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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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celebration. >> live coverage o
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> flashing cameras capture a historic handshake. tonight the leader of the free world met face-to-face with one of the world's most infamous dictators. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un wrapped up their summit just moments ago. >> they just sat to sign documents in singapore moments ago. the president would not say what those documents were precisely, but assured everyone they would benefit the world. >> abc 7 news rorter karen averashe latest from singapore. >> a moment for history. president trump and kim jong-un shaking hands. the first sitting u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader. mr. trump and kim all smiles ahead of their meeting. no aides with them, just their
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translators. later, another meeting and a working lunch. >> a really fantastic meeting. a lot of progress. really very positive. i think better than anybody could have expected. top of the line. really good. >> and about four and a half hours after they first met, president trump and kim jong-un signing a joint statement. >> so we're signing a very important document. pretty comprehensive document. and we've had a really great term together, a great relationship. >> secretary of state mike pompeo says a complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization by north korea is the only outcome the u.s. will accept. >> in each of those two countries, there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude. and those two people are going to be sitting in a room together. >> but there are key differences on the issue of denuclearization. president trump has signaled they want it to happen quickly. north korea has said they want a staged approach. dismantle in stages and get
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something in return at each step. president trump will hold a press conference here in singapore before making the long trip back to washington. he called this summit the beginning of a process and has predicted he may need more meetings with kim jong-un. karen travers, abc news, traveling with the president in singapore. >> the summit has far-reaching consequences beyond the questions of nuclear arms and missiles there are thousands of koreans here in the bay area who are hoping for a unified korea once again. >> the meeting is easy. the problem is what happens afterwards. >> former north korean adviser to president clinton, phillip young works to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons around the world. north korea is not likely to give up their nuclear program quickly or easily. >> when i was involved in negotiations with them, they constantly cited slobodan milosevic of yugoslavia, saddam hussein of iraq, and moammar gadhafi of libya. if they had had nuclear weapons,
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they would still be in power. this is something that is not lost on them. and i think they probably are right. >> in return for denuclearization, kim jong-un wants political legitimacy, and assurance that north korea will survive. but that's not what many koreans want. >> i'm often asked are you north korean or south korean? i'm korean. there was only one korea until the summer of 1950. >> reporter: koreans are hoping that president trump and kim's meet willing result in meaningful change. >> my 93-year-old mother, it is her ardent wish that they reunionify before she dies. and those sentiments are shared by millions of koreans. >> she also hopes the summit in singapore is the beginning of the end of the humanitarian crisis for the people of north korea. i'm kate larsen for abc news. >> and for updates on the historic summit, watch knightline tonight. george stephanopoulos and david muir are anchoring from singapore. "nightline" airs immediately
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after jimmy kimmel live. streets are blocked off. restaurants are stocked up. exactly 12 hours away now from the warriors championship parade. lilian kim is live in oakland, a city ready to celebrate. >> dan, i'm on 11th street. the parade will begin here, then head down broadway. if previous years are any guide, a million people will be lining the streets. crews are getting ready for the big parade, setting up barricades and fences throughout downtown oakland. many warriors fans know exactly where to position themselves. >> it's always good to get where they're turning because they spend a little more time going around. you get multiple angles. i've been here every year. >> but this year will be different there will be no rally at the end of the parade route. instead, the emphasis will be on the parade itself, which is being build as more interactive. players, who will be given mega phones, will have a chance to engage with fans. julie lowe and amy color are
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hoping their outfits will get them note tissed. >> somebody, bring us on your float. >> many fans have checked in at the marriott, located a the start of the parade route. the garcias of san jose knew what they needed to do to secure a room. as they've done in years past, they booked a block of days a few weeks out and canceled the days they didn't need accordingly. >> it will never get old. never. >> as listening as they keep winning, we'll be here. >> also at the marriott, a new mural. artist vogue has been ready making sure it will be ready in time for the parade. he wanted to include five of the best known warriors, but due to time constraints settled on durant. >> green is my favorite player. so there are all these things. what should i do, you know. so i had to come up with something. >> and indeed he did. a gorgeous mural by an east bay artist. the parade begins at 11:00 a.m. live in oakland, lilian kim, abc 7 news.
