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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 17, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! a somber morning form law enforcement in the bay area. a funeral procession was held for fallen chp officer kirk griess. griess was killed in the line of duty on interstate 80 and fairfield. thank you for joining us. today family, friends and the community are gathered to honor his life. griess was a veteran of the force. the ceremony began at 9:00 in vacaville, crossed over interstate 80 and
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to the church called father's house. carlo saucedo joining me live from the church where right now. carlson. >> good morning, jessica. this is where the procession ended for the memorial service for fallen chp officer kirk griess. the service started at 11:00. we want to take you live inside. this is a live picture of what's going on there. there is a moment of prayer happening. hundreds of people are gathered inside to pay this final respects to fallen chp motorcycle officer griess. 46 years old, his family is here, friends are here, and colleagues with the california highway patrol where as you mentioned he served for 19 years. we want to go and show you the moment as his motorcade was arriving. hporcle oicsa ng mane, his ckenyivg a absolute t
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officer. griess killed in a collision involving a truck near fairfield a weekago. a civilian was also killed in the crash. investigators say the suspect responsible was driving reckless. griess -- >> a great component to the community, his 14-year-old son being involved in all the different things, his daughter also about to the graduate from the academy to be an officer also in four weeks. just imagine that. following in her father's footsteps. >> that's one great legacy to leave behind. griess was known to his close friends at hollywood since they said he had a contagious smile. again, the service just started at 11:00 and expected to go on to 12:30. we'll hear from a number of colleagues from the california highway patrol as well as family members. reporting live in vacaville, carlson saucedo, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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brentwood needs your help finding missing 15-year-old boy. officials say elijah williams mother dropped him off at the complex at 6:45 last night and never saw him again. here is his photo. wilson described as 5'2", dark brown hair, brown eyes and weighs about 100 pounds. he was wearing blue jeans, gray vans and same colored shirt you see in the photo. call police if you have any information. the attorney for one of the ghost ship fire defendants says the trial will happen sometime next year. attorney tony sira who represents derek el mina. they will no longer accept plea deals. meanwhile harris's lawyer said d.a. o'malley should personally try the case and put her
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reputation on it. last week an alameda county judge tossed out a deal accepted by another judge setting the stage for a very lengthy trial. happening now the family of nia wilson filing a lawsuit against bought. 18-year-old wilson stabbed at a random and died at the b.a.r.t. station a month ago. her sister was also stabbed in the case but she survived. the suspect john cowell caught within 24 hours. he's due back in court next week. wilson's family said he should have been banned from b.a.r.t. for fair evasion. take a look here at the two-alarm fire burning at a commercial warehouse in pleasanton. you can see huge flames coming from the warehouse. it started about 3:30 this morning. it was a scene on bush road. unclear, though, how that fire began. no one was hurt. crews got the fire under control in about two hours. we're about a month and a half away from the midterm election but candidates already
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starting to position themselves for the presidential race of 2020. an east way congressman says he's considering throwing in his hat into the ring. abc 7 news reporter matt keller into with him this morning. ma matt. >> good morning, jessica. the coffee with congressman wrapped up about an hour ago. talked about many issues facing the nation. many people wanted to ask him about what he's doing in 2020. summer brach for eric is heating up. he met with constituents at east bay cafe in fremont. he's up for election on november 6th. on top of that his wife is pregnant with second child. the baby girl is due on the 4th. his frequent visits to iowa where the first presidential caucus will be held in 2020 have sparked rumors of a potential run for president. he says he's not quite ready to make it official. >> i'm going to consider it
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after the midterms. i'm doing rpg to make it back to washington to represent east bay. >> he's been critical of president trump and his policies. particularly outspoken on opposition to tax cuts. his focus is on modernizing schools and a health care guarantee for all. he says even though the economy is booming, not everyone is benefiting. >> i'm considering it because the idea of america is at risk of no longer being true. the idea you can work hard and it will mean something. >> as expected most of today's crowd is fwibehind tbehind behit >> i'd like a younger, fresher perspective. i think he'd do a good job and i would support him. >> even though you're a republican. >> even though i'm a republican. >> i asked him what his wife thinks about running for president in 2020. he said she's supportive. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. we received an update on
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wildfires burning up north. the car fire burning in shasta and trinity counties has burned 218,000 acres and is 75% contained h and this is a new map of the mendocino complex comprised of ranch and river fires. they are 76 and 100% contained respectively. as you can see the ranch fire, the larger of the two, has burned 330 acres. new this morning, a san jose teacher is in jail after police say he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. 39-year-old christopher florio teaches and is the conductor for california youth symphony in palo alto. investigators say he sentiments sexually explicit photos to a 16-year-old girl. they arrested him at his house yesterday. he's charged with cop spirg with a minor to committing a felony. a man responsible for at least two robberies, the suspect
