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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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was possibly a tree down and it appears there was one vehicle involved with the tree, unknown at this time whether the vehicle collided with the tree or if the tree landed on the vehicle. >> reporter: the car was heavily damaged and she was pronounced dead at the scene. the tree, approximately 70 feet tall, was clearly dead, perched just 20 yards up on the hillside above the freeway just north of the el pintado onramp. it's property owned by caltrans. with traffic backed up for miles, caltrans crews worked to clear the tree from the roadway. at the same time, the chp conducted its investigation where the car ended up, about 1/8 of a mile beyond the tree. it all happened during the morning rush hour. >> it could have been worse. it was during commute time, so thankfully there was only one vehicle involved. and for the chp, you know, we offer our condolences to the family, because this is a -- this is a terrible time. so hopefully we can figure out what happened for them. >> reporter: now, caltrans did confirm this morning that the tree was on their property. we've reached out to them for
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further comment about maintenance and the like, but so far, have not heard back. i can tell you that that tree was removed along with several others around it on that hillside that also appeared to be dead. in danville, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you. dramatic hit-and-run in half moon bay. the owner is hoping somebody can identify the driver and get justice. carlos alcedo has a closer look. >> reporter: the time was 8:30 thursday night when a dark bmw cruising down magellan avenue in half moon bay loses control and slams into the side of this home. the car bounces out and the driver continues on their way. the entire crash caught on the home surveillance camera in realtime and slow motion as well as a neighbor's camera from across the street. the homeowner was out of the country, traveling with his family. we talked with him via skype. >> but we have a 5-year-old
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daughter, and i think, my god, if we were home, what if she was standing, you know, even near the door. >> reporter: david says neighbors alerted him of the crash. they think the driver must have been under the influence. >> i mean, i don't know what went through this person's mind. >> reporter: most of the damage happened to the outside of the home and the garage. the homeowner tells me he estimates the repair costs to be $100,000. these pictures show the damage to a parked mini-cooper and other items stored inside. >> okay. now we've got to rebuild our house. we've got to get our car fixed. we've got to replace computers. >> reporter: the chp is investigating the hit-and-run, but paul mcgregor has bee doing his own investigative work, hoping to catch the driver. >> i figured out it was a black bmw z-3, anywhere from '98 to 2002. could have been dark blue. hard top, not a convert
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>> reporter: neighbors are working together to get the word out and track down this reckless driver. >> now, if youapped to ow t ideite drer,no you're urged to contact the california highway patrol. an oakland man is in custody for allegedly kidnapping his 71-year-old landlord in what police describe as an ongoing dispute. the incident began around 7:45 this morning at a home on oak street near lake merritt. that's where police say the suspect assaulted a man in his 30s then kidnapped the landlord. the suspect took off in his car just as officers arrived, starting a chase that went on for several miles. the chase came to an end on lorenzo avenue. >> the suspect had repeatedly threatened to kill her, so we are extremely happy that our officers were able to have such a quick response, locate the car, the victim. the victim is okay. she's not injured. >> the suspect, a man in his 30s, was arrested and could face
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several charges, including kidnapping and assault. no were pursuit. now, this comes just one day after another kidnapping and chase that ended in a fiery crash in emeryville yesterday. police now say the parties in that incident knew each other as well. police say the suspect's car crashed into a light pole at west mcarthur boulevard and peralta street. the pair was wanted for assaulting a woman in the tenderloin before and shoving her into the trunk. she managed to escape well before the crash. the passenger died. the driver has been hospitalized. the federal civil rights lawsuit over alleged beatings at the sonoma county jail has been settled for $1.7 ll eawsuit was filed in 2015. a group of inmates said they were beaten for protesting what they felt was the unjustified beating of another prisoner. lawyer isaac swager called it institutionalized torture.
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he says the board of supervisors has signed off on the settlement. get ready to celebrate. tomorrow the warriors will celebrate their nba championship with a parade through downtown oakland. here's look at the parade route, starts at 11th street. it will then make a right to harrison and make another right down the normally one-way 18th street on to lakeside drive, making another right all the way to 14th street. abc7 news reporter deon lynn live in oakland right now with a closer look at all the preparations for tomorrow's big celebration and the one big change from last year. >> reporter: yeah, hey there, larry, the barriers are already starting to go up here along 11th and broadway in oakland. all of this is in anticipation of the roads shutting down at 6:00 tonight. along with the parade starting an hour later than it did the year before, here are some other things you need to know before you combo. go. the dubs have a game plan and the bay area does too when it comes to planning for a four years. hie >> i have been to every parade before.
