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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 18, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday. august 18th. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. >> here is drew tuma tracking the conditions. >> weir on our way to the warm of the day all week and we will see hot temperatures away from the coast. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we have limited fog confined just to the immediate coastline. the picture outside is the san francisco sky line. we have clear skies over much of the city at this hour. thumbs up at 6:27. it will be efficient at warming
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us up quickly and by 4:00, it is warm. even around the bay we're in the low 80s and we're going into the upper 90s and it's not hitting the century mark and it's the spare the air day in the region with us forecasting poor air quality inland and in the santa clara valley because of smoke coming from the wildfires to our north and a little bit of haze will be in our atmosphere. we'll see how it's shaping up in the forecast in a few minutes. a vallejo man is charged with carjacking a chp cruiser. a chp was investigating a traffic collision and cornell bernard has the story. >> you see these things and see them on tv and this is the first time i've seen something like this happened. >> each the chp couldn't believe the crime aaron avatan is accused of pulling off.
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during the carjack, the cruiser's mirror got knocked off. avatan drove to the campus of diheth commandeer the bus, telling the ten students onboard he was a police officer. >> we got kidnapped. >> he knew what he was doing. >> he took the wheel from the bus driver mary speck. >> he demanded i get out of the bus now, so i did and he jumped in. >> a quick-thinking student attacked the man putting him in a choke hold. >> i tooked keys and turned them off and threw the car in park. >> when avatan tried to escape, others who witnessed the carjacking bravely jumped in to stop him. >> students that were coming from the campus here actually stopped and held the bus doors closed until police showed up on scene, and something this severe
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sacramento county jail and his bail is at $7.8 million. a motive for the bizarre crime is still unknown. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a three alarm grass fire broke out near alhambra avenue. contra costa fire was able to contained fire to 30 acres around 8:30, but the freeway was shut down around 9:30. firefighters immediately began structure protection and the fire was burning near a neighborhood and the historic john muir house and no one was hurt and no homes were damaged. >> we sent out a push alert and you can get updates by installing the abc news app. it works on both apple and android devices. contra costa county health officials are investigating a rat and cockroach infestation at sun valley mall. six restaurants were shut down and the businesses are back open
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and they're facing an administrative hearing with the health department and the district attorney. katie udas has the details. >> last week, a different scene. >> last week there was actually yellow caution tape all around this whole entire area. >> jcpenney employee had no idea why. we had no knowledge of a rat infestation. >> contra costa county, had rat and cockroach infest vaigz. >> this is very unusual to have this many facilities in a mall affected at the same time. >> that concerns me a lot because a lot of my coworkers do come here to the food court every day for lunch and it's not healthy. it's not safe. >> the first closures happened in may and the most recent, last week when an investigator found
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a live rat and a rodent contamination. >> there was a systemic problem and not just individual restaurant involving the mall itself. >> mall management shared this statement. tenants are responsible for complying for health department regulations. upon learning of the situation our management team stepped in t quickly remedy the situation and the food court is open after receiving clearance from the inspector. businesses are back open. >> wieldn't let them re-open unless we felt it was safe for consumers to go back. >> they do face an administrative hearing as they make sure that doesn't happen again. >> they should add there are no reported illnesses linked to this contamination. we have created a story on our website that contains the list of affected businesses. katie utehs abc 7 news. the suspect in a hit and run in the tenderloin neighborhood has been charged with murder.
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michael smith was in court yesterday. the charges stem from a tuesday night accident that killed 35-year-old gregory placplac his wife warned him not to drink. 5:06 is the time. tense moments when a car was left teetering on the edge of a cliff. sky 7 was on the scene of san gregorio state beach south of half moon bay. >> the driver of the mini cooper veerd off the road after being cut off by a white mustang. good samaritans pulled occupants out and no injuries to report. a settlement has been reached in the santaa rosa north bay home during the wildfires. 17 elderly residents and family members sued oakmont senior living accusing staff at villa capri of not taking adequate precautions to evacuate the facility when flames swept through the complex.
