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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a deadly fire in walnut creek. dropping birth rates, the housing crisis being blamed. soccer fans wanting to hear, the world cup is coming to america and hopefully to the bay area. we'll see. >> good morning on thiwednesday3 you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. >> natasha, jessica, hey everybody. a look at live doppler 7. pretty clear over the top of us. that's a sign of things to come as the sea breeze is coming back and so are some of the clouds. look at hazy nine from the east bay hills camera. temperatures about the same as they were this time yesterday, lower 50s to about 60 degrees. that will hold true through 7:00. notice the coast stays behind from noon to 4:00 while we go 75 to 80 around the bay. 86 inland to 94. this evening the sea breeze will start to reach most of our neighborhoods and a little more comfort than we had yesterday
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evening. 69 around the bay to 74 inland. i'll show you more of that cooling trend coming up. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. looking at the roads this morning. northbound 101 at 880 okay in san jose. but south of there we are dealing with some residual delays. the good news is the crash near oakland road has cleared. i want to show you a drive time through that stretch. southbound 101, san francisco to san francisco in the green at nine minutes. northbound 880 towards the maze, no issues at 14 minutes. northbound 101 between highway 85 and the san jose airport, 43 minutes. that's in the red and that is the residual delay from the earlier crash. all lanes are back open. we may have a new crash within the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check on that next. >> breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> back to the breaking news we've been following all morning long in walnut creek, a deadly house fire overnight while you were sleeping. there were three people inside. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the scene on mandarin lane with more information about the victims.
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amy? >> reporter: an elderly man was ki you can see where firefighters have just finished their overhaul stage. they've stripped the home down to the wood. they've cleared out their stuff to minimize the chance that fire will start here again. now take a look at the size of this fire. investigators say thean who was killed was and just could not get out. his wife and adult son got out okay. they're in the hospital with smoke inhalation and cuts. they're expected to survive, but they do have injuries the man but the fire was too intense. >> it appeared that there were working smoke detectors we saw inside the structure. as to the exact cause of it, it's way early on in that stage. >> firefighters got the call at about 12:45 this morning. they don't know the fire's cause. investigators got here right after firefighters, still trying to figure out what started this
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fire. at this point they have not released the names of the victims. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. it is 6:03. the b.a.r.t. police citizen review board is demanding answers after a startling report on use of force. b.a.r.t. police say they used force in incidents involving 340 people last year. about half of the people involved were african-american men and 50 african-american women. statistics show in 2015 only 12% of b.a.r.t. riders are african-american. police officials say they don't want to draw conclusions from data without context. a student's microphone got cut off during her graduation speech. last night they voiced their frustration. petaluma high school officials turned off lulabel seitz's microphone after she started talking about sexual assault. at last night's school board meeting, a former student said
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she was also assaulted at petaluma school. >> he was allowed to come back to school. i had to try to get a restraining order against him for a year. he was trance ferted to another high school and he assaulted another girl because he got away with it. i just want that to never happen to another girl again. >> there's an online petition with thousands of signatures to remove petaluma high school's principal. the school board president declined to comment on it. new this morning, a major decision that could be a big boost for the bay area. >> fifa voted to play a future world cup here in north america. matt keller live at levi's stadium for hopefully a very good reason. >> reporter: good morning. this could be big for the bay area. the 49ers say if levi's stadium is picked as the site for the world cup in 2026, it could bring millions of dollars to the region.
