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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 2, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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in my place ♪ ♪ so i'm here god how it heals you to feel god how it feels good ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, no joke. >> do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless [ bleep ]. >> samantha bee apologizing for that raunchy punch line and the president wading into the culture wars asking why she hasn't been fired, contrasting her vulgar word use with roseanne's show-ending racist tweet. many saying the two can't be compared. where does comedy cross the line? plus "queer eye" is back. a sneak peek of season 2 with the stars of the sassy reboot. >> this is so cool that you guys are touching me willy-nilly. >> making over more than wardrobes. >> even pastors have said, you have literally changed my entire view on homosexuality. >> working to empower the youth of today.
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some including mr. trump calling for comedian samantha bee to be fifueled by the recent cancelatn of "roseanne." is all this outrage directed at liberal and conservative icons a proxy for a greater american culture war? >> let me just say, one mother to another. do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless [ bleep ]. he listens to you. >> reporter: it's that four-letter word. igniting a firestorm of controversy. >> comedian samantha bee under fire for her vicious and vulgar atook on ivanka trump. >> how about we don't make a ton more minors unaccompanied and don't treat kids as criminals? >> reporter: it may have started as an impassioned monologue about kids being separated from parents on the border -- >> put on something tight and low-cut and tell your mother, stop it. >> reporter: samantha bee facing backlash for calling ivanka trump the c-word, fueling fierce debate about when and where comedy crosses the line.
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>> i think the joke was inappropriate. i do think -- i didn't think it was funny. it wasn't right for me. >> it's outrageous. it is unacceptable and should be called out. >> to me, hate is hate. and i think she should be condemned for it too. >> reporter: samantha bee asking forgiveness writing, i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable and i deeply regret it. sorry wasn't enough for some sponsors. state farm and auto traders suspending their ads. white house press secretary sarah sanders calling the language vile and vicious. the president tweeting, why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language she used on her low-ratings show? a double standard. the double standard a reference to abc canceling roseanne barr's show earlier this week. after the comedian tweeted a racist insult comparing valerie
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jarrett, an african-american obama official, with an ape. >> i'm not surprised people have asked for bee to be fired, two days after roseanne barr was fired, trying to make it out to be a polarity between liberal and conservative. but to equate the racism with her rudeness, to equate the target of roseanne barr's racist attack, african-americans, with ivanka trump, who comes from a position of power, is different. >> reporter: still, many are drawing comparisons and drawing the conclusion that barr was punished and bee protected because of their politics, pointing to another primate joke bill maher previously made about president trump as further evidence of bias. >> i made a joke about his father being an orangutan once. he marched into court with his birth certificate and sued me. >> reporter: critics say politics aside, it's the painful legacy behind barr's tweet that makes it so harmful. >> comparing a black woman to an ape plays into a long history of racism. what samantha bee said, she used a bad word, a word some people
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find offensive. but there's no history of upper-class white women using the c-word to dehumanize and oppress other upper-class white women. >> reporter: roseanne active on twitter but taking time away from the spotlight. the comedian scheduled to appear on joe rogan's podcast but she says she canceled, in part because she is not doing well. >> thank you. i'm feeling very kate middleton. >> reporter: comedian heather mcdonald cut her teeth on "chelsea lately" known for racy humor. >> it's grosser with you. >> reporter: she says body barr and bee made a mistake. >> i think they're both wrong. racism definitely crosses the line. we still have this as a problem. and anything that somehow encouraging it is very disturbing to people. i think the bigger thing about the samantha bee is women treating women a certain way. if we're supposed to all be empowering each other and feminists, then why are you going at people like that? >> but the question is, in the
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era of "me too," are women no longer allowed to insult other women? >> we all don't love each other. we all are not going to go to camp together. you could dislike someone. >> it's impossible for all women to love each other -- >> to love each other and hold hands across america. >> reporter: at least for now tbs seems to be sticking by the comedian tweeting in part, those words should not have been aired, it was our mistake too. ultimately does samantha bee lose fans or gain them? >> from what i can tell, the people that liked her and watched her show are totally down and love her. the people that are hating on her probably didn't even know that she had a show. >> reporter: just last night the television academy honored "full frontal" for its social impact highlighting issues like health care, sexual harassment. bee skipped the red carpet but appeared to address the incident in her acceptance speech saying, every week i strive to show the world as i see it, unfiltered. sometimes i should probably have