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>> reporter: and oakland knows what to expect. a million fans are expected to attend with 500,000 using b.a.r.t. >> i have parking so it's okay. i'm not too worried about it. >> reporter: having the parade experience before means b.a.r.t. is ready for tuesday. >> this isn't our first rodeo. we're going to have extra police officers. we're going to have extra paramedics. we're going to have extra technicians to anticipate any sort of problems that we might have when it comes to our equipment. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials are urging passengers to stay flexible, which is why you'll see more of these signs directing you where to go. what else is new, the parade starting an hour later at 11:00 a.m. should mean less morning commute congestion. >> i'm going to take lyft or go really early or take b.a.r.t. >> reporter: one big change for fans, this year, no rally outside kaiser convention center. >> i'm disappointed but i'm happy we still won. still just parade. it's all right. >> reporter: the nba says in lieu of the rally, there will be more interactive stops along the ros y th'llu
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the parade's bill. >> lots of people. community. happiness. sharing the love for warriors. >> reporter: something else to note, something that b.a.r.t. cannot stress enough is that train service is going to be different from the schedule, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for any changes. oh, and also have fun. in oakland tonight, deon lim, abc7 news. two young warriors who have helped their peers and volunteered in their own communities received a huge surprise today. it came courtesy of united airlines. >> what i want to do is to invite both of you to join me m the parade on the float, marching down broadway. you feel me? you good with that? are you good with that?
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>> that isg. kenny and noemi will ride on the united airlines parade float tomorrow. both have committed hours towards several boys and girls club projects, a commitment that will not go unnoticed as a thank you from united, they're going to celebrate the warriors in grand style. and you can catch the parade right here on abc7. our live coverage starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. get detailed information about transportation, street closures, and championship parade do's and don't's all on >> that is so cool for those kids. well, as he prepares to celebrate again with the bay area, warriors head coach steve kerr gave his final news conference of the season just a short time ago. he said this year's championship was the toughest to get. >> it felt to me like the whole year we were just trying to get to the playoffs, and that's not a very healthy way to do it, but we didn't have much choice. it's just human nature, and a lot of injuries, lot of wear and tear. >> kerr called it a gratifying . he says he's looking forward to
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relaxing quite a bit this off season. i imagine as soon as the parade is over, he will be hours away from being on a surfboard some place warm. >> absolutely. it's going to be warm here, i think, tomorrow as well. >> yeah. tomorrow's parade, dress appropriately as spencer christian advises. >> it's going to be pretty warm tomorrow but it's a championship weather. here's a look at live doppler 7. i'll give you a quick look at current conditions, is sunny and mild across the bay area. temperature change over the last 24 hours showing that it's 5 to 13 degrees warmer in most bay area locations right now than at this time yesterday. a mild 65 here in san francisco but our inland areas have temperatures in the upper 80s in most locations. overnight conditions, you said see temperatures won't cool down very much. start of the day tomorrow, it's going to be warm already at 10:00 tomorrow morning. we're going to have temperatures in the 80s in many inland locations so what about parade weather? for the dub nation celebration, starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning in oakland, it will be about 70 degrees at 11:00 a.m. it will be up to almost 80
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degrees by 1:00 p.m. so it's going to be quite warm. bright, bright sunshine. it's going to feel even warmer than the temperature in the air because of all the people there so bear that in mind if you're heading out there tomorrow. enjoy the celebration. i'll have the accuweather 7 day forecast ahead. southern californians thinking of heading to the beach to escape this week's heat wave better be careful. the national weather service has issued a warning for dangerous swimming conditions through tomorrow. it's because of two swells, one coming from a winter storm near new zealand, the other from former hurricane aletta west of mexico. forecasters say swells could reach as high as 8 to 9 feet from san diego to los angeles. firefighters in santa monica worked for over an hour to hoist up a car that was dangling over the side of a parking garage. that car apparently crashed through a gate and you can see what was left of it hanging over the side there. this happened in one of the garages at the city's popular 3rd street promenade outdoor shopping area. not immediately known what caused that accident but looks like a scene from a movie right
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there. >> crazy, yeah. well, we are just two hours away from that historic meeting tonight in singapore, and it's not just the president there. >> he has bigger things to worry about than seeing me right now. >> what the white house expects from tonight's meeting. and the battle over the internet, the net neutrality repeal went into effect today. what that can mean for how you use your computer and cell phone. plus the new twist on ihop and the priceless reaction on twitter. at 4:11, let's check the traffic in downtown san francisco. this is the skyway. these are people on the way to the parade already. that's what it's going to be like tomorrow in oakland. but basically, as you see right here, backed up in both directions. back with more on abc7 new
