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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 19, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i'm dion lim, tonight, the high school massacre here in santa fe, texas. the 17-year-old now charged with capital murder, police saying he confessed to killing ten people. what his attorneys told abc news about his state of mind. authorities with questions about a possible motive. plus what his parents are now saying about how he got his father's gun. moments of terror, names of the victims emerging. teenage survivors reliving the moments when they first heard the gunfire. three months after the blood shed in parkland, students again gathering to remember classmates and demand action to end school shootings. the fiery plane disaster, more than 100 people killed. 20 priests among the victims. the aging passenger jet crashing during takeoff. the severe storm threat at this hour. parts of the country at risk, a
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possible tornado, hail and flash flooding. rob marciano standing by. and american princess. the british prince and his bride from the united states, harry and meghan, the new duke and duchess of sussex. her walk down the aisle. her mother beaming with pride. the impassioned bishop almost stealing the spotlight with his powerful sermon. millions watching around the world waiting for this one moment. and good evening. thanks for joining us. on this saturday night. we are here in texas at the scene of the latest mass shooting at an american school. tonight an entire campus wrapped in police tape. this one taking the lives of ten people, eight of them students. a gunman in a trench coat opening fire early yesterday morning. students sent fleeing. first responders rushing in. two police officers confronting
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that shooter. the suspect, a 17-year-old student, surrendered and allegedly confessed to the crime. he has already appeared before a judge and is now charged with murder. tonight a portrait of the gunman is coming into focus, and we're getting a clearer picture of what it was like to be inside that terrifying attack. tonight, the injury count rising in that deadly school shooting in santa fe, texas. police say ten people were killed, most of them students. and now 13 are recovering from injuries, including gunshot wounds. >> are you a citizen of the united states? >> yes, sir. >> are you requesting consideration for a court appointed attorney? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the alleged teenage killer facing a judge charged with capital murder and being held in solitary confinement. tonight he's on suicide watch. >> he is in a place where i'm not sure what he understands. >> lawyers for the alleged killer, 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis, have now met with him twice.
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police say the teenage shooter took a shotgun and a pistol that belonged to his father. his lawyers say the guns were locked in a gun cabinet. the parents had no idea of their son's alleged plan. >> they didn't know, they didn't expect and they surely couldn't have predicted. >> he's actually shooting. he's in the art room. we've got shots fired. right now, guys. >> reporter: students tell abc the alleged shooter came through the back of the school. authorities say he was carrying explosive devices that did not function. sophomore rome schubert was inside the first classroom targeted. he says the shooter first tossed in one of those homemade bombs. >> he threw something at the desks and i heard it but didn't think nothing of it. just sounded like a pin. five seconds later a loud bang. my ears started rings, a laud bang, a loud bang and then everything kind of went crazy from there. >> reporter: schubert, a star pitcher on the school's baseball team, says he barricaded himself behind a desk before running for safety, not knowing he had been shot in the head. luckily, the bullet exiting with
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minimal damage. >> i had no idea till i looked at my shirt and there was blood dripping down and then my friend came up behind me and said, you got shot in the back of the head. >> reporter: students say they remember hearing a fire alarm going off alerting them of danger. students running out of their classrooms to hear gunshots and see their classmates wounded and dying on the floor. >> we were playing dead. >> reporter: police and s.w.a.t. teams surrounding the school. kids lining up on the field emptying their backpacks for officers to inspect. their hands on their heads. >> i didn't know what to think. i shouldn't be going through this. it's my school. leak, this is my daily life. i shouldn't have to feel like that. i feel scared to even go back. >> reporter: students we spoke with say the gunman was quiet and odd but not violent. he'd wear the trench coat always? >> every day. every single day. >> even if it was 90 degrees outside. >> every single day. >> reporter: according to the probable cause affidavit, the