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a filter, i accept that. >> i think what samantha bee did was wrong, i think she was trying to draw attention to an issue she feels passionately about and this was a way of turning up the temperature on that, getting people to pay attention. but they're paying attention to the wrong thing. >> reporter: of course bee and barr are not the first comedians accused of going too far. kathy griffin fired from her cnn hosting gig after posing with a bloodied trump mask. and michael richards of "seinfeld" tanked his standup career with a racist rant during a show. >> he's like [ bleep ]! he's like [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> reporter: but many more have pushed the envelope in the name of comedy without consequences in the past. >> some of the stuff we did back then, where we didn't even get one nasty tweet back, was unbelievable. like the climate has changed so much. >> in what way? >> just the lines that we could cross. i mean -- >> you could be raunchier? >> i don't want to say some of the bits that we, did it's so
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politically incorrect today. and now i think it's definitely -- you really need to watch what you say. >> reporter: earlier this year, michelle wolf's comedy at the white house correspondents' dinner drew ire from both sides of the aisle. >> i actually really like sarah. i think she's very resourceful. like she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. >> reporter: many pointing out the president himself is no stranger to highly controversial comments. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> comedy has always been political. but has it always been this polarizing? >> i mean, i think it's a scary time to be a comedian. because people are so volatile about it. and if they even think that you might think differently from them they're like, whoa, i thought i liked you. >> is political correctness going to kill comedy? >> no, i don't think it is. i think comedians have to work a
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little harder. you have to think about, this is joke worth it? is this tweet word it? don't just put it out there. >> reporter: whether an edgy punch line is considered repugnant may morph with the times, but ultimately what matters most is audience reaction. >> if euro fended, don't go to the comedy club. if you don't like samantha bee, don't watch her show. a lot of people might be watching it that never knew tbs existed, let alone samantha. make lemonade out of lemons. it's important people not only have visceral reactions but pull it apart and figure out where we're going as a country, a culture. the comedy reflects all of that. up next, the "queer eye" crew taking on more than just makeovers. >> we're getting pulled over! >> oh-oh! >> oy vey. >> he's like, what's going on here? back! get all the lobster and shrimp you crave,
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tonight we celebrate the start of pride month with the team that has pride all year round. but they didn't always. the "queer eye" gurus tell us they faced bullying as lgbt youth, t dvemo use their show not just for makeovers but to transform lives. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: don jackson from georgia had lost the love of his life. >> i bt >> reporter: and his own self-confidence. >> you can't fix ugly. >> reporter: until he got a visit. >> what's up? yeah, how you doing? get up, tom.
12:53 am
great to meet you. >> reporter: from the new fab five. >> hey! >> reporter: it's the reboot everyone is talking about, "queer eye" on netflix. >> this is so cool that you guys are touching me willy-nilly. >> oh my god! >> this is a bathroom. >> eight people, one bathroom. >> the bathroom. got it. >> reporter: this time the show is down south. >> in georgia does herb section mean the same as it does in california? >> reporter: with a little social awakening. >> are you the husband or the wife? >> um -- >> let's break that down. >> that is a misconception. >> let's unpack that. >> reporter: the new fab five pulling off radical makeovers. >> we've still got some work to do with the walk. >> a piece we got to still fix. >> it will show that you've put some thought into your look. >> oh, god, yes, balance. yes, symmetry. who gave us permission? >> reporter: and always a side of sass. >> look at this! >> all right! >> oh, yes!
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>> you look so cool. >> so that's what shorts that fit actually look like. >> oh, yeah. >> he was such an amazing man. >> reporter: and a lot of love. >> you guys are making me cry. >> it's okay. >> oh, tom. you're such a good man. >> reporter: the first show was so ground-breaking in so many ways. the fir aim tudeience had openly gay men l d>>ea i a see where you get you hairstyle from, it's perfect. >> what was it about the reboot that made you say, absolutely, i'm in? >> back then people were accepting of gays if they were decorators, cooks, in fashion. god forbid any of them were my husband, my children, it wasn't accepted then. i wanted to bring that part of our lives into mainstream. >> reporter: in the first season we meet a crop of new heroes, including a.j., who the fab five helped to come out to his own stepmother. >> then you also know that i'm gay.