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the week goes on. it's been six days since election day and the san francisco mayor's race remains too close to call. >> the department of elections just released a new batch of results minutes ago. abc7 news anchor kristen sze is here with the latest. >> we told you rank choice voting was going to be confusing but it's also time consuming. we started with 25,000 ballots to count, provisional and absentee ballots and this is where we stand. elections officials just released some new numbers. each candidate picked up about 3,100 votes to percentages stayed the same. board of supervisors president london breed has stayed about the same. there's a difference of less than one percentage point.
4:15 pm
there are about 18,000 more points to count. on election night last tuesday, the top two candidates finished neck and neck. you can see as we take this full for you, he was about 1% ahead of breed after taking the majority of jane kim supporters. the race narrowed over the next three days and then the turning point came on saturday as absentee ballots were counted. breed pulled ahead and she widened her lead over leno by less than a percentage point and that is where she is now, so kind of maintaining that narrow edge. here's breed's spokesperson. >> she's very excited, obviously, to see the outcome because i think for a lot of us here in san francisco, we feel like we're in a state of limbo. >> leno issued a statement before this latest count. "it remains to be seen over the next few days but it's not over." well, it's not over, breed's camp is feeling very confident. they released a map this afternoon showing the precincts she won. they are in blue. breed supporters hope it will be enough for victory in the
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closest election for mayor in recent san francisco history. larry and ama. >> kristen, thank you so much. san francisco's failen avenue could soon become freda kahlo way. a board of supervisors committee is meeting right now and on the agenda is a vote to remain phelan avenue. the street was named for james phelan, a successful businessman, but it's more commonly associated with his son, james duvall phelan. he was mayor of san francisco during the turn of the 20th century and then a u.s. senator who promoted racist anti-immigration policies. equal access to the internet is no longer required by law. >> so-called net neutrality laws were repealed today, opening up the possibility that some websites could be given priority over others. >> however, as abc7 news reporter david louie sells us, net neutrality is not going down without a fight. >> reporter: the battle to
4:17 pm
reinstate net neutrality is only starting. two going through committees in sacramento that would put restrictions back in place to bar internet service providers from blocking, slowing down, or giving preference to some services over others. 28 other states are trying to do the same thing. however, that could lead to different rules state by state. >> fcc have a very clear language in that -- in their ruling that the states cannot have their own rules because of the isp and the big, you know, telecom will have a problem dealing with different laws and regulations in different states. >> reporter: the fcc stands firm in its position to stick with its repeal. in a statement, the commission said, "this light touch approach will protect consumers and deliver better, faster, cheaper internet access and more competition to consumers." analysts don't think that consumers will see major changes immediately. with time, however, critics worry that access will either cost more or be unavaiblo oswho can't afford it, making this an economic issue. san jose mayor sam cc
4:18 pm
the loss of net f barriershat are likely to come as a result of the s.e.c.'s action are going to undermine everything that we believe in here in silicon valley, about the demoktization of information. >> reporter: the legislative bills to restore net neutrality are still going through committees in the stateenat and assembly. they may not come up for a vote until the end of august and potential legal challenges then lie ahead. in san jose, david louie. >> there are critics of restoring net neutrality in california. they claim one of the bills could cause mobile phone bills to go up as much as $30 a month. those flame throwers that elon musk were handed out in los angeles. now they're fetching big bucks on ebay. buyers formed huge lines outside the company in l.a. to pick up the flame throwers that they preordered. the going rate through musk's company was $500 a pop and now
4:19 pm
they're on ebay for as much as $4,000 apiece. the instruction manuals, they're also actually for around $250. so far, there don't appear to be too many takers for the manuals but on twitter, musk posted a list of things not to do with what he called not a flamethrower, including setting things on fire. in case you're wondering, the flame throwers are actually legal in the state of california, which is -- yeah, very interesting. time to turn to our weather. we have a big parade to get ready for tomorrow, spencer. >> we do and maybe flaming hot in some inland areas tomorrow but not along the parade route, i promise you that. okay, here's a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies and warm conditions across the bay area and the weather's going to be spectacular for the parade tomorrow. not to fear. let's move along and take a look at some current conditions. this is a live view from our rooftop camera look at blue skies over the bay and temperature readings right throw fairly mild to warm.
