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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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water. >> vic lee is life at the scene with n information for you tonight. vic. >> reporter: we're at diamond and 28th here is knowy valley behind me as you can see that is the scene, the crime scene, the tow truck. you can see the black car which rolled off the tow truck. and you can see the dump truck. let's go some sky shots from a -- that flat bed truck was loading the barak car on the ramp. a neighbor we are told had requested the tow. but somehow the car broke loose from the ramp and rolled down the hill over a trench. and that's where about three or four city department of public works employees were working. the car hit a female worker who we are told was a member of the water department, the city water department. she was transported to san francisco general hospital. the car then hit that dump truck
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i referred to during the live shot. and that's where the car stopped. we are told by the hospital that the female worker died at the hospital and that she worked for the city's water department. now, as interesting twist to the story, we have observed a carload of police chaplains and public health workers who came here to minister to the neighbors. apparently this is part of a new city program to help during emergencies, a neighborhood that might be in need of counseling. and so the police chaplains and the public health workers are here. we have seen them talking to neighbors here, dlug the woman who apparently owned the car who had called for the tow. police of course are investigating this scene. there are police investigators talking to the tow truck driver who we are told is cooperating
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with investigators. so that is the very latest here from noey valley. vic lee, abc 7. >> thank you. a san francisco police officer is expected to survive serious injuries suffered in a motorcycle collision. the accident happened this morning near mary posa street and pennsylvania avenue. sky7 was above the scene with sky map 7 shows the streets. the 12-year veteran clydewood a passenger vehicle whose driver is cooperating with police. the officer to zuckerberg general, he is reportedly talking with family and colleagues. fire season is in the early stages. but already there were three significant fires in the baifr yesterday afternoon as we reported to you if you were with us. fire officials are now reminding all of to us make sure to do our part to prevent the wildfires. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live in wnl creek with more. >> reporter: let's show you the issue. the concern is the grasses, the
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tall grasses. this is exactly what fire officials do not want to see. that combine with the high winds we've breen seen lately can sp catastrophe. whether by goat, tractor or, or sweat of the brew, it's that time of year, time to remove the dry grasses, anything that might prove dangerous in the event of a fire. >> june 17th is actually the compliance deadline. >> contra costa county fire marshal robert marshall says the fuels are ripe in some places even the fire season is just beginning. >> particularly during high wind events is when it becomes hypercritical that people have done everything correctly. what that does is allows to have the best chance to stop the ire. >> marshall credits early preparation weed abatement with helping his crews get the upper hand in lafayette tuesday amp on this fire. although it reside one structure described as a tiny home.
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later a grass fire prompted an evuati in aan oel neighborhood. ken tamp lynn makes his living by cutting weeds from other people. >> we work from sunup to sundown. >> he has been plenty busy in the days leading up to the vegetation removal deadline. some come and gone. others looming in contra costa county >> there was a heavy growth of weeds. the weeds are big, tall, thick and dense. it's an important -- it's important to get your property taken care of. >> reporter: so we showed you the before picture. this is what it should look like after that weed abatement is done. this is work done just a few days ago. there wasn't much work like this being done this afternoon. part of the had you is once it gets into the mid-90s the tractors and equipment that do this work have to stop for fear of sparking another fire. live in wnl creek, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> thank you. more than one woke after the
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election for mayor in san francisco, it appears we have a winner. board of supervisors president london breed is looking to be the next mayor of san francisco. >> i am so hopeful about the future of our city. and i am looking forward to serving as your mayor. i am truly humbled and honors. thank you all so much. >> breed held the short news conference this afternoon after former state senator mark leno her cheap opponent oberlely conceded the race. >> i called supervisor london breed this morning to congratulate her oh on her victory. and to wish her every success, both personally and professionally in her new job as mayor of san francisco. >> leno succeeded even though he trailed by just 1,800 votes with more than 9,000 left to count. leno told reporters he saw no point in waiting since the votes were trending in breed's favor
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breed won't officially become mayor until the election is certified this month. she is the first woman of color to lead the city. the santa clara county sheriff is calling a woman a hero after he fought off a man who tried to assault her. he was in court today on charges on the case. he was arrested after deputies found him hiding in a culvert near the woman's house outside gilroy sunday. investigators say his female neighbor escaped after he attacked her in her home. they say martinez chased her and trudy to drag her back in the house before she fought him off again and ran for help. the county sheriff says, quote, her ability to fight off her attacker and call for help led to this quick apprehension and likely saved future women from being victimized by this individual. in books and movies they call it a cold case. but any police detective who worked one has a burning desire to solve it. that's the case in central marin where police hope for a tip.
