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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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>> reporter: we're right on the border of the mission district in this housing complex on cesar chavez. the entryway is completely taped off. there is a lot of evidence they need to process ins ingncdi let's take a closer look at the video from thewe've been here ae three people were shot here and one man died at the hospital. all three people shot were men in their 20s. we also have learned the victims took themselves to the entirel crime scene at san francisco sp hospital a little while ago. >> one or more of the victims came in their oor c area as a crime scene to see if there's any evi overhead san francisco general this
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afternoon. there was a pretty dramatic incident. once someonehospitroal d, the outies asked him to get outuse of the car and we did see a taped off that's how some of the victims got here to the hospital. back out here live at the scene, there are family members and friends of the victims sloned. they're verywl upset. a couple have told me they're going to the hospital to figure tou woman crying at her window said she can't leave her home and heard the shotsere bri latest. that is the latest on ces ar s>> thanks a lot. wasll aeat santa rosa stre and mission avenue.
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police closed it off for several hours canvassing the area for in east and a suspect. woman d oakland before 4:00 this afternoon. flew over 73rd avenu. the woman has bndeen taken to hospital. the findings of the tesla in engeerhree months ago. >> it gives what role it might have played. >> soon after the crash, tesla placed blame on hands off the w at the time of the impact. this report provides new answers and raises new wong died in mchar tesla auto x hit a safety bearer. it had been hit 10 days before. he wastoloted 18:45
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before the crash and received two visual alerts and one auditory place his hands on the wheel 15 minutes before the crash. in the minute before the crash his hands weel for 34 seconds. for theast six seconds the vehicle didot n steering wheel. >> theep showaltsiewa autotesla. >> reporter: they revealed wong had setis5 miles an hour and was following the slower car. the model x veered to the left and sped up from into to 78 miles an hour right before impact. >> it's an open questionou ythe it's a reliable teammate drivin
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shared mode like that. >> reporter: tesla declined to comment on the ntsb report referring us to its blog saying all accidents but makes them hehth'v had.nder epr: r fteocus on it monday and did announce improvements to the te >> the reliability and capability of autopilot w increasel exponentially over th next 6-12 implement pryouchltro rapid. >> latedilamy tesla's not paying attention to ide w the accident.
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and there was a failure of the autopilot and braking system of the car. more come. stes teslawners pd adapters. is it acceptable to have real users testf autonomous vehicles. some drivers say, yes. right acceptable to me. time and know whanet it cannot and take control when it cannot. >> tesla drivers say despit the autopilot capabilities, they're still extra cautious when behind car on curves and hitting the brakes when they reachree feway the latest ntsb report app at 1s morning. our prior stories oad and you
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including the in-depth investigations done o n in petaluma people are talking about what happened a hd or heard. >> reporter: snfor bound high school valedictorian wanted to make an impression with her help. >> even the people on this ha tus, some -- >>epr: ort scutting her mike. what could she have said or wanted to. sspch. i wted say that students aren't listened to, people are the arts and music i've been in for four funding. >> reporter: lula bell admits going off script at the request
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of classmates. she said the contents of her speech had been part of the negotiation with the school. >> they approved part of it and when i said i wanted to go off script they didn't know what i was going to say. >> reporter: it does say on record it has the right to cut the microphone when you go off speech. the district had little to say today and took no questions and released only a statement. reads in part due to student privacy issues we cannot and should not respond with specific information. if an alleged event happens off campus or on we work to take care of our students. the reactions were mixed? she had good intentions. i think where it was done might not have been the best place for it. >> reporter: as for lula bell, she finished her speech on youtube. >> we have to ask ourselves, while some people say graduation isn't the time to push an agenda, where is the right time?