4:20 pm
71 across the bay in oakland, 80 san jose, 88 at gilroy, 61 at half moon bay. here's a view from the east bay hills camera looking westward and it is pretty warm inland, 85 degrees in santa rosa, 84 in novato, 89 at fairfield and concord and 86 at livermore. and looking from emeryville across the bay, these are our forecast features. we'll see summer-like sizzle for the warriors parade tomorrow or the dub nation celebration, you might want to call it. heat holds on in most locations on wednesday, and we'll have a cooler pattern near the end of the week. now, overnight, look for mainly clear skies, maybe a patch or two of coastal fog will develop. overnight lows will be mild, mainly mid 50s to upper 50s, almost 60 degrees at antioch and concord. tomorrow, sunny skies once again, high temperatures will be even higher than today, especially inland, where we'll see mid to upper 90s and most inland locations down in the south bay, not quite that warm. 87 at san jose and right around the bay shoreline, low to upper 80s and mid to upper 60s on the coast even with a breeze on the
4:21 pm
coast. looking ahead, wednesday will be just about as warm as tomorrow. inland highs will be mid to upper 70s. so a little bit of cooling will occur there. and then on thursday, all locations will be slightly cooler but still pretty warm inland with highs there in the mid to upper 80s. now, let's take a look at the tropics, another powerful hurricane in the pacific, hurricane bud. category 3 hurricane already on the heels of last week's hurricane aletta, which reached category 4 status. the maximum sustained winds here, 120 miles per hour. it's a couple hundred miles off the west coast of mexico right now, but still kicking up a big waves and as it moves northward over the next couple days, it's going to weaken a bit and lose hurricane status and tropical storm status before moving near cabo san lucas and on to baja california on friday but still it will be a big rain producer and a strong enough storm that it could produce flooding and dangerous waves. as a matter of fact, we expect
4:22 pm
wave heights near cabo san lucas to reach 12 feet in the next 48 hours or so. back to the bay area. here is our accuweather 7 day forecast. very warm to hot weather will prevail over the next couple of days, but i don't think people who are celebrating the warriors championship will worry much about the warmth tomorrow. we'll see coastal cooling on thursday. it will be cooler in all areas on friday. little change on saturday. father's day, sunday is looking great for us dandy dads. we've got some pretty good weather. it's going to be warm but moderately warm, no extremes likely so great weather lies ahead. >> perfect. thanks, spencer. the new twist on ihop and some priceless reactions on twitter. plus it's graduation season but this isn't your ustale, w t for these graduates began behind bars. another look at traffic. this is on 101 in san jose, and southbound as is always the case at this hour, all backed up. you see the big bus going in the
4:23 pm
carpool lane. northbound is fine. 88 over the top moving nicely the b
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a determined group of high school graduates walked across the stage in san francisco today, and for some of them, that journey began from behind bars. 65 graduates of the city's five keys program received their diplomas in front of their friends and family. the program was started by the san francisco sheriff's department to help educate inmates serving time in county jail. it's now expanded to include at-risk youth, homeless people, and the formerly incarcerated. rhonda crossed the stage a quarter century after she dropped out of school and is now studying to become a nurse and substance abuse counselor. >> in the tenderloin, for instance, who are they going to listen to? they'll listen to me. i'm a recovering addict. i've been where you've been. so when i speak, they tend to
4:26 pm
listen. >> san francisco's academy of art university also sponsors scholarships for select graduates. after days of speculation, now we have some answers. ihop is dropping the "p" for pancakes from its name and is now going on ihob. if you think the "b" stands for breakfast, that would be a solid guess but that would be incorrect. it stands for burgers. all part of an effort to promote its new burger menu and get some free publicity. the chain leaked word of the name earlier this month. company officials aren't saying how long it will be going by i o ihob instead of ihop. once the announcement was made, there were a lot of responses on twitter. wendy's tweeted, not really afraid of burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard. a & w tweeted, we don't know what it means either. the phillies changed the "p" if
4:27 pm
their logo to a "b" and texas tech baseball tweeted, welcome to the international house of baseball. there's the phillies with the flip and let's see if we got one more from texas tech. and there it is. international house of baseball. they're getting some publicity. >> i don't think burgers when i think of them. well, the stage is set for a historic meeting in singapore. >> within the first minute, i'll know. >> how? >> just my touch, my feel. that's what i do. >> what the white house is saying ahead of tonight's meeting with north korea. plus a grandmother accused of keeping her grandchildren in a kennel in the car. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a danville woman is dead after a freak accident on interstate 680 this morning. a 70-foot tall dead tree fell right as she was driving by. the chp is still investigating. frightening surveillance video has been released with a car slamming into a toll booth. this happened last week. police now cite driver fatigue as a factor in the crash. five people were hurt. they've all been released from the hospital now. sonoma county supervisors are reviewing the final report that revealed subpar performances during the tubbs fire. abc7 news reporter wayne