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here is our reporter wayne friedman. >> reporter: sometimes police get a case they just can't solve and also cannot leave. >> it's a horrible senseless crime. >> reporter: a case so cold and old that in the larkspur apartment complex where it happened the paint has change and so have many tenants. little did they know that this -- in 1993 lag back through the abc 7 archives. >> no sign of forced entry and nothing missing from the apartment near as we can tell. >> the victim, 92-year-old ursula found dead in her apartment ever being stapd multiple times in the chest with her own kitchen knife. she was a mother, a grandmother, a widow and invalid who survive the 1906 earthquake. >> no one has come forward with new information. >> that remains the case today. ursula has the unique distinction of being larks spurs only unsolved murder in 25 years. today police asked for a tip. we wondered, that a coincidence?
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or are they on to something. >> we think that somebody out there has information for us that could help us solve this crime. >> based on what? >> i can't answer that for you. >> the central marin police department mark of reporter backer seems cryptic today. she was restricted by what she could say and anxious for a final telling clue. it's been a long time after all. in those years the twin cities police changed the name to central marin. the original investigators retired. and yet the case of ursula remains open. in larkspur, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. a runway at seattle's seatac airport is disclosed after someone opened fire nearby near the airport. a spokesman with the washington state patrol is posting updates on twitter. this is the command post near the areas where officers search for a gunman. no one was seriously hurt. but four carsy hit.
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troopers say the runway was chosed in abundance of caution and they are not expecting delays. a new study suggest attention the napa earthquake may have been caused by stretching of the earth's crouse due to resedding ground water. the 6.0 quake in 2014 killed one person and injured efrl more and caused $50 million in losses. according to the report, land between the napa and sonoma valleys is stretch each sner as ground water levels fall beneath the valleys and the ground sinks and contracts. it was published in the geophysical journal reern. well here is some fun news. the world cup is come to the united states. >> goal. and bay area fans might not have go far. >> this time germany, two scores. >> imagine that at levi stadium. soccer fans are having a ball
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the world cup kicks off in russia tomorrow. but eight years from now, it could be happening in the bay area. fifa select add joint bid by the u.s., canada and mexico to host the soccer tournament. and levi stadium in santa clara is one of the 23 potential host cities. up to 16 will be chosen. now, there is a lot of excitement in the south bay of course. abc 7 news chris wynn is live at the stadium where the earthquakes with getting ready to play a match.
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chris. >> reporter: that's right, kristen. if everything goes according to plan, the south bay will be host to one of world's largest sporting events. and yes, that world cup action could be coming here to the south bay. a couple of matches would be at. with you behind me, afia stadium could play host to a couple of training sites. for the first time since 1994 the world's largest sporting event returns to north america. fifa announced the united bid boat out morocco mork of to host the 2026 world cup. >> we have kids playing every day taking soccer balls to school every day. but now it's going to explode. >> last year the bay area host commit submitted a proposal as part of the united bid including 23 cities across north america vying for 6 spots where matches are played. patricia earn strom hopes levi stadium is one of them.