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fifa approved the u.s., canada and mexico bid. 17 u.s. stadiums are in contention. it's likely 11 of the stadiums will make the cut. a decision is not expected until at least 2020. 49ers say they're excited about the prospects of hosting games eaid received the second highest technical evaluation from fifa during the review process. levi's stadium hosted copa america sent far i don't, the field of the teams would expand to 48 in 2026. 60 of the 80 matches held in the u.s., ten in canada and the other ten in mexico. the u.s. is planning a bid for the 2027 women's world cup. live in santa clara, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> what you're saying is we have a good chance. i like that. matt, thank you. if you have the abc 7 news you' y you can download the app and ge
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they live. a live desk update. >> new overnight, south carolina congressman mark sanford lost the republcan primary for his congressional seat. he lt ponent claimed he's tooritical president trump. this morning the president taking some oerch p ownership of the victory. he said my political representatives didn't want me to get involved in the mark sanford primary, thinking sanford would easily win. with a few hours left, i felt katie was such a good candidate and sanford was so bad, i had to give it a shot. sanford gained national attention in 2009 when he admitted he had an affair with a woman from argentina. he's won numerous elections. this is a big upset. london breed widening her
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lead in the san francisco mayor's race. her lead increased to 1,861 over mark leno. that's 200 more votes than yesterday. there's still about 8,000 votes left to count. san francisco central subway being extended to chinatown now. we're learning work is officially under way to take it even farther. check this out. the heat will linger again today. temperatures within a couple degrees of yesterday. that puts us in the 70s, 80s and 90s again. starting tomorrow, the 9
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6:10 am temperatwhea low to mid 50s on the peninsula. half moon bay, 46 degrees there. we've got mid 50s to upper 50s along the east bayshore. los gatos 68. antioch at 63. low to upper 50s in the north bay. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see hazy sunshine. you think you need an excuse to get out of doing yard work, put it off until tomorrow.
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ocean and bay, gusty breezes, small craft advisory from 3:00 to 9:00. how about the kids, getting them ready, low to upper 50s at 7:00. when they're heading home at 3:00, the breezes will be in the 60s at the coast, 80s to the mid 90s for the rest of us. here is alexis. >> looking for a problem within the bay bridge toll plaza. sounds like we have a two-car crash in lane three east of the metering lights. i haven't spoted it yet in this camera. i will keep an eye on that. it does sound pretty minor right now. also eastbound 24 where we have two problems on that lighter side of traffic, the first one near fish ranch road. a vehicle went off the roadway at that exit and caught fire. just the shoulder blocked there. eastbound 24 at acalanes, blocking the left lane. no delay approaching that
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incident either. new at 6:00, san francisco central subway extension to chinatown isn't finished yet, but plans for another expansion are already officially under way. according to "the examiner" sfmta started community outreach for an extension to fisherman's wharf. it's considering going even farther to the marina or the presidio. the extension would be underground. while businesses there say it would be a huge benefit to their workers, many of them can't afford to live in san francisco. the exact route and the stations have not yet been decided. the project could take a decade to complete. a controversial tax that could have an impact on silicon valley has just been repealed. a key ingredient, the museum ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. but i realized something was missing... me. the thought of my symptoms returning was keeping me from being thereor the people and things i love most. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira can help get, and keep,uc under control
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pg&e warning it may have to cut off fire in high fire they say they're taking precautionary measures. last week cal fire investigators determined pg&e was involved in causing several of the deadly north bay wildfires. the power lines made contact with trees and that sparked the flames. a man accused of deserting the air force lived in daly city. neighbors say he was a god neighbor who lived with his wife. he was usually seen in a san
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francisco giants hat >> very shocking, very pleasant individual. i wouldn't have known anything like that. i had no idea. he seemed to be close to my age. i felt like we had walked similar paths. >> he was arrested and has come clean about his true identity yi h dserted becausee felt depressed. birth records in san francisco county show that the number of babies born to mothers in their late 20s fell 21% between 2010 and 2016. during that time home values rose 61%. experts say many people move to coastal cities to start their careers but leave when they want
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to start a family. the museum of ice cream and their sprinkle pool, apparently 15,000 people want to drain the thing. the problem with the pool isn't new. the sprinkles are actually plastic and people come out, shed the sprinkles off. 15,000 people want the attraction removed until biodegradable alternatives can be used. officials say they're in the process of replacing the sprinkles. those who started the petition want the change right now. >> when that opened i thought they were real sprinkles, i thought it was candy. >> did a whole thing about it. it's anti bacterial so all the thousands of people in it every day don't spread their germs inside of it but didn't think about the environmental impact. >> can't wait to see the solution. let's talk about staying cool today. that's the key, as the second day of our heat continues.
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here is a look at the roof camera. you can see the ferry building. the flags aren't moving much at all. that's why we have a hazy start to our day. those flags will move this afternoon. that's going to bring us a cooling trend that will take hold tomorrow through saturday and it will be pretty comfortable, also, for our dads on sunday. you can see this blob of air moving our way. that's the marine layer and the adjoining clouds coming with it. that's what's going to really signify a big change in the weather starting tomorrow. for today we have the mid 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. 83 to 89 in the south bay. san jose 86. going to the boardwalk, it's foggily right now. temperature about 80 in santa cruz. low to mid 80s on the peninsula this afternoon. low to mid 60s along the coast with low 70s in downtown, south sausalito and san francisco. mid 80s through most of the north bay valleys.
