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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 1, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> just trying to run the cash register yesterday. i don't know. that doesn't sound like fun either. >> no. >> hope you have a fun day. happy wednesday, everyone. thanks for joining us. "gma" is next. good morning, america. miracle survival. all 103 people on board this passenger jet surviving a terrible crash in mexico. >> everybody started just panicking, man. death was right there. >> the plane smashing into a field. the roof sheared off. the engines on the ground. the race to get everyone out before flames engulf the aircraft and what we're now learning about the chicago priest who was on board. overnight, president trump's raucous rally campaigning for allies. blasting his adversaries, calling himself the most popular republican ever and this call for voter identification. >> if you go out and you want to
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buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. you need i.d. terrifying firenado. the new video showing residents trying to escape the massive carr fire in california and the new threat for the east coast. 22 million now in the path of dangerous flash flooding. lucky to be alive. the woman who dated a self-described serial killer who claims he murdered seven people now telling her story, claiming he nearly killed her after she met him on a dating app. >> when he was choking me, i can't even like describe the feeling. that's when i had a feeling like this is it. >> how she says she managed to escape. ♪ kiki >> a new warning about the viral challenge inspired by drake's song. videos like these show people jumping out of a moving car to do a dance, landing some in the hospital. now, the government is stepping in. okay, who is the first person that thought that was a
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good ia right there? i hope you're well this wednesday morning. >> some of us in the studio did this dance but we did it on terra firma. we did not come out of a moving car. that's how you can enjoy this dance -- >> amy was the one. >> just fine without being in a car. >> that's right. we begin with incredible images, a miracle in mexico. a plane packed with 103 on board crashing just past the runway during takeoff then catching fire. >> amazingly, everyone escaping although two people, including one of the pilots, are in serious condition this morning. victor oquendo there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that plane was supposed to come right here to mexico city but never made it more than a mile from the airport in durango crashing during takeoff in a nearby field and passengers describing the horrifying scene. the locals here calling it nothing short of a miracle. it was during takeoff when the
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99 passengers packed into this aeromexico flight felt the ferocious wind, the plane bouncing violently against the runway, then everything went dark. >> it happened real quick. he started picking up speed and then it started getting windier. we bounced a couple times and starting seeing fire. >> reporter: a loud bang echoed in the cabin as the left wing hit the ground, causing the plane to lose both engines along the runway. the passengers and four crew scrambling to escape. one woman and her child running out through a hole in the plane while others clamored out through the emergency slides just as smoke began to rise out of the aircraft before it exploded into flames, according to officials. >> seen a bunch of smoke. opened the door and then i got out and i started pulling some people out. >> reporter: this video taken by first responders as emergency crews doused the fire and paramedics packed person after person into ambulances. miraculously, not a single life lost. this passenger says she ran from the scene as fast as she could
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feeling the plane might explode. the plumes of smoke could be seen for miles. people taken to the hospital for injuries. the pilot and one passenger in serious but stable condition. at least one american on board, reverend esequiel sanchez from chicago. the archdiocese of chicago saying he sustained injuries but he is alert and resting. please pray for father sanchez and everyone affected. the plane was perfectly maintained and serviced in february and the crew was well rested. this morning, government officials are visiting victims in those hospitals and an investigation has been opened up. the company that makes the plane, embraer air, says it is sending a team of technicians to help. amy. >> all right, victor, thanks so much for that. >> let's bring in abc news contributor colonel steve ganyard and, steve, good morning to you. we heard the governor of durango saying a gust of wind, they believe, hit the plane as it was taking off. we also know this airport is at high altitude.
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what do you think the contributing factors were to this plane crash? >> good morning, amy. i think that that is still an open question. we do know there was some weather in the area and know this is a high airport. so it's about 6,000 feet, well above say, denver or albuquerque. it's warm so the air is thin. it takes a longer takeoff. waiting to see where the weather played a factor. what we do know, this aircraft left the runway, veered off to the left at a very high rate of speed and ripped the engines off the airplane. you can see them sitting in the infield, skidded for almost a half a mile beyond the end of the runway but was intact which is what saved not only the crew but all the passengers on board that the whole of the cabin stayed intact. >> does that have something to do with how the pilots handled the plane when they realized something was wrong? it is remarkable. we don't see outcomes like this often especially with images like that. >> yeah, it's still -- we don't know whether it's a mechanical issue or pilot error but the
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reason the airplane left the runway there is still an open question. but they did a great job. the cabin crew did a great job getting everybody off the airplane. you saw the fire there that destroyed the whole hull. that happened after they got everybody off the airplane, so thankfully it was very, very smooth ground as the airplane plowed through the end of the runway there and i think that was the biggest contributor to all these people getting off safely. >> i know everyone is so thankful about the outcome on that one and the investigation continues in terms of what happened. steve ganyard, thanks as always for being with us. we get the latest from president trump. back in campaign mode last night with a rally in tampa where he took on his usual targets and sowed some confusion by claiming you need a photo i.d. to buy groceries. cecilia vega has more on that. >> reporter: i don't know about you but i've never had to show an i.d. when i went to the grocery store. this morning many asking what the president talking about.
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a raucous rally in tampa overnight. >> we love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: president trump there to campaign for his pick in the republican primary for governor. >> everybody needs to support ron desantis. >> reporter: instead, his political strategy talked more about himself than the race at hand. >> they just came out with a poll. did you hear? the most popular person in the history of the republican party is trump. can you believe this? >> reporter: a freewheeling unscripted speech covering everything from his election win -- >> then i ran for president with no experience and i won. isn't that interesting? >> reporter: to the economy. >> but everyone that greets me says hello, mr. president, congratulations on what you've done for the economy. it's the talk of the world. >> reporter: but this morning it is this comment about requiring voters to have identification that is raising eyebrows. >> the time has come for voter
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i.d. like everything else. voter i.d. if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card. you need i.d. if you want to buy anything, you need i.d. >> reporter: the twittersphere going wild, many asking when ises last time the billionaire businessman actually set foot in a grocery store. some writing, i work at a grocery store. you don't need i.d. to buy groceries. alcohol and tobacco, yes. salads and chicken tenders, no. and, carded for doritos, story of my life. all right, one more of my favorites on twitter, just because, quote, i'm looking to pick up cereal. do you think they'll accept a copy of my birth certificate and passport? so the white house was asked to clarify this i.d. thing. we're still waiting for that clarification. perhaps it'll come in today's briefing, george, if, in fact, there is one. in the month of july there were only three briefings for a total of 57 whole minutes.
