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tv   ABC7 News Election  ABC  June 5, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and the vote counting is well underway tonight in the single biggest primary day in 2018. eight states are voting but california is the main event. good evening and thank you for joining us for abc 7 news election coverage on abc 7 news at 9:00. >> we'll begin here with the race for governor in california. so many people watching that race. there's a whopping 27 candidates on the ballot. just two will move onto the general election. >> let's take a look at those results right now. leading 34% of the vote gavin newsom there, and john cox with 27% of the vote. and 7% of the precincts are reporting this. but there are many names on
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this. there was the expectation gavin newsom and john cox would take the top two. remember california has an open primary system and that means the top two vote getters move onto the general election regardless of party. travis allen has 14%. former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa has 10% of the vote. anton antonio villaraigosa has been calling to extend the deadline from 8:00 to 10:00. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is covering the race at gavin newsom's watch party in san francisco. >> reporter: so what would an election night be without a snafu? and as you mentioned there is a big one in los angeles county. that democratic candidate
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antonio villaraigosa feels could hamper his bid. we'll tell you more about that in just a moment. but, yes, i'm here at gavin newsom's watch party at a party and they are indeed ready to party. >> things i indeed looking favorable. >> reporter: that was gavin newsom sounding modest this morning as he cast his vote in large spur. it's clear he will be one of the two candidates facing off in the fall. he wants his rival to be republican multi-millionaire john cox. cox, a relative unknown, received a big boost when donald trump decided to endorse him. in fact, this morning the president tweeted, high tax, high crime california, be sure to get out and vote for republican john cox for governor. he will make a big difference. former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa also putting up a fight to make it to november.
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a printing error has forced more than provisional ballots today. >> we have asked registered voters and the secretary of state to ask they extend the time given this unprecedented number of people who apparently are not on the rolls. >> reporter: we caught up gavin newsom and mentioned it to him tonight. >> i haven't heard anything. that's why i'm going to learn. what happened? >> reporter: they had about a third of their polling places had a printing error where names were not on the ballot and they would have to get provisional ballot. >> all right, well, this will keep you guys busy for the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: and yes we're told that precipitating problem affected about a third of the polling places in los angeles. so we'll have to see how that all comes out. by the way, we caught up with
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gavin newsom outside. he has not been in here yet to greet his supporters. and the room is growing more and more crowded. the victory party is really about to swing into place here now that some of the results are starting to come in. live in san francisco south and market at gavin newsom's election night party, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, carolyn. let's bring in ted, a uc berkeley political science professor helping us analyze what's happening tonight. if it is indeed john cox and gavin newsom, it is over in november? i know you never say never. >> it's effectively over. if these early returns hold up the race essentially is over tonight. >> and that's what gavin newsom didn't want. he did not want to face antonio
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villaraigosa. >> the question is will villaraigosa make it into second. >> could the problem they're having in los angeles be impacting this at all at this point? >> yeah, you can never tell from the early returns. there might not be much l.a. votes counted at all at this point, but those early returns are pretty strong obviously exactly in what gavin want. >> we will check back in with you in a little bit. >> let's move on now to hotly contested special election. eight candidates are running to fill up the remainder. >> let's take a look at the latest numbers coming in right now. again, we have these results on your screen. london breed is ahead with of the vote. right now just 1% of the precincts reporting at this point. >> whoever wins and becomes mayor would make history in this city in terms of those three
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candidates. first african-american woman, first asian woman, first openly gay man to be angela alioto has 8% of the vote, allen zhou, 6%, and greenberg, 4%. >> and let's head to abc 7 reporter vick lee. he heads to the london breed watch party. >> reporter: as you can see london breed's supporters are quickly filling up this banquet hall here at the embarcadero center. now, the doors opened when the polls closed at 8:00. this, by the way, is going to be a family affair tonight. he niece organized this party. she'll have a slide show, introduce her family and of course highlight her career. and the c notes, all youngsters from one family will be singing
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and then introducing her when she appears. her people, by the way, believe that the earliest we'll know the results is tomorrow. one of the analysts told me if she gets 35% of the vote tonight she'll be in, in his words, good shame. one of those supporters here is richard from the san francisco naacp and the founder of the brothers against guns. >> we support her new creative ideas she has for san francisco, and we believe she can do a job well-done. >> reporter: you think she's going to win? >> i know she's going to win. she's a good breed. >> reporter: if london breed wins, she will be the first african-american female to be mayor in this city. now, she was born and raised here in the western addition, a district she now represents as a supervisor. but if she wins this race