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santa rosa north bay low 90s. low to mid 80s for the rest of the east aicoitnier for our valleys, mid to upper 90s once aga again. lows in the 50s and 60s. those temperatures drop four to eight degrees thursday. getting back closer to average friday, even a little below average saturday before father's day. it looks nice with 60s, 70s and 80s. here's alexis. >> we have hot spots to talk about on the roads this morning. we're in the recovery mode in the south bay. all lanes open northbound 101 from an earlier crash near oakland road. we definitely have residual delays hanging around, 22 miles an hour ap etch proing 280, 680. i think there's still activity on the shoulder. folks slowing down to take a look at that. walnut creek looking okay. southbound 680 approaching highway 24. if youer ooh connecting with 24 you're good. same thing if you're heading
6:20 am
towards san jose. no issues on mass transit. b.a.r.t. no delays, no delays for muni. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> ginger zee has a look at what's ahead from new york city. >> hi there, natasha and reggie. great to be with both of you this morning. coming up on gma, growing questions about that historic summit and what president trump and kim jong-un actually talked about. what does it mean for our troops? this as the president returns home. george, our political team leading the coverage this morning. a warning about drowsy driving after this disturbing video, a driver slamming into a toll plaza, sends a passenger trying through the air. amazingly, everyone survived. there are concerns as so many americans hit the road this summer season. a big custody battle between angelino jolie and brad pitt. what her team is telling us this
6:21 am
morning. some of our favorite funny guys, jon hamm, ed helms, a great morning coming up on "good morning america." >> that new movie "tag." >> apparently people actually got hurt. it got very intense. looking forward to seeing more about that. >> they're so much fun this morning. i got to shake hands with jon hamm. whoo, he's just as dreamy in person. >> with his green eyes. >> i knew that would be the c e case. >> san francisco supervisor katy tang says she won't seek re-electi re-election. what's she doing for the future. the reason i haero btomuittoes. money >> she certainly does. you get your day into gear, possibly putting on louis vuittons this morning.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we had several brush fires yesterday. while we do not have a red flag warning or a fire weather watch, higher fire danger continues for this warm and hot weather. breezy conditions this afternoon gusting to 25 miles per hour. be careful if you're around that dry vegetation because it lights really easy and could spread rather quickly. natasha? >> mike, thank you.
6:25 am
san francisco supervisor katy tang will not be seeking re-election in november. the 34-year-old made the announcement yesterday. what's next for her? she says she's not here yet but she wants to pursue new challenges. supervisor tang says she's gratesful to be able to work on important issues. she sponsored legislation to give working mothers a private nursing space. her legislative aide jessica ho will run for her seat. the dancing fbi idea involved in the accidental shooting is expected in court after turning himself in. the denver sheriff's department released this picture of chase bishop. he was dancing at a club earlier this month where he did a back handspring, and his gun fell out and fired, shooting a man in the leg. the victim is expected to recover. to a controversial tax that could have an impact in the bay area. seattle city council repealed
6:26 am
the so-called head tax less than a month after passing it. this is video from that meeting. the tax would charge companies by the number of employees it has. that means amazon and starbucks both based in seattle would have paid a massive amount of money. those companies strongly criticized the tax that would have generated millions of dollars and would have helped fight the city's homeless crisis.motaw and cupertino both discussed a similar proposal. it is going to get easier to know if you're getting real louis vuitton shoes. a court ruled that the famous red soled shoes can be be trademarked. louis vuitton sued a dutch shoemaker who was making its own version of red soled shoes. >> i think you would know because it costs so much money. coming up next at 6:30, you may have a say in fixing san
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now at 6:30, this is what's
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left of a home after a fire tore through in the early hours this morning. firefighters still on the scene there trying to figure out exactly what sparked the deadly flames. a state divided. the idea to split california into three separate states is going to be up to you in november. tell us what you think, our poll is open right now. go to lock your car doors. the video that shows just how smart animals can be. first, the weather. the sun is up. it's going to be another warm day. there are some changes that we're tracking on the horizon. good morning. welcome to wednesday, june 13th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. if you liked yesterday, you might like today. >> temperatures close to where they were yesterday. during the evening hours, that's when you'll notice the difference when the sea breeze kicks in and the cooling begins. only 15 miles per hour in fairfield, everybody else less than 10 miles per hour. notice how clear it is on live
6:31 am
