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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 21, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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between hidden observation and dixon lane. crews moved to quickly remove it. the wind had the abc 7 news camera overlooking the san francisco bay bouncing yesterday afternoon. a few sail boats were on the water taking advantage of the gusts. 4:30 now. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic where you live. >> a little too windy i thought, moik. >> yeah. a little breezy. the breeze pell pick up again this afternoon, but they're calm right now in the north bay and from mountain view down into the south bay. notice they are blowing onshore once again and you can see that those winds up to 13 miles per hour in concord. so let's take a look at what's going on with my accuweather 12-hour planner. what you're going to say is a big me. let me get out of the way and show you what's going on as far as the temperatures and the sun. i think you'd rather see more sunshine than my big head
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orbiting around that day planner. low to mid 50s this morning. we'll hit the upper 60s at noon and upper 60s, low 70s at 4:00. warmer today. more on the breezes coming up. here is alexis. >> fairly quiet so far this morning, especially here in walnut creek. a look at southbound 680, not seeing delays yet. slowly starting to fill in in all our typical spaces there. checking out drive times here, too. so far, so good along that stretch. like i mentioned southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek. westbound 58058058058058058 a busy road of sfo closed because of fears it could collapse. >> the san bruno canal bridge is surrounded by
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abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: crews are already out here. look behind me. they're looking to get this shut down starting today. we have a sign saying this bridge will be closed starting today. it doesn't say for how long. it only says this is happening today. we are just north of the airport. this is the south airport boulevard bridge. it goes over the san bruno canal. they're doing this because they're worried the bridge will collapse. this is a safety issue. they found wooden and concrete columns supporting the road had deteriorated to the point of just being unsafe. so they made this decision to shut it down. they're going to try to shore it up. this road will be closed and detours will be in place starting today. so be aware that this is happening. an announcement on a bus over the weekend said these delays will be in place at least all week. we are working to get more concrete information for you on how long this will take. we hear a spokesperson will be headed our way soon to give us a
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briefing. we're still working this story for you. we want to give you the heads up this is happening. they do have plans to build a replacement bridge, but that's not going to be open until the end of the year. reporting live from san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> we have dramatic new video that shows the terrifying minutes when santa rosa police rushed to evacuate people. >> it shows how chaotic things got the night fires erupted. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has that. >> it's like life and death now. >> reporter: terrifying footage obtained by bay area news group shows santa fe police officers pleading with people to evacuate. >> just get in. we don't have time for shoes. wee didn't you leave earlier? did you know? >> reporter: the sounds from the video at times more telling.
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>> all of santa rosa is completely on fire. i'm not [ bleep ] you. >> reporter: the footage serves as a lesson for those confronted with fire. this clip shows police advertising ken and nancy mazoni. >> you're going to put a lot of people in danger. the fire is one house over. it's coming at us. >> it's huge. one of the biggest i've ever seen. >> we lost everything. >> nancy visits the empty lot where he home burned. she's searching for one of her cats she believes survived the fire. they eventually evacuated what nancy believes was minutes before her house caught fire. after seeing the footage, she says she would have done a few things differently the night the fire started. >> my cats would have been first
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and then the family things. >> reporter: besides packing up and leaving sooner, homeowners should ensure they have adequate fire insurance and take steps to protect their home. >> no leaf debris. you've got to cover the vents so no flying embers can get in. >> reporter: kate larsen, abc 7 news. >> it's 4:35 now. we're getting a better idea about the communication meltdown the north bay wildfires caused. a new survey shows 87% of two people asked lost cell phone service. 67% of them lost land line service. 73% had no internet service. that meant a lot of people couldn't be notified that fire was headed in that direction. they say investigating in a communication system that has backups needs to be a priority. today china's financial market reacting very well to an economic truce between the
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united states and china. the truce was major news over the weekend since for weeks there had been threats of a trade war. args stock markets higher as investors welcomed the outcome of negotiations. yesterday the two countries announced china had agreed to, quote, significantly increase purchases of u.s. goods and services. it's still unclear how much the increase will be. we do expect more specifics to come. the u.s. is planning to send a team to china to hammer out details. san jose plils are asking homeowners in the willow again neighborhood to look at surveillance video to see if they spot a man accused of prowling around home. police say surveillance video shows him looking into the bedroom window of one home and casing another. both happened earlier this month. police believe he may be involved in other similar incidents and burglaries in the area. the warriors rolled past the rockets in game three. they're up two games to one in
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the western conference final. oracle was rocking as the warriors won by 41 points. that is the biggest margin in golden state's postseason history. they needed a big night and steph curry certainly delivered. he said he never lost confidence after his shooting woes in the first two games of the series. game four happens tomorrow night at oracle. tip-off is at 6:00. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. collect out the temperatures in san francisco. the closer you are to the coast, the cooler it is. look at those upper 40s, ocean beach, sunset, lake merced and also sunny side. then we hit castro mission. district and through the ferry building. you can see the temperatures running in the 40s and 50s this morning. a little cooler out there. here is a look at south beach. we'll use that as the backdrop, the western span of the bay bridge for our commute planner. it's going to be brighter in some areas. you'll need the sunglasses.