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>> reporter: she has certainly made her commencement memorable. in petaluma. abc7 news. will the warriors win back to back titles. they face thid cavs three years in a row, winning two of the three matchups. >> last night, warriors became the first game in history to take a 3-0 lead in back to back finals. game four is in cleveland. >> reporter: russell of jiffy tickets in san francisco says if there ever was a time to get a good price for a ticket it would be this friday for game 4 in cleveland. prices have gone down as cavs are one game away from being eliminated. >> we always like to say everybody loves to go to a wedding but nobody likes to go to a funeral. you know, come the next game, it could be their last. >> reporter: we couldn't find anyone traveling to cleveland today to see game 4.
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>> it's hard to afford the tickets for the playoffs, let alone championship. >> reporter: last minute deals are being posted online like this one from golden this package deal includes airfare, ticket to the game and hotel room for $1,429 per person. the only downside is that your flight arrives ten minutes before the start of the game. ryan says many warriors fans are secretly hoping there is a game 5, which would mean the team could clench the nba title at home. if that happens, he says, there would be a high demand for tickets. that's good for business. >> ultimately if cleveland is able to pull out a game, come monday it's going to be crazy when they have a chance to clench back at home again. >> i don't want to count the chickens before they hatch, i think it's in the bag. >> reporter: let's not say parade. >> i won't say parade but big fat celebration. >> reporter: nobody wants to
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jinx the chance of warriors becoming a dynasty. abc7 news. >> we are the only place to watch the nba finals presented by youtube tv. game 4 of warriors versus cavaliers is tomorrow in cleveland, as we said. we'll have a pregame show at 5:00, abc coverage starts at 5:30, tip-off at 6:00, then stay with us for toyota after the game for all the postgame highlights and commentary. more than a dozen show dogs were stolen in a parked vandes ago in northern california. next, you will see the reaction from fellow dog owners when they heard the news all the dogs were found safe. i'm spencer christian. get ready for unsteady temperature the next couple of days. a warm-up is in the forecast for the next couple of days. god created what we think is god created what we think is the best sailing venue on e ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you.
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entresto, ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. a huge dog show, relief in the air, this weekend and until this morning all people could talk about was 14 dogs headed to the show in a van.
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as thomas tells us, they received some good news. >> reporter: at the dog show in vallejo this morning everybody put on a happy face even if that wasn't what they were really feeling. >> it was very upsetting. we were very concerned. >> reporter: she's talking about the theft of a van slyke this one containing 14 dogs outside a redding in and out burger. >> it's imperative we find this van because of the welfare of the animals. >> reporter: tony and an assistant went in to get a bite and they left the air conditioner on and door unlocked. when they came in a few minutes later the van was gone. >> i don't care about my property or van just want the dogs back. >> reporter: as a handler he cares for the dogs. calling the situation tragic. >> we're disappointed in our day and age people will steal
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anything. >> reporter: late this morning that turned to joy after this announcement came over the public address system. >> the dogs and the van are all safe. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: if the number one job of the handler is to take good care of the animals, that brings up the uncomfortable issue in this case is responsibility. >> i for one wouldn't leave my vehicle running and leave it. you should always leave somebody in the van. >> reporter: redding police have released surveillance photos of the man wanted for questioning in the theft. woodstock runs through sunday at the fairgrounds. abc7 news. a company that has called california home for more than a century will soon be leaving. bechtal's corporate headquarters ae in san francisco. according to the "washington post," by the end of the year, executives plan to relocate to reston, virginia. bechtel is internationally known for infrastructure projects.
