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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 27, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. millions of people across the southeast bracing for alberto. whipping winds, heavy rains, and dangerous rip currents for the holiday weekend. we're tracking the storm and who could get hit the hardest. >> saving the summit? is the u.s. meeting with north korea back on? >> we're doing very well with in terms of the summit with north korea. >> both sides trying to salvage talks and new details from that surprise meeting between north and south korea. >> new threat. spewing lava. homes destroyed. from the erupting kilauea volcano, now a new threat this morning in hawaii as preparations to evacuate
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thousands are underway. >> caught on camera. >> get over. get over. >> an suv erupting in flames on the highway. the driver utterly unaware of the danger. >> i'm grateful to be alive. and unharmed. >> what we're learning about the vehicle this morning. >> and back from the brink. the warriors battle back against the rockets. as the east and west both get ready for a game seven for the first time in decades. live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america." >> we say good sunday morning on this memorial day weekend when millions of americans are going to be hitting the beach and firing up the grill, but we do want to take a moment to remember the deeper meaning of this holiday. >> we do. look at these images out of fredericksburg, virginia scoutss
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taking part in the illumination honoring americans who fought and died for this country. >> and in ohio another annual tradition placing flags on the graves of fallen service men and women to recognize their enduring sacrifice. >> beautiful traditions and undeniably important. on this holiday weekend, there is a threat looming for millions of americans and it's a major storm called alberto which could bring heavy rain, flash flooding, gusty winds and tornadoes. there are states of emergency in alabama, florida and mississippi as the gulf coast braces for the possible tropical storm. alberto, it is the first named storm of the hurricane season which technically doesn't even begin until june 1st. >> the storm is set to make landfall tomorrow, but florida is feeling the effects and rob is on the ground in pensacola. rob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. not what floridians want on a holiday weekend and you see the gulf of mexico behind me being
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churned up by alberto well to the south about 300 miles. we've been watching this on the computer models for about two weeks almost in disbelief not thinking this would happen this early in the season, but it is for reals and already impacting the u.s. overnight several states bracing for alberto as the storm puts a damper on the holidayec wooend. state of emergencies declared in florida, mississippi and alabama. we have chance for flooding. it's unpredictable. i know we all want to enjoy memorial day weekend with family, but everybody needs to be safe. >> reporter: alberto moving into the gulf of mexico overnight with winds busting to 50 miles an hour in florida. the panhandle facing up to 12 inches was rain. in miami, canals lowered to a foot as the heavy rain moves in. officials in pensacola warning of high surf and waves potentially reaching 16 feet
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with high rip currents. >> we have a storm in the gulf of mexico. how uneasy does it make you feel especially what we endured last season. >> nature doesn't follow our time line. nature pretty much does what it wants to do. >> reporter: residents across the southern coastal states securing sandbags and water pumps as they prepare for flldinfllash floodings. >> anything that blows on high winds can be a missile. >> reporter: one thing we learned this year is mother nature is certainly not following the calendar. one of the issues with this storm is that a lot of this area has seen a tremendous amount of rain over a foot across florida and the ground is really saturated. let's go over the specifics of this thing and it has emerged in the gulf of mexico and 300 miles south of here and 80 to the 100 miles off the west coast of florida. already you see winds gusting to 50 miles an hour.