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suspect surrendered allegedly telling police he did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told. investigators have not learned what set the teenager off. and we've just learned 6 of the 13 injured remain hospitalized. the parents of the alleged shooter also releasing a statement tonight saying they are, quote, as shocked and confused as anyone else by these events. santa fe, texas, is a city in mourning tonight. the shooting at the high school took just minutes, but the grieving is just getting started at vigils and services all weekend long. and tonight we are learning more about the heroes who saved lives and about those that were lost. abc's marcus moore also here in santa fe tonight. >> reporter: students with their backpacks, wiping away tears returning to santa fe high school one day after that deadly shooting to recover the belongings they left behind in that frightening scramble to safety. >> it felt like it's a big nightmare i can't wake up from. >> reporter: a nightmare 14-year-old liberty wheeler witnessed firsthand. hearing five shots as she walked near the art room where the gunman's rampage started and cowering for cover. in that time she lost a friend
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angelique ramirez. >> angelique was a very funny person. and she was very loved. >> reporter: chris stone, aaron mccloud, kimberly vaughan, shana fisher, christian garcia and sabika sheikh, an exchange student from pakistan among the eight students killed. along with two teachers ann perkins and cynthia tisdale. and as they rally around the families they are also praying for those still hospitalized like the school police officer who remains in stable but critical condition. >> he ran toward danger knowing it could be a problem and got shot at so he's a hero in my book. >> reporter: an outpouring of support coming from all corners of the country. j.j. watt of the houston texans offering to pay for all of the funerals set to begin in the coming days. and in california, young people staging a die-in to combat school gun violence. >> we need to figure out how to keep our kids safe. >> reporter: back in texas, as the town begins to grieve the loss, the parents of the survivors like liberty
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struggling to comprehend it all. >> my daughter was able to get out. and i can't imagine what any of those parents are feeling right now, and my heart goes out to them. >> such an emotional moment right there with that mother. marcus moore joins me now in texas. various agencies pouring into santa fe to help all the families, especially those students. >> that's right, tom. counselors have been called here to help the families and students. i talked to one student who says she's eager to get back to the school who will be closed for at least the next couple of days and certainly it's clear they have a long road to recovery ahead. >> thank you so much, marcus. we move on to the historic event overseas, a wedding that offers millions possibly from all walks of life something to feel good about tonight. american meghan markle marrying marrying britain's prince harry in a lavish spectacle at windsor castle. from the little children to the
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gospel choir to the hats to the rousing sermon from the pulpit, it was a mix of tradition and the new. abc's james longman is in windsor tonight. ♪ >> reporter: the american princess, meghan markle, stepping out of that rolls-royce, the moment so many have been waiting for. here in windsor, the crowds out early keen to catch a films of amal and george clooney, oprah and elton john. inside the chapel, meghan's mother doria ragland clearly emotional. with the queen in her seat, it was time for the bride to make her entrance, and it was one for the ages. ♪ with her confident smile, meghan taking that long walk down the aisle. prince charles linking arms with his future daughter-in-law taking her to the altar and harry taken aback seeing her for the first time. the bride and groom clasping hands. the cameras catching their
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personal moment, harry whispering "you look amazing." the prince lifting her veil, the service like nothing britain had seen before. >> the vows you are about to take -- >> reporter: meghan, biracial, american, a divorcee, the picture of a modern princess, wearing the queen's tiara and a dress inspired by history. harry, the soldier prince, holding back tears. diana's memory looming large. in the bouquet her favorite flower, forget-me-nots. a reading by her sister, the only one of the service. but it was the american touches that lifted the day. a gospel version of "stand by me" echoing through the historic chapel. ♪ stand by me ♪ ooh stand by me >> reporter: and bishop michael curry from chicago with a thunderous sermon on love. >> we must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of
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love. >> reporter: quoting martin luther king, reminding those gathered of the dark past of slavery. and then the moment itself. >> i, harry, take you meghan. >> i, meghan, take you harry. >> reporter: with vows exchanged -- >> i therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife. >> reporter: meghan markle was no more. now her royal highness the duchess of sussex leaving with her freshly minted duke. for the first kiss. the rest of the royal family joining them on those steps, a wave from princess charlotte. the modern fairy tale complete with a horse drawn carriage around windsor town. the duchess practicing her new royal wave for adoring crowds. cheering them on into their new life. >> and james joins us from outside windsor castle. james, you mentioned princess diana, and we're learning prince harry has found another way to include his mother's memory in this important day. >> reporter: that's right, tom. harry has given his bride the