doppler 7. here is a look at my ak queue weather 12-hour planner. by noon, pretty much the same as yesterday, 62 at the coast. 75 to 86 around the bay and inland. cooler at 4:00. 80 to 94 as the sea breeze kicks in leading to a more comfortable afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 70s away from the coast. let's turn it over to alexis to see if there's any traffic trouble. >> a few hot spots. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of sun glare out there this morning. we did have a minor crash just east of those metering lights that has cleared. all lanes are open, but just not moving very quickly unless you're in those car pool lanes this morning. drive times doing okay, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, you are in the red. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the yellow. southbound 101 son rafael to san francisco. looking great, in the green at 16 minutes. breaking news in walnut creek. one person dead after an overnight house fire. i want to show you exactly where
6:32 am
it happened on our map here. it was at mandarin lane and peach willow lane right now ag nas i don't valley high school. that's where we find abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield. she's at the scene with an update. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. investigators are inside the house right now still trying to figure out what started this fire. an elderly couple and an adult son lived here. the elderly man was killed in this fire. look at the fire. it was huge. firefighters say the home is a total loss. the elderly woman and the adult man were able to get out okay, but the elderly man could not escape. >> the elderly male was up on the second story. so the report was that by the time the firefighters came on scene with such heavy smoke and fire already occurring in the house, it was too late for anyone to actually get up there and assist him to be able to get out at that point in time.
6:33 am
>> reporter: firefighters got the call at 12:35 this morning. investigators got here around 1:00. they still don't know what started it. the other two victims are in the hospital with moderate to severe injuries. they suffered from a lot of smoke inhalation and lacerations. they are expected to survive. at this point firefighters have not released their names. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. developing news now in the south bay, we just received an update on a hit-and-run crash that left a woman hurt in san jose. this happened near north capitol avenue and mckee road. a witness says the woman was walking in the crosswalk when she got hit by an suv around 2:30 this morning. she was thrown about 25 to 30 feet. the suv, possibly a chevy sub burr ban took off. the woman was conscious and was talking when first responders arrived. she was taken away in an ambulance and is now being treated at the hospital. quick action by bay area firefighters is credited for
6:34 am
keeping several small grass fires from getting out of control. >> we saw a lot of them. in pinole, sky 7 showing where fire reached the home. it started as a grass fire but wind gusts pushed the flames to a nearby neighborhood. firefighters were able to stop the fire from causing more serious damage. in oakland, drivers near 580 saw smoke billowing next to the highway. a grass fire spread to fences and threatened buildings. firefighters quickly knocked down the flames. >> in lafayette a fire that started near a shed, completely burned down. firefighters say yesterday's warm weather and wind kept them busy. the man accused of throwing a homeless man's belongings into lake merit will be arraigned on robbery charges. 30-year-old henry sinta wrnchts is accused of snatching the cell phone from a man recording a conversation with him. that happened on saturday. e herhrowing a homelesshat same
6:35 am
man's belongings into the lake as other people were arguing against this. that video quickly went viral earning him the name jogger joe online. sintay is being held on $100,000 bail at the santa rita jail in dublin. the trump administration has long blamed oakland mayor libby schaaf for warning the public about an immigration sweet. internal e-mails show that i.c.e. considers the sweep in february a success. weeks before schaaf's warning, i.c.e. officials say they would be surprised if they picked up 200 suspects. they ended up taking 232 people into custody. still trump administration officials say schaaf was criminals evadingrest.han 800 the white houseal her to be criminally investigated for obstruction of justice. while you were sleeping, president trump arrived back in washington. take a look at our new video we
6:36 am
got. air force one at joint base andrews in maryland. you see the president there leaving the plane, giving a wave. as you know he just arrived back from singapore after his summit with north korean kim jong-un. the president thanking kim for agreeing to give up his nuclear weapons in exchange for security from the u.s. it lacks timing and verification specifics. the president says those details will be worked out. going a step further, president trump says the u.s. will no longer be conducting military drills over the korean peninsula. senator mitch mcconnell calling for the deal to be ratified by congress. san francisco voters will likely be asked in november whether to approve borrowing money to update the aging seawall near the embarcaderembac city leaders say the measure is vital to securing three miles of
6:37 am
shoreline from the threat of earthquakes and sea level rise. a second vote by the board is required before that measure becomes official. hundreds of thousands of fans packing oakland streets to celebrate the warrior's second straight nba championship. >> come on! come on! >> the splash brothers as well as the rest of the back-to-back nba champs let loose during the parade. crews started cleaning up right after it ended. the par yors plan to pay the cost of the celebration, cost to clean up. >> the city of oakland tweeted, the town knows how to party responsibly. zero arrests and zero vandalism incidents. >> we have more online including riley curry's precious moment. that's all on >> love seeing all the videos people have been posting online, specifically sending me. thanks, gang. couldn't be here.