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you see the winds gust in miami beach, tampa, and some of the rains are torrential and they'll be getting it hard here in the next six to ten hours and the forecast track brings it to 50 to 60 mile an hour, and increasing in intensity and making landfall around here tomorrow afternoon and drifting into the tennessee valleys and giving everybody a big stretch of rainfall. thunderstorm warnings have been extended across much of the entire western coast of florida with storm surge and the heavy rain and a tornado threat all inclusive today. guys? >> we appreciate you being out there covering it and we'll be covering the storm throughout the show and throughout the weekend. thank you again, rob, but we do move on to new developments overnight in the on again/off again summit between president trump and dictator kim jong-un. >> the pre-summit negotiations are very well all of this after a surprise meeting was held between the leaders of north and south korea to salvage their
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talks and bob is here to cover it all. good morning to you. >> good morning, dan and paula. we have a remarkable, unexpected twist on this. remember three days ago president trump canceled the summit, planned for june 12th in singapore and much of this because kim jong-un's people called vice president pence a political dummy. then yesterday we find out that the north and south leaders held a secret meeting without telling anybody about it so maybe there will be a summit. just as any hope for the singapore summit seemed to be dying out it seemed to be back on its feet. >> we are doing very well in terms of the summit with north korea. >> new possibilities due to this secret face-to-face meeting on the border between their two countries, north korea's kim jong unand south jae-in begin with a hug and end with apparent optimism. president trump seemed to share the same sentiment. >> it looks like it's going very
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well. >> after the handshakes, kim asked un to keep it quiet so he could make the announcement to his people. he expects the summit will go very smoothly and kim told him he would not weaken the nuclear abilities unless the u.s. would guarantee the survival of his regime. most people are hopeful. >> reporter: there is a mix of frustration and hope plus optimism. for south koreans this deal would directly influence their daily lives and the confrontation took a huge toll on their sense of security. >> reporter: of course, there is plenty of skepticism. just days ago trump canceled the summit because of north korea's tremendous anger and open hostility, but perhaps it's back on. trump has a team headed to singapore to prepare for the summit as planned. >> we have to remember that the u.s. and north korea are still officially at war. the shooting stopped 65 years ago, but no truce.
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kim told un in the demilitarized zone, the dmz, that he wants to end the confrontation on the peninsula, in his words. paula, dan? >> so many twists and turns. bob reporting from the region. those comments from president trump overnight about the negotiations about the north korean summit. he was sitting next to someone. that man right there is josh holt, me was at the white house under dramatic circumstances. >> holt had been released from a prison in venezuela where he was held for two years overnight. he was reunited with his family and abc's tara palmery. good morning to you. >> reporter: it was a joyous reunion at the white house. the president admitted it was a tough situation, but a white house official tells us that nothing was offered to venezuela in exchange for holt's release. overnight a warm home coming for american detainee josh holt celebrated at the white house. holt recalling the agony after
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spending two years in a venezuelan prison known as the dungeon. >> i am overwhelmed with gratitude. they were very, very difficult two years, and not -- not really the great vacation that i was looking for. >> reporter: the 26-year-old mormon imprisoned shortly after marrying a venezuelan woman he met online. venezuelan police arresting him on charges of terrorism, u.s.-linked espionage andel legal possession of weapons including a rifle and grenades. they were contending these charges were inflated. he endured inhumane conditions without trial. >> almost two years, josh, and amazing that you were able to take it. you've gone through a lot. more than most people could endure. >> shortly after touching down with his venezuelan wife and his mother. an emotional reunion with his mother. >> i want to say thank you to you personally. >> senators bob corker and orrin hatch working diplomatic channels since 2016, striking a
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deal with venezuelan dictator nicolas maduro. >> we could write a book about the last 48 hours. >> it was days ago that holt secretly filmed this video for his release. >> i need help. people have taken the entire prison outside, they're trying to break in. they're saying that they want to kill me. >> the u.s. relationship with venezuela has been poor. the white house referred to maduro's last reelection as a sham and the people of venezuela are living without food and medicine, but the u.s. just imposed more sanctions this past week and the white house says they will stay in place. dan? paula? >> it's amazing they were able to get him out in this context. tara, thank you so much. so many political issues to talk about on this sunday morning and let's bring in martha raddatz in washington. good morning to you. so this is the second time in a few weeks we've seen donald
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trump next to americans who have just been released from captivity overseas. before this it was the americans that were freed from north korea. how much of a boost do these stories give to the president? >> well, i think you just saw it there in tara's report, extraordinary. they're very thankful to the president. they say it again and again. donald trump trumpets all of these releases. it's very unusual for someone to be released and go straight to the white house for a photo opportunity. so i would say it's pretty obvious it does give him a boost. i'm not sure many americans knew about joshua holt and that he was held in venezuela, but we are all always happy when american prisoners are released. all of us are. >> martha, i want to loop back to north korea. as bob woodruff just reported kim jong-un says he will denuclearize the peninsula, but he wants security guarantees including the survival of his regime. how does america go about proceeding? >> i think those will be
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negotiating issues if this summit does go ahead as originally planned. kim is very worried about what the u.s. will do. he's obviously watching what happened in libya to moammar gadhafi and that's what all of this controversy was about in the past week or so. he was worried about that. will he be killed by his own people eventually and that's the kind of security guarantee he wants. how do we do that? we've heard president trump say you're safe and you will have security, but those are the redetails they will be trying to work out if this goes ahead. >> it's tough for the north koreans and he was killed by his own people as martha mentioned. >> thank you very much. i want to remind everybody martha has a big show this morning and she'll have more on the north korean summit with marco rubio and michael hayden. >> plus the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, andrew schiff responding to the claim of the fbi spy in the trump camp.