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terms of not made public because the settlement has yet to be signed. the trial for the ghost ship fire defendants is likely to begin nextiary. der derek derek almena and derek harris were charged with manslaughter. an oakland judge threw out plea deals from both suspects. he'll make a motion for the move in november. >> potential jurors in alameda county, for the most part have absorbed all of the asss chact attributes in the press of my client. they have an opinion. >> the defense has mentioned courts in san jose, redwood city and martinez as potential locations. both defendants will be back in court next month likely to set a trial date. happening today, richmond police will host a gun ybevent .
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people can return guns for gift cards and up to $100 will be given for each rifle, shotgun and handgun. the metal from the guns will be melted and repurposed as material. it will be at the civic center plaza. the family of nia wilson is suing bart. a lack of security. he claims two witnesses who interacted with john cowell. another woman said she spotted him with a knife. hundreds mourned a chp officer yesterday who died on the job. chp helicopters, motorcycles an urchn faerou fallen officer griess.
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the 19-year chp veteran was killed during a traffic stop a week ago on interstate 80 near fairfield. he leaves behind a wife and three children. the ceremony was packed with emotion and one of his daughters is following in her father's footsteps. >> if he were here he would be holding my face and telling me to finish. the chp credit union has set up a memorial fund for officer griess and his family. you can find a link to our website to dope eight at abc 7 a national park service employee has been reported missing in yosemite. yesterday the park service released these photos of park employee john cogdel. he was san jose scott tenczar missing, as well. he was missing from a planned hike. two bay area communities are
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banning round up, venicia in solano county, both announced they would discontinue using the weed killer. its main ingredient was at the center of a $90 million award to a bay area man who says it caused his cancer. both are using a natural alternative. east bay lawmaker mark desani, the soil came from hunters point naval shipyard. last night he released a statement saying soil samples were manipulated and falsified before being sent to the canyon in pittsburgh. last week, san francisco police also called for more testing near its hunter's point crime lab. time now, 5:10 on your saturday morning. drew tuma is here tracking the accuweather forecast. it is going to be hot today? we're seeing temperatures into the 90s and the hottest spot could hit 100 degrees and we'll
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take a look at the temperature in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> thanks. also ahead. dangerously close, how a river selfie with bears has landed one man in hot water. and do you feel lucky? it's a lucky day for a number of reasons. we'll explain when we return
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the u.n. and nobel peace prize winner kofi annan has died. his foundation announced his death in a tweet early this morning saying annan died after a short illness. his wife and three children were by his side during his last days. annan fought for a fairer and more peaceful world.
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annan was 80 years old. the funeral for aretha franklin will be held at the end of the month. a public viewing is scheduled in two weeks, but the funeral itself will be limited to family and friends and it will take place on august 31st in her hometown of detroit. she passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. prosecutors in washington state have decided to charge a girl who push herd from a from a bridge. she admitted to pushing her friend off a 50-foot bridge in washington state is facing a criminal charge for reckless endangerment. jordan holverson suffered six broken ribs and punctured lungs. hours before the charge 18-year-old taylor smith is sitting down for an exclusive interview from gma. >> i accept whatever the
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prosecutor thinks is best for me considering i caused bodily harm and emotional trauma, as well. taylor claims she and jordan discussed jumping earlier. >> she asked me give her a push and i didn't think about the consequences and i thought she would be fine. >> jordan's doctors say she's lucky to be alive. >> she was counting down and i was, like, no, count down. i won't go if you count down. i'm not ready. >> taylor facing one misdemeanor charge with a maximum sentence of 364 days in yale and a $5,000 fine. >> i never intended to hurt her ever. i'm really sorry it turned out that way. >> as for jordan, she doesn't feel the need to talk with taylor and would like for her to sit in jail and think about what she did. abc news, los angeles. mormons don't want you calling them mormons anymore. the church of jesus christ of
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latter-day saints not only doesn't like the common term mormon, they want people to use the full name instead of lds. either the church or church of jesu christ are acceptable ab released a new style guide on the matter. some people would do anything to get a good picture. >> two alaskan residents and tourists are in serious trouble after one member of the group approached the bears in an attempt to take a selfie. the bear cam at the national park and preserve recorded the incident. >> you can see the man walking toward the bears to feed on salmon. >> a park superintendent said they're very lucky to be alive. drone video captured a pod of blue whales swimming and feeding last wednesday. marine biologists with the monterey bay whale watch said at least 15 blue whales were spotted off the monterey coast.