6:38 am
back in the studio. i felt like i was there with your videos. mid to upper 50s this morning in the south bay. 52 in alum rock. up in the hills, los gatos at 68 degrees. we have 60 right now -- 61, it,, just changed. half moon bay at 45 degrees. hazy sunshine to start as we look at the western side of the bay bridge i.'s going to be hot today if you're out there driving. ferry rides, it's going to be breezy everywhere this afternoon. quite a summer spread, especially if you're commuting from san francisco to our east bay valleys. either way, talking about a 30 to 35-degree spread. san francisco, 57 at 8:00. 67 at 2:00, back down to 60 by 8:00. cool there. the peninsula we start off at 62 at 8:00. 75 at noon to speaking to
6:39 am
arou around 2:00. 66 by 8:00. in the south bay 62 at 8:00 to 78, hanging out in the low to mid 80s for most of the afternoon hours. the sea breeze will reach you by about 8:00 dropping your temperatures to 69 degrees. in fact, today is the last day of excessive heat. i'll show you the cooling trend coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. get a little hot under the collar on some of the roads this morning? >> we do have some hot spots. looking like a typical wednesday morning commute here. we'll zoom in to one of the trouble spots this morning. this is in the east bay. two problems, eastbound 24 fish ranch. no injuries involved in either one and neither causing a backup. that's better news. taking a look at speeds in the south bay. northbound 101 trying to bounce back. that was from an earlier crash near oakland road and san jose. stop-and-go traffic on northbound 101 into downtown and northbound 87 down to about 24
6:40 am
miles an hour approaching the 280/680 merge. a quick check outside. here is our san mateo bridge camera. a gorgeous morning, but you'll have company on the westbound side. new at 6:00, a reason to always lock your car doors. this mamma bear smelled food inside this minivan. she grabbed the door handles and opened the doors. looks like she's done this before. she did this while her little bear cubs were playing alongside. the owners of this home say the bears didn't do any damage. they eventually wandered away after she got the snack. ontly an the s dr.that the blows my mind. >> she could do the slider door, driver's side door. >> amazing. >> hey, mom, what did you get for us? >> animals know. they know more than we think.
6:41 am
they're going to take over. next, united controversy. one mom says she was forced to put her child in a dangerous position on a flight. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets and how they're doing cin up next. the news soccer fans really want to hear. the world cup coming to america. some of the game will possibly be plate right here in the bay area. >> hopefully. >> we're looking forward to that maybe happening. crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source.
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crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. let's talk about bud. see what bud has been up to overnight. he was a category 4 yesterday, last time we talked. now he dropped down to a tropical storm with winds of 70 miles per hour. he'll continue to weaken as he bears down on cabo san lucas tomorrow during the evening hours with possibly 12 to 15-foot waves. it moves into new mexico and brings much-needed rain to that parched area that's under a drought. temperatures near 100 in the central valley, 111 in palm sprin springs. 81 in l.a. 67 and sunshine in monterey. 94 in yosemite with sunshine.
6:45 am
tahoe, it's going to be above average, 80 today and tomorrow. 68 saturday. look at the chance of thunderstorms. be careful. remember your lightning safety tips sunday, monday and tuesday. goal for the u.s.! is that how you do it. >> goooooooal. >> that's how you do it. the united states could -- abc 7 matt keller has the details from santa clara. >> reporter: levi's stadium is the biggest stadium in the bay area and it could host one of the biggest sporting events of the world. fifa members approve the u.s., canada and mexico bid for the 2026 world cup. several cities in contention including levi stayed kbrum. it's likely 11 stadiums will make the cut. a decision not expected unt at least 2020.