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that's coming up on abc with martha. to hawaii and a new threat of the erupting volcano just this morning. >> here's what's going on now. the winds on the big island of hawaii are dying down and the toxic gas erupting from the kilauea volcano could start to settle over people's homes. >> reporter: those gushing fissures exploding above tree tops sending rivers of lava flowing through neighborhoods. more than 80 buildings now destroyed on hawaii's big island. >> he was right in the middle of remodelling. >> this was jason evans and shana neiberg's dream home. that was their mailbox. a final warning from a neighbor of the destruction closing in. >> our house was already gone by that point. we just couldn't believe it just watching it take over our house. they built it from the ground up with their own two hands. >> those crackling mounds on the move threatening to cut off a highway. the marines with two super
7:14 am
stallion helicopters ready for possible mass evacuations. >> right now we have 12,500 pounds worth of passengers and gear per load. >> others volunteered to evacuate because of another looming threat. >> reporter: you see those huge plumes billowing out of the fissures and the winds carrying the toxic fumes in another direction are expected to die down this weekend potentially leaving a thick blanket of sulfur dioxide just sitting over this area. >> they walk into that cloud and they might smell it at that point and it will cause respiratory issues and it could be way more severe for those who have lung issues. >> roxanne heeding the warning and packing up and getting a look at what may be one last look from her home. >> they're the last moments before she moves any closer. >> officials say there could be as many as 200 people just in these neighborhoods where lava is actively flowing who have not evacuated and the national guard says for some this could be the
7:15 am
last chance to get out safely. dan and paula? >> marcy, thank you. i know we talked about this before. it is so beautiful and lethal at the same time. >> you feel bad for the residents watching their homes possibly destroyed. >> marcy, thank you again. let's take another look at the weather on this sunday morning and send it back to rob in pensacola as the storm named alberto bears down. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning again, lethal and beautiful. that's the gulf of mexico. we know it could be that way. we know they could be closing the beach to swimmers as this surf continues to churn up. heavy rain, and flash flood watches have been posted and we have unrelated to alberto some serious flooding happening right now across eastern pennsylvania and season the r and central new jersey. in wall township new jersey, you can see the radar there just lit up and they will get more rain as alberto's moisture feeds in over the coming days, but the focus of alberto are certainly the gulf of mexico and the big
7:16 am
bend of florida with the tropical moisture streaming in there. i wouldn't be surprised if -- eventually spinning up toward the panhandle. go time will be don't and tomorrow with landfall anied here potentially as a strong tropical storm if not a hurricane, hopefully that's n >> reporter: rain won't arrive here until later this afternoon.