4:31 pm
freedman will have the latest at 5:00. we're now about 90 minutes away from the start of that historic meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. abc news reporter serena marshall has the latest. >> reporter: a late-night stroll through singapore. north korean leader kim jong-un posing for selfies as he explored the city hosting the summit. he and president trump hope can lead to peace. >> it's a one-time shot. >> reporter: even as president trump says it's likely just the first step, he's publicly stated that he'll know the outcome within minutes of their intimate one on one sitdown. >> within the first minute, i'll know. >> how? >> just my touch, my feel. that's what i do. >> reporter: the administration maintains they w't stlor anng less than full denuclearization and while the secretary of state expects something to be signed, there's more hard work ahead. >> we are going to ensure that we set up a system sufficiently robust that we're able to verify these outcomes. >> reporter: kim hoping for a
4:32 pm
phased out approach but this tenuous step after years of provocation. since taking power in 2011, kim has tested more missiles than his father and grandfather combined, including one that could reach as far as new york or washington, and north korea's threat to target the u.s. had president trump threatening to respond with fire and fury. failure in the talks could mean north korea ramps up their nuclear program, but the global recognition from this meeting, a big win for him back home. >> the spigot has turned on for greater international engagement, economic, political, otherwise that boosts kim's legitimacy. >> reporter: the only other american to meet with the reclusive leader face-to-face, also arriving in singapore. >> i guess bigger things to worry about than seeing me right now. >> reporter: the one on one is officially under way at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight, the two leaders meeting on the island of santosa, a word meaning peace. serena marshall, abc news, washington. the u.s. is leveling new sanctions against several
4:33 pm
russian companies and individuals. the sanctions are against five firms and three people involved in cyber attacks against the u.s. and its allies. the department accuses russia of cyber intrusions on the u.s. energy grid as well as targeting undersea communication cables which carry the bulk of the world's telecommunications data. the move comes three days after president trump called for readmitting russia to the g7. attorney general jeff sessions announced today he's tightening requirements for claims for asylum made by people coming into the u.s. sessions told judges who decide immigration cases that victims of domestic abuse and gang violence generally will not qualify for asylum under federal law. the attorney general says his new policy will provide more clarity for judges ruling on the validity of asylum claims. >> asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems, even all serious problems, that people face every day all over the world. >> as attorney general, sessions has full authority over
4:34 pm
immigration courts. immigration rights advocates say this ruling will endanger tens of thousands of foreign nationals who are seeking safe harbor in the united states. a supreme court decision is expected as early as this week in the case of a fatal shooting of a santa rosa teenager by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. justices will decide whether deputy eric gel house can be shielded from a lawsuit filed by the family of 13-year-old andy lopez. sonoma county's lawyers argue officers don't need to wait for a gun to actualy be pointed at them before responding with deadly force. lopez was shot and killed in october of 2013 as he walked down a street carrying a plastic pellet gun that resembled an assault rifle. a tennessee woman has been charged with two counts of child endangerment after she was spotted driving her two grandchildren around in pet kennels. she was arraigned today. the 62-year-old grandmother told officers there wasn't room inside her vehicle, so she told the 7-year-old and 8-year-old
4:35 pm
children to get inside the kennels. she faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison if convicted. thousands of people are out of their homes, forced to evacuate because of a wildfire in colorado. >> the 416 fire, as it's being called, is now more than 2 2,000 acres and growing. abc news has the latest. >> reporter: over the weekend -- >> this area is under mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: officials declaring a code red, more than 2 ,000 southwestern colorado residents given just a little time. >> do i go this way? >> yep. yep. just head that way. >> i'm freaking out. >> that's okay. >> thank you. >> reporter: to pack up and leave. the 416 fire in durango exploding over the weekend, doubling in size. windy conditions providing a perfect set-up to fuel the flames. huge plumes of smoke taking over the sky. the fire fight happening from the air with planes dropping fire retardant and helicopters doing water drops.