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wearing a shirt with the word security on the back in the robbery that happened july 24th at a chevron station. he throughout cash register on the ground to get it open. police say the same man robbed a little caesar's august 6th. anyone with information on this is asked to call police. twelve electric scooter companies want to operate in san francisco but the city will issue permits to only five of them. scooters began popping up in the spring. the chronicle reports they will look at self factors when facton issuing. it could hurt competitors. many residents complained following rollout of scooters because they are left on sidewalks. campaign chairman charged with taking millions. will the president pardon him if found guilty. tesla's stock is tanking. why regulators will pressure
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elon musk to change his role with the company. >> in accuweather we have sunshine breaking out across the region. it will be a warmer afternoon but hotter air moves
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welcome back. happening now jurors continuing their deliberations in the paul manafort case. this is day two. the former trump campaign chairman is accused of hiding millions of dollars from the government and defrauding banks.
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nbc's kenneth moton has more from the federal courthouse in alexandria, virginia. >> reporter: a second day of jury deliberations and jury feel it's good news for paul manafort chairman. >> they had some questions which the judge addressed and they have asked to come back. overall a good day for mr. manafort. >> at the end of day one those 12 jurors asked the judge four questions including the definition of reasonable doubt. solely on what you heard in court using common sense. he urged the six men and women to use common sense and find manafort guilty of defrauding banks. special counsel robert mueller's team said it happened before manafort's work on 2016 trump campaign. this morning trump weighed in on the campaign from the white house. >> i think the whole manafort trial is very sad.
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upping it's a sad day for our country. >> defense attorneys say they are confident prosecutors did not meet the beg your pardon. in their closing a little art to the jury they hammered away at his business partner rick gates, the star witness, painting him as the real crook. the president was asked if manafort was convicted would he pardon him. the president drind to comment saying, quote, i don't talk about that. abc news outside the federal courthouse in alexandria, virginia. fully morning the trump administration is ending funding for stabilization projects that frees up $200 million for the u.s. government elsewhere. today's announcement seen as a sign adhering to plans to to too involvement in syria. criticizing president trump's decision to strip
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security clearance of john brennan. brennan has been an outspoken critic of the president. the president said it was tied to the russia investigation saying brennan is one of those responsible for it. brennan fired back in the "new york times" calling the president's claims there was no collusion hogwash. >> i think there was clearly an attempt by the president to try to make his critics go away. >> mr. brennan has gone way over the line in my view and i think restricting his clearance, pulling his clearance makes sense to me. >> the statement from the intelligence leaders calls the president's decision ill considered and unprecedented. tesla shares have slumped by as much as 9% today. this follows ceo elon musk revealing details about taking the company private to the "new york times." musk tweeted about having to finance -- i should say having finance to buy tesla back from its shareholders. he also admitted in an interview with the times he never had anyone else review those plans
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beforing tweeting. some analysts believe tesla may face pressure from regulators to change musk's roll because of his actions on twitter. we have some cool options for those looking for fun things to do, eat, and drink. >> accuweather, sunshine affecting that rm whatting, up quickly. spots already near
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new your accuweather forecast. >> accuweather live doppler 7, satellite showing you cloud
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cover quickly pulled back to the coast. we'll loop this over the past four hours. you can see that satellite imagery, all that gray disappearing from the screens. this afternoon we're in store for a lot of sunshine. outside we go. this is the cam, getting a little white balance there. we did have sunny skies a moment ago. i want to switch to san jose camera, show you south bay. good morning, san jose, got a lot of sunshine, pier 39 camera in san francisco showing you you're basking in baby blue skies. a nice afternoon shaping up outside. right now temperature wise where we've had sunshine from get go like danville, already at 82 at this hour, 78 brentwood, 72 in san jose with that sunshine. where that fog kind of lingered a little bit longer, temperatures in san francisco and oakland at this hour, upper 50s to 60s. now that sunshine has broken out across much of the bay, those numbers will quickly warm up. highs today, 85 for san jose, 83
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santa clara, much warmer in morgan hill and gilroy mid-90s in the afternoon. peninsula, nice afternoon, 80 redwood city, half moon bay, a lot of sunshine, mild temperatures about 66. downtown san francisco later today will go into the upper 60s. 62 for daly city. north bay 88 santa rosa, 70 for sausalito, san rafael much warmer. 80s later on, 79 fremont, 74 for oakland, 77 castro valley. inland when you're already in the 80s before lunch time you know you're going to be a warm day today. going well into the 90s, hottest spots 97 for high in pittsburgh. central valley warm, numbers exceeding 100 degrees, even in southern california. san diego and l.a., a lot of sunshine there, low- to mid-80s over the next couple of hours. see later tonight, astros later in town.