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here in the bay area the company helped build the original bay bridge and art. >> it's graduation day. at one east bay high school, it's going into the record books. >> 100% of its seniors are graduating and the majority going to college. laura anthony has the story now from mcclymonds high school. >> reporter: it's a graduation ceremony that defies the odds. not only is oakland high school graduating 100% of their senior, they're all going to college. this is remarkable with this 17-year-old basically homeless living alone and renting a room since her grandmother and guardian died two years ago. >> it's a struggle. when i think about my adversities, i think how other
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people go throughway more than me, you know. >> you have everything ready? >> reporter: thanks to mcclymonds destiny she thrives earning scores for the debate team and good scores. and why she got a scholarship. >> without mcclymonds, it has prepared me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: it's all about the celebration now, destiny is well aware of this. >> destiny debar. >> reporter: walking across the graduation stage wasn't always her destiny. >> i did not think i was going to graduate. but i knew i was going to graduate. does that make sense. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. >> that is incredible. 97% going to college. >> and spencer christian was responsible for helping out the students with books from disney,
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and nonprofit. >> 1500 books went to an oakland-based charity called superstars literacy as part of disney's magic of storytelling initiative inspiring imagination and life-long love of reading. spencer handed out some of the books at oakland brookfield elementary school yesterday. >> they provide help with reading for students in kindergarten through second grade. spencer had a great time out there. >> the kids are so amazing. you see the wonder in their faces as they describe their favorite books and why they like them, magic storytelling. >> in an age of television and movies, nothing like a good book to spark a child's imagination. >> absolutely. i was telling them, books were my windows onto the world when i was a kid, i'm still a kid and still reading books, too. let's look at live doppler 7. sunny skies and breezy conditions across the bay area right now. look at the wind to show you how breezy this morning, gusty right
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now. gusts to 33 miles an hour in san francisco, 29 miles an hour over fairfield. all around the region wind is pretty strong, anywhere from 15 to over 30 miles an hour. this is the view from our abc7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 in san francisco looking at blue skies over the bay. 60 degrees in the city. 63 across the bain oakland. 70 in san jose, 74 at gilroy, 57 at half moon bay. check out this view. holding onto some of the warmth. 77 in a 76 at livermore and a few wispy high clouds there. warmer tomorrow but still breezy. much cooler on saturday with strong gusty winds and warmer pattern of sustained pattern of warmth beginning sunday to midweek next week.
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a few clouds on parts of the coastline. overnight lows mainly to low 50s and cooler and upper 40s show up there. tomorrow, breezy at the coast. a few clouds linger at the coastline. sunny over the bay and inland. much warmer today with inland highs in low to mid 80s mid-atlantic 70s on the bay mid-atlantic 60s on the coast. speaking of warmth, we have a hurricane on the pacific well o the west coast of mexico. hurricane alietta, category 1. . taking a track west-northwest to unpopulated areas and weakening to tropical storm strength. good news. a look at the 7-day forecast i think contains good news. saturday, it will get windy, much windier than today and cooler. bear that in mind planning
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outdoor activities. it won't be a warm day but warming sunday. 90 degrees on monday. mid to upper 90s tuesday inland and mid to lower 80s next week on wednesday mid-atlantic 60s on the coast. we have summer-like weather coming for most of next week. >> thanks so much. coming up next, ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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the san mateo county transit board agreed to work with infrastructure industry and this was recommended in a facebook study addressing funding traffic concerns including new rail service along a dumbarton rail bridge, expanding ride options and bicycle and pedestrian connections. lyft announces its new app integrate with transit to reduce traffic congestion and better provide service to its customers. it says the app will help
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provide late night service, fill first and last mile gaps and suggests more practical pickup and drop-off spots in heavily trafficked areas. ikea announced today in two years it will stop offering single use products in its shops at restaurants, things like plastic forks, plates and straws, part of the furniture company's efforts to be more sustainable. california lawmakers are working to ban plastic straws to protect state beaches and marine life. they are debating a bill debated this week for providing straws for drinks unless a customer asks. >> we need to take action to prevent plastic pollution and positive solutions to maintain a healthy ocean free of garbage and single use plastics. >> if passed it would apply only to dine-in restaurants but they're looking to expand it to
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fast food restaurants and convenience stores in the future. there is a problem. >> some of the most polluted beaches in the state are in our backyard. a list ahead. what you