7:17 am
after that, it will go downhill rain until later on this afternoon and after that it will go downhill pretty quickly on this memorial week end. an early start to the hurricane season. back to you. >> that was a busy map and we'll check in with you later. we do miss you. come back. >> after the storm. >> a lot of other headlines we are tracking and for that we always send things over to sir ron claiborne. >> sir? >> i used to be a doctor. now i'm a knight. >> they're not mutually exclusive. paul a good morning to you. and we'll begin with are in indianapolis where a hero teacher was shot three times while taking down a shooter on friday. jason seaman was discharged from the hospital on saturday. seaman tweeting overnight asking for support for his student ella whistler who who was critically injured during that shooting. she is still hospitalized. voters repealed the country's ban on abortion. two-thirds of voters supporting ending that ban. a pro-choice advocates calling
7:18 am
it a major victory in what is one of the most heavily catholic countries in the world. new abortion laws will be in place by the end of the year. back in the u.s., some drivers in ogden utah just north of salt lake city got quite the surprise when a single engine plane made an emergency landing right in the middle of a freeway. utah highway patrol said the plane lost power as it landed on the southbound lane in i-15. no one was hurt. former president george h.w. bush surprised fellow veterans in kennebunkport, maine. the 159 holding a pancake p breakfast to salute veterans. when he heard members of the staff were going, the former president said, quote, hey, i want to go, too. or words to that effect. near pittsburgh, residents gathered to watch as a new
7:19 am
smokestack was set to be imploded, but after a loud boom and a cloud of dust, the stack is still standing although slightly shorter. >> it's like jenga. just came down a teeny bit. >> they will try to bring it all of the way down later this week. >> finally, at the european soccer final, football in kiev, ukraine, football madrid playing liverpool. take a look in the 63rd minute, boom! he stepped back and with an insane bicycle kick, seeing it there, the ball goes flying right into the goal putting his team in the lead and they stayed in the lead and madrid -- >> look at that. >> he did it once. ? it's not three separate goals. >> he didn't even have an eye on the goal. >> for an unprecedented third straight champions league title. >> i just want to say you can pull a hammy doing that.
7:20 am
>> thank you for that disclaimer. >> look at you, safety first for dan harris. >> i'm a big sports fan. >> speaking of sports, to the nba now and a wild race to the finals. >> overnight the warriors fending off the houston rockets and forcing a game seven showdown, keeping hope alive that the old rivals could meet once again in the finals. >> here's curry! from downtown! overnight the splash brothers are back, catching fire from beyond the three-point line. steph curry and clay thompson scoring a combined 64 points to force a pivotal game seven in the western conference finals against the houston rockets. >> i just wanted to play with as much passion as i could tonight. >> the rockets putting the champsn their heels early on. >> another three. >> golden state falling behind by as many as 17 point, but in the end the rockets were no
7:21 am
match. klay thompson leading the way with 35 points including nine three-pointers. while fellow splash brother steph curry dropping in 29 points. >> it was -- it was a fun night in front of our home fans to take care of business and give ourselves new life going into a game seven. >> this morning for the first time since 197 we will have two game sevens in the playoffs. >> so what's better than one game seven? >> two! >> two of them. a programming note, you can watch the celtics and the cavs battle it out in game seven tonight at 8:30. game seven in the east in boston tonight. game seven in the west tomorrow night in houston. >> it's fun to watch the celtics win everything. >> they're going all of the way. >> going all the way. >> i might be a little biassed. >> you know tom brady doesn't play for the celtics, right? >> yes, i know that. >> who is tom brady? >> it would be nice to see somebody other than the cav
7:22 am