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new duchess a ring which once belonged to his mother princess diana. just another special moment for the couple. the newlyweds are likely still celebrating. earlier we saw harry driving his new bride in a classic jaguar to that party here on the grounds of windsor. they're spending the evening with their closest friends and family. tom. >> an incredible day for the royal family and an incredible day for so many watching around the world. james, thank you. >> back here tonight, reports after a new meeting at trump tower that has drawn the attention of the special prosecutor robert mueller. "the new york times" and "wall street journal" reporting on the august 2016 meeting. donald trump jr. meeting with an israeli social media specialist and an emissary for two wealthy arab princes who presented a social media campaign to help his father win the election. a lawyer for don junior confirms the meeting but says the president's son told them he was not interested. next to breaking news out of cuba tonight. the island nation observing two days of mourning after a deadly plane crash just outside of
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havana. the plane went down just after takeoff, erupting into a towering fireball. more than 100 people dead. just three people were pulled from the wreckage, and tonight they are clinging to life. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight the staggering death toll climbing in cuba. 110 now dead, and investigators are still trying to figure out why this plane plummeted from the sky. the fireball and smoke could be seen for miles in havana. cubans rushing to the crash site just moments after the 737 went down and erupted in flames friday. among the dead, 20 priests from an evangelical church. somehow three people were pulled from the fiery wreckage alive. they're now fighting for their lives inside this hospital. this woman saying her daughter emily is one of those survivors. now she's clinging to her faith in god and her doctors. but dozens of other families crowded into the airport terminal eager for updates on their loved ones, but hope is
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dwindling as cuba's state tv begins posting photos of victims on their facebook page. a towering stack of black coffins on the back of this truck, these men carefully unloading one after the other for the victims. tom, officials say they found the flight recorder in the wreckage, and they're now going through the data. tom. >> victor oquendo with those haunting images tonight. victor, thank you. from hawaii a new eruption from kilauea overnight. the wind carrying ash towards several more neighborhoods. it comes as lava is still pouring out from the 22 cracks in the earth threatening dozens of homes. marci gonzalez is on the big island tonight. >> reporter: tonight, raging rivers of molten rock closing in and destroying four more homes. >> it's incredible. it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: the fast-moving lava flow covering a roadway trapping several people on the other side. rescuers forced to go in by helicopter to pull them to safety. 22 fissures have now opened here in this corner of hawaii's big
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island in the past two weeks. this is one of the latest fissures to open and it is just incredible to see this massive fountain. the earth underneath just pulsating. some quieting down only to burst open yet again. and this is fissure number 17. it's been the most active spraying lava like this now for almost a week. and that hissing, roaring and booms coming from this thing can be heard for miles. 25 miles away at the summit of kilauea, yet another explosive eruption overnight like this one, spraying ash 7,000 feet into the air. >> i am thinking that this is the new norm. >> reporter: residents ready for the potential this volcanic emergency -- may not end for weeks. and they're bracing for the possibility of more evacuations as the lava spreads. officials are also monitoring the sulfur dioxide levels, concerned if the winds shift those toxic fumes could be carried to more populated areas. tom.
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>> marci gonzalez for us, thank you. we now turn to the severe weather threat at this hour from texas to iowa. and more drenching downpours along the east coast. heavy rains causing a mudslide near roanoke, virginia. a home knocked off its foundation, destroyed. also rain, wind and hail devastating an outdoor music festival in new orleans. and in boulder, colorado, flash floods forcing cars to navigate through bumper deep water. let's get right to abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano and, rob, a lot of severe weather out there. >> good evening, tom. certainly a washout for the folks on the east coast and some severe weather already across the central plains with 60-mile-an-hour winds reported from oklahoma up through parts of missouri and at least one tornado touching down in this area. we've got several severe weather watch boxes out for this evening. the rain will be winding down across the east coast, but more impulses along the stationary boundary during the day tomorrow. looking for severe weather from st. louis to indianapolis, cincinnati and dayton, ohio,
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late in the day tomorrow and rain lingering in the morning hours and then eventually drying out. tom. >> all right, rob, i know you'll stay tracking that weather. thanks so much. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. the plant explosion here in texas, nearly two dozen injured. what happened? the scaffold rescue, the powerful blast, the workers dangling high above the ground. we'll take you inside that rescue. and the massive five-alarm warehouse fire. smoke and flames seen for miles. more than 200 firefighters battling through the night. we'll be right back. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere.
