk is now responding. >> pretty soon you will have to travel to seattle to check out amazon do store where you'll be able to shop without a cashier
6:41 am
in the bay area. >> 6:30 this morning, we are down 187
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6:43 am
let's take a look around the state. we've got quiet weather even though we're starting off with cloud cover in so cal, upper 60s, the 3 in palm springs, 84
6:44 am
fresno. did you see blossoming of thunderstorms against up towards mount shasta, close to ukiah, .lake. as far as tahoe, these are leftovers from yesterday's showers and thunderstorms. every single day of my accuweather seven-day forecast more chances of showers and thunderstorms. >> now the live desk update. >> abc 7 mornings. >> wests happening middle east. you see smoke there. they are protesting opening of new u.s. embassy. we showed you this yesterday. they are protesting president trump's declaration jerusalem is capital of israel. this has been going on all night long. look at this video from earlier. death toll rose. 58 palestinians killed by israeli forces and things don't seem to be calming down alt all. on a more global scale early
6:45 am
this morning china and turkey condemned military action. i have been watching for reaction from president trump or the white house. so far nothing today. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. we are getting a look inside fairfield home. police say they discovered 10 children living in awful conditions. >> parents are facing several charges. abc 7 news reporter hollywo holyfield live where the mother is responding. >> some charges include torture and child babuse. they are looking to see if they can add more. she says they are good parents but her husband looks scary because of the tattoos, that's why people are quick to judge him. police released photos from inside the home, human and animal feces, garbage and spoiled food throughout the house. and the children told them about
6:46 am
being tortured. the mother says this is not true. >> describe incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture woundsp bruising. consistent with bb gun. >> take my children in, get physicals on them, get them x-rays. do whatever you have to do. you will find nothing. >> investigators say the couples 10 children range in age from four months to 12 years old. the mother says she is a good parent. she is out of jail on bail. her husband is being held on $5.2 million bail. the district attorney could decide on more charges within the next few days. reporting live in fairfield amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> those pictures are so hard to look at. amy, thank you. the man charged with stealing rainbow flags and making threats in the north bay will make his first court appearance. police arrested vincent
6:47 am
o'sullivan in geurneville. they believe he took the flag from a pole outside the geurneville chamber of commerce in april and took another one earlier this monday. one was found tossed in the russian river. according to the the democrat, the police investigating threats found o'sullivan made bomb threats against lgtb community. he's being held upon $50,000 bail. 6:47. the first group of national guard troops have arrived at the california/mexico border. 51 troops deployed yesterday. officials say their job is going to be behind the scenes providing critical support to border patrol agents. they will not be assigned to frontline border security. last month governor brown committed to sending 400 to assist with public safety. a new report said tesla considered adding more safeguards to its autopilot system but the idea got rejected. according to "wall street journal" tesla repeatedly talked about itracking and other sensors to help drivers. the report said the idea was
6:48 am
rejected because of concerns over effectiveness and cost. tesla ceo elon musk is responding to the report clarifying why the decision was made. he tweeted this message, "this is false. eye tracking was rejected for being ineffective, not for cost. "the wall street journal" fails to mention that tesla is the safest car on the road, which would make this article ridiculous. now to your morning money report. amazon says it's bringing cashierless stores to san francisco. >> they are called amazon go, outfitted with hundreds of cam ration and sensors. customers walk in, grab whatever you want off the shelf, and walk out. you don't have to stop to pay. customers scan their phones on the way in and automatially charged as they exit. first amazon do store opened in january in seattle. the time line has been announced for opening bay area store. can you now provide feedback and tips during your uber ride and
6:49 am
not wait until it's over. some forget to tip drivers once they are out of the car. they will also use instant feedback to improve navigation and pickup spots making the service better in the future. >> 6:49. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are down 19 points, 24,719 p a quarter earnings report from home depot could drive the markets throughout the day. here is a question, does hollywood need a new rating for watching movies? some parents say absolutely. >> they are saying pg-13 waiting isn't tough enough. new research suggest some parents say that 13 is too young to see intense shooting. they would like pg-15 for intense violence. a request from kensington palace. prince harry and meghan markle want, quote, understanding and respect for markle's father. the palace refused to confirm a tmz report which says markle's father will not be attending the
6:50 am
royal wedding because he doesn't want to embarrass the royal family or his daughter. he reportedly told tmz he feels ashamed of working with the paparazzi to stage some photos of himself. the site says he wants to recast his image after unflattering photos in the past. you can watch special coverage of the royal wedding this saturday here on abc 7. a special addition of "gma" starts early, 2:00 in the morning. robin roberts and david muir will be live in windsor, england. when you see this on the screen it looks terrible. in fact, this isn't a real crash, a senior prank. they created the crash using black paper and tape. they used a junker car to complete that illusion and picked the perfect spot for the prank, right outside the principal's office. the local police department saying this the best prank they have seen. >> bravo, bravo, very creative. >> was that a thing at your
6:51 am
school, senior pranks. >> it wasn't nearly that memorable. i can't remember what ours was. >> i can't remember ours either. >> must not have been good. >> never forget that senior class. >> they did a great job. let's talk about the may gray morning. never more than seven minutes away. you can see from sutro tower, cloud cover. notice on the east bay hills there's sunshine right below the cloud deck. it looks like i think we'll see the sun a little bit faster today but it's going to have a minimal influence on temperatures. still cooler than average. better chance of drizzle tonight, even a stray shower tomorrow and high temperatures rebound for the weekend. let's take a look at the future radar, clouds in white to gray, chance of wet weather in green. peninsula coast 8:00 tonight, overpass hours, the chance gets better just about everywhere. especially your eyes drawn up to the north bay because that's where the bigger and more numerous future radar returns
6:52 am
are. can you see by 9:00 tomorrow morning chance of drizzle and showers in the north bay. in fact as we head into the noonhour a little green up there. up until 4:00 then you see things taper as we head into the evening hours. now as far as today, temperatures will be in the upper 50s along coast and san francisco. low- to mid-60s around the bay and north bay. mid to upper 60s for south bay and inland east bay, san jose, antioch could make it to 70. you're the exception. another cool one at the game tonight. breezy and dropping to 55 degrees. 49 in a few select areas, most of us low- to mid-50s. tomorrow and looks like thursday will be our coolest days and then nice warming trend. nothing too out of the ordinary for friday, saturday, sunday. hope you have a great day. here is alexis. >> take you to look at the benicia bridge.