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humpback whales were seen feeding on the krill that swarm the monterey bay in the summer. today is 8/18/18. for some, it is considered lucky which is why many cup vessel planned their weddings for today. >> reporter: many are expecting it to be the busiest wedding day of the year. the 18th of august in the 18th year of the millennium. china seafood village was booked more than a year in advance for a wedding party this saturday and has turned away 20 couples who wanted the same day. >> for me, it is more easy for me to remember. the wife can't say you forget our wedding day. >> the number eight is associated with luck as well as balance. at tuxedo fashions in san jose, rentals are up 100% this week compared to this time last year and it's just an example of how
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this numbers game can equate to big business. >> it's an auspicious set of number in the jewish community. one fellow yesterday even said to me that the eights are like an infinity symbol. >> even the san mateo county clerk's office is available for weddings. >> we were inundated with calls and the spots went fairly quickly. as a result, we decided to keep it open a couple of hours longer for those on a first come, first serve basis. >> sales are up at winn's bridal in san carlos and while it's too late to get in on the 8/18 action. >> now it is a good time for next year. >> book a venue, dress, photographer and everything at least a year in advance. >> online wedding marketplace the knot says nearly 30,000 couples are registered through its website for a wedding. and starting at 9:00 a.m. the san mateo county clerk will
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pe accuweather with drew tuma. >> live doppler satellite showing you the marine layer. look at this. visibility down to zero miles in half moon bay and that's as low as it gets at this hour and we're down to four in napa and petaluma. once the sun gets up here at 6:27 in the morning it will erode that fog pretty quickly. a live look for the east bay, and you have great visibility at this hour across much of the region. we'll flip it over to sfo, and you can see the fog bank right along the immediate coastline. it's not deep and less than 1,000 feet and it won't stick around for too long. temperature wise, good morning, everybody. we're in the 50s and 60s. santa rosa, a bit of a chill in the atmosphere for some. you will not need it later on this afternoon.
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>> hour by hour, some patchy fog in and around the bay, but that's about it, by u andhat sue will warm us up pretty quickly throughout the starting in the be hot. morgan hill, 99 degrees and near 90 in san jose and 89 the high for cupertino. it's bright, 82 for palo alto, and it's sunshine and comfortable in half moon bay. downtown san francisco going to 70 today and it will feel mild in the city. as we head into the north bay, it will be high in sonoma, and 92 that high in santa rosa. into the east bay, it will be warm and bright and 83 in fremont and castro valley and hercules will be up to 84 degrees and inland it will be hot and hazy. we'll have that haze in our
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atmosphere and 95 in san ramon, 100 in brentwood and 97 the high in antioch. if you're traveling today you could see warmer temperatures and 103 in bakersfield and 105 in fresno. l.a. low to mid-80s with sunshine later today. the as are in town. we're seeing a mild day and lots of sun shine at the ballpark and 70 degrees and as the game is wrapping up the ninth inning it will feel warm and the temperature right around 70 degrees. accuweather as we get you into sunday. a lot of stars out there. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. i think a couple of spots in the warmest areas inland will hold in the 60s. the accuweather forecast, we're calling it warm to hot for the majority of the region to start out the weekend. by sunday, minor cooling and the relief will hittous monday and that's when we see inland temps dop 10 to 15 degrees with