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tonight she will have to run again in the november mayoral election next year. so it'll be a very short term, but i'm sure if she wins it'll be a sweet one for her. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> and whoever wins that mayors race will take over immediately as soon as the votes are certified. >> candidates actually teamed up in the mayoral race. they're hoping to take advantage of san francisco's rank vote system. >> at the block party where mark leno was watching the election results this evening. >>reporter: mark lenoal when he decided to run for mayor of san francisco he came up with the following slowlien, "it's time to shake-up city hall." and tonight win or lose leno and his followers, volunteers will be here celebrating at hardy mill plaza in the heart of the castro district. and this is very symbolic
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location for him, for leno who has been a champion for gay rights in san francisco. if elected he will be the first openly gay mayor in san francisco. but he has set that aside to focus on the most pressing issues in the city like homelessness, which he says under his administration will end by 2020. now, building more affordable housing in the city is big issue for leno. both issues are very important to all of the candidates. now, leno was also known as a very good negotiator in sacramento where he served as an assemblyman and state senator. we saw some of that last month when he convinced another mayoral candidate kim to form an alliance their opponent. london and kim were asking their opponents to pick them as you mentioned that rank choice
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voting system. and we'll see if that strategy pays off. his supporters are waiting, but they know it might be a very long night. abc 7 news. >> certainly might be, thank you, lyanne. >> let's turn to regional measure 3. >> it's on the ballot in nine counties. the question for voters do you remain stuck in traffic or may an additional $9 toll. 61% of the vote on supporting regional measure 3. no, 39%. >> live with more from oakland, katie? >> reporter: yes, and of the counties voting against it we've seen contra costa and salono
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counties appear to have more no votes than yes votes. voters in all nine counties as you mentioned got to weigh in on regional measure 3. if passed it will increase tolls in three areas that does include the golden gate bridge because that is in its own district. the toll increase would happen a dollar at a spanngveral years. the money would fund transportation projects aimed at improving traffic congestion. now, a large portion of the funds would go towards mass transit projects. voters we spoke with have mixed feelings. people don't want to pay more tolls but traffic is awful. >> certainly bart -- >> i don't understand why it's gone up and up and up and it's not improved.
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traffic's gotten worse. >> reporter: alameda county registrar voter said it should arrive by thursday. he expects to have the certification take place by the end of june in his county. >> okay, katie, thanks very much. >> now to one of the statewide propositions dealing with transportation. >> if passed prop 69 would send a strong message to our lawmakers and the governor. it is designed to keep them from raiding transportation funds during tough times and using them for other projects. the this requires that the fuel tax and vehicle fees raised last year only be spent as intended on transportation projects. >> you can see with 6% of precincts reporting, a big lead now with yes votes of 83%. to 17% now on prop 69. >> a recall vote that's captured a lot of attention in the bay area and across the nation. >> that's the move to remove
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judge persky from the bench. brock turner was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman. >> persky only sentenced him to six months in jail and this prompted a recall effort. which at this moment 17% reporting seems successful. 59% yes, and no, 41%. >> and if he is indeed recalled two women are running to replace him. and right now angela story 71% of the votes right now with 17% of the precincts reporting. >> david louie following this ca case closely. >> reporter: the whole issue being are judges accountable for their sentencing or do you believe in the other side that
9:14 pm
says they should be independent, that the judiciary must have independence and be beholden to public opinion? well, the voters are speaking tonight. and so far the results are holding in the two rounds of results we've had so far, 59% in favor of the recall, and the other side not, 41% not. the controversy was over the fact that brock turner was only given that six month sentence when others wanted him to take a much longer sentence. at another rally judge persky was accused of being lenient in cases in assault against women. he believes that judges had to accept criticism in order to maintain their judicial independence. he talked to reporters for the first time only a month before the election and held a public rally just eight days ago to try to plead his case. again, the recall effort to
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unseat judge persky is ahead and holding at roughly 59% to 41%. and the two candidates who are running to replace him, the clear front-runner at this point appears to be cindy hendrickson. did we expect to hear from both parties, we're hearing they might well be, and we're live in palo alto, david, louie. up next, the u.s. senate race. diane feinstein has been in the senate for 26 years. >> a lot of candidates want her job, but can any of them stop her from winning a sixth term? a meteorologist drewtumy here with the forecast. >> those winds bringing cooler air tomorrow. something incredible is coming to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring!