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>> maybe a correction. i'm not sure that could be clarified. meantime, cecilia, the white house chief of staff john kelly passed his one-year mark. we thought that might have been his exit. now some word that's not the case. >> reporter: word that he's not happy here, miserable, in fact, he clashed so much so with the president. the president floated names. he is staying till 2020 but as we know things tend to be on a day-to-day basis. >> thanks very much. we move to the trial of paul manafort who chaired president trump's campaign. this is the first trial in the mueller investigation. if convicted, manafort could spend the rest of his life in prison. abc's kyra phillips is at the courthouse in alexandria, virginia. we saw fiery opening statements from both sides yesterday. >> reporter: well, no doubt. i mean, the question -- the stakes are pretty high for paul manafort, no question, george. but they are also sky high for robert mueller too. this is the first case the special counsel has brought to trial and if manafort is
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convicted, it would offer mueller a powerful response and take away some of president trump's ability to call it an aimless witch-hunt. this case is already living up to the courthouse's reputation of being a rocket docket. in just one day, we saw jury selection, opening statements were completed and even heard from the first witness. prosecutors painting manafort as a liar, george, who knowingly filed false tax returns, failing to report tens of millions of dollars that he made working for pro-russia/ukrainian politicians and manafort accused of hiding that cash in offshore bank accounts, using it to basically bank roll his lavish life-style they say. keep in mind, no mention of collusion. we don't expect to hear that and manafort knowing that so far knowing nothing about russian meddling in trump's presidential campaign that he ran, as we know, for months.
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>> most of the evidence will be documents but the key witness, once paul manafort's closest colleague. >> reporter: that's right. rick gates. star witness here and manafort's former business partner who also served as the president's deputy campaign manager. he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and the defense saying he's trying everything to save himself now and that manafort put his trust in the wrong person. he will probably take the stand any day now and we'll be here to follow it. >> kyra phillips, thanks very much. amy. now to a new warning from facebook. the social network sounding the alarm saying it uncovered new efforts to potentially meddle with u.s. politics ahead of the midterm elections and facebook has taken down dozens of fake accounts, banning 32 of them with names like black elevation, mindful being and resisters. the pages were followed by more than 290,000 accounts, and while facebook says it's not clear who created those pages, there is evidence of connections between those accounts and previously
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identified russian international research agency pages. so far they have not found links to russian ip addresses. >> robin. the showdown over 3d plastic guns. just hours before instructions to print them were set to go online overnight for anyone to download, a judge put a temporary stop to it. tom llamas is here with more details on this. >> reporter: a federal judge issuing that temporarily restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to make those untraceable guns. these weapons are fully functional. you can see them there. they're made using a 3-d printer and they are just as deadly. everything from handguns to assault-style rifles. while these 3-d printers are very expensive, they are becoming more broadly available including in schools and that's part of the cause for concern. they can be made without serial numbers which means no background checks and completely untraceable and anyone including someone who is under age or even a serious criminal could build them. some of them almost entirely made out of plastic which makes them harder to detect.
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senate democrats, local leaders, gun control advocates have all sounded the alarm. more than eight states including the district of columbia are suing the administration. yesterday the president weighed in, tweeting, i am looking into 3-d plastic guns being sold to the public. already spoke to the nra. doesn't seem to make such sense. defense distributor already posted the instructions but after the judge's ruling, the company decided to suspend all downloads for now. >> there's plans already out there, though? >> oh, that's right. before the judge's order the company posted the blueprints for the ar-15. they had already done this. thousands of people downloaded them and just before i came out to set, there is another website claiming to post the downloads, as well, and they're claiming first and second amendment rights. >> the president criticized it yet it was his state department that approved the publishing through a settlement. >> he was moving the goalpost. the issue on this is making these guns and downloading them. not selling to the public but
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letting anyone download it and build the gun. >> hard to imagine what the legitimate purpose could be for that. tom, thanks very much. now to another deadly friendly fire incident in los angeles where police released this body cam video showing the victim held at knife point before officers opened fire and killed her by accident. this video comes on the heels of that deadly trader joe's shoot-out and abc's will carr has the latest. >> reporter: this morning police body cam shows the heart-pounding moments just before officers shoot and kill a suspect and the hostage he's using as a human shield. watch as three officers confront guillermo perez wielding this long knife on june 16th. >> put it down. >> reporter: perez refuses to drop the weapon so officers fire >> drop the knife. g. >> reporter: perez grabbing an innocent bystander, elizabeth tollison, and putting the knife to her throat. that's when officers unload 18 shots killing not just
7:15 am
perez but his hostage too. video released just over a week and a half after an lapd officer shot and killed the manager of a trader joe's during a gun battle with a shooting suspect. the two incidents just six weeks apart. according to police, it's been 13 years since an lapd officer last killed an innocent bystander. >> this was a tense situation that unfolded very quickly and it's every officer's worst nightmare. >> reporter: this morning the chief of police says lapd is changing certain tactics to help save lives and says what you saw in that video is simply tragic. robin. >> it is. all right, will, thank you. now to troubling new accusations against embattled cbs chief les moonves. a seventh woman now coming forward with allegations of misconduct telling l.a. police he sexually assaulted her, abused her in the 1980s but prosecutors deciding not to pursue the case. eva pilgrim is here with the details. >> reporter: this latest case the woman reported the alleged sexual assaults to police quietly before anyone else had publicly come forward and she still hasn't been named.
7:16 am
she now joins a list of women accusing the cbs ceo of sexually inappropriate behavior. this morning, new sexual assault allegations surfacing against cbs ceo les moonves. abc news has learned an unnamed woman went to police last february alleging moonves who she said was an acquaintance of hers assaulted her three times over the course of two years in the '80s. this police document stating she encountered moonves through employment in the television industry. the l.a. county district attorney's office declining to pursue the charges saying the statutes of limitations from the alleged incident from 30 years ago have expired. >> it means in reality the district attorney's office only has a certain amount of time to bring charges against an individual. >> reporter: this latest accuser now joins six other women who have come forward in a "new yorker" article accusing him of
7:17 am
offenses ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault and dinah kirgo said he made an unwanted invitation to her in the early '80s, calling her to a dinner alone after she pitched him a show. she turned him down. >> and the conversation ended, and he went from being very friendly to being really cold. >> reporter: she said the show never launched. cbs says that moonves has no recollection of the meeting or the phone call. this morning, moonves remains at the helm of the network, the board of directors awaiting an independent investigation. cbs and moonves had no comment on this latest accusation. but he has denied assaulting anyone or misusing his position of power. and "variety" magazine is reporting moonves apparently participated in the board of directors conference call launching that independent investigation into the allegations against him. the board is supposed to come together for its annual earnings meeting but that has been
7:18 am
postponed and hasn't been rescheduled at this time. >> some story. thank you, eva. let's go over to rob. >> want to show you fresh video emerging from last week's big fire in redding. this, quote/unquote, firenado is where justin sanchez escaped these flames, and over 100,000 acres burned with this fire. some cooler weather coming but not much.