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a small craft advisory. let's jump right into that. you can see southwest winds gusting up to 30 knots north of the bay bridge. south of the bay bridge we'll have west winds gusting to 30 knots. that starts at 3:00 this afternoon through 9:00 during the evening hours. pretty much the entire evening commute. in the south bay you can see a lot of sunshine starting with 56 with clouds. by noon sunny and 68. how about low 70s during the afternoon hours. back to 62 by 8:00. north bay we have a northerly wind. that's a warm went for the north bay. expect our biggest jump in temperatures today, already 73 by noon, nearly 80 in the afternoon in places like santa rosa. alexis, i hope you had a great weekend. >> thank you. >> hope we start off good this morning. there's got to be a hot spot or two already. >> we have an issue in the tri-valley. a bit of a mystery.
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we or working to sort through all of this here. it sounds like we've got a fatal collision and it may have happened a long time ago. we had crawls in to ch pfrmts i guess all the way back on friday. they are discovering a vehicle now and someone who did not survive that crash. crow canyon road is closed at bolinger canyon. you can use norris as an alternate or stick to 680. a quick check of san mateo bridge. we are wide open here as well. so westbound 92, no issues. everyone else pretty light today. next traffic update coming up in ten minutes. pope francis meets with a man sexually abused by a priest. what he told him may signal a new attitude toward the gay community. napa high school getting rid of its mascot and logo. now it needs your help finding new ones. a race that's really more of a roving street party took over san francisco. we'll take
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the cooler weather along the coast continues from monterey at 58. look at the temperatures in san diego and los angeles, mid 60s there. 87 in palm springs. low 80s around fresno and sacramento, cheek know 89. look how active the sierra is once again with thunderstorms in
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high elevation snow and hail possible. in fact, here is my seven-day forecast for tahoe, and just about every single day has a chance of thunderstorms until we get to sunday when that chance finally tapers. >> nasa was really busy while you were sleeping. check this out. they launched a cargo ship carrying supplies to the international space station. here it is lifting off from virginia. it's carrying 7400 pounds of research items and cargo including a student cement mixing experiment and an at tom cooling chamber that uses lasers to get temperatures colder than even space itself. pretty interesting stuff. the supply ship is expected to touch base with the iss thursday. the catholic church may be becoming more accepting of homosexuality. pope francis reportedly told a gay man that god made him that way and loves him as he is.
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that suggests that people don't choose their sexual orientation, that they're born with it. according to an spaish newspaper the pope made the comment while meeting with a victim of priestly sexual abuse in april. the vatican declined to comment on that private conversation. napa high school wants to hear your ideas on replacing the mascot and logo. in march the school board made the unanimous decision to change the mascot and logo after a long debate. it must include a new mascot name and 200-word essay or less to support the idea. students and staff will vote in august. if you have an idea you'd like to submit, we have a link on our website, 4:44. city crews will be out today in san francisco, removing barricades, cleaning up the mess after another successful bay to breakers. >> the iconic race is known for zain any costumes and unusual
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participants. this year did not disappoint. >> bay to breakers. whoo hoo! >> reporter: it's like that for phyllis, celebrating her 35th year running. >> i love it. this is my most fun day of the whole year. >> reporter: sky 7 overhead as runners took off, some 40,000 people according to organizers, for a while there a bunch of grapes was leading the path. men's elite runner from kenya finished first at the great w. fywaor his time 35:41. >> it was at first windy >> reporter: an endless stream of weird creative costumes not far you? >> the happy kind. >> how we made it through. i'm a unicorn startup.