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welcome back to our special election coverage tonight. california gubernatorial candidate antonio villaraigosa is stirring things up. >> he issued a statement tonight there have been printing errors on some los angeles polling
9:19 pm
places and saying those who didn't get to vote should return to their polling place. >> live with what he's calling for, voting to go through friday. >> reporter: that's correct, dan and ama. we are at antonio villaraigosa's election night headquarters. it's very loud here. but i will tell you former mayor antonio villaraigosa arrived here around 7:30 tonight. he immediately addressed the error. that error we now know has affected 118,000 voters, many of whom were turned away at the polls instead of being given provisional ballot. the villaraigosa campaign announced it is calling for voting centers in california to stay open through friday june 8th. he's also calling for the secretary of state alex lex lex
9:20 pm
to launch an investigation how this unprecedented amount of voters. we spoke with him and he had this to say. >> where there's an unprecedented number of people who have come to the ballot or come to their polling place and are not on the roll, 118,000 is a lot of people, i think it's reasonable to ask to extend the time. >> reporter: now, as i mentioned the program here has begun. we understand two to three speakers will address the supporters here before antonio villaraigosa speaks to his supporters. we're live in downtown los angeles. >> thanks very much. we'll see you a little later on tonight. >> california voters are deciding on one u.s. senate race. >> it is it most crowded ballot
9:21 pm
of the race with 32 candidates. >> diane feinstein has been serving in the senate since 1992. her closest de leon and james bradley. let's check in on the alameda county district attorney's race now where billionaires poured money into the race. >> omally has been the da there since 2009. let's show you the results we have coming in alameda county. the district attorney's race when we have the numbers available -- we don't have that them yet. >> we'll have more results for you ahead. you can also go to >> you are watching a special presentation on abc 7.
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you can watch abc 7 news at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 every night. cable 713, but we're glad to be with you on abc 7 at this time, this evening as well. >> we certainly are, and now we want to turn our attention to the weather. >> fairly mild but still a little breezy out there today. >> wind gusts at 26, 20 in fairfield, and these winds will be with us the next 24 hours. in fact, tomorrow morning the coast will be breezy. but we do anticipate as we go hour by hour the winds by 5:00, 6:00 in the evening likely gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour throughout the entire region and that will bring in cooler air tomorrow afternoon. some patchy cloud cover, upper 40s to low 60s your starting temperature tomorrow morning. then that wind will kick in tomorrow morning and that means breezy by june standards.
9:23 pm
a current 68 in south bay, only 63 in oakland and santa rosa only 70 degrees. some morning drizzle, breezy in the afternoon and temperatures actually drop a cup of degrees on friday and warm up briefly friday into saturday before a cooling breeze kicks in. and all indications early next week it'll feel like summer once again. >> 90 on monday. >> we'll need lots of breeze then. all right, and we will be right back with the results on the state propositions. >> first, more results on the south bay. stay with us. our special election night coverage continues right after this. san jose city council.
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live look at our election center. welcome back. california voters were asked to weigh in on new boroughing, new restrictions and a drought friendly tax break. >> prop 68 a $4.9 billion bond proposal poopay for flood protection as well as efforts to prepare for climate change. right now you see the yes vote is leading with 54% of the vote with 12% reporting. >> and proposition 70, yes, on prop 70. 39% at this moment, prop 70 no
9:28 pm
votes have 69%. so it looks like it'll go down in defeat. >> if approved it can't become law until all votes for counted. current measures take effect the day after the election. right now 77% of the vote voting yes for this. 13% of the votes reporting. >> rainwater capture system without having to pay higher property taxes, yes on prop 72, 84%. no, 16%. 12% of the precincts reporting. >> and we're getting new numbers on the governor's race. stay with us. more to come.
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this town has blessed me and my family. that's why i wanted to run for governor. i wanted to stand for the notion that to whom much is given much is required. when you've been blessed by the california dream, you've got to make sure you open that door. >> we want to tell you a little bit why -- there have been voting problems in los angeles county. there was a printing error that
9:34 pm
was affected voting rosters. 118,522 voters names were omitted according to registrar. >> so they're calling for the polls to be available to people and hours extended to friday for people not able to vote today registered and on the ballot and able to vote. so let's show you the numbers we have so far. and again there's going to be a little contest here because of the irregularities happening in southern california. gavin newsom has been called as the top votegetter in this race for governor. john cox, 27%, which is exactly what gavin newsom wanted to happen, to face the republican in the fall. >> right now you see antonio villaraigosa slightly ahead of travis allen. and they both have 11% of the vote. but if you look at the numbers below that he has a little bit more. this is 15% of the precincts reporting at this point. >> california senator ted -- is
9:35 pm
here tonight. he's now a uc berkeley science protefessor. >> can you talk a little bit we're talking about this open primary system, the top two primary systems. can you tell folks at home how this actually works. >> folks had a lot of names on the ballots. all the republicans, all the democrats were on the same ballot. and unlike in the past where the top republican, top democrat, it's whoever finishes the top two. so in some of these congressional races we could see two democrats facing off, two republicans. so it's a very different system than the rest of the country. >> and it really work against one party than another. >> some of the races some democrats will hope to pick up in the house of representatives, they could be shutout if two republicans advance. >> and be eliminated tonight.