6:46 am
49ers are excited ability the prospect of hosting saying the bay area bid received the second highest technical evaluation from fifa during the review process. this wouldn't be the first time bay area hosted the world cup games, some were played in 1994. stanford hosted several games including the brazil national team which went on to win the world cup that year. fifa expect to make $11 billion in profit in 2026. in santa clara, matt keller, abc 7 news. we want to hear from you about a different topic. will you vote to divide california into three? >> go to right now. let us know and you will see the results update in realtime on the bottom of your screen. we're asking all of this because this is actually something you will be voting on come november. >> the controversial plan has qualified for the november 6th ballot. it's backed by silicon valley venture capitalist tim draper.
6:47 am
you can see what this would look like if he gets his way. he believes smaller states will be more accountable to its citizens. it would be northern california, and then the coastal section from monterey to los angeles. that would simply be called california. southern california from madera county to l.a. >> hard to imagine l.a. not being in southern california. you can see the voting results. 77% of you saying no, don't want it. >> we'll see what happens in november. many months to go. plus this also has to be approved by congress, even if voters did say yes. >> this is the first step. meanwhile, this morning a concerned mother is sharing her experience on a recent united airlines flight. >> she was traveling with her 8-month-old daughter who she strapped in a car seat facing the rear of the aircraft. that's the way experts suggest for kids under the age of 2. however, a gate agent told her the plane would not take off unless she turned the car seat
6:48 am
facing forward. she says that put her child at risk. she did it anyway. a flight attendant checked faa policy during the flight and realized the mom was right. >> i think that every organization needs to take accountability, know what their policies are and make sure everybody is aware. >> united says it made a mistake. they say they've been in touch with the customer and they've apologized for her experience. coming up at 7:00, a demonstration on how rear facing car seats can protect babies during a crash. the housing crisis in silicon va i spilling into the street. people are turning to living in their vehicles. a two-year pilot program in mountain view kicks off next month. it will allow people from living in rvs and cars ton twhuheig o to the pilot program. individuals who take part in the program will have to follow a
6:49 am
set of rules. their space in the lot will be reviewed and possibly renewed on a monthly basis. >> one of the things that's key is by getting these folks off the street, we also have an opportunity to give them the help they need, to find a path out of homelessness. >> organizers say they're hoping to expand the program after two years. >> president trump has taken to twitter to criticize robert de niro after the actor slammed the president during the tony awards. the president tweeted, robert de niro, a very low iq individual has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. i watched him last night and truly believe he may be punch drunk. he went on with another tweet and ended it with wake up punchy. on sunday de niro launched an expletive. he then apologized to canadians for the, quote, idiotic behavior of my president. your morning money report, a big hit to tesla. >> the company announcing it is laying off 9% of its workforce.
6:50 am
that amounts to nearly 3,500 workers. the layoffs will impact mostly salaried employees. ceo elon musk said many of the eliminated jobs were either a duplication of roles or job functions that don't make sense for the company. no factory workers will be impacted as they continue to ramp up production of the model 3 sedan. this brand new story overnight, a federal judge giving at&t a victory, approving their $85 billion acquisition of time warner. it's a mega deal that's going to change the media industry. you'll notice some changes right away, hbo, cnn, warner brothers and time warner, other brands, will be changing hands next week. meanwhile, i do want to check stocks right now. i can tell you at&t stocks are down slightly. time warner slightly up. speaking of that, a look at the dow jones industrial average, it's up by 24 points. the fed expected to hike up interest rates today, too. that's something to watch for because it could really stir
6:51 am
things up. checking to see if your lottery ticket is a winner is as easy as picking up your phone. the california lottery's official app features a check a ticket feature. you just have to open the app, use your phone's camera to scan the bar code on the front of your ticket. the app will automatically show the results on your screen. a quirky new public service announcement called intersection perfection features a dancing cop explaining the rules of the road. ♪ >> at intersections it's not just about my moves. it's about yours, too. the coupe guy, he has a green light. before he can turn, he has to wait for on coming traffic to clear. >> yeah, and he says this woman walking her dog, she needs to look both ways even if the walk signal is on. the traffic safety committee of new york shared this video on the facebook page to remind drivers and walkers of the roles they play in traffic safety. >> i like his moves.