lar cavaliers and the warriors. >> go celtics. coming up on "gma," dramatic video showing the final moments killed near the a hero rushing when an suv erupts into flames on the hospital. "good morning america" sponsored by sherwin-williams. from your r whole community, ask sherwin-williams during our national painting week sale. from may 25th through june 4th, get 30% off paints and stains. visit your neighborhood sherwin-williams store today. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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houston. ticks avail b online. a portion of the proceeding will be doe nayed to warriors kmubty foub dags. pickets go on sale to the pb lick at noon. bets let a cheb of your weather for you. >> k it is in the 70s 70s 70s 7s 52 downtown. hoof ban bay at 50. some fog being compressed with high pressure kilg in i per 60s to did 780 inland. thank you for
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now, saving the summit. we welcome you back to "gma." saving the summit. negotiations over a face-to-face meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un are going very well and that it is still a possibility. both sides are trying to salvage the talks. president trump canceled just days ago, this coming after a surprise meeting between leaders from north and south korea. also happening right now, honoring veteran across the country on this memorial day weekend and flags are being placed on the graves of the fallen men and women making sure their sacrifices are not forgotten, never forgotten. thousands are expected to gather
7:31 am
on the west lawn for a concert honoring our men and women in uniform. it is race day. 33 drivers are getting ready to start their engines and compete in the indian li indian lis in s you can watch all laps starting at noon eastern and 9:00 a.m. pacific time. i had danica patrick on my podcast a few weeks ago and she has all of these other business businessbusiness interests so she will have a lot to do. >> her best finish at indy 5 hun was third years ago, and it would be nice to see her. >> i'm rooting if are her and the celtics. >> and the celtics and coming up a very different kind of story involving motor vehicles. we want you to see this suv on fire. >> the frantic attempt to save the person inside and the reason the vehicle may have caught fire
7:32 am
in the first place. first, new developments in the story of the border agent who shot and killed an apparently unarmed, undocumented immigrant, a young woman. >> the circumstances under fresh scrutiny and stephanie ramos is in washington with more on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the border patrol changed their story a bit after the shooting of an undocumented woman who was shot and killed after crossing the southern u.s.-mexico border. this incident is now under investigation by texas rangers and the fbi. >> outrage and grief this morning from the family of claudia gomez. an undocumented immigrant from guatemala, shot to death along the texas-mexico border by a border patrol agent. 12:30 wednesday, gomez is allegedly attempting to cross into the united states illegally when a border patrol agent stops the group she's with in a residential area of rio bravo. >> we know they're doing their job, but i think their job is not to kill people. >> the u.s. border patrol saying
7:33 am
in a statement that's when an agent opened fire after being attacked by a group armed with blunt objects, but then on friday the border patrol issuing a new statement, changing its initial explanation of what led up to the shooting, making no mention of weapons now saying the group rushed the officer instead. a woman nearby capturing gomez's last moments on camera [ speaking foreign language ] >> shouting in spanish asking why the young woman was shot in the head. >> you're going to be arrested, okay? >> she was right here. right here. they flipped her and she had blood here. >> that same witness told "the new york times" as three more people were arrested she heard one officer say, see what happens? this is what happens with you people. >> we don't really have enough information for me or for anyone else to assess whether the
7:34 am
officer was justified in using deadly force. >> claudia gomez's family has posted a number of videos on facebook pleading for justice. they say claudia was just trying to get to the united states to work in order to pay for school and ultimately find a better life. dan? paula? >> stephanie ramos from washington. sad story all around. no question about it. let's check the weather yet again and rob marciano who has been reporting from pensacola, florida, all morning, what's going on? >> reporter: we named these storms on a list that rotates every six years. alberto was here in 2012. that was also a may storm. in 2006 i covered alberto and it was a tropical storm in early june that went up and hit the florida panhandle so it has a reputation of being an early adopter and an eager beaver. the center of it, let's check it out is just to the west of naples florida and 300 miles from where i stand here and