6:53 am
debris on the midspan. chp started getting calls about this. the back-up continues to grow. a squad dispatched to the scene. you're down to 10 miles an hour approaching. very heavy in the area. avoid that if you can this morning. very gray across golden gate bridge p looking fine from the north bay. a quick check of drive time for bridges, richmond-san rafael bridge eight minutes in the green. 21 across san mateo. westbound dumbarton bridge you're in the red. guaranteed parking. >> walnut creek the third station in a month where drivers who use the carpool app scoop are guaranteed a space before 10:00 a.m. it matches drivers and riders with similar routes to create car pools. parking at a premium at the station right now. one parking lot closed for construction as crews build a
6:54 am
new parking garage there. lafayette, warm springs and 11 other b.a.r.t. stations guaranteed parking for scoop users. san francisco-based gap is apologizing over a t-shirt that features what china calls an incomplete map of the country. the people's daley in china post add photo of this shirt. you'll notice the map does not include taiwan. mainland china claims that island is part of its territory. many in taiwan do not see it that way. gap issued a statement, quote, this batch of products pulled off shelves in the chinese market and destroyed. we're now conducting internal inspection within the group to correct this mistake as soon as possible. the judge has given diocese of oakland go ahead for more inspection of what the diocese calls major design and construction flaws in one of its newest churches. >> the diocese wants to determine what it will cost to make repairs to cathedral of christ the light and who will pay. church leaders say defects including tearing dry wall,
6:55 am
doors and faulty plumbing. diocese says the work will take about four weeks to complete. the cathedral widely hailed for architecture design in 2008. coming up next seven things you need to know before you go. >> instagram picture of the day. follow us abc 7, share photos using #abc7now ♪ the kenya tea development agency is an organization that is owned by tea farmers. every week we sell this tea,
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6:58 if you're just joining us as you're heading out the door, seven things to know. number one, breaking news in san jose. live look at damage after a house fire on north 9th street near east saint james. three people have been displaced. number two, a double shooting investigation is under way on blossom hill road and snell avenue in san jose. police say two men have gunshot wounds, one died. no word on the arrest. number three, a firefield couple could face more charges. temperature chirp told police they were tortured at home. they found human and animal f s
6:59 am
feces and garbage. a court trying to approve they were justified ending daca. number five, may gray morning as you see at the the camera. temperatures well below average. >> number six, things starting to look a little better on the benicia bridge. a 20-minute back-up as you approach that. you're average 10 miles an hour approaching. number seven, in honor of the royal wedding, dunkin' donuts is celebrate with the royal doughnut. as you can see it is a heart shaped doughnut field with jelly and frosted with chocolate icing. they put a little strawberry drizzle on top of all this. >> we know you have a lot of feelings about this, reggie. >> i wonder if they don't like royals, everyone knows chocolate icing and doughnuts are garbage. >> i'm not a filling person. >> give me a glazed or maple
7:00 am
bar, please, anyone. >> good morning, america. severe storm alert. at least four reported twisters plowing through kansas overnight and a tornado warning forcing passengers to huddle underground at dulles airport. flash floods hitting the nation's capital and lightning setting this house on fire. now that system is on the move targeting the northeast right now. the first lady in the hospital this morning after treatment for an unknown kidney condition, set to spend the rest of the week in walter reed. the president boarded marine one to visit her. the latest on her recovery right now. bracing for a massive eruption. new video showing those terrifying volcano explosions in hawaii. >> those explosions of gas and rock sending those boulders hundreds of feet in the air.


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