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do you get it?ith b. some people reall the trash. >> this neighbor built a his sc he sometimes they get up here, s >> reporter: neighbors say things were calm compared to years past. >> i'm fine with this. this is pretty chill. >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> there's hismbnunt ier pictur. a little much for 4:46 in the morning. but i thought it wasble. virginish -- >> use you r
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t resources. let's take a look at is w going laughing all ever mordae an sevn we're looking at walnut creek where the temperature is in som temperatures today, breezy in spots. chance of sible a all storms for us. live doppler 7 is quiet so far this mo a lesser extent in the temperuromg ac t south bay, lowok biggest b
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jump. near 80 inn fremont 70s through most of our inland and east bay neighborhoods. st to st chance of drizzle will emlesser extent in theinhe lowtu e to mid 50s. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. i kept the rain chances out for thursday, friday and saturday. they're potentially the three warmest days coming up. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. a little good news to start off this report in the central valley. we had a crash on the lighter side of o grant line road. two right lanes were blocked last time i checked. they have cleared thaastbnd fro. and nran issue is dueh
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for now you can use 68e. 0 snoopy is tagging building etholver union city. the department posted these obousl we' notgraffiti theyay s lit t snoopy, anyone with info call union city police. a service to track the security of children's activities online apparently wasn't careful enough with its own security. elon musk is announcing a high performance upgrade for its
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company's model 3s. >> in today's tech bites, a big leak of personal information online. >> it happened when a service called teen safe failed to properly protect its servers. teen safe is used by parents to monitor the online behaviors an phone activity of their kids. tens of thousands of accounts were compromised. a company producing high end headphones is out of business. they received tens of thousands of pre orders. >> but only delivered a few dozen pairs of headphones. there's no word about refunds. some customers are threatening to sue. finally elon musk says a high performance tesla 3 will be available in july. it will feature a dual motor and top speed of 155 miles an hour. >> all that power comes at a price. musk says it will be about $78,000. a less expensive version will be about $35,000. >> those are you tech bites. >> have a great day. keeps going up. the two things making gasoline
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more expensive. she starred in two hit '50s movie set. the bay area pays tribute to legendary actress kim novak.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i want to show you in san francisco, we've been keeping an eye on this the entire month. the blue signifies high
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temperatures below average. the red signifying above average. average high is 64. i think we'll stop short of that again today. i'll show you that and the rest of our temperatures compared to average coming up next. president trump is attending the swearing in of the cia'scias first female director. gina haspel won senate confirm after overcoming concerns of the agency's use of harsh interrogation techniques after 9/11. has spell replaces mike pompeo who replaced mike pompeo. the price of gas continues to go up. the national average price has gone up ten cents over the last two weeks to $3.00. industry jumps it's mostly due the higher crude oil costs plus summer grade gasoline used to prevent smog. in the bay area closer to $4.00.
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according to aaa, it's $3.73 in oakland and san jose. in sflan francisco's it's video of a very spirited home run has become an internet sensation. >> yea. you got it, billy. >> look at billy go. billy has down syndrome and plays on a team for young people with special needs. look at him rounding the bases like a pro. high-fiving his supporters as they cheer him on to home base, and then this happened >> let's go. >> yea! >> oh, that's good. >> he takes home plate in style. he's doing a great job. reggie, you and i were just watching -- this is in the floss
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dance. >> the floss dance. >> that's the part you forget sometimes is the hips. >> hi, mike. >> putting together a graphic right now. that was a nice story -- of exactly what's going on today compared to where we should be averagewise. san jose, right on, with 74. livermore and redwood city and san francisco three degrees cooler than average. i was looking at temperatures compared to yesterday, some of us could be six or seven degrees warmer than yesterday. it gives you an idea of how chilly it was on sunday. we are taking a look at the south bay here this morning. we don't have any major issues in san jose and northbound 101 looking just fine at the 880 interchange. i don't have any incidents to report and those volumes still light as well. a quick check of drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin our only one in the yellow, 48 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard 13 minutes and highway
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85, 101 to cupertino 16 minutes. kim novak starred in two films in san francisco in the late '50s. last night she was back. [ cheers and applause ] >> the 85-year-old film star graced the castro theater for a tribute in her honor. she starred in alfred hitchcock's "fert the tribute included a screening of "vertigo." >> see that shot of the golden gate bridge? beautiful then and beautiful now. apple and samsung are competitors in the phone market of course. who could pay out big time. >> a pastor in palo alto stepping down after what he said on twitter. plus the situation in hawaii getting even more dangerous this morning as lava hits the ocean. there is a new major threat.
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i'll explain that in our next half hour. kelly clarkson was supposed to lead a moment of silence for the
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take a look at this. we really have some incredible new video coming into our live desk. it shows lava flowing into the pacific ocean. it is stunning to watch. now it's bringing a new danger to hawaii. it's something called laze, and i'll explain a lot more about what's happening. >> i never heard of that until this weekend. interesting stuff. good morni


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