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morning drizzle and the good news is it looks like temperatures stay below if not near average for wednesday, thursday and friday and 70s around the bay. the hottest day is today and we'll quickly get relief on monday. >> we'll see it maxed out. >> just ahead, first stop, san jose. in, tokyo? how
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>> if you love dessert we know just the event for you this week could. abc news anker reggie aqui has
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hoodline. >> ice cream, beer and blues not necessarily in that order and that's how the weekend is looking for these events from our friends at hoodline. i have ice cream they light on fire just before you put it in your mouth. >> we make the ice cream from scratch and we bring it to the masses with the little cart. >> light it oset e eam not? it's the ice cream version of s mores. >> yes. >> am i a mess? >> a little bit. >> hopefully you eat your des srt a little more gracefully this is the san francisco ice cream festival happening sunday. 30 vendors from all over the bay area will be there. >> they caught out about a quarter of the sugar to let the natural flavors push through and it's a sort of a health food is when i'm telling myself. while we're on a health kick, let's go to brewfest, 70 breweries, 200 beers and one price will get you unlimited
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sample. you cannot buy tickets at the door so plan ahead. the polk street blues festival. two stages of music, food, arts, crafts and shopping and you can't lose because this event is free. hoodline at our website, abc 7 >> happening today, lake merit will be filled with rowers from age 21 to the 80s. this weekend is the rowing masters national championships. this is the first time since 2000 that the lake has hosted the championship and the event hasn't been on the west coast since 2008. they're from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 truckandhe arn in theeritgenew wlastlad ine great mall. the event was to show case a an olympic sport and it will be studieming out of oliia wildfir
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key for south bay researchers forecasted on forecasting fires. the strong opposition by several groups and why
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>> good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting with a quick look at the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist drew tuma. >> we are beginning with dense fog on the coastline. that's as bad as it gets this time of year. it's pretty shallow. look outside san francisco, we have clear skies overhead for much of the city. in the hour or so that sun will qui 4:00 away from the coast it will be a warm to hot day for many of us. the only fly in the ointment, so
5:30 am
to speak is that we do have a spare the air day in effect and we are forecasting poor air quality for the inland, east bay and the santa clara valley due to smoke from wildfires. you will notice haze in our atmosphere later in the afternoon. we'll take a look at the accuweather in a few minutes. there has been steady progress in containing california's largest and most destructive wildfires. the carr fire has burned more than 223,000 acres and is 77% contained. the mendocino complex has% cont and the holy fire in orange county has burned nearly 23,000 acres and is 85% contained. climate scientists in n jose are working hard to provide more tools to help firefighters with wildfires. a team isfr burn zones to make fire forecasts accurate.
5:31 am
david louie takes a look at what they're doing. >> reporter: while the carr fire continues to burn after kraeg clements moved in with this truck in search of data. they're a mobile atmospheric profiling system. they gather weather data to help forecast the behavior of wildfires under dynamic weather conditions. >> our goal is to better measure and observe the wildland fire environment, take those data to basically tune the models. >> he's talking about computer simulation models that will help predict how fast fires will move and how intense they will be. the carr fire created a tornado that's an important case study. he was created by unusual conditions with single-digit humidity. the tornado generated helicopter-force winds up to 165 miles an hour and temperatures topping 2700 degrees fahrenheit.