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welcome back. a live look at the beach in santa cruz. it looks beautiful. did you know the area is home to five of the 10 most polluted beaches in the state. the news isn't just disappointing but dangerous to your health. >> it's true. abc reporter chris shows you which place and why. >> reporter: at marina lagoon
6:30 pm
visitors may want to think twice before getting in the water? you want to have a good time and not cool if it's polluted. >> reporter: the beach bummer list highlights the most polluted places with harmful bacteria. this at lakeshore park was number 2 on the list surprising to some. >> i come here to walk and see a few kids playing. i assume it is safe. this is totally new. i had no idea. >> reporter: the san mateo environmental health department checks bacteria levels each week so if the numbers exceed state standards warnings go up to alert the public. >> high bacteria counts in the water can lead to a number of health problems including gastrointestinal illnesses, skin rashes, ear, nose and throat infections. >> reporter: four other beaches made the list including pacifica and half moon bay and
6:31 pm
beach at the wharf. they are trying to reduce bird related bacteria by installing netting under the 98% received an a or b grade on the report card. it was likely due to less rain last year meaningless bacteria through urban runoff is in the storm drains. >> the beaches are so dirty. you don't want your kids getting sick. >> reporter: beachgoers hoping their next trip doesn't turn out to be a bust. abc7 news. >> there was quite the rescue, these pictures at the yacht harbor. one of the officers come man deared a row boat and reached the dog just in time and pulled him to safety. berkeley city workers voted
6:32 pm
in favor of a strike but not yet set a strike. the maintenance and clerical employees are striking for more money and working conditions. contract negotiations have gone on for months and expected to continue next week. the city of berkeley didn't respond to our request for comment. mark separated with leno 59% of the vote and breed with 19.91. there are 80,000 votes to count. leno surged ahead of breed and picked up thousands of votes from kim supporters and they encouraged others to select the number two choice. election results are on our website where you can keep up
6:33 pm
with it as votes are being counted. >> a goal many of us have this time of the year, a nice price. >> michael finney has been looking at booking hotel rooms and is here with information. >> there are a bunch of online websites lining up to help you book your summer vacation hotel room. finding a deal isn't as easy as looking at the offered price. >> shopping online for a hotel room isn't like anything else, going from site to see it looking for a deal. but amy says this comparison shopping is different. >> you might look and feel and go through the motions of comparing prices with four or five or six different websites but in reality you're only comparing prices amongst two companies. >> reporter: bay area consumer's checkbooks, kevin says there has been an consolidation in the online travel business. >> all those sites you know about are almost all are owned
6:34 pm
by one of or two companies, expedia or booking holdings which used to be called priceline. >> reporter: so bay area consumer checkbooks compared prices site to see it. >> we look at 3500 prices and found 85% of the time we were quoted a prevailing rate, the same rate over and over again. >> reporter: it's not just consumer advocates doing studies, that's what these san francisco visitors said they found looking for hotel rooms. >> they always are the same price, i feel they're the same price. when looking for a hotel i look at different websites and brings in like, i think they're like connected with those on the internet. >> you see the comparisons. >> reporter: i picked a hotel at random, hyatt regency coral gables and spot-checked websites. they had the same listed price, $181. a check a couple weeks later found out of 11 sites, all but
6:35 pm
two offered the same listed price of $189. i reached out to priceline, its parent company, booking holdings, expedia and hyatt. priceline wrote, in part, it is important to note while price similarities may exist within public rates, that's only one of many different ways to book a hotel room, pointing out digging deeper into a site can sometimes find cheaper prices. for instance the hidden hotel name rate offered by priceline express deals and hot wire's hot rates do offer huge savings. bay area consumer's checkbooks says as much as 40%. ex-speed 82 offered in part it offers multiple discounts that travels can save up to 10% on over 175,000 participating hotels just by logging in. hyatt recommends traveler's book on its website pointing to hyatt
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loyalty points and best rate guarantee. when booking a hotel, it isn't just the devil in the details, the savings are also there, too. consumer's checkbook will let you read its study for free. i have a link on my website. you can check it out if you have a consumer problem or concerns let me know about them. my "7 on your side" hotline is up days 10:00 to 2:00. you can reach me at my facebook page and through >> i can't believe two companies own most of these. >> isn't that amazing? >> thanks. coming up next on abc7 news at 6, we're here in cleveland for the nba finals. is there all that
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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the warriors run to the nba title could, fingers crossed, end tomorrow with game four. >> we sent a reporter to cleveland to cover the games for the cavs and wanted to find out what's there to do in she has the answer as she grew up there.