7:35 am
we're looking at heavy rain that's been floating into the southern part of the peninsula and winds gusting to 50 miles an hour and you see weather in fort meyers and tampa will get it and this thing will track up toward the north and go northwest a little bit with a landfall expected tomorrow afternoon right around where i'm standing and getting up into the tennessee valley. strengthening as it does so potentially to 60 mile an hour storm and that will be significant along with rainfall and some wind and an impact, as well. >> by the way, the memorial day weekend and not a good beach day anywhere along the east coast so you may w good sunday morning. starting out with mostly sunny conditions. it will be warmer today. by midday mid-70s inland. low 70s around the bay. the coast warming up through the mid-60s this afternoon. that was a quick beach
7:36 am
forecast. i mean, it's the holiday weekend at risk of making light of the situation, guy, let's have some fun. >> oh! >> how did you do that? >> teleport. >> did you get it? >> yes, we got it! you're a magician! >> reporter: you know, whatever the weather may be, you have to have a little fun on the beach. >> can we throw it back to you? >> we'll throw it back to you. >> not a good idea. >> i don't know -- we don't have that. we don't have that there. >> the magic is done. the magic is over. >> robert, thank you very much. somebody get rid of that beach ball, please. ing come up "good morning ameri america," a fellow driver comes to the rescue after seeing an suv in flames. we'll see who was behind the wheel in this caught on camera drama. it looks like normal ice cream. >> french fries and ice cream look great. >> wait until you find out the flavor and whether one of us is
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we're back now with this suv we are back now with this suv fire caught on camera. look at this. the driver spots flames coming
7:41 am
out of the vehicle and frantically flags down the other driver. >> we are hearing from both of them this morning as we learn more about the vehicle that became engulfed in flames. abc's ariel rashav is here with the story. >> this morning a florida woman is lucky to be alive after the car she was driving turned into a fireball. another driver flagging her down just in time. now new questions about why that recalled car was on the road in the first place. >> get over! get over! >> a harrowing sight on a florida highway, fire spewing from the bottom of this kia sorento. >> get over! get over! >> that's meredith olingerolingr frantically trying to warn the unsuspecting driver as she captur the entire ordeal on the cell phone. >> i did what i could to get her attention by honking. >> susan king who had borrowed the vehicle from her best friend tyla kennedy. >> when i stopped there was like
7:42 am
a -- an explosion and there was smoke and fumes. >> get away! >> get away from it! >> susan narrowly escaping before the kia turned into a blazing inferno. the car totaled, the flames leaving behind this mangled mess, charring everything inside. >> as i'm walking away from it i look behind me and the whole thing is engulfed in flames. >> i am grateful to be alive and unharmed. >> a dangerous crisis averted. two best friends grateful for meredith's quick thinking. >> meredith is a hero. she took constant, persistent action to make sure my friend was off the road that day. >> the women later learning the sorrento was part of a safety recall for an engine defect. they tried to inform tyla about the recall before the accident, but could not find a valid address something she claims never happened. >> kia never reached out to me before this incident about the recall. >> the automaker telling abc news it sent the recall to
7:43 am
tyla's last known address and promptly updated it when they were informed it was incorrect. >> if it's determined the fire is a result of the engine issue it will work with tyla to reach a satisfactory resolution. she's grateful her best friend made it out safely thanks to the heroic actions of the stranger. >> she continues to drive and had no idea that the car was in flames. >> in flames. >> it was on the undercarriage of the car. >> she's helping while filming. >> she's helping while filming. >> a modern story. >> we're glad she's okay. >> which probably isn't safe to drive and film at the same time, but all is well that ends well. >> thank you, ariel. coming up on "gma," big bargains are for the holiday weekend. >> some of the best memorial day deals. keep it here.