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coming up, a new headline about the self-preclaimed serial killer suspected of using a dating app to hunt for victims. and a woman coming forward and how she you are visited a terrifying encounter with that alleged killer. and a new warning about the viral kiki challenge. people trying to top each other by jumping out of moving cars to dance and some are suffering serious injuries. the federal government is getting involved. so the government is getting involved. this is your wake-up call. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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get a sunset on a sunday. get more stories to share. get more from your summer getaway with exclusive hilton offers. book yours, only at good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning miami jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. san francisco supervisor valley brown is now demanding a hearing to investigate major delays on dozens of muni lines. that's according to the examiner. a shortage of drivers is forcing muni to leave buses parked every day. buses are so overcrowded, some people wait as long as 45 minutes to board. and time now to check in with our traffic. if you are heading out, whether it's a bus or car, hi, alexis. >> hey, yeah. hopefully you're not going to be traveling on 280 around sierra monte. we have two issues. a rollover crash on the southbound side of the road. that is blocking at least one lane. we have a crash on the
7:24 am
northbound side south of there near hickey. that is blocking the left lane. some long delays into that area. also the report of a disabled vehicle, westbound 80 in emeryville near powell. not seeing it here, but you could have delays if you're coming through the richmond area. jessica? >> alexis, this is long distance with the tbest wifi experience,ng distance relationship. plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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dangerous air continues at all of our major fires. in fact, here's a look at yosemite. you can't even see half dome this morning because of the smoke. back here at home, we've got clouds, mist, a little drizzle and temperatures in the low 50s to low 60s. on our way this afternoon to becoming drier, but the breezy conditions will develop over the bay area, everywhere if you're on the water. all right. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. the coolest days will be thursday swu thursday, sunday, and monday. jessica? >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma," a woman who says she dated the suspected
7:27 am
dating app killer is now sharing her story and somehow she managed to escape with her life. that's coming up on "gma." meanwhile, another update on abc 7 news in 30 minutes and always on our news app and website. see you then. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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dierks bentley! who doesn't love pepsi stuff? drink pepsi, get stuff. ♪ kiki do you love me it is all the rage, the kiki challenge and that is ciara and her hubby russell wilson doing the challenge to drake's hit "in my feelings" and will smith, he took it to new heights. so, these are all done well, but, you know, there are new warnings from the government about people taking it too far. jumping out of moving cars. we'll have more on that coming up. >> crazy stuff. a lot of headlines including the news out of mexico, all 103 people on board this plane in mexico survived when it crashed during takeoff. everyone made it out before it was engulfed in flames. a priest from chicago was
7:31 am
injured but is alert and resting this morning. at least 60 large fires are burning out west this morning where they're facing triple digit temperatures again. the carr fire is more contained and today the worst conditions will be in northern california, southern oregon and wyoming. a history-making moment on the field but not the kind you want to make. last night the mets losing big to the nationals. washington nailing hit after hit scoring 25 runs. handing the mets their worst loss ever in the franchise's 57-year history. the final score, 25-4. yeah, a lot of people on social media sharing this gif, poor mr. met. the two teams will meet again on the field this afternoon. so redemption is possible. maybe not. >> they are amazing for the wrong reasons. now to that frightening story from a woman who says she dated a self-proclaimed serial killer.
7:32 am
now one is coming forward saying she narrowly avoided the same fate and erielle reshef is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. zynea barney said she thought she metry dream date. now she's speaking out to warn others saying her story could happen to anyone looking for love online as authorities look into that man's claims he's killed several women. >> i relive it every day. >> reporter: it was the romance sparked on a dating app. zynea barney said it turned into a horrifying near-death experience. the 26-year-old mom speaking out to abc news about her tumultuous relationship with 27-year-old danueal drayton, the man now suspected of killing a woman and sexual assaulting at least two others, all of whom he allegedly met online. >> i felt guilty. how could i not see the signs? >> reporter: barney said the relationship started out promising.
7:33 am
>> you said he seemed like the dream guy. >> we talked about everything. he started to become my best friend in so little time. >> reporter: months later, a red flag. she intercepted a phone call from another woman. >> i said, no, you should have been honest with me. i shouldn't have to find out like this. >> reporter: she broke it off and claims drayton persisted sleeping outside her home, buying her gifts, begging for her forgiveness. until last month when he told her he was heading to california. she agreed to meet him and he asked her to drive to a nearby park. >> he was like, so, you really don't see us getting back together? i was like, no, and that's when he looked at me in the car and jumped across, had both of his knees on top of my knees while my seat belt was on and my car was -- he somehow pushed my gear intoark. and i'm sitting here. he got -- took his hands and stuck whole thumb in my throat and that's why i still have the mark to this day. he kept his thumb there saying i'm going to kill you, i'm going to kill you. >> at some point did you think this was it?
7:34 am
>> when he was choking me, i can't even describe the feeling. that's when i kept feeling like this is it. >> reporter: three workmen in the park noticing barney was in distress. >> the guys that came to the scene, they called police. if those three men didn't appear i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: drayton was eventually arrested for attempted strangulation and slashing barney's tires but a judge later granted his release. weeks later drayton, a fugitive wanted by the nypd for the murder of 29-year-old nurse samantha stewart and the rape of a 23-year-old woman. a fugitive task force and los angeles police eventually arrested him last week in a north hollywood hotel where they say he had raped and attempted to kill a woman he was holding hostage and pleaded not guilty to those charges. after his arrest he claimed he committed as many as seven murders, though authorities have not been able to verify the crimes ever occurred. >> has this changed your outlook on those online dating apps? >> completely. i deleted every single one.
7:35 am
it's just so scary. you never know who somebody is at all. >> abc news learned drayton was convicted in the past of five felonies in connecticut including harassment and strangulation. now a lot of people are wondering why a jue allowed his release after that assault on zynea barney. the nassau county court tells abc news there was no way the judge could have known and the judge didn't know there was an out-of-state criminal history. authorities say once he's extradited to new york he will face murder charges. >> my gosh. i got to tell you, the advice you gave yesterday, those suggestions about what to do because a lot of people are on these apps. i heard from a lot of people who were thankful about that. >> i'm glad it's helping. >> thanks. now to new developments in the penn state hazing case. the parents of tim piazza speaking out after learning the only fraternity brother who pleaded guilty in connection with their son's death will not serve any jail time. gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: prosecutors wanted
7:36 am
him to get 90 days for jail time for hazing and instead the judge giving him house arrest but piazza's parents say their son was sentenced to death when the students allegedly gave piazza so much alcohol that he fell down a flight of stairs and eventually died. overnight, a judge deciding the fate of ryan burke, the only member of the penn state fraternity to plead guilty for his role in the 2017 hazing death of 19-year-old pledge tim piazza. but he's not going to jail like prosecutors were hoping. the judge instead sentenced him to 27 months of probation, three months under house arrest, 100 hours of community service and a $3,000 fine. piazza's parents reflecting on burke's sentence overnight. >> i think it's really the first step in getting justice for the killing of our son. >> reporter: inside the courtroom burke saying he's sorry for his role in the tragedy. outside after the sentencing his lawyer saying piazza's death wasn't intentional.