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>> great hotels. we have great practice facilities. we have transportation systems. a lot of the things that fifa and the united bid are looking for in a immunity, we have that. on top of that great fans. >> members of the san jose sports authority are confident with the bid. >> melting pot for the country, the diversity we have and the love for soccer here, it's a perfect fit. >> san jose earthquakes president tom fox believes the announcement will help grow the sport in more ways than one. >> it's a great way for kids to look at the world understand the world and have a dialogue about what's happening in cultures through the world through the sport of soccer. that's unique to this game. >> the 2026 final is slated for new york city. but in the lead-up the bay area soccer community hopes to welcome the world once more. and we will know sometimes in 2020 if the bay area makes the cut. a quick note, we have just learned that city hall over at san jose and san francisco will be lit up in red, blew and green
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tonight to celebrate the historic bid. we're live at avia stadium in san jose. i'm chris wirch. >> great, chris. >> if bike lanes in san francisco look cleaner it's thanks to downsized technology. process the department of public works showed off the specialized street sweepers today. look at these little things. able to get through the narrow protected bike lanes sectioned off from traffic. >> this -- the guys are out. out every day. and they're making sure that all the several miles of cycling that are available all around our beautiful city are being kept clean. so several times a week many of the green lanes are getting cleaned. >> the city has about 15 miles of protected bike lanes in total including sections of market street, the embarcadero and seizer chavez street. before the sweeper trucks they had to clean the lanes by hand. >> improvement. apple announced today it's closing a loop hole in iphone
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nas allowed law enforcement officials to break into the devices. according to reuters, apple will shut out investigators by changing default settings in the phone's operating system. the tech jint says the change will protect customers especially those in countries where laws restricting authorities from trying to crack into the devices aren't as restrictive as they are here in the u.s. well in about a year from now, high hairs should be safe sfleer "7 on your side" michael finney here to tell us why. >> they've been looking at rules for chairs for some time and the consumer product safety commission is you shg rules and fifg manufacturers a year to change the seats. the new chairs should offer more rearward stability better restraints and warning labels. in 2015 and 2016 the consumer product safety commission says more than 18,000 children were treated in emergency rooms for injures caused by high chairs. pc mag is out with the annual
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fastest mobile network speed test looking for the fastest and most reliable data cell phone and carry yours the top four were pitted against each other. they are at&t. springtime t-mobile and verizon wireless. pc mag ranks verizon wireless at best. folded by atennessee. t-mobile. verizon also took the top spot nationwide. now it's time for finney's wednesday free stuff. you have, let's see, about 45 minutes to get a free taco from taco bell, just for the asking. the give away is a result of the steal a regime steal a taco promotion. that said if an nba team in the finals won an away game everyone is offered a free taco. we know what happened at game three with. wars 110 cavs 102 free taco for earn until 6:00. >> about time let's go. >> one more reason to root for the warriors.
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>> that's right. >> thanks michael. >> on to weather frmts now the forecasts with sandhya patel. free taco free forecast what more can you ask for dan, kristen. good evening to everyone. look at live doppler 7. we do have some fog around point reyes also on the san mateo coast. that's the biggest change we are noticing. high he so far in the low to mid-90s inland. along the coast temperatures in the 60s. the 63 in half moon bay was comfortable spots. 73 in oakland. 94 in downtown santa rosa. keep in mind that some of the temperatures like santa rosa -- san jose, excuse me, concord have come down a couple of degrees compared to yesterday. so we are heading the right direction. wind is on shore sfo fwufting to 3 where an airport weather warning is in effect. the on shore breeze is setting the stage for cooler weather in the days to come. if you're thinking about the weekend and who isn't, look at the forecast on saturday. we'll see partly cloudy skis on
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sunday for father's day. temperatures up a little bit. it should be pleasant for any plans you have for dads. a live look from the k fwchlt o roof camera on the embarcadero. you see the trees weighing and we'll be watching for the breeze to increase. this is a good spot to just get away from all the hot weather. san francisco, 65 pb oelktd 68. in the 80s and 90s from san jose to gilroy. pier 39, the 39 camera showing sunshine over san francisco and the sea lions chilling. 911 in santa rosa. 92234 concord. east bay hills camera showing a view of some fog beginning to develop on the coastline. patchy fog on the coast overnight. cooling trends the next few days. and mild weather for father's day. temperatures first thing in the morning begin in the 50s. watch out for some of that fog right near the coast and around parts of the bay. the morning commute will look different than what you've seen. tomorrow around still warm inland.