4:36 pm
more than 800 firefighters working to get the fire under control. >> it's scary for the fact of we don't know how long it's going to last. >> reporter: officials say flames have come within feet of homes, but as of monday, no structures have been damaged or lost. and officials say the fire danger is decreasing as cooler temperatures and less wind move into the area. no word on when those evacuation orders will be lifted. abc news, los angeles two small explosions at the summit of kilauea volcano on hawaii are threatening to send more ash into the air. the blast happened this morning. one occurred after a magnitude 5.4 earthquake. hawaii's civil defense officials warn this ash might cause poor visibility as well as slippery driving conditions for drivers there. lava from the erupting volcano has destroyed more than 600 homes since early last month. another salmonella warning,
4:37 pm
this time related to melons. we'll tell you who's at risk. plus steph curry on basketball, the nba championship, and family life. if you're having an issue with a car repair shop, what should you do? we'll talk about that coming up next in ask finney. i'm spencer christian and looking westward, clear skies, warm weather that will prevail tomorrow for the big parade as tomorrow for the big parade as ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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a salmonella salmonel salm a sickened 60 people. the pre-cut melon, including watermelon, honey due and cantaloupe has been traced to a food distributor in indianapolis. people in indiana, illinois, michigan, and ohio have become sick. the melons have been crawled in -- recalled in a total of eight states. the cdc says it's investigating if the products went to additional states. time for ask finney. michael finney here to answer questions sent in via facebook, twitter, and e-mail. first question is from vicky who writes in and asks, my husband bought me a gift card from a spa that has closed their california locations. i was unable to redeem it before they closed. only their washington state locations remain open. what can i do? >> take a trip to seattle? make -- you have just run in to the absolute biggest problem with gift cards. what if the company goes out of business or just leaves your area like in your case?
4:41 pm
now, here's what i would do. first i would call and ask for a refund. they probaby won't go for that. they don't have to, by law. so check out a gift card exchange site. i want gryou to go to, see if they will buy it. if so, you could get about 80% of what the card is worth, up to that, and the last option is to sell it on kregds licraigslist . >> cassie asks, i'm renting an apartment in san francisco. how much notice should my landlord give me when they raise rent? they're raising it by a few hundred dollars. >> well, in non-rent controlled buildings, the state of california law is very clear. it says if a landlord increases rent by 10% or less, they only have to give you 30 days notice. that's assuming that your lease is over and you're going month by month. if the rent increase is more than 10%, they should give you 60 days' notice. rent control can get really complicated. so, if you live in one of those units, i want you to please
4:42 pm
contact the san francisco tenants union. i'll post the web address on our website. >> and finally, ben asks, i brought my car to a repair shop but i feel like they overcharged me for parts and i feel my car is not completely fixed. the owner hasn't responded to my calls. >> boy, you know, that's tough. we've all been through this. if the repair shop has not been responsive to your calls and isn't trying to at least listen to you, i want you to file a complaint with the bureau of automotive repair. the investigators there will take a look at your complaint, then they'll talk to the owner of the repair shop, and then they'll try to come out with a deal between you two. now, i'll post a link on my page, just go to now, if you have a question for me, one like one of these, you can record a 10 to 15-second long question, share it on social media, use #askfinney. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> thank you, michael.