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and we're back with some and we are back with some good news for your bank account. >> the biggest sales happen on memorial day weekend and becky worldy breaks down some of the best deals. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: memorial day sales offer big discounts on big-ticket items. for example, this is the best time of year to buy a mattress. mattress firm offering 20% to 25% off in get a king for the price of a queen sale. other home goods also getting a big price drop this weekend. target and macy's holding sales in home departments touting 15% to 30% off. macy's hotel collection sheets were half off on clearance and another 20% off with the week end sale. home appliances discounted more than 50% like this fridge at sears for $1,000 off. as we get ready for the great outdoors we'll see sales on barbecues like this one $40 off
7:48 am
at lowe's, and like this at way and if you can hold on. the biggest price drops come later, more toward the fall. as the temperatures rise you might need short, tafrj tafrj tj the gap, old navy has 50% online. the makers of cheap and durable tech accessories have a site wide sale with 20%. we're talking about surge protectors to back-up phone batteries. one thing to hold off on buying, refund tracker says tools bought in june were more likely to wait for price drops so wait for those sales to hit. >> one trend in sales i really like is the increase in discounts for veterans and military personnel. sherwin-williams are offering a extra 10% off for veterans. sometimes on the holidays we
7:49 am
forget the reason we're celebrating and this is a great way to honor those wo have sacrificed for us. i have a list of military discounts and all of the deals i mentioned on our website, good morning >> thanks to becky and putting it all in perspective and glad they're offering those discounts to those making the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's easy to forget. you have to keep it in mind. how about this for a transition. you've probably never heard of ice cream like this. >> find out about the completely disgusting flavor and whether one of sus is brave enough to et it and i don't want to mention name, but rob claiborne will be right back.
7:50 am
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"good morning america" sponsored by progressive home insurance. "good morning america" is sponsored by progressive home insurance. getting a quote is easier than ever. >> it's pop, it's adrian. go. >> what would you do if your purse was stolen in another country? ellen pompeo goes from a doctor
7:54 am
to a super sleuth when her purse was snatched in italy. the bag was taken out from under her nose. she said, quote, i blame the rose. she was tracking her phone and she chased the thief down who gets an online grazie because her purse was dropped intact on the street and pompeo posted a thank you to police in italian for all of their help. glad that ended well for her. meanwhile, we talked about this bromance brewing with two justins. justin timberlake invited j.j. watt with the first j standing for justin on stage for his houston concert and the two toasting to the city's resilience tuesday night and they were spotted courtside at the championship game earlier in the week and we talked about them visiting a victim of the school shooting and it looks like they're having a lot of fun and there's a lot of love going on. >> a sequel to the movie "i love you, man." i feel like justin has a lot of
7:55 am
bromances because he has this with lebron, as well. everyone is justin's friend. kind of like ron claiborne. >> kenny chesney's newest song is released and has a great message. listen. ♪ we've got a long, long way to go ♪ ♪ scared to live, scared to die ♪ ♪ we ain't perfect ♪ the song is called "get along," quickly it will be released in july and it's doing some good. the video, a love for love city is very touching and recently talking about the people who were devastated in the caribbean, chesney's been helping with relief efforts there and to help storm victims. i love kenny chesney. and on a high note because we can celebrate kenny and celebrate justin and celebrate dan, and let's celebrate ice cream. ketchup and mayonnaise.
7:56 am
how about ketchup and mayonnaise ice cream on top of french fries is in mass >> i have two words for you. bypass. >> thank you, everybody. good morning. happening today bidding starts for this years lunch for warrenn buffet. he hosted it for the last 18 years. he donates millions to san
7:57 am
francisco's pride foundation. all bidders must be prequalified ton site. last year's auction brought in more than $2.5 million. bidding begins today and ends friday. the site, sounds and flavors, carnival kicked off yesterday and continues today with the parade along both 24th street and mission street. the parade begins at 9:30 this morning. the street festival open until 6:00 tonight. it marks the 40th year in san sn francisco. it is 59 half-moon bay.
7:58 am
you can see the fog in the distance here. right now it's in the mid-50s in the north bay and 60 in concord. it will warm up to 83 in concord. it is 64 along the coast. we won't have the typical sea breeze. the seven day forecast even warmer tomorrow for memorial day in the 90s. 90s stick around inland for tuesday. >> thanks. coverage of the indy 500 is next. "this week" airs at 3:00
7:59 am
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>> announcer: the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. there is nothing quite like indianapolis. the day, the race, the spectacle. welcome to the 102nd running of the indianapolis 500, the prerace show presented by penzoil. we are live on abc. once again, on abc for the 54th year. i'm nicole briscoe. these drivers will write a story, and for one, the ending will be career-defining.


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