5:32 am
he's amazed by the extent of the tornado created while shearing off trucks like matchsticks. >> here it's moving in multiple directions because of the circulation and that's why fire whirls and fire tornadoes and rotating columns are dangerous. >> reporter: it may take five years, dr. clements believes before they have data to produce reliable fire forecasts. >> we're on the verge of developing the tools and we need more observations at fire, wildfires to make those tools more accurate. >> reporter: dr. clements said fire behavior is influenced by three factors, climate, topography and fuel load. they have fuel moisture teches to monitor how fast trees and other combustible matter will burn. conditions in much of the state including parts of the santa cruise mountains. clements is hoping that in the near future, they will gather additional research data. clag clements has received -- to
5:33 am
build a success vehicle like this and that will be equipped by radar. >> at san jose state, david louie, abc 7 news. shares of tesla dropped $30, about 9% to close at 305 per share yesterday. it happened after a new york times story that revealed stress is taking a heavy toll on ceo elon musk. the times says musk is working 120 hours a week at some time. musk is also taking the prescription drug ambien to help with sleep. he told us during abc 7 news at 4:00 yesterday about the crisis musk is experiencing now. >> this is a tough time for him and i've seen ceos go through really tough times. he's definitely one of those people when clearly is having a really rough year, and some of that is self-imposed, right? the stuff he's done on twitter and the way he sets targets
5:34 am
the sharehoerha lost $8 op alni m hgestcomy state is becoming a -- the lack of affordable housing. california has the highest rate of homelessness and poverty in the nation. it's a miserable iron. >> it's nothing that will be solved overnight and it's something we should be embarrassed about, to be as rich as california is and have the worst poverty of any state should be something of a civic embarrassment. lawmakers should make it more enticing to build more affordable homes and that's something they've been unwilling to do. in san francisco, renewed arguments for and against establishing injection centers for homeless addicts in the ayrima has more. >> reporter: if you haven't seen her specifically you have no doubt seen someone like her,
5:35 am
she's wandered for years. >> you suffer a lot in life because of your choices, but things happen in between and it's quite hard. >> reporter: on paper at least, doris might have help on the way if blithe memorial church offers a safe injection center inside these walls. it would be the first in the nation similar to this one in vancouver, canada, where addicts inject with supervision and support in a safe place that might help break their habits and but not everyone in san francisco wants them. >> we are embarrassed that california has been leading the way in drug addiction. >> reporter: a coalition of opponents launched a full-scale assault. >> our job is not to exacerbate the addiction. our job is to deliver them from this madnes spout against safe injection centers. >> we are afraid this will
5:36 am
worsen the problem because it will only attract more homeless people and addicts to come to san francisco. >> reporter: it would violate federal law and the city and state are working for a way around them hence their delay. supporters claim safe injection centers do worse. >> drugs are not a criminal problem and people are going do what they're going do. you can't berate people and criminalize people into not being a dkted ddicted. when someone is addicted what they need is help. >> wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the first african-american to run for mayor, it will be renamed to sam jordan's way. jordan opened a bar in 1959. it's the oldest african-american bar in the city. he was a long shoreman and a golden gloves boxing champ and entrepreneur. he ran for mayor in 1963. the late mayor ed lee officially designated the bar as a
5:37 am
historical landmark in 2013. still ahead, a simple concept. a password manage tore remember your passwords. one problem, it's not that easy as 7 on your side's michael fenny found out. here is a look outside from the cam r. cars are out making their way into san francisco.
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time right now is 5:39. we're taking a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. a foggy saturday morning. some changes are ahead in the forecast. drew tombal break it down for us
5:40 am
coming up in the accuweather. happening today, law enforcement officers are in san francisco to show off their motorcycle riding skills. today is the last day of the international police motorcycle skill competition. officers pay an entry fee to compete. that goes to the wilderness adventure youth april. you can check out the action up close and it starts at 9:00 this morning at pier 31. that's actually pier 32, sorry about that. smart rides will be free. today smart will hold a festival from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the novato station. it will run from san rafael and the sonoma county airport with plans to add more. time now 5:40 on this saturday morning and drew, you've been tracking the forecast and we saw the fog at the bridge. >> we do. >> nice to start the day for
5:41 am
those folks who enjoy that. >> real quick, it's cool, it's foggy this morning, today, though sunshine will be quick to warm us up and we'll take a look at how hot we get in the forecast ahead. big drama in the ninth inning as they battle for the first place in the al west. you make the call. safe janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance. how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ]
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idge camera asrt weekend.ateo we'll get a check of the full accuweather forecast from our meteorologist drew tuma in just a little bit. this afternoon fans have another chance to see the golden state warriors nba championship trophies.