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>> lillian, thanks so much. here is a quick look at our parade route. it starts at 11th street and travels up broadway to 20th. it will make a right to harrison and make another right down what is normally one-way 18th street to lakeside drive. and then another right all the way to 14th street. now, tonight lights are sparkling in downtown oakland. tomorrow the sun will be shining on hundreds of thousands of warriors fans. here is meteorologist sandhya patel with the parade forecast. >> that forecast is going to be fit for the champs. take a look at what you can expect if you are going to the parade for the dub nation celebration tomorrow, 11:00 a.m., 70 degrees. it's going to be pretty warm by 1:00. 77 degrees. so make sure you take plenty of water with you. and i think you can get away with your best warriors gear, short short sleeves. definitely dress in light layers if you are going, and make sure you have your sunscreen as well. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast, and it does include some heat.
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ama? >> thank you so much, sandhya. the warriors victory celebration also includes the release of gnaw sneaker. abc 7 news was on broadway where an under armour pop-up shop will hope tomorrow after the parade. the shop will have exclusive pairs of curry 4 and curry 5 sneakers. the store will be open for just two days. >> i bet those will sell fast. if you can't be there in person, catch the parade on abc. our live coverage starts at 10:00 tomorrow morning. and get detailed information about transportation, street closures and championship parade do's and don'ts. some things you really should know if you're going down there. it's all on our website, and now let's turn back to the recent election. just 1,601 votes now separate the top two candidates in san francisco's mayoral race. the latest numbers out this number show london breed holding on to the lead. she had been trailing mark leno last week after voting propelled
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him into the top spot. there are still some 18,000 votes left to count. a driver killed today in a freak accident on 680 in danville has been identified as a doctor with john muir health. dr. lyudmila beyzer was driving northbound on the freeway when a dead pine tree fell on to the road. the chp is investigating whether the tree fell on to her car or if she collided with it. caltrans declined comment when the tree was last inspected since it was on state property. the agency says, quote, we are currently examining the causes of this unfortunate incident. >> just awful. well, it was a dream come true. >> yay! >> a life-long theater fan now ailing in hospice gets her wish. it all came together thanks to one woman's selfless effort. plus. >> it's the assembly one north bay student will never forget. her special surprise. and the winning skipper who
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skipped the handshake to offer a hug. >> really touching. you want to see that. all that's coming up here. but first, here is a look at what's ahead on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and am map. hello to everybody in the bay area. member you recognize this gentleman. he is on the show tonight with (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ a woman in hospice in san just one wish, to see a theater performance once about one last time. >> on friday, her wish was granted by the star of jersey boys. as melanie woodrow shows you, it's all because of the persistence of her music therapist. ♪ the way you wear your hat, the
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way you sip your tea ♪ >> theirs is a friendship communicated through music. ♪ no, no, they can't take that away from me ♪ >> we got along really, really quickly. >> the only thing i don't like is hip-hop. >> she's opened me up to lots of different shows and songs that i didn't even know. >> including "jersey boys". >> i kept saying josephine, get a ticket and go. >> nancy has seen the show several times. but since entering hospice in late april, couldn't attend the latest performance. so her friend and music therapist josephine nguyen waited outside after the show and brought the star to her. >> nancy, this is miguel. >> how are you? >> and i just met him last night at the "jersey boys" performance. >> yay! >> well, i think she is very persuasive!