7:37 am
>> mr. burke is an all-american kid. mr. piazza was the archetypal all-american kid and that this was a celebration and to a certain extent a rite of passage. >> reporter: a so-called rite of passage that piazza's mother hopes other students won't participate in. >> future fraternity members and organization members, they need to know that there will be consequences if you haze, serious consequences. >> the 25 other former fraternity members have pleaded not guilty. some of them will face a judge next month and some trials are expected to start early next year. not over yet. this will go on for awhile. >> i'm sure the parents want it to be and want the word to be spread that the hazing has to stop. coming up, a new warning to g the viral drake challenge even jumping out of cars and one young woman is issuing a warning from the hospital. ing out of cars and one young woman is issuing a warning from the hospital.
7:38 am
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we are back with that warning about the kiki challenge. it's the dance craze inspired by drake's song and has some people taking extreme risks, even jumping out of moving cars. there have been some serious injuries and the federal government is getting involved and abc's linsey davis is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. when this started out it was all in fun. everybody was doing it. i think george was about to post his video like this but now it's turning dangerous and some are
7:42 am
jumping out of cars and landing in the icu and a warning some of the videos you're about to see resulted in violent crashes. ♪ kiki do you love me ♪ are you riding say you'll never ever leave ♪ >> reporter: you've likely seen it, the dance that starts off by making a heart, then gripping an imaginary steering wheel, all part of the kiki challenge, a viral sensation, people posting videos of themselves dancing to drake's song "in my feelings." more than half a million hashtags used on twitter of people participating. ♪ hey kiki >> reporter: including celebrities like ciara and will smith but now a disturbing trend has emerged. some participants trying to one-up each other doing the kiki while they jump out of moving cars. 18-year-old anna warden from iowa tried to kiki out of a car but ended up being airlifted to the icu. >> we were over by the roundabout and i thought it would be a fun idea to do the kiki challenge.
7:43 am
>> reporter: she fell, hit her head and was rushed to the hospital unconscious. she was then treated for a skull fracture, blood clots and bleeding in her brain. >> i'm the one that got majorly hurt. >> reporter: jalen norwood risked serious injury with this attempt. norwood tried to explain his thinking on "jimmy kimmel live." >> the plan was he was supposed to come slow. towards me and i was going to jump on the hood and continue dancing. >> reporter: incidents like this are prompting warnings from law enforcement. just days ago the national transportation safety board cautioned drivers not to participate. >> we just realize this is a really unsafe driving behavior that could lead to crashes and potentially injuries and deaths. >> reporter: police departments have issued warnings about this all over the country and the concern has spread worldwide. in fact in abu dhabi several people have been arrested after
7:44 am
participating in the challenge and police in spain have warned drivers could face criminal charges for participating. if you still feel compelled to do it after all that, do it like riley curry, take a look. not in a real car. not in a real street. safety first. she got it. >> she did it. >> there we go. >> we do see it done in a positive way. ciara has a challenge with her song and there was this dad whose young son is batting leukemia so in the hospital kenny, it was after his son christian's first chemo treatment and so you can see how it can be done in a positive way instead of jumping out of cars, yeah. i know. so sweet. so sweet. >> we just hope people know better than to have to be warned not to jump out of a car. >> i don't think i need to be warned about jumping out but some people do. >> some people need that. >> it's official now. don't jump out of a car. thank you, linsey. coming up, the incredible
7:45 am
close encounter caught on camera, a great white, look at that swimming right below a paddleboarders. what he is saying about this heart-stopping moment. whoo. what he is saying about this heart-stopping moment. whoo. ring him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. we really pride ourselves on >> temaking it easy for youass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time...
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whyever. introducing cheese cups by the laughing cow. snack like you. all right, we're back now with that crazy close call. this paddleboarder unaware of how close he came to a great white shark. a drone captured it all and abc's diane macedo is here.
7:49 am
>> get this, he says he knew there were sharks in the water. there have been several sightings in that area including just a few days ago but roger freeman figured what are the chances of an actual encounter. then he saw those drone images. >> don't look down. that's what they say, right? >> reporter: it was like a scene right out of "jaws." only this wasn't hollywood. 54-year-old roger freeman was paddleboarding off cape cod when unbeknownst to him, a large great white shark was lurking just feet away. >> it would be unusual to have an encounter. i might have fallen on him had i lost my balance. >> reporter: the breathtaking photos were taken by a lifeguard who captured the silhouette with his drone camera. >> i noticed there was something swimming into my frame and it was a white shark and panned up to like the horizon line and that's when i saw the paddleboarder and the shark swimming closer to each other and it was a crazy scenario.
7:50 am
>> reporter: freeman says he's just happy that close encounter didn't get any closer. >> i'm glad i got to go home for breakfast and not be breakfast. >> he says he's also glad he didn't know the shark was there because he does occasionally fall off the board and if he knew the shark was there he probably would have panicked. from the safety of the shore his first reaction was that's so cool. >> i bet he'll go right back out there. >> he knew a shark might be there. >> he said because of the recent encounters, he knew they were be out there. he figured they're far off, the chances of one coming close to him was a measured risk. too much of a beautiful day to give up. >> okay. >> glad it ended well. >> it did. as he said, he's happy he got to go home for breakfast and not be breakfast. fortnite frenzy. would you hire a coach to help your kids get to -- >> is that a rhetorical question?
7:51 am
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good morning, south bay. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi, gardening. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for that forecast. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica. hi, everybody. still a damp morning for some of us, especially across the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge of san francisco and the coast. it's going to be a little breezy on the bay later on this afternoon, while the rest of us will have high clouds and hazy sunshine. with 90s in the east bay valleys, way up in the north bay, otherwise, 80s inland, 60s and 70s along the bay and low to mid-60s along the coast and san francisco. not much of a change in the forecast. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, a touch warmer friday and saturday. alexis? >> okay, taking a look at 280 once again. i want to head back to the daly city area, just north of there, where we had our rollover crash on southbound 101, before beforb
7:57 am
serramonte boulevard, that has cleared to the shoulder, but we have some onlooker delay, and looking good on the northbound side where we had another crash. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are stacked up, thinning out a bit on the left. >> alexis, thank you. coming up on "gma," "fortnite" frenzy. "fortnite" frenzy. how california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. amazing survival. all 103 people on board survived. the race to get everyone out. what a passenger on board is telling us this morning. angie's list under fire. the popular site accused of false advertising. the new lawsuit about background checks and the workers coming into your home. fortnite phenomenon. more than 125 million people are playing across the globe. some parents are concerned but now others are actually hiring coaches to help their kids win. using the game as a way to bond with their family. "gma" exclusive. look who is taking the coveted cover of "instyle" magazine.