6:40 pm
the same one used in the 1983 cult classic the same one restored in the movie. >> it must be italian. >> he had a business where he made lamps and then this place came up on ebay and he bought it. >> reporter: over 100,000 guests a year marvel at family photos, that famous trophy and -- >> visitors can create this iconic scene where ralphie become as deranged easter bunny. then there was the summer of love. the rock'n roll hall of fame is a must see with 85,000 artifacts and constantly changing. >> we have a whole new floor, our new hall of fame experience. it includes the power of rock. >> reporter: those working up an appetite, a cleveland favorite, combining hot dogs and -- >> we have everything from spaghetti-os to bugles, we have it all.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: and the city's big brewery boom. six brews on tap and every donut is made with beer. >> we just did two of cleveland's guilty pleasures, beer and donuts, put them together and people love them. >> reporter: and while you digest edgewater park with the skyline. this one just happens to overlook lake cleary. abc7 news. >> abc7 is the only place to watch the nba finals presented by youtube tv tomorrow. dubson7 pregame show and tip offbetween the warriors and cavs is at 6:00. stay with us after the game. a special one hour edition of abc7 news begins at 10:30. >> big day tomorrow. join us. olympic sailors from across the country are moving to the bay area. >> next, the
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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the country's top sailors are moving to the bay area, a
6:45 pm
first of its kind. >> jessica explains how fast usa hopes to change the face of american sailing. >> go, go, go! oh, no! there we go! >> reporter: this is no ordinary sailing lesson. these kids are learning from one of the best in the world. we put on life jackets and took a ride with olympic medalist payne as he taught fourth graders the basics of sailing. the u.s. olympic team is moving to san francisco and will open their first facility on the west coast. it's a home training base unlike any other. >> huge. it's something i've always wanted. >> reporter: flying above treasure island's cove where it will be located for advanced sailing and technology. >> we got together with u.s. sailing and decided what we needed was a full-time home for
6:46 pm
olympic athletes, staff, coaches, physiotherapists, all of that group. as we looked around the country we decided san francisco would be the best place for that permanent home. >> reporter: they'll be close to silicon valley where advances in technology can help the sport and the windy weather is perfect. >> god created what we think is the best sailing venue on earth. >> reporter: it's not just the olympic athletes who will benefit from the move, these novice sailors will also. >> will you hold it towards you or away from you? >> towards me. >> reporter: for these kids to see a lane already carved out in front of them is really empowering. >> reporter: fast is a three way partnership between u.s. sailing, st. francis sailing foundation and treasure island sailing center. the foundation and center want to open up the sport to more diversity through community sailing programs. >> our goal through fast is to have a pipeline. >> reporter: they run this program through public schools
6:47 pm
in san francisco, each year introducing sailing to nearly 1300 children. >> it's a huge step forward for this country to sailors that want to reach the top of the podium. you look at these kids, maybe they will be the next generation to win those medals in 10 years time. >> it's one of the greatest sports. from such a young age you learn responsibility for your equipment. time and distance sportsmanship, one of the only self-policing sports in the olympic game. >> reporter: olympic training on the water started this month but the fast facilities are still being set up. >> we'll have the facility planted, located here within the next six months. >> the fast facility was actually donated by oracle. oracle has an americas cup team that just raced last year and will be the same structures and containers team oracle used there. for more information about fast and links to get your kids involved head to
6:48 pm