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♪ ba ba la bamba >> she brings into this room the outside world. >> i just want to give her something to live day to day for. ♪ the way you changed my life >> in san jose -- ♪ they can't take that away from me ♪ >> melanie woodrow, abcnews. >> that is very wonderful. well, a third grade student in the north bay had an emotional day at school that she won't soon forget. >> here is a look at what happened. watch. >> 8-year-old lilliana bailey hasn't seen her mother in ten months. starr bailey is inheavy and just returned from afghanistan. >> abc 7 news is in san rafael as she surprised her daughter at larrydale elementary school. >> i surprised.
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>> so many other people that don't know, like, what we as service members go through, like being away from our families and the sacrifices we make. i thought it would be a cool story to show with everyone. >> it's a very cool. it starts as she is looking forward to home cooking and spending time with her two daughters. >> so glad to have her back. fresh off his second nba championship and his second finals mvp award, the warriors' kevin durant paid a visit to jimmy kimmel tonight. >> is it exciting the second time in a row, or is it not as exciting? no, it's not. >> no. free drinks is cool. but winning a championship, you're supposed to party all summer you. can't get tired on the first two days. >> do you have party plans for the whole summer? you do. >> you should. why not. >> k.d. also brought the hardware to show jimmy. you don't want to miss his interview coming up in a few minutes, right after abc 7 news at 11. >> what does kd know?
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that smile. >> right. on to the weather forecast. of course the parade tomorrow. kd and all of the warriors will be there, and so will hundreds of thousands of fans. >> the heat going to be there too, sandhya? >> yes, there will be some warmth. and when you're packed in for the parade, it's going to feel even warmer. be prepared. parade forecast does look nice. i want to show you the sunset from east bay hills camera. 8:32 tonight when the sun was setting, what little fog we had near the coast just evaporated. but tonight we do have a few patches of fog around half moon bay. and live doppler 7 is showing you that patch of fog which is near the coastline. not expecting a whole lot tonight. temperatures right now ranging from the 50s at the beaches to still pretty mild to warm inland. look at that. numbers are in the 60s and the 70s. it is going to start to cook in our inland communities tomorrow. so might be a good idea to head to the coast. tomorrow's forecast in santa cruz is going to be beach weather. 78 degrees on wednesday. still pretty pleasant, 75
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degrees. and in the morning, it will be in the 50s. so gorgeous weather. good way to beat the heat here in the bay area is to head to the coast. here is a live picture from the santa cruz beach boardwalk where it is going to be warm tomorrow, but not as hot as our inland communitiece tower all lit up i blew bleu for the warriors. visibility is good from this vantage point. hot inland and mild at the coast through midweek. we're going with a cooler pattern for the end of the workweek. temperatures first thing in the morning beginning in the 50s, 60s. i think you could get away with short sleeve weather everywhere first thing in the morning. 50 degrees in half moon bay where you will have fog, and patchy fog down towards the santa cruz area. santa cruz tomorrow afternoon 78 degrees. hot in the south bay. morgan hill, gilroy mid-90s. 87 in san jose on the peninsula. 86 redwood city. 66 in pacific california. downtown san francisco, sunshine and a warm day. 74 degrees. north bay, you're going to be up into the 90s from calistoga to
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cloverdale, even places like napa, 891 degrees. 79 in berkeley. pretty warm in castro valley, in the 80s. it's going to feel like summer. 95 in livermore and concord. 94 in fairfield. air quality will begin to suffer both tuesday and wednesday as the heat builds. so moderate air quality for parts of the bay area. by thursday, friday you know what's happening to the temperatures. they're going down as the breeze kicks up. right now heating up in the pacific. as you take a look, hurricane bud, strong category 3 storm. packing winds of 120 miles per hour. it is going to continue to dump some rain and really kick up the waves. puerto vallarta, cabo san lucas, you'll want to watch out for that. the storm does weaken to a category 1, and then as you head towards the end of the workweek, becoming a tropical storm and expected to actually come across cabo san lucas before it hits the southwestern u.s., bringing flooding rains to that area. accuweather seven-day forecast,