6:52 am
>> i'm not mad of his moves either. >> i feel like he's coming for my job soon. he's into it. >> alexis, you can always do some of those moves at the traffic center. >> nope. i don't think so. >> a hard pass from alexis smith. >> how did we all know that answer? better than reading a book, that's for sure. entertaining. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise and get to tansing alexis next. high school graduations, that will have people dancing. washington high school in fremont at 3:00, 77 degrees, dropping to a breezy 63. arroyo lie school, 72 at 5:00, dropping into the mid 60s at 8:00. kennedy high school, 76 at 6:00, dropping to 65 by the time graduation is over. congratulations, have fun and be safe tonight. sunny, warm today. clouds return to some areas
6:53 am
tonight. cool weather once again. the cooling that develops will last through saturday. in san francisco, highs today, 60s at the coast to low to mid 70s around the bay. you can also look at the 12-hour planner. you can notice in the afternoon to evening hours, we drop in significantly. until then upper 70s in berkeley and oakland. peninsula the same thing, top out in the mid 70s and 80s. down in the south bay we'll hit the mid 80s once again to mid 90s. and then we'll go up to the north bay. how about 86 at noon. 90 at 4:00, a lot of temperatures in the mid 80s to low 90s. our last spot is where it will be hottest, temperatures again in the mid 90s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out saturday. our coolest days, 50s, 60s and 70s. pretty nice for father's day, also. here is alexis.
6:54 am
>> looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. unless you're using the car pool lanes, you'll be sitting in the backup approaching the metering lights. we have a problem in the south bay in the fremont area, southbound 880, sounds like four vehicles involved just before stevenson. that's stacking up quickly. looks like you're jammed from state route 84. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580 across the richmond-san rafael bridge, looking great at eight minutes. 23 minutes across the san mateo bridge, and 24 minutes across the dumbarton bridge. fans have a chance to meet warriors rookie jordan bell today. >> he'll be appearing at dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill. the lucky fans will meet him and veef a free autograph tonight. the autographs will be limited to either complimentary player cards or items you purchase in the store. >> i love, love, love how they
6:55 am
interacted with the fans yesterday. you saw jordan bell hugging that young man in the crowd. it was great. >> lifting a baby in the air. >> coming up, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> we appreciate you being up with us. a ♪
6:56 am
when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:57, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, breaking news in walnut creek. an elderly man is dead following this house fire. to make it out alive.we le they were taken to the hospital. they have non-life-threatening injuries. no word yet on what smashed the flames. number two, a hit-and-run driver left a woman injured. a witness says the woman was walking in the crosswalk at capitol and mckee when she was hit by an suv. number three, levi's stadium could host the world cup in 2026. fifa voted on a joint bid by the u.s., canada and mexico. number four, london breed widening her lead in the san francisco mayor's race. she now leads by 1861 votes. there's still 8,000 votes left to count. number five, waking up to hazy sunshine and cool conditions, low to upper 50s.
6:59 am
notice the spread developing at noon. 60s, 70s and 80s. 60s, 80s and 90s at 4:00. the sea breeze makes for a more comfortable evening. number six, a crash in the fremont area, southbound 880 before stevenson. four vehicles involved. not sure about injuries yet. as of right now the left center lane is blocked. you're jammed solid to state route 84. averaging just about 14 miles an hour approaching. number seven, you can thank the warriors as you munch down on a free taco. taco bell promised a free tacos to customers if a road team beat a home team. you can get your tacos between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. today at participating restaurants and prepare to be covered in the orange dust. >> has anyone ever tried them? >> yes. >> do your fingers get all orange? >> i think mine did, yeah. >> you come out looking liker
7:00 am
any? good morning, america. breaking news. president trump arrives back in washington moments ago declaring there is no long aar threat from north korea. after that historic summit, thanking kim jong-un and blasting his critics. fellow republicans wonder if he gave up too much for too little. the questions growing about that agreement and what it means for our military. also breaking, extreme fire danger. massive wildfires torching thousands of acres out west, mandatory evacuations ordered from california to colorado. flames threatening homes near beverly hills and national forests are closed. now, new concerns about that dangerous heat. the fire warnings this morning. dramatic c


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