5:44 am
the trophies from '17 and '18. they were at the walnut creek store and today they'll be at we westfield valley fair, and on tuesday you will see it at the westfield san francisco. and on thursday they'll be at oracle arena. in sport, the as will honor the 2002 team that won 20 straight games prior to today's game and then they will battle the astros at the oakland coliseum and the first pitch is at 1:00 p.m. the first pitch there is at 4:00 p.m. at great american ballpark. here's abc sports director larry beil with the highlights of this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the as have been chasing houston all season long this week end and the chance to capture first place in the al west hosting the defending world series champion
5:45 am
es u on the as and you can feel it. it was a playoff atmosphere. a sinking liner and josh redick can't make the catch and marcus simeon scores and we're tied at two. the redick base hit off of lou trevino. marvin gonzalez, 3-2, houston. here's where it starts to get crazy. bottom nine, a shot to right. ramon, the test up the round of the astros and here he comes to the plate and the throw from carlos correa and replay review, seemed to take forever. they looked at every angle and this was so close. safe was the call. correa stunned and we go to extras, bottom ten. matt olson, he got all of it and he knew it. his 23rd of the year and you can
5:46 am
all go home and pie time! 4-3, the as win and they are now just a game out of first place and giants and reds nearby down the river and giants down 1-0 after andrew mccutchen scored stephen dugger and it stayed that way to the 11th. ray black, there it comes and there it goes. philip bourbon, good night. game over. so long. they win by a score of 2-1. the raiders return to the l.a. coliseum for the first time in 24 years. this afternoon, pre-season game wth the rams. the silver and black, they till have a lot of fans in los angeles who remember the glory days. what's odd about this game is the raiders and rams will play in the regular season opener as well. jon gruden on the return to l.a. >> i think it could be pretty good. it's a pretty cool place. we have a lot of history, the raiders do in l.a., and i know
5:47 am
they're -- they're housing two football teams right now, but i have no idea what to expect in life anymore. i just try to -- i just try to hope for the best. >> panthers and doll action, st man, cristian mccaffrey says aloha! a 71-yard 27-20. speaking of aloha, georgia and hawaii setting a record, bottom of 11 they were scoreless until aloha means good-bye, walk off two-run homer and he hit it only six minutes before their midnight curfew in pennsylvania because they're kids. they have to go to sleep. 2-1, hawaii is the final score. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma.
5:48 am
approaching 5:48 a.m. and we are tracking the fog and it's dense in spots. live doppler 7 giving you the active sweep and there you go, right along coast right now we have the issue where half moon bay and the visibility is down to zero and that's a guess where you talk about doing where you see ten on the board like san carlos and sfo and you have unlimited visibility and petaluma, and once the sun gets up here in the next hour or so and that will quickly, rode away. the san rafael camera, good morning, that sun is slowly peeking up over the horizon. we have clear skies in the north bay and san rafael right now. what we're se, really quiet across california. high pressure is building in and that's the musclemaker of the forecast day and what that will do, is get out of the way. at 8:00 this morning, the only place you will find the cloud
5:49 am
cover right along the immediate coastline, it's sunny and we have 60s and 70s already and watch what happens, by lurch time away from the coast we see numbers approaching 90 degrees in the warmest spots and even around the bay. san francisco approaching 70 degrees at this hour and warmer air continues to move in into the afternoon. so it will be a warm to hot day across the region. highs today near 90? san jose. near 100 in the warmest spots inland for concord and antioch. it will be warm in the city. 76 for oakland. if you're headed to the as game at the coliseum it will be warm. 89 in napa and forecasting poor air quality from the smoke from the wildfires to our north and you will notice haze. do take it easy if you have respiratory issues in the next 24 hours. if you're headed to the the beach, a nice beach day. a lot of sunshine and very high
5:50 am