8:01 am
jennifer aniston opening up about motherhood and the most common misconceptions people have and what she's saying about a "friends" reboot. from ufc to wwe, champion ronda rousey is here in times square, and she's saying -- >> good morning, america chairman i want to put a twizzler in front of her and see if she takes it. >> good morning, america. so great to have ronda rousey out. big new movie out, "mile 22" with mark wahlberg. >> look at these super fans. they think they're here for something else involving wrestle, as you can tell but little do they know ronda will give them a big surprise just ahead. >> right outside their door. they don't even know it. great midweek motivation for you helping you succeed, you know, break through that fear that you might have. this morning it's about getting comfortable being uncomfortable
8:02 am
and devon franklin is a great inspirati inspirational coach. it's really something. when you look at discomfort if you separate it, dis-comfort, break away the dis from comfort. there you have the lesson. go to work now. >> push through the pain. >> devon explains it much better. we want to get to this amazing story, all 103 surviving a plane crash and back to victor oquendo there in mexico city with the latest. good morning again, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the locals calling it a miracle. that plane was supposed to come here to mexico city but never made it more than a mile past the runway in durango northwest of us. passengers we heard from describing the plane bouncing off the runway, hearing a loud bang and things went dark and the urgent scramble to get off as quickly as possible before it burst into flames. of the nearly 103 people on
8:03 am
board everyone survived. only the captain and one other person is in series but stable condition. at least one american was on board, reverend esequiel sanchez from chicago. the archdiocese says he's alert and relaxing. a strong gust of wind during takeoff may be to blame and an investigation is opened up but the big headline not a single life was lost. robin. >> that is the big headline, all right, thank you. the trial of president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. if convicted manafort could end up spending the rest of his life in prison and back to kyra phillips at the white house in alexandria, virginia. good morning, kyra. >> reporter: no question the stakes are high for both manafort and mueller because it manafort is convicted, it would offer mueller some leverage here. day two of this trial and starting to hear from more
8:04 am
witnesses including manafort's former business partner and star witness, rick gates. the question being now how much power did gates really have? prosecutors painting manafort as a liar and failing to report tens of millions he made but the defense says manafort is only guilty of putting his trust in the wrong person. gates, by the way, already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and, yes, this is our first public glimpse into robert mueller's investigate but no mention of collusion or manafort knowing anything about russian meddling in his campaign that he ran for month, more to come, george. >> i'm sure there will be. thanks very much. if you've ever taken public transportation you know those announcements people don't listen to or new york people really can't understand, you know -- [ mumbling ] they're going to listen now
8:05 am
because seth rogen is doing them as only he can. from the toronto transition commission now. >> hey, it. tc riders, seth rogen, fellow canadian and public ran sit transit user. that polite person quietly texting over there, who can also hear your conversation, be that person, not the person you're being, thank you. >> other cities in canada are launching complaiampaigns to he voice. >> he's very polite. he's got the message. >> of course. coming up, the popular website angie's list accused of false claims involving background checks of people coming that their home. fortnite frenzy. some parents are trying to take their kids to the next level. "pop news" has gone to the dogs. today we celebrate a very special day for our four-legged
8:06 am
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welcome back. this wonderful audience that we have here on this wednesday morning and tomorrow we've got an exciting "deals & steals" lined up for everybody and your dog and, guys, we're already getting a jump on that with the dogs here. [ cheers and applause ] for "pop news." yep. >> we'll get to that in a
8:11 am
minute. we have dogs all over the studio. we will explain but first a couple of stories for you in other "pop news." we begin with this. did someone order a pizza and piano concerto? this guy, bruce is a pizza guy/piano prodigy who delivered more than a couple of pies. he saw their baby grand and asked if he could take a closer look. they said, sure, come on in. the next thing you know they were listening to this. ♪ >> wow. not too shabby. that would would would would wod [ applause ] >> the third movement of beethoven's "moonlight sonata." playing it from memory. no sheet music and captivated their entire family.
8:12 am
the family so enthralled, they posted that video and it read, why are you delivering pizzas? well, i can tell you why. he is saving up for college. he is headed to macomb college on a baseball scholarship but all the attention he's gotten has renewed his passion for music. [ applause ] more news now. i mean, over the years the rock has given us so many reasons to adore him. this morning he may have outdone himself. we want you to see this. he posted it on instagram. he's pretending he's doing a quick interview with his stunt man who happens to be his cousin, but here's the surprise. it's okay, little puppy. check out the surprise right here. >> the truth is he's been an incredible partner and brother to me. it's been an honor and want to say from the bottom of my heart i love you, i thank you and enjoy your new truck.
8:13 am
>> no. >> nice. >> gosh. [ applause ] so overcome with emotion he has a hard time staying on his feet. on his instagram post the rock said he represents an entire hollywood stunt community that is the backbone of the business and went on to say that uso has broken multiple bone, over the years to achieve some the amazing stunts that make the rock look so good. can we talk about the genes in that family? that truck, so well deserved. >> he's upset. >> so finally the reason for the dog, we're going to deliver some pup news now and exactly why we have dogs all over the studio including my rescue pekingese and lukas.