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no where near the heat we've been dealing with. 80s to low 90s inland breezy and temperatures in the 60s on the coast. on sunday morning fog, sunnier xias around noontime and we'll have a pleasant afternoon around 4:00 p.m. appear low 60s to low 80s if you're taking dad out night weather. not nice if you're traveling to baja appear tropical storm bud packing winds of 50-mile-per-hour. a couple of inches of rain is expected for southwest mexico and several inches of rain for cabos and sand lucas appear large as well as. this system falls apart eventually moving to the desert southwest where they expect pretty good soaking. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooling trends. low 60s to 90s tomorrow. even cooler on friday and brezy. we'll dr. platz you to the 80s below average saturday. fathers aday looking nice. low 60s to 80s. before we warm it up again tuesday and wednesday. dan and kristen. >> thanks sandhya. the longest
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three cities in the bay area have the highest hourly wage requirements in the nation. in order foreigners to afraid a modest two bedroom apartment. according to a new study by the low income housing coalition. an advocacy group for low income housing here are the numbers we can share. someone living in san francisco would need to make $60 an hour to afraid rent for a two bedroom
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unit opinion it's $48 an hour in san jose. and $45 in oakland. the group behind this study says the grap between wages and afford ability nationwide is, quote, stark. a butterfly seen here and arnold the world has just set a record. the longest flight ever by a butterfly. it's known by a couple of names. including painted lady and thistle. british experts have found it travels nearly 7500 miles every year. that's more than to new york and back. >> that's amazing. >> it is. that path includes crossing the sahara desert to africa and back. researchers say it miles an hours the incredible migration of monarch butterflies. >> i guess butterflies are tougher than i think. well high fifs
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i'm ama taste. coming up on news at 6:00 a warning going out to thousands of bay area residents. your power could be cut off in a instant. a preemptive strike to wildfires. we'll show you the area attacked. make money by selling data. "7 on your side" investigates whether the upside is worth the loss of privacy. a police investigation under way vochgt stand lee. serious allegations against someone close to imhim. all coming up in half hour at 6:00. warrior rookie jordan bell was having the time of his life
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at the parade. our cameras captured him saying something encouraging to a young man. >> we tweet tweeted the video got a lot of love from bell himself. >> eric thomas tracked down the middle schooler. >> warrior rookie jordan bell may have provided a include with what was happening when he shared the championship joy with lyanne melendez. >>. started playing basketball in ninth grade. that's amazing. >> bell may have been thinking about the past when he spot add young face in the crowd. and give the young man a hug and said something in his ear that no one else could here that youngster. >> good shot. >> was 11-year-old makai johnson of fairland a guard on his middle school team who had no kbrd what was going to happen. >> i thought he was going to cope walking down on our side. >> his dad cecil banks took the
5:29 pm
family to the parade as he has in years past. >> i'm expected to see guys excited. but i didn't expect to see jordan hug my son. >> the hug was one thing. but the message bell shared, that was something peshl. >> and then told me, to keep doing what i'm doing, a young king, and some day you'll be like me. >> that was confirmed almost word for word by the wheat bell put out afterward. the young boy who would like to play in the nba one day says he was excited but you couldn't tell from the poker face. >> would someone who didn't know him know he was excited. >> they would not know at all. >> just as important as his hoop dreams, he is a straight a student and in the long run, that may be what really counts. in fairfield, eric thomas, abc 7 news. that is so touching what a great young man. he will do well. >> a young king. >> nice thing to say. >> world news with david muir up
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the breaking news involving the president's former personal attorney and friend, michael cohen. abc news now reporting cohen is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors. his lawyers expected to leave the case. and tonight, we've learned one reason why. also tonight, president trump returning home from his historic summit with kim jong-un, and declaring north korea is "no longer a nuclear threat." the president tonight firing back at critics. many who now say he gave away too much, without a concrete timeline from kim jong-un. when will he destroy his nukes, and how will inspectors verify it? back home tonight, the raging fires destroying homes. the threat from california to colorado.


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