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first pitch a lot of sunshine right around 70 degrees. it will be a mild start to the game. by 10:00 as the game is wrapping up, temperatures slowly falling into the lower 60s. overnight tonight here is the call from accuweather. it will be mainly clear night for a lot of us. make marine layer compressed, cloud cover, fog confined to the coastline. overnight lows temperatures mid to upper 50s as we get you into the start of your weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days, warm and sunny out there. later this afternoon that heat will increase to start out the weekend. saturday away from the coast warm to hot around the bayshore line, inland, 100 decision in the rm whattest spot. the heat will ease for the second half of the weekend. cooling air, refreshing air inland will arrive on monday afternoon. really probably the warmest weekend we've had so far this month but it won't stick around too long. >> looking forward to it. it's so bright out there, you need the sunlight. >> you saw that.
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sunshine from can dam. >> thank you. are you looking for a cool way to beat the heat this weekend? how does delicious beer or funky music sound? my abc 7 co-anchor reggie ahki has situation. >> ice cream, beer and blues, not necessarily that order. this is how it's looking from events from hoodline. i got to try an ice cream they light on fire before you put it in your mouth. >> we make it fresh and bring it to the m's masses with this cart. >> light it up. >> ice cream on fire, why not? >> it's like the ice cream version of s'>> a i mess? >> desert more gracely at spark social, san francisco ice cream festival sunday. 30 vendors from threa including churn urban creamery. they cut a quarter of the sugar
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to let natural flavors come through. it's almost like health food i'm telling myself. pruefest happening pier 75. 730 brewery, 200 beers and one price. no, you cannot buy tickets at the door so plan ahead. the whole family can enjoy the last event, polk street blues festival. music, arts, crafts, shopping. you really can't lose because this event is free. i have links on hood line website >> can't go wrong with any of those events. it is friday so that means it's time to meet a furry new friend or maybe a friend. how we are doubling the love in this week's perfect pet segment.
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welcome back, 11:25. time for this week's perfect pet and today's pick very appropriate. >> it is. today is black cat precious today. featuring an adorable duo. meet squirt and his little brother link. link has the shorter tail and a little plump. they are nine years old.
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their owner moved overseas and couldn't take them home. they are looking for a forever home. they like lots of playtime and don't mind dogs. if you would like to make squirt and link part of your home, call the number on the screen. >> and go to our website, we posted seven reasons black cats rule and the cats looking for forever homes on this appreciation day. if you're logging on from your phone download abc 7 apps to get news alerts, tune into news and weather on the abc 7 news at 4:00. if you're not going for squirt or link, plenty of other options on our website because black cats rule. >> i love them except i'm allergic to cats. >> i am, too. >> i know a lot of loving families out there could certainly don't a cat. it's a great cause.
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if you can, open up your doors and let a cat in. they are so cute and so friendly. >> they are. perfect for halloween. >> they are. you've got a couple months. from all of us at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
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>> one player, one dream, and 14 questions standing in the way. it's "who wants to be a millionaire"! [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're gonna jump right back into a good game. from cambridge, massachusetts, please welcome back nicholas berube! [cheers and applause] nicholas, good to see you again. >> good to see you too. >> five questions into your game yesterday, we got to $5,000, which was nice because now you're playing with house money. >> uh-huh. >> you got 5 grand in your pocket. we can only add to it today. and we're about to do that. you have all three of your lifelines, so you're in good shape as we get back to your game. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire"! [cheers and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $7,000 is where we start today.


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