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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 6, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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the votes are in. ballots counts are wrapping up. in the governor's race the winners have emerged. though not without a major mistake that kept tens of thousands of californi voting today. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. first tonight the primary for governor. the top two vote getters today will face off in the general election this november. >> now, the top two candidates are gavin newsom with 34% of the vote and the republican john cox with 26% of the vote. >> which means likely out of the race antonio villaraigosa with 12% and travis allen with 11% of the vote with 32% of the precincts reporting. >> live at newsom's watch party in san francisco where they celebrated tonight and she has some major news coming in, caroline. >> reporter: well, first of all, here at the gavin newsom election watch party. the music is still going but most of the crowd has dissipated. at 10:00 on the dot gavin newsom
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took the stage to declare victory. meantime, antonio -- this is newsom and his wife, filmmaker jennifer segal newsom, dancing to tupac shakur's rap song "california love" as they came out on the stage. and then he shared with the crowd his vision for the state, including guaranteed health care for all, ending childhood poverty. he said that the california dream cannot be real unless there's equity for all. >> it's our duty to future generations to keep dreaming, to keep disrupting, and to keep demanding more. see, for me courage for a change is more than just a campaign slogan. it's always been and always will be california's truest calling. so thanks to you, tonight we are one step closer to achieving it.
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>> a not so optimistic outlook for former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. just moments ago he went up on the stage in los angeles to concede this race. earlier tonight he complained about a printing problem that was a huge snafu in los angeles county where about a third of the polling places voters would have to ask for provisional ballots. their names were not on the voter roll. >> you expect that in the united states of america, los angeles county, the largest county in the state, that they would be able to conduct an election without the problems of this magnitu magnitude. >> reporter: and he had asked that voting be extended until friday. he had asked that of the state registrar and the secretary of state. they were saying they would reply to that later tonight. but we have not heard back in
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the meantime, again, as i said, he did concede the race. back here at gavin newsom's election watch party, he will get the candidate that he wanted to face in the november election, republican john cox, someone that president trump endorsed. there will be a clear line of demarcation between the two candidates, and in blue california gavin newsom is believing he can certainly come out the victor in the november election. live in san francisco, carol yin tyler, abc 7 news. >> all right, carolyn, thank you. >> really interesting night. les let's go to kristen zee for a county by county breakdown of how the governor's race broke out. >> i want to show you how the politics of geography played out in the governor's race. it's a dramatic coast versus inland divide. the coastal counties you see in blue all went for gavin newsom right here. and of course he captured the bay area. that's no surprise given he was
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mayor of san francisco. and now look at the inland areas all in red. they went for republican john cox, who as carolyn mentioned has gotten president trump's support. you'll notice, this is interesting, in yellow right there, that is the one single county, imperial county, won by antonio villaraigosa. and also gavin newsom took right there los angeles county. that was of course where villaraigosa was mayor. so no traction for villaraigosa even there. republicans of course relieved tonight they will have a candidate in the race for the top office come november. guys? >> really interesting. kristen, thanks so much. well, the san francisco mayoral race was a heated contest with the potential for the city's first openly gay man, african-american woman or asian-american woman as mayor. >> chance for history in the city. here are the results as we have them at this moment. 58% of the precincts reporting. very good night for london breed, the city supervisor who briefly was acting mayor in san francisco. 36% of the vote.
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26% of the vote for mark leno. jane kim has 22% of the vote. >> yeah. so those are the top three. and 8% for angela alioto. ellen lee zhou. and richie greenberg with 53% of the precincts reporting. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at london breed's election watch party. very good night for her. trrpt sure-s dan. london breed appeared before this large, loud, and happy crowd of supporters about 45 minutes ago. her supporters of course have been keeping track of the early returns by looking at the tv monitors here. she spoke about how important her family is. this party was put together by her niece. she said to the crowd, and let me quote, we all have a voice, no matter what neighborhood we come from, unquote. and that of course is a reference to the fact that she was born and raised around
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violence and poverty in the western edition, a district she now represents. she then came over here to the riser and talked to reporters. take a listen. >> hey, everybody! wow! i think i'm talking about proposing things that are bold and hopefully can make the difference that people want to see. we need to address homelessness in a different way, not the bureaucratic way. reforming our mental health system and also building more house. the kind of things that we need. we can't talk about what we're going to do. we need to be will to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. >> reporter: i believe that was london talking from the podium in back of me. but when she came over here to talk to us reporters she said she felt good tonight and that the early returns were showing
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exactly what she wanted. so london breed feeling very confident at this point. leading the pack in the early returns. her people telling us earlier in the evening that if she got 35% of the votes tonight that she was in good shape. and of course, dan, what she said is she is getting 36% as we speak. that's the from london breed's election night party. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you, vic. let's continue our coverage now on the mayor's race in san francisco. >> abc 7 news reporter lea melendez is live where mark leno has been watching results. >> reporter: mark leno told me he still expects to win this race. if he doesn't he said this is it for him, it will be his last job in politics. his message throughout this campaign was it's time to shake up city hall. that's why he formed an alliance with jane kim, who is also
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running for mayor because he insists as progressives they will bring change to the city. as you remember, they asked people to vote for them as number 1 and 2 on the ballot, taking advantage of that ranked choice voting system that we have in san francisco. it was controversial because it was seen as a way to beat london breed, who was in the lead. >> so to extrapolate upon that, that it was some sort of strategy or a gaming or anything, that's really more than it was. but i did give my second vote to jane, and i think she gave her second vote to me because we both agree that it is time for fundamental change for a new direction at city hall. >> and we'll see if that strategy works for either one of them. mark leno tonight looking a little tired. we all are right now. but very optimistic.