9:36 pm
>> and night now we're seeing newsom and cox at the top two at this point. >> and we said earlier if that repeal doesn't work and it is john cox and gavin newsom, gavin newsom is going to be tough to beat in the fall. >> if it's democrat versus republican in this state, the democrats are most certainly the winner. >> all right, the california el electorate is as diverse as the state. >> let's turn >> i do want to mention we know the numbers. we know gavin newsom is in the lead, and john cox, a republican, number two right now. look at the stunning image. it really gives you the a break down of the politics of
9:37 pm
geography. you can see gavin new 178 in blue. even down to los angeles, the coastal areas liberal leaning. inland you see red. that's john cox county. they went for him there. and you can see it's the more conservative central valley area. in yellow down here that's villaraigosa. and that is imperial county going for him right now. it is early but it certainly looks like gavin newsom is going for the number one spot. and two spot. >> we have more to check on now. we want to check the top races starting with the lieutenant governor's race. >> eleni, 22% of the vote. coal harris, 19%.
9:38 pm
12% are reporting right now. >> 19% for ed hernandez, jeff bleich, and precincts reporting. >> he is taking on insurance commissioner dave jones and two lesser known republicans. here are the numbers we have. 44% for xavier and steven bailee 27% of the vote at this moment. >> 24% of the precincts reporting and we have more down ballot races now. alex padilla with 5% of the vote. >> and the race for state treasurer fiona is running to succeed john chung who's running for governor now. 42% of the
9:39 pm
of the precincts reporting. >> next california superintendant of public instruction. delaine easton who's now running for governor is now holding that po post. it is a quite complex system in california. >> 38% of the vote right now going to marshal tuck. >> let's move to san jose. antonio sam liccardo liccardo lo there. >> and just minutes ago sam liccardo gave a victory speech to his supporters. >> i am grateful that the residents of our city had faith in me. but i'm even more grateful that the residents of san jose have
9:40 pm
faith in our future. >> less than three hours ago lio was knocking on the door and making cold calls reminding people to vote. he says he's ready to get back to work at city hall tomorrow. >> we want to go back to recall on judge persky. david? >> reporter: we are with retired superior court gordel. what do you think of the results so far? >> it appears about 40% of the vote is in, and there's still a 17% or 18% gap. so it is unlikely we'll be able to close that gap. it appears that the recall has succeeded. >> reporter: have you talked to judge persky this evening? >> i have seen him and talked to him, yes. >> reporter: how's he handling this? >> he's handling it fine. he's a good person, and it
9:41 pm
saddens me. it's not like he lost his job. his job was taken away from him for people who feel there's no need to have an independent judiciary. >> reporter: do you see this as a dangerous precedent? >> absolutely. we said when we were fighting this recall if this were to happen it's going to be a threat to judicial independence in california and maybe even beyond. by that i mean judges now have gotten the message. you can do your job for 14 years, make a lawful decision albite unpopular and lose your job for doing a lawful job. so that's the new message now to judges in california. i find it very sad. and i hope i'm emboldened by 40% and hopefully more voted against this recall because they get it. they know an independent judiciary is absolutely critical to our democracy. >> reporter: we are aware judge persky did not speak through
9:42 pm
much of his recall campaign. was he silent too long in making his case? >> i have no idea. and it's easy to do the looking -- the hindsight is 20-20. he was not allowed to speak about the cases and he still couldn't speak about the cases today. the other side had one point -- more than a million dollars to spent to get this judge suspended. and the other side has succeeded. >> reporter: we of course will be hearing from the other side tonight. we understand michelle spearheading the recall campaign we'll have that on our coverage here on abc 7 news. for now in palo alto, david lieuo, abc 7 news. >> election results are still coming in. we have a complete list of all the races at >> plus sign-up for our free abc
9:43 pm
7 news and tune in for complete election results and reaction tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00 here on channel 7. stay with us. we have more election results ahead, but we're going to update the day's news as well. propane tanks exploding, pallets exploding and shutdown. more results coming in now from our state senate and assembly races. this is in district 2.