12:55 am
>> i realized with a.j.'s episode, i'd never spoken to like an audience or any group of people about sort of like coming out, or what that's been like for me or my sexuality. it made me realize the gravity. we have a voice here, we're able to tell our stories. it's not about being preachy, it's about sharing those personal experiences because there's relate ability in that. that's how we tie them in. >> reporter: the original "queer eye for the straight guy" was ground-breaking television, running four years. for this reboot, a big change. >> they told me, come back when you're complete. and i was terrified to go in there alone again. so really thank you for going with me, i appreciate that. >> it's not just for the straight guy, it's more inclusive. >> it was a really awful experience trying to get that changed. >> reporter: inclusivity that opens the door for discussions on tough social and political issues of the day. >> hi, can i see your license, please? >> i don't have it. >> you don't have your license in your possession? >> reporter: in one episode, karamo is pulled over by a white police officer.
12:56 am
>> you mind stepping out of the vehicle for me? >> what happened? you had no idea? >> i had no idea. >> what kind of show is this? >> we make over straight guys. >> is his name corey? >> no! >> you can't do that to me! >> reporter: the prank started a dialogue between karamo and hero corey, also a cop about lesting in ameri-- policing in america. >> this other officer that kicked the guy in the face after he was handcuffed, there's nog that makes it all right. >> in our country the tension between cops and african-americans, people are not communicating anymore. me having that moment with him where i felt triggered as an african-american man in this country, i said, either i can stay closed allow myself to be open to this man, who's different than me, and say, you know, can we talk? really man to man, father to father? >> everybody wants to talk, nobody wants to listen. >> are there moments that you do pull back? >> for me on the bobby camp
12:57 am
episode, one of the first things i said to the producers when i got cast, i'll deal with anything -- except religion. i grew up see religious. >> you drew a line on religion. >> it's a very sensitive topic for me because it was such a big part of my life before. >> you said no, i'm not going there? >> i said no. but i thought it was really important to ask bobby how he felt about homosexuality as a very religious person. >> i just saw the rules. i didn't see the grace. >> i spent every prayer meeting and every sunday crying and begging god to not make me gay. i've gotten countless dms from even pastors who have said to me, you have literally changed my entire view on homosexuality. to hear you say, you begged god not to make you gay, and you still are, made me realize it's not a choice. >> reporter: the show's sincerity and soft touch made it a success. audience members responding to moments in which character struggles give way to self-love. >> all our heroes, they expected
12:58 am
us when we walked in to find everything we could that was wrong with them. but our goal really was to walk in and try to find everything that was good about them, so that they could see that, because they couldn't see that. they couldn't see themselves like we did. >> the only way you can get to that place is going straight to the heart. men are so often told to close it off. think about every young boy that starts to show emotion. a coach, a father, a mentor, a teacher says, stop that you're acting girlie, you're acting this. why is that? for me it was deconditioning them from that mindset and that behavior to let them know, no, it's okay. showing a little emotion makes you more confident, it makes you a better human being. >> reporter: in april we caught up with the cast in new york along with students from the city's gay/straight alliance clubs. >> hi, i'm bobby, nice to meet you. >> reporter: as they prepared for glsen's national day of silence. >> what do you say to all the kids your age who are in places where there is not already a
12:59 am
functioning lgbt straight/gay alliance? kids who are feeling not accepted by their family? >> although you may not feel like your family at home is supportive, there's people everywhere who are there for you. >> social media is such a big thing. it can be used for very productively things. >> talk about taking a medium that could be an incredible waste of time and turning it into something so effective. >> when we were kids we didn't have a click of a button in our pocket, somewhere where there was a community. you have the advantage of community in your pocket, your smartphone. >> nobody is really alone, you aren't alone. >> reporter: that idea seemingly their mission, leaving characters and those watching feeling a lot less alone. >> one, two, three -- >> freak out! >> reporter: for "nightline," gloria riviera, abc news. >> our thanks to glsen for all the work they do supporting lgbtq youth across the nation.
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finally tonight, he didn't plan this selfie. he just winged it. this traffic camera in australia is meant to help police keep an eye on the roads. but instead it's made this curious cockatoo famous after the plucky poseur pulled a feathered photo bomb. the department of transport posted this video on its facebook page, and before they knew it it seemed like the whole ay it like "nightline" producer checking their go pro shot. thanks for watching "nightline." good night, america. have a great weekend. have a great weekend.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them.


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