8:14 am
we have to get little man lukas on. yeah. we also have ron's dog sunny outside. yeah, there he is. [ applause ] so, the reason is that today is august 1st but in the canine community it's known as dogust 1st. our friends at the north shore animal league created the day to celebrate all the dogs whose birthdays are not known when they arrive in shelters. we want to cut to the puppy cam. there is more birthday boys and girls. every one of these dog, you're seeing, guys, aside from the ones in my arms and amber's is available for adoption. go to if you're interested. there is an adventure in the city today. if you happen to be on 23rd street the first 20 adoptions on petland, the adoptions are free. when you adopt you're saving not
8:15 am
one but two lives, the animal you take home but the animal spot it opens in the shelter. they've changed our lives for the better and that, my friends is "pop news." >> hey, amber, come up here, see is lukas wants a brother. >> sure. >> if they would get along. >> hey. >> yeah, look there. ah. >> checking each other out. and we adopted from north shore so we thank all of our friends here from north shore faux for bringing little lukas into our lives. >> they saved over a million dogs since they opened. >> jasmine is like a snuggle bum. >> look the at this. >> what is the matter? >> thank you for sharing that. >> of course. happy birthday. [ applause ] dogust 1st. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. oh, it's going to be hard to do but we're going to move on to
8:16 am
our "gma" cover story. what you got going on there -- >> i got franklin. >> let me take him there. >> when you put him down like that, that could be dangerous. just saying. thank you. as we were saying our cover story on the fortnite phenomenon. more than 125 million people play the game. usually you hear about parents trying to get their kids to put down the controls but in a story we first spotted in "the wall street journal," parents are trying to help their kids win by hiring tutors. coaching for them. deb roberts is here with that. >> how can i follow this with dogs? i want to bring my pepper. we'll come to that later. this is a trend raising eyebrows. we heard of parents hiring coaches to help with little league baseball or football or maybe on the chess team but a tutor for gaming? come on. some parents say e-sports are just as legitimate and it's good
8:17 am
for family bonding. the battle to the death video game has a grip on kids across america with millions more playing worldwide. big wins on fortnite equals big bragging rights amongst friends. >> you got to listen for people here too. >> reporter: ask mason and his brother carson who can't get enough of the online action. >> it's fun when you're good at it. >> reporter: they're desperate to up their game so dad paul has enlisted the help of a virtual tutor. >> i think our time with them is super limited. especially with work and i was kind of watching them play and i thought, like, i should check this out. >> nice, good job, dude. >> reporter: he's paying upwards of $25 a pop to help all three of them to improve their play. >> i'm going to get into spectator mode real quick. >> reporter: their coach says he has more than 30 clients and is growing. >> i wanted to help people achieve their dreams and see coaching as, you know, being that person that's there for
8:18 am
them. >> reporter: some may wonder if it's another example of parents going over the top to make their kids winners. but paul says it's all about bonding with his sons. >> this is one of many things we do together. when i have an interest in something, it definitely makes things easier. >> a great way to bond if you both love playing video game, this is something you can doing to and have fun. it rlly does treat a nice moment and for a parent and child. >> reporter: joel mchale recently told "gma" being part of a fortnite tournament raised his cache with his kids. >> he said i'm way better than you. for five minutes they liked me as a father, so it -- it worked out. >> reporter: with increased use parents need to set limits. >> there is a risk of too much screen time and fortnite is a game that is played on a screen. well, you might want to limit, put real limits on the screen time. >> reporter: still, paul thinks fortnite is a valuable tool for staying close with his boys.
8:19 am
>> i didn't go into it expecting to be this big, huge thing we'd bond over. i'd probably be happier in it was golf and if it lasts for the next pops cool, if it lasts for the next year, cool. i'm fine with it either way. >> reporter: some parents forking over fortnite cash says it's not just about bragging rights but investing in their kids' futures. a lot of colleges are offering scrippss for skilled gamer and tournament money is up to $100 million. >> so there is big money in it if you're the best of the best. >> a new way to bond with your children. how much bonding is going on? >> well, you know, i rolled my eyes about that too. some say they're playing with their kids and that is a good thing but the big worry if your kids are on it, on it with no supervision and balance is the key to anything. >> will we have a play date with pepper? >> pepper and lukas. got his bow tie on like that.
8:20 am
we turn to the popular website angie's list which is under fire facing a lawsuit from the district attorney in san francisco who accuses the company of viralifiling false a misleading claims of background checks. rebecca jarvis is here. >> reporter: claims they make on their website, tv commercials and apps are likely to deceive consumers into thinking the individuals coming to their homes have undergone a background check even when that is not the case. angie's list makes it easy -- the home improvement resource many of us turn to, angie's list. everything from finding someone to paint your house to remodeling your ditchen but this morning the san francisco district attorney filing a lawsuit claiming the company has made a number of false and misleading representations about background checks, on television their website and their smartphone app. the suit alleges angie's list deceives potential customers into thinking they do background
8:21 am
checks on workers that come into their home stating this is not the case. angie's list only background checks the principal owner of the owner listed on their list and not the individual worker or subcontractor that comes to their home. in the suit prosecutors point to deceptive language. >> this kind of case gives hope that there's word going out on the teeth that false advertising in the internet is something that's not going to be tolerated. >> reporter: the suit seeks civil penalties and restitution. angie's list releasing a statement saying in part we disagree with the claims made in this case and stand by both our screening process and commitment to the best interests of our customers. >> angie's list answered but what should they do if there is a problem. >> go to the police if there is criminal behavior and report it to angie's list. if the person coming in is licensed go to the licenses
8:22 am
agency they're licensed by and report the claim there. they may even lose their license over it. the most important thing to do is document, take pictures if there are issues. make sure you make a note of all the dates and whatever they did in your home and then there's also a good idea to have a buddy with you. if you have a stranger coming into your home have someone else there with you. >> thanks very much. over to rob. >> we're in the dog pen, george. check it out. dog is first. [ applause ] this is my rescue sunny. we got her june 3rd so we've been celebrating that but today we're celebrating with the rest of the rescue and shelter dogs you've adopt and may not know their birthday because today is dogust 1st. check out the cake. i'm surprised sunny is managing to keep her birthday hat on and these dogs are adorable and look how friendly they are with a strange dog in the house. they just want to give log. this woman out of new jersey injured on one leg so her puppy is like, i can be like momma.
8:23 am
i can do now to our exclusive first look at "instyle" new cover star jennifer aniston opening up about her life now and the most common misconception people have about her. and laura brown is here with us. >> i can always have that in the
8:24 am
morning. how are you? >> if only. jimmy kimmel's wife molly mcnearney did this interview. such a great job and got her to talk so candidly. i love that question, finally hearing from jennifer herself what is the biggest misconception about her? >> yeah, it's just that she -- she's speaks a lot about -- what is funny with molly, when are we the twins due and she was like only you could ask that. a single woman is less than anyone like she said has anybody ever been called a spin ter to a man. the interview is so easy. it's two good friends and 4 t 49 years old. >> a great number if i do say myself. >> over all these misconceptions. her life-threateniove life is ai
8:25 am
movies. >> how is jennifer handling it when women, men, people feel like they can say why don't you have kids. >> she said women are not defined by having children. maybe she is meant to do something he. people don't know the back story or emotional story or health story. whatever goes on behind the decision to have or do not have children, and it's not up to anybody to judge. >> and hurtful because you don't know what those reasons are. >> it's hard enough for any woman if she is not trying to conceive and not in a relationship, imagine seeing your entire life plastered on every billboard every day. >> most of it not correct. >> nothing to be envied. >> listen, a very important question for a lot of us. will there ever be a "friends" reboot? >> she said matt leblanc is not into it. joey, get him on the line. but the best part, my fantasy
8:26 am
and what she mentioned maybe she and courtney and lisa kudrow could get together to do "golden girl s." >> a girl can dream. you made my day. one of the important things everyone is including, talk to me about that. >> what we did in september "instyle," we did a video of everybody in the issue who has been photographed giving a high-five from jen to jimmy kimmel to the lawyers putting the children back with their parents and all high-fiving each otr and the idea no one is better than anyone else. because you're a movie star you're not better than anyone who works in a deli. everyone who reads it doesn't feel worse, you feel better. you feel involved and included and if you buy a shoes, all the better. >> what a great message. great to see you. can't wait to see it, september issue.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. the mendocino complex fire is growing, at the same time, containment is up. the river and ranch fires both in their fifth day have combined to burn 90,000 acres of brush and forest. cal fire puts the river fire at 38% containment, while the ranch fire is 15% contained. more on that story on our midday news. but right now, we have alexis and traffic. >> yeah, good morning, reggie. we are looking live at our walnut creek camera, southbound 680. we had a crash reported right around north main. i'm not seeing anything on this camera and actually, it's not looking terrible. not much slower than it typically does for a rush hour
8:28 am
commute. so i don't think that's blocking any longer. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 40 minutes. about 20, westbound 4 antioch to concord. and san rafael to san f ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. get your yes for less at the newest ross store in south santa rosa.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. getting reports of the mist and drizzle, not quite as widespread as it used to be, and that will continue to be the trend, even though our temperatures are still steady except for around antioch, where we're finally finding some sunshine.