uv index. put the sunscreen on and we are seeing 60s from half moon beach to half moon day and the ocean water is at 60. >> if you're headed to so cal, 85 the forecasted high in lachlt a. and much warmer and as you go north, portland will be warm at 87 and seattle with the afternoon sunshine and the high near 80 degrees. >> here is the call from accuweather overnight tonight pretty much along the coastline as high pressure continues to shrink the marine layer and it will be mild in the warmest spots holding in the low 60s and most spots in the mid to upper 50s. >> the accuweather seven-day forecast with the warm to hot air sitting over us later on today. just minor cooling to finish off the weekend. we are still well into the 90s inland and we'll see some heat relief and we'll drop the numbers in the warmest spots by ten to 15 degrees and then we'll stay there below average if not
5:51 am
near average with tuesday and wednesday with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and by friday, little change in the forecast. today is certainly the warmest day and probably the warmest day all month so far. >> i love how we see 70 in san francisco. >> people are, like, oh, no, what are we going to do? especially at dolores park. >> true thing. how many passwords do you have and how would you like to trade them all for just one ultra secure password? sihael finney says you wee, to really want it.orvery they securely hole our passwords and dole them out when we sign into websites when they're needed. that sounds fast and easy, but the setup process, that can be challenging. >> boy, for the life of me, i
5:52 am
don't see how you're supposed to be able to save this. >> joe is with consumer action. he agreed to look at password managers while i followed along and kept track. >> this is not a very easyyyyy straightforward process. this is not very intuitive. >> exactly what i experienced when i downloaded several password managers myself. what i imagined to be a straightforward project turned into an ordeal. >> edward sedan founded lamore inda technology, a firm specializing for i.t. support for individuals and small businesses. >> they do take a little work to get used to. there's a little bit of learning time involved with our password manager. >> edward tells me it is not a quick nor easy process. >> can an average person figure it out eesventually? yes, but several hours worth of studying. >> i thought i would do it in 20 minutes. >> no. no. i would say my password manager is one of my two favorite
5:53 am
programs ever. >> still want to give it a go? start with these steps. >> look for an app that works with your operating system, that's a major issue. use the free trial to see if the app you select is a good fit. set aside ample time to learn the app and input all those user names and passwords. >> i think the idea of simplifying with a universal password is outstanding, but the password managers i tried today were anything, but easy, efficient or hopful. >> joel told me it appears that one of the apps had deleted the password on his browsers, when he removed the app most passwords came back. as it turns routers disable password managers. next, clay thompson a pham leal be holding
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back, everyone. here are the wenniinning number from last night's mega millions drawing, 1, 31, 32, 47, 56 and the mega number 3. nobody tipicked all three so th jackpot goes to $101 million. warriors star clay thompson and his family will hold a welcome reception for their first golf tournament. it's to enrich the lives of young people through fitness and education. there will be a welcome reception tonight at the americano restaurant. the tournament is being held tomorrow at tpc harding park. steph curry, marshawn lynch are scheduled to play. time now is 8:56. next, a local man steals a chp cruiser before hijacking a bus. now we hear from the students who managed to stop him. and dirty dining, why health official his to close several
5:57 am
restaurants inside an east bay mall.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning bay area. 18th. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. >> let's check in with drew tuma in for lisa arjen. >> we have fog and visibility and doppler 7 is showing us it's
6:00 am
dense. petaluma down to one mile and half moon bay down to zero and that's as bad as it gets. you're good to go and san francisco right now, a live look from the embarcadero camera showing you it is clear from this vantage point and it will feature a lot of sunshine and the cloud cover will not last very long where it is associated with right now. it is warm away from the coast. you will see temperatures well into the bay. we do have some air quality issues with the spare the air day in effect. moderate air quality in the north bay and the coast and poor air quality in the santa clara valleys and you will notice haze in the atmosphere in the next 24 hours. >>


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