4:43 pm
now your forecast. >> we'll start with a look at overnight conditions, clear skies everywhere except the coastline where we might see a few patches of low clouds. overnight lows will be mild, mainly mid to upper 50s and then tomorrow, the big dub nation celebration, the warriors championship parade begins at 11:00 a.m. it's going to be is sunny and warm throughout the midday hours in oakland. it will be hot inland but just nice and warm for the parade. 70 to about 78 degrees will be the range during that period of time. highs elsewhere tomorrow, in the afternoon hours, low to upper 90s in the north bay valleys, mid to upper 90s in the inland east bay, upper 80s for the most part down in the south bay, low to upper 80s around the bay shoreline, highs on the coast will be in the upper 60s and speaking of the coast, our beach forecast for tomorrow calls for mid to upper 60s as the highs at most beachside locations but a high of 78 expected at santa cruz. we'll have a very high uv index so sunscreen is highly
4:44 pm
recommended. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. after two hot days inland tomorrow and wednesday, temperatures will moderate on thursday. it will be cooler in all areas on friday and saturday, and father's day, sunday, is looking spectacular. sunny and mild to warm. >> nice. all right, thanks, spencer. >> okay. just ahead, steph curry on juggling the nba championship with family life. >> we're both driven, we're both hungry and we want to be successful but i think there's a great balance of how we support our family, how we support each other. plus, the one special treat steph enjoyed after that champion
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
now back to the warriors and the third nba championship in four years. so, the question is, are the warriors the greatest team ever? >> today on "good morning america," steph curry said the warriors are definitely in the conversation. >> i mean, i think we put ourselves in that conversation for sure, so we'll leave that to everybody else. obviously, we're excited to bring the trophy back to the bay area. get it d f the third time in four years, and join a pretty exclusive group that has won three championships, so i'm pretty proud of our team and our
4:48 pm
group, and i'm looking forward to tomorrow. we got a parade celebration, so should be pretty special. >> you're right. there are only a handful of teams that have won three championships or more and you guys are definitely -- your team looks great. you guys still have the opportunity to go out there next season and the one after that to win some more to join teams like the celtics, lakers, spurs, and warriors, your teams right there, the only teams that have won more than three championships so congratulations on joining that elite group, my friend. >> thank you very much. >> so, steph, i know you said you're looking forward to the parade tomorrow which is also -- always a good time. but what did you do immediately to celebrate? third one in four years. so how does steph curry celebrate an nba title? >> we did a lot of stuff in cleveland before we got out of there. we -- i had a big old bowl of popcorn. that was probably the best part of the night, right after the game. you got to watch your diet while you go through the playoffs so right when the game's over, i
4:49 pm
had a little junk food so that's probably the best thing. >> that's good. >> steph, obviously, you swept the cavs this time. third time's the charm. did it make the win that much sweeter that you all did it all in a row like that? >> yeah. something we hadn't done before. we've won in five sweep and get the job done knowing all we've been through with injuries and the ups and downs of the season, to get to the finals, win four in a row and get to the trophy pretty quick, that was a special accomplishment, something we hadn't experienced before. >> and after the game, you told your mom, this was legacy. >> legacy. >> how important is your legacy and when your career is over, what do you want that to be? >> i mean, to kind of just sit back and think about all the things i've been able to accomplish and been blessed to accomplish since i've been in the league. it's been an amazing journey, and i think for us, we're just
4:50 pm
kind of trying to live in the moment as best we can. like mike said, we have a pretty cool opportunity to come back next year, even stronger, even better, and go after another one. we'll get to that eventually. right now, we're just going to celebrate and enjoy what we've been able to do. >> and you've been enjoying it and your family's been enjoying it. we've watched your kids grow up over the course of your nba career. so what did they have to think about this latest title that you've won? >> oh, they're excited. they're getting old enough to really appreciate kind of, you know, watching me on the tv and celebrating with me, so every opportunity i have to, you know, share this with them, i'm going to do that, and just, you know, one day, they'll look back and hopefully appreciate the opportunity they had to kind of be a part of championships and seeing how happy we were as a family, as a team, and as an organization, i think it's a pretty special opportunity. >> yes, it is.