8:30 am
caution on the bay today, it's going to be a little breezy. look at these temperatures, reggie. not much change. >> thanks, mike. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and the news continues now with ♪ welcome back to "gma." what a wonderful audience we have. our next guest is a former ufc champion, current with. we superstar. she is now starring in the new movie with mark wahlberg called "mile 22." would you please welcome ronda rousey. [ applause ] ronda, good to see you. >> thank you. >> nice to have you. >> same here. [ applause ] >> whoo.
8:31 am
>> hello. >> good to be here. >> great to have you here. not like you have enough going on. >> oh, yeah. >> what is this about the browsy farm. >> browsy acres. >> that's -- me and my husband are trying to make our property self-sustaining and it's an ongoing process so right now we got five goat, 11 chickens. four turkey, eight ducks, a steer, that's coby and he likes going out in the evening. >> so you're just a farmer at heart with everything you have going on you're just a farmer at heart. >> you could call it farming. i feel like it's zombie apocalypse doomsday prepping. it sounds a little bore. i want to go green and i want to try going domestic a little more excitement.
8:32 am
zombie, same situation so i need to learn how to garden. [ applause ] >> let's talk about "mile 22." you and mark wahlberg super secret cia team. >> yeah, black ones. >> as black as it gets. you want to see some of it? [ applause ] >> on your left. your right. >> where is it? >> status. >> looks like the threat is breaking contact. [ applause ] >> oh. >> tactical training and i hear it happened at the zombie apocalypse house. >> not exactly but the closest thing to it. our director didn't want me to be so recognizable as me so didn't want me doing
8:33 am
hand-to-hand combat but tactical gun training so had a navy s.e.a.l. and army ranger take the cast and we had an abandoned hotel and real guns and blanks and reining through the building and showing us how to clear the building and all the concepts this he use. >> you're totally ready for the apocalypse. [ applause ] >> yeah. that's the good thing, though. no one is totally ready. more work to do. >> did you practice at home? >> i di and i would like walk around like this and practice going -- i will explain it to my kids and husband. they don't care about -- go around the corner like this and they don't care. running around the house and when you scan and, like, way. yeah, they put up with a lot. >> it's recommend miss sent of your days in the ufc when you were doing that in a little different. >> how are you enjoying it? >> such a great time.
8:34 am
we got a summer slam coming up august 19th. yeah. and, yeah, it's not work. i just have a great time every single day and that's it. >> what are the major differences and similarities between the two? >> wwe is much more like movie fight choreography than fighting. i'd relate it to broadway where everyone does their own stunts and everybody learns the lines before they go out there and all the fight choreography is made up on the fly. i'm not that guy. a lot make it up on the fly. i need more preparation. >> we're seeing that. >> yes, you are. [ applause ] >> you're so good you might have built a little bit of a fan base up, let's discuss say. we have some young girls and i want to -- let's walk. we want to surprise them. they are with the organization beat the streets and they're huge fans of yours and think they're here, ronda, they think
8:35 am
they're here becauser they're doing another wrestling segment. they have no idea you're here but you're their biggest hero. i know you've been wrestling for quite some time. when did you know you wanted to do it? in high school, or before -- >> there's a lot of things. which one? >> i should specify, the wrestling part of it. >> i never thought it was a real possibility until like, i don't know, like last year. >> really? >> yeah. >> so this is pretty cool these girls already have it figured out. this is what they love. i'll let you do the honors. go ahead and knock. >> okay. >> go in. >> all right. let's open the door. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> how is it going? >> what's up? >> look at this. it's ronda rousey. >> oh, my gosh.
8:36 am
okay, so look at this. we've got your hero here. would you guys like to ask miss rousey anything? it's your big chance. putting you on the spot. >> how is the transition been from ufc to e? >> oh, my gosh. it's just fun. it's fun all of the time. it's cool. it's cool going into all the venues i used to fight and like how you are when you're going into competition, you're in that mode and serious and it's like anxiety and and excitement and go into the same venues and it's like a completely different feel like no stress at all. imagine you got all the good stuff out without any of the anxiety. >> did you think you were here just because of your wrestling? >> yeah. >> did the surprise actually work? >> yeah. >> we'll let you get pictures with ronda but i'm glad we got you and glad it was a good
8:37 am
surprise, right? >> yes. >> you have some good moves. "mile 22" hits theaters august 17th. coming up, the keys to success and learning how to get comfortable being uncomfortable could change anything. i know these ladies know a little something about that. we'll be right
8:38 am
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welcome back. dogust 1st and celebrating. have you met sunny? i rescued sunny right here. today is now going to be her birthday along with the birth days of every other shelter and rescue dog. puppy on the loose. want birthday cake? we've got some doggie cities for you. happy dogust. some of the dog name, thor, jasmine, jack, dolly bay and >> back to you, robin. say, back to you. back to you, robin. >> you're having a good time,
8:41 am
rob. thank you very much. [ applause ] all right. now to some midweek motivation. could you use a little midweek motivation? i feel ya. we want to motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace discomfort. you heard me, embrace discomfort. first i'd like everyone in our audience to stand up. everyone in our audience stand up, okay. all right. now, if you answer yes to any of the following three questions and if you answer yes to any -- hey, sorry. my back to you. if you answer yes, i want you to sit down. the first question has fear ever kept you from starting something new. has that ever happened to you? if that's happened to you, sit down. all right. have you ever decided not to go through something because you were not sure about what the outcome would be? has that kept you from doing something. okay, we still got some standers, i like this.
8:42 am
have you ever experienced life changes that were out of your control. i got to sit down with that. anything out of your control. >> all right, all right. we got one person standing. i'll have what you're interes is the majority are seated and tells us most of us are dealing with discomfort but don't know what to do with it. this next guest will help us, "the new york times" best-selling author, a spiritual success coach. stand up one more time and give it up for devon franklin. [ applause ] >> hey, good morning. >> come on, baby. >> hey. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> good to see you. good to see you. good morning. >> sit down. thank you. >> yeah. >> whoo! you know, it was interesting, posing those questions, thank y'all very much.