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again, i'm live in the castro district of san francisco, where people are still sort of hanging out, waiting for those results. but a lot of people have left saying i'll watch the results in the morning on abc 7 news. let's hope. i'm live in the castro district. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> they'll still be counting in the morning. lyanne, thanks very much. well, in san jose, sam liccardo is expected to remain mayor. as you see there, 74% of the vote with 15% going to steve brown. now, one ballot decision here in the bay area that will receive a lot of attention nationwide, that's the recall of judge aaron persky. >> he sentenced former stanford student brock turner to a six-month jail sentence for the sex assault of an unconscious woman. the results tonight show that yes on recall is winning. you see with 59% of the vote to 41% no. >> in the race to replace aaron persky voters have put cindy sealy hendrickson in the lead
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with 71% over angela storey. that because the decision to recall judge persky has apparently won, if you will. or yes on the recall effort. so now the second part of this question tonight is who should replace him. cindy hendrickson, a good night with 71%. and it was an important measure that is being watched very closely by everyone in the south bay. like you said, across the nation. our david lui is live with the latest. david. >> reporter: ama, truly very historic because this is the first california judge to be removed from the bench in nearly 86 years by voters who apparently think that they agreed with critics who said that judge persky was too lenient in giving out that sentence to brock turner. now, in this area where victims and their supporters demand justice and sentences in line with the crime, voters at least here in santa clara county have said they believe judges need to be held accountable for the decisions that they make. first we hear from how judge persky is handling the loss tonight. then we hear from the law professor who launched the
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recall campaign. >> he's handling it just fine. he's a good person. and he understands what has happened. it saddens me, and it's not like he lost his job. his job was taken away from him by people who feel that there's no need to have an independent judiciary. so he lost his job for doing a good job. >> this victory is not just for emily doe but it's a victory for girls and women everywhere. >> to girls everywhere we are with you. on nights when you feel alone we are with you. when people doubt you or dismiss you we are with you. >> judge persky will step off the bench in a matter of days, as soon as his successor is sworn in. this case definitely having repercussions around the country. live in palo alto, david lui, abc 7 news. and u.s. senator dianne feinstein is the top vote getter as she seeks re-election to the seat she's held since 1992.
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feinstein will face democrat kevin de leon, you see there. 10% of the vote. or republican james bradley in november, whoever finishes second. but right now kevin de leon is coming in second. >> you can find all the election results on our website at >> we do have much more for you ahead tonight, though, including a big vote to reduce congestion that could cost you money. plus, kate spade's death not a mystery to her family. why her sister is connecting the death to robin williams. and the votes are still coming in. our team is here in the studio gathering results for you. we will be right back. i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn.
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candidate antonio villaraigosa concede about 15 minutes ago it would appear that the john cox campaign is far from over. let's show you some video we shot earlier. of course the john cox website says his top two priorities are to repeal the gas tax and end california's policy as being a sanctuary state. and while john cox might not have voted for donald trump in 2016, wow, what a difference a year and a half makes. the president has endorsed john cox and john cox is clearly on the president's side trying to rally the trump base, to bring john cox victory in november. >> mr. newsom made it clear that he wanted to run against me instead of another democrat. well, as i told him in san jose at the debate, be careful, mr. newsom. be careful what you wish for. [ cheers ] it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed
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state in the country. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> reporter: and john cox appears to have taken a page out of president trump's campaign playbook making a slight tweak on his slogan of make america great again, saying tonight that together we will make california the golden state again. live in san diego at cox headquarters, rob mcmillan, abc 7 news. >> all right, rob, thanks so much. here in the bay area prop e has brought in some big money from tobacco companies. it would allow the city's ban of selling flavored tobacco products to take effect. yes 81% to 19% no. 99% of the precincts reporting. measure e will pass. one measure that affects drivers across the bay area, measure 3, raises tolls by $3 on every bay area bridge except the golden gate over the next six years. here are the results. 55% of the vote went yes. 45% no. now for a look at a few of
1:27 am
the top state posts being watched tonight. the crowded race for the lieutenant governor still pretty much a close call right now. top vote getter is ellen ni kounalakis. just a few percentage points behind her democrat ed hernandez with 20% of the vote. and republican cole harris has 19%. jeff bliche 20% of the vote. >> current attorney general xavier becerra is trying to hold on to his spot. xavier becerra taking it with 44% of the vote. 26% went to steven bailey. >> for secretary of state incumbent alex padilla is trying to hold off seven other candidates. he has the incumbent 50% of the vote to mark muser with the republican party. the top two vote getters there. 37% of the precincts reporting. now to state superintendent of public instruction. if no candidate receives a majority of the vote, there will be a runoff in november. 38% of the vote is going to