abc7 news. >> plenty windy. >> yes. now an update on the forecast. >> i almost sailed away. we have sunny skies right now and we will have a very breezy pattern with us several days. we move to the overnight hours and see clear skies inland and over the bay. low cloudiness may form over the coastline and lows in the low 50s and tomorrow, mainly sunny skies with a few lingering clouds on the coast. breezy, high is in the 60s on the coast and low 70s on the bay and low to mid 80s inland. looking at the three-day weekend -- not a three-day weekend, three-day forecast taking us through the weekend in tahoe. 73 degrees, a little cooler through the weekend. highs in the 60s, pleasant, and here is our bay area 7-day forecast. gusty conditions on saturday and start warming up sunday and all
6:49 pm
next week is quite warm with highs getting in the mid to upper 90s inland. it will be pretty toasty. >> thank you. tomorrow, it could happen. >>er mighthit happen. >> could be. kevin durant, he basically took over among those
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and tv foth. $ eac and ask how you can save with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit us today. abc7 sports brought to you by mazda. >> good evening. we've known this for months but more confirmation fornt to resi state warriors figure in the neighborhood of $35-40 million . a performance to put the dubs on the sweep, 43 points. lebron james said everybody knew kevin durant was destined for greatness. almost everybody. >> everyone knew that, that's
6:53 pm
kevin durant. it's not like you think he will fizzle out. he was built for greatness from the time he was drafted. everybody knew that besides i . [ laughter ] >> soy, portland. jus there. portland passed on k.d. and took the off injured greg oden in 2007. here's abc7 warriors have an opportunity to do what's only been done eight times over the last 71 post-seasons, sweep an nba finals. the players aren't shying away from the word. shaun livingston put it best, let's be great. >> it's an opportunity to do something we haven't done, an opportunity to close the door on, you know, a super duper long ride. it's been a longituan before. we know what to expect. we know what type of teamhe t y
6:54 pm
come out. we've done a really good jobng three games to none and first in offensive rating and defensive rating and net rating this season the first time that happened in the last four playoffs. steve kerr is still looking for a complete game in this series. >> hard to have a complete game because it's going to be -- of the ball. don't turn the ball over and make good plays, i think we will pull it out. >> reporter: the warriors are on the verge of winning back to back titles for the first timen franchise history and a bit of irony it would come against lebron james. he was a member of the last team to win back to back championships with the miami heat in 2012 and 2013. some say that's what launched the super team era. at quicken loans arena. mindi bach, abc7 sports.
6:55 pm
>> thank you. the philadelphia 76ers have parted ways with team president bryan colangelo and the twitter scandal with burner accounts and ripping sixer players were set up supposedly by his wife. watch your burner accounts, everybody out there. patriots receiver julian edelman is facing a four game suspension for violating the policy of performance enhancing substances. he's a rppesults. edelman has become one of tom brady's favorite targets entering his 10rh season. terrell owens will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame this summer. he says he will not be there. he would be the first inductee to be put in the hall of fame. he was frustrated several years when he didn't get enough votes. he said he wants to celebrate
6:56 pm
elsewhere. raiders took the day off for practice, and hosted 7 on 7 with these guys. how would you like that? catch right there! the tip drill, number 4 getting it done with the dive. nicely done. abc7 sports, brought to you by mazda. steve young and deion sanders are trying to talk t.o., a former niner to go to the ceremony. >> he may regret that. >> that's what they're saying, don't ruin the legacy. >> thanks. >> join us tonight on coffee tv, cable channel 713. uber has its eye on another form of transportation, first cars then bikes, what's next. "abc news" at 11, 25 tons of fireworks seized in a massive raid, surprised to hear some of the fireworks are in their neighborhood. coming up at 8:00, celebrity family feud followed by the $100,000 pyramid at 9:00 and to tell the truth and stay tuned
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for "abc7 news at 11":00. >> at :3 "jimmy kimmel live," guests are keri russell and pamela adlon and madd maddie poppe. >> that's it for us. look for us any time on our app. >> we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> have a good night and see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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