8:43 am
we always get the best audience but it really shows a lot that, you know, a lot of us are dealing with. this is something i've talked to my family and friends with and you've dealt with it too. >> how are you? >> it's so hard because discomfort is uncomfortable but led to my greatest personal success. i was an executive at the biggest studio in hollywood making the biggest movies that played all around the world but i wasn't happy because there were gifts and talents within me that the job couldn't fulfill. do i tay in the job which was my comfort zone or did i quit, face discomfort and know that it was going to lead me to my destiny. i quit. people said you're committing career suicide. it's been four years and it's been hard. i don't even know where my next paycheck is coming from. i have more peace and freedom since starting my own company and embracing disas a lifestyle than i had in ten years working
8:44 am
in the job where i knew what my kifrts zone was. >> wonderful. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but you know what, system so true. if you are comfort with yourself you learn so much more about yourself this those uncomfortable moments. >> don't we? >> those times you were willing to venture outside of your comfort zone. i did a quebradillas quiz and it said when were you most happy in doing things so i listed the things that made me -- i was happen yesterday and those are the times that i ventured outside of my comfort zone. >> when we do that we begin a process of discovery. we begin to face challenges and complacency because a comfort zone is anything that keeps us satisfied. and when we're satisfied we don't work to become better or to grow so it could look like a relationship that's gone stag annapolis are a friendship to longer growing or a health situation where we know we have to be healthier but our unhealthy habits become more
8:45 am
comfortable to us. we ask ourselves questions. why am i unhappy? why am i so uncomfortable? what would make me happier and bring me peace. when she ask these questions begin to seek the answers and they take us to our destiny, the place where we were designed to be. now, here's what i know. most people don't realize discomfort leads to destiny. turn to your neighbor and say, neighbor, come on, now, say it louder. your discomfort is leading you to your destiny. >> all: is leading you to your destiny. >> common. your discomfort is leading you to your destiny. come on, give yourselves some applause in you remind me of my sister. she says do not let fear keep you from your destiny because so many people do that.
8:46 am
we know why. when we come back you'll show us how to be able to do all this. all right. so devon is going to tell us how to embrace fully this advantage and use it to your advantage. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
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8:48 am
stand up. spiritual success coach. talking about why it is important to embrace discomfort and we have a question from the audience. courtney, you have one for devon. >> hi, devon. >> hey, courtney? this resonates with me because i'm going through a bit of a transition in my life and the unknown is really, really scary. how would you recommend embracing that discomfort? >> you know, physical of all, courtney, you're in a transition like so many others. so thank you for your courage. three tips and how it will lead to your success.
8:49 am
first we have to accept our past so accept your past. too often we doubt how we got here and guilty of a decision we made, we're remorseful i should have done this. stop it. our past is behind us. accept everything that has led you to this point. number two, confront your present. that means you got to face your fears. anything you're afraid of, you got to hit it head on. you may have to get out of a certain relationship that's not contributing to your growth and may have to put in a new resume for your job. i'm not telling everybody to quit. but you have to identify what your comfort zone is and begin to confront your present. the third thing plan for your future. write your business plan and know when you begin to plan, when you begin to confront and when you accept it's going to take you everywhere you need to be. uncomfortable but when you do it, your best life is right within your grasp. >> yeah. [ applause ]
8:50 am
i have often looked at uncertainty as meaning there are endless possibilities. it's all how you phrase it and look at it. okay, so you're saying accept. >> confront. >> and plan. >> and plan. >> can you show us, explain it to us. >> so when you accept it you allow yourself to say whatever happens is beyond me. when i confront it i put myself on a plan and face my fears answer when i plan i get ready for the best things in life. can i talk -- here's what i want you to do. grab your neighbor's hand if you would because in the -- actually don't cross hand, just grab one hand, one on your right and left. here's what happens. when we embrace discomfort it can be lonely. can i get an amen, somebody. >> amen. >> i want you to know you're not by yourself. everyone stand as you hold your neighbor's hand as a sign you're embracing discomfort holding the hand of a survivor.
8:51 am
someone who's been through something and raise your neighbor's hand. this is the sign of victory. you will get victory if you embrace discomfort. even though you may be discomfortable other uncomfortable you are not desperate. you will win if you do not quit. this is the victory sign, it is yours. embrace its. you've got it. give yourselves a round of applause. yes, come on. >> i know. [ applause ] i do see the victory sign like that. >> because we're in it together. we're all in it together. >> why do we feel so isolated when we go through something? y'all can sit down. >> we think we're the only ones going through our problems. you ask everyone a question and pretty much everyone sat down? we're all a little stronger than we think we are. >> you got that right. >> we have more courage than we we will lyze. it takes courage to believe the best is yet to come. >> it takes courage to believe it and live it. once we start living it is when
8:52 am
we're alive and awake and the best things start to happen. >> you're the best thing that happened to us. >> thank you, robin. >> he'll join me for -- t.j. holmes, put your phone down, t.j. holmes. put your phone down right now. you're tweeting this stuff out? okay. i thought i was busting you on something. >> thank you, t.j. thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> well, you know, t.j., stick around because devon will stay for a facebook page live right off the show. send us your questions. we' we'll be right back. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> announcer: friday the summer party is on. when kelsea ballerini takes over the park. ♪ i hate love songs >> announcer: in a summer block party presented by king's hawaiian. "good morning america" is sponsored by target. >> once again, happy dogust, dogust 1st and thank you, devon franklin. >> my pleasure. >> i got you sweating. >> you got me sweating in the studio. >> he's going to stick around for a facebook live to presence your questions and break through that fear. >> have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors
8:59 am
july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. and meteorologist mike nicco has a look at your forecast. hey, mike. >> hey, reggie. hi, everybody. still pretty gray in most neighborhoods. but that mist and drizzle just about over. a little breezy at our beaches and around the bay today with pretty close to seasonal temperatures from 60s in the coast, san francisco, oakland, richmond, 70s elsewhere around the bay. mainly 80s inland. now, check out the accuweather receiv seven-day forecast. minor fluctuations in the temperature, but morning clouds and afternoon sunshine all seven days, alex. >> sounds good, mike. taking a look at the roads here this morning, we have yet another crash on 280. that's been a trouble spot here today. this time on the southbound side before the 92 merge. rollover crash blocking the two left lanes. that's adding close to a 30-minute back up.
9:00 am
i would definitely stick to 101. the crash has cleared on the westbound side of 180 for the richmon richmond/san rafael bridge. >> now time for [cheers and applause] >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan"! today, from the film "the spy who dumped me," mila kunis! and fighter, wrestler, and actress, ronda rousey! also, they are little and cute. baby animals with peter gros. lisa rinna is ryan's cohost for the day. all next on "live"! and now, here are ryan seacrest and lisa rinna! [cheers and applause] ♪


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