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a hilton getaway means you get more because... you get another day in paradise. get a sunset on a sunday. get more stories to share. get more from your summer getaway with exclusive hilton offers. book yours, only at with the right steps, 80%of recurrent ischemicide. strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. next tonight, the close call high above the ground in atlanta. the sudden explosion, the scaffold collapse, and the worker relying on his safety line. here's abc's will carr. >> oh, no. >> reporter: this explosion rocking midtown atlanta friday night after the scaffolding holding two window washers broke. >> is he safe? >> reporter: leaving both dangling in the air 38 stories high. >> i saw that scaffolding snap.
5:49 pm
i'm looking at him swinging back and forth. >> reporter: as witnesses looked on in fear, the only thing keeping them from plummeting to the ground, their harnesses. take another look. according to authorities, the platform snaps and hits a large power line and explodes. >> oh, no. >> reporter: flames shoot out. the workers hanging on for their dear lives. tense moments played out as the men swayed dozens of stories above atlanta's snarled rush hour traffic. the two workers finally able to pull themselves to safety. >> one was able to put his feet on the railing below him, and then -- so one got up on one balcony. >> reporter: tonight investigators trying to figure out exactly how this happened. >> somehow, some way part of their rigging collapsed or broke or snapped. >> reporter: amazingly the workers made it safely to the ground with only minor injuries and quite the story to tell. and quite the rescue. all right, will, thanks so much. and when we come back, news tonight about the first lady melania trump recovering from a kidney procedure. what the white house is saying tonight.
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back now with our index. the massive chemical plant explosion near houston. smoke and flames pouring from the scene in pasadena, texas, not from where we're broadcasting. more than 20 injured. most suffering burns. a blown valve causing a flash fire blamed for the explosion. to philadelphia now and a warehouse inferno. flames consuming the entire building spreading to a nearby church. fire officials say most of the city's firefighters were at the scene. no injuries reported. the cause is still under investigation. and first lady melania trump is back home tonight.
5:54 pm
the white house reports she left the hospital this morning and is now resting comfortably and in high spirits. mrs. trump spent five days at walter reed medical center after a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. and when we come back tonight, the royal wedding moment that hit home for so many. that special, special moment. stay with us. that special, special moment. stay with us.
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because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah. finally tonight, while we are here in santa fe, texas, one moment from the royal wedding, a powerful reminder about finding strength in each other. ♪ when the night has come and the land is dark ♪
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♪ and the moon is the only light we see ♪ ♪ no i won't be afraid ♪ no, i won't be afraid ♪ just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪ ♪ so darling, darling stand by me ♪ ♪ ooh stand by me ♪ yes, stand by me stand by me ♪ ♪ stand by me >> karen gibson and the kingdom choir performing at the royal wedding. that does it for us tonight from santa fe, texas. our thoughts are with this community tonight, and we thank them for sharing their stories through a very difficult time. i'm tom llamas. thank you for watching. good night. thank you for watching.
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good night. . it's almost like a fairy tale. >> tonight on abc 7 news meghan markle inspiring a new group of women and girls. the beta breakers is just hours away. it's a party for some and a major inconvenience for others. >> san francisco living up to its nickname tonight. the route is ready. runners are arriving, and the city is bracing for the return of the beta breakers. >> at least 40,000 runners will take part in the race's 107th running. >> joining us live at pier 35
6:00 pm
where runners have picked up their package tonight. and what's new for runners this time around. >> reporter: hopefully they won't be facing this kind of wind. it's really gusty out here right now. they can go an extra 3 kilometers at the end of the run. if you're one of those overachieving runners and you want to go a bit farther you can do so this year. it's called the breakers bonus and you'll get a medal for doing so. you can expect the costumes, a scenic route and of course naked runners. you can see people picking up their packets at pier 35. they'll be running with 40,000 of their closest friends. the race route starts on the bay side of san francisco and goes up the infamous haze hill, past almose square and through the golden gate part. there's a wide spectrum of participants from elite runners to people who just show up to


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