9:44 pm
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tonight. a massive fire that damaged a sonoma county wooden pallet factory is contained tonight. >> that massive explosion was a propane tank blowing up. the fire broke out just before 1:00 this afternoon. >> hundreds of people were evacuated, but those orders have since been lifted. no one was hurt. this is the second fire at the plant since 2013. >> and tonight we're learning more about the death of designer kate spade. >> yeah, the 55-year-old died of an apparent suicide. today her sister told the kansas city star that the suicide was not unexpected saying spade had suffered from mental illness for several years. >> rita said she had flown to napa to try to get spade into a treatment center. she also said her sister seemed fixated on robin williams' death and suicide in 2013. >> president trump canceled an event honoring the super bowl
9:48 pm
champion philadelphia eagles. the president cited the national dispute as reason for his cancellation even though none of the eagles players actually knelt during the anthem in 2017. >> lebron james says future championship teams will face a similar decision. >> it's typical of him. i'm not surprised. i know no matter when wins this series, so it went be golden state or cleveland going. >> members of the warriors, they have similar sentiments. >> the president has made it pretty clear he's going to try to divide us, all of us in this country for political gain. and we all look forward to the day we can go back to just having a celebration of athletic achievement. >> it's unfortunate, but, you know, we all have our right to kind of do what we want to do.
9:49 pm
and the eagles, you know, fall in line with that. >> and the warriors know all about being uninvited to the white house. last september president trump pulled the team's invitation after kevin durant and kerr stated they wouldn't want to go if invited. >> game three as the warriors take on the cavaliers tomorrow night. >> and abc 7 is the only place you can watch the nba finals presented by youtube tv. we'll have a pregame show at 5:00 with tip off at 6:00. and stay with us with toyota after the game. >> we've got a big night here on election night. we'll be back with a check on the forecast. >> plus we'll check in on gur n gurn governor's race. ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing.
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and welcome back to our special election coverage. we do have an update now on the governor's race. >> gavin newsom will take the top spot with 35% in the top two voting system. john cox, a republican has 26% of the vote. >> and there has been some controversy in los angeles, some problems with the voting. and antonio villaraigosa is asking for people to be given a chance to vote throughout the rest of the week. now word, though, if that's actually going to happen. he and travis allen both have 11% of the vote now with 17% of the precincts reporting. >> rejoining us now is ted a professor at uc berkeley.
9:54 pm
could it have any impact, really? >> well, it sounds really serious and the secretary of state cruising to re-election will have to figure out what to do. given these numbers it's hard to imagine it'll have a big impact right for you. >> what will happen if we have these two continuing to be the top two? >> not that we don't want to have any drama in november, but it's over. if it's gavin newsom and john cox, it's virtually impossible for cox to win in a blue state. absolutely. >> well, you are watching a special presentation of abc 7 news at 9:00 on abc 7. and you can watch abc 7 news at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 every night. cable 713. >> we will be right back, but here's a look at election results this time from alameda county. this is the child care sales tax measure a.
9:55 pm
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our lyanne melendez talked to san francisco mayoral candidate just moments ago who he voted for. >> about why and who he expected in these next few hour. >> we both agree that it is time for fundamental change for a new direction at city hall to address the crises that we've already discussed. though we've got to shake things up a little bit because the status quo isn't working. >> coming up tonight on abc news at 11:00, we're tracking the vote of the top two gubernatorial candidates and other races as well. >> and moments ago we heard from john cox who appears to be heading into the race against gavin newsom in november. >> we put a businessman in the white house. let's put a businessman in the governor's mansion, huh? yes. the voters stood up to the special interests of this of
9:59 pm
state who are trying to take this state down with them. we are not going to let them, are we? >> no! >> republican candidate john cox who appears to be about to get the second spot in the top two voting system in california to face gavin newsom in november. join us for live results and reaction on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we thank you so much for joining us. we are expecting gavin newsom to actually speak any moment now. >> so rewind the tape. we're not going to say good-bye. we're going to stay with you. we're hoping to hear from gavin newsom in a moment. >> and there was no controversy with antonio villaraigosa in los angeles. there were some problems with the voting. >> apparently roughly 116,000 people were not able to vote when they showed up at the polls in southern california today because of a printing error.
10:00 pm
so villaraigosa and his campaign are calling for those people to vote up until friday to cast their ballots. we don't know if that will actually happen. and according to our analysts here tonight given the numbers it probably would not change anything. >> they each have 11% right now, but if you look at the number below that you can see villaraigosa is trailing slightly. good it is gavin newsom and john cox going head to head for the november election, he's predicting gavin newsom no question. >> because this is really for the most part a blue state, so john cox would have a very difficult time being a republican becoming governor. but still the expta


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