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marshall tuck. tony thurmond receives 33%. >> a lot more results. complete election coverage on our website. from our results you can see what they mean for you, where you live. just head to we want to turn to some other news today. fashion designer kate spade was found dead in her home this morning after an apparent suicide. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has story with the popular designer's connection to the bay area. >> reporter: kate spade, the i eponymous designer, was found hang by a scarf in her new york city home. >> there was a suicide note left at the scene. >> reporter: "the new york times" reports that spade left that note for her 13-year-old dughter. the designer, wife, and mother was 55 years old. spade's handbag line is loved by a generation of american women who grew up in the '90s alongside spade's brand, which evolved into a fashion and lifestyle empire. but according to her sister, spade's health did not match her sunny style. rita saffo told the "kansas city
1:29 am
star" that spade suffered from debilitating mental illness the past several years and that her suicide was not unexpected. she said she often visited her sister in new york city and napa, where spade had a vacation home. she says she was trying to get her sister to seek treatment. when robin williams committed suicide in 2014, saffo said spade was interested in the news saying "she kept watching and t. and watching it over and over. i think the plan was already in motion even as far back as then. saffo also told the paper "sometimes you cannot save people from themselves." kate larsen, abc 7 news. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has what's ahead for us. >> dan and ama, get ready for the breezy conditions you're looking at from our sut roe tower camera. temperatures in the morning in the upper 40s to low 50s. there will be some spotty drizzle, plenty of fog and low clouds. watch out for those tomorrow afternoon. below average for this time of year.
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breezy at the coast 50s to the 70s for your wednesday. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll go cooler than average for a couple of days, warming it up as we head toward the end of the workweek. and then the seesaw in temperatures will continue. hot weather inland monday and tuesday. dan and ama. >> it's coming. thanks, sandhya. our election team is still hard at work tonight gathering election results for you. >> stay with us. pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. and every day you promise toor protect
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all right. you want to talk about team spirit? our abc 7 team mindi bach and dion lim jumped for joy after landing in cleveland tonight before tomorrow night's game 3 between the warriors and the cavaliers. >> and abc 7 is the only place you can watch the nba fieblz presented by youtube tv. coverage starts at 5:30 with tipoff at 6:00. then of course stay with us for
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the helmet saved my life. wearing a helmet to prevent severe traumatic brain injury is a must... and so is learning what you can do to prevent concussion. good evening. madison bumgarner is back after missing the first couple of months of the season because of a broken pinkie. the giants ace making his 2018 debut against the first place diamondbacks tonight. kind of felt like opening day all over again. madbum striding out there second inning chris owings with a double down the line here. marte scores from second. it's 1-0 d'backs. later in the inning christopher
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negron with a chopper. watch crawford and longoria here. i got it, got it. nobody's got it. another run scores. mad gum goes six innings. strikes out three. two on for evan longoria, and he grounds out to end it. so 3-2 diamondbacks and madbum tas t well pited just not a lot support. a's and rangers. oakland lid 4-2 against the seventh. choo going the opposite way against petit. two-run bomb dies it it. rangers beat the a's by a count of 7-4. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and andre iguodala may return for the warriors tomorrow in game 3 of the nba finals here on abc 7. >> good stuff. thanks, larry. well, results are still coming in. our election team is hard at work. >> that's right. for results on the fly head to our website, our website, we'll try jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheese and guacamole. plus your choice of carne asada, chorizo,
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or contact your local law enforcement. you might be the one who saves a child's life and their future. our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheese and guacamole. plus your choice of carne asada, chorizo, or chipotle chicken for just 3 bucks. so tonight, kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. and election results are coming in as we speak. we have the complete coverage on our website. from the results to what they mean for you. head to >> be sure to check it out and join us for abc 7 news in the morning as well. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry beil, sandhya patel, all of our hard-working team tonight, thank you for joining
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tv's daily viral video show, right this minute. this guy is in the wrong place at the wrong time. the lucky escape after a dangerous explosion. >> it couldn't have been worse timing for this guy. a man gets a massive shock walking into his home. >>. >> this is a homeowner. >> see what happened to his house and how she plans to pay for the massive bill to fix it. and a makeup artist helps her mom and her battle with aloe p alopecia. >> it gives hope to anybody. plus he is planning to spend >> you kick it and strike it it acts like a solid. if you move gently into it ate
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acts like a liquid. >> no. you have to stick it out, boo. >> he does this to himself. a garage fight in russia has an intention of local residents. it is kind of having a closer peak. the person with the camera is a little bit further away. you never know what can be inside because anything can happen. >> it is in full roar at this point. >> not quite yet. give it a sec. it gets closer to have a look at what's inside. >> oh. >> he was right in front of that. >> yeah. it couldn't have been worse timing for this guy. he takes a few steps closer. he completely engulfed in flames. >> yes. >> you can see it had quite the effect on his severe


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