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sizzling inland for your tuesday. we'll hang on to the heat on wednesday, but the coast will begin to see some relief. and as you'll notice, a wide range of temperatures thursday before everyone feels the cooler air on friday. upper 50s to mid-80s. the cooling continuing, and just in time for father's day. we'll keep it comfortable. low 60s to mid-80s on father's day. you can check out the temperatures. tomorrow it's going to be pretty warm for that parade, ama and dan. >> thanks, sandhya, so much. all right. well, coming up, after a championship winning strikeout, this pitcher goes to the batter instead of his teammates. the story behind this incredible show of sportsmanship, next. tomorrow on "good morning america," jeremy renner and leslie bibb talk about their new make ross your destinati fors. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends
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the thrill of victory can't weaken the bonds of friendship. this high school baseball game in minnesota ended in a championship win and a touching momentum. john hakes posted this video. check out the pitcher who just struck out the batter for the win. the pitcher runs to home plate and hugs the defeated batter. it turns out the opposing players are childhood friends. >> isn't that the nicest short story? >> it is. it's touching. >> mr. beal, you're going to be very busy tomorrow. >> in the sun, baking in the sun with a million of our best friends. so kevin durant may already be rethinking retiring at 35 comment. which perhaps was the
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. after the parade tomorrow, then maybe a little bit more champagne. it is back to work for the warriors front office. job one, signing kevin durant to a contract extension. anything from two to four years. we're talking in the neighborhood of million a year. basically, k.d., here is a blank check for you. >> whatever he wants. sometimes you don't negotiate. >> is it your desire? >> yeah. i'd love to have him for ten years. he has earned the right to sign whatever deal he wants. i just want him to sign a deal. but our goal, ton honest is to keep the whole thing together. that's the pieces of the puzzle we have to figure out. >> durant clarified his i might retire at 35 comments on jimmy kimmel, adding that those thoughts might have been champagne induced. you can watch right after that
11:29 pm
newscast. jimmy also asked if other free agents are now begging to join the dubs. >> i think a lot of players might be afraid to come play for us. the backlash is a lot. i don't know if guys are ready for that. >> there is some backlash, but it seems to guy away when you're carry iing these over your head >> that's my pitch you. might get some backlash. but get one of these. >> you can't put backlash on a shelf. >> exactly. of urk madison bumgarner made his start tonight and was ejected with the giants in miami, playing the marlins. bumgarner had a no-hitter through three. first bat other telephone fourth, brian anderson. here it comes and there it goes. the jukebox saying in the outfield goes off. they try to get rid of that. and couldn't. 2-1, miami after four. giants score three runs and they take the lead. andrew mccutchen. bum good afternoon worry give up two in the six, and that ties it up. the rbi single by louis brenson.
11:30 pm
the last pitch. allows 4 runs and gets tossed for the first time. not happy with the balls and strike calls. bottom seven, tied at five. jt crushes this off sam dyson and the giants blow three separate leads to lose 7-5. a crazy finish here. auburn and florida. winner going to the college world series. bottom of 11, tied at two. austin langeworthy off the glove of steven williams and over the wall that is a walk-off winner. steven williams is going to replay this in his head over and over and over again, because he had it. and then he didn't. 3-2, florida on to the college world series. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. we'll be out there bright and early -- well, not that bright and early actually. 10:00 a.m. we're on the air. we're on the air at 10:00 a.m. and then the parade does start at 11:00.
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it's a reasonable hour. it is. not bad. >> from going to bed at 2:00 a.m. >> exactly. sleep is for the weak, dan. >> thanks, larry. >> all right. abc 7 news continues online, on twitter and facebook with our abc 7 news app. >> our next newscast is crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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we appreciate your tile. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. jimmy >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, from the nba champion golden state warriors, mvp kevin durant, samuel l. jackson, and music from future. and now, for the time being, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to see us. [ cheers and applause ] welcome.


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