4:51 pm
>> steph, you and ayesha have been so kind in sharing your family and it's been wonderful to watch themgrow, and you have three titles now, and baby number three is on the way. so -- >> this. you have your production company, she has her production company. she's got a new show coming out. you got a third baby coming. tell us about what life is like for the curries right now. >> it's pretty crazy all around, but these type of opportunities, you know, are something that we appreciate, and both driven, we're both hungry, we want to be successful at everything we do, but i think there's a great balance of how we, you know, support our family, how we support each other, and share that, every opportunity, every experience together. so i'm her biggest fan when it comes to all that she's doing, and for her to be in cleveland
4:52 pm
to support me as we won another championship, especially in her third trimester of her third pregnancy, that means a lot and shows how important we are to each other. >> wow. >> the family photos are so cute. >> they are adorable. >> i'm sure both girls will be there along with ayesha and steph tomorrow. he said the highlight for him was the popcorn afterwards. nick young came off the team plane without a shirt. the question tomorrow for the parade is, what will nick be wearing, if anything, during the parade? he could go full jr smith like last year in cleveland. speaking of the warriors, finals mvp kevin durant is going to be on jimmy kimmel live tonight. its starts right after abc7 news at 11:00 and you can catch tomorrow's championship parade right here on abc7. our live coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. you can get information about transportation, street closures, and championship parade do's and don't's all at
4:53 pm
all right, well, if you ever wanted to work out and condition like a 49er, now's your chance. the 49ers fit health and fitness center will open in the fall in san jose. the center is modeled after fitness and conditioning programs niners players go through. this video of the center was provided by the 49 ers. there will be boutique fitness classes and recovery treatments offered as well. memberships are being offered for as low as $49 a month. >> so just do what they do. >> and you'll look just like them. >> like jimmy g, right? a special surprise today for a bay area girl who hadn't seen her mother in months. >> i felt surprised and shocked when she came to the door. >> oh, yeah, the emotional reunion and what the service member wants you to know. and kristen is here with what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> jimmy g. wants to look like larry, but new at 5:00, we have a scathing report out on the response to the north bay wildfires, the problems it cited and how sonoma county is trying to turn it into a positive.
4:54 pm
in the middle of all the controversy surrounding tesla's auto pilot, ceo elon musk is teasing an update. the big change to the feature he's promising coming in a few weeks. and oakland is getting ready for the big warriors victory parade. check out one of the new murals that's going up. those stories
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
coming up, it's "the
4:57 pm
bachelorette," then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. an emotional day for a san rafael woman back home
4:58 pm
this is where a kid fell down, and a champion got up. [stadium announcer] curry... this is where shoes to fill... ...became footsteps to follow. [draft announcer] the golden state warriors select stephen curry. this is where ego was laid to rest... ...and humility rose in its place. but my mind... is where every challenge i've ever faced has been won or lost. ♪ ♪ [cheering & screaming] with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying.
4:59 pm
what guides me is e gbe anat fests can be sustained a landlord, a tenant, and one wild police chase, what we have learned about a bizarre crime in the east bay today. plus some heavy criticism following the devastating north bay wildfires, what a report says about the response and how one county is hoping to learn lessons from it. on the eve of the warriors parade, the brass is already looking ahead to next season, the top priorities for management as they look to stay on top of the basketball heap. attacks on drinking water? find out if you're going to pay a little more each month to help the state clean up a problem. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. it could have been worse. it was during commute time. >> a freak accident on a major bay area freeway as a tree comes crashing down. it kills a danville woman.
5:00 pm
good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. new questions tonight about a dead tree that killed a woman driving along interstate 680 today. >> the clearly ailing tree was an caltrans property but so far, the department is not answering any questions about why it wasn't removed sooner. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live with the very latest. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, kristen. while we wait for more details from caltrans, we have learned more about the victim in this accident. we just received confirmation from john mirror health in walnut creek that dr. ludmi ludmila bayser was in their network, an internist for the past 15 years. in a statement, they expressed condolences to her family and said she will be deeply ntapne n of lucfor the driver of this silver mercedes.


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